Sarah Palin on a brokered convention: It could happen and I’d do whatever I can to help

Sarah Palin was in studio tonight as the last guest on Follow the Money. They talked about her being picked as VP, how she handles the attacks from the press, a potential brokered convention for the GOP and her possible involvement, and much more. They save the brokered convention talk for the end where Bolling asks her directly if she would be willing to step in as a candidate if no one ends up with enough delegates to win. Her answer? She’d do whatever she can to help.

Here’s the full interview:



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  • drphibes

    (Sigh)… If I wasn’t married to Mrs. Dr. Phibes….

    • Cindy09

      Shoosh!! May I remind you that yesterday was Valentine’s Day?

      • drphibes

        Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

    • nibblesyble

      Dr., you better watch it…your lovely wife may be reviewing your posts! Having said that, if I were a man…Sarah all the way!

      • drphibes

        Actually, no one can match my Victoria…
        (fourth photo from bottom of page)

        • nibblesyble

          Wowzers! Classic beauty all the way..lucky man!

          • drphibes


        • Cindy09

          Didn’t Vincent Price die in the 1990’s?

          And I, who thought you were playing in a remake of “Portrait of Dorian Gray”!!

          Oh! Well, what do I know?

        • Cindy09

          Didn’t Vincent Price die in the 1990’s?

          And I, who thought you were playing in a remake of “Portrait of Dorian Gray”!!

          Oh! Well, what do I know?

          • drphibes

            Yes, his last film was Edward Scissorhands, I think. But my favorite is the Abominable Dr. Phibes. Plus all the Edgar Allen Poe / Roger Corman films by AIP. Wonderful man.

          • drphibes

            Yes, his last film was Edward Scissorhands, I think. But my favorite is the Abominable Dr. Phibes. Plus all the Edgar Allen Poe / Roger Corman films by AIP. Wonderful man.

    • You better hope she doesn’t read this.

  • Music. To. My. Ears. Hallelujah!

    • drphibes

      Yes. Could you imagine the long and winding road of this process, with all the drama, ending up this way? It would be poetic justice and a wonderful outcome, actually.

      • pmb88

        Now that is something I would like to see.

    • kessi7

      Oh man, what a day this has turned out to be. Sarah Palin has been all over Fox News today, including making a surprise appearance on The Five, setting between Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling, who has been teasing her appearance on his Fox Business News show Follow the Money, which brings us to what currently has everyone buzzing.

      This is a supposed transcript from the interview she did with Eric, from
      BOLLING: Governor, a lot of people are saying it can’t happen. I don’t necessarily agree with them. If one of the nominees, one of the GOPers, doesn’t get enough delegates, it could go the a brokered convention.

      If it does get to that and someone said, Governor, would you be interested, would you be interested?

      PALIN: Well, for one, I think that it could get to that. And I — you know, if it had to — if it had to be kind of closed up today, the whole nominating process, then we would be looking at a brokered convention.!/2012/02/madame-president.html

  • Scoop you’ve got to be the fastest video poster in the West, East, North and South!

    • PPF

      I beat him to it. My problem is that WordPress is bitchy about embedding videos. Hence, if it’s not on YouTube I can’t do it. But I did post the transcript. I have to wait for someone to upload the interview on YouTube. I do have some more freedom if I buy the domain, but still WordPress is a bit too much controlling for me.

  • aquaviva

    There exists an obvious affinity between Bolling and Palin.

    This interview is about as close to the “real Palin” as a TV viewer is likely to see.

    • tvlgds

      He’s the only one who got a hug on The Five!

      • idesign2

        I saw that too…

        She’s one sharp lady..:)

    • He did say she was his most favorite person on the planet. Smitten a begining and an end. Will he still be on the 5?

  • Every time I listen to Gov. Palin I get so PO’d about what they did to her especially from our own side.

    • nibblesyble

      The Republican establishment betrayed her big-time. They thought they diminished her, it must stick in their craws when they see her being the go-to girl for the party.

      • drphibes

        That’s why I’ll never give a dime to the GOP. I’ll support the candidates with my vote, but the Party is so abominable sometimes. I’m registered Independent.

        • nibblesyble

          yes, they need to be sent a message.

          • drphibes

            That message is still The Tea Party. The GOP brand will rise or fall as they respect the grass roots voice of conservatives – those of us who aren’t in their box, who aren’t beholden to a Party, per se.

    • tvlgds

      The establishment GOP does tend to eat their own.

      • FreeManWalking

        They will have lunch and dinners with their OWN (aka Romney), the meal they are dinning on are the conservatives.

  • Sarah Palin, keeping the hope alive!

  • PFFV

    I love seeing more of Sarah Palin that’s for sure. People have made her the butt of all their jokes, lied about her and her family in every way imaginable, and yet she still stands tall, proud, and ready for more. Sarah Palin is dear to my heart and I will support her forever.

    • drphibes

      She has the stature of a giant. She casts a huge shadow over this election.

  • Shawn Holmes

    Palin/Rubio 2012 please

    • drphibes

      That’s the ticket!

      • TENCOLE

        Ummmm, I don’t think so.

        Palin/West…..that’s the ticket.

        • drphibes

          I’ll take that, too. We have remarkable talent now. Truly a best of times, worst of times situation.

        • M_Minnesota

          Last year’s and this year’s CPAC Keynote Speakers. They won’t know what it em!!!!


        • Gloria

          Me to, Palin/West 2012!

    • PPF

      Nope. Palin/West 2012

  • drphibes

    She is so comfortable in her own skin now – like Reagan. What a candidate she would be.

  • Palin, Palin, Palin….An unconventional campaign to the White House in 2012.

    • From your mouth to God’s ear 🙂

  • 911Infidel

    Boy, I’ll tell you that Todd is one lucky camper. Mmmm…mmm..mmm…

    • nibblesyble

      Todd is pretty great too..coming from a chick’s point of view that is!

      • tvlgds

        I second that!

      • 911Infidel

        Touche. Motorcycles, guns, hunting and a smart pretty woman. What a turn on.

    • AIP Todd?
      You know what the AIP is, right? The Alaskan Independence Party is a political party that wants Alaska to secede from the United States… the party Todd was a member of.

      • 911Infidel

        I don’t buy smear. You know what CRI is?

        • It’s fact, 911I. Todd Palin was AIP. It’s common knowledge here in Alaska.

          “I’m delighted to welcome you to the 2008 Alaska Independence Party Convention. … Keep up the good work!”
          -Sarah Palin

          • 911Infidel

            I could give a flip.

          • Bogdan51

            Valerie, you must truly be suffering from a constipation and are sitting in the bog while writing your cretinist rants. No matter how many times someone will try to explain you that you are wrong with every word you utter you still stick to the produces of your own hallucinations with the stubborness worthy of much better case.

            Educate yourself about Palin or ask for help in a mental institution.

            • Are you saying that I’m wrong and that Todd wasn’t AIP? Google it! Like I said, it’s common knowledge here in Alaska.
              I know all about Palin, her associations and her liberal policies. Maybe you’re the one who should get educated.

      • 911Infidel

        And now a word about the AIP:

        “First, where did this claim that the AIP is a secessionist party originate from? Here’s the answer. The AIP founder, Joe Vogler, was disgusted by the United States government acquiring Alaska and making it a state of the union in 1958. Vogler held strong disgust toward the United States government and was most distraught because the citizens of Alaska were not given a true opportunity to choose whether they wanted to become part of the United States of America, or remain a territory, or not join at all. Vogler made many statements condemning the United States, … however, the AIP does not hold Vogler’s personal views as part of it’s platform…”

        “The AIP has abandoned pushing for the vote as part of their platform since they now focus on putting the state of Alaska first, along with individual and property rights. ”

        They did not support McCain/Palin in the last election. They supported the Constitutionalist Baldwin. No way Todd would not support his wife.

        Oh and SP has been a Repubik since 1982.

        She is the focus here not him.

        • Sarah is married to a secessionist. It’s relevant.

          • 911Infidel

            Apparently you don’t read much. I already posted the history of that movement. And its irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. But you go right ahead and try and divert and smear all you like. I could give two shitz.

            • What would you say if President was married to a secessionist?

              • 911Infidel

                I don’t accept the premise of your arguement which is fallacious to begin with. But have a nice day anyways.

              • detectivedick

                President Obama is married to a disbarred Attorney, Check out the reason for her “giving up” her Law License.

      • Jean_A

        Get a grip you witch.

  • tvlgds

    Ok, why is that the last interview? Is Boller’s show going away like Freedom Watch?

    • poljunkie

      Yes, and also Asman’s.

    • poljunkie

      Yes, and also Asman’s.

      • MaxineCA

        Is that right? What the heck is going on at FBN? Not that I will miss Freedom Watch, as I got tired of the good judge screaming all of the time to make every point.

        • poljunkie

          Maxine, I read that the average “viewers” were just at 54,000 per night so FBN is shaking things up. Whatever that may mean. What gets us is that we waited 3, 4 years for our Cable company to finally offer FBN, and now they do- and they are going to just re-run the shows. Whats up with that logic?

          • tvlgds

            That’s pretty much what happened here. We just started getting FBN.

    • TSM_Admin


  • Nukeman60

    Palin has the right idea and right approach on how to deal with all the smears that are going to come, either with Romneys attacks in the primary, or with the Obama/media attacks in the general.

    It looks like she’s been shooting for a brokered convention all along the way. It’s the reason she hasn’t endorsed to this point and why she wants the vetting to continue.

    It’s going to be an interesting summer, indeed.

  • Here is one of the better songs…

  • David Boyes

    100 % a lady and yet …. has more cajones than many men !!!! All class …. a shame she isnt your nominee for POTUS

    • drphibes

      The toughest men in the GOP are the women.

    • virginiagentleman1

      YET! Shes not the nom, yet, but come September in Tampa……….

  • porightscoopfan

    Happiness is….me tonight. Thank you God

  • Awesome interview with Eric Bolling …I love it that it was Sarah Palin Day on Romney TV (FoxNews) today LOL

    Go Sssssssaracuda!! ……………Steel sharpens steel………………..

  • MJScanlonOH

    I knew she was running a long time ago. I felt it in my gut. Sun Tzu says to wage warfare unconventionally. She is nothing short of brilliant! The Arctic Fox is coming my fellow Palinistas!

    • porightscoopfan

      I’m sure Sun Tzu would recommend finding a way to get your enemy to do the broken glass thing.

    • You think she’ll run for POTUS??? LOL!

      • NorCon

        What do you say Scoop, does this “Valérie” qualify for ex-communication with this in their disqus-history?

        “palingates – 22 comments”

        • I post facts about Palin’s record everywhere… here, there, Palingates, where ever!
          Why do you attack people under a fake name, “NorCon”? Can’t you find the courage to use your real name? You’d have more credibility of you did.


      I share your hope, and I hope you are correct!!

  • toongoon

    I kinda like seeing her tour through the FOX shows. Great day. Thanks for bringing em to us Scoop.

  • Jean_A

    Twice Gov. Palin said ’06. I think that is because that was one of the best times for her and her family in politics. ’09 was the start of the ugliness and sickness and sadness in politics for her and her family.

    • porightscoopfan

      One of the times when Palin mentioned ’06 was in reference to the opportunity the media failed to properly vet Obama. It was in regard to the time when something could have been done to stop him that she mentions regret.

      • Jean_A


        • @Jean: Why don’t you support Palin with your real name? Are you embarrassed to?

        • NorCon

          LOL look at the palingates-troll under here, wanting to know Jean’s name cause Jean has kicked hater-butts all over the net and they hate her! :))

          Not bad Jean, a Pgates fuming like that is quite a credit to your fight. Kudos!

    • poljunkie

      I caught that too. When she said Mc Cain called her.

  • carolt2

    Sarah always gives great speeches and interviews. I loved the way she brought down the house at CPAC. She should run for another elected office. it’s a shame that so many people hate her for no reason, some of it is due to jealousy at her looks and family. I do not understand why else they hate her. Some of my extended family hate her but can’t give a reason, especially when I try to pin them down on what it is that they hate about her. They only say I hate her. Most are women, that is why i think they are jealous of her looks and guts.

  • Eric Bolling seems to be a good man.

  • welovetruth

    Great interview!!
    We kinda expect that from her…
    [you do get the sense that she finally agrees with us, that this thing wasn’t Romney’s thing to win after all, and she should have ran].

    But one thing I cant understand is why she keeps on referring to the “4” candidates…….
    Why she keeps on reminding us that a right-wing version of fringe, impractical, and out-of-touch-with-reality exists in our dear brothers in the Ron Paul camp?
    Everyone else is just ignoring them and she should too.

  • THis woman is a complete nutball. She would lose to Obama in the worst loss in history.

    • Jean_A

      You can always tell a troll by the name calling. Go back to your hell hole and take that witch Henning with you.

  • MarkInKansas

    Very nice interview.

    She’s been tempered by the fire of her detractors and has been made stronger.

    She’d have my vote.

  • Run Sarah run!!!

  • ApplePie101

    Let me guess: if Romney gets five votes more then any of the other candidates, he wins the nomination. If any of the others get more votes than Romney, we get a brokered convention.

  • Quitter said what?

    • RichardNC


      Go file another ethics complaint.

    • Jean_A

      Look the troll from hell.

    • Jean_A

      Look the troll from hell.

      • Are you trying to muzzle my First Amendment rights??? Cuz that’s un-American!!!

        • cudaforever

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not their facts. You are a desperate and pathetic person.

          • Dan

            parasites are what they are…they can’t live without destroying someone else… they suck there victims dry till they are lifeless and dieing…they only worry about who they can live off of next…..that is who you are dealing with when you deal with parasites like Valerie Henning… probably never worked a day in its life and subsists off of the system….really really sad such things still go on…..

            • wodiej

              then you all are allowing the parasite to win. Quit responding to this person who is only trying to irritate people and it’s working.

              • cudaforever

                You’re right wodiej !! but it’s so hard 🙂

              • Dan

                no…i am stating a fact of life in America…after 100 years of attack after attack on the Judo-Christian culture by a relentless enemy of our Christian Heritage …we now see the results of a satanic culture of ME-ism…MINE MINE MINE is there mantra …they will destroy this country and our future for a few trinkets that will never satisfy and will leave them wanting and begging for more…they sell there vote to the one who promises the most for the lest cost to them..or the promise to make others pay for what they want with out having to work for it….the freedom, men and women died to give us and preserve for us are nothing to these parasites…they never look past the next physical pleasure they can attain they never look at the character of the people they vote for, only what can I get out of it… Parasites cannot survive with out a host to feed off…unfortunately; the host can only handle so many parasites before it dies a slow painful death……..

                there for I will reply to scum like this with the hope someone reads it and they too stand up for We The People….

          • I actually live in Alaska “cuda”. I know her policies and the effects they’ve had on my state. And I have the courage to use my real name, unlike you.

        • IsraeliCojones

          This is a private site, it doesn’t belong to the Govt (you wish!).

          Go back to Pig Palace.

  • Sarah said…

    At 13min. 12sec. –

    “Government can’t make us happy health wealthy or wise.”

    Obama says – don’t worry, be happy… yes we can.

    Obama says – eat your veggies… or else.

    Obama says – spread the wealth around… Obama’s “stash” is ours.

    Obama says – Karl Marx was right, uh, left, uh, uh, uh, George… where’s George Soros… what should I say now, George?


  • We that will vote for Newt Gingrich on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012, are on our own. We know without a doubt that Newt is the obvious choice based on his consistent revelations in debates. But most media outlets have abandoned any follow up to the Gingrich campaign to lead us to think that Gingrich is going to fade away. Nothing to this effect is true, but rather regardless what the media chooses to write their stories about, We the people of the United States will elect Newt Gingrich not only to repeal ever death policy that Obama has created, but also release the economic engine in this country AND GET PEOPLE WORKING AGAIN TO REGAIN THEIR LIVES!

    • Newt is a Big Government progressive who has done more to advance the socialist movement than many democrats. Since Newt’s earliest days in Congress Newt has sided with the socialists when it mattered.

      Newt will never, ever be the nominee. E.V.E.R.

      • crosshr

        must be talking about Mitt, you right, he’s NEVER BEEN A CONSERVATIVE

      • nothing you wrote is true.


      I’m gagging on Newt.

    • wodiej

      You can bet there would be a place in his administration for Gov. Palin as well.

  • grimjesse

    *sigh* don’t get my hopes up about a brokered convention. I’m so disgusted by the GOP primary, I have no morale left, I’m a cynical observer and I’m just about ready to say it’s hopeless. I even see fellow conservatives turning into cannibals.
    I can see a path for Obama that makes me think he can be unbeatable, that the left is unbeatable. How do you win if the other side is saying, ‘don’t worry, we’ll take care of you’ and our side says, ‘take care of yourself’ ?
    How do you beat 16 trillion in debt? And the attitude so many have, which is that it’s no problem. And, “don’t touch my pension!”(or social sercurity or whatever entitlement) If anything needs to be cut, just cut it out of the military’s hide. Our own party, the Republicans are almost as bad as the Democrats. They just pre-emptively surrenderd again this week. Conservatives are left abandoned on the battlefield again by our own party.

    The only hope is to find a true leader, someone genuine, someone amazing. For all my cynicism, I see Palin and think; wow, she could be the one person uniquely able to defeat the GOP and Obama. I see no candidate that holds a candle to Sarah Palin.

    If not her, I think we’re pretty doomed no matter what.

  • Blackwater is a seminar blogger, just ignore him

  • No one has increased taxes, grown government and redistributed wealth more than Sarah Palin (R-QUITTER).


      Now you’re getting repetitive AND name-calling.

      • And I’ll keep repeating it. Policy matters. We’re still working to fix her disastrous policies.

        • cudaforever

          Valerie Henning (LOSER) — Go Away !!

          • When people resort to personal attacks, I know I’ve won the debate.
            Christian much?

        • NorCon

          LOL yeah like they just agreed to add more funds to the forward-funding of school-budgets that GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN created and that helped put her approval-rating top 90% and made people that did not vote for her as Governor praise her in personal emails to her.

          Couple that with the 15 billion surplus fund for all Alaskans as DICTATED BY THEIR CONSTITUTION plus the AAA+ ratings for Alaska that Sarah and then her LT. Governors policies resulted in, and I think we can with a fair amount of certainly say you are full of “Palingates” muck.

          • Palin increased taxes and grew government. Since when is government taxing into a surplus a good thing? I thought you guys were conservatives?

            • Rshill7

              Oh look, a jealous little hair-puller. Ow, ow, stop pulling my hair byatch. Ow!

              Sometimes ugliness is only skin deep. Sometimes it goes clear to the bone. You know what I mean, right Valerahahaha? Speaking of bone, here you go girl. Fetch! That’s a good girl. Thirsty? Come on in and drink from the toilet some more. See that Baby Ruth candy bar floating in there? It’s a treat, just for you.

              Wasn’t that special, now lick your own butt for the rest of the month and have your master, Alinsky, Soros, whoever it is today, do something about that horrible mange you have. It’s caused by parasitic mites. You know about parasites right?

              If someone threw water on you, would you melt like a wicked witch or just smell like a wet dog with only 13 doghairs left? Ruff! As you chase Sarah like a mongrel after a passing ‘Cuda, please continue to confuse activity with accomplishment. And in your Sarah chasing travels don’t be surprised when on occasion you get a four inch high-heel uppercut, right under your lowly chin.

              Can you catch a frisbie? How ’bout a pancake? Oh crap! Did you call the SPCA on me? Oh well, I plead guilty. What do you plead? Dumb? Evil? Wormy? In need of a virtuous hobby? Here’s a hint. This isn’t it. There is nothing virtuous about chewing on Sarah’s ankles with every post. There. I feel better, how ’bout you?

              • This is interesting… seeing what kind of people support Palin.
                I’m here talking policy, and all you have is personal attacks. And of course, you use a fake name.

        • detectivedick

          Are you advised by Axelrod ??

    • ernst1776

      LOL, The leftist in America have become just plain ridiculous. Keep it up valeria and others. LOL

  • cudaforever


  • Amazing woman, she’d be the perfect president.

  • Been_There_BT

    The seminar bloggers aka trolls always tell us who they fear the most.

  • wodiej

    Great interview.

  • HiramHawk

    We watched “The Undefeated” again last night

    That reminded us of why the attacks on Gov. Palin from the left, GOP establishment and media are so virulent.

    When Palin speaks about what needs to be done to return governmrnt to “for the people”; it is not theory with her. She speaks from experience and integrity, because she has successfully been there and done that. She frightens the left and GOP establishment, because they know that she could and would do what she says and that the people would support her.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Pay no attention to the commenter “Valerie Henning.” It, along with her husband, filed frivolous ethics complaints against Palin when she was Governor.

    • GraceKnows

      Thanks for the heads-up! 🙂

    • How about we address the issues… like Palin’s liberal policies as mayor and governor? Alaska never had a more liberal tax and spend governor than Sarah Palin. Even conservatives here don’t support her! We know the truth.
      Since when is taxing into a surplus a conservative ideal? Is this how desperate the GOP has become?
      I’m here posting facts under my real name. What are you people so afraid of?

  • timeout31

    She is the best for the job.

  • FreeManWalking

    If there is a brokered convention, and she chooses not to toss her hat in the ring, someone will snatch it off her head and throw it in.

  • cabensg

    It’s time for Palin to follow her husbands lead and support Gingrich before it’s to late.

  • ApplePie101

    With all their faults, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, and the others who dropped out made serious sacrifices to run this grueling race. They’ve traveled 1000s of miles, met 1000s of people, spoken at 100s of events, given up a large portion of their lives and fortunes, been vilified in the press, in person and on the blogs. They’ve had glitter bombs thrown at them, and have received threats. They’d done all this to get a job which only exposes them to more abuse and danger. Regardless of how I feel about them as candidates, I respect their courage for getting in the game and running the gauntlet. Those like Christie and Palin, who opted not to run no doubt had good reasons. But I’m not going to vote for a brokered nominee who didn’t have the guts to get into the race. This process was not meant to be easy or pretty.

    • Are you seriously trying to compare *anything* these current GOP candidates have gone through to what Palin and her family have gone through and continue to go through? I get your point that the candidates are meant to go through this process. However, PALIN has. I personally don’t care who you vote for but spare me the “I’m only voting for someone who has sacrificed”. Nobody in politics has been through more crap and sacrificed more than Palin. She is the prime example of how our political process isn’t “easy or pretty”.

      • ApplePie101

        She chose not to run. That’s what I’m saying. It’s a test of commitment which the others were willing to make, which she, Christie, Jeb Bush, and so on, were not. I don’t blame her, because she was put through the wringer, but that doesn’t entitle her to be president. If she’s someone’s VP pick, that’s another story.

        • Sarah’s always been a QUITTER. Look at her record. She doesn’t have what it takes.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Well said, Tammy!

    • StandingGround

      I agree, it is a tremendous sacrifice and on that level, I see your point. For me, it would depend on the circumstances and who would be the brokered nominee. Sarah, for instance, has certainly paid her dues on the campaign trail and in the press so she would get a pass from me.

      There will be lots more misery to come from BO and his team of crooks for our nominee. At least a brokered nominee would come in rested! 🙂

      Lets just hope the GOP elites don’t destroy every last one of our good ones before we get to the WH. No one in Washington wants to give up the power. This is a tough run and may not be won in a conventional way.

      Bottom line, to me, we Must get BO out using the best “man” standing!!!

      • ApplePie101

        I have nothing against Sarah Palin, and in fact, if she had run, she would be at or near the top of my list. What I object to is a brokered convention that takes ‘We the People’ out of the decision making process, and hands it over to a group of power brokers. I’m surprised that Palin is promoting this idea, as it’s more what I’d expect from establishment republicans. If they get their way, they’re not going to choose a conservative tea party nominee. They’ll choose one of their own.

  • anneinarkansas

    Sarah’s acumen continues to amaze me…she always has an opinion of substance.

  • GraceKnows


    Sounds like you lost a couple of other “debates.” Why are you even here?

    So. You were “afraid of retaliation” from Sarah?? You were evidently a plant then, and you are now. You attempted to destroy, and you failed.

    Oh, and the “Christian much?” remark. Do you?

  • TPDanbo

    God bless you Sarah Palin and keep up the good fight !!!

  • I want her to be vice-President of Rick Santorum!!

    • cudaforever

      I want Santorum to be VP for Sarah !! 🙂

  • bobemakk

    Gov. Palin is a “kingmaker” as is Jim DeMint. Any republican that runs as the nominee would be smart to pick Sarah Palin as VP. It is too bad that McCain ran a squeaky clean campaign, if he had fired back at Obama he could have won and maybe this country would be in better shape. We’ll never know.