Rush: Romney has a golden opportunity to explain conservatism

Rush believes this is a golden opportunity for Romney to start hammering Obama and explaining conservative principles to America:

This could be the opportunity for Romney and for that campaign to finally take the gloves off and take the fear off and just start explaining conservatism. Start explaining liberty to people and what it means, and explain that they don’t have to be in that 47%. There’s no reason for them, for everybody, to essentially have given up on their future in this country. There’s no reason for it. This is, to me, such an opportunity to espouse conservatism and to explain to people. Now that people are focused on this, now that people are paying attention to it, this is a golden opportunity, and we know Romney’s got it in him because of what he said to these people.

Watch the full monologue:

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  • CPAguy

    Yes. This is Romney’s moment!

    He must embrace Conservatism!

    • CalCoolidge

      Shake the Etch-a-Sketch and see if it can pretend to be conservative.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Mitt does a fine job – better than Obama pretending be an American president.

        • Wow, now that is a very “high” bar……McCain acts more conservative than Obama being an American President….

          Cal is right on this one

          • So you and Cal can stay home election day since you spoiled children didn’t get the candidate you want. I have had enough of people like you behaving badly and playing the ‘I’m more conservative than you are’ game.

            If you want a conservative president get off of your computer, put on your walking shoes and open your wallet because that is what it takes. Not spouting off on blogs as some faceless person.

            And if you want MItt to be conservative stop belly aching and try participation with constructive criticism…not sounding and acting like some crank.

            I swear give some people a gun and they will shoot themselves in the foot with it.

            A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…start walking.

            • Exactly what game am I playing? You have access to my checking account? Have you really walked in my shoes, knocking on doors, participating in 9-12 activities? You know so much Laurel. Please stop trying to knock on people who you have no clue of but putting a lot of assumptions together and getting zero.

              I have no desire for Mitt to be what he is not. He isn’t conservative and I am fine with that. I am though troubled by people who think that Mitt IS a conservative. Worst yet, the people who initially did not think that he was a conservative but are now convinced that he is because he is finally taking a stand on something or fill in the blank.

              Is Mitt Romney better than Obama? Is a sinus headache better than a migraine? Sure, but it still is a pain that needs medication and rest.

              I have read people on this site claiming that Mitt is not a politician but just a successful businessman. Others trying to argue that Reagan would have just as bad if not worst problems than Romney with the cards he was dealt. Others excusing the guy because he just hasn’t had the time to be polished. Others calling for patience, waiting for the debates for Romney to “catch on”. Let’s just call a spade a spade, please. No one should be surprised how bad he actually is when he has told us exactly how he was going to run his campaign.

              He is the “electable” candidate (whatever that is). Mr. Etch-a-sketch who has the ease of attacking Conservatives but really believes that Obama is just a man in over his head. He essentially guaranteed (if he wins the presidency) that no one will challenge him in 2016 by giving RNC power to change the rules at their convenience. What exactly constructive can be attained that Mitt is actually going to listen to the Right when he has already demonstrated that he is taking those votes for granted, throwing them under the bus during the convention.

              I do not know what the future holds. I am not losing any sleep as Mark Levin seems to be over the big “if”. Am I voting in this election, absolutely. There is a battle here in my state for the Tea Party candidate and will be helping him cross the finish line as best I can. I do suggest though that you put your “gun” away before you shoot yourself in the other foot, preventing you from starting that walk you seem to need.

              • Yeah I have walked in your shoes a lot as a matter of fact. No Mitt isn’t the conservative you would like him to be, or for that matter he isn’t what I would like him to be. Like it or not though he got the nomination. That is what happens in democracies or in democratic republic’s. Sometimes you get out voted. Negativity repeatedly causes people to stay home. Elections are won with majorities. Continually making negative comments, barbs doesn’t push a candidate anywhere. Negativity won’t rule the day and inferring crap to me and at me in your post won’t either. And no you don’t know what the future holds so Mitt might surprise and he might not. Let’s get him elected first because his mediocrity is a damn site better than the communist in the WH. He just might be conservative enough. There is a reason Levin is terrified.

                BTW…to push him to the right one must continually push their representatives to the right so getting the tea party candidate elected and holding his feet to the fire will do that. Remember the uproar when Bush tried amnesty? That needs to happen more, not less.

                • Let me get this straight you try to “call me out” by inferring crap at me and that is okay and just returning your words upon yourself is defamation?

                  So we should go with the Pelosi strategy of voting for it before we know what we got? I don’t buy that argument since we already have a four year record from MA and two failed campaigns of speeches and such.

                  If you want to live in the rose-colored glasses world that Mitt is this wonderful, possible conservative guy, you are free to do so. However, if Mitt has truly converted to conservative principles, he would admit the huge error Romneycare was. As with any convert, you repent of your wrongdoings, apologizing for it and doing the 180 degree turn.

                  So far, all of his “conservative” arguments fall flat when the albatross, the elephant in the room, Romneycare is still there. How can one really look in the camera state that he is for individual responsibility and still cling tightly to Romneycare?

                  I do remember the uproar of amnesty and Harriet and exactly what has that gotten us. A chief justice that voted that Obamacare is constitutional and a still very porous border with Mexico. Holding someone’s feet to the fire is not only preventing them from doing dumb things but also making them do the right things. We cannot afford either another Obama term or the second term of GWB.

                  Is Mitt better than Obama, yes; just as getting a filling is better than a root canal.

                • What in heck are you talking about? I never said not even one thing you posted. Are you mental?

                  Okay he isn’t conservative. You hate him. You can’t find not one sorry thing to like about him. You running for office? Manage a campaign of any stripe…ever? Worked on one ever? Done a poll ever? Who you voting for? What are your choices? Every single solitary thing you posted might please you but would not please someone or a whole lot of people. If you think your point of view hasn’t been focused group, poll tested, ad tested, and market tested then it is you who is delusional. I want to see your resume and I want to know how it is you know what it takes to get elected. What president did you get into office? What is your background and education?

                  You are foaming at the mouth ridiculous. So okay hate him. Don’t vote for him. Stay home and sulk. So far nothing you have said or think that I have said has been productive. As I said negativity never is. I think I touched your sore tooth so hard that you just might need that root canal. Apparently I hit the target quite well. I love touching nerves.

                • [blockquote]I swear give some people a gun and they will shoot themselves in the foot with it.

                  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…start walking.[/blockquote]

                  This comes directly from your post and I used it just as you try to reciprocate with the “tooth” analogy. So, you claim you never said it and you call me mental. That is funny. I think chatterbox said it best, you may need to reread that post below.

                  You need to relax and reread the previous post, maybe with a dictionary next to you for reference purposes. You seem to have missed the point of everything stated. What exactly did I say that makes you think I hate the guy or that I am even sulking? What exactly have I said is negative about Mitt (that he is not a conservative)? What I have stated is observable, historical, and accurate.

                  Did Mitt denounce Romneycare? Nope. Did he help throw conservative grassroots under the bus at the convention? Yep. Now, he is stuck hoping that conservatives will drag him across the finish line just like McCain hoped for in 2008. I hope this makes some sense here. Again, notice the lack of negativity.

                  Can Mitt Romney get his act together? Sure, but no conservative should hold their breathe.

                  You may want to check that sight of yours, you have been hitting wide of the target since you start posting on this one thread, but feel free to try again.

                • You are mental because you cannot read apply simple English. Too bad I touched your sore tooth and you keep coming back for more which proves me correct about your negativity. Never said a thing about Pelosi! and as to Romney and equating your Pelosi comments…not one of your better analogies or equations. What is it you don’t know there about him Puritan? Did he denounce Romneycare…HELL NO! He didn’t denounce his 47% comment either. Now you can interpret that any way you like it. It says to me smart campaign strategy and I am still waiting for your resume that shows that you are an expert on campaigning, all your focus group work and who exactly and how many you got elected into office. My site is just fine…it is yours that is a little myopic since you seem to think elections are won by appealing to you directly and only to you. Last time I checked it took a majority and giving the opposition weapons, like admitting mistakes, doesn’t get that majority. One can be Mother Teresa but that won’t necessarily get them elected.

                  But you keep posting your nonsense to me because round and round we’ll go. I like that you do my work for me and prove me right with every post. Now what is your negative campaign strategy to get Romney elected? How will that work? When has it ever worked? Answer me directly and not with Pelosi nonsense. *Show me where I said to trust Romney implicitly since I said the opposite. Were you at the convention? And yes it was negative. I don’t think you understand what negative means and the implication or application of it.

                  Oh and since you think the party was thrown under the bus at the convention where has your participation been? Why weren’t you a delegate that was there? What did you do to stop it? What have you done to get more conservatives elected….conservatives that fit your definition of conservative that is. Blog posting won’t get the job done.

                  *Only a fool would trust any politician implicitly and I know a few really good conservative politicians…but they are still a politician at the end of the day that has to get re-elected to accomplish even a modicum of good. And I wasn’t…how did you put it…’call me out’ but I am now. I want your expertise. Show us Obi Wan Purtian where you are an election expert. I don’t need a dictionary but apparently you cannot answer questions. Let’s see if you can re-read last post and this one so you can answer directly.

                • Wow, you do need help. It sounds like you are what do they call it….projecting.

                  I never claimed you said anything about Pelosi. It seems you have no desire to read any post whatsoever. I cannot help you if you fail to see the connection between “Have to vote to see what’s in it” and the “We need to vote Him in first to see if he is conservative”.

                  Whoever said you “implicitly trust Romney”, again you are projecting against a straw-man. Please in the future, actually interact with my comments instead of assuming what I meant (reader response needs to be destroyed). Exactly what qualifies you as an expert? You have continued to exaggerate what I have stated. I know, you need another example. You state, [b]”Oh and since you think the party was thrown under the bus at the convention where has your participation been?”[/b] Please show me where I said that. I did not. Were you at the convention? Did you vote? Did you let the RNC walk all over you for the ‘greater good’?

                  And now you want to compare an apple (Romneycare) with an orange (his 47% comment) and call them both good campaign strategy. Hey, is that an opinion or is that some “election expert who has run X amount of campaign strategies”? Romneycare is an albatross around his neck and all conservatives should be concerned about this in that Obama and his team have not even touched the issue.

                  If you don’t want to discuss the actual issue that the thread was about, that is fine. Just note that your projecting is only hurting yourself.

                • See here is the problem…or one of them…I never said any such thing as this ” “Have to vote to see what’s in it” and the “We need to vote Him in first to see if he is conservative”. ” You inferred it. And since you seem to think not backing down from previous things is apples to oranges comparisons then this discussion is over because you are not even orbiting this planet. Not backing off from anything is a valid comparison. And furthermore “I know what you are but what am I” logical fallacy argument doesn’t answer any questions. Why is that? Because you can’t. You seem to think doing repeated mea culpas is good campaign strategy so I asked for your resume in that area. You have none. What you do have is armchair quarterbacking skills that suck. My original post to you was about you…not me. Trying to make this about me is squirming at best and it is squirming because you cannot answer not one single question I posed to you. Not one. And dear yes I have worked some campaigns. Retired now. Et tu? Oh wait I asked that and you couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. I’m not projecting but you certainly are deflecting.

                  The irony here is you posted over on the Levin thread about the negative nattering nabobs, such as Kristol, but don’t seem to see it in yourself or my original post to you. Oh and Puritan…Romneycare was only an albatross during the primary. Primary is over. You have several choices now to vote. Obama. Romney. Johnson. And in some states Paul. What is your strategy to get Obama out of office? Training people to associate negativity with Romney like Pavlov’s dog won’t get Obama out of office. And that is presuming you want Obama out of office.

                • “And no you don’t know what the future holds so Mitt might surprise and he might not. Let’s get him elected first because his mediocrity is a damn site better than the communist in the WH. He just might be conservative enough.” ~ Doesn’t mean vote first and hope later?

                  Anyway, you continue to spout out about negativity which you have yet to provide evidence for. You continue to say this is about me but my initial comment was in regard to the theme of the thread. You continue to project and I am not sure why. You take me completely out of context never apologizing, never directly quoting, and yet this is about me? Right (please note sarcasm)!

                  I get it, you are the mighty expert that has won campaign after campaign and those of us laymen who write checks, volunteer going door to door, hand out fliers are just a bunch of . . . . It does sound a bit elitist doesn’t it?

                  I am sorry that Romney is not a conservative but why is that negative to you? I have answered your questions, you just refuse to understand the answers to them. I have fully agreed with the sentiment that Romney is better than Obama so what is your beef? The last time I checked TRS is a conservative blog not a campaign stop trying to convince liberals and moderates.

                  Peggy Noonan and her ilk are not conservatives, you may have missed the point. They demanded that we vote for Romney in the primary and now they are throwing him under the bus. If you cannot see the difference between that and conservatives who have warned and encourage people not to vote for the moderate, then you may want to rescind your retirement.

                  Let me get this straight, you want folks to believe that it is AWESOME (I know you did not use that exact word, but still thought it a good idea) that Romney stands his ground on liberal policy like Romneycare as he tries to convince people that he is for individual liberty? That seems to be an oxymoron. You really think that this will not come up in the debates? Please!

                • You have jumped the shark. “Doesn’t mean vote first and hope later? ” No it doesn’t mean any such thing. The negativity is in your first post which I responded to. No surprise you have forgotten…or have you? Never took you out of context and yes it is about you. You seem to think you are a victim. Read your first post. Never said I was an expert but you seem to think negativity gets candidates into office so I want to know your expertise. Answer my questions. You are squirming. No Puritan it isn’t awesome…your word. What it is is smart politics. It is what gets one elected. I will say it again…Where are your focus groups, ad and market testing, etc? You are projecting your personal bias to the general public and think it works. It doesn’t. Now quit squirming and deflecting and pony up that expert resume of yours on what it takes to get elected to office in America. Show me where continual negative comments and mea culpas get one in office. What Levin was commenting on applies to you!

                  P.S. I ignore Noonan, Kristol, etc. There are way too many smart people out there to read. I’m not wasting my time on either one of them.

                  Again: Read your first post I commented on. It was negative. Then answer my questions. Deflection won’t work. Since I originally commented to you about you and your negativity this is ABOUT you. If you can prove to me how a negative strategy works then I will amend my comments about your negativity. Unless you can answer my question don’t bother with anymore deflection.

                • Hmmm, Rush in his opening monologue today decried Romney for blowing the chance of taking the opportunity he said here in this post to explain conservatism (a.k.a going on offense instead of playing defense). I guess we can call Rush, Mr. Negativity as well and thank him for losing the election for Romney. Or maybe there are some of us who do get it that you cannot fake something you are not.

                  Good grief! My comment was to the guy who thought that Romney is doing a fine job being a conservative by comparing him to Obama. Anybody to the right of Obama is more conservative than he is, duh! That does not prove the point that Romney is an actual conservative. Again, how is that negative? Case in point, it would be just as true to say that Mrs. Clinton is more conservative than Obama. And what does that amount to?

                  I have always given credit that Romney is more conservative than Obama. I guess I would think someone with your expertise would understand that.

                  At the end of the day, we come full circle. As long as Romney continues to play by the rules of the MSM, he will have to be carried over by the very people he has vilified.

                • You are spinning what Rush said and you are still trying to make this about someone else instead of it being about you. Answer my questions or stop bothering me. Your deflection isn’t working.

                • Deflection? You seem not to get anything do you. I told you exactly what has transpired and answered your questions. You may not have liked the answers but that is not my issue.

                  I did not spin Rush, he is upset that Romney did not take advantage of this very situation and espouse, defend, and explain conservatism. All that we got was pure defense, defense, defense. Now granted, as a good politician, Romney continues to give a bone or two to the right wing of his party so we can go ga-ga over him. I hold my ground that if and when Romney converts to conservatism will be the day he apologies for his signing of Romneycare.

                  By the way, Governor Romney will be speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative. I am sure that will be helpful in wooing the Tea Party!

                • You still aren’t answering my questions. Why? Read my original comment to you, then read the questions I subsequently posted to you. So far the only thing you are posting is the behavior of others and out of context I might add. Furthermore you may not like the Clinton Global Initiative but a simple fact is Clinton is a former two term president and his initiative garners a ton of attention and support. You are atypical and it is unfortunate. And this Tea Party member doesn’t mind if he does because I understand how the world operates. If you want to change the rules you must first be in charge and you have to do what it takes to get in charge. Oh and use some critical thinking skills because you are spinning Rush. He critiqued his tactics. He didn’t critique him personally on his conservatism with a nasty negative comment that serves no purpose. It’s apparent you don’t know the difference. Defend your negative comments with your own personal set of skills and expertise with experience that YOU can bring to the table. Tell me how those comments translate into election wins. I’m listening and I’m waiting.

                • Got it! You really think the Clinton initiative is a great thing! Wow!

                  Your gushing over a liberal gathering of ideas is fairly sad. Your claim to being an expert on this stuff is looking a bit ridiculous. Who cares how long Clinton was president? Rubbing shoulders with liberals/socialists and trying to convince others you are not is not sound judgment especially in an election year. One does not have to have run any campaign to see this being a very dumb move. It is called common sense.

                  I have answered your questions, you just do not seem to want to understand the answers. Reread the responses again and connect the dots.

                • No you didn’t answer my questions. Where is your election experience? I asked very specific questions. You deflected and dragged others into it as cover for your mouth but never answered. And your Clinton answers state quite a bit about you and it is narrow minded ignorance. I never said anywhere in that post that I thought Clinton Global Initiative was good…or bad. I said he has the world stage…and he does along with respect in the world. Your view is ignorant, dangerous and quite myopic. If you reject it is automatically bad and therefore everyone should and not further have anything to do with it. That isn’t how elections are won. There are millions and millions out there who disagree with you and he needs those millions in the way of votes. As to common sense you have none or you would realize elections are won on majorities and alienating those majorities doesn’t get you the WH. BTW…the purpose of his speaking at the Global Initiative is to counter the UN speech by Obama. That is the only other venue that is comparable lest he look small compared to Obama. Got it? Next? More deflection maybe? Seems that is all you have.

                • Your rhetoric skills seem to be in need of tuning. You demand that I allow you to play on both sides of a situation and yet it is by your words one must draw conclusions. You declare that you never said the CGI was good or bad, but you make a moral statement, “Furthermore you may not like the Clinton Global Initiative but a simple fact is Clinton is a former two term president and his initiative garners a ton of attention and support. ”

                  Your desire to have everything both ways is breath taking. If you did not like the CGI you would have included yourself by using the pronoun “we”. Since not, one has to conclude that you like the CGI. You went out of your way to defend it by grounding your statement with the fact that Clinton is a two-term president. This is called logic.

                  You honestly believe that Romney will be able to reach millions and millions of people through this and yet who exactly are these people? They are not the average American voter. Are you sure you are reading things rightly here? It is called global and not national initiative for a reason. If desiring the candidate to speak directly to the American people is myopic, then so be it.

                  There is an old proverb that states, “stick a white glove in the mud and the mud is not going to get glovey.” You state, “the purpose of his speaking at the Global Initiative is to counter the UN speech by Obama. That is the only other venue that is comparable lest he look small compared to Obama.” That line might have worked if Obama was not going to speak at the event, except that Obama is speaking there as well so your argument falls flat. Your logic here is questionable at best. If the CGI is the only place Romney can go speak, then he needs to fire his manager and get someone better. Following Obama’s footsteps is not going to win you an election.

                  You keep asking about experience and I did tell you what I have done in regard to campaigns, but for some strange reason those answers are not resonating and I cannot help you there.

                  By the way, Clinton never won 50% or more of the popular vote in either election. He is not that well liked as you think he was.

                • You are reaching and there is no desire to have things both ways. CGI statement is exactly what I said. You have as yet to answer one single question and still are playing the “I’m more conservative than you!” You are precisely the type of narrow minded conservative that loses elections. You are still deflecting Puritan by using CGI. Yes it reaches millions…with money that is used to reach the ‘average American voter’ which if you are an example of there is no reaching. Now put up or shut up. Where is your resume? What elections have you won? What polls have you conducted? What market research? What Clinton has won or not won has absolutely nothing to do with my original criticism of you. You are still deflecting. You think you know so much? Then prove it to me. So far your belly aching has as of yet to prove to me exactly how that is going to win the WH and get Obama out. Anything else you have to say is extemporaneous and has absolutely no bearing on the original post.

            • chatterbox365

              What babbling hypocrisy, Laurel. Based on your post, it sounds like you are acting like a crank because you don’t like someone’s elses’ opinion about Romney. You are resorting to the same style of “attacks” you accuse others of doing.

              Romney is no conservative and his record proves that. People like you live in the same delusional world as the Obama supporters.

              • Stop chattering. There was nothing hypocritical in what I said in the least. Please learn the definition of hypocrisy. Continually running Romney down and complaining about his lack of conservatism will keep Obama in the WH. Romney is the candidate. Period! He won the nomination. You were outvoted. Accept it. Unite. Get Obama out of the WH because as I said Romney’s mediocrity is far better than Obama’s communism. He looks and sounds stellar compared to Obama.

                I have as of yet to see where negativity by one’s own party gets a person elected.
                Show me in history where that has worked. I agree with you and Puritan in that Romney is not as conservative as I would like him to be or should be…but HE CAN BE but not without first winning.

                Compared to Obama though he is to the right of Attila the Hun and for now that has to be good enough.

                Also one has to recognize how the culture is sliding into the sewer. That tends to skew people left. It actually proves social issues are tied to fiscal issues. So it stands to reason someone like Romney gets the nomination and not Santorum or even Gingrich. Take a look at the rise of Libertarians. Gen Y is turning Libertarian so you will see even more Romney’s on the political stage not less.

  • chj82

    I think more people get it than liberals want to admit.

    • CPAguy

      Of course a lot of people get it. And those who don’t get it, will, once they cme out of their haze and actually pay attention to politics and not so much to reality TV (though I too like reality TV).

  • Sober_Thinking

    Right on Rush. I agree 100%!

  • Rshill7

    What the media has attempted to do with these videos is the same thing a caricature artist does at a carnival. In other words, they’re a bunch of carnies.

    They would probably prefer to have voters read what they write about the videos than listen to the videos themselves. Lefties are proclaiming the Romney campaign over because of this. Tomorrow who knows what they will claim as Romney’s swan song while ignoring “The Ugly Duckling”, which is Obama. What a bunch of quacks.

    Conservatives are loving these videos. As Rush says, it is indeed an opportunity to open up a more aggressive dialogue about liberalism versus conservatism 🙂

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Lefties have been proclaiming that the campaign was over since the Primaries. They were suggesting that there’s really no sense in even having elections since they’ve already got the messiah in the house. Now they come out with phony poll after phony poll to prove their point. And, hey, let’s throw a video of him in there to boot! Clearly, he should just quit.

  • sue-marie

    We are moving closer and closer to an Atlas Shrugged society. If Obama gets re-elected..Americans across this spectrum will just stop their engines for another four years. By that time, our economy will have collapsed. It’s one thing to experience hard times…it’s another to barely keep your head above water while your neighbor is sitting on his arse living off the government dole. Hard working Americans at that point will cease to exist because they finally threw in the towel. Vote for Obama and learn Chinese…your gonna need it.

  • Alborn

    I agree with Rush. Romney needs to explain it better. I think he meant to not worry about them during the campaign. That he needs to concentrate on those people who are not dependent on government because of lack of personal ambition because they will never vote for him. But I think the number he used was a little high because it does include a lot of elderly. But now that it is out there break it down better and explain it. Start with the increase of the number of people on disability, many of them can work, and I know they can because I seem them working for cash jobs all the time while they are on disability. Stop the fraud and put people in jobs by making them take jobs made available to them. Whatever happened to vocational rehabilitation programs. Anybody but Obama.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Romney better start soon, he cannot McCain his way thru this.

    • Rshill7

      McCain as a verb. It’s like an adjective-verb hybrid. I like it 🙂

      This is a great opportunity for Romney to get multiple message feedback. I hope he hears ours the loudest. Good job.

    • justplainbob

      I am very afraid that the news media will be the decider in this election. I am hoping that the majority of us proud Americans do the right thing this November. We do not need tapes like this one being released so that the Matthews of this world have more ammo to use in any way they see fit. I am 100 % in Romney’s corner, but I am full of fear that those drinking Barack’s kool aid will vote him back in.

      • Rshill7

        “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV)

    • From what I’m hearing, Mitt is vastly expanding his ground GOTV troops. He’s apparently reaching FAR more people directly than he ever could with TV ads or stump speeches. I still think TV is important, but I don’t get the feeling that Mitt is waiting. I think things will ramp up quite a bit after the first debate.

  • pdxlady

    Rush is such a brilliant strategist…he always finds the positive in each situation.

    Similar to the left’s famous line, ‘never let a good crisis (real or perceived) go to waste.’

    I hope that the Romney campaign will not over think the release of this video and its impact, and listen to Rush. Use this as an opportunity to start defining conservatism and how it will help those 47% to get a hand up.

  • bbitter

    This entire headline made me laugh.

    Rush, Romney’s entire candidacy has been an opportunity to correctly define conservatism. As it has been for every other candidate, every other political group, etc…

    The republican party elected (valid or not)to accept Romney’s version of ‘conservatism’.

    YES, he should come out and hit it hard, and hit it right, and unrelentingly pound the concept of conservatism in its proper place.

    I may hold my nose this November, Rush, but forgive me for not holding my breath on this one.

  • CalCoolidge

    Gee, didn’t the Repubs spend the whole primary season explaining that we didn’t need no stinkin’ conservatives. Because Romney is “electable.”

    Now, he doesn’t seem so electable and it’s how can we dress him up to impersonate Gingrich, Bachmann and Santorum.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself…glad to read down before commenting 🙂

    • Martin2717

      Or Cain.

      • 2yves

        Cain oozes conservatism and is a good business man too. He would of wiped the floor with Obama.

  • odin147

    I have always thought of Romney as more conservative than it appears and I believe there are some RINO’s who are conservative but the pressure of the scrum stream media forces them to be politically correct. But I believe since we are at the brink the status quo has to be thrown out of the window, it is time to take on the media and the dems and have a debate about the future of this country because there are too many takers and few makers, shift of wealth from the young to the old, if we keep on this trajectory, this country will drop from developed to developing, and that is something you don’t want to be. Live in India and China you will know what it means to be developing. It is not an easy life.

  • texasgirl46

    I had no trouble with what Romney said….I thought he was dead on..

    • Joe

      The PROBLEM with YOU – IS

      That YOU are SMART and “get it”

      YOU must be in the 53%

      Snap out of it!

  • 2yves

    If the Canadian Liberal party could be destroyed down to a few seats and it’s leader losing his own seat and sent packing back to Harvard saving the Canadian economy in the last election, then conservatism can be explained to Americans too.

  • Exactly….this is a fabulous opportunity because most people relate WELL to what Mitt said!! The fact is people do not like freeloaders and people who expect something. We believe in hard work, liberty, individuals pursuing their dreams and getting GOVERNMENT off the backs of people. What Romney said is shared in the hearts and minds of most Americans….he touched a nerve in a smart way!! Rush nailed it and Romney should run with it. Explain why the Conservative Way offers hope and endless opportunity and the Liberal/Government way equals reliance and a ceiling to control you!!

    Already just on CNBC 75 percent of those that took the poll AGREED with Mitt’s Comments….75 percent….Mitt is right and Rush is jamming….run with it Mitt!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Explaining Conservatism should be easy for someone who is as severely conservative as Mittens.

    But yes, he should use this opportunity to draw the sharp contrast between nanny-state, cradle-to-grave gov’t and freedom, self-reliance, and capitalism. I hope he does. He reallllllly needs to quit playing Mr. Nice Guy. I’d like to see the gloves come off of Mittens. Surely the GOP can remember how well the nice-guy schtick went for our 2008 train wreck, right??

  • Rush is right and this doesn’t seem to be backfiring like the left wants it to.

  • stage9

    “This is, to me, such an opportunity to espouse conservatism…”


    Why can’t people get this? Obamney would be trying to espouse something he knows NOTHING about folks!

    Think of it this way. Put Colonel West and Obamney next to one another and have them explain Conservatism from the heart. After their description who do you believe would describe Conservatism in such a way that it would leave you with a sense of patriotic passion for the future of this nation? Who do you believe understands your most deeply held views of America and what she stands for?

    I can tell you that hands down Colonel West has the PULSE of the Conservative movement. I look at Obamney and he hasn’t got a clue! The only thing he has the pulse of is the failing Republican Party elites. They’re ALL CLUELESS!

    And yet we Conservatives are trying to prop up Obamney — prod him, speak for him — yet he hasn’t the fortitude to do it himself. And do you want to know what scares me? It’s that Obamney is becoming McCain all over again! He is stuck in 2008. Using the same failed tactics and the same lame approach and NO ONE IS EXCITED ABOUT HIM!

    Oh, Conservatives will vote for him. THEY HAVEN’T MUCH OF A CHOICE! But I’ll tell you what, THIS is what we’re all struggling with…we’re trying to make a Conservative out of someone who isn’t Conservative and who doesn’t understand Conservatism.

    Can you fix this? I’m not sure you can. Because you’d have to be able to convince people that you understand them, and this is something Obamney is struggling with and the media isn’t about to help him with.

    • He’s not conservative? He sure sounded like one there. And he seemed totally at ease too. Did you see him on Cavuto? He looked confident.

      • stage9

        Friend, I pray to God you’re right. I really do, but I have NO confidence whatsoever in Obamney. I hope that changes during the debates; I hope I see something that I haven’t seen thus far, but right now…I have to look at all of this without drinking the koolaid, and what I see is McCain 08.

        And I haven’t seen the Cavuto video. If you post it I’ll watch it.

      • B-Funk

        I never used to think so, but the more he talks, the more we know about him, the more I think he has it inside. Granted, it’s a little buried under having to be a RINO for Massachusetts, but I think he really does get the idea of America. Not just the surface stuff the RINO’s spit out at elections. I think you’re right. Now, he just needs to start hammering Obummer like he did the other Repub candidates.

  • FreeManWalking

    I loved Rush’s opening line about pulling the palestinian video before the Media Start Rioting!!!

    Rush knows the Media is in lock step rioting with the palestinians and the occupiers every chance they get.

  • John3_3


  • DocBarry1

    But he is not running the same type of campaign that he fought in the Primary – – we need Romney/Ryan to take the fight to Obama not play nice – the future of our Country is at stake – he also needs to get Gov Palin involved!

  • Jay

    What’s he mean by lose the 47%? I’d like to listen to the whole thing but I have to go watch American Idol. (For those of you in Rio Linda that’s sarcasm.)

  • Yazz55

    I think those Romney videos should stay up. My take is for those who bother to watch the entire video will walk away with a positive impression of him. That way the lamestream lapdogs can’t edit it out of context to a 5 sec soundbyte to make Romney look bad and force feed it to the American public.

  • Easy explanation; conservatism teaches you to fish and become reliant upon yourself. Liberalism GIVES you fish so you become reliant on them.

  • bobemakk

    Romney must take advantage of this opportunity. Lots of people including me used to call him a RINO, but he has changed significantly and by choosing Paul Ryan as his VP he proved that. Out with Obama and in with Romney/Ryan.

    • McCain selected Palin as VP did that make him a conservative as well?