Rush: Obama is desperate to get Republicans to admit tax cuts caused the economic crisis

I’ve said a couple of times that if Republicans concede and raise the tax rates on the top 2%, they will in effect be admitting that Obama is right and the rich need to pay their fair share and it will destroy the Republican party. Well Rush took it one step further today saying that they will also be conceding to Obama that the Reagan and Bush tax cuts caused the economic crisis and that’s exactly what Obama wants so that all the ‘skulls full of mush’ in school can learn that tax cuts are bad for economic growth. And of course, it will destroy the Republican party.


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  • johnos2112

    F the RNC! Cmon conservatives take away Reibus and replace him now!

    • What has that got to do with anything?

      • johnos2112

        Are you serious?  What do milk toast moderates have to do with anything?   Uhhhhh!  Really?

      • johnos2112

        I made that comment scoop because the current crop of RNC do NOT believe in true conservative common sense values. As a matter of fact they are ashamed of it! It is disgraceful and these people need to be thrown out! The RNC has been lost since Reagan left office. Those principles will not be stood up unless we get people like Whittle, Beck, Limbaugh, Levin, etc., to tell the truth about how vile and criminal the left is!! That is why I say F the current RNC!

        • Well I get that, it’s just that Boehner is running the show now, not Preibus and the RNC. Just was a little confused as in the context of this clip.

          • johnos2112

            Boehner is running the show and people like Preibus endorse people like him and ignore true conservatives like West and Bachman. That stench needs to stop and the only way that will happen is get behind a true conservative chair of the RNC which Reince is not!

          • johnos2112

            I don’t mean to criticize you Scoop.  You do fantastic work keeping truth in the forefront.  I just hope that someone would be the essence of truth AND run the RNC!

      • marketcomp

        The Presidental election was lost, RS. With the exception of politicans, if you lose something so enormous in business, YOU ARE FIRED! Preibus, Boehner, and the other RINOs are only interested in purging Conservative republicans, not Marxist democrats and that is the problem. Conservatism and the Constitution is the answer and it was not articulated in this election so Preibus must go.

        • Jazzee

          oh excellent post

  • Rocco11

    Once Repubs buckle to tax hikes, the party is dead. Why vote “democrat lite” when you can get the real thing?

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on.

  • crosshr

    If Texas becomes a separate state, like country of Texas, can I move there and leave the Bay Area and the Giants & 9ER. You bet !

    Rush is right on point, for the I-my-me-did that-in chief, it’s all about power trip !
    and screw Bohner for proposing loopholes cut in 800 billions of dollar. Take away the charitable offering, donations, cut property taxes, impose numerous various new unmeaningful uneeded to waste taxes like that of Obama care.

    I once, had the attitude of, I careless for taxes I’ll pay, I’ll work harder and make more money. Not today in during this retard potus tenure. We still build and produce a great product to nomarket, and when we found the market, tax is looking down on us from a HIGH story as high as TransAmerica.

    I’m too old for this crap, and screw Obama & Boner, they can have each other and move to SFO

  • BHliberty

    Now would be a good time to take Mark Levin’s advice: buy some air time and explain exactly what is going on! After last night’s show, it is clear that math is not the left’s strong point!

    And I agree RS, the R party will continue to implode!

  • Excellent el Rushbo. Lord, I hope Boehner actually listens, but somehow I don’t have confidence in the spineless ****ess cry baby.

  • Sober_Thinking

    So true and logical. How is it that Boehner, the undeserving Speaker of the House doesn’t see this? Is he really a Democrat or is he completely self-absorbed or stupid? Rhetorical.

    I have no faith anymore that the GOP will do the right thing and frankly, I expect them to follow their recent track record and end up botching this anyway… I just want them to do the right thing and give these devils NOTHING. The media will blame and butcher them regardles of what they do… but if they just do the right thing and stick to their vaunted signed promise, then they might be forgiven down the road – at least by their constituency.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Rush is right but he needs to take it a step further, as do the Republicans. Obama knows he can’t get the money he wants from the rich. He has to nail the middle class. He said that the rich is where it starts. Republicans need to tell the people the truth. This is just the start. Listen to Obama. He must have been off teleprompter at this home visit yesterday. Once we capitulate on the rich tax hikes it is a given that the Republicans now agree that taxing the middle class out of existence is the way to go. Wake up America.

    • Jim Botts

      Howard Dean spilled the beans on this very subject on MSNBC a few nights ago declaring that “Everybody needs to pay higher taxes”. Dean admitted that soaking the rich doesn’t close the budget gap and that middle class would need to pay more in order to prevent spending cuts down the line.

      • GetWhatYouPayFor

        Well there you go! Our 401K’s are toast. They will figure out a way to curse those who hoard that money for their old age. It won’t be long before class warfare is waged, to get the young crowd hating and blaming everything on those evil baby boomers….their parents! Obama will have his new George Bush to blame.

      • cabensg

        I read that and to think I was afraid he was going to be their candidate. How could he possibly been any worse than Obama and Joe. In fact I’m sure he and Joe are fraternal twins separated at birth.

  • TonyMontana3

    Rush Limbaugh is a pill popping junkie. Who cares what he thinks?

    • stage9

      Hate to split hairs here, but obviously 14.75+ million people do….which represents the largest listening audience in America. I’m just saying.

    • PhillyCon

      I thought you liberals were the non-judgemental types. Who cares if he pops pills?

    • sjmom

      His twenty million listeners.

    • cabensg

      Tony, Tony, Tony. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • kloyd0306

      You might want to listen to all those great leftist radio networks.

      If you can find one……. They ALL failed because they cannot lie to the nation and get away with it.

    • Indiana

      Rush didn’t blame anyone else but himself. He took responsibility and checked HIMSELF into rehab. That was a dark time in his life but if you knew anything you would understand that we believe life is about the choices we make as individuals and no matter what crap we have done in our lives people have the opportunity in America to build-up ourselves up from the dark times.

    • KenInMontana

      Go back to your cheetoes and your bong, as you are finished trolling here.

  • WordsFailMe

    So it’s come down to this:

    We’ve lost nearly everything and the only thing we can look forward to to save us, to put us back to work is another election.

    Suddenly the g-damned government is not the biggest hing in our lives it’s the only damned thing.

    I loved listening to Rush for years, but I never listened with the thought that if he doesn’t do something over some famous conservative or politician doesn’t do something I’m going to starve, have my guns and rights taken away a live like a slave.

    Well I’m sick and tired of this. I’m not gonna wait to see how it works out with De Mint resigning and going to works for yet another “DONATION” driven institution. Both these Democrats and Republicans are thieves and they’ve done nothing but manipulate us so that the government is suddenly the central focus of everything. Powerful Presidents of huge corporations, who built it themselves and have their own money, cower before a nincompoop. Newspapers cannot afford to tell the truth.School teachers have been co opted from the centrist right mainstream thought that they might as well be wearing MAO jackets and speaking Chinese. It ain’t getting better and if it does, it will NOT be the Democrats or the foul, small minded Republican Party that fixes it.

    This is becoming stupid.

    The Egyptians, Muslims all, are in the streets killing each other over the perversity of their government while we sit and surf and listen and hope an pray that things will get better.

    Did you forget that there’s a nincompoop in the white house? And that the Congress is filled with racist, perverts, closeted and other, and they only think of themselves? Have you seen the quality of government, union member employee now that the UNION lover has been re-elected?

    No more donations! No more letter to Congressmen., By God these a-holes need to do their jobs and stay in their feathered holes at night and get this country back on track or there will be trouble.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      You sure do have a way with words! Spot on.

      • WordsFailMe

        Thanks for your encouragement

        I am just fit to be tied. I don’t know what to do next But I’m pretty damned certain that if we keep on doing things they way we always have done them, with integrity, honesty, humility, tolerance, patience etc, we are going to continue to get the same results–

        A nincompoop in the White House and a Congress full of perverts, suck up morons, racists, socialists, communists and worse.

        God help us all!

    • colliemum

      Well said indeed!

    • Words I love you.

    • cabensg

      My favorite line: Suddenly the g-damned government is not the biggest thing in our lives it’s the only damned thing.

  • stage9

    The only way to win this from an economic standpoint is to CONVINCE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that YOUR strategy is right and the radical’s strategy is wrong.

    If you can convince the American people, then Washington will follow.

    PR! PR! PR!

  • colliemum

    Rush is right: this is not about the economy, it is about class warfare and the desire of Obama and his coterie to kill off the GOP – not that he’d need much effort to do that, given the way Boehner is behaving.

    Btw, if the POS is so keen on everybody doing their ‘fair share’ and ‘sacrificing’ something, why doesn’t he sacrifice his trip to Hawaii?
    Why doesn’t he declare the whole Congress should sacrifice 50% of what they’re getting now, and pay the same into Obamacare as all the rest of the people? Oh – and he himself and his family included, of course …

  • Who gives a damn about the Republican party, The Republican party gave us this problem when they came up with this crappy deal to just extend the tax cuts for only a few more years. Conservatives should continue say that the Bush tax cuts needed to be permanent, or needed to be lower and actually need tax reform for greater economic growth. Raising Taxes on the 2% shouldn’t work in this economy right? That’s what Rush has been saying, that’s what republicans have been saying, what conservatives have been saying all along. It actually sounds like Rush is worried that the tax increases on the 2% is going to work for Obama and help the economy.

  • ryanomaniac

    Disagree Rush. When the economy fails and people are desperate this will be hung on big spending liberals. What Republicans have to do is say we don’t believe this will work but Obama will not compromise. We’ll give him what HE wants and lets watch and see. Tax cuts worked for Reagan and Bush but the president disagrees. That’s how its done.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Reps have to hang spending on dem’s.

    Even morons know the more you spend , the less you have

  • sDee

    If they agree to tax increases they are screwed (ceding the only principle they’ve left)

    If they oppose tax increases they are screwed (Hussein blames the inevitable collapse on them)

    The collapse is coming, tax increases or not. So why not do both? Agree against their principles and wrap it all up in a nice bow for Hussein to own. That would take a serious PR campaign and a non-stop ,full frontal assault, by the elephants.

  • sjmom

    Guess nobody has told Obama when you dig a pit for someone else you usually fall in yourself.

  • Changing USA into former Russia is the name of a game and GOP is silent.

  • cabensg

    Sorry if this is a repeat. I thought I saw it here at RS but couldn’t find where.

    How to fire Boehner as speaker.

    I sent my email to my rep but will send it several more times. Never hurts to do a repeat. I might change the wording again some. Make it shorter to. I did do my own version of the sample they gave.

  • MadAsHellJack

    Currently the left is assaulting everything we Conservatives believe in. Our God, the unborn, our religions, our military, our guns, our jobs, our wealth, what we eat, what we think, what we drive and the list goes on. There are what? A handful of republicans that have the guts to fight the left. America is in dire straights and who is the hell is going to save her, Palin, West, or Rubio??? What happens in 2014 if the democrats take over the House?? It is damn scary.

  • deeme

    That would be impossible to admit to since this had everything to do with it…

  • Everyone knows that “Jim DeMint caused the recession”, and now he’s gone. 😀

  • kong1967

    Democrats don’t care anything about the truth or actually doing something to make the economy grow. All they care about is propaganda to allow them to push their communism and socialism, and when the fallout comes from their policies they look for a scapegoat instead of trying to fix the problem….that way they don’t have to fix the problem or change their policies.

    One example….the unions. Instead of looking at what unions are doing to businesses….which is collapsing them…..they prop up the unions with taxpayer money. They always have a selfish reason behind it. They get lots of money from union dues, so that is a fraud and problem they do not want to fix. So they look for a scapegoat. “Too big to fail”, “we have to save jobs”, and bla bla bla. Never mind that if you let the company go bankrupt the company can restructure and tell the unions to go to hell…..saving jobs, and the company for future hires. I hate the “too big to fail” argument. Bullcrap. If there is a market the vacuum will be picked up by other investors and companies that don’t have budget busting unions telling them how to run their business.

  • Jay

    Time to leave the Gutless Old Pansies behind. They can’t stand up to 0’s propaganda machine and will take the fall when the economy collapses. When all the opposition is finished off, what do you think 0 will call himself? Emperor? King?

  • bobemakk

    The RNC is losing their stones, and want to reach across the board and agree with Obamas new doubling down on his tax proposals. This is what you get liberals….more taxes. What happened to the flat tax proposal.

    TRS, the video is not working corrrectly.

  • Jazzee

    here is what boehner should do Now: obama says ‘later’ we will work on all the other issues so if that is the case….rather than do something REALLY STUPID AS THEY MAY just extend the current tax rates and then 2013 start the revamp of tax system, cuts, fixing medicare, etc. slow this thing down and just go after obama …now is not enough time to do anything because we meaning HIM and congress have not done their jobs…so leave it all alone and wait for another day to do things RIGHT and how they should be done by the rules……………………………..end of story

  • Why is it rarely brought up on how much the rich pay?
    Top 10% pay 60%+ of Fed Income Taxes
    Top 1% pay about 39%, which was about 33% pre-2001 & about 20% in early 80s

    • Please stop posting inaccurate figures on tax payments by the rich unless you are familiar with all accrual tax laws and what is actually paid in percentage by income levels, both at Federal and specific State affliction law. Being in the profession for over 40 years, as a high income business consultant and professional and expert on business taxation 1120 Corporations, 1065 partnerships. You sound e- literate, if not totally misinformed. You look at pre- MTA and pre- deduction analysis, not actuality into payment. If, and they can afford to do so, hire the most educated and best informed tax specialists, paying a max of 10%, including all payroll taxes etc., written off as expenditures on their Corporate business filings. (Be aware though most who make over a million dollars in gross receipts, with tax laws still on books) Pay nothing and carry forward losses. The Corporations are considered a separate amenity (a solvent person, if you will, without a breath or heart, just educated tax accountants that understand the current and obsolete deductions still existing in the tax law codes some for over 60 years. Money they hold in hand and receive as CEO’s and major shareholders, is not accual. Grow up, educate yourself!!! Than post your comments.