***UPDATE: MYSTERY WORD SOLVED*** Sarah Palin gives her thoughts on tonight’s speeches


Sarah Palin did a short segment on Fox where she weighed in on the speeches she heard tonight, primarily those of Ann Romney and Chris Christie:

UPDATE: For those of you following the mystery word at 1:34 that sounded like ‘zealot’, the mystery has been solved. Apparently the word was ‘salad’ and came from Brit Hume:

I see a few Palin fans on twitter think he’s lying. But when I listen to it I can easily hear ‘salad’ now that it I know it’s a possibility. Besides that, I would not impugn Hume’s character and suggest he’s lying because I dont’ know him to be anything other than honest and upstanding.

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  • chatterbox365

    The RNC made a mistake to not have Palin speak at the convention or offer her a prime speaking slot…whatever the problem was. The establishment needs to base to be fired up and people such as Palin, West, Cain, and Gingrich are the ones that can do it.


      Rove can’t stand her. Acts like she is irrelevant. At least, that is what I saw on Fox every time he had to talk about her. At least one of Mitt’s campaign managers is a Rovian.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    2016 viva sarah!

    she was very gracious with her praise of the speeches.

    • njinfl

      So it would seem to a normal person, but not to the zombie Mittbots at Race42012.

      These people actually dont believe that Mitt’s operatives slandered Sarah since even before the ’08 election, or that Christie ever insulted her on late night TV for no reason at all.

      That she has anything at all complementary to say of them is more than they deserve, but it’ll never be enough for Mitt’s sick puppies.

  • poljunkie

    Its ironic that Gov Palin watched the speech’s but some didn’t because she wasn’t there.

    She is the essence of gracious.

  • Roddy62

    Great night

  • Bogdan51

    I know, I shouldn’t mention that because it shouldn’t matter.

    However, SHE JUST LOOKS TOO FABULOUS not to notice that.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      she is beautiful inside and out.

    • donmoffet

      She is what she is…a beautiful and confident woman. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning that.

    • MaryMitch

      Sorry… too much botox.

      • MLCBLOG

        I doubt it.

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  • blueniner

    Sarah was gracious as always but loved how she got her dig on Christie Cream about finally getting around to praising Romney, Sarah has a way with coded digs. Christie was more involved with his own big ego and obloviating and selling himself for a future Presidential run instead of talking about the Presidential Candidate, horrible telepromper speech, what a bum!

    • StandingGround

      I caught that too, blue, about Christie – the “finally getting around to praising Romney” remark. Priceless! I agree with your whole analogy of C’s speech. It was all about him. But, what else did those of us that aren’t on the Crispy bandwagon expect!

    • jdbaird

      Christie for president? I think he’ll choke on a donut before that happens. The dude is obscenely fat.

      • sno_warrior

        Christie will never be President. Can you imagin him shaking his finger in Putans face or in Angela Mercle (misspelled) and telling them to ‘sit down and shut up’. I don’t think that would fly.

        • tvlgds

          My problem with him is his appointment(s) of Sharia judges!

          • MLCBLOG

            Mine, too. He loves to entertain them for lunch and dinner in his mansion.

  • Look we all like Palin, but she even admitted herself that she wasn’t prepped/ready for the vice presidency campaign light. She, by no fault of her own, was skewered. You can’t erase that. You can’t poke your head in the sand thinking Sarah wouldn’t be a detriment to the brand. Sorry, but it’s true. You can say, ‘it doesn’t matter’, but sorry bub, it does….

    • Reckoner_3

      Sarah wouldn’t be a detriment to the brand.

      The GOP brand?? LOL

      With each Rove influenced decision in the GOP e, like the “rule changes” …. The GOP is a detriment to Sarah/The Conservative brand more and more

      ‘it doesn’t matter’,

      If the GOP did a better job protecting their own, Sarah wouldn’t have been left to fend for herself and repair her reputation all on her own.

      Instead they hinge everything on what their liberal media buddies say about them

      • She quit her job and got a reality show. Can’t protect her from herself.

        • Reckoner_3

          She takes risks.

          Agree with the method or not. Sarah Palin’s Alaska “Reality show” prior to not running was seen as a political vehicle to reintroduce her while promoting her state. Press knew it, detractors knew it. While it opened up criticisms (from Rove et al) it still was recognized as not a “make or break thing”. As for her resignation it was questioned and would have been an issue for opponents in the primary to exploit, yet even with that action, people still saw her as viable , one of the potential first tier Republican candidates, hence the continual press coverage and liberal paranoia about her actions.

          It’s too superficial to say “she quit her job” Her emails at the time with the frivolous lawsuits match up to her weighing on the family, when she made that decision to step down.

          People can be on board or criticize her subsequent actions in trying to repair her image from the 2008 campaign — it still does not excuse the inside baseball within the GOP machine, as they trashed a formidable figure in their own party by throwing more gasoline on the fire.

    • opinionatedhermit

      Compared to what G.W. Bush, John McCain and Karl Rove did, it’s kind of hard to imagine what a worse Republican party would look like.

      But, hey. If chasing unicorns is your fancy, feel free. Go for it….

      • A Mitt Romney presidency had better not go that way or there will be hayell to pay.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      well after yesterday and today, doubt she be running for office under the R. we seen what they stand for. third party most likely by 2016.

    • trouble06

      If the GOP doesn’t quit snatching victory from the jaws of defeat there won’t be a GOP! Sarah FOR PRESIDENT 2016

    • PhillyCon

      You don’t think the McCain campaign and their handling of Palin’s “rollout” had anything to do with it?

  • What is with the bizarre voice saying “zealot” ~1:34 on this video?? Please – someone elaborate.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering who did the “zealot” insertion as well.

  • brendawatkins

    Listen to it again, and pay attention at 1:34, a creepy voice says, “zealot”.. weird.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Lol I heard it it sounds like the spirit of Obama.

      • brendawatkins

        It had to be intentional. Somebody at FOX?

        • proudhispanicconservative

          I dont know is awkward ….

        • It sounds like some idiot hijacked the broadcast and inserted his/her inane opinion. The voice sounded like one of those people who had the larynx removed and had one of those electronic voice devices pressed against the throat.

        • anyonebutbarry2012

          yes, i would say juan williams, but he was gone by then after making his condesending remarks about ann romney, maybe britt hume said it.

        • No doubt.

          I hope they catch and fire the sob that did it.

          No doubt a Mittbot.

          I am so glad Mitt will lose this. I detest Obama but at least he is not the head of my party. Mitt is a Democrat through and through. Horrible that we allow any one in our party. Republicans sure are the stupid party. I have a very hard time thinking of anything Romney will do differently than Obama. His record in Mass was a mirror image of what Obama is doing.

          Biggest lie he tells is he had to be liberal because he lived in Mass. But that is simply not true. He fixed the 2002 Winter Olympics. Hello that was in Utah. He owned a home in Utah but sold the one in Mass in 2000. He paid Utah State taxes for two solid years. He moved to Mass to run as a liberal moderate because he was too liberal to have any chance in Utah. He did so so late he missed the Primaries.

          • poljunkie

            Sorry, rooting for Romney to loose is not something I can get on board with.

            I simply cannot tolerate the thought of 4 more years of Obama.

            • jcinco

              haha, rooting for romney to “loose”??

              • poljunkie

                Gee, I fixed my spelling errror. Are you happy now?

          • ryanomaniac

            You’re glad Romney will lose this? What choice do you have? You say you detest Obama, doesn’t sound like you do enough. That comment and all like it are asinine.

          • brendawatkins

            We’re not supposed to believe you’re an Obama supporter? lol

          • poljunkie

            Hey Steve, the “left Scoop is at http://www.leftsccop.net” ha

            • MLCBLOG

              No it isn’t. Funny joke?

          • sno_warrior

            guess you’re a demo crate huh?!

        • Spartan4Palin

          Probably Juan Williams?

  • I love to call this lady Madam President someday.


      me, too

  • opinionatedhermit

    I personally know senior operatives that were in the McCain/Palin campaign.

    To this day, they still knock her as the problem and claim that John McCain suspending his campaign to fly back to Washington, in order to show everyone what an old man is incapable of doing was, “no big deal.”

    Honest. You can’t make this shit up.

    There will never be agreement with Rhino’s on this topic. We need to defeat them as much as any other group in politics.

    They aren’t our friends. They are at best allies. And are more than willing to belittle us, call us names, banish us back to Mordor, and worse, use us like rented mules to advance their own agenda.

    • Reckoner_3

      The schmidts and walllace types have been angry that Sarah exposed their incompetence in campaigning in Going Rogue. In their view, Sarah didn’t get the memo, to not trash the “protected insiders” because that ruins ‘livelihoods’ don’tchaknow.

      they still knock her as the problem and claim that John McCain suspending his campaign to fly back to Washington, in order to show everyone what an old man is incapable of doing was, “no big deal.”

      Explains “The Game Change movie” Gee, McCain at the top wasn’t the problem clearly! he was honorable and always made the right campaign call and Schmidt was a hero!
      Of course the liberals embrace that movie narratives.


      Well said, and we are the actual muscle that drives their machine.

      I say, take those digs and persevere. Our day is coming.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    If anybody here has an iPhone I ask you to listen to Mark levin’s opening monologue, he has a free podcast, that is absolutely tremendous.

  • opinionatedhermit


    Once again, PHC nails it.

    Mark Levin delivered to your computer. The Internet doesn’t get any better than this….

    FYI, Mark’s ap also works with the IPad as well. And, if you have I-Tunes or another music player you can also get every show from them. Not to mention it is always available from his website: marklevinshow.com (Give it about an hour after the show has ended.)

  • That “zealot” comment shows just what a bunch of low life pieces of cow crap exist even at FOX.
    Amazing how people who have accomplished essentially nothing other than being able to look good and talk gibberish for a long time can make snide remarks about a woman who has accomplished more substantial things then all of them put together.

    This shows you how so-called conservatives can be great friends and hang around with even far left wackos. They all are the same…. narcissistic SOBs.

  • Reckoner_3

    It ‘s a little annoying to hear the Fox talking heads bring up four years ago, blah blah , how does it feel? blah blah ”

    She should have been speaking it didn’t even have to be a wax nostalgic moment

  • carmtom13

    I herd someone say zealot at about 1:34 and i listened to this a couple more times and it sure sounded like Brit Hume.
    I was at mark America he has an article about the Grand Old Party all I can say is wow! Go there and see what you all think
    Link is markamerica.com

    • poljunkie

      sounded robotic to me.

      • …and that’s why people think it was Brit Hume.

        • poljunkie

          HA! Good one!

    • idesign2

      I’d bet money that it was Brit Hume….

  • I think Brett Baier reacted to the odd voice in the background. It wasn’t electronic noise or digital grunge. That had actual consonant sounds in it. Baier looked like he was trying not to laugh.

  • Why isn’t this fine woman speaking at the RNC Convention? Does Karl Rove and his team of Bushites have that much influence?

    • B-Funk

      I can’t be completely sure, but my understanding was that she decided not to.

    • wodiej

      I don’t think as some do that she was shunned. She said they called her about speaking. Perhaps she felt there would be too much focus on her. She said we needed to hear from new voices.

      • rnc chair said they called but i don’t believe the water boy for mobster mitt.

    • yes. they own mitt romney. why else do you think the powergrab for rule changes and particular rule 12? and why did boehner say the change was unanimous when there were people waving and yelling right in front of him who were opposed and trying to get a written vote? my new name for romney is massachusettes mobster mitt

  • It will be very difficult to defeat SugarDaddy Obama because we are also battling the media, voter fraud, and the Paulites. How will you live when the Constitution is completely destroyed? I’m sure the majority of politicians, incuding Ron Paul have a plan B where they move out of the country.

    • johnos2112

      We had the same obstacles in 2010 and smoked the left!

    • Nukeman60

      While it is true that we have the Obama lie machine, the progressives, the leftie wackos, the media, voter fraud, and third party voting all against us (not to mention RINOs buried in our midst), one thing that we do have which is more powerful than all those things combined – we have “We the People”. They can’t top that once the sleeping giant has been awakened. And it has been awakened.

      • SLQ

        But, um, “they” are “we the people” too, right?

        • Nukeman60

          No. No they’re not. They don’t believe in the basic concepts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. When I say ‘We the People’, I mean the vast populace of the United States that doesn’t believe that this country needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’. The only part of the group I mentioned above that are anywhere close to the majority of Americans is the third party voters. Burying their heads in the sand, however, doesn’t save this country, but they may still be true to the values of this country, just not very smart about it.

          Any more parsing you want to do?

          • SLQ

            But yes, “they” are “we the people,” just like you You cannot possibly claim that you know what other people believe. And I assure you that they do believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is part of the reason “they” won’t allow you to trample on them, such as taking away voting rights or intruding in a woman’s body. And please, mister “Patriot,” stop insulting my country, which I believe is a great country now, not when you “fix” it.

            Lucky for all of us, the Declaration of Independence says “we the people of the United States.” It doesn’t say “we the people, who agree with Nukeman60.”

            • Nukeman60

              If you have to ask what “We the People” means, then you don’t have a clue what it stands for. Saving unborn babies from murder is not intruding in a woman’s body. Protecting the rights of ‘legitimate’ voters to go to the polls is not taking away voting rights (except to take away the illegal voter rights). ‘They’, along with apparently you, believe that the Constitution is a living document, in need of constant change or just plain ignoring rather than something to be followed.

              I know what a lot more people think than you do and we can come back on November 7th to talk about the crow you need to cook thoroughly before eating, so that you don’t make yourself sick. However, I suspect that you will be over at HuffPo, MSNBC, or politicalgates, crying along with the rest of them how it was soooo unfair.

              Enjoy the ride. I know I will.

              • SLQ

                Who asked what “we the people” means? I simply pointed out that it doesn’t only mean people who think like you. “We the people” was meant to be inclusive, not exclusive.

                I hate to tell you, but abortion is legal is this country, which happened through the Supreme Court, one of the three branches of government set out in . . . the Constitution. I hate to tell you, but the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution for over 200 years. That makes the Constitution a “living” document, by design. In order for it to be “followed,” it must be interpreted by the Courts. In addition, it can have amendments, which is written right in to the original document. The framers intended it to grow and change. Or do you think women should not be able to vote, and black people should only be counted as 2/3 of a person??

                There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and if these laws make it harder for legitimate voters to vote, they won’t stand under the Constitution.

                It is not only abortion that some Republicans are trying to intrude into. Some want to define “legitimate” rape. Some want to outlaw birth control.

                Again, with trying to say what I know or think (or who I know that think?), and with your predictions. What a waste of breath. November will be what it is, and I don’t have a crystal ball (neither do you). Either way, we all have to live in this country, so your childish taunting is a wasted effort. (Pssst. The polls are saying something different than you are, so you may want to be careful what you wish for. And . . . your special “we the people” lost in 2008, too.)

                • Nukeman60

                  You need to do some extra research on:

                  1) what the supreme court said about abortion being legal, in the Roe v Wade decision.

                  2) what the job of the supreme court is, whether it’s to ‘interpret’ the constitution or ‘uphold’ it.

                  3) what the true basis behind the 2/3 of a person vote was really all about.

                  4) what the difference is between amendments, living document, and executive orders.

                  5) what causes the polls to read the way they read, and why they have to change after each election.

                  6) and, finally, try to learn the difference between the truth and the liberal ‘talking points’ you spew.

                  Many, many people are waking up to the BS you and your ilk spew and it showed itself in 2010, the recall elections in Wisconsin, and in primary votes such as down in Texas. It will also show in the 2012 elections, but I suspect you won’t see it there either.

                  Good luck with that.

                • KenInMontana

                  Speaking of “childish”, time for you to go sit in the corner, child.

                  Annoying “gaters”.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I went to sleep during Christie’s speech. Romney has a way of sucking the life out of everything he touches.

  • wodiej

    Very gracious and supportive as usual. Too bad some of her supporters don’t do the same.

  • Now tell me would not Sarah Palin and Ann Romney not make one heck of a team??? Talk about ladies with style, class, sass and intelligence. Now that is a winning ticket!! Sarah has the passion and zest that quite frankly I would like to see in some NEUTERED MEN!! She has a true love for America that shines everytime she talks and there is no one that has less fear in taking on the Establishment.

    Again, Sarah you always inspire and make me proud to share the same ideals!!

    Sarah and Ann…models of success, beckons of light, speakers of the truth and ladies with the courage to climb mountains!!

    Both Sarah and Ann are beautiful….oh conservative ladies…..LOL!!

    • jcinco

      Ann Romney would have a look on her face like she could smell a litter box badly in need of a change upon meeting palin…

  • deTocqueville1

    Gracious as always. Her interaction earlier with Levin was fantastic. They will no doubt be fighting after the election to either clean up the GOP or start a new party. Interesting: It sounded like Brit Hume saying ‘zealot’ just after Palin gave Christie the jab. It got a big grin from little Bret. Boy they hate her at Fox. Fun though because they need her for ratings. Go Gov.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      “Little Bret”! I love that and intend to use it from now on! With your permission.

  • For no particular reason:

    “When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn’t get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris.”

    Sorry for the O/T. Chuck made me do it.

    • Nukeman60

      I thought that was a very apropos statement within a Sarah Palin thread.

  • conservocop

    It’s really disappointing that a few within the RNC ranks could be so small-mided as to push Sarah to the side given all her efforts in support of so many deserving candidates.

  • Spartan4Palin

    I love how she really gets to the meat of the issues. I can’t wait to her opinion of Ryan’s speech. How the media will compare the two?

    And finally, Palin’s response to Romney’s. I think if you listen carefully to her, she will let you know what her future will hold?

  • Blessed are the humble…

  • Nukeman60

    As to the supposed ‘zealot’ comment by possibly Brit Hume: seeing how it came when Palin was talking about Romney ‘thinking big, having big solutions to the problems and not engaging in the pettiness’, I suspect that the comment was made not knowing the mic was open and I believe he sarcastically said ‘sell it’ in his gravelly voice (perhaps meant to be under his breath) rather than ‘zealot’. We all know Palin is no zealot for Mitt Romney, after all.

  • Spartan4Palin

    The more I listen to the video, the more now, I think it was Brit Hume!!!!!

    He has NEVER been a fan of Governor Palin.

    Hume loves Chris Christie.

    • idesign2

      I agree, it was Brit Hume. The “zealot” comment is now up on Drudge, and I hope this puts enough pressure on FOX so they come clean.

  • Actually, I thought that he was ordering “salad” behind the scene.

    • idesign2

      Hi Brit..:)

    • Nukeman60

      I don’t buy the ‘salad’ meme. The inflection of the word is not what you would expect as a reply to “soup or salad?”. I may be wrong, and I can give the benefit if the doubt to Hume, but I still stick with ‘sell it’, as I feel it fits better into what Palin was saying.

  • CG patriot

    Gees, I could have sworn I heard Brit Hume saying “zealot” in the background… my bad!How could I possibly think such a thing with these beltway type’s’ the all knowing and so gracious with their talking point’s. Surely, I must be mistaken.

    I just want this “phony, lac-luster of a Convention” and this “couldn’t get here fast enough” election to be………………..> over with!!!

    Sarah will alway’s have my utmost respect, never will I stop my support for her. I loathe how much this woman and her family has been vilified. Someday Mr. Rove will meet-up with “Ms. Slap” from the back of my hand.

    The RNC is dying a slow death, and Sarah doesn’t need to be associated with these narcissistic fool’s. Up with the Tea Party, and Onward to forming a third party, we have much work to do. In the meantime, I’ll just pretend to be amused by this circus of thug’s, liar’s, sell-outs, Primadonnas and kiss @$$’s.

    and yeah, you too…………. Britty boy– zealot!

  • nibblesyble

    hmmm..why would he say salad anyway? Didn’t the Kraut say in the past that salad’ is a term Psychiatrists use for seriously messed up people? I hope that is not the case, but Hume has been proven not to be the upstanding man I thought he was after the way he acted this primary season. I choose to believe what Nuke came up with…sell it…that I can live with!

    • CG patriot

      Of coarse he was nibblesyble– however it was “the dressing” Brit was ordering with that salad that everyone is hearing or heard!

      Never tried “Zealot dressing” have you?

      • nibblesyble

        Indeed not CG….lol

    • CO2isGood

      Maybe someone should mention “head-cheese” the next time Hume is speaking.

    • Reckoner_3

      some palin critics / (usually deranged Obama lefties) like to throw around “word salad” as a slight against her speaking mannerisms..

      (why would the mic pick up what he’s ordering?? )

      It probably is innocuous if Hume is sincere.

      But it’s not unreasonable to also be suspicious/annoyed because it’s not the first time a hot mic picked up condescending people belittling Palin , for no reason other than they thought they were off camera.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    So it was Humus who felt it necessary to come up with a quip during comments from the woman he claims is “out of political life”. What did he say? I think we can agree, it wasn’t, “terrific”!

  • DocBarry1

    It was not salad shame on you for adding to the cover up

    • Of course he said Salad. Sarah was serving up a fresh crisp Word Salad.

      She can’t give a straight up answer to save her life. Certainly nothing with any depth to it. She’s in over her head as a pundit and fakes her way through these interviews.

      “The Empress has no cl.. Dressing on that Salad!” said the little boy.

      – The Cat

      • Freempg

        Yet another sociopath acting out on a blog to make himself feel less worthless.

        • Yes I am a sociopath, which means I do not care about feelings when I tell the truth.

          Cult Following and Conspiracy Theories cloud the mind.

          – The Cat

          • You said it, Cloudy!

      • DocBarry1

        Agree to disagree

        The bad news is time flies.
        The good news is you’re the pilot.- Michael Althsuler

    • It was “Word Salad” or “tossing salad” which is a common derrogatory reference to Sarah’s style of commentary. Google “Palin Word Salad” you will see thousands of refs.

      • DocBarry1

        zealot not salad but if u want to believe salad b my quest

        The bad news is time flies.
        The good news is you’re the pilot.- Michael Althsuler

  • generictrainee

    Hume talked to shep , saying something about “tossing salad” , plausible.

    • speppers69

      Shep is in New Orleans and has been for a couple of days for the hurricane.

  • jcinco

    He said zealot.

  • Freempg

    Removed by author

  • So after the exact moment Palin slightly dissed Fox News favorite fat man, a mike picked up only one word in a conversation from somebody who doesn’t like Palin and it was a word that just happened to sound like zealot? Why wasn’t the word cheese burger? Or Pepsi? Or salmon? Instead it was salad said in a odd way at the perfect time. Hmmmm.

  • DocBarry1

    you have a right to accept it – but give me a break – did he order a salad did you see him eating a salad right after her interview – what time did she speak – was it dinner time – give me some context – right now – again Give Me A Break

    Remember, he is the one that said that Gov Palin was not speaking because she was out of politics – so that is why Huckabee, Rice, and Jed Bush were speaking – but yes he said Salad but forgot to add his dressing – I don’t accept his explanation

  • DebbyX

    SALAD??? That’s just crazy talk………………….

  • BS! Sure, Britt, the word was “salad” ….because you and that uppity snot Peggy Noonan were probably snarking about Sarah Palin by accusing her of making “word salad”…which is hilarious after hearing Mizz Noonan ramble on and stumble through her “analysis” just prior to Palin’s appearance, in which she made a complete ass of herself and was corrected by Megyn Kelly. Piss off.

  • wodiej

    And the hysteria continues. He could have used the word salad for a number of reasons. Even if he did use the word zealot, did he say “Gov. Palin is a zealot?’ NO.

    • Reckoner_3

      I don’t see the reason for palin supporters to get mad over this

      what are we? Zealots?

      • idesign2

        I think wodiej is from Romney Central, he seems to be posting all over the web apologizing for FOX and Romney.

        • Reckoner_3

          I don’t know why anyone would apologize for FOX, even if it has a few professionals. I don’t like that channel much, most of them are Rove-Romney Republicans + Obama bots, and it’s only somewhat good that it allows Sarah a megaphone….

          • idesign2

            Did you check out Sarah Palin’s post regarding her being cancelled on FOX tonight?

            I wanted to post it here, but for some reason I can’t.

      • speppers69

        Oh c’mon…..he said “zealot” and it was not appropriate and he was caught.

        • Reckoner_3

          SP … I was being tongue in cheek, about not wanting to come off what Hume may have called Sarah.

          Personally, I think Salad is insulting too 😉

          (half joking cuz I know there’s a meme that follows Sarah where they throw this insult called “word salad” to make fun of the way she elaborates)

          • speppers69

            Oh I know you were….it’s not like we’re strangers or anything. 😉

            (am I allowed to say I do kinda miss ya sumtimes)

          • speppers69

            So ya don’t miss me, too….mmk….I see how you are!


  • idesign2

    FOX just cancelled Palin’s apearance tonight, something’s up.
    Check out Palin’s response on her Facebook page.

    The mystery continues….

  • Hume is just another RINO who likes to insult Sarah Palin. He’s demonstrated that many times before. I think her lawyer should have a serious conversation with Fox News management about the contract she’s under…