RUSH: When Democrats lose do they ever openly discuss abandoning their core principles?

Attacking the notion that Republicans have to moderate their positions since they lost the last election, Rush asks if the Democrats ever discuss moderating their positions when they lose? Do they ever discuss becoming more pro-life or abandoning gay marriage? Because that’s exactly what we are doing now.


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  • Rshill7

    You certainly don’t moderate when you really won. Start screaming about the fraud. That’s what I want answers to. Make ’em come clean. Hose ’em down. Strip the scantilly clad emperor buck naked and make him dance!

    • colliemum


      What are they afraid of?

      I really do not understand this deafening silence from those who should be shouting from the rooftops: Rove, Priebus, and yes, even Romney.

      As Allen West wrote on his facebook: this is not about who ‘gets’ the seat/gets to be President: this seat belongs to the people, and the people have been disenfranchised.

      It’s not good enough to get people to donate money, to ask them to work and fight for you, and then cave in in the face of this huge fraud.
      Keeping quiet is a betrayal of all those people, and especially of those who voted and have their votes now shredded, suppressed, defrauded.

      • Actually I’ll give Rove credit on this one. His reaction after the election was called was the same reaction a lot of us felt. Utter disbelief and skepticism.
        Rove’s a power playing RINO who’s usually wrong, but his reaction towards Obama and the fraud was fine.

        • colliemum

          Yes, he was shocked – but then, why is he not doing something about this?
          Apparently, there were 57 of divisions in Philadelphia which had zero votes for McCain in 2008, so in seems strange that Rove would be caught unawares.

          I can sort of understand that he didn’t do anything about voter fraud in 2008 because the majority for Obama was so overwhelming, but he should’ve done something then, as he should be doing something now, because voter fraud cannot and must not be tolerated.

          • He did express skepticism of the legitimacy of the vote in Ohio and took the heat for it. Few wanted to join that.

            I’ve far from a Rove apologist, but in that instance he was channeling what we were thinking.

  • YES!!! Thank you Rush! I missed this earlier, so thank you Scoop for getting it up!!

    I am SO sick of republicans rolling over, and always being so spineless! I refuse to give up what I believe in, what I live by. If republicans and the gop don’t like it and if they continue to be so freaking weak to stand for what they believe in, I’ll take my future votes somewhere else. I don’t stand with people who are so willing to give up, to crumble and who slander those who DO stand on their principles. This is the last straw for me.

    • Sinsonta

      Exactly, the GOP is totally lost. They are incapable to fight EVIL. They still believe in the old times. They refused to see that Obama was not, isn’t a regular politician, but an EVIL guy who wants power to become a dictator. Now that the balance has tripped where the none-producers are more than the producers is going to become more and more difficult to defeat the progressivism in this country.

      • Well said! Welcome to The Right Scoop.

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        “Exactly, the GOP is totally lost.”

        GOP is lost to we conservatives, surely; they [establishment RINOs] are quite content continuing to siphon the taxpayers’ money into their own coffers, though. Why would they want to change that?

  • Republicans have already dispatched their opinion shapers. If they give on immigration, the country is done. They will have millions of new Dems in swing states and TX, and the next push will be for voting rights (which aren’t fully necessary with the amount of voter fraud) and that wedge will once again be used against Republicans like immigration is being used now.

    We will not win those votes because they view us as their oppressor. It will take years to undo the conditioning Dems have put black and latino people through…..and it will never happen with the public school system and corrupt media.

    • Sinsonta

      That is also my opinion. No matter what the Republican will do for the illegals, they will become Democrats after getting their citizenship. Pres Reagan gave them amnesty, and it didn’t work & will never work because as you said, we are the oppressors and they fall into two categories; the ones that like the handouts and the opportunistics. We all waited for the election believing that with our vote we will be successful in defeating the missery that BHO has created in America. It didn’t work and my question is are we going to wait for another election???

      • Even if we promise the illegals the moon, they’d be Democrats no matter what we do.

  • sDee

    It is the Kabuki dance. We keep buying a ticket to the same show and keep expecting a different outcome.

    This is the Republicans given role. We just got told we had to hold our noses and support a Republican candidate further to the left of any President in recent memory and just smidgen to the right of Marxist one we just elected.

    He loses and now they tell us we should gone more socialist.

    Anyone want to buy a ticket for the matinee?

    • I’ve gotten dizzy just watching the dance sDee. I wanna go to a better dance hall.

    • Orangeone

      And the RINO’s have already started 2016 with Amnesty-boy Rubio.

      • I’ve been hearing whispers about little brother Bush as well. OY!

        • Orangeone

          I know.  Gag me.  I think it’s time we release Mr. Grizzly!

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I’ll take Rubio in a heartbeat!

        • noooooo!!! sorry C_brother. My fingers got away from me there.

        • Orangeone

          Amnesty guy who admitted he would have violated federal law to enter the US illegally.  He is a closet Democrat.  We need a true conservative like Allen West.

          • Not to mention he’s a pet of Jeb. I loved George, and I loved Jeb. They were right for the time, but they are still big government guys, and support the establishment. I wish Jeb would retire and go hang out in Crawford.

            • Conservative_Hippie

              AbC, Just because Rubio is a pet of Jeb, doesn’t make him Jeb-lite. For one thing Rubio as a christian is more socially conservtive than Jeb Bush. Or am I missing something here?

              • C_Brother, I used to like Rubio A LOT when he first came onto the scene, but, and I don’t mean to leave you hanging, because I really do need to get offline for a while- but he’s said and voted for questionable things, and his amnesty ideas was kind’a the last straw for me. Plus being propped up by Jeb (and I really do like Jeb because he was a great governor) but that makes me sqeamish also. I’ll talk more later brother!!

          • My question is how do we get “media types” who fully agree with conservatism to go the route needed to go.

            GOP needs to be replaced. I think that there may be a third party that has started a ball rolling, add the Tea Party and the media voices to the mix and you will have a movement that will make the GOP the fourth party it deserves to be.

            • How about the Constitution Party? It’s already around and it’s name sounds a whole lot better than “Grand Old Party”.

          • Conservative_Hippie

            His position on amnesty is not extreme in my opinion. Aside from the amnesty isuue, what makes you think Rubio is not a true conservative?

        • colliemum

          Do you really want a candidate already ‘chosen’ by the corrupt MSM – the same MSM who choose McCain and Romney? So that the dems can work on strategies against him for the next four years?

          Btw – what is wrong with choosing Allen West? Or Sarah Palin?

          • The media didn’t choose Romney, they hated him. The only GOP candidate they liked (and couldn’t shut up about how much they liked) was Huntsman.

            • Conservative_Hippie


          • Conservative_Hippie

            I love Allen West and Sarah Palin and would vote for both of them in a heartbeat also. I disagree that the MSM anointed Rubio. It seems to me they didn’t like him, see here:


            and here


            and I can find more if you need it colliemom. BTW, I mean no negativity toward you I just think tht among us conservatives Rubio is misrepresented. 🙂

            • colliemum

              I do understand, conservative_hippie, and thanks for the links.

              I’d suggest, however, that conservatives have become highly allergic to candidates who are apparently pushed as the new nominee, days after the election was over. Not astonishing, really, given the last two ‘experiences’.

              I’d take Palin/West or the other way round in a heartbeat – that would be the best reason to emigrate to the USA!

    • Romney was to Obama’s right, both Bush’s right, Wilson’s right, Clinton’s right, Carter’s.
      He’s not a big conservative but he wouldn’t have been the most or second most liberal president ever.

  • PhillyCon

    Seriously, its about time someone said this. I am getting sick and tired of being told that our party has to be Dem lite.

    Thank you Rush. Its too bad the party poo-bahs such as Boehner and company won’t listen to this. Maybe, Rush can have a chat with his pal, Hannity.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Amen Philly!

      • PhillyCon


        I did not like Erickson when he had PDS, but I like his post here.

        The darndest thing is I’m listening to all this handwringing and most of it is coming from a lot of people who’ve never really been conservative or supported conservatism. These people hated our ideas and values when we were winning and now choose this opportunity to sell us out the way they’ve always wanted. The conservative herd is headed off a cliff led by a consultant class that would otherwise now be swimming in pools full of dollar bills like Scrooge McDuck.

        These people would have us believe that we must make fundamental changes to draw in new voters. We must exile social conservatives to bring in young people and single women. We must exile fiscal conservatives to bring in hispanic and black voters. With whatever is left from having exiled both, these geniuses would have us believe the Democrats in whose camp these groups already find themselves will just sit back and let it happen.

        • Rshill7

          If, in the future we clean up the voter fraud, this axiom will still be true. “When you run a democrat against a democrat, the democrat always wins.”

          • PhillyCon

            We also need to get rid of people like Rove.

            • This is finally proof, or should be, that their way doesn’t work. Being moderate, doesn’t work (if this election was close)……

              Unfortunately, these establishment type guys are looking for any excuse other than that it was their insistence that our candidate be moderate and nut-swinging on Romney since before the primary. Medved pointed the finger at voter enthusiasm shut down by Obama…..but never once questioned the idea that many on the right have been screaming about- the base needs to be motivated to vote, by a strong conservative. Likely these other guys will blame the “extreme” right (ya know, those that don’t believe a mother has the right to dismember her baby inside her womb) as the reason we lost rather than the fact that they pushed a candidate that they wanted over a candidate the people selected.

              • PhillyCon

                Yes, we have been screaming that this moderate, electable way doesn’t work. Yet, conservatives, err “extremists” still get blamed. Unreal.

                Romney ran a moderate campaign, not attacking, not dwelling on those “awful” social issues. And what happened? We lost.

                I ran into my RINOish congressman, and he said, the people who we were supposed to get, you know “the ones that vote their pocketbook,” NEVER DID. Why is that? I thought EVERYONE voted the economy? It seems these women that Romney was supposed to get, actually voted for abortion issues. How crazy is that?/

                • It demonstrates what Rush and others are saying, it is always social issues that drive elections.

                • PhillyCon

                  It turns the RINO/moderate assumptions on its head, doesn’t it? Once upon a time, Rove understood this too. How do you think Bush was re-elected in 2004? It was the gay marriage issue that got these voters to the polls.

                • I think it’s time to use “guerrilla” tactics with regards to the most important social issue. These uninformed voters need to know what exactly the left supports under the guise of “women’s rights”. At this point, I would not be opposed to airing a graphic 30 second commercial on exactly what partial birth abortion is. The reason they clobber us so hard with our views on abortion is that they want us to drop it so that we don’t expose what the issue is to the majority of voters. The right has to fight back as distastefully as the left fights us……only the truth will be on our side.

                • @ Stewie: That is a good start on ONE of the many issues that conservatives and liberals disagree on. There was another very BIG issue that had a major influece on this election. Most people still believe the financial meltdown of 2008 was caused by Wall Street and the Republicans & Bush that let the One-Percenters screw the rest of us financially. Somehow we need to educate the public that limited government and Free Enterprise did not cause the 2008 crisis and is, in fact, the foundation of any prosperous economy. It stunned me when I read that most people think that Republicans & Bush are to blame for our current weak economy.

                • PhillyCon

                  Jeffry Bell: The Case for Polarized Politics

                  Social Issues and the Santorum Surge


        • Yet, I am leaning towards, let it happen. The GOP ship is sinking and we do not have enough buckets to dump out the water and the ballast is broken.

  • Rocco11

    I love Rush, but he’s far too casual about voter fraud on the democrat side.

    • opinionatedhermit

      Hey Rocco, excellent point.

      I really wish he would bring this up as well.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        He’s afraid to sound to tin hattish.

        • opinionatedhermit

          Where I come from voter fraud isn’t “tin hattish.” And, I really don’t care what side is engaging in it.

          But, you are welcome to explain 148% of registered voting going on.

          Why do you think it occurred? No tin hat required. Just a straight answer…..

          • Conservative_Hippie

            No problem. Thanks for the compliment! I said what I said from the viewpoint of why I thought Rush was not harping on voter fraud. Of course I believe there was rampant voter fraud. I mean in 59 voting districts in Philly and not one vote for Romney!? Come on!

    • he actually just did now (11 minutes after you posted) and it’s good.

      • PhillyCon

        Check out the link to ConHippie … i.e. Erikson’s post (below). It’s exactly what we were talking about in the other thread.

        • Excellent! I just posted it to facebook. Sometimes when Scoop is slow, I go and read the archives. I save the last spot where I was so I can go back (I am severely addicted to this site) And it amazes me that during the primaries, most of us saw the writing on the wall, yet we were desperate to vote even an orange juice can over dear leader. Well, the orange juice was named Romney, and well…. I’ll leave that alone now. But this article is good. I just hope this time people really will do something to change things.

          • MLCBLOG

            The Scoopster is never slow!! just kidding. I’ve gone a little nuts since the election. Anything for a laugh.

            • lol.

              • PhillyCon
                • Excellent article! His saying, ” response to aggression, not an initiation of it” is SO what I’ve tried to tell liberal friends and family!!! When they try and tell me that we want to impose stuff on them, I tell them we are only trying to stop the imposing and reign in what the government endorses and spends on.

                  Thanks PhillyCon!!

                • PhillyCon

                  No problem. I knew you would appreciate this article.

                  This is one of the main reasons I supported Santorum after Palin declined to run.

                • I admit, I came to Santorum after Cain and Bachmann, but I appreciated Santorum a lot and he had my backing once my other 2 choices were forced out.

      • MLCBLOG

        Hey!! maybe he’s got TRS up on his screen!!

        • 😀 While I LOVE it when Levin or Rush give a hat tip to Scoop, at the same time, I can’t get on because the site keeps crashing on me lol. I wouldn’t doubt it though that he’s got Scoop’s site on his favorites!

  • opinionatedhermit


    Thank you Rush.

    If the Republican Party doesn’t want my vote anymore, all they need to do is tell me……

  • Conservative_Hippie

    And this is why Kemberlee’s arguement on the other post doesn’t follow. Her arguement was built on a straw man; that McCain and Romney were representatives of true conservativism. Both McCain and Romney had distance themselves from their pro-choice backgrounds during the campaigns to try and lure more conservatives to vote for them. I’ll betcha McCain is back to his pro-choice stance already.

    The answer is not for the GOP to have a candidate that is more moderate. No, in order for the GOP to win the election they must provide a true conservative, hopefully one that is a christian and can unite people, West and Rubio to name a couple. And by the way, Kemberlee, we will welcome you and your young social liberals into the GOP, as long as you don’t mind voting for a social conservative 😉


      As long as Rove and his boys are running things, that will never happen.

      • Conservative_Hippie


      • As long as the rules are in place, they will never go away….

        • MLCBLOG

          I am not quite sure what you are talking about here. We need rules for order and safety.

          • I am talking about the rules of the GOP that were changed cutting the legs of “grass roots” organizations during the convention.

            • MLCBLOG

              Thank you. I had forgotten that immense blunder by the Repubs. What are they doing agreeing to this kind of thing? Oh, that’s right. It’s the RINO’s vs the tea partiers.

  • Jim Botts

    I’ve been of the opinion that retaking the GOP is a better path than 3rd party, but I have to really wonder.

    The GOP elite don’t want conservatives, and they are too powerful to overcome. The name brand is absolutely mud anyway.

    I’m open to moving the flag under the Libertarian party. It’s got ballot access in all 50 states, it wouldn’t be completely starting from scratch.

    In the meantime, to all those that didn’t vote or voted Obama. You wanted this leviathan? FINE. YOU PAY FOR IT!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Never Libertarian. They are more RINO than the GOP.

      • opinionatedhermit

        Hey Hippie,

        Excellent point. For me it isn’t so much they are Rhino’s. Too many are actually more along the lines of a Ralph Nader. There really is a difference between the left and right sides of Libertarianism. And, they are going to have to deal with it.

        For me. I will always appreciated Harry Brown. The man was awesome.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          I stand corrected, your explaination is better.

      • Jim Botts

        That segment of the L party you mention would be completely overrun by us, by shear numbers alone. At present they can’t even elect one lousy congressman………ANYWHERE.

      • MLCBLOG

        In my observation, the Libertarians are all over the map.

    • sDee

      So I look back over my voting awareness and participation – from Kennedy/Nixon to Obama/Romney. With one bright and brilliant exception, the Republican Party, win or lose has consistently abandoned core principles in compromise, grown central government and incrementally eroded the Constitution.

      Conservatives lose with the Republican Party even when they win. At least with a Third Party we could go down fighting instead of surrendering.

      • YAY!!

      • NoToTyrants

        I understand the trepidation of many Conservatives to start a third party. They fear it will dilute our power. That is certainly true in the short-term. We will suffer greatly in the short-term.

        However, in the long-term our power would increase exponentially. Currently as a part of the Republican party big tent, we are segregated to the part of the tent containing the circus animals. The GOPe will only pay attention to us at election time, and only then to corral and whip us into voting for their selected leftist candidate. We are told if we are not obedient by voting for their leftist candidate, that we are culpable for the election of the dreaded Democrat party leftist, who in reality is only one shade of two left of GOPe candidate.

        The barrage us with the inculcation that only their GOPe candidate is electable and ours are extremists. Thus, our Conservative principles of morality, life, free market capitalism, personal responsibility, private property, limited government, liberty, and freedom are extreme and will turn off moderates. It is the same marketing campaign every election cycle and many otherwise Conservative voters fall for it every time.

        The truth is they cannot win any election without us. We are the most crucial part of the coalition, we are its’ foundation. The “moderates” will follow the momentum. But, without us the Republican party would soon crumble. The illusion is the GOPe holds the power, but it is just that an illusion, they are a tiny minority, and it is time they were shown that.

        BREAK THE COALITION, BREAK THE PARTY, and the GOPe will have to distress over their message when it comes to us. It will have to reevaluate its’ position when it comes to us. The will have to “modernize the message” when it comes to us. They will have to pander to us. They will have to reach out to us. We are the poles in the middle of the “big tent” keeping it from collapsing. Remove us and the ‘big tent” becomes a “big tarp” smothering anyone stupid enough to remain in the “big tent” as it collapses.

        A new party is the only way to teach the GOPe this valuable life lesson. They think they are our masters, when in fact, the power they have over us is power we have foolishly yielded to them. I would love to see Karl Rove and his ilk disgraced and discredited for the traitorous devious scoundrels they are.

        • thumb’s up

        • Whatever works as long as this party is viable by the deadline of 2016. We can and must take the White House by then. If they try to coronate Jeb, well it seems it’ll be obvious and we could run a third party candidate that would get traction.

      • Absolutely

  • johnos2112

    Rush is right as usual. Keep Moderating RNC and you will continue to lose elections and piss of the base that does NOT support this.

  • PhillyCon

    Does anyone remember the 2004 election? They called the year of the “values voter.” This is when they voted in droves for Bush. The Dems were supposed to conduct research on how to speak to religious voters. It never came to fruition, of course. And the rest is history. Pelosi and Reid fought him every step of the way, along with the “anti-war” movement which has been in hiding for the past four years.

    • YAY! Excellent PhillyCon! Yes!

      • PhillyCon

        Exactly so. This call for moderation has been around since I was eligible to vote in Bush/Clinton. Alot of this stuff is just re-gurgiated nonsense every four years.

    • DNC took a note of 2010 beating and decided what to do:
      stuff all voting places with their people, kick out Republcian watchers, if any, dump Romney’s votes.

      AND SO THEY DID…………………….

  • Rshill7

    How does one team ever beat the other team when the other team cheats every play, and there are no referees? Hello! Where’s the referees? There is a rule book I’ve heard. It’s called the rule of LAW! What’s the point of that law if there are no refs, no eyewitnesses, no plaintiffs, no defendants, and no judges?

    Good grief! First things first. Uncover the fraud. I don’t want to hear about what we do when we lose. We didn’t lose! There were face-masks, clipping, head shots, hitting too high, hitting too low, blocking in the back, illegal passes to ineligible players, neutral zone infractions too. Not only that, the scorekeeper just kept upping the opponents score willy nilly!

    Expose the fraud you stupid weenies or simply let them slather you mustard, relish and onions and bite you your hot diggity heads off! You make me sick.

    • (((())))s mybear. I don’t think they’ve cared about that pesky thing “law” for a long time now. This whole voter fraud thing is just another piece of trash thrown on a pile of fast and furious Benghazi illegal alien infiltrating muslim brotherhood loving America destroying garbage.

    • sDee

      The unspoken bond of the Beltway. One thing two competing crime families will always have in common, is breaking the law and owning the lawmen.


      God’s got the rule book. He watches. Justice will ultimately prevail. Evil meets its own demise.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I agree with this!

    • colliemum

      Tell us how you really feel, rshill7 – don’t be shy!

      (Love your post, +1000 if I could!)

  • StrangernFiction

    No, when ‘rats lose they do not abandon their attempts to gain power and control others.

  • notebene

    THANK YOU, RUSH!!! He hit the nail on the head…the GOP is like a desperate girl trying to get a date. Willing to compromise any sound principle to make them sound more appealing, makes the GOP look desperate and stupid. I have been a card-carrying Republican for 25 years and after this election, I am dropping them like a hot potato! Not because my core beliefs have changed, but because I’m sick of a spineless group of RINOS telling me to change my core! Screw them! I will not change my view of abortion, gay marriage, fiscal responsibility, or personal responsibility! I also won’t support a party that cuts and runs when confrontation is needed! The GOP didn’t question a single vote and ran off on those of us who worked so hard to get the Imposter out! The Imposter didn’t win by a landslide, and there were plenty of suspicious election reports that should have been investigated before cutting and running! I will be an Independent and all will have to work for my vote. Not that I believe we will ever have real elections after this. I believe we will indeed collapse into a banana republic thanks to the fools in the GOP.

  • Emme30

    Rush is right! We had a real Conservative in Rick Santorum! Maybe like Reagan in 1976 & 1980 we can correct the mistake in 2016! There is no need to change our values! We are great in number. We just need to stick together!


      Rove and his pudgy pink gang did in each and every conservative as they were presented to us….because they think they know better.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I’m so sick of Rove!

        • NoToTyrants

          Karl Rove and the consultant class need to be completely disgraced and ran out on a rail.

          Rove is more responsible for Obamacare and Obama, than any single individual on Earth. The Architect’s advice to GW led to the Democrat take over of Congress in 2006, which culminated in Tarp, Obama, Obamacare, The Stimulus, Auto bailouts,…etc.

          Karl Rove is a syphilitic infection. And we need some Penicillin.


    This is my problem with El Rushbo. He is so naive. Do the Dems HAVE any core principles except the fundamental transformation of our great country into a second rate, less prosperous one?

    • sDee

      You may have answered your own question 😉

      The leftists have distilled out some very core principles common to all the various forms to totalitarianism, marxisism and globalism that have preceeded thiers. They stick to them, providing a common bond.

      Witness how quickly the islamists have integrated into the Democratic Party dispite isalm being fiercely antithetical to the left’s women, homosexual, race, abortion, secular and and social platform. It is not because it is a big tent. It is because they all know where the tent pole is.

      • MLCBLOG


  • Well, yes and no. If Rush is right, then why didn’t a more conservative candidate win in the primaries, like Santorum or Perry? I think Rush is basically right, but you need a better messenger, like Marco Rubio or Rand Paul. Also, Republicans have to come to grips with the fact that: (A) You basically have a lot of dumb and uninformed voters out there and (B) You have a mainstream news media and a clutural television media that is far left and is constantly trashing Republicans.

    Face it, when the bulk of the population is getting its “news” from The Daily Show, The View, David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Us magazine, Rolling Stone, and radio shows like “The Pimp With A Limp,” you are in serious, serious, trouble. There was a good reason why Obama ONLY went on all of those shows. I don’t really know how you overcome all of that media and cultural bias. Add to that the fact that Obama promises everything to everyone in his quest to transform this nation into a socialist paradise, and you have a deadly combination when it comes to trying to defeat a Democrat for president.

    The only answer I have is NOT to give up and NOT to give up your principles. If you do, then you’re no better than being a Democrats light, just like in Great Britain, and we can all see how well that’s working out for them. But the key is to make inroads in the mainstream and cultural media, and I really don’t know how you can do that. Maybe the only way to do that is to get a conservative from Hollywood to run for president. Don’t think we can find one? Hmmm, I seem to remember a fellow by the name of Ronald Reagan. He started life out as an actor, didn’t he?

    • Emme30

      Senator Santorum won just as many states as Reagan did in 1976. Then Reagan came back & won in 1980. I still think he is the best option. I think he would win!

    • At the same time it did not help that the “conservative media” like Ann Coulter threw all the conservatives under the bus beating the drum of “electability” and trying to argue that Romney is “the true conservative”.

      If we are serious, we should start seeing conservatives take the needed steps. Here is an article about the slow train of fifty years of mistakes

      As long as we continue to send our kids to government schools and continue to believe pragmatism is more important than principle, we will never see the change that is needed to correct the way we are going.

  • I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps the Republican Party is ready for the leadership this country and the world requires. If abandoning your core principles, (led by a pundit class that has never run for office and is just as insular as the beltway,) then we are not ready for leadership. Pandering to any group is not leadership and certainly won’t work with the ME.

    It is time to take a stand my fellow Americans. I started with Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard this morning. Where will you start and with whom?

    • I started with my fellow Scoopers and I’ll always stand with my Scoop family.

    • sDee

      I will start in my state- North Carolina. The Federal government is now a corrupt lawless one party system. We will have little to fall back on except the States once they flip the Supreme Court

      We have had setbacks but I feel good about our work here. In 2010 we elected the first Republican House and Senate in 100 years. We passed a marriage amendment. In 2012 we changed that to a super majority in both the House and Senate and a Republican Governor. We may even get a Republican Lt Governor after a runoff/recount.

      We will pass voter id law, work at voter fraud, tighten immigration enforcement, take back our schools, reverse a century of gerrymandering….

      • God Bless you and North Carolina!

      • GetWhatYouPayFor

        You need to foster State media. Kick the liberals out of the business! National media including and especially FOX is the enemy. They all are married economically to the establishment. Identify the enemy! I love your posts and opinions. I am serious about this recommendation. Just like big Government we need to fight big National communications. They are all the same.

  • Joe

    Rush – Here are your choices

    Get the masses to demand a full recount to uncover the OBVIOUS FRAUD



    Let’s see what you are really made of!

    YOU GOT SCAMMED just like we did !

    YOU were played – The Dems outsmarted YOU!

    • You’re tough Joe, but it’s the truth. If someone like Rush doesn’t demand a full re count, then he needs to get out of the way for us to.

      (((()))s Joe!

      • Joe


        You ALWAYS make my day!

    • sDee

      It has to be said and asked.

      I have been conservative and a Republican my entire life – I am convinced that we are now literally watching the make-up peel and the costumes fall from these Kabuki dancers.

  • pmb88

    I liked Rush’s amnesty plan yesterday. Give the illegal immigrants amnesty but they cannot vote in any election for 20 years. We’ll see if the Dems really care for the illegal immigrants.

    The GOP seem like scared chickens after the loss. Panicking that we have to change our positions on x,y,z. That is the reason that they lost. They don’t stick up for the principles and values that are of conservatism. I wouldnt have been so bummed out last week if I knew that house Republicans had spines and espoused conservative values. They just don’t get it why we lost.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    Bingo. I have turned off any news that suggest the right must change their positions and “get a bigger tent”. The tent has always been open for all to come in, the left is just constantly peddling the idiocy and those people lap it up.

  • Susitna

    Republicans have to stop eating themselves. They have to regroup and ask for a recount and stop the confirmation of Obama through the electoral college. FOX News and everyone who has power in or through the media has to step up and so something!!!!!
    The Tea Party could ask for legal support in each State and come forward every single day through all possible channels. We need to get active and fight. We are in the U.S.A and not in Indonesia or Kenya!!!!! Parallel to that, Obama should be asked to finally proof his eligibility. There must be one honorable Judge in this Country!!!!! Where is Joe Arpaio? Where is Glenn Beck? Where is Donald Trump? Where is Mitt Romney? Where is Paul Ryan? Regroup and fight back!!!!!

    • Joe

      I agree

      Time to take off the mittens!

    • Obama should be asked to prove his eligibility. You know, Trump and Arpaio have been on the front lines of that.

      • Susitna

        Yes, but everyone seems to start something and then stop…….do they get death threats? I am waiting for someone to do something, especially regarding the voter fraud! I am sick and tired of Petraeus and Mrs. Slutlove. The Obama regime has always a sex scandal to distract us from the real issue.

        • Have Trump and Arpaio ever stopped the eligibility issue? No. They haven’t.

  • Conservator1

    I think Rush got this wrong.

    Doesn’t everyone recall all those news stories about the need for progressive Democrats to refine their message to appeal to more Americans after the 2010 shellacking? Doesn’t everyone recall the vastness of the mea-culpa cries by leftists bemoaning their extreme positions on abortion, gay marriage, Obamacare, Dodd/Frank, climate change, etc.?

    I have only one-thing to say to Rush – DITTO.

  • Rocco11

    The Left has some on our side chasing their tails again. The issue in this race is voter fraud, Romney didn’t get beat, the election was stolen. The Obama Regime threw open the gates to Mexico, and bought votes with foodstamps.

  • This is a very important point, and it dovetails with our discussion yesterday about the Big Tent. The problem with “core” values of conservatives is that too many conservative candidates fall for the media trick of focusing ONLY on God, Guns, and Gays. So an honest guy like Santorum or Herman Cain keeps trying to answer the media as if the media really wants to know.

    They don’t want to know. They just want to be able to spin conservatives as misogynistic homophobes who want to shoot people.

    The media never asks a Dem candidate about socialism, debt, and the serial lies. They NEVER do that. The Dems never run on their actual agenda, which is to diminish the status of America, and make us into a nanny-state socialist country like most of Europe.

    Reagan showed how to combat this problem. Whenever the media asked Reagan about abortion, he always said, “Well, until science determines when life begins, I always say ‘err on the side of life.'”

    That’s all that needs to be said about abortion when you are running for office. It works.

    I call this Reaganizing the response. Act like your core values are a given, and move the media past that, so you can focus on selling the greatness of individual liberty and self-sovereignty.

    Conservatives who refuse to learn this lesson will ALWAYS lose elections.

  • Stehekin912

    If the vote count is to be believed, over half the voters voted for Romney and a large number of Republicans/conservatives did not vote, theoretically on principle. Sounds like a strong representation of conservative principles to me. Conservative principles should not be abandoned. As others have stated previously, we need to better communicate, and we need better communicators/representatives of those principles.

  • wodiej

    Conservatives did not need to moderate their positions when they chose GW I, GW II, Robert Dole, McCain or Romney. This seems to be a pattern and no one is to blame but the voters. We are the ones that choose the nominee. We had some good conservatives who either ran in the primary or strongly considered it this year. The voters rejected them.

    So enough of this BS whining from Rush, Levin and others that somehow this is not our fault. It damn well is.

    • Your argument totally ignores the effect of big-money negative ads, and the effect of wall-to-wall RINO-sim on the networks and on cable news.

  • And that’s the truth! I have been thoroughly disgusted at the rush to “bipartisanship” being made by the Republicans. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Sober_Thinking

    If Republicans gravitated back to the right… that would help.

  • jeremiahX

    This election has been most revealing about Christians, even during the primaries I thought Romney would never be selected, because he was Mormon and even Mr Graham listed Mormons as a cult on his website before endorsing him. Mormons are anti-Christ from what other Christians have told me, because they don’t believe Jesus was God and that Mormons believe that like Jesus they themselves will become Gods ruling over their own planet (this is what I have been told). Yet those same Christians seem to have rejected Christ in favor of a Mormon. Christians are told not to even say a greeting to such a person.

    I have seen and heard Christian leaders and commentators tells us that God told them that Mitt was going to win, that is was God’s will, even Glen Beck (who I believe is also a Mormon) said that all the set backs in the campaign was God’s doing because he was going to make it overwhelmingly clear who he wanted as President. So Christians backed and supported and voted for what they believe is an anti-Christ (Not The Anti-Christ but an anti-Christ).

    What does this say to you? Well after losing, now Mr. Graham comes out and says what the Bible has all along said “No human leader has the power to solve America’s most fundamental problems.” In fact not just America’s but the World’s problems. This is nothing new. Psalms 143:6 says “Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.” and Jeremiah 10:23 says “O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.” and Romans 3:23 says “For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” Man rule only leads to what Ecclesiastes 8:9 says “All this I observed while applying my heart to all that is done under the sun, when man had power over man to his hurt.”

    Remember, Jesus taught us to pray in the Lord’s prayer for God’s Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in heaven. Doesn’t that signal a change? Isaiah 33:22 says “For the LORD is our judge, our lawgiver, and our king. He will care for us and save us.” He will do so by means of his Kingdom. Daniel 2:44 says “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor shall the kingdom be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall stand forever,” Notice, that it will not be in the hands of People.

    So now only after losing does it seem people run back to God. (Glen Beck did say God sucks sometimes, How disrespectful because God didn’t do what you wanted). If fact I hear Christian all the time talking about the end or the rapture so I don’t understand why they are trying to save a sinking ship when they are going to be lifted away (unless they don’t really believe that). I have never read on single scripture that even indicates that God is backing the US. In the battle of Armageddon all the governments are against God. So why are you trying to save a sinking ship especially when God is sinking it.

    Mixing in with Politics only makes you compromise your Christian principles. When the nation of Israel put their trust in the might of the nations around them God called them a Harlot. Ezekiel 16:28-30 says “You played the whore also with the Assyrians, because you were not satisfied; yes, you played the whore with them, and still you were not satisfied. You multiplied your whoring also with the trading land of Chaldea, and even with this you were not satisfied. What a sick heart you have, says the Sovereign LORD, to do such things as these, acting like a shameless prostitute.”

    Election after election Christians go from one politician to the another never satisfied. You had George Bush for 8 years and yet he did not satisfy you. When they tried to make Jesus king, he ran away. Why do you think he did that? Remember in Luke 4:5-6, “Then the devil took him up and revealed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. I will give you the glory of these kingdoms and authority over them,” the devil said, “because they are mine to give to anyone I please. I will give it all to you if you will worship me.” To have power in any of the Governments of this world requires one to bow to Satan.

    So all a politician has to do is tell you what you want to hear (like a lover who only wants one thing) and never follow through (like George). So you get yourself dirty for these men, you violate bible principles as you support them, spewing out hatred and abusive speech, which is a violation of Bible principles. 2 Timothy 2:24 says “A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people.” This is not me saying this. Yet I can’t believe the conduct of Christians, vicious, lying and downright hatred, I had a Christian pass along clearly racist images. See what this stuff cause Christians to sink to, they become like those whom they are against.

    I came on this site once and basically tried to warn people about this and from the comments I believe if in the presence of some of those commenting I would have been physically assaulted. So I left, because I don’t want to generate that response in people. However this is so serious, I am only asking you to do your diligent research, get into the Bible, trust only in God.

    Thanks for listening.

    • sDee

      I am not listening but was reading 😉

      Thank you. I am sorry to hear that you got that reaction here.

      • Basically they’re saying Romney was bad because think think the Mormons are evil and for that reason shouldn’t have gotten in.

  • sDee

    Just observing what they do and fail to do, in the absence of any explanations, I do believe it is this bad……..

    I’m sure that I am not the only one who has noted the conspicuous disregard on the part of prominent Republicans for the instances of probable voter fraud and the prospect of a systemic compromise of balloting, and this raises a big red flag in my mind. In my humble opinion, if the Republican leadership in America is unwilling to investigate or prosecute this case for reasons of sheer cowardice, then they are willfully complicit after the fact. If, however, as some have argued, their role has been window dressing, calculated to provide the illusion that patriotic, constitutionally-minded Americans have someone on their side, then their part has been no less than treason.

    The failure of the Republican leadership to pursue an investigation of the balloting almost suggests what some Americans have asserted for years. These folks are almost completely disenfranchised politically, and are regarded as fringe dwellers, even by most conservatives. Their assertion being that for many years, the job of the Republican leadership has essentially been to run interference for the Democrats’ advancement of socialism. Why? Because the interests of the power brokers on both sides transcend parties. They have decided that America – and probably the world, eventually – will be an oligarchical collective, a global slave state managed by narcissistic elites whose nests have long since been feathered.

    In such a case, it will take nothing short of Divine Intervention or civil war to save America.

  • Democrats LIE about their principles when they are running for elections.

  • Eph18

    I have the answer!!!!



  • Guest1776rcp

    Only RINO morons believe you build a party from the squishy middle down instead of from the base up. Romney lost because many conservatives didn’t show up and vote and the morons are all agreeing Romney had to go too far right in the primary to win it. These people do not dwell in reality and are as out of touch with reality as they can possibly be. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t even begin to describe these morons.

  • The party claimed to be not for gay marriage until they flip-flopped for political convenience a few months before the election.
    What gets me is the amnesty. Turn on the TV, there’s a GOP operative saying we should be open borders like the left. Not enough will stand up to it. Even Hannity’s calling for it now. I guess to be fair though, Hannity carried major water for Bush, gives Rove credibility to this day and champions all Republicans no matter who they are, his only exceptions are for Ron Paul and Todd Akin.

  • Thank you Rush! I am so disgusted that so many Republicans start screaming that we must shift to the middle or never win an election again. And this is less than a week after losing an election that appears to be full of massive fraud, media silence, and thousands and thousands of our military voters being disenfranchised. What is the matter with people? I will not lay down my principles in the name of bipartasianship for political gain. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I refuse to give up my faith, my beliefs, sacrifice my children and grandchildren’s futures so that communism and big govt can have total control. I will not stand down. I can not stand down. And I am thoroughly disgusted that our so called conservative leaders expect us to do so. If they are worried about their jobs, they should be, and not because of the liberal left but because of the people who trusted them to hold to our principles when we sent them there. If they can not do the job they were elected to do, it is time to replace them with someone who will at least try.

  • They don’t. They never do.

  • jrt1031

    no true conservative want to bend. I only want a better way to certify voter registration and prevent voter fraud. Very obvious o got away with murder in benghazi and stealing the election. romney/ryan take the high road and dont fight the ilegal machine. the only positive here is that o knows he didnt legitimately win and that the majority of americans dont value him as president.

  • 11Steve11

    I denounce my Republicanism and embrace my Independence. I am a Conservative first, weather under a red flag or a blue flag. I support the choice of the unborn and as far as sexual promiscuity goes, I like how Charlie Rich said it, “no body knows what goes on behind closed doors”. It should be kept that way to ensure that the rights of children are upheld! And to deviate and make public, what should be private, should be prosecuted as a crime a personal vice against the very thread that holds society together. This is a crime that intrudes upon the freedoms of others.