Rush not too crazy about new O’Donnell ad

Rush says Christine O’Donnell’s new ad is too defensive because it starts out with “I am not a witch” and I completely agree with that sentiment. Everyone I’ve talked to knows how ludicrous that attack was, especially since she was in high school when she apparently ‘dabbled’ in witchcraft. Rush says the rest of the ad is ok, but has a tough time with the ‘witchcraft’ part because it gives too much credence to the ‘witchcraft’ attack:

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  • We have to remember, the voters aren’t necessarily as plugged in as us political wonks. They get bits and pieces and need more education on what’s going on in the campaign. I agree that it’s wrong to accept a ridiculous premise started by your political opponents, but I imagine a lot of folks in Delaware are just now starting to pay attention. Besides, I really think the add was designed to show men she’s hot and show women she’s being picked on.

  • Man that was quick- just heard it on the radio. It wasn’t too bad, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. If it’s that it comes off as defensive I guess that could be it, but it just seems like it wasn’t a serious claim that she took seriously- if it was meant as a joke, it could have used a little help.

    Only way I could see it having a real impact beyond what it was intended to do is if other Tea Party ‘type’ candidates use the same intro to soften the blow to voters and to turn the potential negative (voter skepticism on new non-establishment candidates) and make it a killer ad frame for the political season.

    For example, Sharron Angle, Miller, and other new attack targets of the leftist media start their ads, “I’m xxxxx, and I’m not a witch either”… For added comedic value (i.e. Fiorina vs Boxer) you can show an unfavorable image of the opposition candidate and then follow up with, ‘No, I’m not a witch’. While it’s not a home run I do give it a small overall positive value- If the Republicans are smart enough to turn something small and interesting like this they can turn it into a huge advantage if they are clever enough- It would serve as a memorable ad for voters while diffusing any hesitation or fear of these relatively unknown candidates.

  • It was a fine ad, but now they need more ads solidly on issues. Rush is right 100% about being on offense and not accepting the left’s premise. Never accept the premise and go on defense, always be attacking like Patton!

    We need ads pointing out Coon’s radical tax raising past.

  • D00mie

    I disagree with Rush. I think the ad is perfect. You really have to watch the video, the audio alone doesn’t do it right. The back ground is dark, with the viewer focused on Cristine. You kinda get a first-name feel from the image and the tone She sets. Look at her face and the attitude she projects when she’s says “I’m not a witch” like the entire idea is ridiculous and She knows it and so do you. Then She gives three quick bullets on what is wrong in washington. The ad is awesome and one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    • PJPony123

      I agree. I felt she came across as very genuine and sincere. I liked when she said, “I am you” and “I will go to Washington and do what you would do.” She stuck to the issues and did it without being a witch (pun intended). I don’t know about everyone else, but I am SO tired of vicious attack ads. This was refreshing.

  • Ashen

    Is that the background music from 2 girls 1 cup?

  • KenInIL

    I agree with Rush. It really depends on how much play the “witch” thing has gotten in DE. If Coons is pushing it across the state then it should be countered. She could also say she isn’t a committed Marxist like her opponent and doesn’t believe in taxing and regulating every aspect of the people’s lives. “I’m like you, I want to live my life as I please.”

  • Fredddd

    And does any of this really make us forget who did the bailouts, stimulus’ and government rationing of healthcare, unemployment, and tax increases that are coming? Progressive Democrats.

  • Sid

    As a resident of Delaware for the past 36 years, I have been subjected to the full Monty via Joe Biden’s tenure in the Senate. I would vote for Samantha, Endora or the wicked witch of the west to oust the Democrats from this seat. The total elitist Kauffman,who was appointed for the past two years was even more annoying than foot in mouth Joe. The bearded Marxist, Chris Coons the Democrat is a cookie cutter hack who would fit in well with Schumer, Durbin, Reid, etc. Delaware has become a mirror image of what has happened to New England–hack Democrats and rinos who are in league to rip off the system for their own power and enrichment.

  • ctmom

    LOL. I like listening to Rush more than watching him. I am a premium member, but jeez he has so many tics I can’t focus on what he is saying!

  • MT Lassen

    ….”too much credence to the ‘witchcraft’ attack.” Seriously?

    Uhhh, no. It does exactly what it should: Put that ridiculous “attack” right out front, while framing it as an utterly nut-job democrat smear that is beneath contempt.

    There was no “credence” in that attack at all, nor does she lend it any. What she is doing is hanging those idiots with their own tactics, and then offering a normal alternative to desperate lunacy.

    Sometimes I think people make things way more complicated than they are. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

    • Extremely Right

      Not sure why the left focuses on O’Donnell being a witch, when their guy Obama is the Anti-Christ.

  • Anonymous

    I think the ad was a huge mistake and the witch part is the least of it.

    It’s the “I’m you” tag line. Uh, that’s gonna turn off a helluva lot more people than it attracts. It will insense every liberal who sees it. Independents? It’ll turn most of them off, too.

    It’s too personal and too presumptuous. I like the woman and it turned me off.

    Maybe “I’m like you” would have gone over better, but not by much.

    • Extremely Right

      They own enough of our debt to just repossess us. For some odd reason I’ve taken to watching the old Dirty Harry, Death Wish movies. And this one.

  • Spanishboy

    I got upset with Rush when I heard his comment. He might be right, I thought it was a good start. Lets face it. The left has been attacking her with this witch thing. And they are going to continue to attack her regardless of how she respond. But As a conservative we do not need to pile on her. The left will take Rush’s words and use it against her in their ads or talk with their coharts in the news media. What he should have done even if he didn’t agree with the ad was to encourage her and in some way given her some pointers on the air. Hey Nov. 2 is closing in fast. We don’t need to discourage our candidates especially in Delaware which is a liberal state.

  • Kscotts

    I’m not a satanic serial killer.
    I agree with Rush on this one. I can just imagine my grand-daughter seeing this ad twenty years from now asking, “What the hell was she talking about?”.

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