Rush: Obama lost the debate because his ideas can’t stand up to conservatism

A bit long, but excellent commentary by Rush on the debate last night. The biggest point Rush made in his opening segment was that Romney effectively and articulately arguing conservatism is what won the debate. He said that if most Republicans would do that we would see many more victories in the Republican party.

Also, he opens the clip in a very clever way. Totally cracked me up.


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  • Romney made Obama look like the weak Marxist loser he has always been. For months the lefturds called Romney dumb!!! He got the last laugh.

  • MiketheMarine

    I think Rush took my line about Maobama coming off better in his debate against Clint Eastwood. Am I just blowing my own horn or did anyone else notice that?

    • I didn’t notice it. Also, when you blow your own horn, make sure you don’t have too much gun powder in it.

      • MiketheMarine

        I made the comment on your Who Won the Debate thread as a response to someone over 4 hours ago.

        • Rightstuff1

          Mike – this was great stuff from Romney…..two more performances like that and Nov 6th wont come quickly enough.

        • Rightstuff1

          Mike I saw the following post on another website and just loved it….here goes:-

          Blamoooo, right on the chin…..
          Dooooooooown goes Obama
          3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
          (referee) “Are you ok ? ”
          (Obama) : “uh, err. maybe….”
          (referee) “do you want to continue?”
          (Obama) : “uh, err… sure, what hole am I on?” “Where
          s my teleprompter?” “Reverend??”
          (Chris Matthews) : “That was a low blow!!!”
          (referee): “He hit him in the chin !”
          (Matthews): “Well he was clearly aiming below the belt, his aim is just bad”

  • Point Rush makes is correct 110 percent. When ideas are articulated and explained CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS WIN!! Liberals can only demonize or run ADS to distort. That was on display overwhelmingly last night. Mitt was unapologetic about loving America, loving capitalism, loving freedom and loving the individual’s ablility to achieve. To be a Liberal what do you cheer for: BIG GOVERNMENT?? In a debate that holds no passion and no sense of conviction.

    Romney spoke as any conservative would and that WON THE DEBATE HANDS DOWN! When a liberal must articulate his/her view as the victim, helpless, divider, race baiter and class war monger is does not SELL!!

  • I heard this on my way home from grocery shopping. It was classic Rush (I LOVE it when he does Clinton!!). He nailed it again.

  • Was nice to see Obama get whooped… BUT one thing Romney said really floored me, “Regulation is essential. You can’t have a free market work if you don’t have regulation.” Government-enforced regulations breed an environment where Lobbyists thrive and where corporations, through regulations, eliminate their competition. That statement was not conservative.

    • He’s fighting an opponent that tries to make out Republicans as though they don’t believe in regulation at all, which is a lie. Some regulation is good.

      He’s simply making that distinction.

      • Regulations are only good if they’re not imposed by government… government regulations mutate and become distorted (think FDA). There’s no reason they can’t be imposed by independent stock exchanges or some other “free market” enterprise.

        Romney gave the example that you can’t start a bank out of a garage… why not? A lot of wonderful businesses started in people’s garages – like Apple. Heck, I’d trust a garage bank more than some of these giant corporate banks. At least you probably wouldn’t have to deal with thousands of bank fees (which are a product of government regulation and lack of competition).

    • The main one that killed me was when he said he agreed with Arne Duncan. WTH was that?

      It was a great debate, but there were a few too many “I agree with pResident dear leader” phrases. I hope he does away with those.

      • sDee

        You too ABC? It shot out at me. Great link – the guy is scum.

        • As soon as they started talking education, I started cringing. For a minute there, I thought Romney was going to do well, and then BAM! Oy. Yes, he is scum, as all the rest of them.

      • Here is an article about Romney’s point on Healthcare. Granted I was not listening at this point, but if it is true, YUK!

        • That’s one of the things I was afraid of when mitt started moving up in the republican race… the romneycare deal. Yeah, it does sound as if he would expect each state to mandate a version.

      • poljunkie

        I thought that as well. I would rather hear the things YOU DISAGREE about. Compare and contrast your positions.
        Maybe he thought saying they agreed on this or that might reel in a vote or two tho’.

        • I was thinking that too- independents and all that, but good grief there’s got to be another way. He was doing well enough without that. YIKES.

    • hbnolikeee

      With zero regs, thieves will rule…

    • sDee

      Bothers me too, but it is what it it is. He does have to walk a careful line to pull in the middle. The media fear mongering and demonization of “wallstreet” is watertight. America is hoodwinked on “wallstreet regulation” and support it even when it makes matters worse. – all of DC is in bed with them. Much will remain about Romeny that we will not know until he is in.

      However his admiration of Arne Duncan really stood out in the debate. Romney had already played the middle and neutalized Obama in this debate on education, so why call Duncan out by name? Duncan is scum. He oversaw the worst school district in the nation, whose lifelong role is that of a cesspool bottom feeder – subverting and indoctrinating the minds and futures of America’s next generations.

      Bill Ayers on Obama’s choice of Duncan:
      “Arne Duncan was the smart choice, the unity choice–the least driven by ideology, the most open to working with teachers and unions, the smartest by a mile”

      • Uugh, glad I was not there for that one. I may have gone through the roof. It may tell us that we cannot even think of trusting DC to fix education. Someone needs to make Romney promise to get rid of Education Dept.

        • sDee

          Leave the money in the states. It is as simple as that. Central government uses the DoEd to indoctrinate and transfer wealth to political advantage across states and urban/rural areas.

          • Absolutely, our next Governor…Mike Pence in one of his ads tells us that he plans to ignore DC about education and healthcare. We will see if it works out that way, but one can dream, can’t they 🙂

            • poljunkie

              Mike Pence is amazing. I had hoped he would have run this time around.

        • Maybe I yelled loud enough at the radio for both of us Puritan. It was a stupid move. I agree with sDee on that one. Romney was doing well, there was NO need to call Duncan by name and say he agrees.

          • Thanks ABC for standing in the gap on that one LOL 🙂

            • Happy to oblige. Even though I need a blood transfusion. Gotta save my strength for the next round. lol

      • I don’t know… sort of makes it seem Romney will be pro-regulation as long as the regulations are pushed by his Goldman Sachs buddies and further rid their market of competition.

        • sDee

          like I said, we will see – the banks are his biggest contributors …….

  • Boris_Badenoff

    I laugh my ass of when Rush starts doing his James Carvell act….

  • The only problem with Rush’s comments was the need to clarify whether Romney actually believes the conservative points or not. It is one thing to speak them; it is another thing to believe them.

    For example: last night during the part of the debate I was able to watch before LtLM (listening to lies meter)went off Romney stated that the wealthy are going to do fine under either Obama’s or his presidency (makes one cringe). Another point was his continuing to say that the wealthy are not going to get tax cuts (though he did clarify that rates will drop) One last one is that Romney still defended Romneycare.

    Nonetheless, Rush is right that conservatism will always trump, always crush liberalism; any time, any where, any day of the week. Liberalism is a hollow mindset that is easily destroyed if one puts their mind to it.

    • Nukeman60

      …Romney stated that the wealthy are going to do fine under either Obama’s or his presidency…‘ – p

      The wealthy will survive and do well. They may have to leave the country, but they have the means to get around any imposition. The rest of us don’t have those options and when the government does what France is doing to the rich, the rich will leave, while the government collapses.

      • Yes, but the point I was trying to make is that one who wants to be president should not try arguing that it does not matter who is president, X will be okay.

        However, I would think it would be better that Romney somehow state that the wealthy will increase the number of jobs under his watch because they will be doing better. Instead, I got Pres. O or Pres. R = okay for wealthy. It seemed to be a bit McCainish to me.

      • Jay

        But it’s the honest wealthy that will do well under Romney. Under another four years of 0, Soros and his ilk will flourish.

  • Nukeman60
  • Watching through the debate again and it seems that Rush is right. Obama wasn’t that far off his game, it’s just that his message sucked and was exposed for the BS platform they always run on but never provides any results.

    • Wow, watched it through twice. That is amazing, are you sick, need of medical attention.///

      I was able to watch it briefly before the wife could no longer put up with LiC. However, she has a meeting the next time R and O go at it again.

    • You’re my hero Stewie! I barely made it through once!

    • poljunkie

      The real question is, did you speed all the way home and make it home before it started last night or did you brave the neighborhood and watch at the office?
      See we do pay attention.

  • conservocop

    An abosuletly brilliant summation of last nights debate by Rush !! My prayers where answered last night.

  • BabyMal

    This was the best I’ve seen from Rush in a long time. He stopped just short of calling Mitt, “reaganesque”. For a moment, I thought he was going to.

  • Thanks Rush you know the man and the Party, even to the fact that everytime Gov.Romney made points of Obamas agenda and failures, Obama would be smurkie and nod Yes! Obama never nodded No! Take a slow look and read the man, he knew in his hearts of hearts Gov.Romney was right and Truthful.

    Tea Party Patriot