Rush Limbaugh explains why he said he’s ashamed of his country

Given how much attention Rush’s comments got yesterday by the media, Rush decided to explain today exactly why he said it.

Listen below:

(Note: If you heard his comments yesterday you can skip ahead to the 2:10 mark)

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  • tinlizzieowner

    Rush has meed ‘ashamed of his country’ for 2 days.
    Michelle Obama was ‘ashamed’ of her country most of her life.
    Do the math. 😉

    • toongoon

      Mooch is still ashamed of her country but she’ll squeeze everything she can get out of it.

  • anneinarkansas

    Rush spoke for us yesterday. We have to be ashamed of our uninformed electorate, both political parties, talking heads, State-run Media, our debt, our education system, the disrepect given to our fallen (as in Benghazi), the praise given to the undeserving, the welfare state (takers not makers), the apathy of our society that accepts the Beltway Mentality. Rush has given it his best for twenty-five years and we are still in the same miserable mess.
    Depressing does not begin to cover.
    Like Bill Cosby, we are old and tired. BUT we must NEVER GIVE UP!
    The newest NRA ad gives us hope.

  • martha chandler

    I am so terrified that the nightmare of this president and the democratic party is never, ever going to end.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Listen to Mark Levin’s 2/21 (Thursday) radio show…especially the first hour where he reads [AND COMMENTS ON] the 2/20/13 Forbes piece by Angelo Codevilla.
      I see a pinpoint of light.
      The American Conservative Party may or may not be it, but it is a definitive beginning

    • Well then stand up! Be willing to fight for what you believe, give your time & treasure
      to defend from this socialist lie! Never, never give up cuz America is the greatest gift
      this planet has ever seen. Be prepared to bleed a little then get back in the fight!
      Our kids are depending on us.

    • pajamakat

      I’m with you Martha. I know Hillary is going to run in 2016. And she is going to be an improved Hillary. Just wait and see. You might think I’m crazy but I predict some plastic surgery, a personal trainer, new hairdo, etc. Since the low info voter is obsessed with coolness, she is going to be their new shining star. I just feel it in my bones. And it terrifies me. I agree with Rush. Our country is gone and I don’t think it’s coming back, at least not in my lifetime.

      • OneThinDime

        It looked to me during the short Benghazi love fest that some plastic surgery already occurred.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on.

        But just to be ugly… it’ll be like putting lipstick on a pig.

        • NPC

          We need to have Sarah carry the lipstick.

          • Sober_Thinking


            Wouldn’t that be ironic.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        It IS gone for our lifetimes. Like I said above, it’s probably gone for the next 2-3 generations. This is institutionalized corruption — the likes of which hasn’t been seen at this level for about the last century — and that takes about 2-3 generations to be surgically removed. We’re all victims in the War on Reality.

      • martha chandler

        I understand what you’re saying, but she’ll be what, 70 years old? They’re pushing for her, but they have sacrificed Hillary before. This is a woman that the democrat party has abandoned before, and they may abandon her again. Maybe we will never get our country back, and if that is the case, then I guess on a spiritual level I will get ready for the second coming, because the future looks bleak.

      • NPC

        Our country is gone and I don’t think it’s coming back, at least not in my lifetime.

        Coming from a twenty nine year old, doesn’t give the rest of us much hope.:)

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Oh, it won’t end. What we’ve done culturally by allowing this idiot and the loons around him to stay in power is that we’ve pretty much guaranteed for the next two or three generations that their ideology to be the hip, cool, safe choice of consumers.

      • martha chandler

        Well, if it never ends, my faith tells me that we are headed for the end.

    • davienne

      i was just reading, today, that it may be hitlery / ovomit ticket in 2016….

  • c4pfan

    Seemed clear cut to me. That he’s ashamed that the bull the White House is selling is being bought.

  • He’s only saying what all REAL patriots think and feel. Seriously, who is PROUD of these bozos that supposedly represent us?? Only those on the take. Everyone else is in MOURNING over what’s happening to the USA.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on. And many of us are mad as hell and once again rolling up our sleaves.

  • Rocco11

    Watch Boehner, and McConnell come out and condemn Rush’s remarks…

    • pajamakat

      They will, count on it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Because they are part of the problem… and they know it.

        • cabensg

          I don’t think they do know it. I don’t think they see anything the Democrats or they do as being a cause of anything bad. But…I could be wrong maybe they do know it and that makes what they do even worse.

          • Sober_Thinking

            You may be right… hard to say.

            Schweizer, in his book: Throw Them All Out, points out how Boehner and other notable Republicans are also involved in some dirty stuff. Also, I still have a bad Scott Brown picture in my mind of a guy who said all the right things to get elected and then voted on the wrong side of many issues afterwards. My point is, there’s a lot to be suspicious about with the Republicans (especially with some of their current, wrong votes on key things lately)… and I’m leaning towards the “they know” camp right now.

            Now… if they don’t know, then they should resign and get the heck out of there for being incompetent.

      • NPC

        Just ignore them, they’re ignoring us. The libs will make hay with it, but Rush, can handle it.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      You think they can still lift that rock they live under?

  • Hey Rush, I’m very sure most Americans understand exactly what you were saying and are saying, we’ve seen the same program played time after time, this is why the tea party movement and other groups are still in this fight, to whip the enemy.
    We’re all here as adults to teach the younger Americans about freedom, Liberty. School houses seem to be for the Communist prostitutes, and are winning over the family. That’s pretty much it. We’re all ashamed, or should be.

    Thanks Rush for all you do
    May GOD Bless America.

  • This is no different than the local level. Or the state level. It’s the same BS.

    If you try to cut the school budget, you will doom all the kids to mediocrity, no matter how small the cut.

    If you fund transportation a little less, there will be traffic jams and carnage in the streets.

    And don’t get me started on how public sector employees whine………you want to talk about an entitlement mentality ? God forbid they don’t get their guaranteed raises, or their publicly paid retirement dips a little.

    I think all public sector employees should have MANDATORY 4 years of private sector experience.

    • PhillyCon

      So true. Our school board mentioned cutting a music program and you should have see the fury. I’m all for music in schools, but the sky-is-falling attitude is a bit much.

  • I am more pissed than ashamed.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on Laurel. Spot on.

  • Mtncougar

    In WWII we identified the tools of the enemy (tank, mortars, planes etc), we got them in our sights and blasted them as effectively as possible.

    Propaganda is serious, deadly, and powerful. It has been used against Israel over the years very effectively – and the Israelis did not fight it (the propaganda lies were too silly, absurd and stupid to justify fireworks-responses, they felt). Of course, though, it has worked and Israel’s security and land are at risk because of its effectiveness.

    It was used powerfully as a tool to ultimately dismantle the German government, Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and countless more.

    It frightens me that Rush – my hero – reacts to this propaganda war as if the propaganda is so silly and stupid and irrational that he can’t bear dealing with it.

    Propaganda is the “tank squadron” of the enemy. I’m praying and hoping Rush will delightedly sink his teeth into this, throwing “mortar” after “mortar” at the liberal propaganda machine, knowing that this is where their power lies, and effectively blowing it to bits. Grinning all the way.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I generally agree with what you posted.

      I think he’s saying that he will no longer fall for this same old story. This same old ruse. This same, lame tactic. I think he will deal with it and has – harshly. Shedding truth on the lies.

      I don’t think for a moment that he’s giving up, slowing down, or that he no longer has the stomach for battling this. That’s not what I hear.

      He’s my hero too and I think he’s just gearing up for the next battle.

      • Mtncougar

        “He’s my hero too and I think he’s just gearing up for the next battle”

        I hope so too, sober_thinking.

        Why I’m a bit worried…a couple of quotes from him…

        “It’s ridiculous to actually have to spend time and tell people that no, the Republicans don’t want your kids to starve…To tell adults that …It’s beneath the dignity of any of us here to take on the task of defending it. I’m fed up with it.” (sounding discouraged)

        Propaganda Power (now used against Republicans) is an old, old, powerful, serious, dangerous weapon… THIS IS the battle front. It’s not about getting information out there, about truth, reasoning, none of that. It’s about propaganda.

        Propaganda works. Has always worked. Against Jews. Blacks. Against America. Whomever.

        Nothing new. Very dangerous. The true monster.

        Go get ’em. Not in defense. Accuse them loudly, proudly, strongly, wildly – of exactly the kind of stuff they are accusing/characterizing conservatives. Do it often, relishing the war. With zest, don’t let up. This is Propaganda War. Use whatever podium is there and go get ’em.

        (yes I know conservative pundits are getting better at this, thank goodness)

        • Sober_Thinking

          We’re all worried. Thanks for the response.

          We must turn this over to God… he’s flying this plane now. I’ll still do what I can when I can… but only God will bring us in safely.

          • Mtncougar

            p.s. Want to hear a perfect, powerful example of someone addressing the Propaganda War? If you haven’t seen it yet on the front page of Scoop…

            (it’s a different propaganda war but well, well done)

            • Sober_Thinking

              I don’t think I can other than share my opinion.

              To some degree, I think that what Michelle Bachman was persuing (before the world – including corrupt Republicans – attacked her for it), was an attempt to address this.

              One thought-provoking question: Isn’t it safe to say (and even prove) that Muslims are infiltrating our government at the highest levels?

  • Ray

    Why is he only blaming the democrats? Republicans have been there the whole time. They have increased the amount government spends over baseline as well, they have added to government with the EPA, strengthening the NEA, starting the ADA, giving us the largest government agency the DHS.
    Although he is speaking truth, it is both parties that are at fault.

    • There are no equivalents.

      Democrats have spent 50 years getting people dependant on programs for votes.

      republicans became Democrat lite, because they kept losing at the polls to Democratic Santa Clauses employing these exact tactics.

      Are they both at fault, yes….but in vastly different proportions.

      Saying they are equally at fault is like splitting the bar tab 50/50 with your buddy, when he had 24 drinks to your 6. Sure, neither one of you should be driving, but are you equally drunk ?

      • PhillyCon

        There is a difference between the occasional drinker and the alcoholic.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Good point.

          Though the Republicans aren’t as blatant or insideous as the hated Democrats, they are indeed becoming more and more like the enemy.

      • Ray

        oh, I beg to differ with you Darrell, from the outset, Lincoln destroyed the 10th amendment. Eisenhower brought us the Health, Education and Welfare department, Nixon brought us the EPA, Bush 1 brought us the ADA, Bush 2 brought us the DHS and strengthened the Education departments hold over the local and state education autonomy with No Child Left Behind. They have always been a strong central government party.

    • PhillyCon

      He is blaming the Republicans too. He goes out of his way to include the TARP debacle as the start of all this fear mongering. Yesterday, he said how Paulson would not let any bank executive leave the room until they took the TARP money.

    • StrangernFiction

      This is where Rush falls short. The statists claiming to be conservatives are much more dangerous.

  • vinny

    I know what he meant…..only leftists twist what he said to fit their needs.

  • PhillyCon

    I heard this live and it was great. Thank you for posting this.

    • 57thunderbird


  • Sober_Thinking

    Unlike the stupid Dixie Chicks or Madonna, Rush is ashamed for the right reasons (literally). The lies by the media, the Democrats, liberals and now some of the goobers in the GOP, is sickening. It’s WAY out of control. It’s heinous. It’s a disease.

    Rush is spot on here. All of this nonsense is destroying America… and now the Republicans are helping these monsters right along. And once again, the liberal lapdog corrupt media is all to happy to go right along with the lies and to attack anyone who tells the truth.

    Until the dumbmasses wake the heck up… until we educate these people – really educate them – then, we’re going to keep running uphill and we’ll keep watching America slip away into obscurity.

    Rush is right… and that’s why he’s being attacked. He’s telling the truth. And even though he and many of us are ashamed… America as a whole should be ahamed… because the liberals and the Democrats and especially the monster in the WH are incapable of being ashamed… because they don’t have a soul or a conscience.

    • PVG

      God bless Rush!!

  • TMZ2

    I have been thinking over this comment the last day and I am ashamed about two things.

    First,I am ashamed that everyone is all about themselves only and not what is best for the country. In that vein people are short sighted and angry when questioned. There are divisions and sub-divisions now. The conservative base can’t even agree on candidates anymore and the libertarians are adding their two cents, which would ordinarily be fine, but what went on with Ron Paul last year was a mess. It was Ron Paul or nothing for them. They became bullies in a way. As a conservative there is too many arrows on our backs.

    Secondly, we have people infiltrating our base with false promises and with different goals, but the bottom line is to co-opt us and leads down the wrong path to ruin. Everything from politicians like John McCain, who is not one of us, to pundits like S.E. Cupp, who attack Rush Limbaugh now and have morphed into Megan McCain’s and Joe Scarborough’s. Liars like Karl Rove and fakes like Chris Christie. The powers that be are foisting on us fakes in order to cut us down to size. So now we can’t even trust people on our side.

    Then you have the brain dead public and bat crazy leftist professors lying to the youth. Then the media who is lying to us 24/7.

    What a mess. And it all leads to tyranny and the eventual conflict that is coming. Because the time will be ripe to get going with the revolt, rebellion, or civil war to take the country back. Or the economy will collapse and martial law will be declared.

    • NPC

      You pretty well nailed it. You clearly said what you were thinking. Great posting.

  • cabensg

    Brilliant. This my friends is what every Republican in the Congress should be standing up and declaring loud and clear. Instead they accept the premise the liberals put forward and try to defend it just like Rush was talking about. The fact that our Congress (for the most part) is even more ignorant than the populace is very, very disheartening.

    • Betsey_Ross

      .10,000 ‘LIKES’. Never, ever accept the premise of a Lefty and almost never from a Republican.

  • kssturgis62

    I have been listening to Rush since Day 1. I watched every show he was on TV for. The man made me tune in, because he was saying and yelling what I was saying. HE also helped me so much, with snippets, and information to fight Coleman Young and his regime in Detroit. It didn’t change Detroit, but I was a Good Mouth Piece.

    When he said this yesterday, my head went down, and I did start to Cry. But when he was done, he was saying we are not stupid, we are stronger than them and we must continue on.

    Today I see the Media has changed their tune. The Talking heads, are saying what Rush was saying they were afraid to say all along. Did you see what some have been saying about the Sequester Today !!! I laughed. they may say they hate him, they may say he is racist, hates everything and everybody, but they listen. When he said this yesterday, it had an Impact !!! If Rush is ashamed, what does that make them, Proud to be so stupid to say the things they are saying and not going after the Communist Dictator.

    I am so Thankful for Rush. He makes me laugh, he makes me think, and Yes I do verify what he says. I seek out more information because of things he brings to light.

    Thank God for Rush Limbaugh !!!

    • freenca

      He has always stirred to pot, in hopes I think that we could see and then skim the scum. I think he’s expressing a big disappointment that the voters failed to skim off the scum last November. Most of his listeners get it and more are beginning to see the scum too. Blessings to him.

    • PVG


  • deeme

    It is alot to be ashamed of..The non Justice Department is joining in with the rest of the country going after Pee Wee Herman, instead of coming up with any of the 2000 pages dealing with giving guns to Mexican Drug the meantime dangerous sex offenders are being released when they aren’t even up until 2056, Our President is saying planes will crash in the air if he balances the budget and dangerous storms will be missed by radar,while taking all the money for the last storm and passing it out to unions he also said border patrol agents will have to go home..well they already twiddle their thumbs and look the other way..taxpayer dollars are being passed out to friends and relatives of people in congress making them very rich, while the same people are demonizing the rich who happen to be republicans,.and blaming half the country, for everything that is wrong when he is where the buck falls, he is supposed to represent everyone..he is supposed to be concerned with our welfare,from foreign invaders , not passing out weapons to them while disarming U.S., The press is upset that they aren’t sure what flavor of picante sauce he prefers and very upset they are not invited to his private PGA tours ..people are having multiple births so they can get rich off welfare.,.and for breaking the law and coming illegally to this country they are rewarded as well, while the middle class is losing it’s insurance , making less then last year and paying more for everything. In there I found little to be proud of..Scandal after scandal and nothing happens to any of them..Benghazi was an inconvenience to them during an election..and our only hope out of being shredded from within..

    • white531

      Welcome to the new Progressive Nation they have planned for us.

      • deeme

        Aka Hell…

  • Mark Levin said something that I think we should do as conservatives–we should boycott all the states that ban or institute laws that take away 2nd amendment rights, just like the companies that manufacture weapons are going to do. We should buy local, in red states, and pull bank accounts from NY centered banks, boycott Hollywood, etc.—begin a grass roots “pull the plug” of our money going to any of these progressive states or business.

  • white531

    If you don’t believe in Rush, then you don’t believe in America. Its that simple.

  • white531

    Intelligence does not lie on the side of Government. It lies on the side of Individual Freedom.

  • StrangernFiction

    But according to the Repubicans, the ‘rats are “friends across the aisle.”

  • That’s what Democrats do best, keep the voters dumb so as to grow the number of low-information voters. Easier to control those people and feed them whatever propaganda the White House and the mainstream media wants to feed them. Maybe that’s why our school systems are so bad. The unions, like the teacher’s union, keep lowering standards so that the next generation of low-information voters will support whatever liberal is running for office. And with the mainstream media always willing to help the Democrats, you just know the low-information voters will swallow whatever is handed to them. Always remember the liberals are always at war with us. Remember that whenever you hear people whining and bleating about “bipartisanship.” Forget that. Liberals play to win and it’s about time we do the same.

    • NPC

      Actually, don’t miss understand me, but it’s a hell of a game plan they got going, ‘they get to do it all on, Other Peoples Money. namely the conservative worker.

  • repubboy

    I heard it and he is totally correct.
    There are a whole lot of us that are sick and tired of the same BS. We are sick and tired of the Republicans rolling over.
    We are sick and tired of the lies.

  • BHO’S goal is to spend this country until we run out of money. Conservative must resist so that there is a country left to save in 4 years. Then sudden and relentless reform lead by Sarah Palin as President on 1-20-2017 the same way that Ronald Reagan did in the 80’s
    For all of you that think that think Clinton will win. SARAH has NOT YET BEGUN to FIGHT

  • friskyness

    Rush is 100% correct. I too am ashamed of this country and where the voters have allowed this country to go. If you’re a true American you know Rush is correct, if you believe Obama, then you are an anti-American…….it’s that simple……….

  • xrisnoel

    @friskyness This is where logic comes to die…