Rush: The neocons are paranoid about Rand Paul since the filibuster

Rush opened his show with this little bit here, citing that he’s heard that the power structure in the Senate has been turned upside down and that the neocons are worried about Rand Paul because he comes from an isolationist gene pool.

It’s important to note that this isn’t Rush’s opinion, but this is what he’s hearing:

RUSH: It has. I mean, no question about it. There’s no question this Rand Paul business has totally upset the power structure in Washington, the Senate particularly. Low-information outreach working, successful. We have audio sound bite proof coming up. We are loaded today. McCain has called senators Paul and Cruz “wacko birds.” Senator McCain is calling them wacko birds because of the filibuster.

There is — I can’t tell you because I would be betraying confidences — but I’m telling you the power structure there has been totally turned upside down, in the Senate and in Washington. Even members of the Drive-By Media are talking about how they sense something major has changed here. All it really was, and the reason why it stands out, one guy stood up and dared challenge the regime. When you boil it all down, that’s what happened. That’s how absent that kind of behavior has been. I mean, it’s important it went for 13 hours, but still, somebody did it. Somebody challenged the administration and they’re alive today to talk about it, and they’re heroes. They’re heroes.

I’ll tell you who else upset by this, and I’ll explain this as the program unfolds. The neocons are paranoid. The neocons are paranoid because Rand Paul comes from his father’s gene pool. This isolationist wing is worried about maybe there’s something more going on here than simply opposing drone strikes. There’s all kinds of ramifications. Well, they might think he’s a kook, but they’re worried that he’s a kook that nobody thinks is a kook, and so they’ll follow him. He’s a stealth kook.


It’s their thinking. I don’t think this. I’m answering questions from the eager beaver staff here, who love getting me in trouble, by the way. It’s entertaining for them.


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