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Rush really cracks me up sometimes. He wonders how the State Department ever let it happen that Kim Jong Il would die before Obama got a chance to bow or apologize to him:

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  • Anonymous

    Harsh, but hilarious. Obama needs to exhume the body so he can keep a perfect record.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you, RS. The sarcasm of Rush makes my day every day.

  • Ozzie

    Just heard on Rush…..that the establishment is pushing Bush again!?

  • Anonymous

    He may hurry over from his palatial vacationland in Hawaii to make it up by bowing to the boy general son.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what the official United States response will be if his state funeral is open to outsiders.

      Obama may still bow yet.

  • Anonymous

    AS good as any Leno monologue.

  • Anonymous

    Kim Jong “Ill” now Kim Jong Dead! LOL

  • FishyGov

    I chuckled at Rush’s Kim Jung Il’s transition from Ill to Dead. Funny stuff!

    I was just thinking yesterday about Obama’s many bows he has taken and given during his administration thus far. His final Bowmoa is but 13 months and one day away. Can’t wait to open that present.

  • Anonymous

    There’s still time for Showbama to attend the funeral and give the requisite “tone down the rhetoric, America” speech.

  • Anonymous

    I love Rush. I entered his contest, I would love to spend a day with him at the radio station.

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