Sarah Palin: Losing 2012 is not an option

The interview starts with Trump the chump, thanks to Hannity. I wish he would quit pushing the Donald on everyone and let these interviews be about the issues.

That aside, she’s tough on the GOP just as she was in Wisconsin, reminding them that even this year the budget has grown from last year’s budget, which means there really is no cutting. That’s a great way to look at it.

When it comes to answering the question of when she might run, she says it’s still too early. But she does add that there still isn’t a candidate that she sees that she believes can carry the torch of conservatism to beat Obama. But she’s still listening.

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  • Dittos…

    Losing 2012 is definitely NOT an option!

    So, we need 24 years … at least … of common sense conversatives for POTUS.

    1 – Sarah Palin for 8 years – 2012
    2 – Allen West for 8 years – 2020
    3 – Marco Rubio for 8 years – 2028


    I stand with Israel
    I stand with Jerusalem

    “But I have chosen Jerusalem
    ” so that My name will be there, … .” (2 Chronicles 6:6)

    “… temple where Yahweh had said,
    “Jerusalem is where My name will remain forever.” (2 Chronicles 33:4, 7)
    HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible, 2010 edition)

    I stand with the name of Yahweh (YHWH) vs. the name of Allah to
    STOP! Islamization Of America

    • Anonymous

      notice her necklace tonight?

      • Anonymous

        Beautiful Star of David necklace… and she was even wearing her American/Israeli Flag lapel pin too!

  • Anonymous

    I always like Sarah. Now let me try to make some sense about 2012 because so many conservative commentators or “market makers” are forming the traditional Republican circle and shooting at each other instead of going after the Progressives. Weather you are Trump, Hannity, Beck, Savage, Rush, Rove etc…..FOCUS on the Progressives!
    We don’t need a Candidate at this time, it is 18 months before the election. Just remember how events will shape the 2012 election. Remember Nov. ’63; April, ’68; Watergate; ’79 Hostage taking; Perot in ’92. My point is STOP the firing circle, 2012 or earlier will be the defining moment in USA history for my generation.
    I like the team, Trump works the Birth Certificate, Cain works Black Entrepreneur, West works the Patriotisim and Military expertise, Bachmann works Healthcare and the spending addiction, Palin works the true women and need for energy independence, Huckaberry can work the Evangelicals, Ryan and Cantor works the future spending addiction,
    Oh, who is on the bench…Romney, Newt, Paul all have a great place but not now.
    Ok just wait for the future surprises….Biden quits, Hillary leaves early for personal reasons. Just remember the last year of Carter, interest rates doubled, inflation was at 14%, Gold went up three times, the Iran hostage crisis…..

    • Rich

      Yea I gotta agree with this. Trump certailny isn’t my guy and I will not be supporting him financially or with a vote, but can we hold off on the circular firing squads for at least a few more months and just all take aim at the progessives for right least through the summer?

    • Idahoser

      no, not quite that simple. Defeat Zero and replace him with a McCain-like RINO? HELL NO, that would be no better only it would be my fault.

  • Anonymous

    It’s on purpose, they want to destroy this country.

  • Palin-West 2012.

    That said – Anyone but Obama.

    • Idahoser

      no, not ‘anyone but obama’. A McCain would be worse than obama, because it would be the same policies, and claiming it’s what I want.

      When it got to the point in ’08 where it was impossible to not elect a senator, Hillary was the lesser evil.

  • I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about Trump bringing up bHo’s lack of BC or proof of one. That’s not the only issue he’s talked about and I think it’s about time someone did confront bHo on this.

    Since it’s a requirement to be a born citizen of the US to be POTUS, why isn’t it a requirement that every person that runs has to show their BC like they do with other info such as financial, etc. to the public? I don’t see why that should be a problem for anyone that wants to run and, if it is, than I would have to wonder what they’re hiding ~ just like with bHo.

    I will say this hasn’t been as big of an issue to me before since my concerns have mostly been with bHo’s lack of experience and his out of control spending that is ruining our country ~ among other things!!!! However, have you noticed how QUIET bHo has been on this subject and hasn’t said one word about it like he has with other things that Trump has brought up? He wants to avoid this subject for some reason and I’d like to know why.

    Right now, I’m happy because I can post AGAIN with Disqus. Haven’t been able to for about a week and all because of Windows updates!!! Watch out for some of those things ~ they can be hazardous to your computer. Thank goodness for System Restore!!!

    • Katalina

      I agree with you RavenWood. There is *something* in Obama’s past that has been buried. It may not be an issue about where he was born, it could definitely be a question of his citizenship and/or his parentage.

      I have always wondered why Obama, a kid who was raised in Hawaii, chose to “vacation” in Pakistan. Think about it for a second: You grow up with the sun, sand, surf and beauty of Hawaii and, at 18, you *choose* to take a vacation in third-world *Pakistan*? Really? It is just. too. weird.

      And on that note here’s a very disturbing article that actually asks more questions about Obama’s past:

      • I’ve known about bHo going by the name of Barry Soetoro for some time now. I’ve saved a lot of info on him from the 2008 election. He tried so hard to bury so much but couldn’t cover it all up yet he was still elected.

        I believe he’s a person that was picked and groomed to run for POTUS backed by Soros and crew. Just like the sleepers waiting for their call, bHo arrived and has been vacationing ever since while his boss runs things. We’ve been had in big way!!!

    • KP

      Focus on POTUS birther issue won’t win us the election 2012, it only sidetracks from key issues and it discredits the candidates themselves. The LSM would love to have conservative candidates to focus on the birther issue as their talking points. Even if the birther issue is true, given that the democrat owns DOJ, supreme court judiciary and senate; is there a chance to impeach OB until he is out of the office or to prevent him to run for 2012?

  • Palin-Bachmann 2012

  • I’ve already figured it out what is going on, will not complain why no 2012 POTUS run announcement yet. Sarah 2012!

  • Celebrity Politics.

    • Anonymous

      Um what? Oh and I can now answer you question about her intentions. Before Saturday no one could really say what she would be doing in 2012. Now we know. She is running in 2012. Those close to her have more or less confirmed it.

      • See it’s like this. Palin is a political celebrity. She is making a fortune from speaking fees and books. She will not say she’s not running because it will destroy her brand. She will play this out as long as she can before she has to declare one way or the other.

        BTW: she is “close” to Newt Gingrich who uses the same tactic.

        Hate me now, but believe me later.

        “Truth has no agenda.”

        • KP

          Same old recycled lefty lame taking point, void of substance on real issues but personal attack on SP. Tell me, NickDeringer, what’s wrong with anyone making a good fortune from speaking fees and books, your shallow false logic, only lefty political celebrities are allowed? Hello? Don’t feed the troll.

          • morm

            right on!!!!!

            • Your wrong. I am a conservative who is grieving over the personality cults that have dominated the media.

              It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

              America will not survive 8 years of Barack Obama.

              • Anonymous

                who’s your guy for the GOP nom Nick? What size cajones?

                • Not into the size of people’s cajones. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

                  If you look at the polls, Huckleberry can beet Obama. Polls mean noting at this point. I think Allen West could go at Obama and win, but he’s not running.

                  Not sure how big West’s cajones are, but if you write to him maybe he’ll send you an autographed picture.

                • Anonymous

                  aaah Nick …. may I request that ya take the term ‘met-a-phor-ic-al-ly’?

                  To amplify, who has courage , is fearless, will take a position on principle ALONE and defend it …. will face down the deranged left? ….. I agree Rep. Allen West, but he isn’t running like you say, would be a great VP though

                  Huckabee? …. oh boy Nick …… why isn’t he in the race with all guns blazing if these polls are valid ? Where is the money for him? He knows this poll support is soft like a marshmallow that’s why ….. do you think he hasn’t checked out his IA support from 2008? If it was solid still he would have started already to drop some weight ….. how’s he gonna pay for that 3M$ mortgage if he leaves FOX? I suppose he was hoping for huge bucks from that last book of his …. pity that didn’t eventuate …

                  So, who else is there Nick?

                  Which silent, hiding from the flak candidate are you hoping will pop their head up eventually …. and be the last man standing?

                • I am being honest. I like Michelle Bachman. She came out against the birther nonsense today. She can generate interest in her campaign because people are looking for something new.

                  I reality, Obama has such a giant, Left-wing machine backing him it’s very likely he will get to spend 8 years destroying America.

                • Anonymous

                  OK. Do you think she having zero exec. exp. will win over the majority support of the Conservative Base/Tea Partiers if Gov Palin runs? Have you seen her straw poll results online?

                  You don’t think Gov Palin is new?

                  Regardless ….. like Gov Palin says, the more the merrier …. let’s see everyone jump in the GOP primary eventually, there’s plenty of time yet (For Gov Palin anyway, maybe not for the others, who need more time to build their ‘conventional’ campaign structure and support) …. it will all play out ….

                • Idahoser

                  you know what happens when you use polls to decide what your opinion is: McCain

                  This is allowing the enemy to choose your candidate.

          • I have tried to give Palin the benefit of the doubt, but it’s getting ridiculous now.

            She is following the Gingrich Strategy.

            1. Drop hints you might run for president.
            2. Get lots of media attention. Get lots of speaking engagements.
            3. Write a book. Rake in tons of money from book sales.
            4. Wait as long as possible to announce and then make an excuse for not running.

            Gingrich said he will make a decision this week on whether he will actually run. As I write this, Gingrich has yet to run in a single primary.

            • Anonymous

              LOL! Ok keep telling yourself that. She is running. I promise you that. I do believe your getting that talking point from Ann Coulter who has a BIG creepy crush on the governor of New Jersey. But Sarah does not like Newt or his beltway games. Sorry but your wrong on this one

              • You promise? OooooooooooooooK!

                • Anonymous

                  Yes I do:-)

                • Anonymous

                  I promise too.
                  (And she is nothing like Newt, btw.)

            • Anonymous

              Her and Gingrich are worlds apart. She doesn’t cozy up to liberals when it seems politically expedient. Nothing that she does is politically expedient. She makes the tough choices. She also walks the walk of being a Christian. She has none of the personal baggage of Gingrich. She hasn’t traded Todd in for a new model. She has integrity. Gingrich pretends to have integrity while making excuses for his transgressions rather than taking personal responsibility.

            • KP

              I see your position. We all have our own star candidate and wish list, don’t we? Election is not about personality/celebrity contest, but on serious economic and political issues facing the nation and which candidate has the best platform policies and public support to win the election.

              Some potential candidates are still surveying the landscape with exploratory committee. Timing and momentum are strategic elements of success, Palin has the discretion to decide when and where to make her decision known public. She probably does not need an exploratory commitee. SaraPAC and her team have solid financing and a well-oiled campaign machine, but most importantly, solid support among Republicans and conservatives (Twice, Hotair poll put her on the top way above the rest of the pack on Primary race). LSM may say it otherwise.

              “Write a book. Rake in tons of money from book sales.” Why is this an issue for anyone with his/her best effort, talent and skills to make a good fortune, tons of money is somehow unfit to run for political office? Celebrity status, personality cult, Is Ronald Reagan a personality cult celebrity in your opinion?

        • Anonymous

          “She is making a fortune from speaking fees and books” First of all so what? Second she is not a political celebrity. Now you sound like the MSM. And she is not “close” to Newt Gingrich. Trust me. Your gal MB is CONSTANTLY asking for money. Boy is she persistant. She is running my friend.

        • Anonymous

          Do you have a crystal ball? Are you a psychic? I doubt it. I suspect you will be eating crow. I don’t know that for sure but I have a hunch.

          She has proven time and time again that she has integrity and courage and that she is willing to do the right thing regardless of what others think about it.

          Do you have a problem with people making money? You seem to take issue with her rock star status. She did not seek that out. The media did that for her. Their hatred and vitriol backfired and turned her into a political celebrity.

          The truth has no agenda but you seem to have an agenda.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Nick your tiresome rant’s against Palin here and at Hot Air are getting old.

          If she is so irrelevant then why do you spend so much time trying to diminish her?

          Why not spend your time buliding up your preferred candidate?

          If she does decide to run are you going to be around so we can shove crow down your throat?

          Also, I don’t think any potential candidate has officially declared yet so your talking point could be applied to any of them at this time that are hinting at a run for president.

  • George. keep talking. we LOVE it. 😀 President Obama will not be able to avoid the tough questions on the 2012 campaign. The Establishment republicans will not be able to avoid them either. THAT’s why they want Palin and Trump to SHUT UP! Kinda sounds like what the liberals are saying….. huh…? …because they are of the SAME ilk. Established & getting RICH off of the political system. They do not want to kill the golden goose – You & I – and our tax revenues THAT they confiscate from us. Had enough yet?

  • Anonymous

    Agree with that.
    Losing 2012 is not an option.
    The candidate will emerge.
    Obama is beatable.
    The Senate will also turn over.
    Hopefully, more RINO’s will be gone from all of Congress.
    Not more….ALL RINO’s!

  • morm

    She’s still got the gusto. Run Baby Run

  • Losing 2012 is not an option… yet I give props to Gov. Palin for being realistic, seemingly conceding that Obama would take care of whatever likely Republican candidate….

    Unemployment down, stock market is strong, prevented a depression (say what you will, but the stimulus worked), corporations and high income earners having their best year yet, not to mention health care and wall street reform, DADT repeal = incumbent win

    • Constance

      The stimulus worked? Really? Tell me, where did all that money go, and who did it help? Health care reform? Really? Why then all the waivers to corporations by the Obama Administration? Last I checked, that law remains unconstitutional until heard by an appeals court anyway. Oh, and by the way, the stock market is currently strong because the Feds have pumped money (printed money) and dumped it into the market. Basic economics.

      • enufisaenuf


    • KP

      Stimulus worked? It stimulated the debt from $billions under Bush admin to $trillions ($killions) under Obama admin. Unemployment down? Sustained unemployment over 9% over the year. Stock market is strong? Fed has been propping up the equity markets with QE1, QE2, can’t afford another QE3. High commodity, oil, food prices up, inflation up, imagine if rising interest rate. PIMCO, the largest bond fund recently dumped & sold all US gov bonds (debt), In view of Japan’s Tsunami disaster, Japan will needs large sum of $capital to rebuilt and Japanese bank just pumps $billion. Watch if Japan, 2nd largest holder of US debt, starts to sell US debt, the investment fixed income bond market and stock market could crumble. S&P’s political move (or economic reality warning) to cut its outlook on the U.S. credit rating to “negative”. Political upheaval in Middle East oil producing countries and now record high oil price. Obama’s drilling ban and pie-in-the-sky green energy policy to the rescue? Not to mention unsustainable $trillion dollars needed to fund Obamacare? IMF World Bank president Robert Zoellick on BBC has warned that the world is “one shock away from a full-blown crisis”.

      Duh! economic 101!

    • Annie

      the stimulus worked??? I wonder where you are living – the rest of us wondered where all the money went! Lucky for you, but it kinda sucks for the rest of us.

  • Spartan

    I have a theory on Palin’s tactical maneuver. Hannity pushes Trump because in his mind at the moment, he is the only one to ‘appear’ to be going after Obama? But as I have stated before as well as others, Trump is a marketing guy. The WH won’t make him any money!!! He will get bored with the whole concept. But Palin has managed to stick him (Trump) with the birther issue by saying if that is what interests him, then by all means he should pursue it. She has also presented to us that we already have a guy in the WH that is a celebrity and markets himself with that ‘it’s all about him’ attitude. Why do we need another one? She also sees that Trump will generate the press to focus on him and keep everyone else out of the spotlight. Which means no real opportunity for the others to get the name recognition. Palin has the ability to make a few ‘select’ appearances and brilliantly come up with a few key words or phrases and keep the rest of the attention focused on her. When Trump gets bored, that’s when she makes her move. She stated it again last night. She won’t do anything by conventinal means. Regardless of what Rove, Perino and all the other established politicos say. According to them, you have to make the rounds in NH, Iowa, etc. I suspect she already has everything planned out and waiting for the moment to make her move. I have no doubt she is running. If we are supposed to believe what the established are saying, that she is making money so why would she give that up screed, than we as conservatives have not been truly paying attention and listening to what Palin has represented. If we believe that, than we truly cannot win the next election. Trump believes its about money. Palin believes its about our country and our values. I choose to believe Palin.

    • Anonymous

      right spartan, and I would add this: If money-making was Gov Palin’s motive then

      Why did she turn down a lucrative Season II of SPA?

      Why is her calendar clear after May 3rd? WSB had it filled in, between her events in support of Candidates during election year 2010 ….. WSB appear to have been put on hold for now.

      The only public appearance scheduled for the rest of 2011 at this stage is the big one in Oct when 1000+ churches will be all linked in via technologyto hear her speak ….

      Instead, her revamped SARAHPAC website now has a ‘Request an Event’ button …. hmmmm …. as unseen has suggested, could she be eliminating the middle man in the usual Campaign structure and allowing The People themselves in IA, NH and SC to book her directly and through O4P? Could that be why the ‘conventional GOP operatives’ on the ground in the early States say she hasn’t got any structure in place, therfore she isn’t running?

      I am sensing a stealth, guerrilla-like Campaign being set up … under the radar …. LOL …. the LSM and GOP Est. are gonna be BESIDE THEMSELVES with frustration and fear …. even more so than they are now …


      Go CUDA GO!

      Keep fighting back America!

  • Constance

    Time is running out for the GOP to get a solid conservative candidate. If Miss Palin doesn’t want the job, I would prefer that she just say so. We can’t afford to lose in 2012, and all this monkeying around by potential candidates is getting on my nerves. I don’t believe Trump is serious, and he can’t win, so he needs to go away. We don’t need Huckabee or Romney running, either. Both are losers and can’t beat Obama. Can someone please step up to the plate soon? By the way, I love Herman Cain… he is my top right now.

    • KP

      In political chess game, timing and momentum are strategic elements of success, Palin has the discretion to decide when and where to make her decision known public, if she decide to run.

  • Anonymous

    Mark my words. She is going to run. That speech in Madison on Saturday all but assured it. That was a key locale to effectively throw your hat in the ring. Even though she hasn’t said she’s running, she “said” it to the GOP. Watch out, because Sarah is coming for you, Obawma AND GOP RINOs alike. KEEP IT UP SARAH! We have your back! Palin/West for 2012!!!!

  • Idahoser

    Your problem is you think Hannity is a conservative. Get that out of your head and it all clears up nicely.

  • KeninMontana

    List of Probables
    Gingrich= Retreaded old guard
    Romney= RINO!! (If you think he’s a conservative, think Scott Brown)
    Huckabee= McCain redux
    Cain= Maybe, if he can leave “cabinet comment” behind
    Trump= A snowball in hell has a better chance
    Bachmann= Just don’t know, call it a “sinking” feeling
    Not a bright outlook at this point.

    • Anonymous

      LOL love your Trump comment

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a plan for the GOP winning the presidency in 2012:

    Lead, follow, or just get out of Sarah Palin’s way.

  • Anonymous

    Palin/West for 2012!!!

  • enufisaenuf

    I believe conservatives should go after the lame stream media. They are biased, untrustworthy and basically useless to investigate liberals. We should do everything possible to make them irrelavent. There’s enough other avenues to get our news today–don’t patronize the alphabet news agencies or newspapers. There’s no reason to everything they throw at us is so predictable anyway.