RUSH on what he believes will happen on the fiscal cliff if Republicans cave

Rush says that Republicans believe if they give Obama what he wants on tax rates and the debt ceiling, then the media is gonna put pressure on Obama to give in on entitlements. But Rush says the Republicans will always be the enemy of the media, even if they cave to Obama’s demands:

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  • ryanomaniac


  • 4Hoppes2

    What is that old saying, “history is the prologue to the future.

  • detectivedick

    The “cave” leads to the “doomsday Budget”……which will prevent the “cliff”…after Obama got us out of the “ditch”…..and prepare us for the “crash”….it is all a scam from EBT cards to the White House.

  • JeffWRidge

    All the Republicans have to do is look at how the media treated McCain. He was their favorite Republican, until he ran for president. Then they turned on him.

    The only time the media likes a Republican is when that Republican is working against his/her own party and supporting Democrat/lefty policies. As soon as the Republican has served his/her purpose in moving the lefty agenda along, the media has no more use for them and will often turn on them if they start opposing Democrat policies.

    It’s as if the Republicans have a severe short term memory deficiency. They just keep falling for the same trick over and over. I bet you could sell some of them their own cars.

  • Rocco11

    3rd party is the only hope this country has…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Since when did giving in to the bully ever make him stop demanding your lunch money? Only the GOP can think they will be “elite in defeat”. It is called, LOSER.

  • DavidRobertson

    The Republican reaction and behavior post-election has left me with the least amount of hope for this country I’ve had in my entire life…we are far over the moral cliff, so the fiscal cliff is just another bump in the highway to hell. Just wish we had smarter people in this country.

    • NYGino

      We do have smart people in this country. The problem is they’re too smart to dive into the cesspool of politics.

      • It wouldn’t be such a cesspool if we could get Constitutional loving people running statewide 🙂 Hey NY! Ever think about it? 😉 I’d vote for you.

        • NYGino

          You’re a real good friend ABC. You vote for me every time you hit that “Liked” sign and I you. All kidding aside, there are a lot of scoopers that are smart and have their heart in the right place (pun intended). This is the reason we come here; to exchange thoughts, humor and ideas based on varied backgrounds and experiences.

          Now, lets get real here. You run and I’ll come to work for your campaign, that I would be proud to do.

  • Howzah123

    When is the GOP going to realize that the country’s emotional maturity is probably around Middle School (7-8 grade)

    Their brand will never be cool when pop culture, the MSM, Hollywood, and Academia are all lined up against them

    If the GOP isn’t willing to be the party of mature adults then it’s time to move on

  • Spartan4Palin

    If we’re going to change the direction of the party, we need to stop funding the ‘terrorists’ in the party! I don’t like to take that strong a tactic. But I’m damn sick of being at the mercy of those who refuse to listen to their constituents or the people that make up a big portion of the party. We have been screaming at leadership to stop spending money they don’t have or raise our taxes. It’s frustrating as hell because you know they hear it. But they act just like the regime and ignore anyone outside of their circle.

    It’s not just our VOTE they depend on. But its our funding. And if they can’t figure that out, then its not worth my time, or spending money on a product that is broken and didn’t come with that ‘lemon’ law. I’ll fund the individual candidates. But not the party. They can take it and shove it, and enjoy their brief time in the cesspool with Reid/Pelosi’s crowd!

  • NYGino

    I’d sure like to get into a poker game with five or six GOPers. There’s not one of them that would know how to play a hand.

    • Haywoodjbl

      NYG…that is so true…LOL

  • 401_Unauthorised

    Anyone got Coulter’s email address? I’ve got a link to post her.

  • Joe Labbe

    Go ahead and cave. As long as you are not obstructionist. GOP should not be the “Party of No”. It needs to start voting “Present” and make sure no “good” liberal idea is left on the shelf by the time Hillary starts running its going to be difficult to run on so many failed policies.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Republicans have lost it. No matter what… they’re gonna get blamed. The media is leftist, liberal, statist freakin crazy! What’s wrong with the GOP? Why can’t they figure that out?

    If they did the right thing – no matter what – then they could have clean hands after the coming disaster.

    If they give in, Obama wins and GOP is destroyed because Conservatives will openly rebel. If they do the right thing and simply walk away, Obama still wins because taxes will go up on Americans (his personal goal) and the damned media will still blame the Republicans. So no matter what, the GOP will be blamed and there’s nothing they can do about it at this point. STOP TREATING OBAMA AND THE LEFT LIKE THEY ARE HONORABLE PEOPLE!!!

    If the GOP wants any chance of remaining relevent or influencial… walk away and tell Obama and his damned minions to go stuff it. At least the GOP will have some honor left…

    • stage9

      But they’ll get blamed because they’re stupid. If you’re stupid enough to trust a marxist then you deserve the blame. And that’s what repugnantcans continuously do.

      I keep saying it: Repugnantcans are Charlie Brown and liberals are Lucy with the football.

      That is the best illustration there is to describe the GOP’s competence. That is to say, they have none.

      • Sober_Thinking

        An apt illustration indeed.

  • stage9

    Yep, rush nailed it!

  • Nukeman60

    I’m not qualified to be in Washington either. I don’t have the wisdom, because I feel we should have a balanced budget (I have one). I believe we shouldn’t spend money that we don’t have (I don’t). I feel that waste and fraud is a bad thing and to me it’s like setting a match to a $100 bill (they don’t seem to care).

    I take care of my family, I pay my bills, I don’t owe any debt (except my house, and that doesn’t really belong to me anyway. It belongs to my bank. I just pay them for the privilege of saying it’s mine). So after all that, I guess I should pay more taxes then, because I’m not deep enough in debt to be patriotic, not insanely blind enough to the inflation around me to be political, and not stupid enough to believe the lies.

  • Rush is right, the Republicans will always get the blame for everything and then they will be pressured NOT to cut anything by the mainstream media. All the more reason to let this stupid thing go over the cliff. Let EVERYBODY get stuck with the bill. Maybe, just maybe, if every American sees how expensive our big and bloated government is, maybe then they will really vote for people to CUT IT. The reason why socialism is so appealing to so many people is because somebody else always gets stuck with the bill. Well, if it’s European-style socialism that the country wants, then let the people who voted for it pay European-style taxes to support it. But if you think that only 2% of the population will be able to pay for all of this, you’re dreaming. You always end up running out of other people’s money. Time for the socialists in this country to understand that.

    • Nukeman60

      They don’t understand it. The Unions in Michigan have people protesting because Union money is being taken away from the Union bosses (and the people protesting don’t even realize that it’s their money that will be saved).

      People will protest in massive groups, like Greece, only when their entitlements run out. As long as the gravy train is rolling, the apathy will be there. We know it’s not sustainable, but until the foodstamp store shuts down, they won’t recognize it.

      And even then, they will blame us – for not making them see it earlier.

  • GeminiAura

    Who cares anymore. The Republics will do what comes natural to them and cave. Time to form a 3rd party.

  • Rush is right on target!

  • NoToTyrants

    Stand on principle. Stand for what is moral. Stand for what is ethical. Stand for fiscal sanity. Stand for integrity. Stand for Constitutional governance. Stand for liberty. Stand for freedom.

    Now is not the time to play games with the economic health of the United States of America.

    I know a number of people on our side, many smarter than I am, are advocating for giving Obama whatever he wants, so at some future date when the economy sinks even lower, Obama will get the blame.

    On the surface, the logic appears sound. However, in order for this blame to be assigned to Obama as it should be, we would need an honest media, an honest Democrat party, an honest pundit class, an honest political consultant class, an honest government bureaucracy, an honest judiciary, an honest and principled GOPe, etc…you get the point.

    We stand, because it is the right thing to do, and because no matter how catastrophic, Obama will not be blamed, except by us of course.

  • kong1967

    Anyone who believes the media will turn on Obama for not coming through with his half of the deal is five pennies short of a nickel. Even if Obama gets everything he wants and the economy takes a nose dive, the media will still pin it on Republicans. Liberals accept responsibility for nothing bad and they take credit for good things they had nothing to do with. Nothing will change that.

  • bobemakk

    Entitlements are the blame for the fiscal cliff and the pork projects. I wonder what we can save if unnecessary entitlements and pork are eliminated. Someone “true conservative” should answer Rush and explain all of this where he says he is not sure.

  • Hacker5988

    hey RUSH lets talk about how we can get rid of the # 1 RINO caver in the RINO party, Boehner. This can be done in Jan 2013 and not a word ???? Wonder why ???

  • shadetree56

    to he!! with the blame – the house republicans need to do what’s right for america.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    What do you expect? We have a prez who’s only real experience is as a community organizer — i.e., one who works only with people that agree with him. He doesn’t know how to negotiate.

    We just gotta deal 🙁