Rush’s prediction comes true, the MSM is now claiming the economy is getting better

Rush played a montage of the MSM in an excited frenzy about new economy numbers that they say show it’s getting better. At first he wasn’t sure what in the heck they were talking about, but after a little research he figured out that it’s apparently from from 2011 CENSUS data, according to the AP.

In short, he was disgusted at the fact that they are bending over so far backwards to try and make this economy look good. But it’s all as he predicted.

He explains below:

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  • Joe

    HMMMM!! – I wonder if this could be happening here

    What do you think?

    • sDee

      One thing for certain, there is no truth in the media unless it serves statism. All the major media and entertainment corporations have evolved into for-profit propaganda outlets. Fox News included.

      I am sure many are bribed or “rewarded”. Some of them are ideologues and believe their deception is for the the collective good. Many will lose their jobs if they do not stay on the bandwagon. Many know that there will be little room for people like themselves them in the party elite once we collapse in to state capitalism or worse.

      What makes it all so surreal is how easy it is to find the real stories on the internet and then watch complete fabrication and/or omission from the propaganda outlets.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Yes. And, keep people confused enough for a long period of time, i.e., they see one thing but are being told another – that confusion will keep them in the dark to the truth. People would rather believe the “feel good” message. The truth hurts too much.

        • bobemakk

          Even Laura Ingraham the other day said that all polls are fudged even on FOX, Romney is really ahead in many states.

          Who do we turn to when everyone fudges and lies? God help US.

    • celestiallady

      Do bears – well never mind!!!

  • Sandra123456

    The MSM has no shame, but why? What benefit is it to them to be Obama leg humpers? They are going to throw away their credibility for him? I just don’t get it.

    • deeme

      They are following orders from Georie boy..Soros…

    • sDee

      Maybe you are looking at from the aqccepted perspective that the purpose and business goal of the press is to inform people of news and events. Try looking at it from a different perspective. When I look at the media as for-profit propaganda instead of news and entertainment, this all makes perfect sense.

      We are now very close to single party central control. In that model, there is no need for a free press. The press more than anyone knows this. Maybe not down to the lowest level reporter or anchor – but this is what drives the corporate strucutre and goals. Everyone is measured and rewarded on how well they promote the narrative.

      Promoting the narrative gets us closer to a central state where some of them with political connections will be rewarded just as in Communist China – to run the state media and entertainment industries.

    • smmy33

      It has nothing to do with Obama.. It is about them, they voted for Obama they believed in the hype about Obama , they know they were more activists then reporters in 2008 and Obama not getting re elected would a repudiation not of Obama but of THEM.

      What the public doesn’t get a lot of all of media , especially the 60 or so that have the power , are just partisan democrats , in their lives all worked for democrat campaigns.
      That’s why Obama has the largest number of former reporters now working in his administration, with jobs getting more tight, they go back to being what they are, democrat hacks.

      To a lot of them, this can also explain the celebrity culture, they know that Obama polices will never effect their lives personally , that their the wealth and fame protects them, so it becomes about ego and forcing America to live what they culturally value, gay issues, abortion, collectivism ( as long as they get all the tax lope holes that allow then to live well) , anti western tripe, liberal guilt on blackS, the the west is to blame for mankinds problems.

      When you look at the MSM , you should look at them , like Democrat’s look at Rush or Levin, there’s no difference, they just have to be more subversive in how they get their message out.

  • According to the media…..things have been looking up in employment and housing for the past couple years, on a monthly basis. I can hardly remember a single report talking about the devastation- it always has some phony angle to give positive spin. You have to think, with this many months of things looking up, where the heck are the results of things being so awesome for so long?

  • sDee

    There is no free press. Global media is a complete propaganda machine.

    At this stage of propaganda, people are beyond reason and fact. They will avoid the truth about the economy and Obama’s path of destruction, at all costs. They just want to hear that everything is OK. They want to hear what makes them feel good, and tune into their news and entertainment shows like drug addicts looking for their next fix.

    There is now way to shatter it. Romney has got to find a way around it. Telling the truth in this media state of illusion is like firing your pistol inside an M1 tank.

    • deeme

      I agree they might as well be working for the U.N…not the U.S…

  • deeme

    They need something good to hide the big Tsunami that is about to unfold with Libya..this story is getting bigger and bigger and when everyone finds out the truth, if they can still vote for someone who’s main job is to keep U.S. safe and he can’t even keep his own guys safe he sent there, we are doomed…Somehow I have a really bad feeling his base, doesn’t really know to even be scared..or the importance of him knowing what the national debt is..and where the five trillion he contributed to it went..The media , they have turned into spin doctors …I’ve never seen anything like it.they have no code of ethics they must abide by>>?? Listening to the montage I just felt like laughing that they think anyone is taking them seriously anymore..

    • rich wojcik

      there is no news, so MSM urinalists grab whatever they can and then spew the nonsense ans spin it for FuBar Ack.

  • Don

    Rush is right. The economical progress being presented by the mainstream media is very good news. Not for progress it brings, but for the reason that Romney has been selected to be president by the majority of Americans. We knew the lies and deceptions would increase in intensity as Obama sinks in the eyes of the voters. The polls can be skewed in any manner to present the result desired by the poll. Our country has evolved to the edge of the cliff because of lies and deceptions from our leaders with the corrupt mainstream media they own lock,stock,and barrel. As we get closer to election there will be an euphoria presented where you would be an absolute crazy to vote for anyone but Obama. When in reality you would be crazy if you believed these lies and actually voted for Obama. All is not as it seems.

  • rich wojcik

    Newspapers, magazines, TV stations
    ———————save money!—–> fire all those useless MSM urinalists!!!!
    Let ’em feel the gooooodness of FuBar Ack’s economy.
    They are mentally sick imbeciles.

  • WhiteGuy2

    The media is leading the walking brain dead off the fiscal cliff. We will all end up like Greece and Spain very soon. Remember who lied to you when it all crumbles. The Government is preparing for it. That’s why they are stock piling hollow point ammunition.

  • Tim Pawlenty just resigned from Romney’s campaign because Romney only listens to his semi psycohtic scatter brained top strategist Stuart Stevens. THIS and ONLY THIS is the real problem

    Read about stevens here

    • sDee

      Something is not right but I will take Politico with a grain of salt. I do not know Stevens but Clint Eastwood was the highlight of the convention. 🙂

      Pawlenty is lukewarm grits.

      • The dem convention attacked Romney mercilessly and got a 10 point bounce
        The GOP convention threw powder puffs (even Christi) at Obama at Stevens request ZERO BOUNCE
        It was Stevens idea to softball Obama and EVERYONE hated it!
        Is Romney’s man crush on this schizo worth 4 more years of Obama

  • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

    I don’t understand why anyone is perplexed, surprised or dismayed when the MSM carries water for Obama. I really don’t expect anything else. They’ve all sold their soul for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

    It really doesn’t matter though – the WSJ can bury the horrible jobs report all they want, it still isn’t going to lower my gasoline prices, my energy costs or my insurance costs. It still isn’t going to open up more employment for my college age kids or my neighbors. It still isn’t going to give my boss the warm fuzzies so he starts hiring more people.

    People are out here on Main Street living in the crappy world that K & Wall Street colluded in creating. It sucks and I truly & honestly believe they will vote their pocket books this fall.

    • I think most people always vote their pocketbooks. The problem is whether Romney can convince some of the 47% that he is the one that can turn this economy around. And with the pro-Obama MSM that is not as easy. I don’t think that people here are perplexed or surprised, I think they are genuinely frustrated to see what these people do to this country.

      • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

        The MSM has an approval rating that rivals Congress – even my heavily dem friends understand that MSM are biased and aren’t in the biz to get to the bottom of the truth.

        I spent the weekend with a group of friends/family that are traditionally democratic. They aren’t voting D this time around. They are just as freaked out by the Marxist crap coming out of DC as I am. They realize fully that this isn’t their beloved Clinton who could appease the left while embracing the free enterprise of the U.S.

        As for the 47%? That’s just a talking point put out there by the MSM, I’m not playing their game. That actual percentage of 49% is made up of a very complex population – unlike what is being spun by MSM. Not all of that population is a done deal for Obama, just like the other supposed 51% is a done deal for Romney.

        • I’m glad to hear your dem friends can see through the garbage. My liberal friends eat everything that’s being served to them by MSM. I can’t even talk to them anymore.

  • Well it sure isn’t getting better for all the people who have to buy food and fuel every day. You may be able to lie in the mainstream media, but you can’t lie at the supermarket or at the gas station. People know the truth, and they’ll remember those increases in prices come election day.

    • Exactly.

      If this is better, why do I dread going to the gas station, the grocery store, the doctor, the dentist, and why do I hold my breath when I open my utility bill or open a note from the kids school?

      My income is the same but my expenses keep going up and up and up even as I cut back on more and more.

      I’m going to vote for something new and different.

  • Rocco11

    The all out Leftist propaganda flying monkeys have been loosed. Ignore everything until November 7…

  • Not only does Rush hit the nail on the head here. He took all of the political leadership out to the woodshed in his opening monologue. He rightly articulates the frustration Americans should have at both parties for not answering the call of leading, instead of leading from behind.

  • Rshill7

    Which country’s citizens have the most innate sense of fairness? I would have to say the USA, wouldn’t you? Think of the MSM as a group of referees officiating an NFL game. Would the viewers not be able to see the unfairness at this level streaming through the TV’s day and night? Would they not ask for an instant replay after each and every play?

    Sure they see it. The MSM is losing viewers like trees losing leaves in North Michigan. Is it a free press? Sure, in this way…free to be completely one-sided.

    May the viewer and revenue chips fall where they may…and bounce right off of their puffy little ballon-heads and race down the drain.

    I’m surprised they aren’t already calling each other comrade. “And now, we go to our White House correspondent JoJo Goebbels…take it away comrade!”

  • And yet unemployment numbers are up and last weeks numbers revised upward from 324,000 to 385,000.

    The media is as stupid as they think we are.

    Global numbers are down as well including China.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I said it before and continue to repeat it – frankly, my muscle memory in my fingers knows this almost as much as the passwords I have to repeatedly retype.

    “The LSM is criminally dangerous to America. They are one of the main 3 MOST dangerous problems this nation faces.” Ouch! Carpal Tunnel has kicked in.

    Stephanopoulos (sp?) and all these other liberal boot-lickers are lying piles of feces. And most of the blind, deaf and dumb liberal lemmings lick this right up.

    I am so completely sick of this. These people need to be fired at a minimum. Jail would be nice because lying on this scale is borderline treasonous. They are deliberately misleading America. And I believe many Americans are waking up to that fact – thanks to cable news, blogs, the Internet, etc.

    We will not be fooled again you lying bastages!

    • I do agree with you ST. I have been thinking more on this situation about the MSM. I cannot imagine one going on with intentional deception for too much before that person goes insane. I wonder if it is more of a world-view problem than not. If your world-view states that the ends justifies the means (many religions do practice this by the way), are you necessarily lying, or telling people what they want to hear?

      If it is a world-view issue, what is the best way to fight it? I was reading a report here and cannot fathom how people think that this is wonderful outside of a misguided, uninformed world-view. I wish I had the answers to this one.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Very interesting point of view – I hadn’t thought of it that way.

        My much wiser wife would point out that it’s SIN, plain and simple… and she would be right.

        My concern is that things are getting so corrupt and it’s so widespread that only God can clean up this mess – which isn’t a bad thing. But it would be nice to win over more souls first.

        It’s kind of like unraveling a twisted ball of twine at this point.

        • Agreed.

          I wish there was some wand out there to wave and make people realize things. Granted, most people were and are not Christians in the states, but at one time they could articulate the world-view easily. Now a days, even Christians haven’t got a clue as to what the Christian world-view is.

          May the Lord come quickly!

          • Sober_Thinking


  • BostonBruin

    Perhaps this is an indication that the 47% video has failed in its attempts to screw Romney, so the media needs to change the subject. Yes!

  • hxpro

    Thank God for Rush is all I have to say. Otherwise you wouldn’t hear the truth.

  • KenInMontana

    I heard these “claims” about how the housing market was recovering, then newsman dropped the “bomb” on it, reporting that there were close to a million foreclosures about to come down the pipeline in the next couple of months. As well as reporting an unforeseen, rather substantial jump in applications for unemployment benefits, predicted to be large enough to cause the unemployment rate to rise next month.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I feel like I’m already living in a communist country. How do we fight back? I’m not sure Twitter and websites like this are enough, if the left wing controls the media and therefore the message to the broader audience.

  • The MSM being informed? Rush, c’mon. You know better than that. They MAKE the news. They’ve stopped reporting it a LONG LONG time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

  • SKL53

    Obama has a deal on a Hawaiian Compound for January 2013 to move into. Guess he knows he is a LOSER!!!!!!!!! Let’s start a movement America. Anyone have empty cartons to help Michelle start packing? Let’s fire the empty suit!

  • Suzyqpie

    Can’t wait to see the U-haul at 1600 Penn Ave. A new meaning for Michelle, Get Moving!!

  • hbnolikeee

    The problem with this lie is that 23 million plus people know that it’s a lie and every time that it gets repeated it just reinforces the fact the MSM is corrupt and cannot be trusted.

    They are that desperate or is it merely that “the ends justify the means”?

  • FreeManWalking

    How many of the people on the move, Are on the MOVE because they lost their job, or home or are moving to a better job market, like the Dakotas?

  • Mort Zukerman reads the same stuff that the Obamanistas in the media read and he says, “Phooey.”

  • ggswede

    Hey FOX,how about putting Hannity, Cavuto,Bill ,on regular t.v.?

  • repubboy

    Go Rush Go ! The Great Karnak Lives !