Rush rips Republican elites for compromise with Democrats

Rush says that it’s all over the news today that the Republican elites, in the name of the American people, believe that they must compromise on the big issues with the Democrats when they win in November and this has Rush going ballistic! He’s been talking about it non-stop on his show today and I’ve put together a clip from the first segment where he tells the Republicans that compromise is NOT what the American people want and even goes as far to say that ‘you don’t compromise with evil’.

Rush is right on this. We do not want compromise – we want this socialist agenda that will bankrupt America STOPPED in its tracks! If the Republicans take this stance of compromise into the next 2 years, I assure you there will be a war within the party and it could mean, as Rush says, that the Republican party will be relegated to a third party status commanding the amount of votes that a third party gets. If that were to happen I don’t even want to think about what that means. It’s just too painful.

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  • kb

    Be sure to tune in to Levin tonight…. 🙂

  • Rush is right!

    THIS is why I want Sarah Palin. She won’t default to this namby pamby position like the cocktail wing of the party will. She’d go in there and shake things up until all the bad apples have been dumped out!

    • Anonymous

      Not that I’m saying I don’t like Sarah Palin, but honestly my biggest beef with her has been her support of McCain. Isn’t that compromising? I understand her first support being on his ticket (which I still am not thrilled about), but after the fact she stumps for him?

      True she has a rep for shaking up the establishment and would do far better than most in the political scene right now, but I am hoping for better/different first.

      • She had no choice. McCain was the one that lit her torch, and when his went out she was obligated to re-light it. Only once, though.

      • I don’t like McCain either, but he’s been around forever, and she’s going to need someone like that in the Senate if we want reform because he’s got his finger to the wind (again) and riding with it. He can do a lot of arm twisting for her if she wins.

        If we keep up the pressure, we can bring reform. But that means each of us must participate by making them keep their eyes on the ball and standing behind those conservatives who are doing what we want them to do.

      • Breeze

        @drhopkins Sarah Palin returned a political favor that is all she did, after all we would not have her if it weren’t for McAmnesty…..She did what she had to do, but as of late you can see she has not went near him since, My guess is she will not ever help him again, look at all the good she has done for us, she has shook things up alot, she has my vote when she runs for President!

        • Cheryl~

          Youe guess? I am certain there are other Republicans that would like to use what you just said about Palin for themselves and get away with it…Sarah is a great cheerleader but I don’t want her coaching the team…at least not this time.

          • Right, Cheryl: Let’s relegate her to cheerleader status, even though she’s the best damned player on the team.

            I’m sick of the sexism of the women on the right. Chesler is right.

            • My wife told me she doesn’t think a woman should be president. I would LOVE IT if Sarah could get elected. Funny how things change, eh?

      • Anonymous

        The concept I support is: Lead, Follow or Get out of the way. McCain is the leader of the followers. Is he a Progressive Lite in his heart? Yes but he knows which way the wind is blowing and I believe he will be on the side of the Angels the next 6 years and I believe this is his final campaign. Please, lets concentrate on beating those who will work against The Constitution, right now, that is not John M.

        • McCain even threw his daughter under the bus for her Odonnel comments yesterday but yes, he’s still a RINO.

      • VindexPoplicola

        She had committed before hand that she would stump for him. She should have not made that commitment, but because she did, she is/was keeping her word.

        • Anonymous

          Ironically, McCain agrees with Sarah’s assessment that the GOP has to embrace Tea Party principles to survive, emphasis on being fiscall responsible.

  • Johnschaffran

    Find out who wants to compromise and throw them out when the chance comes. Compromise? Why is it that compromise always comes from the right and not the left?

  • Rush has it right!

  • Anonymous

    Fact, The US Capital Police have more personel than the entire DC Police Department. Also the US Capital Police serve at the direction on the House Speaker. Therefore, when the Republicans win and a new Speaker is chosen, the US Capital Police should be detailed to the perimeter of the White House. Marine One should be grounded and Presidential Limo mothballed. Just send in Cheeseburgers and Newports for the next two years. That is my first comprimise and if Obama does not understand the taxpayer blockade then cut off his electricity, he and the staff can use that Green energy.

    The American voters better be serious on November 2nd because the Tea Party members are only going to get LOUDER.

    WE WANT OUR LIBERTY NOW! No RINO’s No Progressives!

    Oh, I have a question for one of the bloggers, when a house is in foreclosure, who pays the RE taxes and homeowners insurance……I bet the Bank does. So aren’t the bailed out banks writing monthly checks to the Bailed out States and Bailed out Insurance Co’s using bailout Money? I think I need to talk to Bernie Madoff.

    • KeninMontana

      Actually, the US Capitol Police number 1800 officers and detectives, the Metropolitan Police Department of DC numbers 4050 officers and detectives. Their command structure is identical to that of any other police department,their mission is to protect the members of Congress and the Capitol grounds. Your plan could set off a jurisdictional nightmare between the Capitol Police and the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service, the USMC with the DC Police in the middle. Although it would be entertaining to see how the current resident at 1600 would fare on his wife’s cooking,to accomplish this all one would need to do would be to slash the Whitehouse’s staff budget to where the Chef would only be used for official State dinners.
      EDIT: In otherwords we could starve him out.

  • RedRantlw

    If you ask me we should force the RINO’s to form their own third party. It is after all the pattern they have been following this elections season. When the RINO’s loose the primary they either stomp off like spoiled brats and refuse to endorse the winner; or they start a write in campaign to hold on to their seat. And to my original point we should allow candidates like Crist in Florida to leave the party and start a third party.

  • TomJW

    Cut the budget or don’t pass one at all. Obama will start signing budget laws then.


  • HEY you Friggin ELITES!!! The Republicans SHOULD BE the PARTY OF HELL NO!!! No compromise!! RUSH IS RIGHT!! WHAT PART OF HELL NO! Do you NOT understand?