Rush SLAMS Jay Carney: Call Brian Terry’s family and tell them Fast & Furious was Bush’s fault!

The White House is now blaming Fast and Furious on the Bush administration and saying that they were the ones who stopped it. But Rush wants to know if they stopped it, then why the need for Executive Privilege? He says they should release all the files and vindicate themselves. He also tells them that if this true, they should call Brian Terry’s family and tell them that Bush started it and that they were the ones who stopped it.

Watch below:

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  • WhiteGuy2

    If Bush is to blame for fast n furious , then give us the documents and prove it. Why would Obama and Holder risk contempt of congress to hide evidence the Bush administration is at fault? Give up the documents!

    • WordsFailMe

      He is incapable of picturing a counter move. Simply mentally and intellectually incapable of conceiving what the next moment might hold.

      Obama is a man of the moment, a romantic, Che Guevara/Robin Hood wannabe, an “ermine-robed emperor of France” in his own mind. You see a lot of human offal like this, standing on the street corners, selling dope, and using it.

      • NYGino

        That is the same way he runs this country. That is why we are the laughing stock of the world right now. That is why he will be gone.

        • WordsFailMe

          I hop what they thinking is that this dufus, like the dufus who failed to advise the US that Japan had declared war on the US an hour before Pearl harbor, will awaken a sleeping giant.

          And this time, when he wakes up, there will be no more snoozing while the cowards, the feminists, the perverts, traitors, socialists, fascists and entitlement-arianists sneak back into the cupboard.

          (Showing my age I guess.)

          • Warrior740

            I see you are using the First Air Cavalry symbol – you must be a VietNam vet. I want to thank you for your service. My significant other is also a VietNam vet – was with the First Air Cavalry 68-69. He came home on a stretcher, but fortunately survived. I agree with your above statements. If you can, watch the trailer “Agenda – Grinding America Down” It talks to all of what you mention – cowards, feminists (I’m a female and I now understand how they destroyed the family), perverts, socialists, fascists, entitlement etc.. Very powerful and well done and I’ve been sharing with anyone who is willing. I want to do whatever I can to make sure people don’t forget who we are, what has transpired the last 50 or more years, and what we need to do to get these rats out of OUR Whitehouse and Congress!

            • WordsFailMe

              Wow. Thank you! I’m glad that you did not take the feminist remark as a condemnation of any person. None of us were immune to the heady future vision/poison the communists of the 1960 perpetrated on the youth. None of us are without guilt for the failure to remain vigilant, suspicious and sceptical, least of all this writer.

              RVN 68-69
              1st Cav, Division Artillery
              Ballistic Meteorology. 83Foxtrot, Call:Buckshot74
              Camp Evans and vicinity, An Loc

              My best regards to you and yours. Garry Owens!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed. Blaming Bush… how’s that policy been working out for you Barry?

      • steprock

        The buck stops over there.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Somebody is hiding something and eyes are now looking directly at Obama since he issued executive privilege on a number of Fast and Furious documents. Why isn’t the MSM hammering Obama on this? Because they’re in his pocket and they like it there. Losers!!!

    • Sober_Thinking

      The Lame Stream media is getting caught with their pants down.

    • Josh

      Three words. They believe Carney. Why would he lie?

      • keninil

        He’s paid a lot !!

      • jenndee

        his lips are moving

  • forgetyoutooo

    Simple Jay, just tell your boss to hand over the documents proving it’s Bush’s fault. You don’t kiss your Mother with that filthy lying Obamabootlicking mouth do you?

  • Rush is right…the gall to lie like that is absolutely breathtaking, and they don’t care.

  • keninil

    I get the feeling Carney is trying out for Lawrence Donnell’s job – he’s the only one I know that can cram a lie into every line of his monologue.

    Any other nominees?

  • Constance

    This makes Watergate look like a friendly picnic, doesn’t it.

    • WordsFailMe

      For me , I am just enjoying how foolish these black shirt, fascist morons look while “pulling the wool.”

      Rush says, “If Bush did it, why won’t Obama release the documents to prove it?”-

      You have to be my age to remember a WB carton where Daffy Duck (Obama) is trapped standing in the middle of a room by hundreds of loaded mousetraps. Each time he takes a step, he steps in another one.

      Could be that the Obama administration looks more like the Red Foxx Show, Sanford and son, where Nancy Pelosi is the counter part to Sanford’s sister in law. Fred Sanford would frequently threaten to push her face into some dough and make “gorilla cookies.” And Holder looks enough like Obama to be his son.

      I kind of like this one because, even after the tremendous financial success Foxx enjoyed, he lost it all because he wouldn’t pay his taxes. Just stupid, inept, arrogant and irrelevant in the pages of every history except geology.

      These people get funnier all the time.

      • Uhm. I love you Words. You know that.

        HUH?! “WB carton where Daffy Duck (Obama) ”

        But really, could you not have picked a different scenario than compare me to dear leader?

        • WordsFailMe

          Is it too late to change to Porky Pig? Buh-duh Buh-duh Buh-duh Buh-duh?

  • 911Infidel

    In the olden days, wasn’t a Carney just a member of a circus? So what’s changed? Oh maybe that this particular Carney also drives one of those Shriner cars while wearing his Bozo suit.

  • wodiej

    Good grief, they are getting more and more stupid by the day. Now it’s Bush’s fault. If it was then they would have had those documents in Issa’s hands at the speed of light.

  • Don

    Blaming Bush is a lie unless Obama produces the documentation that proves otherwise. Being a narcissist is hard to overcome, being proven a pathological liar is the last straw. If there wasn’t mainstream media bias and some bogus polls, Obama’s ratings would be in the toilet.

  • Winghunter

    Gunwalker: Gunning Down the ‘Bush Did It, Too’ Lie

    Bush’s ‘Wide Receiver’ sought to track and interdict guns being smuggled South using a combination of RFID-tracking devices embedded in the shipments and overheard surveillance aircraft. Wide Receiver failed because of the limitations of the technology used, compounded by the ineptness of its installation and the unexpected resourcefulness of the cartel’s gun smugglers.

    Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ used neither tracking devices nor aircraft, it ran interference for smugglers against local law enforcement on multiple occasions, and federal agents were not allowed to interdict weapons.

    • Patriot077

      Add to your excellent comments that Wide Receiver was done in cooperation with Mexico. They weren’t in the loop at all with respect to F&F. And they are furious.

  • Watchman74

    This just in, extinction of the dinosaurs blamed on the Bush administration.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I dearly hope this Democratic house of cards keeps falling apart. The fact that Democrats are now avoiding the DNC in NC is an excellent sign too. People are pulling away from the Liar-and-Chief and I hope it continues.

    Carney has shown great insensitivity in all of this. The arrogance is unbelievable.

    • WordsFailMe

      When you’re thinking about about how much “shoe scraping” stinking President Dip Stick has had to do in the last 2 weeks, then realize that next week, Boehner will have to put his “Pelosi’s” on the table and the SC is going to announce rulings on AB 1070 and ObamaCure, it just get’s better.

      We can only hope that Obama decides to come out for marijuana as a week capper.

      June . Moon. Swoon. Tune. Choom… What a month to remember.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Shoe Scrapping… excellent visual!

        It’s nice to see all the chinks in their armor.

  • Folks this is being set up for one of the biggest landslides since Reagan. I know California, New York and Hawaii will go Obama but Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida and Ohio are gonna go Romney. Mark my words!

    • Nukeman60

      I see 10 swing states and of those, Florida, N Carolina, Pennsylvania (yes, Penn), Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado may well go for Romney. Nevada and New Hamphshire lean to Obama. I, too, suspect a landslide if Obama keeps doing what he’s doing. The big three, of course, are Penn, Ohio, and Florida.

      • NYGino

        This might just be wishful thinking on my part but as far as Nevada goes I think the good people there have finally had it with Dingy Harry and the two faced Obama and are going to run a responsible election this time.

        • Nukeman60

          I would like to see that. The latest polls I saw for Nevada had Obama up by 6 points, but as we all are seeing, Obama himself is trying to erode that all around the country. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that all the people start to see the light.

    • WordsFailMe

      Consider them MARKED! Thanks John.

    • Patriot077

      I’m even beginning to wonder if there is hope in California. The recent elections in San Diego & Sacramento brought some significant changes to the pension plans in those 2 cities. I bet lots of folks – even confirmed Dems – are concerned enough about their own wallets that they could ditch him in large numbers. They are being hit up for even higher taxes and everyone feels the pain of the national economy. They are watching job producers leave the state and self preservation is likely more important to them than ever before. I might be being optimistic, but I was shocked to see the results of the two voter referendums above. The percentages passing them were high 60’s to 70%. That’s big.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Of course it is Bush’s fault, we all know it was Bush that started the 90% myth about the US providing 90% of the firearms used by the Mexican drug cartels. It was Calderone, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein and then William Hoover (Assistant Director of Field Operations @ the BATFE) testifying before the US House that 90% of recovered firearms could be traced back to the US. The problem is, it is a myth and to continue the myth the lies have to be told. Fox News did a story on the myth and so did Stratfor Global Intelligence on Feb-10-2011.

    • Patriot077

      And Scoop posted the clip of all the white house tools talking up this deathly operation which proves just how decitful Carney’s blarney actually is. Put Carney’s words in the clip and then revert to Gibbs & Ogden and Incompetano talking about the president’s directive back in March of ’09.

  • jackl92

    F&F is proof positive that Dems do not have a soul. Thanks Rush.

  • I would also like to ask Carney, “Why has the Department of Justice’s Inspector General been investigating this case for 18 months now and still has not come up with even a statement, let alone a conclusion as to what happened and who was responsible for this botched operation?” And Jay, please tell us why after 18 months nobody from the DOJ has even been fired over this, let alone prosecuted for purjury? This is turning out to be another Watergate. The only difference is that, unlike Watergate, you have a lot of dead bodies in this scandal (one dead American border patrol agent and roughly 200 dead Mexicans). Sycophants like Carney make me sick.

  • tvlgds

    This is the most unaccountable, blame everyone else, administration in the history of this country, as far as I know. Unfrickingbelievable.

  • Josh

    Reminds me of another interesting conversation in “A Few Good Men”:

    Kaffee: …why would it be necessary to transfer him off the base?
    Jessup: Private Santiago was a sub-standard marine. He was being transferred off the base because–
    Kaffee: But that’s not what you said. You said he was being transferred because he was in grave danger.
    Jessup: Yes. That’s correct, but–
    Kaffee: You said, “He was in danger”. I said, “Grave danger”. You said–
    Jessup: Yes, I recall what–
    Kaffee: I can have the Court Reporter read back your–
    Jessup: I know what I said. I don’t need it read back to me like I’m a damn–
    Kaffee: Then why the two orders? Colonel?


  • NYGino

    To show you how desperate the regime is on this Carney says:

    “Given the economical challenges facing the country, we believe House Republicans should instead be engaged in efforts to create jobs and grow the economy rather than engage in political theater”

    In other words, the regime would rather talk about the economic condition of our Country, a subject they would rather avoid because of their failure and incompetence, rather than Fast and Furious, a subject that not only addresses their failure and incompetence, but also their engagement in criminal activity on many fronts and many levels.

    They are dancing as fast as they can.

    • EdHerold

      This administration will address our economic challenges as soon as our dear president finishes his 101st golf game!

      • cathmom

        But, but Obama just said a few weeks ago that our economy, the private sector, is doing just fine!!

        • NYGino

          He won’t say that again, that’s for sure. Might as well walk around
          with a sign saying…I DON”T HAVE A CLUE!

    • Patriot077

      As far as I’m concerned, I can handle more than one scandalous topic at a time. Hope the Reeps hold their feet to the fire on both these issues … and others that are truly significant as well. bury them.

    • marketcomp

      They almost act schizophrenic from doing too much blow! I mean on one hand they want to ignore the economy and the Constitution, and on the other hand they want the house republicans to focus on the economy which would emphasize his failed economic policies, and invoke executive privilege to cover his own wrong doings.

      • NCHokie02

        Agree…as soon as Republicans bring out another bill for fixing the economy the WH and dems will focus on another issue and ignore it. Of course the MSM will ignore it as well and focus on the latest and greatest “green energy” investment (until that goes bust) or what celebrity is doing what. Last night on NBC national news (whatever it’s called) they spend like a soundbite on fast and furious but spent about 5 minutes on the money that Prince William inherited on his 30th birthday from his mother. Because thats whats important to the American people, what a British Royal gets for his birthday. Didn’t we do something once upon a time to separate ourselves from the Bristish Royalty???…hmmm

        • marketcomp

          Yeah like a revolutionary war, NCHokie02. I think Nancy Pelosi has a lot of friends on planet stupider, as Rush called it!

  • steprock

    Sure, hold your breath. And how long did it take for the President to deign to offer any kind of proof that he is eligible for the office he now holds?

    Most transparent administration – evah.

    • NYGino

      Call me a Birther. The ‘proof’ that he put out is still suspect.

  • B-Funk

    There’s blood in the water. There’s dirt all up an down the chain of command here, and all this coming out is going to destroy Obama, Holder, et all.

  • No truly objective legal expert would call this purely political.

    It is ridiculous to suggest that House Republicans “should be involved in efforts to create jobs and grow the economy,” they have been. The House, under the Republicans, have passed nearly 30 bills to do just that only to have them tabled in the Senate and not even voted on. It is Democrats, including the POS in the White House who are intentionally preventing the economy from recovering.

  • Dan
  • jenndee

    It makes me sick that our great nation is lead by people that put Treyvon Martin and Hollywood elitests on a pedestal and cannot even remember Bryan Terry’s name. I pray people are paying attention to this filth.

  • This madness must end. Our White House is creating the most expensive reality show even Simon couldn’t dream up. Steven Sondheim did write a song that could well sum up this whole administration’s reign; “Send In The Clowns”. 42 years after he wrote it,they showed up; “They’re here.”

  • Jay

    Gregory Hines was reported to say of Jay Carney: “Now that man can tap dance!”

  • NCHokie02

    Rush that would be too easy. Your talking about the left here. Facts, truth and honesty don’t play a role.

  • bobemakk

    The notorious Obama “blame game” all over again.