Rush on debate: Newt proved he has conservatism in his heart

Rush was exceedingly thrilled at Newt’s response to Juan Williams last night in the S.C. debate, so much so that it not only propelled him into a must listen monologue about freedom and prosperity, but that he also declared that it is now clear that Newt has conservatism in his heart.

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  • Anonymous

    Juan might want to think of getting a job as a janitor after getting mopped up by Newt last night.

    • Zing! ouch!

    • Anonymous

      Lol! Brilliant!

    • Anonymous

      Racist. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Haha! I swear I’m not.

  • Anonymous

    Shoot, Rush spent almost the first hour talking about how well Newt did. This was the Newt I thought I knew and loved. On the opposite end, Glenn Beck spent a lot of time unfairly trashing Newt along with his staff, it was a disgusting attempt at disparaging Newt and I had to turn him off.

    • Anonymous

      Alot of people are following you and turning Beck off. He was an alright talkradio personality; then, he started taking himself too seriously and lost his ratings spot to the Great One. I wonder if Beck has a biased inclination, due to his Mormon belief, to support Mitt?

      • Anonymous

        Whatever it is that is driving Glenn Beck, I sure don’t know, but he has taken a turn for the worse when he went full tilt promoting himself as the only opinion worth paying attention to. He has become as narcissistic as Obama and doesn’t even realize it.

        • Anonymous

          I know. I used to listen to him in highschool. He was great. Since he started using the blackboard, he has become a pompous professor. We don’t need anymore of those.

        • Although I sometimes disagree with likes of Rush and Glenn Beck and I know that I still may disagree with some of their comments and positions in the future, I still find them and others helpful in my search of informative information in my thirst for the truth. I will not stop watching Beck or listening to Rush… if so… you and I might as well limit our intake of news from MSNBC!

          • Anonymous

            Good point, I would only add that I did okay long before the internet reading Human Events, Conservative Chronicles, American Spectator, First Things and listening to Bob Grant, Jay Diamond ( who is no longer conservative), and Rush. I applaud all the avenues of information and only have time to prioritize my favorites.

      • Beck is NOT a Romney supporter. If you listen to, or watch his shows, he is abundantly clear as to whom he supports.

        He wholeheartedly supports Santorum. Although, he will give no endorsement to any candidate. Before Santorum, Beck sang the praises of Bachmann.

        He never said he supports Romney, except for being willing to vote for him over Obama.

        • Anonymous

          Right on, Cindy. And Beck has been very clear that his feelings about Newt is that Newt has (recently) said his favorite president is Woodrow Wilson. Frankly, that is what scares me about Newt, too.

          Wilson was the scariest of progressives and I sure as heck don’t want to go further down that road. Until he made that statement during an interview with Beck, Newt was on Glenn’s possibles list.

      • Beck doesn’t mind lying because he believes that for America to be saved we have to have Mitt. He believes he’s doing the will of God. I present to you, ‘The White Horse Prophecy’.

        Beck backed Cain until he got on top then Beck trashed him. He said nothing about Newt until it looked like he had the nomination, then it was scorched earth because no one else was making a dent in Newt. He then picked people dead last and still won’t endorse Santorum {who has no money}. If the vote continues to be split, we get Mitt. Beck won’t slam Mitt even though he is the most liberal candidate.

        Beck is a liar

        • Anonymous

          I think you might want to re-think your last paragraph. Or go back and listen to some of the interviews Glenn has had with the candidates.

          He has always put Bachmann & Santorum at the top of his list. And has actually said that he fears Romney winning the presidency because of the upheaval it could cause his church.

          I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn needs to lighten up on Newt a little… I love Glenn but he’s being a little too hard on Newt. We’ll see how this plays out…

      Almost anyone other than Romney or Paul Ron…

    • My apologies to all the Glenn Beck fans out there but he has simply become a weirdo….. His hypocracy has no bounds and his two facedness is becoming intolerable…..remember he is the one that touts ”Malace toward no one” well he is molesting Newt pretty good. People should run away from him and turn him off as fast as they can.

      I used to think very highly of Glenn Beck but he is just become unbearable to listen to because he gives Conservatives a bad name…oops I forgot….he is not even a Conservative.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn ALWAYS states he’s a Libertarian. That’s why he sides with Ron Paul so much. I hope Newt has found his ‘Conservatism’ that’s been in his heart waiting to come out? But he has to prove to me, anyway, that he won’t fall back into the obscure date retrieval when he needs to spin out of a question. I thought Newt did really great last night. And as usual, Romney just stood there with that dumb ‘stare and smile’ look on his face. Newt has turned his attack on Obama it appears. I’ll give him credit on that. And I’ll give him two thumbs up on the ‘corridor of shame’ remark. That was bloody brilliant!!

      • Beck ONLY sides with Paul on a fair amount of his domestic policies. He has absolutely no interest in Paul’s views on foreign policy. Paul’s stand on Israel and the Middle East, leaves Beck more than a little perplexed, if not extremely agitated.

        Which is why, Beck could never support Ron Paul.

    • Anonymous

      That’s funny I turned Rush off today, couldn’t take him slobbering all over Mr Washington Newt! Mr establishment Newt!!

      • I didn’t bother to listen to Rush at all (I was busy dealing with all kinds of BS today), but that would have been my impulse as well.

  • Anonymous

    This was indeed one of the shining moments of the debate. Frank Luntz can munch on some crow… shut up dude.

    Rush hits the best points of this. I think it was awesome that Newt got angry and showed some passion. Good for him! Shame on Juan for being a tool.

    • poljunkie

      After Frank Luntz’s impromptu standup act in the hotel lobby where he was bashing all the “non Romney’s” (esp. Perry and Bachman) I can say, I have no use for him any more. He has shown himself.

      • Anonymous

        Yessir… my thoughts exactly. I lost all respect for him after that. He was a little too self-important and smug after he was caught. I can’t trust or like him at this point.

  • Anonymous

    “The under represented, the repressed, the folks at risk, the minority communuty, inherent racism”………..The Letists

  • Anonymous

    Rush is, as always, fighting liberals with half of his brain tied behind his back.

  • Anonymous

    I love it when Rush gets passionate like that. Makes the heart soar, doesn’t it?

    He’s right. We’re all starving for someone to fight for the America we know is supposed to be. Even if we don’t know it.

  • Anonymous

    Newt and Rush are right on with this. I love hearing it finally out there in MSM to be chew on for at least a while.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to double post… Rush is brilliant and spot on in this clip. God bless him for speaking the truth and making a conservative stand. There aren’t enough heroes out there telling it like it is… I’m sick and tired of the race card and the lies and division. Class warfare is ridiculous and a horrible, divisive, fabricated lie. Thank you Rush for being honest! Juan… sorry man, you are now irrelevant in my book. I’m tired of your racial, moderate assertions. Learn the lessons from NPR and clean it up.

    Thank you Scoop for posting this. This is vintage conservative porn!

  • Anonymous

    Newt has clever talking points in his frontal lobe. His heart is that of a narcissist who thinks he has every problem figured out and can come up with a wonkish, I can figure anything out and solve it from Washington solution. As in: he is a progressive liberal.

    • StNikao

      Newt is a healed-by-Jesus-repentant-trying-to-make-amends-and-live-by-The-Book narcissist… which is a whole heckovalot better than an unhealed Islamomarxist narcissist tyrant that we have in office.

      Even at his unrepentant womanizing worst, Newt could work with others to achieve conservative goals. The present Narcissist-In-Chief (worse than Clinton) has no desire whatsoever to sustain or nurture the US of A. He wants it to become the 58th Islamic state.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe that’s what he meant by he’s already toured the other ’57’ 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Drop that knowledge on ’em.

      • There was a funny signature from one of the posters at FreeRepublic. “Newt is a sociopath… but at least he’s OUR sociopath”.

  • Anonymous

    I will take Rush’s comments as an apology to Newt for his knee jerk Bain reaction and demagogic language.

    I’ve listened to Rush since the early 90’s. From about 1998 and prior were his golden years.

    Some interesting Rush news. I think he’s still doing well.

    • Anonymous


      Is this the same Rush who spent last week totally trashing Newt?

      • Anonymous

        Uh … Newt was deservedly bashed for the Bain Capital garbage. Newt framed the argument all wrong; as a result, he got what he deserved. Now that he’s had some time to think it over, Newt framed the Bain Capital question much better as the debate’s opening last night.

        • Ah man, you guys just get tossed around with the wind.

    • Anonymous

      How many people are not using radio to listen to Rush? Seems like that would affect the ratings.

      I listen to Levin every night via his podcast as his show isn’t available on radio.

  • Anonymous

    It must take a lot of work these days to be a liberal. All the scheming and planning and manipulation they do in order to put folks into groups and find ways to control them. Sheesh.

    Maybe I am not really conservative after all. Maybe I am just a lazy liberal, because I would not go through all of that.

    It is just easier to see and treat people as folks.


  • Joe

    Dogs against Romney >>>>>>>

    WOOF! – BITE!

    • Look Joe, Mitt was simply saying that his dog preferred to ride on the roof of their vehicle…and besides there wasn’t any room for the animal since his family members were occupying all of the seats.

      At least he wasn’t tied to the bumper.

      • Anonymous

        Also he said it was an airtight kennel with breathing holes – not the typical crate we use in our homes.

        I’m a pet lover and when I learned that I felt much differently about it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time. I’m tired of the supposed right wing telling me to accept voting for Romney then they take issue with us illuminating Romney’s liberal leanings then they turn around and attack Newt. If this describes you, screw off and leave me be. This is how it is supposed to be. We tell you talking heads who we like. Deal with it.

    • Anonymous

      This is disturbing, Romney up about 11 after the debate./

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget that John Edward was leading the polls up till the day he lost.

  • StNikao

    Both Newt and Santorum showed how the government was perpetuating the problem. But, just getting government out of the way is just one half of the equation. There need to be people called to be remedial parents and teachers for these kids.

    One problem with teaching poor kids to work is the poor parenting and modeling they have received. This creates a love, affirmation, truth, respect deficit and the child will have conflicted regard for themselves and lack of empathy and respect for the rights of others because their boundaries have not been respected. They are often violent because of their rage, shame, guilt, and the atmosphere of their families.

    It’s possible, but very hard to lead these kids out of the cesspools of their neighborhood ethos and their conditioned reactions and teach them new responses that will enable them to grow up and live a healthy, happy, prosperous life.

    There are good examples of such programs all around the country…led by preachers, teachers who were given a vision and answered the call. ‘To Sir with Love’ and ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ are two stories of such efforts.

    • Anonymous

      See quotes from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Dem, who predicted this all along. Very sobering:

    • Newt rocked the house last night with his clear and concise answers. He defined the problems and offered common sense solutions to those problems.

      Santorum’s message was murky at best. Either he got lost in all of his percentage quoting or I did.

    • I disagree, many kids from bad families do good. In the USA, it used to be, opportunity, was the key. I thank the USA for my opportunity. No movie helped me one iota. I was lead by decent leaders.

  • Anonymous

    Rush is having a Newt-gasm today. Playing Newt debate sound bites exclusively. I have listened to a majority of the show and have heard no sound bites from other candidates.

    • Why would he not after that absolutely marvilous performance by a true Conservative that walks the walk and talks the talk….!!

      Newt did what no one has done in 15 debates. He clarified the Conservaitve message in a way that no one else has done. Now is the time for one standard bearer and that is Newt Gingrich. The audience with it standing ovation and Rush today just proved that!

      The last person to receive a standing ovation from Conservatives was Ronald Reagan and I think that says alot. Newt Gingrich is the Conservative that can win and remove that Obamination from the White House. Time to get behind one who is a true Conservative and Newt is that man!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s another good Newt quote:

    “Why would you nominate the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama?”

    Him do have a way with words. Don’t he? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I have my own opinions of how the Bain fortunes played out, and nothing more that Romney could/would say is going to change that appreciably. I’ll bet most folks feel the same way.

      If an Ill Wind still does some good, then a Fair Wind surely does some harm.
      Even doing the Church’s business has some unsavory parts…

  • Gingrich On Standing O At Debate: “Never Seen Anything Like It”

    “Yes. I stood there and I looked, and you could see it start at the very back, and row by row by row. It was, frankly, we’ve done 15 debates. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Newt Gingrich said about his confrontation with debate moderator Juan Williams last night in South Carolina.

    Work is Good!

    • Newt on Romney’s past not being explained or outed: “It was interesting that Romney agreed that he ought to release his income tax, but he doesn’t want to do it until April. I think the people of South Carolina deserve to know now – I mean if there’s nothing there, why hide it until April?”

      • cabensg

        He doesn’t want people to know how rich he is. With the Obamanator using class warfare to get re-elected Romney doesn’t want to give him ammunition.
        What Romney doesn’t understand is conservatives don’t fall for that BS. We know that envy hurts the person with it in their heart and keeps them from doing well. If you working, living a decent life, loving and taking care of your family and friends you don’t care if someone has more than you do. Many of us have probably said on occasion “I sure wish I was rich enough to do so and so” but that’s not the same as wishing you had it instead of someone else or hating someone who has more money than you. Envy is a bitterness that destroys and it doesn’t make you any richer either.

    • To quote the news interview….The last time a Republican candidate received a standing ovation was Ronald Reagan in 1980. How’s that for Conservatism!

      Way to go Newt!! You just moved up in the pick for me by several notches because of your performance in the debate……You seem to be the right man at the right time with the right message and the right experience to get the job done.

      GO NEWT GO !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    See how easily McRomney got thrown off? Wait until obama knee-caps him.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what Newt was saying a couple days ago, nominate somebody in a soft process and they’ll collapse in the fall- Obama plans to spend a billion bucks, most of it negative ads

      For a start you can cough up the 1040s, Mittens

  • No, this only shows Gingrich has Conservatism in his MOUTH. The mouth and the “heart” aren’t always connected, and too many people, especially politicians, do not speak from the “heart”.

    • cabensg

      If this was the only thing you’d ever hear Newt say I agree but if you look at the total of his website and his other speeches you can see there is a concern just like you and I have for the future of this country. Like you and I we want the same country for our children and grandchildren we had. I believe the only reason Newt is even in this race is because he does believe he can make a difference and is afraid for the future if the socialist trend isn’t stopped.

  • Anonymous

    Newt kicked butt… that was fun

    • cabensg

      Don’t know if you’ve been keeping track but I swear if Newt wasn’t in this thing Romney wouldn’t even be able to talk. Talking point after talking point he comes up with were first said by Newt in other debates or speeches. This is because Romney has no core conservative beliefs to come up with on his own. If Romney had never heard any of Newt’s responses previously he’d be totally speechless at these debates…except for defense of course.

      • Anonymous

        Romney and most of the remaining ones on stage all fit into that box.

    • Anonymous

      Reagan or Romney for that matter would never sit on the couch with Nazi Pelosi! Newt took money from Freddie! Newt is Mr Washington, he is the establishment candidate. He can’t win, he’s too polorizing

      • Anonymous

        Get over it, for crying out loud… If you limit your understanding of things by the pictures you see, stay out of matters of importance. Newt has an explanation for that picture, besides how dumb it was, if you really want one, unless you’re simply satisfied with something to bitch about.

  • Anonymous

    My brother and I were mowing lawns at ages 11 and 12, selling newspapers at
    13. I was cleaning stables and exercising King Ranch horses at 14, A department
    manager at a store at age 17. We both are vets. He with the medals and injuries.
    I came home and drove spike on the railroad at age 21. I lived through it all with
    an appreciation for a work ethic!!

    • Bless you brother, and neighbor. I started fixing cars at age 5.

  • Anonymous

    My husband came home after hearing Rush on the radio saying he is really fired up…we too watched Newt cream Juan Williams last night and cheered.

  • Kari George

    What would it be like to go into November with people just this fired up?
    Never mind the drubbing Obama would take in the debates (at the hand of Newt Gingrich).
    What would it be like if people *believed* we could heal America?
    This man has actually *done* what he said he could/ would do. No one else has.

  • Anonymous

    This is for the Newtons out there. Enjoy. 🙂

    The site is funny IMO.

  • sorry i missed the debates last night.

    • cabensg

      There’s re-runs all over the place and the nice thing about that is you can tune out anyone you don’t want to hear.

  • Anonymous

    Aaaand…. out comes the ugly Newt.

    “Newt urges Santorum, Perry to drop out and unite behind his campaign”

    “Gingrich On Obama: “I Don’t Want To Bloody His Nose, I Want To Knock Him Out””

    • I like Santorum, but his stubbornness is now making him the unwitting enemy to conservatives everywhere.

      The fact is that Santorum could never have a “moment” like Newt. It’s just not within his capacity to articulate conservatism with boldness and clarity. Santorum has no charisma to pull it off. Santorum comes across as self-righteous at best when he tries.

      Unfortunately, Santorum is a Romney tool. Thus, right now he is the enemy of conservatives everywhere whether or not they know it.

      Perry and especially Santorum staying in the race just gives Romney an advantage he didn’t earn. But Santorum rather pretend he can make a miracle surge as in Iowa and indirectly hand Romney a win than support Newt and stop Romney. Santorum is a Romney tool, and he’s too selfish to recognize it.

      Santorum, get out of the way while you still have relevance, so the best conservative can defeat Romney in SC. Otherwise, you will just drop out next week as the loser you insist on becoming.

      I hate to say it, because I like him, but it’s time for him to do the right thing for conservatives and get out of the way.

      • cabensg

        I actually wrote the Santorum campaign and ask Santorum to drop out so the conservative vote wouldn’t be watered down. Newt can take it all the way against Romney if the vote isn’t split. I hope the people in Carolina realize this is not about a protest vote for your favorite but a chance to deliver a knock out punch to Romeny before Florida.

    • What was ugly about that?? If I was Newt I would want to knock Obama out of the White House too. What’s with the thin skin? This is national politics for the top job in the USA and with the condition of the nation it is going to reguire some knocking out the Obamination in the White House! Obama has a 1 billion dollar war chest….the largest political war chest in history!

      I have said it before and I will say it again. It is time to circle the Conservative wagons do two things…first consolidate to one candidate and beat Romney and make him rejoin the private sector and then beat Obama and make him go back to Chicago or Kenya…his choice. It is shaping up like Newt is the one that can do both.

    • Anonymous

      Not ugly, just being a fighter. I hate that ‘angry Newt”, ‘nasty Newt” blah, blah, blah…it angers me. Just like Perry is called a bad debater(no one can say that after is great showing last night!) Let’s leave the media driven labels on the cutting room floor shall we?

      • nibblesyble,

        It won’t happen with kamiller because he is a Perrybot and can only see the bad in all Conservatives except his beloved Rick Perry. He won’t be objective and any one critizing his candidate is evil. Just go back and read his other posts. He even went so far to say that if not Rick Perry he will vote Ron Paul third party.

        • I guess you are a Newtbot?

          • I guess I am as last nights performance by Newt proved it to me. He is the man that can take the Conservative banner and win! Sure he has short coming which I will admit to and that is the difference between me and a Perrybot that refuses to see the short comings and questionable practices of their candidate.

            Newt has been vetted pretty much his whole political life and no one else has had his life so documented and aired in the public square as he has. Even with his short comings Newt has proven national results of getting the job done. He has prove he can shrink the Federal Government (GOA report of government shrinkage under his tenure as speaker by 3%), Balance the Federal Budget (proven to have done it and paying down 504 billion on national debt), Lowered taxes and less regulations (proven through Contract with America as Architect he fostered and environment that created 4% unemployment), and has the knowledge to get the job done on a national scale. No one has the knowledge base that he does on the Constitution and functions of government like Newt.

            He has the plan, he has the Conservative credentials, he has the proven experience. Newt is the right man at the right time with the right plan to win this one and put the nation back on the path to prosperity.

    • Anonymous

      I would expect Santorum to do the same, were the realities switched. It may be a bit premature, but this is politics, not a prayer meeting.

  • Anonymous

    Dynamic Duo: Rush and Newt! LOVE IT!

    • cabensg

      The problem with Rush is he and Gingrich are to much alike and because Rush was able to succeed without any compromise in beliefs because he isn’t in politics his purist ideals about conservatism are intact. He never had to try to promote his ideas with a true opposition that could defeat him. He has taken the brunt of an offensive liberal press but never had to give up his job because of it. All in all I think Gingrich has stood up to it better than most and succeeded better than any doing the same job before or after. I wrote to Rush and told him I was tired of the Gingrich bashing and he should get over what ever bias he had against him because these are extraordinary times and it’s going to take an extraordinary individual like Gingrich for us to come out of this.

  • Constance

    I got the chills listening to Rush on this. Absolute chills. He spoke for me as a conservative. He is absolutely damn right about how we conservatives feel. Made my day.

  • Anonymous

    Newt sounded really good here, but along with most of the rest of the candidates, he has a low believability factor in my eyes. They will say whatever they think will buy a vote. Then once they are in office, they revert to their big government tendencies.

    • Anonymous

      Romney’s absolutely the biggest example of a low believability politician.

    • Anonymous

      Another “big governing tendencies”. Just what are they? How is Newt proposing government larger than what we have already. Seems like shifting as much of Washingto0n back to the States would make DC a little more roomy?

      Ever hear of ‘Team 10’?

  • Conservatives are too easily bought with rhetoric and good shows. Newt isn’t trustworthy.

  • Anonymous

    I expect all hell to break loose, between now and Friday Morning. Does anyone believe Romney and CNN won’t be tag-teaming to go after Newt in the debate on Thursday night.

    If Newt can win South Carolina, it’s possible he could take Florida. Right now, Romney is polling well because of all the positive press he’s been getting and the media telling the world how inevitable he is.

    Romney has to do a lot of work to convince me he’s the right candidate. I also know I’m not alone, so if Newt makes him not inevitable, there’s going to be a longer list of people he has to convince. Can he do it?

  • Rush is on, and Newt is on. I love them both. Newt has done great for this country, but, I do not think he is the man for the job of POTUS. As Mike the Marine knows, leadership is not a deal. When you lead, you do not sit on the couch and decide terms, with other people. You lead, as Perry does. Maybe the USA does not want the old USA, okay. I happen to like it, and the founders.

  • Rush is on, and Newt is on. I love them both. Newt has done great for this country, but, I do not think he is the man for the job of POTUS. As Mike the Marine knows, leadership is not a deal. When you lead, you do not sit on the couch and decide terms, with other people. You lead, as Perry does. Maybe the USA does not want the old USA, okay. I happen to like it, and the founders.

    • Get over the couch bit (it was a stupid attempt to present Conservatives alternatives)….I think you need to go back and re assess your values and then look at what Newt Stands for and how well they fit and who is the one that can articulate the message best. You will never get a 100% match and as Ronald Reagan states if I get 80% of what I want I will comprimise and take the 80%.

      If your core values of Conservatism are satisfied. Less Intrusive Government, less taxation and regulations, strong defense, strong foreign policy, strong Constitutional values, and strong economy then you need to find the best Conservative candidate that can win.

      Rick Perry is at 5% and finished last in NH and 5th in Iowa. He and his message are not resonating plus he has not really been vetted. Rick Santorum who was my primary choice while very Conservative has the same problem. His message too is not resonating and keeping the Conservative vote split.

      It is time to circle the wagons and get behind one Conservative Candidate beat Romney secure the GOP Nomniation then get rid of that Obamination in the White House.

      I have reached my cross road and see that for the best of the Conservative cause Newt Gingrich is the man that can ”knock Obama out” not just bloody his nose and that is what we need. Maybe someday you can see that also but do it quickly because time is fleeting and the longer Conservatives delay the closer Romney comes to winning.

  • Faival44

    This is what makes Newt such a frustrating personality. His moments like this are brilliant and right on. He levels with his audience and speaks truths many people know but can’t express. Everyone knows the Palestinians are an invented people, and that the Catholic church is under government and media attack for its gender positions, preventing much good work from happening, but who will say it?

    But then he scares everyone with his remarks about dismissing the courts, and his mean-spirited attack on Romney sluring capitalism, of all things! Who needs that? Newt is continually picking unnecessary fights, then redeeming himself. If he became President, I’m not sure how the country would stand the continual drama. I hope President Romney makes him ambassador to the UN, where nothing he could say would bring shame to that organization, but he would help to keep them on their toes.

  • The problem is you never know which Newt is going to show up – the thoughtful, sharp-witted conservative advocate or the nasty, petty, little creep. We’ve never been able to tell, going back to when he stabbed Bush the Elder in the back on the tax hike, approving it in private, rebuking it in public. Or whining about riding in the back of Air Force One. Or playing fast and loose with the rules. Or blocking conservatives in his caucus (until they deposed him). Or boning the help. Or going all in on some “green” boondoggle with taxpayer money. Or backing Dede Scozzafazza and trashing conservatives who backed Hoffman. Or attacking capitalism.

    It’s a long campaign. Remember who Newt really is.

  • The truth is liberalism is killing America like a blocked artery kills humans.
    Common sense is attacked by the Left where ever it is found…..Up until now.
    Electing Newt will legalize common sense.

  • bobemakk

    Gingrich for president. The lamestream media is trashing Newt for “historical” baggage. All politicians have baggage if we dig deep enough, but the lamestream/left socialists won’t expose democrats, they love the big zero/Obama. Newt has made his mark with his “Contract with America,” a contract he fulfilled that no other politician can match. He is a true conservative, and gaining in the polls. We need this man to bring back our country into prosperity.

    However, I will vote for anyone who runs against the Obama regime.

  • This did make me want to vote for Newt Gingrich. I wasn’t able to see the debate, but I did appreciate the update. I can’t vote for someone that is a Morman, because that religion is a cult. I was beginning to think I had no one I could vote for. Now it is between Perry and Gingrich, and I am watching the next debate. Pray for our country. Only God can help us now.

  • This is a good video and worth watching.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, seems kind of weird that Newt married his high school teacher. We need to look at Newt’s high school transcripts. Make sure he didn’t get help.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see what’s so brilliant about it. He just said people should work or something to that effect. You guys sure are easily impressed.


  • Anonymous

    Does passion prove sincerity? I don’t think so. Newt’s famous response was using passion to sidestep the question. He was asked about his statement that the poor lack a work ethic. His response indicated that that is indeed his attitude. He is going to teach the poor how to get a job and how to get a better job and how to own the job. I think he is both arrogant and condescending. Sure there are people out there with no work ethic but there are many more who don’t need Newt to give them instruction or motivation. They need some jobs available. There are many who have worked, who have gotten jobs successfully with no help from Mr. Gingritch. But they are laid off or terminated as their jobs went overseas. We need a president who can help us turn the economy around so there are jobs to apply for, not a condescending twerp to help us with our resunes.

  • Newt just won my support, althought it can’t be monitary. He’s got guts and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Thanks Rush, for putting this on line!!!!