Rush mocks the seven NAGS who showed up to protest him

NOW had a national day of protest against Rush on Friday, something they’ve been planning for about a month. However, only seven women showed up to Rush’s local DC affiliate, WMAL. Rush says the Daily Caller sent out a reporter who asked one of the protesters about Rush’s new counter organization, Rush Babes. The protester responded by saying that she wasn’t going to allow Rush to make it all about him. Heh, Rush noted that the fact that they were there protesting him mean they were the ones making it all about him.

Watch below:

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  • stevenbiot

    NAGS! Haha. It’s like Mark’s FU, fatties united, group. haha

  • ROFL! I heard about this. Hahahahahahahhaaahahaha aaaaahhahahahahahaahah!! Us Rush babes on facebook out number the nag gang’s fb page by leaps and bounds. What a riot!!!!!!!!

  • aPLWBinAK

    “The protester responded by saying that she wasn’t going to allow Rush to make it all about him.”…….Liberals get it wrong every time. It never was about Rush, it was about the tens of thousands of ‘babes’ who like Conservatism, Rush just gave them a way to express it with a simple ‘click’, that in itself was a brilliant idea.

  • FutureOnePercent

    LOL 7 of them… and there were 60,000 like us… yet they still want to make you believe that WE are in the minority.

  • Joe

    Good thing only 1/2 of his Brain is tied behind his head !

    NAGS are NUTS!

    (and don’t get smart or NY Gino will pay you a visit)

    • NYGino

      You call me Boss? I can do something for you?

  • Spartan4Palin

    Rush talked about that interview on Fox Sunday so I wanted to see if I could make heads or tails out the confusion on Bain?

    Try this. Let’s compare the results if we are to argue with the Dem logic.

    Romney with Bain invested (Dems like that word) private funds to help a private company stay open for 8 YEARS.

    Obama invests (there’s that word again) with Taxpayer money into a private business and it closes within 2 YEARS.

    Both investors became rich over it. Both lost employees over it. Based on democrat logic, Romney wins, because he got more years out of his ‘investment’.

  • badbadlibs

    I heard him today talking about the 7 women wannabes. He was making the point about the woman interviewed saying Rush was trying to make this about him! WT..heck???? It IS about him, they made it about him…you just can’t teach that kind of stupid coming from that woman, nor can you fix it!

  • NHConservative0221

    Anyone else having problems accessing Mark Levin’s site?

    WTF !!!!

  • jackl92

    7 NAGS is the whole east cost chapter.

  • jorous

    who the heck is NOW? or better, where was NOW when women in the Arab states were
    mutilating your girls? how is it that Now said not a word? no money in it for their ’cause’?
    what then is their cause? certainly not women.

    • kong1967

      It’s a liberal front group. It’s not about women at all. They were completely silent during the character assassinations of Sarah Palin. They are merely an extension of the Democrat party meant to reach women voters.

  • kong1967

    Communists. Protesting the right to free speech is nothing less than communist. I don’t like NPR, so I don’t listen to the station. I wouldn’t protest them or try to have them shut down. I would pull the plug on government funding, but not their right to free speech.

    I fell asleep and when I woke up I was in Venezuela.

  • Jay

    The NAGS are just a group of ugly women trying to get some attention they couldn’t any other way.

  • Sober_Thinking

    NOW just like the NBP and CBC… farce organizations with faux outrage.

    Canoes attacking a battleship.