Rush: The neocons are paranoid about Rand Paul since the filibuster

Rush opened his show with this little bit here, citing that he’s heard that the power structure in the Senate has been turned upside down and that the neocons are worried about Rand Paul because he comes from an isolationist gene pool.

It’s important to note that this isn’t Rush’s opinion, but this is what he’s hearing:

RUSH: It has. I mean, no question about it. There’s no question this Rand Paul business has totally upset the power structure in Washington, the Senate particularly. Low-information outreach working, successful. We have audio sound bite proof coming up. We are loaded today. McCain has called senators Paul and Cruz “wacko birds.” Senator McCain is calling them wacko birds because of the filibuster.

There is — I can’t tell you because I would be betraying confidences — but I’m telling you the power structure there has been totally turned upside down, in the Senate and in Washington. Even members of the Drive-By Media are talking about how they sense something major has changed here. All it really was, and the reason why it stands out, one guy stood up and dared challenge the regime. When you boil it all down, that’s what happened. That’s how absent that kind of behavior has been. I mean, it’s important it went for 13 hours, but still, somebody did it. Somebody challenged the administration and they’re alive today to talk about it, and they’re heroes. They’re heroes.

I’ll tell you who else upset by this, and I’ll explain this as the program unfolds. The neocons are paranoid. The neocons are paranoid because Rand Paul comes from his father’s gene pool. This isolationist wing is worried about maybe there’s something more going on here than simply opposing drone strikes. There’s all kinds of ramifications. Well, they might think he’s a kook, but they’re worried that he’s a kook that nobody thinks is a kook, and so they’ll follow him. He’s a stealth kook.


It’s their thinking. I don’t think this. I’m answering questions from the eager beaver staff here, who love getting me in trouble, by the way. It’s entertaining for them.


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  • Joe

    All the “Stand with Rand” Politicians are my Heroes

    McLame and company excluded !

    Rush is on the money – I can’t wait for Levin to chime in again!

    • Aworldinchaos

      Oh no, the old guard are in the death troughs, funny to watch.

    • Don

      McCain finished 894th out of 899 graduates from the Naval Academy ending up in the last .05% of that class. Meghan McCain is his daughter. Why he would be considered relevant is mind boggling. Grahamesty is just pathetic and nothing but his lapdog.

      • Aworldinchaos

        They’ll be running as D in no time. D for Dumb, Di**, Distaster and DEM

      • aposematic

        And… What’s up with Ayotte, following Gramnesty around?????

  • The old guard should be worried we are coming after them.

    Their heads are on the chopping block!

  • FutureOnePercent

    I posted a message about Rand Paul having the courage to finally stand up against the government in my communities Republican Facebook group, and this is the reply back that I got…

    “Cruz and Paul are a part of the problem…obstructionism at its worst. The better approach is pragmatism. That aligns with people such as Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio.”

    *Sigh* We have a long way to go folks…

    The battle starts with your own town’s Republicans.

    • Yup, we fight on two fronts.

    • Clearly they are trying to defend the old guard for their money out of backwards principles. It’s a perfect time to infiltrate the Republican party and get rid of career politicians and bring in activist go-getters.

      • cabensg

        I agree. I’ve been saying it forever. Why should we be the ones to leave the Republican party and all it infrastructure and name recognition. Reagan didn’t leave he changed it and that’s what we need to do. Kick them out and take it over. Palin believes this to and so does the Tea Party when they run candidates in primaries.

        • aposematic

          Yea, but that constant poke in the eye because the R Powers that Be take my vote for granted really is getting old even quicker now. The D’s, if they had been in charge, in VA would never have had the guts to put up all the terrible Legislation the R’s put up this past Legislative Session. But since the R’s were pushing the Legislation the D’s could vote their dreams while hiding behind the R’s. What good are R’s if they end up being as bad, or in VA’s case, worse than the D’s.

    • williamm

      Chris Christie?

    • Don

      The Civil War between the Conservatives and RINOs in the Republican Party will ultimately decide the future of our country. The socialists/communists are out of the closet and they are not going back.

      • Amjean

        Brilliant analysis!

      • Totally agree. Here is a prime example.

      • cabensg

        Your right on there. He!! there’s a new commie a day coming out of the woodwork since Obama was elected for a second term.

    • Go2Blazes

      We don’t need all those sellouts. We need people with a love for America and our Constitution, and who are not afraid to speak out against the outrages/PC-insanity… That excludes those three mentioned in your post.

    • Point out to them that Democrats invented obstructionism and it is their tactic du jour when out of power. they must of slept through the last five presidencies.

    • cabensg

      Geesh! I really lead a sheltered life. Out of all the people I know friends and acquaintances only one person voted for Obama another voted for him the first time but not the second time. Either I picked all conservatives or they picked me. Must be the area I live in. I think I’ll stay here.

      • Go2Blazes

        Lucky you! 🙂

    • jimmie smith

      Hmm…It’s funny that you bring up local politicians. I work for a weekly publication for our county. In the last six weeks there has been a concerted effort to undermine our republican rep. via our opinion page. The campaign has started, at least for the democrats. By the way, our representative ran on Tea Party principals, and beat a three term democrat..


    … Donate to Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky for the 2016 Tea Party Nominee for President of the United States as for VP Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas .”(period)

    • Amjean

      I agree 100% We have our nominees. Noone else need apply.

  • cabensg

    Turned upside down and all around in the little bubble the Republicans have been pretended to call the other party. Boehner, Cantor and Republican Senators have all had every opportunity you could think of to challenge this out of control administration. Obama has been outrageous, disingenuous and dangerous to the country and our foreign policy, he could have been called out a hundred times. Now someone has done it and been backed by others. This is scary to me for only one reason. We cannot afford an isolationist who believes in legalized drugs and other policies that are just as dangerous to our well being as socialism. Rand Paul could be just that guy. He’s articulate, informed and extremely smart. He’d take down Obama’s replacement in a landslide but in my opinion he’s not what America needs as president. He may be a savior in the short run, showing the way for others, but not in the long run

    • Turned upside down and all around in the little bubble the Republicans have been pretended to call the other party. Boehner, Cantor and Republican Senators have all had every opportunity you could think of to challenge this out of control administration. Obama has been outrageous, disingenuous and dangerous to the country and our foreign policy, he could have been called out a hundred times.

      Agree up to there. I would add that he didn’t do it the way our cowardly leadership has done things…..he went solo based on principle, and that’s what got the phones on fire and forced others to show up. He did what a man is supposed to do and did what needed to be done without scheming. I almost forgot to send him a thank you, and I’m going to take care of that right now.

      • cabensg

        He went solo on principle and I should have at least added I thank him with all my heart because it was now or never. I was thinking ahead instead of being grateful for the moment a moment we needed more than ever at the beginning of Obama’s second term and before the 2014 mid-terms. This could be a game changer and I agree Paul is a true patriot for not letting the opportunity slip away.

    • Amjean

      I have never heard or read that Rand Paul “believes in legalized drugs”.
      And as soon as I am finished posting on this commentary, I am going to go
      to Rand Paul’s website and see if I can find info on this topic; in the
      event there is none, I will email his office.

      As far as the “other policies” you mentioned, what are they?

      I love this guy and want to learn everything about him and his policies.

      • cabensg

        Sorry that was a pretty generic overview of Libertarianism. It is one of the reason some of the younger crowd was all ga ga over Ron Paul. Rand is a libertarian and in my view as a conservative, society is not a free for all which is how I view libertarianism. What Rand’s core principles are I don’t know for a fact only time will tell.

  • They’re very worried about Rand Paul – and with good reason….

    I know you dont agree with his foreign policy Scoop but he is basically his father, he just explains it better and won’t argue with people over it. Thus he is the more acceptable face.

    His views are well known and he is a non-interventionist. He is principled. He would oppose the iraq war like he opposed the libya intervention. He supports going after terrorists but doesn’t support a 12 year occupation and nation building.

    Defense lobbyists would have a lot to fear as he would bring troops home and cut budgets due to the deficits. And that’s absolutely the right thing to do. There is no justification for bases in England, Germany, Italy, Japan… 900 overseas bases. It costs a fortune and they must be closed. Military industrial complex won’t like this reality.

    • JS

      Actually I think the Iraq war was a mistake in the long run, where did it get us? It got us Obama.

      Edit to add: And the nation building has cost us a bloody fortune. I say we bomb the heck out of them and let them rebuild on their own. Heck Iraq/Afghanistan has oil let them pay for their weakness in letting a dictator rule them and bring terror to other nations.

      • Rand’s position is that the congress must declare war. if he was president and congress declared war it would be his duty to execute it as CiC (otherwise he could be impeached!) but he would fight the war, win the war and come home with congress undeclaring it.

        The problem we have now is congress passes Authorizations for Use of military force… in 2001 (terrorists) and 2003 (iraq). The 2001 one is very broad and allows for military action in any country not just Afghanistan so they use it to drone strike in Pakistan which I don’t think we should be doing even though they’re bad people you can’t just label someone a terrorist then blow them up and kill civilians in the process. It’s wrong and destructive. People in Pakistan hate Americans and for good reason, we blow them up in those little villages. Children and women. It’s horrible.

        Rand would not drone strike anyone and he’d probably support tightening up the 2001 Authorization so it only applies to Afghanistan. The iraq AUMF should be repealed since Obama insists he’s ended it. why is it still in place?

      • UnCL3

        In the future, when dealing with terrorist regimes assaulting our country:
        Bomb the crap out of them, back to the stone age if need be, and leave.

      • cabensg

        Sorry to disagree but the Iraq war did not get us Obama. We had 8 years of lies and 24/7 coverage of the war The lying liberal media gave us Obama.

        As for bombing them into oblivion, not a bad idea.

    • Amjean

      I agree with you 100% also.

      There is a lot for our military to do in this country, rather than fight
      wars overseas. Aren’t many soldiers from the National Guard?

      • The United States armed forces are not permitted to have operations within the borders other than training on military reservations. It’s called Posse Comitatus.

        • Amjean

          Are you saying that National Guard units are not called into combat?
          I am sure our representatives can alter “Posse Comitatus” to do some
          road and bridge building in the US. Heck, we nation build everyone else’s
          roads and bridges all across the world.

          • Being called up to active duty for combat deployment overseas to supplement regular units, and being deployed within the United States are two seperate animals.

            EXAMPLE: After Katrina, Bush could NOT send federal troops OR Guard troops into New Orleans, because the governor of the state at the time (Democrat) would not allow it. The LA guard troops were under the command of the same governor. When it all headed south, the media and that governor blamed Bush. Bush got stuck with it, because he didn’t fight back.

            They aren’t meals on wheels, a construction crew, or a roving police force. They are there to kill people and break things.

            Certain divisions and units within those groups specialize in construction and other things, like the Navy SeaBees. Some excel in disater relief, some in search and rescue. These are small divisions as part to supplement a whole. You can’t send an armored brigade to rebuild a bridge. You don’t send paratroopers to repave a road.

            I see no point in responding to you further, because you clearly have no clue what the Military and Guard are, their purpose, and how they are to be used. It would also be prudent for you to refraim from making such silly and stupid suggestions when you are demonstrably so clueless. You remind me of Obama.

            • Amjean

              You have proven who you are.

          • aposematic

            State Governors call out their National Guard Units all the time. Mostly in protective capacity during emergencies.

  • Patrick Henry

    I think this is the key part of what Rush said:

    “They, I think, are worried that Rand Paul might be skillful enough to move the Republican mainstream away from the McCain, Kristol, neoconservatism view of the world and toward a position that is not as extreme as his father’s, but is suspicious of interventionism, suspicious of Islamic democracy building, suspicious of financial and military support for dubious regimes. “

    • Peace through strength does not come from “if we leave them alone they will leave us alone” , Ron Paul isolationist stupidity.

      Throughout history, there are examples of fools who thought if they minded their own business, others would return the favor.

      Those civilizations ceased to exist, more often than not….after being slaughtered.

      I’m not saying we should have a “neocon” preventionist policy, but we do need to PROJECT strength and be engaged.

      • No one is coming to the US to slaughter Americans. The US is heavily armed society

        • “No one is coming to the US to slaughter Americans.” ? How did that work out with Pearl Harbor and 9-11 ?

          If you aren’t projecting strength, you invite others to project theirs. That’s the nature of the world.

          I’m not saying we need to be out nation building, but sitting in the corner thinking the bad guys will leave us alone if we mind our own business is the height of stupidity.

          Nations have fallen, civilizations have fallen thinking that way.

          Nazi tanks passed Soviet trains shipping trade goods to Berlin.

          Carthage completely disarmed under “Roman protection” to appease them and were slaughterd for their efforts.

          Chamberlain…nuff said. History is full of idiots like him.

          See: Carthage, Rome, Greece, the Aztecs, the Apache, the Cherokee, and on and on and on.

          READ world history and military history and LEARN from it.

          • MadAsHellJack

            @Darrell Griffin, I agree. We must make every other country in the world know that we are the BIGGEST, BADDEST MOFOS on the block. You kill one American we will kill ten thousand of you. You mess with US or our Allies and you are toast, period.

            • One also doesn’t need to “come here to slaughter” Americans in the Nuclear Age. Those of us who grew up during the Cold War understand what M.A.D. and deterrence means.

              My main concern is that Rand IS a kook like his father, but hides it better.

              Libertarians and Conservatives will never succesfully unite behind a candidate that is more PaulBot than they are libertarian, there IS a difference between the two.

              The PaulBot cult hurts the libertarian cause more than it helps it.

      • Erudite Mavin

        So, you believe in Reality rather than the libertarian world of theory.
        Good to see others have an understanding we cannot act like 1930s
        Europe and hunker in the bunker and close your eyes to the enemy

    • Rush also said “they are worried that Rand is an isolationist kook like his father.”

      Which is a legit concern.

  • deeme

    To be fair maybe they wanted to reserve the right to use drones on Obama if Nancy takes over the house again….in 2014
    I just read this…she admits to being a Communist says nothing is ours…is anyone else experiencing technical problems..I just was asked if I was sure I wanted to terminate my Disqus but I didn’t do anything to do that..???

  • NJK

    Call me a kook. They’re just not used to the United States Constitution and our founding. I’ll bet most of them have taken an oath to it, and have never read it. John McCain has dementia and is the wacko.

    • FreeManWalking

      Okay, You’re a KOOK!

      I don’t understand why you wanted me to do that. 🙂

  • Mr. Rand Paul – chapeau bas!

  • JS

    I hope heads are exploding…….

  • Betsey_Ross

    Back in 2010 McCain called the tea party ‘hobbits’. Frankly, I really didn’t know how to take it. After all the hobbits won. I now have a t-shirt inscribed with the words “Hobbit Power”. Looks like it will be all the fashion come spring.

    I’m not all that interested in ascribing a foreign policy to Rand Paul yet. What’s really important is that a Republican finally stood up for the Constitution and his country. That’s all the tea party has been trying to do. In fact it’s what I would expect from any Republican and have been longing for ever since the Leftys passed Porkulous. No one stood up for his or her country. Not one of them. Finally someone from the Senate defends the Constitution and it is a game changing moment. Where were the Republicans back in ’09? Any one of them could have done the same, but they didn’t. If one of them had, then that person would be president today. Sadly no one took up the call.

    Hopefully some others will join Paul. He is the one that started it. I know Cruz will join Paul. In fact Cruz sort of gave Rand the idea. The opportunity arose and Paul took the idea and ran with it. It didn’t cost him a penny except sore feet. This guy is a Patriot. Where are the rest of the Patriots?

    BTW. To Ms. Lindsey and McCain. STFU!

    • Amjean

      I agree with you 100% also! (I am having a 100% agreement day!!LOL)

  • stage9

    I get all of these pejoratives confused.

    I thought a neocon was “an intellectual and political movement in favor of political, economic, and social conservatism that arose in opposition to the perceived liberalism of the 1960s”.

    Um, isn’t that what we all are?

    • When I hear the term neocon I think of authoritarian war-mongering blowhard, they take peace through strength to a whole new level than Reagan did, to me they rather bomb first ask questions later.. When I see a neocon I see McCain and Graham, I don’t see them as conservatives like Palin and Cruz.

      • That’s a good summary.

      • FreeManWalking

        Funny, when I see McCain’t and Gramnesty all I see is a couple of Buttholes.

      • stage9

        Ah, ok. Sort of like a Bush…

  • I think Rand Paul got so much publicity because he was the first major Republican to stand up to Obama in a very public way. And all the conservatives out there are saying, “It’s about time!” We need to see A LOT more of this, NOT less, which is what McCain always wants to do. “Bipartisanship” according to McCain always means how much the Republicans are willing to surrender to liberals. And this MUST STOP! Paul showed that you can not only stand up to the White House, but survive it, get a lot of great and positive publicity, and force the White House to back down. In short, the RINOs need to grow a spine if they want to survive the next four years against the Democratic machine.

    • Agreed

    • I agree but a lot of people are still ticked regardless of this for his vote to pass Hagel and this will get forgotten because in the end Brennan got the job and Holder answered his question.

    • cabensg

      In short, the RINOs need to grow a spine if they want to survive the next four years against the Democratic machine.

      Or 2014 against conservative opponents which is what I’d druther.

  • bjohnson55

    Wow “isolationist gene pool”, these RINO’s can’t find a big enough or fast enough bus to throw Rand Paul under now can they? This is almost comical watching these rats scurry all about not know which direction to run.

    • It’s not Rand I am worried about, it’s the PaulBot fleas that come with him.

  • Amjean

    BS. Noone in the rino repub elite leadership thinks Rand Paul is a kook.
    They have told this to Rush so he will plant the seed. I am surprised Rush
    fell for this crapola.

    The leadership is scared of Rand Paul because they know he is NOT a kook!
    Just like they are scared of Sarah Palin because they know she is NOT stupid!

  • FreeManWalking

    About Rand, “Well, they might think he’s a kook, but they’re worried that he’s a kook that nobody thinks is a kook, and so they’ll follow him.

    He’s a stealth kook.

    As opposed to McCain’t and Gramnesty there is NOTHING Stealthy about their KOOKY A$$

  • Sober_Thinking

    Glad to see things seem to be shaken up a bit.

    My hope is that other conservatives will come forward and be more vocal.

    And McLame and Graham can go lump it… what a bunch of bitter babies.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Everyone here that has read what I have to say know that I am a freedom loving, capitalist and this comment is in no way an attack on Rush, I hope this doesn’t sound liberal, but Rush could do so much more but he misses the opportunity to do so by making his listeners become members so they can get his podcasts, in turn in this Obama economy not everyone can pay a subscription. I guess my point is, that if I had to choose between Levin and Rush, I will pick Levin hands down because of the many ways you can listen to him, and do so for free.

    • louisiana_mom

      You can read Rush’s transcripts everyday… that’s how I keep up with Rush, they are on his web site.

    • Patriot077

      To my knowledge, Levin and Beck are the only major radio hosts who do not charge for their 24/7 podcasts. And, as Louisana Mom said, Rush makes his full transcript available every day. I signed up for his free daily newsletter with the show highlights, too.

  • My two favorite senators are Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

    #3 on the list is Ted Cruz.

  • Would these unnamed “neocons” be the same people who are opposing Obama’s decision to try terrorists in civilian courts???

  • Jay

    I heard this and I was sorry I voted for McCain. Although I’m not a conspiracy theorist it occured to me that maybe in ’08 he was the actual Manchurian candidate and not 0 like some opine.

  • spin43

    Stand with Rand. Flush McShame down the john. Vote Grahamnesty out of office SC in 2014! Where is Trey Gowdy? WOULD GOV. HALEY CONSIDER RUNNING FOR THE SENATE? If you live in SC and not a no-information voter, please suggest a conservative candidate.

  • StNikao

    Please read this on the filibuster:

    We need to think this through carefully. There is still a lot of Ron in Rand.

    There are unpleasant and deadly consequences to not thinking things completely all the way through.

  • keninil

    Did the the Republicans during their dinner with O get to have forks and knives — or is the fork and knife prohibition only for Hispanics and other “No pay” audiences?

  • colliemum

    Can is say that I love this: ‘stealth kook’?

    Perhaps we can even say ‘stealth attack kook’??


  • americalsgt

    Let’s calm down. Rand is Patrick Henry, and I’m really glad he did what he did. It seems to me every time someone stands up to Obama everyone thinks it’s the second coming of Ronnie. He did a great job. He got Obama and Holder to back down, and he made the old guard prove that they are just old, and no guard.

  • Longiron

    Rush is good but he has his friends like Karl Rove and he protects them. He also is somewhat gullable to what politicians say to him. You point is well taken

    • Don’t you mean Sean Hannity? Sean’s the one who keeps having Rove and all the other Liberal losers like Lanny Davis, Austin Goolsbee on and keeps calling them his friends. Rush has Rove’s number as far as being an anti- Conservative/anti-TEA Party person.

  • TheRealRealityChecker

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Rand Paul should be the WH Chief of Staff, with Star Parker as POTUS, and Cruz as VPOTUS. His dad Ron should be the Sec of the Treasury, and John Bolton as Secretary of State!!!!!!