Sarah Palin: DNC cracking me up with idiotic strategy of having Elizabeth Warren at convention with her Marxist views

Sarah Palin was on Cavuto earlier today to talk about the Ted Cruz victory, Mitt Romney, and a few other things. But the part that got my attention was where she criticized the DNC for their idiotic strategy of giving Elizabeth Warren a big spot at the convention with her almost-confessed Marxist views. Palin said that’s cracking her up!

She also says that she’s glad Republicans have a strong candidate in Mitt Romney as the party nominee (note to earthquake fans).

Watch below:

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  • johnos2112

    Let the left continue to talk about how crappy this country is and then the right needs to reign Mitt in! Very simple!

    • sDee

      It is not going to be simple but we’ve gotta keep trying to purge ourselves of these bastards until we see the likes of Palin, West, and Bachmann running the government.

      The corruption runs deep and well beyond the beltway.

      • johnos2112

        It is simple if the truth matters!  If you don’t give a damn about offending people then it is simple!

      • You are right.

        Mitt is already railroading the House and Senate to vote for bills. Getting the Republicans (some of them) to go along with all the Democrats to pass law.

        Mitt will care less what we say even if we yell. He is making it clear he will attack his enemies and his enemies are the Tea Party. He is friends with the Democrats. He really hates to attack them and does so weakly when forced.

        • sDee

          This is the real Mitt Romney – signing RomenyCare

        • Steveangell, do you have actual proof that Mitt is railroading the house and Senate on bills? If so please, post your sources. I don’t believe that is how Mitt rolls. The Tea Party is not his enemy and Mitt. Friends with the Democraps, sorry I am going to have to call BS on that one. Mitt has attacked the democraps on several occasions and has so very forcefully. I am starting to wonder what side you are on.

      • NHConservative0221

        Did you catch the part where Sarah said she’s so glad that we “have a strong candidate in Romney” someone that “understands the private sector and how to get our economy roaring again”??

        Sounds like Sarah knows there’s MAJOR difference between Romney and the Marxist Obama.

        Maybe it’s time for the naysayers out there and the “chicken-little” Palin supporters to come to the same realization.

        • sDee

          I know the difference between a Big Government Progressive and a Marxist myself. I also know their end goal is the same – only their methods differ.

          Today’s news that he strong armed Republicans into taking away our representation and handing it over to the Executive branch is the real Romney. Get used to it.

          • NHConservative0221

            So what’s your answer? Let Obama win and permanently turn us into a socialist ruin??

            As Levin says I’d rather fight with Romney than give obama a 2nd term!


            We’ve made some great inroads but it doesn’t happen overnight. The Tea Party took off just 2 years ago. Look at the big wins we had in the mid terms and some of the conservatives we have in Demint, Bachmann, Gohmart, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz…etc.

            We need to keep fighting for candidates like that at all levels. That’s why I wanted Palin but she didn’t run. Then I supported Cain, then Bachmann, then Santorum. The last person I wanted to get the nomination was Romney — but he’s much better than Obama!

            The influence of these candidates will continue to grow. I believe many of them are the real deal. They will resist the pressive from the GOPe to cave. They will take over leadership positions. They will also have a positive influence on Congress and President Romney.

            Look even Rand Paul has endorsed Romney. Rand realizes that it’s much better to have someone you can work with than a Marxist who despises you and only wants to transform us into a socialist wasteland.

          • wodiej

            apparently you don’t know the difference between saving America and letting it fail.

            • hrh40

              That’ll win folks over to Romney. Yep, it will./s

              What is it that the Left is doing to Chik fil-A? See the resemblance?

              It’s called bullying into submission.

  • 911Infidel

    My only reaction is something that I heard on an old SNL skit “Darlink, you look marvelous”.

    • poljunkie

      Billy Crystal

      • 911Infidel

        Yep. That was back when SNL was actually funny.

        • poljunkie

          I know I remember watching in 75 76, 77 and it was hilarious. The Not Ready for Prime Time Players! It was even good thru the 80’s. I think I just stopped watching around 1990.
          Except for once in awhile I just dont find it funny at all any more.

          • 911Infidel

            Nice summation and very accurate to boot.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    sarah explained everything very well, she says her and romney have no problems, she is going to keep working on these other down tickets, which helps us immensely imo.

  • So liberals are great at picking out music for women these days… I mean they did an awesome job picking songs for Palin and Bachmann. Might I suggest this one for Warren? But then again, since she’s a woman… she IS a woman right? This one might be better suited… Yet again, since the DNC is bound to bring the most important issue of our century, no, not the economy… but homosexuals in the military and marriage, maybe they ought to make this their convention song…

    Aw heck, I could go on all night but I won’t. This was a good interview. Sarah is great as usual, but Sarah, you need to be at the convention. Mittens better take notice, We are the tea party and we demand her presence.

    • DocBarry1

      Well said she must speak in a prime time slot.

    • marketcomp

      Awesome, A!

    • keninil

      I think she would like Cher’s half breed song, but Pink’s Stupid Girls seems more apt !

      • lol why not play both? 😉

      • poljunkie

        Oh geez, 1/2 breed, that would be priceless. ha hahahah

    • Nukeman60

      But then again, since she’s a woman… she IS a woman right?‘ – ABiC

      I heard that she was 1/16 woman, on her grandmother’s side – but I couldn’t be sure of that.

      • keninil

        You’ll have to have the TSA check !

  • keninil

    SP is still very careful with her minimal endorsement of Romney. She is building her organization by backing down ticket conservatives. I think she is enjoying watching the MSM take it to “moderate” Republicans. I’m betting there will be 12-18 new congresspeople who SP had a part in electing.

    I find the MSM amazing: I saw a yahoo/abc video today talking about Romney’s gafftastic trip abroad, how there could be no benefit, but all he did was harm with all his gaffes — but they could not/did not site one. No mention of O flipping the middle finger at these 3 countries time and again. They did mention O’s “you did not build that” Kinlseyian gaffe but said the campaign quickly put out an explanation — really??

    • NHConservative0221

      Did you catch the part where Sarah said she’s so glad that we “have a strong candidate in Romney” someone that “understands the private sector and how to get our economy roaring again”??

      Sounds like Sarah knows there’s MAJOR difference between Romney and the Marxist Obama.

      Maybe it’s time for the naysayers out there and the “chicken-little” Palin supporters to come to the same realization.

      • sDee

        keninil’s got it right: “SP is still very careful with her minimal endorsement of Romney. She is building her organization by backing down ticket conservatives.”

        There may be a big difference between Romney and Hussein but that does not make him a conservative.

        If Romney wanted to embrace conservatives, constitutionalists and Tea Party supporters , he could do it tomorrow. We simply react in kind.

      • Reckoner_3

        Sounds like Sarah knows there’s MAJOR difference between Romney and the Marxist Obama.

        I still believe … There’s not much of a major difference between Romney when it comes to core beliefs.
        Romney has no core beliefs , and Obama has them (they’re all antithetical to what’s right and just)

        Romney core beliefs are whatever is trending by the majority to what preserves his office…..If he would benefit politically by being a marxist he would be a marxist.

        The only thing Romney has on Obama that is a stark contrast is that he seems to be okay with some aspects of capitalism… where you can actually believe it when he starts promoting those ideals in his speeches. Because he benefitted from some aspects of capitalism, just like China….

        Sarah still keeps minimal enthusiasm for Romney overall when he’s brought up — which is good , because she would be able to hold his feet to the fire full bore if he were to be elected. And possibly set up a 1976 type scenario, of making him vulnerable to being primaried.

        Not that she would offer herself up though.

        Maybe it’s time for the naysayers out there and the “chicken-little” Palin supporters to come to the same realization.

        When it comes to conscience votes I have no problem with some hold outs. I think the motivation to kick out Obama when October and November comes out , will be enough to get people enthused.

      • freenca

        My take was different on “have a strong candidate in Romney” to mean as a comparitive to McCain, who was a terribly weak one. And the Major difference between Romney and the marxist Obama is a belief in the rising tide floating all boats that Obama just denies outright.

  • carolt2

    I will have to watch that DNC night with Warren and Bill Clinton. I read somewhere that she’s speaking after Bill. That will be very amusing.

    • You’re my hero if you can stomach watching that show 😉

      • carolt2

        I will watch it the same way I watch most of the junk on television, I will have my computer on and pay attention only when I’m interested. I can’t watch that many shows because most are trash.
        There are four or five that I watch with my complete attention, most are on Showtime.

        • poljunkie

          Netflix for us.

    • marketcomp

      You must be into self inflection! Don’t hurt yourself, good luck!

      • carolt2

        See below, I won’t’ watch it without my computer and I’ll only pay attention when something interests me.
        I cannot listen to Obama at all. I hate when they play clips of him. I have an intense dislike of his scripted voice.

  • marketcomp

    I don’t understand why her speaking at the convention is a controversy! No one in the GOP has as much influence on the voters as SP! Anyone with half a brain, Mitt Romney, would gladly and enthusiastically have her speak at the convention. She is definitely the a driving force and we should be proud that she’s on our side.

    • If anyone had half a brain, she’d have been scheduled a long time ago.

      • poljunkie

        I think she will be there, and its probably a non issue.

        • Reckoner_3

          Sounds like she might have some contact with Romney’s campaign? She seemed pretty kind to him in the above video

          Hopefully it is the case.

          Romney should reach out if he wants the conservatives to ease up on their distrust of him so we can kick Obama out easier come election time.

          • poljunkie

            Reck- Long time no see!

      • marketcomp

        I know, A! Its a no brainer. The democrats have a rapist for the keynote address. Now really who is going to listen to that skirt chaser! This is really embarrassing.

    • sDee

      Romney is ideologically opposed to conservatives and disdains the Tea Party. It will be very hard for a elitist like him to admit he needs her, or us for that matter.

      Inviting Palin to the convention changes little. His pick for VP will say more. What Levin reported he did in secret with the Republicans to shift power from the House to the Executive Branch says a whole lot more than all the ads and convention speeches combined.

      • Reckoner_3

        The picks might be Portman or Pawlenty


      • wodiej

        please provide a link to an article or something solid of what Romney did and why he did it. And how in the world does he have the authority to do such a thing?

        • hrh40

          Search here for Mark Levin. I believe scoop has the video where Levin criticized the House for that vote.

      • marketcomp

        Well sDee, if he wants to win he had better put his big boy pants on and get over his ideological disdain for the tea party and conservatives. All he has to do is look to see what happened with McCain. I really voted for SP on that ticket but McCain was such as inept candidate he thought that he would spend his time appealing to moderates and independents and leave SP with conservatives. That was a stupid strategy because to win McCain needed to appeal to conservatives, independent, and moderates or whatever they call themselves. But I digress. Your right Romney does not have an appreciation for the tea party or conservatives but his ignorance is not appreciating that he as that force behind him, unlike McCain. If Romney likes people like Donald Trump or Chris Christie, where the tea party help Chris Christie get elected, then he should appreciate the tea party. Often times Donald Trump and Chris Christie can really be embarrassing but the tea party are true Americans with a ardent appreciation for the Constitution and adhering to sound fiscal policies. As Mark Levin said where would we be without the tea party? What Romney is doing is trying to find a way to include SP and still make his BIG corporatist buddies happy. Many of them may not like SP and we know Karl Rove, the Bushs, Dick Cheney and so many establishment just doesn’t like her for whatever reason. But what they must understand is that they didn’t make Sarah so they can’t break her and she will move on to prosper and further solidify her support. So the choice is really Romney’s, since he is the defacto head of the party upon clinching the nomination, and whether he wants to win or lose this election. I guess we will wait to see.

  • PAWatcher

    Sarah Palin leads the TEA constitutional conservatives to becoming more relevant each passing day, 2012 will set the record straight and by 2016 will be a force to be reckoned with! GOPe will miss the boat, yet again, after spending so much for Their ticket.

    • Nukeman60

      Both the Dems and the GOPe will be reeling in November, and when 2014 rolls around, they’ll pull the same crap stories about the people haven’t spoken yet. By 2016, when they have absolutely no power what-so-ever, they will be scratching their heads and wondering why ‘the people’ haven’t come out to back them.

      They’ll never learn and will fade away while still totally confused.

  • poljunkie

    Sarah Palin doing what she does best. Bringing everyone together.

    A few were saying take that Gov Perry, re his endorsement of the other guy, but Gov Palin eloquently stated before all the votes were counted that no matter who won, the conservatives would come together and work together to defeat the Democrat in November.
    I saw that after the tally and Perry’s guy lost, Perry said pretty much the same thing.

    Its easy to get caught up in states races but we need to remember that ultimately our goal is to rid ourselves of the Dems in office and take back the White House. Our level of personal conservatism/involvement may vary but we are on the same team.

  • JD Olson

    She is smart not to get into the convention squabble. It’s Romney’s job to show her respect as the defacto leader of the Tea Party. If he doesn’t and he shuns this Conservative base, he will be challenged by the ones in the House/Senate next year. I think he knows this. The winds are blowing Conservative and not RINO. In 4-8 years, Repubs need to worry about whether or not they will be a marginalized 3rd party.

    • sDee

      Romney is going to have to do a helluva alot more than avoid shunning us if he expects a rise in the polls. A turnip should be out-polling Hussein by now.

      • Nukeman60

        The polls will show him a tad higher the day after he wins, much like Reagan saw.

        • sDee

          He will continue to go up in the polls but we will probably not see blue states turn red like Reagan did – the demographics in America are far far different than with Carter.

          Only about 50% of potential voters went to the polls in 2008, It will not take many of them showing up to push a major loss for Hussein.

          I saw Hussein as a one term president as soon as Rahm and Axelrod bailed. I just never figured that the chosen replacement would put us to sleep like Sominex – Romeny could be mopping the floor with the marxist punk.

          • Nukeman60

            I agree with what you say. In no way did I want to imply that Romney is anywhere near Reagan. I just think the media has skewed the polls so much that it looks like Obama is winning when in fact he is not. I never trusted the polls in the past and I don’t trust them now.

            The media calls their polls ‘random’ when in fact they are weighted more heavily Democrat than they should be, they use all adults when it should be likely voters, and they word the questions in such a way as to be able to twist the results. Lastly, I believe they take the margin of error, push Obama to the upper edge and Romney to the lower end, thereby getting a positive outlook for their boy while being able to say they are ‘accurate’.

            All a bunch of crap just to get the sheeple to go their direction. We ‘alternate media’, aka the New Guardians, must counter all that with the truth and give the people a true choice.

  • Reckoner_3

    Good interview by Sarah, great lady

    Mark Levin praised Sarah on his show today,

    – “A gracious lady, doesn’t seek to draw credit to herself. I told a friend this last night, this former governor of Alaska has either learned more when she ran for vice president, or knew more, before about the constitution, about history, about the state of this nation than all her critics combined.
    All the little hatchet jobs. All the little sniveling nobodies, the quislings – who run around Washington DC fatten themselves up eating steaks, charge people to give them bad advice and in the end don’t give a d*mn about the future.

    She knows more than all of them put together. That’s why they despise her. She went to Texas not once but twice, and she’s exactly right. It’s the tea party. The conservatives. The constitutionalists. ”

    – 8 /1/2012

    Reminds me of the Schmidts and the loser consultants that worked for Derhurst that Palin mentioned above

    • IsraeliCojones

      Nice to see you here, Reck 😉

  • Rocco11

    Obama has taken the democrat party over the Leftist Falls in a flaming barrel. This guy is Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, and Saul Alinsky rolled into one…

  • kong1967

    She is so brilliant that I want to marry her. Step aside Todd!!

    I don’t know if I agree about Elizabeth Warren, though. Well, I do, but look how far left the Democrat party has ruled for the last four years. Democrats don’t seem to mind, so Elizebeth Warren just might be the voice they’re looking for. If blue dogs and Independents haven’t turned their backs on the Democrats already then they won’t be swayed by her, either.

    • WordsFailMe

      It has seemed to me like, in the communist plan to over-run the world like a swarm of rats or locusts, Obama is the rat that got out of the cage too soon.

      The socialist agenda has been revealed before everything was in place and now the Democracks are having to “act like it was all in the plan.”

      Actually, the foundation for global government, the dream of children, and the nefarious plan to enslave mankind, is still wet and the Democracks have stepped into it. So, they will trot out the old, sagging, withered rebel of the 70’s, Elizabeth “Bus Stop Betty” Warren and the crowd will behave as if everything she says has already been proven. Probably half of the audience will leave for coffee.

      • kong1967

        They stepped in it alright, and I think Obama thought he was in the clear to start being himself. After all, he’s a god to so many people and he’s just so stuck on himself. Surprise, Obama!! You shouldn’t have stuck your head out of the closet because many of your voters don’t like what they see.

  • wodiej

    Gov. Palin was gracious, classy and feisty as always. She’s a team player and a model of humble, servant leadership. I do think the Romney team would benefit by showing some positive support of the Tea Party. Gov. Palin’s endorsements of people who are running for Senate on this platform is very successful. Conservatives would get much more fired up if he did this. He may win as ABO but not a way I would want to win.

  • WordsFailMe

    Here’s some really valuable insights into Obama past at Occidental Communist College. The people who knew the little commie prince are literally stunned that the rest of America cannot se how completely Marxist Obama is.

    There are three part to this conversation with a former classmate and fellow revolutionary (reformed), John Drew, of Obama, The third part is coming. I really recommend these videos if you have an extra half hour

  • denbren52

    I think Warren speaking at the convention is a huge plus for us. The rest of America will see the blatant Marxism that we have been trying to tell them is running rampant in the Democrat Party.

    Bring on a few more Commies in prime time and seal the deal for Romney!

    • hrh40

      And then start in IMMEDIATELY on Romney to seal the deal for constitutional conservatives.

      Our work will be JUST AS HARD with Romney as it has been with Obama.

      Do NOT celebrate more than 24 hours IF Romney wins.


      As long as you understand a Romney victory doesn’t “save” the U.S. if we don’t KEEP ROMNEY ACCOUNTABLE from Day One.

      • Freempg

        The best way to keep Romney honest is for the delegates to nominate Allen West as the GOP VP candidate, irrespective of whom Romney may prefer. There must be five state delegations who are sick of falling into line and can muster a plurality to nominate West in the first round to contest a coronation of RINOs like Portman or T-Paw. We’ve already had Romney shoved down our throat. That is nauseating enough.

      • poljunkie

        If anyone but Obama wins, im celebrating more than 24 hours. Seriously. Come on, we need to be able to have some joy, a little joy in our life.

        Anyone who is in the White House needs to be held accountable.

        You are a fantastic advocate for Gov Palin and I respect you. I enjoy your posts and I admire your steadfast loyality for her.

        If we are fortunate enough to win in November we can breathe a tiny bit little easier- I know not much but it will be something.

  • Don

    It is imperative that conservatives have a control of both houses of Congress. Leaders as corrupt and incompetent as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should never be in charge of either part of Congress again.

  • Tester New

    The tea part represents the only hope for this country.

  • This woman can be summarized in one word…. AWESOME.

  • Wow I am not feeling a lot of support for Romney here. Romney is damned if he gets to close with the tea party, then voters think he is too conservative and he is damned if he doesn’t because then he is not conservative enough. I worked with Romney at the SLC Olympics and I am here to tell you that he is going to make a phenomenal president. He is honest, forthright and this BS of saying, he is the lesser of two evils or he is all we got, is just that BS. He is the RIGHT man for the job and will do wonders to turn this country around. I have absolute faith in this man and we all need to quit picking him apart and really support him. After all aren’t we all suppose to be on the same team?

    • JApost

      Romney has been paying for the slander of Blue Star Military Mom Sarah Palin from the time she was announced as McCain’s VP nominee on 8-29-08 to the present. 23 of the 25 “sources” of the “Game Change” slander book/movie were all romney staffers brought on by McCain after romney’s failed 2008 bid. All of these staffers lied about Palin to “reporters” like Mark Halperin, John King, Dana Bash, carl cameron et al so they would write stories to hurt her in the eyes of the electorate. As early as the 2008 GOP Convention(9-1-08, days after Palin was chosen), romney flack and current senior advisor kevin madden was encouraging reporters to do negative stories on Palin. Madden was perched on CNN during the 2008 campaign trashing Palin on a daily basis. Alex Castellano(longtime romney flack) was on CNN(talking to reporters on background encouraging negative stories on Palin) trashing Palin on air during the election and afterwards for the last 4 years on CNN and NBC. The same is true for legions of mittwipes(matt rhoades(drudge’s lover), eric fuerstrum, andrea saul, beth myers, stuart stevens et al) all on romney’s payroll the last 4 years.

      Your boy romney is lower than whale sh_t. He’s a doubleminded man, unstable in all his ways. The only way he “saved” the Olympics from the thieving organizers that plundered all the money, was because the fed taxpayer bailed them out with a billion dollars more.

  • capelady

    Conservatives know that the GOP establishment resents and fears the Tea Party just as they resent and fear all true conservatives. Romney is a New England Country Club RINO and right now, he will be influenced by the GOP establishment because he doesn’t have strong conviction. He was not my choice – but his trip abroad was calculated and more Reaganesque that I would have dreamed possible – he spoke the truth without concern for political correctness, and I truly didn’t think he had it in him. I do not think Romney will have the courage or the substantive solutions we need to lead a conservative revolution, clearly… but if he can stop the bleeding and start to turn the economy around, we can continue to put true conservatives in office and effectively take over the leadership of the GOP. That is already becoming a question with Ted Cruz’ recent victory!

    Romney is no Reagan – he is not even a real conservative… but at least he believes in capitalism and the free market – which is a huge improvement over Obama right there! We just have to keep the pressure on and vote in as many conservatives in the House and Senate as we can, and if he disappoints us, we will run a conservative against him in the 2016 primary! If he sees the power of the TEA Party growing and knows that the threat exists… maybe he will tow the conservative line to remain in office!