***UPDATE: OBAMA STATEMENT*** S. Korea confirms – – – N. Korea has conducted a third nuke test

South Korea has confirmed, and North Korea confirms as well that it conducted a third nuclear test which is responsible for what was thought to be a 4.9 magnitude quake on the Richter scale.

Watch the report below:

So, aren’t you glad Obama is cutting our nuclear arsenal down by a third? Sweet dreams.

UPDATE: Obama statement on N. Korea nuke test:

Statement by the President on North Korean announcement of nuclear test

North Korea announced today that it conducted a third nuclear test. This is a highly provocative act that, following its December 12 ballistic missile launch, undermines regional stability, violates North Korea’s obligations under numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions, contravenes its commitments under the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks, and increases the risk of proliferation. North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs constitute a threat to U.S. national security and to international peace and security. The United States remains vigilant in the face of North Korean provocations and steadfast in our defense commitments to allies in the region.

These provocations do not make North Korea more secure. Far from achieving its stated goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation, North Korea has instead increasingly isolated and impoverished its people through its ill-advised pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

The danger posed by North Korea’s threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the international community. The United States will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. We will strengthen close coordination with allies and partners and work with our Six-Party partners, the United Nations Security Council, and other UN member states to pursue firm action.

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  • poljunkie

    They’re getting brazen.

    The son is brash and one day may find him self in a quandary

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      They know they can be brazen. Who’s going to stop them, the U.S.A.??? LOL…not with Zero and other leftists in positions of power in our government. I pray for our troops on the 38th parallel.

      • poljunkie

        …I forgot for a min….

        Our brave and noble warriors, stuck with the poser in the flight jacket, with the big round patch.

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          Indeed. We must continue to pray for them and support them in any way that we possibly can.

          • TexasPGRRider

            Thanks for the reminder Patrick…May the Good Lord BLESS our Troops, wherever they are !!!!

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              You’re welcome and ditto!

          • Stupid-racist-conservative

            But you have so much hatred for liberals, congress, etc. Doesn’t Jesus teach us to pray and support everyone? It’s hard, because you’re such pigs, but liberals do pray for you.

        • Skeet In Chief?

        • Stupid-racist-conservative

          And when did you last serve to defend our country, fat boy?

          • poljunkie

            Wow! Well, nice to meet you too. Im not a boy, and Im not fat. Most would say…Im in pretty good shape…Thankyouverymuch.

            But my HUSBAND DID serve, and so did my Dad, and most of my UNCLES.

            • Stupid-racist-conservative

              Sorry, that should have been “Frat boy.” That’s more of a symbolic thing, so it still fits with your message. And truthfully, you do come across as a rah rah conservative patriot who has merely sat on his (or her) butt.

              • poljunkie


                I am conservative, but I don’t consider myself a “rah rah”- I see myself as realistic, hardheaded, and practical…and my views of Pres Obama’s behavior toward our military come from the thoughts my Service linked connections whisper.

                • Stupid-racist-conservative

                  “Rah rah” conservatives usually self-identify as “realistic” or “practical. The whispering seems a little paranoid, though.

                • poljunkie

                  It’s nice that you have studied the minds of conservatives so deeply. Are you a Political Psychologist?Tell me perceptive one, where do you stand politically?
                  ….. I was attempting to convey that my relatives etc aren’t the disrespectful type. (hence the whisper)

      • Stupid-racist-conservative

        …you do realize that’s Vietnam?


    Very scary.

  • TexasPGRRider

    I saw on foxnews.com a few minutes ago about an earthquake being reported there…

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Zero has a well-crafted, Valerie Jarrett-esque response to denounce the testing in the harshest manner possible. It will just be more empty talk and failed rhetoric from Zero and his stooges.

      • cabensg

        Another sternly worded letter has just left Obama’s desk and will be delivered by carrier pigeon.

    • Mud

      give them to the Muslim brotherhood probably as an aid package.

    • 12grace

      obama’s plan is to disarm us while our enemies build their arsenals. Guess obama thinks that HE will be vacationing when America gets nuked.

  • 911Infidel

    I bet the South regrets our decision to pull out our tactical nukes years ago. (not a secret… people…so don’t get your bubbles in a fizz)…I did hear a rumor that the South is looking for some sort of nuclear deterrent. With Skeeter and the traitor Kerry in charge, I doubt that they’ll get much help from Washington. And Skeeter is just dumb enough to FUBAR US missile targeteers and force them through budget cuts and gross incompetence to drop their guard.

    Just gives you a warm, safe fuzzy doesnt it? (Sarc /On)

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      They’re on their own. Our troops over there are mere tokens…or pawns, if you’re looking at it through the distorted world view lens of Zero.

      • 911Infidel

        That’s how I see it as well.

  • mediaaccess1

    Da mean that all those donations in bribe benefits to them didn’t work, and that the USA is closer to looking like them than they are looking like the US. Who woulda figured?

  • Which is why I’m so glad dear leader is in control… NOT. And what I had in mind yesterday when certain folks were arguing against having military bases around the world.

    Sanctions always seem to work so well don’t they?

    I don’t want to keep being sarcastic, so I’m going to shut up now. Oy vey.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Yep, Zero is in control. He is bowing down to every left wing nut constituency he has, if he isn’t kissing the feet of Soros and the U.N. collective. He is doing all this to the country by design. When he isn’t acting as POTUS, his willing pals (Jarrett, Sunstein, A$$h0lerod, and others) are acting the part of little POTUS(es) (and unconstitutionally so) by shaping policy or outright acting on behalf of Zero. Each of them probably has an Obama signature stamp that they carry around for such occasions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Center for American Progress (they wrote most of ObamaCare) crafts “gun control” legislation to pass in the dead of night, so that an excited Zero can sign that into law. So ends the Republic.

      • Yes. I agree. I’ve got so much rolling around my mind right now, I’m incredulous that we are at this point where a blatant bunch of traitors are “in charge” of this country.

        I am constantly trying to watch the other hand, but I never was very good at playing the shell game. All the hands, all the crisis’ not going to waste. We have to keep vigilant, but I wonder if there are enough to keep watch.

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          There would be; however, they are busy with raising families, holding a job, working a job or several jobs, taking their kids to some kind of lesson or function, and so forth and so on. I would dare say that most of those people hold conservative values. Zero and his bunch know this and know that people are so very busy with the struggles of everyday life that they won’t be paying attention to what the left or right hands are doing. Zero already has his crowd buttoned up. He is now distracting those who if they knew even the half of how he came to power, who he is, what he has been and is doing; wouldn’t vote for him to be dog catcher. If that would have been the case before this last election, even with voter fraud, he would have been a one-term President and there would be a different person occupying the Oval Office in the White House.

          • Stupid-racist-conservative

            Why do you “dare say” that most of these people just living with normal, family-oriented values are Conservatives? What is your proof or even indication? I will pray for you, though.

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              Most, not all. There would be some who are not conservative or who do not profess to be conservative. The types of people I was referring to are those who may be prospective “watchers” of our Socialist-in-Chief and those in his administration. Prospective because they are currently too busy doing the things I previously mentioned. If they get angry enough or if something Zero says or does gets them agitated enough, they may take time from their busy lives to act as “watchers”. As I said, Zero has his crowd all buttoned up. His crowd is mostly comprised of those who are anti-conservative. Thank you for your prayers, by the way.

    • Cindy09

      In other news, it looks like Rome is going to follow suit and roll out the red carpet for a new black Pope, Peter Turkson. Some are whispering that he could be “Peter the Roman”. Turkson has once called for a “true world political authority” to regulate the economy.

      To be continued…

      • Ah, yes. The economy. The church is supposed to be all about the economy now, I guess.

        I suppose temple “priestesses” will be added in, for economic purposes any day now.

      • Yes the new pope. Not been paying a lot of attention to that yet because I’ve got about a million other things on my mind, but C_Brother reminded me of St. Malachy’s prophecy which I had read about a few years ago. Interesting… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I’m so glad to hear that we are further disarming ourselves, seeing there are no real threats in the world and that communism is dead. Zero and his Pavlovian demonic horde may as well take the weapons we are doing away with and give them to the despots of the world (aka our ENEMIES). He’s already giving them warplanes, tanks, and FIREARMS!!!

    • TexasPGRRider

      Yes Patrick, communism`s dead, al qaeda`s on the run, there`s no such thing as the muslim brotherhood, don`t be an islamaphobe, let homos be Boy Scouts, and we don`t need no stinkin` nukes, fighter jets, or M1A1 tanks !! Let`s PARTY !! NOT A CHANCE BRO… NOT A CHANCE !!! B.O. and his gutless wonder buddies are about to learn that the hornet`s nest they`ve been kickin` around the last few years may pack Quite a Sting !!!!

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Quite a sting indeed! Zero’s gone beyond disgraceful. He has and always will be, a traitor. Anybody who is complicit with him in the destruction of our country is a traitor. They do not deserve to enjoy the rights our Constitution gives them. They have all invalidated their citizenship and need to be either deported to the despotic country of their choosing or more to the point, liquidated.

        • TexasPGRRider

          B.O. and his slug buddies are about to be exposed into the Sunlight of Truth !! They have worn thin the tactics of fear and divisive hate to such a degree that even people who don`t normally pay attention to politics are beginning to question the motives of their brazen contempt of our Founding Fathers and their efforts !! Be Forewarned Trinkets of Tyranny, You are waking Us UP !!!!

  • 3d81

    The North Koreans are quacking in their boots with the release of another Obama Speech. All is well people.

    • aPLWBinAK

      I assume you meant ‘quaking’….but given the Avi of one of the moderators here, I guess ‘quacking’ works too 🙂

      • PatrickHenrysBody


      • TexasPGRRider

        Good eye a…rest assured She is handy, covering our 6….

      • lol. oy.

    • Joe



      Just blast the FAT BOY already !

  • poljunkie

    Ohhh, The United Nations. They’re helpful. Fail.

  • aPLWBinAK

    Now, lets not despair people…Oblamer is brooking no nonsense from those obstreperous scalawags…did you not notice these harsh words : “The United States will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. We will strengthen close coordination with allies and partners and work with our Six-Party partners, the United Nations Security Council, and other UN member states to pursue firm action.”…….or something. Take comfort in the fact he intends to “pursue firm action”. I’m sure he’ll repeat those words in his SOTU speech too, with his thumb and forefinger pinched in that effeminate gesture of his, just to make sure they got message.

  • tinlizzieowner

    I’m surprised Obama hasn’t given our nukes to them, yet.

  • I’m sure North Korea is wetting themselves…in laughter at Obama’s sure to be lame response.

  • Marridge

    Lets not despair. We will send John Kerry! He’s got loads of experience there in the Far East! Oh wait…..

  • What gets lost in all of this is that the United Nations also has firm economic sanctions against North Korea to try and convince it not to pursue more nuclear tests. Hmmm, and how’s that working out for them? Say, aren’t those the SAME economic sanctions that are on Iran to convince them not to pursue a nuclear bomb? See any parallels here? If it didn’t work with North Korea, why would it work with Iran? Nobody seems to be asking that question and Obama certainly can’t answer it.

  • ryanomaniac

    I thought Bill Clinton had nipped this in the bud during his presidency. That’s what he told Chris Wallace. Well he didn’t tell him, he got freaking pissed off and berated him. Those Democrat international negotiating skills sure do get things squared away don’t they?

  • Obama is neither swift nor credible.

  • Ray

    Well, according to liberal theology, and Dianne Feinstein if we give up our arms then others will too. Well, we announced last week we would be lowering our nuclear arms, so this should NOT have happened, right?
    We live in an evil world, it is NOT getting better, the funny thing is, when liberals point to what they think makes our world better, say technology, it ends up being the being used against us somehow, like an increase in cameras ends up destroying our right to privacy, technology that was developed for tracking packages now is being used in implants. Medical technology may not increase our lifetime, but it does increase cost. Technology is put in cars, now can be used by insurance companies to deny coverage i.e. if you ever went over the speed limit, but not when an accident occurred. Drones that were developed for foreign enemies, are now used to spy on us.
    The internet that was developed to speed up messaging quickly became a place of easy access to porn, even targeting kids by taking up url’s that are a slight misspelling of websites that kids go to.
    Our public schools, which were started to teach children how to read the Bible, have now morphed into socialist indoctrination camps, where sex is taught, where girls are given birth control without their parents knowledge, where homosexuality is hidden from parents and is taught as being normal and any kid that disagrees is called a bully and must be reeducated.
    We certainly need God to have mercy on us.

    • Stupid-racist-conservative

      There’s no such thing as “liberal theology” (especially since you usually define liberals as being “godless.” And we did not start public school to teach children to “read the bible.” God loves us. We just don’t love each other very much, brother.

      • Ray

        Uh, I disagree with you. http://candst.tripod.com/tnppage/arg6.htm
        As far as liberal theology, of course they have a theology, it is their belly and their deviant desires.
        “Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.” Phil. 3:19

  • nosilasunny

    Leading from behind is working real well…for North Korea and Iran.

  • FreeManWalking

    Didn’t the name of a recent film attributed to this pRes start with ZERO DARK something?

    If hollywood thinks he is nothing more than a dark shadow, no wonder Kid Um Ill doesn’t give him a second thought.

  • ryanomaniac

    I thought Bill Clinton had nipped this in the bud during his presidency. That’s what he told Chris Wallace. Well he didn’t tell him, he got freaking pissed off and berated him. Those Democrat international negotiating skills sure do get things squared away don’t they?

  • Maybe Iran will be next to confirm-so much for meaningless warnings from Hitlary, big ears and co.

  • martha chandler

    Oh barry, not everything is going according to plan?

  • Watchman74

    Time for another strongly written letter.

  • cabensg
  • Conniption Fitz

    NKorea is making sounds as though getting ready to invade/attack SKorea.


    “After the blast took place a North Korean newsreader urged the Korean People’s Army (KPA) to prepare for combat against its foes.

    She stressed that if an order was given “the KPA should blow up the stronghold of aggression at a strike”.

    “And wipe out the brigandish US imperialists and South Korea puppet army to the last man and thus accomplish the historic cause of national reunification.”

    • Conniption Fitz

      I was there when NKorea invaded the first time. My father was an Army pilot teaching the SKoreans how to fly when the bombing started. We had to be evacuated.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Islamists and Communists never give up… and they always seek vengeance.