Rush Limbaugh explains the difference between Wide Receiver and Fast & Furious

Considering recent events this could not have better timing. Rush Limbaugh explains the stark differences between the Bush administration’s program called Wide Receiver and the Obama administration’s program called Fast and Furious:

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  • Scoop, I think you mean “couldn’t have better timing”…

    • B-Funk

      His grammar was good.

    • I don’t think so. All you changed was the adding of a contraction.

  • badbadlibs

    bo and co…night meet day

  • WordsFailMe

    So ironic that Fast and Furious really assisted an increase in gun sales and ammunition sales,

    I see lately how the LSM is starting a new tack to weaken #2 by blaming target shooter for causing forest fires. Used to be that careless campers, arsonists, lightening and smokers cause forest fires.

    So, it’s still hard to keep a good commie down for long. unless you carry a forked stick. Make sure it’s a big, forked stick.

    • jimmie smith

      First of the ninth…air mobile…and man”I” got that fork…

      • WordsFailMe

        Thanks brother! Being back in the world is starting to feel a little better every day now, don’t you think?

        • jimmie smith

          yea brother…we have somthing that the majority of people don’t…when everything hits the fan?, we will be the ones that surive, others… not so much!

          • WordsFailMe

            Jimmie-I don’t know if you are “for real” or not, but I’m going to bet that you are. There may come a time when brave people will need to “suspend” their humanity for a greater cause and you and I will know, having had that experience 50 years ago, what that will mean, what the streets will look like and what it will take to pick up arms and defend our homes and our people with maniacal fury.

            This will not become another Venezuela, This will NOT become another Nazi Germany. No one is marching me on to a cattle car, no KGB agent will knock at my door and announce that he is here to collect weapons.

            You and I know what that will mean and what it will require.

            You and I must share critical insight and provide leadership from the ranks to the many patriots who will need courage and moral support in the days and months to come.

            We’ve been there. We’ve seen an uncommitted people surrender their liberty and obediently step into the shackles of the communists. We’ve seen it and we will not let it happen here.

            • jimmie smith

              Trust me!…..I’m for real…I ain’t going down without a fight…So, “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions, There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but “they mean to govern” They promise to be good masters, “but they mean to be “masters”..”.Danial Webster”…and as Mark Levin states, we are in a state of a slow cancer, called tyranny

              • WordsFailMe

                I don’t think I’ve ever heard that said any clear, sir! Every time I fell this good I go out and buy another 200 rds!

                • jimmie smith

                  Thanks….enjoy the ability to buy ammo…the knuckleheads are working on a plan that would increase the the cost of ammo, “through the roof”, you can keep your guns, but wont be able to afford the bullets…keep an close eye on this…

                • jimmie smith

                  How ya doing brother?..

                • WordsFailMe

                  Feel great one minute, kicked in the stomach the next-how bout you? Some interesting conversation at


                • jimmie smith

                  yea… I caught parts and pieces.. ya know I’ve been listing to rush for years… I guess around…the time maybe, 1990 1989, but any how”liberty is

                • jimmie smith

                  Hey brother, haven’t seen this much rain since, Noah, ha…lost power for two days, twenty six inches of rain, It’s a wee bit water logged around my little bit of acquired “empire”, even the water moccasins converged on my top of the hill…had to dispatch extreme prejudice on a few of em…but things are returning to normal and the sun is out…glory days! how ya doing?

  • The differences are as stark as they are damning. The motivations behind F&F are obvious, given the procedures followed. They tried to flood Mexico with long guns in order to justify banning the sale of them in the US by pointing to all of the violence. They didn’t care who, or how many, died in order to accomplish this.

    • badbadlibs

      The most sickening and yet telling part in all of this is what you said’ “They DIDN’T CARE who, or how many, died in order to accomplish this”.
      That’s why they can’t be reasoned with or even treated with due “respect”, they must be defeated, period.

      • How do you “compromise” with this kind of mindset?

        Only 1000 guns get handed over to ruthless drug cartels instead of 2000?

        They Are. Not. Interested.

        Democrats only compromise if it will push their agenda forward eventually.

    • B-Funk

      When do we start talking impeachment? Two people died. That’s WAY worse than anything Nixon did.

      • 4rcane

        dont forget the 300+ mexicans

  • Conservative_Hippie

    What would we do without Rush! Very informative! Thanks RS!

    • 4Hoppes2

      The best most comprehensive, clear and concise narrative I believe I have heard yet.

  • This is necessary viewing. I’m keeping this one for future reference and posterity!

  • Incredible! Rush is great. This not only explained the difference, but also gets you up to speed on what F&F is and why the Dems are scrambling.

  • 12grace

    As usual, Rush gets it!

  • SurfinCowboy

    Great points made here by Rush. It should not be a surprise that this (Fast and Furious) is being belittled and ignored by the MSM. Rush is right, they are all carrying POTUS’s water here by ignoring a story about guns.

    Nice video for explaining the differences between FF and Wide Receiver as well.

    Keep slamming this issue Rush and RightScoop!

  • brendawatkins

    It’s also important to note, the gun shops WERE NOT comfortable with selling those guns to the straw purchasers.. they did what they were supposed to do legally, and the ATF gave ORDERS to make the sell. The gun shops were following the law.. the ATF WASN’T!

  • PovrlaChasse

    The reason the Liberals are willing to compromise anything and do anything to protect Obama, because Obama represents the Alamo to them. He is their ‘last stand’ so to speak. He has done such a horrible terrible job as President, they know that if he is defeated, the chances of getting another Liberal elected as President will be very small. My fear is that if elections go against Obama, the Leftists will resort to any means necessary to keep him in power including violence or Obama my issue a royal edict declaring that he simply will not step down. He has an established history of this kind of behavior. He could just say, I don’t care about the election, I’m not leaving. Then what?

    • Idahoser

      what you’re saying would be true if there were any conservatives willing to run for the job. The Republican Party has to work pretty hard to make themselves less appealing than the Democrats, but they manage to accomplish that heroic feat every four years.

  • Jay

    Members of the gun community have been following F&F from before Agent Terry was killed. It was transparent even then that it was an attack on 2A. Obama and all of his appointees from Holder to Kagan to especially Rahm Emanuel (Who helped draft Clinton’s assault weapons ban) have anti-gun records, despite what they claim in public about supporting 2A. A quick look at history will tell you that leaders that practiced gun control were closely followed by genocide. Hitler made the Jews register their guns and later confiscated them and everybody knows what followed. All of our rights hinge on the second amendment; we lose that, we lose everything.

  • Trust1TG

    In Essence – Obama/Holder and the rest of the Black Muslims were enabling and arming the takeover of Mexico by the Islamist Drug Cartels.

    It will take an outright war to restore Mexico…and perhaps the US because we have been infiltrated by the jihadists at the highest level – as we well know.