Rush Limbaugh: Obama has become Barack Hussein Kardashian, Celebrity of the United States

Rush is mocking Obama’s fundraising ads with Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour saying that he has become Barack Hussein Kardashian, Celebrity of the United States:

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  • Joe

    Rush is a genius

    He is on the “money”

    (WAIT – The word narcissism comes to mind for ZERO)

    • Me an others have been calling Obama that for a while. It’s on this site by me months ago. Since Rush is a fan of Scoop I’ll take credit. you’re welcome Rush.

  • I almost feel sorry for Obama. He is begging to hang with the ‘in’ crowd.

    • Nukeman60

      I almost feel sorry for Obama‘ – l


    • No, he’s begging for the ‘in’ crowd’s money because he’s desperate

    • NYGino

      Be careful what you wish for.

    • aZjimbo

      Never, never in a million years would I ever feel sorry for that man. NEVER. EVER.

  • nibblesyble

    heh, I don’t think Rush could have insulted Obama more than calling him a Kardashian! Loves it!

    • keninil

      Actually I think Obama is trying to act like a prince-ling, but there is no king. He is acting more like Queen Liz’s kids did when they were young — jet setters without a care or responsibility. (But always remember he is the prez!) The K family’s claim to fame is based on money and outrageous behavior. Obama has a title — like the princelings. When we stop paying for everything for him, he will be more like the Saudi princess that ran out on her $7M hotel bill.

      • nibblesyble

        Indeed, good analysis.

    • Hold on now. There’s no need to insult the Kardashians like that.

      • nibblesyble


  • PJRodman

    I almost wet my pants from laughing…but that’s TMI…should just go with ROFL… Gosh, that brings to mind Whoopi’s commercial…wonder if she needs her bladder control aids when listening to Rush? I feel like we’ve bonded….

    • NYGino


      • PJRodman

        D’OH….not again….ROFL

        • NYGino

          OK OK, I’ll be good. Promise.

          • PJRodman


            Men’s Humor Men’s Humor ‏@MensHumor

            Explosive Diarrhea should be an excuse to park in a Handicap Spot.

            (The potty humor continues) I thought this was hilarious! I wonder if my husband sent that one in….

          • Is_Sense_Common

            But we like you better when you’re a little naughty. We might not recognize you!

            • NYGino

              Thank you ISC. OK

              So these three transvestites walk into a bar…………………

      • badbadlibs

        Now that right there is funny!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      So can we make a new one – “LOL! I almost WMP!”

      I’ll think of you each time I use it. Hahahaha!

      • PJRodman

        Well sure…Like Uncle Miltie said, “At my age, I’ve done about everything in my BVD’s!” 😉 What a banner day…WMP!

  • 12grace

    We must make a note of all the stupid celebs that support obama and stop buying their products, or going to their movies and shows. Why should we support people that don’t support America or us?

    • FutureOnePercent

      But then all we’d be left with is Kirk Cameron movies… I mean, no offense to Kirk Cameron, but that’s not what I want to watch all the time…

      I’ll just stick with reading…

      • 12grace


    • CaptScientist

      a few of the actors that I will NEVER watch

    • I’ve been doing that for years…welcome to the club…we need a menbership drive though.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      My husband was asking our 8 year old son if he’d ever seen, “We Bought a Zoo” and he said, “No. The guy who stars in it (Matt Damon) is really rude to Conservative women like Mom. We don’t need to support that kind of guy by renting his movies.”

      Ahhh, chicken soup for the soul… 🙂

      • 12grace

        Love it.

  • Nukeman60

    When, just when, has Obama ever been Presidential?

    He flubbed the swearing in ceremony (which means he never actually took the oath of office) ,

    He doesn’t do anything before 10:30 in the morning (whatever happened to rising at 5:00 am and doing the nation’s bidding?),

    He spends more time in his upstairs study than he does doing his job in the Oval Office (and now we recently find out that he loves watching ESPN there and drone ‘snuff’ videos over and over),

    He vacations and campaigns more than he works (which is not surprising because there just aren’t that many hours in the day and days in the week),

    He snubs our allies, Great Britain (sends back the bust of Winston Churchill), and Israel (forces Netanyahu to enter in the back door and eat alone), while entertaining Muslims and Communists and bowing down to every oil producing country around the world,


    Aww, need I go on? I’m just wasting space.

    The man is a disgrace to the office of President of the United States (I don’t care what color he is) and he desperately needs to be removed – either by votes or with a crowbar, I don’t care which.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      It’ll take both my Nukefriend. Thankfully, I’ve got just the crowbar sitting in my garage. 😉

      • Nukeman60

        Let’s do the first one. If that don’t work, you can get your crowbar and I’ll have your back with my trusty baseball bat.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Something tells me that it’ll take an army to drag the obamas out of the WH…

          • Nukeman60


            We have the world’s best military, and then we also can get an army of patriots to do the job.

            Either way, it will get done. 🙂

  • Spartan4Palin

    Me thinks with all of O’s surrogates, this particular cheerleader ain’t going to get away with this insane idea in of all places, southern states like Kentucky? Just sayin’

    Jesse Jackson plans to march on gun shops.

    • Yeah, I live in Kentucky too. I dare him to bring that crap around here. He’ll get sent home packing a load in his backside.

    • PJRodman

      What could go wrong? Even the democrats are armed to the teeth around here. And god bless ’em they voted mostly for undecided here in the Bluegrass. I hope he comes to one of the 3 gun shoots my kids compete in…now that would be interesting.

  • Has become?

    It’s all he’s ever been…

  • CalCoolidge


  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on.

    Have dinner with hags and liars. Be seen! Be somebody! Be a schmoe.

    Hollywood is lost.

  • OxyCon

    It sure took awhile for the Obama/Kardasian meme I’ve been pushing to percolate to the top, but I sure am glad Rush is now pushing it. It’s 100% true!

    The Obama’s are celebutard wannabes. Mooch wants to be Beyonce and Barack is a jock sniffing Lebron NBA wannabe. In other words the Obamas are celebutards just like the Kardashians.

    Obama = Celebutard! It’s too easy!

    Oh, just in case…no one likes celebutards…they are to be mocked and ridiculed for their shallowness and lack of character.

    It would be so easy to make a ten minute long video of the Obamas yucking it up with all their Hollyweird and NBA glitterazzi pals which would totally destroy their likeability and the last ounce of respect anyone has for them.

    • NYGino

      What last ounce of respect? There never was any to begin with!

  • 3seven77

    If Obama’s dream is to be a Kardashian, does that mean he’s going to start tweeting photos of himself in a thong like Kim K. does?

    Oh, good grief. I think I just made myself nauseaus. Excuse me while I run for a bucket….

  • zibei998

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Not even, more of a has been. Barack Hussein Hilton.

  • jimmie smith

    While the Wisconsin vote was a sign that the “American Idol” is in serious jeopardy of losing his throne, there are still “56” states to go, now is not the time to stand down…Be ready to storm the gates of the Bastille…(your local polling station), come November!

  • That quote is right on!! So fitting. We have a commander-in-entertainer. Arrogant and on the very dumb side. He won’t go down in history as our most cerebral pres!

  • One day, since being retired and having had the time, I watched Rachel Maddow. Her monologue consisted one one lie after another. You’d have to know what’s going on in the world to know that. I could do a show…
    🙂 Like, I mean, if you can make stuff up as you go along, what would be difficult about that? 🙂 We could have our reunion on a cruise ship; take the kids. And everyday I could go to my little sound room and spout about how I wish it was and pass it off as true. This has possibilities, definitely.