Rush Limbaugh: Django Unchained being used to further the notion that we’re still a slave nation

On today’s show Rush said that the notion that America is a slave nation is constantly perpetuated and ginned up by civil rights leaders to keep people believing it, and that even the occasion of Django Unchained is now being used to further it as well.


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  • 57thunderbird

    Off subject I know,but I liked the other segment of Rush’s show where he talks about Al Bore getting into bed with big oil by selling Current tv to Al Jazeera which is funded by big oil from Quatar.The same big oil that Al Bore rails against.LOL!!!

    • Jay

      When I heard about that I started calling him Al-Jazeera Gore and Rush said the same thing. That’s why conservatives love Rush, we think along the same lines.

  • sjmom

    I wouldn’t waste good money to see Jamie Foxx or Samuel L Jackson in anything.

    • 57thunderbird


  • JeffWRidge

    Every time I hear a black person complain that things have not gotten better for blacks since the time of Jim Crow laws or slavery, I would love to make them switch places with some of the blacks who lived during the period of Jim Crow laws, or slavery. If they had to spend even a single day living under such circumstances I believe that they would thank their lucky stars to live in modern America.

    For anyone to pretend that blacks in modern America have it as bad as blacks did in the past is ignorance and disrespectful to the actual suffering that blacks went through in the past. We’ve come a long way from then.

  • c4pfan

    That’s why I don’t get why Spike Lee doesn’t like the movie. He’s probably just jealous he didn’t think of it first.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Alfonzo Rachel (ZoNation) has a great take on this. Including some words of wisdom from probably the greatest Black comic that ever was, Richard Prior.

  • aposematic

    Lets see? Old Democrats supplied room and board for picking cotton, new Democrats supply room and board for votes. Enclaves have moved from the rural Plantation to the inner cities. The D whites have their house help on TV to keep the outside help in line. Anyone trying to escape are whipped by horrendous verbal abuse by the Plantation Overseers. Chances for advancement are slim to none. Most crime within the Plantations are on each other. Education, if it exists at all, is designed to maintain the status quot.

    Does slavery really no longer exist? Cannot mental chains be even more binding? Just some food for thought…

    • msverde1

      Aposematic, I cannot agree with you more with metaphoric, analogous clear description of how insidious white democrats have shifted the paradigm from a physical representation (which ultimately becomes mental) of enslavement to control over mind and here’s why I, an American male who so happens to be a black conservative living in the bedrock of liberal America, Northern California’s SF Bay Area.

      With a freshly-minted MBA finance degree in my proud possession, predicated on a history of a previous career as a professional principal singer in opera music with the area being my home base for nearly 25 years, I have experienced acrimony from those in the left-leaning music industry who at one time enjoyed the euphoric experience from my “black-face, tap-dancing” performance days in entertainment, regardless of its economic unsustainability (reason for making the career change).

      Boy, people should see the mental tactics being played now that I am positioning myself to build wealth and create a little prosperity, just like every other red-blooded American. They detest the fact that I have decided to make prudent decisions and be accountable and responsible enough to sever the things that do not work and embrace those which do. The proverbial saying states the the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Out with music, in with business, which not only roils them but it also soils their pants.

      So what do they attempt to use to manipulate and control my actions? Downplaying and vitiating my MBA educational achievement. If you cannot control the “black folk” state of mind, then convince them that are unworthy to pursue prosperity and obtain the joys and pleasures through the very opportunities our great country provides, rooted on the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers. Yes, that’s right! Our forefathers, in the all-inclusive.

      No – despite my slight ranting and rambling here – aposematic, it is not all about me but rather about the independence and independence of thought and actions for all living and breathing souls. If there is anything to learn from my current inquisitional encounter with these former business associates is that they could care less or give a damn about individuals they deem inferior in many respects who are trying to elevate their quality of life through hard work and self-reliance. What the bloody bastards are attempting to do to this conservative black man here in an area in which others of my ilk reside is to systematically break down his drive towards self-sufficiency and coerce (can we say bully?) him to fall in line with the liberal masses, just like the “good ole” days with Uncle Remus and his host of cohorts…Ahem! I forgot. You have to be on equal footing in order to qualify as a cohort. Yet, not on my watch and in my neighborhood. They truly have targeted the wrong “niggrah” to do their dirty work.

      God bless America!!

      • aposematic

        Congrats on your MBA msverde1! Got mine in the early 90’s so I know the effort you put in. Future good luck in your endeavours.

        SP edit 😉

        • msverde1

          And many belated congrats to you as well, aposematic! That’s fantastic to realize another [business] brother from another mother is bringing commonsense to the forefront of conversation in our country today. Keep pressing forward and thank you for the good words!

  • I watched the interview with Samuel L. Jackson. The tone of the exchange was light and humorous. Jackson did not speak angrily and did not threaten to end the interview. He did refuse to answer the one question, but laughed about it.

    I originally wanted to see Django Unchaned until I remembered the childish, self-indulgent ending to Inglorious Basterds (which had some spectacular moments).
    However, I changed my mind once again after reading this review at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. ‘Django Unchained’: The Most Pro-Freedom Film of 2012

  • There’s a good chance that this movie is crap (not that I would want to see it anyway). The notoriety is to get people to see it.

  • Rush is wrong on this one. There are still slaves in America. They live on the plantation called “welfare and entitlement” and they have been bought and paid for by the Democratic Party.

  • deeme

    You are damn right we are a slave nation, anyone who doesn’t believe them is a slave to their regualtions, their law suits, their name calling, their taxation without representation, their brilliant ideas thought of behind closed doors in the middle of the night without one vote that give to people who come here illegally while taking from those who did it the right way..We are also a nation of selfish people who want the government to provide for them while they use their food stamps for drugs and alcohol and blame hard working citizens for everything wrong with their lives , while caring not of future generations ..

  • Sober_Thinking

    I absolutely REFUSE to watch it. It reeked as a load of crap the minute Jamie Foxx’s name appeared on it.

    And when I go to the theater… why are so many BLACK people paying to see this fecal matter? I honestly stopped and watched 3x to see if anyone was paying to see this nonsense and was dismayed to see so many black people grabbing their big gulps and sitting right down to be incensed all over again. Good little Democrats.

  • I say we should have civil rights leaders, teachers, professors, Hollywood types and other left-wing ideologues sent to work the fields just like they did in China during Mao Zedong’s reign. Then at least they would be out of our hair.

    • aposematic

      I feel you. But our Constitution wouldn’t allow it and when all is said and done isn’t that what we are all trying to save.

      • Yeah I know. Still one can hope maybe they’ll get the idea and just go away.

  • What’s worse, as pointed out by Michelle Malkin and the good folks at Twitchy, are all the tweets being sent out by movie goers saying how “seeing Django makes me wanna go out and shoot some white people”… And not a PEEEEEEP out of the MSM about these hateful, vile, threatening tweets.

    It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if we can ever really recover as a nation.

    • Nukeman60

      I would like to think that it means the LameStream will never recover. It must be replaced if we are to survive as a nation, and we are going about doing that today.

  • jgilman1

    Who’s the slave? I live in a time where my freedom of speech does not allow me the freedom to say a word used so frequently by African Americans it’s almost a term of endearment, I couldn’t own a network called White Entertainment Channel, I couldn’t own a magazine called Ivory or White Hair, or a website called, be a member of the Congressional White Caucus, etc. etc. Who”sthe Slave?

  • I don’t see any point in watch the film. It is comical and makes a mockery of a past time in American history. I watch historical films that are etched in reality. Slavery ended a long time ago. It’s boring. Honestly.

    • CPAguy

      It is a good movie. I loved it.

      Funny…with bits of history you’ve only read about in obscure accounts and never on screen.

      It isn’t really meant to change the world…which is OK.

      • It’s not really my type of film. I don’t really have a thing for Tarantino films, anyway. Oh well. Free market does the talking these days.

  • There is still slavery going on, mostly in Islamic countries in Africa with non-Muslim Africans as the slaves. Where’s the Hollywood movie about that?

  • PFFV

    I agree with Rush 99.89% of the time and once again I agree with him. Hollywood is the brainwashing epicenter with TV programing and liberal news running a close second.

    The dollar crashes within Obama’s second term is my prediction. Prepare my friends….

  • Jay

    Back when I was a liberal I thought I was a slave but it turned out to be what they call a “job.”

  • By use of taxation and regulations, we are all slaves of the government.

  • NoTrustInMen

    “Man has dominated man to his injury.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9) No matter where you look this truth plays itself out. When a man is over someone he causes injury to himself and to those he oversees. Just start with the family. Men can be very abusive and domineering. We are selfish creatures so our decisions reflect what we believe is good for our family even though it may not be. Governments are cruel even though they try to portray themselves as benevolent. It is why men should look to someone outside of themselves for guidance. Christ offered himself as a model, but no one looks to him even though they claim to do so, they just twist Christ to support their selfish agenda.

    We are selfish and seek our own advantage as individuals, groups and nations. We are willing to turn a blind eye to the suffering of people in other countries as long as they keep making our stuff.

    Our history really whitewashes what was done to the Indians and Africans, and excuses it. We have a holiday for a mass murderer in Columbus, which is the height of a whitewash. You see if we never really see (really see) how low we have gone, we never really learn and these issues will keep coming up. Let THEM eat cake.

  • debw777

    Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t there about 15 states where slavery was legal? Certainly NOT the majority of the country. Slavery was always a controversial subject, and there were always abolitionists. Some of them were harassed by the pro-slavers, and even murdered. The country fought a very costly and bloody civil war to end slavery, many white people gave their lives to end slavery. The MAJORITY of citizens in this country were anti-slavery.

    I watched a very interesting program on PBS last night about abolitionists. One of the people they profiled was a woman from a wealthy slave owning family. She became a very strong voice against slavery, gave speeches and published papers against it. So, it seems to me that even people born into slave ownership should not be considered guilty of it unless they accept it and participate in it. Another program on the same station had a story about a couple who had been born slaves, had been emancipated in their old age and still managed to buy a 150 acre farm. The “history detectives” commented on how amazed they were that the former slaves had recovered so quickly and participated in the American dream (especially if you consider how many still claim their lack of success stems from slavery.)

    Anyway, I have to agree with Rush on this. Too many blacks have been sold on the idea that they should just give up, because slavery ruined this country. Because of the lies told by the left, they fail to see that the majority of Americans were never racists, and never supported the institution of slavery. What makes me sad is that lies are being used to stir up unjustified hatred and destructiveness, and will result in the destruction of many innocent people.