Rush Limbaugh: We need to defeat these bastards!

A small but potent clip. Limbaugh doesn’t mince words as he defines what our strategy must be to win our country back.

Also, below that is the entire first segment from his show today. It thought it would be interesting for you to hear his first words on the day after. You can find Glenn Beck’s first segment here and I will be uploading Mark Levin’s first segment tonight.

Entire first segment:

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  • tattie

    Type your comment here.”WE THE PEOPLE” Remember November, It'll be our turn to vote. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  • vladp9

    hi there,

    pls, don't use this video provider, or tell me how can I do to watch the video, because I get a message that here in Romania I can't watch it

    thank you 🙂

  • beeblaqt1

    Well, the bill was passed. While I object to Rush's vulgarity . . . it is a free country and Amen to that! Now that the bill has passed, when will Rush keep to his word and move out of our great Nation? I did hear him say that if it passed he would leave and I certainly encourage someone who's sole purpose seems to be to foster hate for anything that doesn't align with his way of thinking to do just that. Leave. Leave this great country and go . . . where? What country does Rush think is perfect for him? I doubt there is one but at this point I don't care where he goes, just GO and he should take his poison with him.

  • beeblaqt1

    “our turn to vote”? Just who do you think voted in this last election? American citizens did, that's who. God has blessed America and I thank Him every day!