RUSH: Marco Rubio is already being ‘Romneyied’ by the press

Given that many believe Rubio is front runner for 2016, Rush says the press is already trying to paint Rubio as anti-science by asking him how old he thinks the earth is. And no matter how Rubio answers, Rush says, as long as he answers it he will be painted this way to go along with the anti-contraception/war on women crap they’ve already been alleging against the Republican Party.


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  • I am of two minds on this. It ticks me off but on the other hand the left is telling us where our weak answers are and it gives us about three years to get sharp answers and expose THEIR dishonesty on it.

    People don’t remember what they had for lunch so this has little effect in that regards.

    • Goldni007

      Excellent point!

    • Sinsonta

      Don’t be to sure! Some people may not remember what they had for lunch however, the Leftwing radical loonie media will remember and will bring the issue to the table.

      • Presumes anyone will care by that point. Honestly the only reason Rubio is the boy of the day right now is because GOP is smarting over Latinos voting for Obama. It’s their own fault. First off they ignore the studies that show LATINOS WANT ENTITLEMENTS. Secondly they ignore the regular voters that don’t want illegal immigrants while pandering to big business (which also feeds Occupy) and those are the one’s taking those entitlements….yes both big business and illegals are taking entitlements. Third they don’t appreciate the Latinos that don’t want entitlements and do work hard. They certainly don’t use them enough for outreach.

      • bobemakk

        that is how the bum won again.

    • Rubio is NOT eligible! The Constitution, Vattel, and “Natural Born Citizen”: What Our Framers Knew

      • I don’t care if he is or isn’t quite frankly. It makes no difference. He is a flash in the pan.

      • Marco Rubio was born in the United States, which makes him a ‘natural born citizen’. His parents were not born here, but that means nothing.

        • You are WRONG!

          READ: The Constitution, Vattel, and “Natural Born Citizen”: What Our Framers Knew

          • bobemakk

            Technically, the “natural born citizen status” in the Constitution was added to protect only the children of the freed slaves by Abraham Lincoln. I feel that if Romney had picked Rubio (even though I do like Paul Ryan) that Obama would have been defeated. Now we have to live with his misery for another 4 years. The fiscal cliff is a grand canyon now and if the republicans start giving in, that will abolish any conservatism in this country.

            • Again, that is NOT true. Please read the article I posted. The Constitution, Vattel, and “Natural Born Citizen”: What Our Framers Knew We are either going to have a Democracy (mob rule) or a Republic (rule of law) , it’s our choice.

              Obama is a usurper – Void ab initio!

              • Wisewoman2

                Whatever your thoughts are whether they are true or false Obama is president to our detriment so deal with it.

            • kssturgis62



              The Natural Born Phrase WAS ADDED at the Writing of the Constitution – on the Advice of a Letter Written to George Washington from John Jay. Does anyone Educate themselves any longer?? Makes me wonder, do people want the RULE OF LAW OR ARE THEY JUST OUT FOR WIN, which then MAKES IT POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. ( I am not yelling I am emphasizing my statements)

              Let’s also look at Rubio’s record. he has gutted 31 Immigration bills in Florida, he used the State Credit card and admitted he was wrong, He took Illegal Campaign Contributions and was busted for it. He is FOR AMNESTY. HE BASHED Michelle Bachmann over the Muslim Brotherhood, he has stood with John McCain on that issue with Hillary Clinton’s Assistant, Then LOOK AT HIS VOTING RECORD.

              Character and Honor means you tell the truth, you don’t cheat, and you stand with your Brothers and Sisters and Serve them on the side of right. Why was HE IN IOWA Fundraising and NOT HELPING ALLEN WEST !!

        • kssturgis62

          That Statement is So wrong On so many levels. So Gina your Saying Osama Bin Laden ( yes I know he is presumed dead) could have come here gotten a girl pregnant, that girl had a baby, he left went back to his terrorist ways and that baby could be President.

          why do you think the Framers followed and in 6 Supreme Court Cases, even in Happersett they stated FIRMLY – 2 parents must be Citizens in order to be natural born !!

          Learn and Read the history and what the framers said and did, If Rubio is nominated or on the ticket, again WE WILL LOSE.

          If it is jeb bush we lose, or chris christie we lose.

      • tvlgds

        Neither is Obummer, but that didn’t stop him!

        • Void ab initio!

        • Just because they did it and no one in Congress had the fortitude to stop doesn’t mean that we should stoop to that level too otherwise all of the adherence to the Constitution means nothing.

          Not a fan of Rubio’s because he wants his own version of the Dream Act.

          • Wisewoman2

            You can continue to live in your own make believe world or you can join reality. Obama is president in spite of his citizenship status or any other issue. Maybe you should take it up with the voters who voted for him on other websites as well as this one.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        This is my one main problem with Rubio, other than that I knid of like the guy.

  • CPAguy

    Not a fan of Rubio.

    Now, if the GOP is insistent upon a hispanic…I’d be OK with Ted Cruz.

    • Redford1974

      No Cruz..he was born in Canada..parents are not US citizens either. Like the guy, hope he does well in the senate and help our party before it’s extinct.

      • Sinsonta

        Sorry, Ted Cruz was born in Texas!

        • Redford1974

          Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where his parents, Eleanor Darragh and Rafael Cruz, were working in the petroleum business.[8][9] His father was a Cuban immigrant during the Cuban Revolution to the United States. His mother, an American, was reared in Delaware, in a family of Irish and Italian descent.[9][10]

          • SaraPFan

            Is this a copy/paste from Wikipedia?

            • tvlgds

              Yes, it is. If Cruz’s father came here in 1957 he was very likely a US citizen when Ted was born in 1970, so even if he was born in Canada to American parents, he is still a natural citizen. Like I said earlier, it didn’t matter for Obummer and nobody bothered to even vet him, but “they” will use whatever it takes to keep people like Cruz, Rubio, and Bobby Jindal out of the WH.

              • SaraPFan

                That Wikipedia link is from a story in the New York Times in which Ted Cruz was not interviewed. The NY Times article is the only and first time mentioning Ted Cruz born in Canada. It is very interesting how these same outlets won’t do any research about WH affiliations with Chicago corruption in housing and healthcare.

                • tvlgds

                  Amazing, isn’t it? Even John McCain had to go through the process because he was born in Panama when his father was stationed there. My sister was born in Morocco when we were stationed there – she IS a natural born American citizen. Just wait till one of these illegals plopped on American soil with NO American parent wants to run for president. No questions asked- kinda like Obummer

  • sDee

    This is like watching Groundhog Day, with Limbaugh on the radio in the background.

    When is the GOP going to launch a counter propaganda war?

    Or maybe they have just resigned themselves to being the court jester for the new political-social order in America?

    • Sinsonta

      The GOP/RNC have lost their way. They get involve with trifles & criticize their own. Instead of holding to the core principles of the Party, they go against their own. When they are called RACIST, instead of fighting back with racist comments or issues from the opposity party, they fall into the trap. Democrats hold to their principles and cover the flaws or defect of their own.

    • ApplePie101

      Abandon the GOP, or go down with them. Worse yet, America goes down with them. What we have are two democrat parties.

  • aPLWBinAK

    I’ve been a big fan of Rubio’s for some time. But I find it extremely disappointing and disturbing that he was nowhere to be seen or heard during Allen West’s lonely and heroic battle with the Democrat fraud machine….”WTH is up with that Marco? You have some explaining to do”…..

    • sDee

      Rubio does what he is told. The Republican establishment does not want leaders, they do not want Conservatives, they do not want anyone who will take America back to a Constitutional government. That is way they tanked West. That is why they told Rubio and all the others to let him spin in the wind.

      • aPLWBinAK

        I can’t disagree….that’s what I find distrubing, I thought better of Marco…..I’ll only be fooled once though

      • las1

        Yet Rubio sure welcomed Jeb Bush Jr ‘s endorsement back in 2009.

        Nothing like the Bush’s to keep their fingers on the scrawny neck of the GOP and prevent any uppity TeaParty types from ascendency.

        I’ll never… and I mean NEVER forget Barbary Bush’s slagging of Sarah Palin just after her geriatric hubby pretended to know nothing about the Tea Party. It was one of the most disgusting things I’d ever heard from putative “Republicans”.

        I think Rubio is going to be the quintessential rollover squish and a big disappointment.

        • Rshill7

          I’ll never forget Peggy Noonan’s denigrating of Palin either. These people make me sick.

          • Also in agreement. What the Bush’s and Noonan have in common, other than verbal diarrhea, is they are big government Republicans….not conservatives.

        • Totally agree!

      • He’s friends with Jeb and the whole Bush family. ‘Nuff said.
        He’s for an amnesty; personifying, to the establishment, the delicateness of the Hispanic vote.
        He cheered vocally and outspokenly for the war in Libya.
        He won because Crist was a piece of garbage, but I have no proof of any instances of him standing up to the establishment in his tenure.

    • kssturgis62

      he was in Iowa fundraising for his big moment in 2016, and Rubio refused to join the Tea Party Caucus in the Senate, stated there shouldn’t be one.

  • sDee

    The elephants can never outpander the donkeys.

    They will run Rubio. They will lose. The GOP is a relic. How about the GOP rise above the ethnic, racial and gender politics run on First Principles and an America where All Men Are Create Equal?

    But how could Rubio run on principle when he knowingly fails to admit he is ineligible for the Office of President according to Article 2 Section 1 of the United States Constitution. Oh right…its “just a piece of paper”.

    • las1

      In the same way progressives and Marxists took over the Democrat Party, so should real conservatives and Tea Party types stage a Reconquista against establishment RINOs. Because a third party will absolutely ensure decades and decades of unending Democrat tyranny. Let the RINOs join their spiritual masters, the Democrats. They know they wanna.

      • mike3e4r7

        It’s hard to know how the scenario would play itself out once the can or worms of a third party iss opened, but it seems at some point we’re all going to have to take a deep breath and make the move.

        Maybe it’s time for the Tea Party caucus in this next Congress to make the break. The could agree to join their former collegues on those issues where they agree. They could hardly do worse than another two years with Boehner running the show. If it happens early enough in the term, you may see an exodus of many RINO’s over to the Democrat party, since they essentially believe in a less radical version of what the Democrats believe.

        Again, who knows exactly how it will play it, but it seems inevitable at this point.

        • No to third party, yes to taking over this party. Boot out the RINO’s. If it doesn’t happen they will stay in the wilderness. Give the people what they want or lose. Rubio had better not be an opportunistic shill or he will be sorry. Dems don’t want him and Reps will shun him.

          • BevWKY

            Difficult to take over a party one is no longer a member of. Cause the moment the elections were over I washed my hands of the GOP and went independent. Wonder how many others did the same.

            Just saying.

            • I agree but that also depends on what state you are in. Many states are closed primaries.

              Taking over requires time and money. So does starting a third party. Far too many piss, moan, and groan but do nothing to make change happen.

              Be the change you want to see.

                • Now give them some money so they get some traction. Fund raise!

                • pdxlady

                  You are doing a great job AbiCSis! Wonderful video. Count me in! How is this proceeding?

                • Thanks pdxSis! Are you on Facebook by any chance? we have a facebook page set up, and getting more people joining.

                • pdxlady

                  I closed my account, but I must open it again so that I can Join Up! Thank you my dear sis. =)

                • Let me know when you’re back on pdxsis. I’ll give you my info. But then again,if you visit the page, just look for my GreenBeret duckie 🙂 xoxoxox

                • I look forward to having you on facebook pdxsis! But I just wanted to let you know, I’ve joined twitter, and am following you- so look for me 🙂

              • BevWKY

                Well, see, there’s one really big assumption here and that’s that I want to see a third party started cause I never said that. I just said I was done with the GOP. The problem in the closed primary thinking is that open/closed primaries are completely irrelevant when the Presidential primaries are decided before late states even get to vote.

                The truth is that they don’t HAVE to care about the votes from their own base, so I wonder how exactly working from within is going to change anything. The only way they’re going to start paying attention is when they don’t have a base any more.

                • Your math doesn’t add up…or well it does but it adds up to chaos. Think about what you wrote to me and how the system actually works if you know. For example if you want the primary system changed you do it through the party at the local and state level. Working from within changes who the GOP throws it support behind. One thing I do know is cynicism is not intellect.

                  I think they should be changed and the stupid ridiculous caucus done away with.

                • Cynicism?

                  I just have one question to ask, do you live in a late voting state?

                • What’s it to you?

        • las1

          A reconquista rebellion against Boehner is only the start. Louie Gohmert was the first shot.

          • mike3e4r7

            That’s something I could get behind.

      • 401_Unauthorised

        In the Republican party (much like elsewhere in life), there is only one god. His name is Mammon and his prophet is Karl Rove.

        If you think the average everyday conservative man can take on the debauching and amoral money masters of the Republican party, you have no idea of what the word ‘economics’ mean and your sentimental attachment leaves you pitifully vulnerable to abusers. I hope you’re not a woman. (Battered person syndrome comes to mind.)

        The time for independent and third party conservatives to rise is now. Far easier for us all to get behind fresh efforts to win back our political offices, than waste extra money trying to fight off those with billions at the snap of their fingers imho, something that will only be characterized as the death of the Republican party (death by ‘infighting’ that is) in the msm anyway.

        Two cents.

        • las1

          Well a RINO Chamber this is not. And sentimental attachment isn’t it either.

          You are an American, I am Canadian, and many Americans fail to see the gridlock and plodding nature of multi party systems. No one becomes a winner and everyone becomes a comprimiser. That’s not America. But a three party system would make America no different from Europe I’m afraid.

          Look at the multi party systems in Europe. They’re a total and complete disaster and much worse if they have proportional electoral systems. Since Canada now has three fairly equal main parties (with Quebec being a forth), we have had three gridlock minority governments the last decade with a majority finally bringing us a Conservative government and stability.

          Beginning about the Mid nineties, the Conservative party ended up with two seats in parliament. Before and during that time, Conservatives split into three different parties, the Progressive Conservatives, the Reform, and the Alliance. Finally they had the good sense to all coalesce and form the Conservative Party… the iteration that brought our hard fought majority.

          You have no idea what convulsions you will bring with a third party. My advice to conservatives… get some gonads, start naming names and clean the house of the Republican party. Only then can you be worthy of being called conservatives if you call out the milquetoasts in you ranks and make enemies… you will have done well. Will it create rancor and division? Absolutely, but a purge and clean sweep is your only answer. Don’t be so foolish to rip out the Republican brand. Cut the mold off the bread first. Just because it’s hard, does not mean it’s not worth doing.

          But with third party system… don’t think that a rump Republican party is going to dissolve. It won’t. No conservatives will ever have reign in America again. Count on it! Then your Republic will be dead.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      “The GOP is a relic.” sDee.

      Thank goodness others here are beginning to allow themselves to see the truth. Wew! Well done sDee. Thought this was just another RINO chamber. There’s hope after all.

      Now spread the word and lets take our culture; government and country back, this time for real! Blessings.

      • I think the GOP as it is with the leadership it has is a relic but the GOP itself is not.

        Start your third party and see how many votes you get. Libertarians should be your first clue.

        GOP needs to be reminded then remind the world of it’s Lincoln roots and why it was formed. A war is being waged on many fronts in this country and on most of those fronts the GOP has yet to show up.

        • Rshill7

          Of course. Ours is the party who freed the slaves. There’s is the party which started the KKK.

          • Correct! And while Obama loves to compare himself to Lincoln and espouse Lincoln quotes he never espouses the Lincoln quotes about small government. The obvious isn’t so obvious any longer and we need to start stating the obvious.

            Remember the Democrats always trying to steal the legacy of Thomas Jefferson and make him out to be Democrat? Notice they do that very little now? That is because they got a reminder of the truth…the truth needs to be told whenever and where ever possible on every front.

          • las1

            So true.

            I looked into your gramr/spel cheker by the way… I think it crasshed.

            [hint] There’s

        • 401_Unauthorised

          “Start your third party and see how many votes you get.”

          As if we have a choice in the matter. Laurel, from one conservative to another, its either we stop depending on the GOP or America dies. Besides, If the GOP couldn’t get enough of its base out to vote for Romney after four years of Obama, you think it will be able to do so in four years time up against a fresh Democrat candidate?

          And more to your point, if the so-called base couldn’t blow away the ‘leadership’ (as you call them) for such a crucial election as the one just gone by, what hope is there for doing it in four years time, especially after such a deflating loss as 2012’s?

          What you really mean to say in your response, I suspect, is: I too want a new party or some sort of change to the status quo but I’m waiting for Fox News to give me the green light. 🙁

          • I think you have no clue to how this works. You get rid of the leadership and get the right kind of leadership you want by participating physically as well as financially. It would work the same way if you started another party. So far you are a nameless, faceless voice in the wilderness that is making a sound and the right people aren’t hearing it.

            You also need to be fighting on other fronts…not on Right Scoop with people who agree with you.

            How many phone calls to Representatives have you made?

            How much volunteering have you done?

            How many votes have you coalesced together to be heard?

            What phone calls have you made?

            Have you considered coordinating all of the right leaning blogs? There are hundreds of them. they could make a gigantic KABOOM together.

            What op-eds have you written or submitted?

            Have you contacted Fox News about giving air time to Karl Rove and those just like him? They get the face time, they get the bucks, they get the clout.

            You can also see who the big donors are like Koch Bros. etc. and write them and lobby them.

            People who think they can just disavow the GOP and think it’s as simple as that are the exact same purist idiots that stayed home and handed this election to that idiot commie and his cabal. Let’s hope we have an America that hasn’t changed in four years time to squabble about party affiliations. As I see it we are now a socialist country with the advent of Obamacare. Only a depression or bankruptcy can save us there. Long shot would be undoing it in four years time but that did work for Prohibition…but notice undoing that didn’t undo organized crime.


            Now get busy, you have work to do. All talk and no action will amount to very little.

            Be the change you want to see.

            • 401_Unauthorised


            • 401_Unauthorised

              PS “So far you are a nameless, faceless voice…”

              LOL (Laugh out Loud)

              Strictly-speaking, the same goes for everyone else commenting on this blog. I mean, its not like I created an anonymous disqus account so I could display my name and address on the WWW ‘for the cause’ as it were.

              “How many phone calls to Representatives have you made?

              How much volunteering have you done?

              How many votes have you coalesced together to be heard?

              What phone calls have you made?”

              Ermm … hate to break it to you but election season’s over. But if you really want to know, the answer is:

              Amount done by 401 for RINOs = Nil;

              Amount done for constitutionalists, constitutionalism and re-educating the next generation about conservatism (in essence, winning the culture war needed to take back America for the long term) = Quite a bit, I’d say.

              ‘s all you need to know about me and all the ‘canvassing’ and ‘coalescing’ I do thank you very much.

              • Same bluster non answer. You know full well what I say is exactly what it takes to get the job done. Culture War is not enough and it is apparent isn’t it? Truth hurts and for that I am sorry.

                And BTW…my name is Laurel and I am pretty sure your parents didn’t name you 401_unauthorised….or at least I hope not.

                Have a great Thanksgiving and I will see you in the trenches.

          • Ask John McCain how being a “fresh” candidate after an 8 year incumbent turned out.
            Biden and Hillary are not going to be able to create any more distance between themselves and Obama’s policies that by then most people will be sick of than McCain was able to create distance between himself and Bush. They will not be any more “fresh” than McCain was.

        • las1

          I’m very leery of those who want to trash the Republican brand. It’s more than the brand… it’s the Republic itself. You are so correct about the Libertarians btw.

        • cabensg

          Laurel is correct. Whether we like it or not the Republican party is the only viable opposition to liberal Democrats. The Tea Party in it’s wisdom is not setting up candidates to run third party. Instead they’re putting a tea party candidate in the Republican primary to challenge a Rino Republican. This is how it can and must be done. It’s a successful action that needs to be built on. We change the Republican party from within because they already have the power structure it would take us decades to reproduce. Third party has always been a spoiler for Republicans so if we want liberal Democrats from now on third party is the way to go.

          • Thank you for getting the big picture!

        • I think in this new party that will break off from the GOP there would be certainly more than a few Confederate nostalgics who are sick of the party saying it’s the party of Lincoln.

          • What in the hell are you talking about?

            Revisionist history won’t fix the GOP. It is the party of Lincoln and that it indisputable history.

            • A lot of the old right, so to speak, thinks the Confederacy was on the right side of the war.

              • Conf3ederacy was correct on the issue of states rights but chose the wrong topic to make a stand on that issue. You also suffer from a case of ‘presentism’. Prior to civil War people were much more loyal to their state than the country as a whole. Now it is the opposite but that is so because it has been taught to be so.

                • I agree with you that their case of states rights was correct but it was the wrong issue to go in over.
                  I’m not dissing the South at all. I love being from here.

                • I love the South as well…and yes I do think they will rise again on the side of the righteous. Defending slavery as a states rights issue was never righteous.

      • You hear it a lot here, she’s talked about how worthless the GOP is quite a bit. I don’t know how you would think this was a RINO chamber.

        • 401_Unauthorised

          “I don’t know how you would think this was a RINO chamber.”

          Sounds like it sometimes. Apologies if that is incorrect.

      • Scoop’s gonna get mad at me again- I’m really not trying to spam it, but here:

    • Chances we’ll lose 2016: not likely. People will be sick to death of BO and Biden, Hillary, and the uncompelling Cuomo won’t be popular on his coattails.
      Chances Rubio will be the nominee: not sure.
      So their nominee will likely win like GW did, but we have to make sure it’s the right one.

      • cabensg

        I just read yesterday Jeb Bush’s son hopes his dad runs next time.

        Please Lord have pity on those of us who actually want to save your country.

      • It’s not enough to elect the right person. You can elect Attila the Hun and it will matter little. People must stay active once the election is over. It is my hope that this is the real lesson learned. they only get away with what we let them.

    • cabensg

      I have to give Romney some credit he didn’t fall for the Rubio trick. His pick of Ryan was the best and only thing he did right in the whole campaign.

  • Joengima

    This is why we lost in 2012.

    Why can a Republican, regardless how they answer that “trap” question, can be painted as anti-contraception/war on women, anti-science, ignorant, ect.?

    I’m being serious here. Answer that question and you have the true reason why we lost the 2012 election.

    Rush basically said “GOP shouldn’t do those interviewss! Rubio shouldn’t have done an interview with GQ cause this is what happens all the time because they are enemies.”

    Well with all due respect to Rush Limbaugh, the people listen to his show were ALREADY GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM!

    This isn’t about abandoning our base, this isn’t about being more moderate on positions. This is about OVERCOMING the Leftwing Media. Beating them, and frame ourselves.

    See the sick part about all of this is, NOTHING IS NEW! We KNOW the MEDIA will try to frame our guys in a bad light. We knew that. The question is, how do you get PASSED that, with your image intact.

    The problem isn’t the media. We already knew the problem was them for a LONG TIME NOW. The REAL Problem is, ourside doesn’t know how to PUSH BACK. Fight against them.

    I like to say, the GOP has winning arguments they just don’t know how to argue.

    We must learn how to argue. We must learn how to get our message down to the simpleminded.

    I’ll say this to all of you. We are so upset that they may outnumber us. Let me tell you something. The Democrats created a generation of dumbasses for their base.

    An important point about dumbasses, they maybe obedient but they aren’t loyal.

    Look back to all those movies where the villain assembles an army and then a reveal and that same loyal army turns on him in a heartbeat.

    We almost won. We convinced about 10 Million dumbasses not to vote again for Obama. We just didn’t convince them to vote for ourside instead.

    Remember that Luntz focus group after the debate. The old woman said it: “I wasn’t undecided about Obama or Romney. I was undecided about staying home or voting for Romney.”

    Until the GOP learns how to argue, we are doomed.

    • kssturgis62

      All the people that listen to Rush’s Show are not going to Vote for Rubio. I for one will not. he is already the Nominee to woo the hispanic Vote, to give them more goodies. When are people going to stop this madness. We are 4 years out, and rubio is the pick. there many of us who will not vote for him. he is no more Conservative than Boehner, or Christie.

      Really look at Rubio’s Record, then decide. There are other issues, and I know RS doens’t like to hear them, one of them being he is not natural born. Point in fact trying to change his dad’s citizenship status to when he was born. Problem Mommy wasn’t a citizen either.

      But on the Record of Rubio, he was busted for taking illegal campaign contributions, he gutted 31 immigration bills in florida, he used the credit card and admitted he was wrong, He bashed Michelle bachmann over the Muslim Brotherhood, and HE IS AN AMNESTY FANATIC>

      ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Nope many of us will not support the GOP when they crown them already, push them down our throats. I am so sick of holding my nose. Not doing it again.

      • Joengima

        Again wasn’t talking about Rubio sheehs. The fact is Republicans can’t merely ignore the MSM media and their effect.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      Rubio got what he paid for. Its not even about arguing, so much as putting one’sself into an unnecessary situation in the first pace. I mean, remind me; Who the flip is GQ again? Why did Rubio see the need to go and do an interview for an outfit as anti the conservative agenda as possible? Meh. What do I care? At the end of the day, RINO see RINO do.

      • Joengima

        I was speaking in general not Rubio. The fact is, Conservatives in general get framed by the left wing media, and if you only go to Right-wing media, you won’t help your image to the public.

        • 401_Unauthorised

          “And if you only go to Right-wing media, you won’t help your image to the public.”

          As proven, obviously, by Rubio’s very ‘helpful’ recent showing for GQ magazine, so ‘helpful’ that he is that much closer to being the new Sarah Palin. Right.

      • I’m not big on Rubio obviously, but we can’t hide from liberal outlets. We have to get our message across even to outlets hostile to us.
        We can’t be like Obama and hide from any outlet that we don’t agree with. Once there, we have to be sharp.

  • Have Rubio refer them to Wikipedia…this is not a science lesson…

    • Joengima

      Honestly, this is how I would have answered GQ’s question.

      “Well my faith says the Earth was created in 7 days. Life has taught me things are not that simple. Earth like all the other planets in our solar system started out in the planetary nebula we were in and over many millions of years Earth was made. But I will say this about Religion and Science. They are more in common than people realize. Look take the Holy Trinity for example. God is all three, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Some would say that is impossible, there is nothing scientific about that. I disagree. Take Matter for example. Every thing in the universe is made up with atoms, everything is a form of matter. Matter comes in how many forms? 3. Liquid, Solid, Gas. The Father, The Son, Holy Spirit. Explaining the Unknown. Both Religion and Science were created for answers. Another thing where Science and Religion meet. The Calendar. Tell your readers to goggle Gregorian Reformation. We got the modern Calendar from Pope Gregory IV I believe. It will also explain why April 1st is know as Fool’s Day. It’s pretty funny.”

      • Ummm….do you realize yet why your answer was bad?

    • Watchman74

      I agree it was an irrelevant question.

  • las1

    Rush… you go ahead and organize that Republican confab on how to deal with
    the media and get on it like yesterday.

  • Rshill7

    I would’ve said something like this: The Bible does not speak to the age of the Earth. The Theory of Relativity suggests it could be both very old and very young simultaneously, depending on the observers point of reference. Since no person was there at the very beginning, I don’t think any person can answer that with surety. I am such a person.

    • Joengima

      Honestly, this is how I would have answered GQ’s question.

      “Well my faith says the Earth was created in 7 days. Life has taught me things are not that simple. Earth like all the other planets in our solar system started out in the planetary nebula we were in and over many millions of years Earth was made. But I will say this about Religion and Science. They are more in common than people realize. Look take the Holy Trinity for example. God is all three, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Some would say that is impossible, there is nothing scientific about that. I disagree. Take Matter for example. Every thing in the universe is made up with atoms, everything is a form of matter. Matter comes in how many forms? 3. Liquid, Solid, Gas. The Father, The Son, Holy Spirit. Explaining the Unknown. Both Religion and Science were created for answers. Another thing where Science and Religion meet. The Calendar. Tell your readers to goggle Gregorian Reformation. We got the modern Calendar from Pope Gregory IV I believe. It will also explain why April 1st is know as Fool’s Day. It’s pretty funny.”

      • Rshill7

        That doesn’t answer the question. Science has no idea how old it is. Science is constantly “correcting” itself. Is the Earth the way it is due to uniformitarianism, or is it the way it is because of catastrophism? Two competing theories attempting to explain the same observances.

        • Goldni007

          Yep. Ditto. You remember that big thread we got tied up in with Daniel the libertarian atheist? I still remember your great point about the words in the creation scriptures..’and’ and not ‘then’.

          • Rshill7

            OK, it took me a while to remember that guy’s name on this site, but I remember the exchange vividly. That was a goodun’ for sure.

            It was Dan_Tumser, right?

            When I first entered these RS realms, I noticed that guy going back and forth with Las1, who is also in this very thread. Those exchanges cemented my respect for Las, and fueled my Dan-chaser. I jumped right in.

            Thanks Goldni. Impressive recall 🙂

            • Goldni007

              Man I wish you and Las1 were on Google Plus. There’s some serious liberal eeeeeediots on there! But we’ve got a great conservative community too. This is war folks!

        • colliemum

          It is actually quite simple: The Bible is not a science handbook. Nowhere in the Bible does it say one shouldn’t use the talents God gave us, one of which is thinking and finding out/research – to the contrary!

          But, as the left generally and the atheists specifically like to do: they try to tell us what it is we actually believe. They do not ask us – they tell us. They tell us that if we believe in God and read the Bible then we must be anti-science, and must believe that the Earth is six thousand years old.
          There’s no point arguing with them, they simply do not understand, don’t want to understand and will not listen.

          For me, Genesis, told three thousand years ago, written down 2500 years ago, is the most beautiful story, and it is so stunningly close to what happened according to modern science (which only goes back 150 years!) that it is mind blowing.
          But the most important point the left and the atheists will never understand is this: in the beginning – God was already there. He was and is and will be.
          The left, the atheists simply are not equipped to debate Genesis because they simply do not know about awe – awe in the face of God, awe in the face of His Creation, awe in the face of His history with Israel and us – and awe in the face of Jesus saying “Before Abraham was, I am”.

          So best to treat them as children who have been badly taught, if at all, and who lack the basic understanding of what really matters. Pity them, but refuse to talk about what Genesis really means.

          Sorry for the long post … couldn’t help meself …

          • Rshill7

            Can’t help myself either Colliemum.

            Early scientists “were reading God’s mind after Him”. Cannot let untrue propaganda go unchallenged. This evolution versus Christianity thing is my little mission field. I challenged what I was taught growing up, and my research for it’s rebuttal led me back to the truth, which cannot be successfully rebutted. I’ve learned that people will look everywhere, and I mean everywhere for the truth, EXCEPT where it lives.

            Evolution made atheism fashionable and acceptable. I want to expose atheism and evolutionary theory for what it is. The biggest lie ever foisted on a people. Ever wonder how many people evolutionary belief has sent to Hell? I do. It’s approximately lots. Want to keep people from going there if at all possible.

            • colliemum

              The one question no evolutionist can answer, be they ever such grand scientists, is this: where does life come from?
              They can talk about molecules and cells (and it is fascinating what has been discovered) – but they cannot say where life comes from. They can’t say it for the tiny amoeba, and they cannot, of course, say it for humans.
              No one can say it, unless one names the Creator – and that’s where they do not want to go, ever.

              It’s as if they were given a beautiful sheet of music – but they cannot read, cannot play it, and so cannot ever hear it. They can talk about the black dots, and what they might mean, or talk about the clef and the staves – but music it ain’t.

              There are some great scientists who are great Christians, John Polkinghorne comes to mind. They have no difficulty to do their science and believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
              So it’s not science as such which makes people deaf to His voice – it is their wilful attitude of not wanting to hear, not wanting to see. And they are proud of being blind and deaf.
              So I pity them, but I also know that God will not stop calling to them until He sees that it is in vain.
              We who fear Him, tremble at the thought of the Judgement, but for those who could have heard but didn’t want to, this final Judgement will be terrible indeed.

    • Watchman74

      It was a trap question and he shouldn’t have bothered answering it at all. As an aside he probably could have rephrased his initial statement to socialism hasn’t worked in all of recorded history (which really doesn’t go back that far.)

      • Rshill7

        I don’t see how my answer fell into any trap sir. Only weenies refuse to answer questions. Maybe he should have pulled out the monkeys. One with his hands over his eyes, another with his hands over his ears and yet another with his hands over his mouth.

        I am NOT a weenie and as such, do not want a weenie representing me or my party, thank you very much. If my party is going to be the party of weenies…f*ck ’em, we’ll start a new party.

        • Watchman74

          Sometimes silence is golden.

          • Rshill7


  • marketcomp

    Will these republicans ever learn?! I mean how many times do we, MUST WE, go through this before these dumba** consultants get what the LSM is doing? I am beginning to wonder if these republican candidates are just stupid! Leave the MSM alone! Use the media that is friendly to you. In fact all, ABC, NBC, CBE, CNN and all of their little menions will destroy any Republican candidate for Hilary Clinton or whoever is chosen by the DNC. Obama is the extremist!

    • cabensg

      What we need is a school. It will be called the “The Gingrich School for Handling Elite Liberal Press” or “HELP” for short. Every Republican running for office will attend and not be given a diploma until they learn how to never accept a false premise and only include while answering a question something derogatory on the same subject about Democrats.


      Sometimes this came up as video the other time a transcript. Video better!!

      • marketcomp

        This is an excellent idea! In fact because the democrats use the same language regardless of who and where democrat candidates are I am even more convinced that they do have a school or training camp. I mean how is it that the democrat election board members learn how to cheat the system and rig voting machines always in favor of the democrats? And while we’re at it let’s do some micro target marketing to identify and find republican voters. Especially those 3 million republican voters who did not vote in this election!

  • colliemum
    • Professor Jacobson had that exactly right!

  • I actually liked Rubio’s answer… Doesn’t matter the question Rubio is asked or any future GOP candidate, the media is going to do what the media does, Obama really needs to bring back the economy and not in a mediocre way like it has been the last 4 years, and if he doesn’t then that will open the door for the next GOP president, too many people believe that Bush screwed up the economy so bad it wasn’t really Obama’s fault.. but let’s see how the economy works with Obamacare and Taxing millionaires, can’t be Bush’s fault…

  • Rocco11

    Man, the Leftists are wearing Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals threadbare. “Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.” They’re using it on everything conservative that moves, “old white males” etc.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      They’ve being doing it for years before Alinsky. Alinsky did or said nothing new.

      He merely codified the rules on paper so his [email protected]&& students could have an easy reference point.

  • Watchman74

    When Rubio condemned Bachmann and others who were concerned about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the White House that did it for me.

    • 401_Unauthorised


    • pdxlady

      That did it for me too, Watchman74; and the DREAM Act.

      He is a Bush protégé; and the establishment RINOS (read Karl Rove, et al) want to run Jeb Bush for 2016 & Rubio for VP. I can’t even handle that thought!

      We, conservatives, need to do something NOW to stop this insanity.

      • They slobber over thinking that running Jeb Bush would be a winning ticket. They’re so clueless!
        Sure, people are sick to death of the Bush family and don’t want another one, but Jeb has a secret weapon: amnesty! But his secret weapon’s really a dud.

        • Darkbella007

          I’m thinking more in the line of :

          That is where they are trying to go.

          • In the distant future yes. Crazy-eyes is running for an office this year and will be a big surrogate for his dad’s campaign I’m sure, but he won’t be eligible for President for another 20 years I think.

        • pdxlady

          We can never allow the leftist elites (on both sides) to choose our candidate again!

          We the People must take the reins and choose our own candidates, those that represent us! And we need to begin now.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        And quite frankly, he has zero private sector experience. Sick of politicians who know nothing other than how to be a politician.

        • pdxlady


          Rubio has not even completed two full years of his six year senate term (he was just elected in 2010).

          I am sick of these opportunist, egotistical politicians who become so captivated by themselves and their own political agendas that upon winning an election, they immediately begin running for the next office and they don’t concentrate on the job the people sent them to do in the first place.

          Can you imagine… our PrezBO was a state Senator in IL running for a US Senate seat when he gave the keynote speech at the Dem Convention in 2004; and four years later he was President!

          • Avspatti

            Is Rubio running for office, or are other just putting him out there?

            • pdxlady

              It looks to me like he is preparing for a run, Avspatti. He put a flag down last weekend at a fundraiser in Iowa.

              • Avspatti

                What about the citizenship thing?

  • It is laughable for the democrats to claim to be pro-science when they constantly prove to be anti-science.

    Dems banned DDT, resulting in the deaths of millions of people, based on Rachel Carson’s bogus science.

    Dems do not believe that a fetus is a human being and that some magical process occurs during the birthing process to convert the fetus into a baby.

    Dems push for embryonic stem cell research even though the science shows that adult stem cells is what produces cures. They even promise that embryonic stem cells will cure diseases and conditions that science says is simply not possible.

    Dems push an environmentalist agenda that is not science based but actually a religion based on the worship of Gaea. The dems continue to push Algore’s Global Warming nonsense in spite of the face that the science continues to show that it is wrong. The AWG theory even fails the basic test of the Scientific Method when, in spite of increasing amounts of CO2 and CO in the atmosphere, there has been no warming for past 15+ years.

    Dems ranted against Bush when he halted Clinton’s last minute regulatory landslide which included reducing the permitted arsenic levels from water treatment plants even though those regulations violated the EPA’s own rules for adopting such regulations.

    Anytime science produces results contrary to the interests of one of the Dem’s sacred cows, they attack the science.

    The only time that Dems have actually embraced “science” is when they used it to declare blacks as inferior to whites and therefore should be kept as slaves for their own good.

    • Goldni007

      Awesome points sir!

    • freeperjim

      Excellent post – and it bears repeating over and over and over and….

    • OHJan

      along that same line, I wish that politicians who believe the Bible is true would start calling out the “Darwin evolutionists” as the racist that they are. And keep saying it LOUD & CLEAR!!! Evolutionists believe that blacks have not evolved to the same level as other humans… now that is REAL racism! That’s seems to me to be the reason that schools are now being allowed to expect less from black children. I define that attitude as RACIST!!! Yet those that believe the Bible, which teaches that all men are created equal in Gods eyes and, in fact were created in HIS image, are constantly cast by evolutionist as the evil racist. The Bible talks of a time when right will be considered wrong and wrong will be considered right… we are living in those times right now.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      1000 likes! I might print that out. Excellent talking points.

    • “Bogus science” is right. They simply make up the “science’ as they go to push agendas. They usually have a few people getting rich off of the legislation that was pushed with the bogus science.

  • deTocqueville1

    Who are ‘the many’ who believe Rubio is the front runner? What has he done to deserve being so? Accident of birth? This is quite ridiculous and Rush seems to have lost his edge if one looks back over the past year or so.

    • Rocco11

      If this RINO is our guy, we’re toast. An interview with GQ? God help us…

      • Personally I don’t think he has enough experience.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      Rush sold out eons ago not merely over the last year or two. Good post though.

      • Rush hasn’t sold squat. Remember he was and is always the first to call Obama out despite the gasps.

    • Darkbella007

      I personally feel Rubio is a shield. He is willing to go out to outlets that will take whatever he says out of context. No matter what. i believe the real person they are trying to push is

      Tin foil hat activated!

      • He won’t be old enough to run.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I will back Allen West… Sarah Palin… Jim DeMint… Michele Bachman… even Rand Paul. But if the candidate isn’t a true conservative or someone who supports and acknowledges the Tea Party and its principles (to include Fair Tax or a reasonable flat tax)… then no dice.

    The GOP falls for this donkey-squeeze from the evil Democrats every single time. I will NOT vote for another GOP moderate. Rubio is a sharp guy and I would have supported him this time around (because he wasn’t Obama). But I won’t support another lame candidate from the GOP – not until they get someone who is serious and truly conservative.

    We can all debate this in 2015… if America still exists.

    • pmb88

      Im surprised that they’re talking about this now. The election was just two weeks ago and now they’re already speculating that Rubio will be the nominee. What happens if Rubio decides not to run then it would have been a waste of time. I agree with your picks. The establishment has the fire to go against conservatives but when working with Dems they fold like chairs.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on – and thanks for the concurrance with my picks.

        I think the Dems and liberals are already planning ahead and building a portfolio of “gotcha’s” for potential future candidates. Evil never sleeps.

        If the GOP continues down this road they have taken, they are doomed.

  • I’m more for Allen West or Sarah Palin. I do think that Rubio is more conservative than, say, Romney, but he’s going to have to drift to the center-left if he wants to get elected. May as well have some real conservatives on the ticket and go down fighting. Who knows, if things get as bad as I think they’re going to get by 2016, maybe the country will actually be more interested in and receptive to real conservatives. Right now, I don’t really see any reason to support anybody for president. Let Obama deal with this mess. Focus on 2014 and getting more real conservatives elected to Congress. Allen West, Mia Love, and Martha McSally all need jobs. Let’s get THEM elected first. We need them in Congress now more than ever.

  • CG patriot

    Yep, the Dem and Progressive PRESS-titute’s sure don’t waste anytime. You would think that these bottom feeder’s would have more thing’s to worry about other then whom the “reject GOP Beltway pimp’s” might have on their roster’s.

    and BTW: what makes these Dem’s qualified on anything and all knowing in regards to science or a God? Oh’ Yes’ of coarse– Global warming, mustn’t we forget, and then there’s that Darwin theory.

    Rubio needs to learn something about the Social Media– it’s called zip-it, before you step in-it. However first thing’s first; never agree to an interview with-out knowing whom is asking the question’s, or their affiliates. Again, it’s the GOP/RINO virus:

    *roll-eyes* 0o0 to >< *crossed-eyed*

    • thinker1

      media conspire how to put down every conservative…..
      Romney and BHO raced, and Romney won?
      Media comment: ” BHO was second – fantastic position, just after a leader, and got a silver medal. Romney was barely second from the end”

  • Redford1974

    Must be a very very slow news’ week. I’ve seen more articles about this than is necessary

    Rubio should have answered: ‘Who in the hell cares?’

    ridiculous..Obama answered the question exactly the same way when he was asked 4 years ago.

    • Avspatti

      Why didn’t he just say, “I don’t know. Do you?”

  • poljunkie

    Honestly- Why is the media pushing 2016 already? Its only been 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS.
    Lets see how the potential nominees behave, lead and represent us before we start putting one on a pedestal.

    • lemme introduce 2U the DNC candidatess for 2016 – the flying witch of Arkanso – Hitlary Klit_on 😉

    • cabensg

      Because this is what they do and this is one of the reasons they win. When they lose they attack when they win they attack. Anyone who isn’t a Rino will get beat up now but if we pick a Rino candidate then they’ll attack them. It’s Alinsky rules and they live by them.

    • I might be ok with them speaking at a podium, but I will never give them a pedestal.

  • Who is Rush’s choice to be our nominee in 4 years?
    Rubio, Jindal, Santorum, Ryan, Rand, or Jebb.

    • Why would you insult Rush like that? :)-on most of them.

      • I’m just curious who he wants.

        • Yeah, just had to make fun of them.

          • I’ve been impressed with Rush’s intellect and wit. I felt compelled to put all of the candidates down even though the last one just took place. Rush does not want Jebbie boy the third. I know that for sure. Now, he was late to the party on Dubya though. W played him and it seems to me he wants Rubio so apparently Marco’s playing him too.

            • I have heard Rubio pump out some really good speeches, but I don’t trust the guy. I have determined in my mind that he is a RINO just waiting for his moment of power.

              Conservatives need better RINO radar, and these pundits seem to egg on the quick support of them.

              • Fox and Hannity are the worst. They promote Lindsey Graham of all people! How many conservatives admire Lindsey Graham?! Out of all the people they could promote, they promote Lindsey Graham and Karl Rove.
                I support his investigation on Benghazi, but not his long record of RINO policies.

                • Lindsy Graham is the epitome of an establishment shill. The only way that I can explain his continued election is that his district is full of electronic voting machines. Same as McCain and others that stay in forever, no matter what. (Reid and Pelosi come to mind as well)

                • Reid definitely cheated Sharron Angle out of his Senate seat.
                  But Pelosi happens to live in one of the most extreme-left districts in the whole country, San Francisco. Lots of illegal aliens, Hollywood types, minority interest groups, and being the Mecca of the far left means she gets elected.
                  Graham and McCain both live in heavily red states, unfortunately. I don’t get how they don’t pick a more conservative candidate, but any Republican is likely to win the general election there.

                • I see what you are saying about Pelosi. Makes sense. Graham and McCain may as well be liberal democrats, so it seems that they would get ousted. When something makes no sense, it is probably fraud.

                • Yeah. Maybe too many voters don’t know their records or were scared to make the change. Or maybe you have a point. McCain attacked Hayworth harder much harder than he did Obama. It could have been rigged. You’re probably right.

  • Rubio could just say, “4.5 Billion, plus or minus. Looked it up on wikipedia.” and the whole thing would go away. He is on the Science subcommittee, you would think he would be good at getting such basic info.
    The reason this keeps coming up is that there are a lot of us scientists – many who are republican or independent – that feel education, climate, health policies should be based on science.
    And NOW is a good time to bring that up because there ISN’T an election. So a scientist or educator can talk about this issue when there clearly is no electoral issues at hand. When opposition to bad science is just that – not an attempt to elect somebody.
    So when you offer a 10000 year old earth up, or a literal “Great Flood” with Noah, or cave men riding dinosaurs, in the name of “teaching the controversy” expect to get some response, OK? and it isn’t a “partisan” response. There is science and there is parable; both have something to teach us, yes. But it is important to know the difference.

    • Health policies? In other words the ‘scientific’ approach is to embrace Obamacare, correct?

    • To think that education, climate, and health policies should be based on science is to legitimize a huge central government who mandates it. It also seems to legitimize redistribution of wealth, as we are taxed by the federal government so that they can give it back with federal control attached.

      Many conservatives believe that free markets in education and the like would decide through competition what works best.

      Is government run education succeeding at anything, statistically? Our country is something like 27th in the world for literacy. Evolution is taught as fact, even though they cannot complete the scientific process for proving that something is fact. In doing this, they are willing to fail a child in school who believes something else. This is punishment for not accepting a lie. By lie, I mean “fact” vs “theory”.

      In a free market educational system we would find out if factoring evolution in to equations was more profitable to the cause of science or not. He who progresses faster has an advantage that the other is not accepting.

      Accept or reject the bible, but don’t expect people like me to reject the clear historical record in the bible.There is no lucid interpretation that claims that Genesis was not literal. That is paramount to the argument that gays give for their lifestyles being biblical, which is that David and Jonathan were gay lovers.

  • pmb88

    I think Rubio should have answered that Earth question from GQ differently. He should have said ,”if you want to know how old the Earth is ask Helen Thomas, she was there in the beginning.”

  • Poor Rubio, poor Rush! When such a simple question becomes the big GOTCHA question! Reconciling the highly educated and affluent with the creationists – they really have so little in common. Rubio actually didn’t do too bad with the question, all things considered. You and I know he knows the earth is 4.5 Billion years old, plus or minus, not anything remotely like 6000 years old. Ask almost anyone how old dinosaurs are, and they will give you “millions”. Yet the same folks will still think someone is going to find the Ark on some mountain. Most of us never think about matching up the two worlds, science and the bible.
    It is when someone does think about the clashes, and then decides to take the Bible literally in spite of all scientific evidence, and expects the US to build education and policy on that that a halt must be called.

    • Evolutionists keep raising the time frame for the age of the earth. Why is that? For the last thirty years I have watched it go from a couple hundred million to several billion. This is because they have to keep stretching it to make it jive with their overall theory.They keep having to explain things away by raising the numbers.

      I have seen both sides of the argument. Have you watched documentaries from Christian scientists that explain the earth’s geology and biography from a biblical perspective? If not, you should study both sides if you are going to be scientific about it. Arbitrarily rejecting any factor is detrimental to proving a theory.

    • Dinosaurs are extinct!

  • When will the GOP realize that the media is their enemy and stop trying to appease them? I see little hope for the GOPs continued existence unless they are willing to go on offense against both the Dems and the media. You can’t reason with unreasonable people and they should stop trying.

  • This is nothing more then a desperate attempt by the democrat party and the far left to try and destroy a man they are terrified of. Trust me on this: It won’t work.

  • Linky1

    YAWN!!! Rubio is nothing more than the Latin version of Mitt Romney and once Karl Rove gets hold of him, there goes the 2016 election for the GOP.

  • When the left brings up abortion to trap conservatives running for office, they need to simply say “do you think that I will be changing the legal status of abortion”? When they say “no”, then they need to reply “so why are you asking me that question”?

    • It would alienate some of the pro-life activists if they were seen as ambiguous on abortion. Some may even refuse to vote for them afterwards.

      I hope we don’t have to talk about contraception too much next election. I don’t think Santorum would be able to help himself. But then again, in four years our economy will be so totaled people may give up hope for it altogether and respond to Santorum’s religious platform.

      • I just realized where the rest of that mock conversation could go.

        Lets say that the interviewer then said “well you could vote to overturn Roe V Wade with a simple majority”, so you could have an ability to change it.

        Then the congressional candidate says EXACTLY!

        Republicans could have done this when they had a house and senate majority under Bush. “NO MORE FEDERAL PERMISSION FOR ABORTIONS”

        We can thank the republicans for many of the abortions that were done during their tenure in power.

    • So true! All the “trap questions” should be answered: “ask Congress (or prezzy), not me”…
      Or, better yet – just “Algor” them – whatever the question is, ignore it and go ahead with explaining your agenda.
      Big bang? Yep, throw a grenade into a junk jard – Lamborghini will NOT arrive.
      Evolution? “you know, the tail at human being was getting smaller and smaller, we did not need it so now it is just a small tail bone”……rrright; “negative” evolution? 😉
      “We have an economic progress, only it is negative” 😉

    • thinker1

      I ask ’em: “tell me, when, after “the act”, it is OK to kill the baby? For example – 47 days, 5 hrs, 23 minutes and 44 seconds?
      So give me the number”.
      And all I get is “deer in the headlights” look of an imbecile. 🙂

  • As far as I know, the Earth has existed only since the 1960s. I can neither trust any historical accounts/text/film nor verify anything before I was born. I could be living in a Truman Show & deck is stacked against me –> What else could explain my many failures?

    • They have dating techniques that keep changing to match their new numbers, so they know exactly how old everything is.

      You know what gets me on this issue? It is the big bang theory. I have heard it several times, and all that I can conclude is that it takes faith to believe it. Evolution is a religion, plain and simple.

  • chatterbox365

    I like Rubio, but he’s not (at least right now) the avenger we are looking for. I’m sorry, but he’s the Hispanic version of Romney.

  • Rocco11

    I think anyone less than an Allen West type conservative, and we are screwed. How good would an Allen West/Mark Levin ticket be?

    • carolyn50

      how about sarah palin and allen west. both are strong conservatives and not afraid to take it to the dems and the media.

  • ApplePie101

    I’m sorry, but as long as you keep putting trust in the republican party, you’re going to keep getting shafted. The convention rule changes ensured that no constitutional conservative will win the nomination in the future. We must get over our fear of the idea of a third party, because the first and second parties are literally strangling us.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Oops, I guess Rubio is no longer Jeb’s pet!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Rush does make a good point, we are trying to make the enemy like us. This wrong, we should be trying to expose the enemy for who they are! I don’t think we should run from these “trap” questions. What we need to do as conservatives, and not necessarily as a GOP voter, is find someone who can speak in articulate ways with wit and humor that will disarm the enemy and leave them as a smoking pile of “I just got owned”!

  • xjesterx

    Look, Rubio and any other GOP candidate is just going to have to STOP allowing the media to dictate terms. Gingrich was almost successful calling them out. But during the GOP primaries, NO MORE CNN, NBC, CBS debates. None.

    When will someone stand up for all of us?!?! Stand up for us and you’ll get enough people to follow you to victory.

    But come on, if ALL Of US ARE SMART ENOUGH to ask why the f#$k is George Stephanidiot moderating a GOP debate, then what are all those stupid candidates doing up there pretending he’s a journalist?!

    Knock it off. If you bow to the media, you no longer get the support of conservatives. That’s it. Understand?

    • The optics of only doing debates on Fox would be horrible.

      • xjesterx

        How’s those optics working for them NOW? This is EXACTLY why I said what I said, because people are worried about “optics”. Its the last thing Reagan worried about. Stop worrying about optics and just focus on educating another 5% of the voters about what conservatism is. Period.

        Besides, I never said go on Fox. Use C-SPAN only then. No moderators. Just a stopwatch. But really, “optics” is going to help the next candidate do better? I don’t think so.

        • starvingchildren

          You’re on the money, jester! The only people that bother to watch are the junkies like us and C-Span is the perfect venue. We’re not attracting a large audience, just the right audience. Frankly — PJTV could stream the events as effectively. The rules of engagement:

          1. no circular firing squads in the primary debate. We’re better not having any debates than the circus we had.
          2. no Ron Paul or anyone of his ilk that take up space and have no chance at the nomination.
          3. limit it to three candidates. If there are six, then rotate them. This way we get long form discourse and the next Rick Santorum won’t be compelled to throw bombs because his time is so short.
          4. Accelerate the primary schedule so the convention is around July 4th.

        • Most people don’t watch C-SPAN. Only go on CSPAN and most people won’t even know who you are.

          • xjesterx

            Well, unfortunately your logic just doesn’t add up. The debates were on MSM networks, and the candidates did not get more votes. If the debates are on c-span, those who want to see it will go to the network and find it. This will be 2016, not 1972.

            • We need a large enough audience to educate on conservatism to be competitive with the Democrats who own the MSM.

              • xjesterx

                Look, you said the “optics” of it being only on Fox or somewhere else would be wrong. The point is, worrying about “optics” has not served the party well so far.

  • tjd4life

    When are these Republican politicians going to learn these two words….”Next Question”

  • wynnsjammer

    I’m not even worried about Marco Rubio “Conquering” any election because I doubt he will even be able to get the “Latino” vote or “Black” vote. Latino’s don’t want anyone who is “Educated” because they feel an educated man or woman doesn’t understand there so called “Pain” and “Suffering”. At this point, I don’t even “Trust” Rubio myself or anyone the “Republican” party has “Chosen” to run for the American People. Where always having “Candidates” shoved down our throats and being told there the “Best” choice. I don’t think we will have to worry about to much in 4 years because where not even going to “Recognize” this country anymore and we can thank the “Republican” politicians for that who seem to be growing “Weaker” by the day. Once these “Politicians” enter the “Halls” of Washington they no longer “Speak” for the American people, they speak for “Themselves”. Has anyone ever noticed how “Wealthy” these “Politicians” become on such a “Low Salary”. The only “Rich” I seem to appreciate are the “Business Owners” who help to keep Americans employed, but lately even there disappearing. “Politicians” are getting “Richer” and hard working Americans are getting poorer. I’m disgusted with Washington.

  • The GOP have emasculated themselves in this last election. They will certainly try to give us another moderate but we Conservatives need to start to push back now and keep pushing back hard all the way through the 2016 election for a true Conservative.

    Personally I’m rooting for Palin. Especially considering the McCain/Palin ticket drew more votes than the more electable ticket, or so we were told by the RINO elite, of Romney/Ryan. Imagine how many more votes the Palin ticket will draw with her on top of the ticket?

    Palin 2016!

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    If the media is already shredding Rubio, where is the REP party for the response? Is the media so complicit they squelch that as well? Come on Preibus, wake the F up.

  • Rubio and Jindal are not Natural Born Citizens because their parents were foreign citizens.
    They both fall into the catagory Native born and that’s not what is required for the Presidency or the VP.
    Both are fine fellows and need to admit that they are ineligible to be th chief

  • VIVA RUBIO 2016!!!