Sarah Palin praises Ted Cruz, says Dick Cheney misfired

This is a great interview with Sarah Palin as they cover all the major topics she’s been involved with this week including Chick-fil-a and gay marriage, Ted Cruz winning big tonight, Dick Cheney’s comments about her not being ready, and more!

Watch below:

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  • RefudiateObama2012

    She called Cheney a dick, she made it sound like a verbal slip, but I believe that’s what she meant.

    • Jean_A

      Be nice.

      • RefudiateObama2012

        Oh, I am. 😉

      • marketcomp

        He deserved it!

    • keyesforpres

      Well, it IS his name.

    • marketcomp

      Well, that’s what’cha DICK get for misfiring! VP Cheney never misfires and is always on pint anytime he specks! So that tells me that what he said was calculated and intentional!

      • capelady

        Dick Cheney is a Bushie and the Bushies have never liked TRUE conservatives. They opposed Ronald Reagan and continue to oppose the Tea Party today. I always admired Dick Cheney, but I don’t agree with everything he says any more than I agreed with everything George W. Bush did. We need Constitutional, fiscal conservatives in Washington… not another Bushie.

      • sDee

        You both seem right to me. It was an intentional comment. Picking Sarah did turn out to be a mistake for them. It was a mistake because they underestimated Sarah Palin. It was a mistake because maybe they though they were getting rid of a thorn in their racket up in Alaska and she ended up a stronger force. It was a mistake because after they did every thing in their power to destroy the woman she is the only one leading the charge against the DC establishment that is destroying the Constitution.

        • marketcomp

          Great post, sDee! Yea, Sarah has tremendous influence! Besides where is Dan Qualye now, 41’s VP? He’s a has been!

    • wodiej

      She did not call him “a dick.” She began her sentence with “seeing as how Dick….”. And then she stopped and referred to him as Vice President Dick Cheney. It seems she did it out of etiquette on addressing people who have or had titles. Gov. Palin would never use such vulgar language especially on national TV. I’ve seen plenty of her so called supporters use it though.

      • hrh40

        Do you not remember how she mocked Obama’s Win The Future slogan by saying it certainly was a “WTF” slogan?

        She is not above using plays on words in such a manner.

    • Cindy09

      He! He! He! He! He! Not a slip of the tongue. I agree! That’s a worthy name game! Sincerely, I believe she stopped right there to give him due respect as a former vice-president.

    • SaraPFan

      The same when she said he “misfired” and paused.

      She’s comparing her hunting skills with his. Remember when he shot his friend during their hunt, accidently?

  • Dick Cheney is right. Dick Cheney has been fighting Obama for years. Who doesn’t support Dick Cheney fighting Obama? His comments about Palin simply illuminate the fact that Palin was a bad pick for McCain because she helped McCain lose. She didn’t answer questions well, and also, she had no experience. She hadn’t even been governor for a single term when she was picked. If anyone thinks she would be a good pick, why don’t they advocate for Romney to pick her? You know she’s a bad pick, because if Romney did pick her, she would severely hurt his campaign. Her being on the ticket would make it hard for him to win, just like it made it hard for McCain to win, just like Dick “Fighting Obama Everyday” Cheney said.

    • Nukeman60

      That analysis stinks to high heaven. Palin lessened McCain’s defeat and you know it. She boosted his popularity, but his wheels were already broken on that little red wagon. If you really want to change history, go work for Obama. That’s what they try to do every time they open their mouths.

      Palin has been the biggest boost for Conservatives for the last four years. You don’t like her, that’s fine. But try and stick to the truth.

      • Actually the biggest boost for conservatives has been that they have chosen to get involved and to do things at a local level as well as a national level!

        • Nukeman60

          I would not disagree with you on that. As individuals, people like Palin and West have led and spurred on that involvement, kicking it up a notch.

        • She didn’t help McCain. She might have helped a lot of candidates she stumped for in the primaries, but actually she doesn’t help candidates she stumps for in general elections, either.

          • And arithmetic isn’t really a set of provable rules about numbers. You only have to make stuff up, and it’s true!

            Look, you’re going to have to start engaging actual reason or end up being classed as a troll. Trolling is against the Comment Policy. Put some effort into it.

          • FutureOnePercent

            I can only speak for myself but Sarah Palin was the ONLY reason a McCain ticket got my vote. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there.

            • Garym

              Same here.

            • Dukehoopsfan

              True, he had already become McLame. She made it interesting for a while.

          • hrh40
          • We already knew this, but Greta looked it up and posted on her website. And talks about it in THIS interview. McCain was losing BIG TIME to Obama until he chose Palin. That was an immediate and sustained 6 point bump. He maintained the lead and was on his way to winning the election, until he suspended his campaign to go to Washington. He came off looking stupid and confused while Obama looked in control. McCain’s numbers cratered.

            This has only been discussed a million times since 2008. If not for Sarah Palin, McCain would have lost in a landslide. She WAS the campaign. It’s only positive moment.

            I agree with K-Bob, learn how to be a better troll.

        • I think the biggest boost for conservatives was having someone like O for president.

        • hrh40

          Many of us greatly inspired by Sarah Palin to do so.

      • Palin hurt McCain, and there are numbers to prove it. Palin’s favorability ratings are negative in every poll. Go talk to an assortment of moderate voters (“moderate” doesn’t mean conservative, by the way), and ask them what they think of Palin. I’m sure you’ll hear not a few tell you about how stupid Palin is. Just turn on TV or read the papers once in a while. That’s the popular view of Palin (in part due to what she said in interviews). If Palin has a negative image among the electorate, then obviously she can’t help her runningmate get elected.

        • exodus2011

          nah bombs

          did Reince or Mitty send ya here?

          wrong place to push your false narrative – people here are informed

          I reckon your Mitty won’t be nominated – Schweizer has made a non-idle request for his Bundlers’ List – and he aint co-operating

          people are repulsed by Corruption and hiding things /…… ole Mitty is in the crosshairs of all this with his lack of transparency

          bye bye Mitty

          Helloooooooo Palin/West 2012!


          • Boris_Badenoff

            “wrong place to push your false narrative – people here are informed”

            Yes , yes we are. Maybe you should take your own advice.

            • exodus2011

              LOL Boris – ya didn’t like me sayin that your Mitty is not transparent and is hiding things?

              we are still waiting for his Bundlers’ List, for his Tax Returns

              we wanna know why he destroyed all his MA Hard Drives

              No Transparency = Govt Corruption and see the current BHO Admin for proof!

              Americans don’t want more of the same should Mitty bd elected

              C’Mon Etch-A-Sketch! Emulate the NOT4SALE One, Gov Palin! She has ALL her AK Admin emails in Public Domain!

              Stop hiding things Mitt


              • Boris_Badenoff

                LOL , you are just too funny…

                You are really not as informed as your think..

                Obviously others elsewhere think the same..

                • exodus2011

                  support your Mitty while he still is the putative Nominee … we will keep asking for his Tax Returns, for his List of Bundlers … I wanna know whether he invested in Stericycle after they included aborted fetuses in their **** medical waste management*** in 2003. It would not be good if the Lefties sprung that kind of surprise in OCTOBER, when it would be too late for America.

                  Romney needs to be fully vetted NOW so that he can be dumped in Tampa if need be

                  and I think it WILL be needed … he is distrusted by too many Conservatives (42%+ of Electorate) and this makes him extremely WEAK as the Nominee

                  Delegates will not nominate a DEAD MAN

                • Boris_Badenoff

                  SO if your make believe world fails to materialize who will you vote for in November?

                • exodus2011

                  I think the Delegates are unlikely to put America’s future at risk by nominating the distrusted and unvetted Romney … remember they will have access to the most vital Poll info ie the % Conserv Voters who remain UNLIKELY TO VOTE if Romney is the Nominee

                  in the unlikely event that the Deleagtes comply with the RINO Establishment and nominate a Dead Man, I would say that many Conservatives will continue to store up food and ammo, and then hunker down, waiting for future events to transpire, because without REFORM of US Govt in 2013, the Debt Problem will be taken out of American hands

                • Boris_Badenoff

                  So the question was too hard… ok.

                • exodus2011

                  it’s my H who would be voting … it would take something to vote FOR to get him to polls I think

                  Palin/West would bring him out for sure


                • Boris_Badenoff

                  So the question was too hard..

                • exodus2011


                  Time for the distrusted & unvetted Romneycare to step aside … not enough Conservatives will go to the Polls for him …

                  put America first Monsieur Etch-A-Sketch – Tampa Delegates will give us a WAY BETTER ticket than you

                  Palin/West 2012


        • Nukeman60

          Just turn on TV or read the papers once in a while‘ – b&d

          So you’re saying listen to the LSM, who tried then and still try, to bash and discredit Palin due to their fear of her. Is that how you get most your information? How is MSNBC lately, btw? Does CNN still satisfy your curiosity, or have they caused you to lose that ‘tingle’?

          Let’s see the ‘numbers’, if you’re so positive. Don’t just make ’em up. I want to see how many people Palin drew at her rallies and speeches compared to how many McCain drew.

          I can see November from my front porch.

        • McCain was a dud. A RINO dud. Conservatives were not fooled by that old goat. He also had people working for him that tried, at every turn, to sabotage Palin. Actually, she did amazingly well for having to put up with those jerks.

        • hrh40
        • Again. learn how to be a better troll. See my comment to you above. The polls show the ONLY time McCain led in the polls was after picking Sarah. McCain and his idiot campaign manager Steve Schmidt lost the election all on their own.

          As for popularity, she has the highest approval numbers of any Republican. Always has, always will.

          In March of this year she was still more popular than any actual candidate, and it was suggested that she was the unity candidate if there was to be a brokered convention. And this is from democrat pollster PPP!

          “The talk of a brokered convention never seems to die down and one interesting finding on this poll was that Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race.

          Her net favorability is +48, with 68% of voters rating her favorably to only 20% with a negative opinion. That compares favorably to +29 for Santorum, +19 for Romney, and -26 for Paul.”

          Did you get that, Sarah Palin had a 68% approval rating, for a net of +48. Willard Romney was at +19. She crushes that gnat. Always has. That’s why his fan bois can’t stand her.

          Go sell crazy somewhere else. We deal in facts.

    • deTocqueville1

      Complete and utter rubbish.

      • Palin hurt McCain because she has lots of negatives. A lot of people think she’s stupid. Read a newspaper.

        • “Read a newspaper”

          Don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper or what Hollywood is telling you about Sarah Palin.

          The media hounded her, and her family, on a daily basis, flat out making crap up (like that she, personally, shot wolves from the air). They claimed her baby was not her own; used despicable language to attack her, and her family; sent numerous reporters to Wasilla to dig up dirt on her ; AP reporters “factchecked” her book;
          accused her of being an accomplice to murder, her email hacked by the son of a Democrat congressman, political operatives filing endless bogus ethic charges designed to bankrupt a working family with a special need toddler and much more.

          Do you really believe the movie “Game Change” ?

          Top 10 Lies of HBO’s ‘Game Change’

        • Quaint. An appeal to failed, dying journalism. It’s nice to see someone expose that sort of faith in “reporters” in public.

        • Boris_Badenoff

          “Read a newspaper.”

          Ah, there’s your problem right there..

        • Rshill7

          Which newspaper do you favor? The Fishwrap of Record, The Daily Litterbox Liner, or The Doggy Doo Review? All of the above perhaps?

          You’re no doubt, very well-red. Red, red, red.

          Hey, try The Hammer and Sickle Sentinel 🙂

        • hrh40
    • nibblesyble amuse me.

    • keyesforpres

      You’re funny!

      • Not as funny as Palin. Palin couldn’t get a job at a conservative think thank in a research position.

        • Sure. She should step down from her position to be some grunt who looks up stuff, to look “smart” in your opinion?

          Man, you have a very low threshold of success. That explains a lot.

        • WordsFailMe

          A “conservative think thank?” I am now picturing your monitor covered with spittle dots.

          Where you headed with this tack Bombs? Away?

        • hrh40

          That’s because she’s a doer.

          IOW, there are those who think great thoughts.

          And there are those who put those great thoughts into real-life action.

          Palin is the latter.

        • keyesforpres

          Is that so? I didn’t know she’d applied. I was under the impression she was quite busy being a contributor to Fox, writing books, and getting conservatives elected.

          Now don’t you fret….if she’s as dumb and unimportant as you say…why are you here?…and what are you worry about? Afterall, she couldn’t get a job at a conservative think tank in a research position. Right?

        • Palin’s doing just fine. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    • JRNASH

      Come on, Bombs. If brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow your nose. The woman is incredible and you Republican elitists (closet libs) all know it.

      • keyesforpres

        Of course he knows it….that’s why he’s here telling us why Sarah is not important….because he KNOWS she is.

        • I said that Sarah Palin was a bad pick for VP. It’s the same view that Dick Cheney holds. Apparently you can’t read, because when you tried to summarize what I said, you completely failed.

          • John_Frank

            Interesting that people are focused on re-litigating McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his VP nominee in an effort bolster Romney’s VP selection.

            K Street Republicans’ war on Palin

            Gee, and here us lowly peons thought that the Republican establishment, having gotten their nominee was interested in defeating Obama.

            Maybe we thought wrong.

            • Dick Cheney was asked a simple question in relation to the VP search. Who Romney picks for VP IS news. And whether Palin was a good pick in his mind is a logical question, because that question in theory relates to who Romney should pick.

              At any rate, if it was a bad question, blame the questioner, don’t blame Cheney for answering.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            You guys are so not getting this if it wasnt for Sarah Mclame wouldve gotten beat by 75% she was the only reason the race was somewhat competitive and the reason McLame was beat by Barack Hussein Obama was because he is another Career politician who is incapable of articulating the conservative message, and a moderate.

            • “Career politician” and “conservative” aren’t exclusionary. Ron Paul has also been a politician for many years, and he is conservative on fiscal issues.

          • royroyo

            What is Wrong with this Governor, That was Chosen For VP

            Please Tell Me

            In Alaska, Palin is challenging the dominant, sometimes corrupting, role of oil companies in the state’s political culture. “The public has put a lot of faith in us,” says Palin during a meeting with lawmakers in her downtown Anchorage office, where—as if to drive the point home—the giant letters on the side of the ConocoPhillips skyscraper fill an entire wall of windows. “They’re saying, ‘Here’s your shot, clean it up’.” For Palin, that has meant tackling the cozy relationship between the state’s political elite and the energy industry that provides 85 percent of Alaska’s tax revenues—and distancing herself from fellow Republicans, including the state’s senior U.S. senator, Ted Stevens, whose home was recently searched by FBI agents looking for evidence in an ongoing corruption investigation. (Stevens has denied any wrongdoing.) But even as she tackles Big Oil’s power, Palin has transformed her own family’s connections to the industry into a political advantage. Her husband, Todd, is a longtime employee of BP, but, as Palin points out, the “First Dude” is a blue-collar “sloper,” a fieldworker on the North Slope, a cherished occupation in the state. “He’s not in London making the decisions whether to build a gas line.”

            In an interview with NEWSWEEK, Palin said it’s time for Alaska to “grow up” and end its reliance on pork-barrel spending. Shortly after taking office, Palin canceled funding for the “Bridge to Nowhere,” a $330 million project that Stevens helped champion in Congress. The bridge, which would have linked the town of Ketchikan to an island airport, had come to symbolize Alaska’s dependence on federal handouts. Rather than relying on such largesse, says Palin, she wants to prove Alaska can pay its own way, developing its huge energy wealth in ways that are “politically and environmentally clean.”

            Although she has been in office less than a year, Palin, too, earns high marks from lawmakers on the other side of the aisle. During a debate earlier this year over a natural-gas bill, State Senate Minority Leader Beth Kerttula was astounded when she and another Democrat went to see the new governor to lay out their objections. “Not only did we get right in to see her,” says Kerttula, “but she asked us back twice—we saw her three times in 10 hours, until we came up with a solution.” Next week in Juneau, Alaska lawmakers will meet to overhaul the state’s system for taxing oil companies—a task Palin says was tainted last year by an oil-industry lobbyist who pleaded guilty to bribing lawmakers. Kerttula doesn’t expect to agree with the freshman governor on every step of the complex undertaking. But the minority leader looks forward to exploiting one backroom advantage she’s long waited for. “I finally get to go to the restroom and talk business with the governor,” she says. “The guys have been doing this for centuries.” And who says that’s not progress?


            • This is a really long article, and I won’t respond to every point it raised, but essentially there were 2 main reasons she was a bad pick:
              1.) She was inexperienced. She hadn’t served as governor for a full term when she was picked.
              2.) She doesn’t articulate herself well, and her positions don’t sound like they are well developed. Google “Sarah Palin Katie Couric interview” and you will see what I’m talking about.

          • hrh40
          • keyesforpres

            Actually Dick said she wasn’t ready for the presidency in 2008. Of course, I wasn’t aware that she was running for the presidency in 2008. A year or less as the VP and she would have been up to speed. She was certainly better than McCain and most certainly better than the Bowing Usurper who is performing an economic jihad on us.

            We conservatives know that the only reason we were able to vote for McCain was because of Sarah. That was the case for me.

            Again, you’re comments are quite funny. I do appreciate the laughs!

            • Dick Cheney said she was a bad pick, and he was right.

              She was inexperienced. That’s a fact. She only had two years of experience at the time she was picked.

              She also hurt McCain’s campaign with her responses in interviews.

              (Also, Obama is a socialist. If you weren’t going to vote for McCain, then you aren’t qualified to say “WE conservatives…”)

              • keyesforpres

                Well, she had two more years of experience than Onumbnuts had. She also had been a mayor….i.e. she had held executive positions. Little Onumbnuts had been in the Senate how many DAYS before he decided to run? Let’s see…she had more executive experience and she was running for VP and Onumbnuts had ZERO executive experience and he was running for pres. Hmmm…tell me, who was more qualified for the position they were running for?

      • Wait, are you calling me stupid? In a thread about Sarah Palin?

        • Donya G

          seems you are one…

        • Rshill7

          You are calling yourself stupid. Don’t you recognize your own voice? You are quite often on the dingbat side of an argument. What’s a dingbat? It could be defined as a Louisville Slugger on a rotisserie in a hailstorm. Is that the kind you are? Who knows?

          But listen Woody. Whatever you are, you ought consider standing down with the stand-up. It ain’t funny. Sarah Palin is above reproach. McCain in many ways, beneath contempt. Was he a war hero? Sure. He deserves much respect in that arena. Has he been a political hero in the Senate? Nope. That body is where he has to look up to see contempt hovering above.

          • Even if you consider McCain a “moderate,” that means he is contemptable–it means he is average–that he is better than 50% of the politicians.

            Oh, wait. Why are we talking about McCain? The question was about Palin and whether she was a good pick as VP. She wasn’t.

        • FreeManWalking

          naaaaw… JR was just pointing out your strongest attribute.

        • keyesforpres

          Just so you know, trolls don’t last long around here.

          • Okay. I don’t know how long trolls last, but that’s kind of irrelevant in discussions about me.

            Although I have seen a lot of trolls attacking me lately whenever any mention of The One comes up, such as this thread.

            • keyesforpres

              I don’t think anyone is attacking you. We just find your comments, which are obviously designed to annoy, well annoying.

              You say Sarah didn’t have enough experience for the VP position. A position that is mostly a figurehead anyway. Tell me, do you think Odumbdumb had enough experience? Would you agree that Sarah was more qualified for the VP slot than Odumbdumb was for the presidency? Putting aside the fact that O-No is not even eligible for the office.

      • What do you mean by “elitist”? Apparently you think “elitist” is a political ideology. (You equated it with liberalism.) According to the dictionary (something that I am able to use because I am educated, and therefore “elite”), “elitist” means, “A person who believes that they are superior to others (and thus deserve favored status) because of their intellect, social status, wealth.” Thus, it has nothing to do with political ideology.

        For example, if a conservative says, “Look at that lazy piece of shit man-child who had 10 kids with 10 women… He’s getting my money on welfare and voting for Obama… He shouldn’t vote…” that would be a so-called “elitist” view. Actually, it’s just common sense. But anyway, it’s a conservative view. According to your definition, it’s a liberal view, because you would say, “Elitist! Elitist! Elitist! OMG!”

        Mitt Romney is elite. He’s rich because he’s a lot smarter and harder working than most people. Sarah Palin is elite. She’s hardworking and good at self-promotion.

        The whole concept of conservatism and capitalism is that some people are better than others at various things, and through their hard work, they reap the rewards.

        It’s socialists who hate the “elite” and want to steal from them and make everyone “equal.”

    • marketcomp

      Ok, so your a DICK too just like DICK!

      • Creative, quoting Sarah Palin who was quoting Dick Cheney’s name.

        What’s next? A reference to George Bush’s last name? Ha ha. A lot of liberal hipsters liked to make joke’s about Dick and Bush’s names back in middle school.

    • Just assert the opposite and see what floats, eh? I’ll bet your the first person ever to try that tactic in all of the history of everything.

      Why not assert that money has value when it’s printed in huge batches, and that crappy solar panels will replace oil in five years. Come on, you have it in you.

      • Um… Where to start… Sarah Palin has a negative image with most voters because most voters think she isn’t qualified. A lot of voters even think she’s stupid. (Read a newspaper or watch the news, sometime.) Every single poll about Palin’s favorability shows she has negative ratings with the public. Do you not know that she once did a number of interviews with Katie Couric and other media figures that most voters think she did a terrible job in? Those interviews were key reasons for McCain’s loss.

        Another reason was some people were hung up on the fact that Palin didn’t have much experience. She hadn’t been governor for a single term when she was nominated.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Where do I start? Being governor from a state for 2 years is not enough to be president but being a community organizer is? or being senator for 2 years, the reason you think that she is dumb is because you believed in the propaganda you got from the left. Stop being so ignorant my friend and look at the fact this woman is a whole lot better than Barack Hussein Obama and the facts are there to back me up

        • I see. A newspaper eh? It’s like rebreathing your own air. Journalism is dead as Obama’s coke-addled sense of history. All the papers except the Wall Street Journal and a few niche pubs are circling the drain because it turns out, propaganda doesn’t sell. Except to folks that don’t bother to think.

          Are you so unaware of the hundreds of interviews Palin done with folks who (unlike Couric) still have shows on TV that you have to go all the way back to a few moments of incredulousness in the face of blatant idiocy? Idiocy that resulted in an ended career, no less?

          And you bring up the same old reason as “another” reason? Really? It’s like you just discovered talking points from four years ago.

        • hrh40

          In the latest polling, she’s at 53%, higher than Obama or Romney.

          Have you read Truth yet?

        • keyesforpres

          Sarah accomplished more in those two years as governor than most would in two terms. She had other experience as well. Again, she was running as the VP, not the top of the ticket and she would have been up to speed in less than a year. She also loves this country. That is huge.

          As for the Couric interview…that was spliced and diced. They edited it to make her look bad. They even cut her off at mid sentence and strung part of another sentence together to make her look bad.

          You could see Couric’s contempt throughout the interview. You could see Couric was jealous of Palin as well. Let’s face it. Sarah is much better looking than Couric.

          I do find it amusing how folks go on about her lack of experience when she was running for VP. Obama had ZERO experience running anything. He’d only been in his Senate seat less than a year when he started running for the presidency.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman


    • Sarah Palin was the only thing that kept McCain competitive. When Sarah Palin was brought on board, the enthusiasm immediately changed.
      Where McCain had struggled to fill an arena, lines outside events featuring Palin seemed miles long.

      Polls prove, that until McCain inexplicably stepped into the media’s “erratic” narrative by trotting off to DC to “save the economy,” Sarah Palin had given the ticket a very real chance to win.
      McCain was the one who made the terrible decision to ‘suspend’ the campaign. The numbers dropped that day and never went back up.

      McCain led in one of a dozen polls before the announcement and would go on to trail in every one of the 100+ polls taken and included in the RCP average following that move.
      After the bailout vote, support for the Republican ticket collapsed.

      In Pew’s exit poll in 2008, voters who said Palin was a factor in their vote went for McCain by a whopping 56-43 margin.

      Sarah Palin energized the Party, and carried Senator McCain farther than he could have possibly gone without her.

      By the way, for the past three years Sarah Palin has worked tirelessly to fight Obama’s policies and elect conservatives; she was #1 in the fight!

      And yes, Sarah Palin has many years executive management experience at local, regional and state levels including command of the Alaska National Guard. She was a very capable mayor and Governor.

      • Most voters thought Palin did a terrible job in various interviews. That is what I was referring to.

        And as for her experience, most voters thought she was inexperienced, which is actually a fact, not just an opinion. She had 2 years as governor as her only national experience, which is much less than most executive office candidates.

        She had the same amount of national level experience as Obama at the time she ran for VP. (I would rank governor as a national level job, in so much as you have to deal with the federal government’s mandates. Governor is the most common launching pad in recent times for the presidency.) Obviously Obama was inexperienced–so was Palin. (They had the same number of years of experience at that level of office.) If you add in Palin’s state and local experience, you can also add in Obama’s state and local experience. Mayor and other local jobs isn’t enough to run for president on.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          You are just another Rino my friend, keep supporting your establishment people, Sarah represents those of us that are tired of sending politicians to be the same as the people before them, She is one of the most powerful political personalities out there, So for you establishment your time is coming, as we are going to win every single opening for a conservative.

        • You are very uninformed about Sarah Palin or you are willingly ignorant or you really believe all the lies and misinformation the media and Hollywood are telling you about Sarah Palin.

          After the election, on Nov. 7, 2008, an article published by Rasmussen reported that an overwhelming majority of Republican voters said that Palin actually gave McCain’s campaign a boost. “Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republican voters say Sarah Palin helped John McCain’s bid for the presidency. Exit polls showed the same thing.

          Sarah Palin energized the Party, and carried Senator McCain farther than he could have possibly gone without her.

          Anyway, Sarah Palin has many years (successful) executive management experience at local, regional and state levels including command of the Alaska National Guard As Governor (CEO) of Alaska, she also experienced dealings with Russian counterparts on dealing with fishing, etc. in the Artic waters.

          She has always been a tough-as-nails executive who understood her role as a servant for the people during her time as Mayor of Wasilla and as Governor; she took on the Republican establishment, big oil, corruption, ethics reform, and tax reform.

          In Alaska, Sarah Palin’s top priorities included fiscal restraint, limiting the size of government, resource development, education, equitable oil valuation as well as transportation and infrastructure development. Sarah Palin fought for ethics reform and transparency in government.

          She has cut spending, forward-funded education, and paved the way for job growth in her hometown.
          Sarah Palin has fought to reduce spending and to enforce fiscal discipline as governor of Alaska. She has drastically reduced the growth of the state budget, which has helped to produce a record budget surplus.

          She cut spending and vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in spending, not because times were tough, but because she wanted to keep government small and solvent.
          She reformed Alaska’s pension system and used surplus dollars to help pay down underfunded pensions, which reduced Alaska’s liabilities by 34.6 % to help provide analysts at Moody’s with enough confidence to later upgrade Alaska’s credit rating to AAA.
          She also reduced earmark requests for the state of Alaska by 80% during her administration.
          Sarah Palin succeeded to a remarkable extent in settling what had seemed insoluble problems, in the process putting Alaska on a trajectory to financial well-being.

          This is strong financial management.

          Under her leadership, Alaska has invested $5 billion in state savings, reformed education funding, and implemented the Senior Benefits Program, which provides support for low-income Alaskan seniors. She’s also established Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to provide oversight and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure.

          During Sarah Palin’s first year in office, three of her administrations major proposed pieces of legislation passed—an overhaul of the state’s ethics laws, a competitive process to construct a natural gas pipeline and a restructuring of Alaska’s oil valuation formula.

          Sarah Palin’s “business experience” comes with the negotiations and dealings she has had with one of the most powerful industries in the world: the energy industry. Sarah Palin has successfully negotiated new tax structures, lease deals and other issues that arise in the Alaska energy industry.
          At the end of the day, Sarah Palin negotiated billion dollar deals with one of the toughest industries in the world.

          Taking on corruption and crony capitalism has always been a cornerstone of Sarah Palin’s agenda; in Alaska she did take on the old-boy network — the oil companies and her own party .
          As oil and gas commissioner, Sarah Palin called out the unethical practices of members of her own party.
          As Governor, she sought to end the back room deals and improper relationships between oil companies and politicians.

          Sarah Palin is past chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multistate government agency that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment.

          She also served as chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) Natural Resources Committee, which was charged with pursuing legislation to ensure state needs are considered as federal policy is formulated in the areas of agriculture, energy, environmental protection and natural resource management.

          Sarah Palin has repeatedly offered policy statements on issues such as health care, the Federal Reserve’s money printing in funding our federal deficit, crony capitalism, energy independence, etc); her multitude of (successful) speeches and (unscripted ) Q&A’s at various events, including the India Conclave , Seoul, Hong Kong, Long Island Business Association ,etc.

          She was also the first Republican to make a high-profile critique of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, though even earlier she had marked the collapsing value of the dollar as one of her issues.

          Again, Sarah Palin energized the Party, and carried Senator McCain farther than he could have possibly gone without her.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Thank you that should settle it for the rino representative I hope….

          • Nukeman60

            All that compared to Obama’s ability to vote ‘present’. Nice analysis.

        • Idahoser

          Most voters chose skin color over anything else. What does that say about how smart they are?

        • hrh40
    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      How many years had George Washington been governor? He wasn’t even a great orator.

      He was a leader, a patriot and a Constitutionalist – just like Palin.

      So get off this site, ‘ya big dope!

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks again Scoop. A great interview, one of her best and she laid the markers down for the GOPe. Nice shots (pun intended) at Cheney. He should have known better than to misfire on a momma grizzley. She is leading the restoration movement and it will transform not only the Senate, with her endorsees but the country. The “Revolution” as I said, continues and she is and will be an inspirational leader.

    • You could say the same to Mama Grizzley, she should know better than to misfire at Dick Cheney.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Bombs your establishment people, Cheney, Karl Rove, Jeb bush, boehner, Eric Cantor, all better get with the program, the tea party is making its mark, and I know it hurts to be attacking one of the best vice presidents of our time in dick Cheney, but what he did on sunday is inexcusable, he knows that it was going to cause harm to our cause.Stop defending him……

        • Idahoser

          I’m afraid he may be right about the Tea party, if they had pull we wouldn’t have Rudy McRombee for a nominee again

      • Garym

        Misfire at Dick Cheney? Dick Cheney goes on national TV and calls Palin a mistake while answering a question that was not even about her. And, as usual, everyone latches on to this interview to smear Palin once again. But according to you, she should STFU and not answer a specific question asked about Dick’s remarks. Brilliant reasoning.

  • marketcomp

    I love Sarah! But I like that she gave a shout out to Mark Levin for putting the spotlight on Ted Cruz! Way to go Mark!

  • Howzah123

    Cheney made a huge mistake. Palin is the one who helped deliver a Ted Cruz victory. Not Dick Cheney. Palin is the one who has worked hard to keep the Tea Party spirit alive and thriving.

    What the hell has Dick Cheney ever done for the Tea Party movement? He was the Reagan of VPs, but as Palin stated in the interview, he made a mistake buying into the false premise/narrative about Palin perpetuated by the media. Seriously, wake up conservatives. Think about where we’d be if we didn’t have Palin on our side. Who was the one early on willing to call a spade a spade in regards to Obama’s deplorable behavior? Was it DICK Cheney? Was it John Bonehead or Eric Cantgrowapair? I don’t think so.

    • Dick Cheney didn’t say that it was a mistake for Palin to campaign for Cruz. He said it was a mistake for McCain to pick Palin as his running mate. It was.

      • exodus2011


        she put McCain ahead in the Polls because a huge surge of NEW likely conservative voters came on board

        after McCain returned to DC to sign off on the Bailouts those people left the ticket

        (see the polls proving this at Gretawire)

        bottom line – Palin stopped McCain losing in a huge landslide – his TARP support cost him the election

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Right On……….The reason he lost is because as it has been through his career he is a moderate, and moderate means you are not willing to stand on principle, or you believe in big government.

          • exodus2011


            you must be thrilled with the Ted Cruz win over the RINOs in TX …another Proud Hispanic Conservative


            • proudhispanicconservative

              I am thrilled that he won but not because he is hispanic but because of his credentials, and because Mark Levin endorsed him and Sarah Palin endorsed him. Being hispanic is not a qualification for me, what is important is how they stand on the issues…this guy went to the supreme court and fought george W bush, and won.

              • exodus2011

                I understand … without his superb credentials, experience, character and values which attracted the best possible Conservative Backers, his ethnicity would not even be a feature

                same with Gov Palin – her being a woman doesn’t draw me to support her so fiercely – it is her CHARACTER, her PRINCIPLES, her ACCOMPLISHMENTS and her STEEL SPINE, her NOT4SALE Status ….. if a man had all those, I would support HIM just as devotedly

                • proudhispanicconservative

                  thats right…..We have to be encouraged there is a lot of great leaders out there, like Allen west and he should be helped like we did to Ted Cruz..

                • exodus2011

                  I’m hoping that he will respond to a higher call to serve ALL Americans as VP by the end of this month (not to join the UNVETTED and WEAK Romney, but The Real Deal, Gov Palin’s Ticket)

                • irishcoins

                  Ted has a mission now to lead the Senate. The GOPe would love to sideline him as Romney’s VP, and let Gov. Perry appoint a RINO replacement.

                • exodus2011

                  they might try – but I don’t think either West or Cruz would agree to VP for a Status Quo, non-Reformer, thereby presiding over the inevitable sinking of Constitutional America

                • Freempg

                  Irish, he would then be president of the Senate, albeit a largely symbolic position. Ex, West would serve the Tea Party well as VP if nominated on the first ballot to displace the milquetoast moderate Mittens is likely to prefer. It would server notice to the GOPe. Their days are numbered.

                • exodus2011


                  there final days may be here before and at Tampa

        • hrh40

          Here’s the Gretawire link:

          Read the numbers, Big Bomb, and stop bombing every time you comment.

      • crosshr

        I hear you Bo..m, now dragggg your head out of McCains arse and try not to shove it up in Cheney’s ! Make sure you don’t pick on O, sinclair took care of that. You deserve a hunting round with Dick!
        I sorta friggin pissed at the establishment RINOs attitude and their giant WHITE Flag, I can’t see any Rino worthy of sniffing Palins fart, not even you bom…bs

      • mndasher

        The real mistake was that McCain was the presidential nominee for the Republicans in 2008. Picking Palin was what made the campaign competitive even though they lost.

      • Idahoser

        the mistake was letting the democrats get the nomination for McCain.

      • hrh40
    • “Who was the one early on willing to call a spade a spade in regards to Obama’s deplorable behavior? Was it DICK Cheney?” — Yes, it was. From Obama’s first year in office, Cheney was the one who always pushed back first when Obama tried to compromise national security. Cheney was the one who called Obama’s BS when Obama said that Gitmo and enhanced interrogation were wrong.

  • nibblesyble

    Sigh…this woman is my hero, she is the reason I am so plugged in and she is the reason why I fight for our cause!


      Ditto that.

  • Typing while the vid buffers up…

    I was thinking of sending this to Scoop as a news item, but really it belongs buried in a Palin thread. The cable channels have been advertising this “comedian” as having a new show you just “don’t want to miss!” Wow! Annnnnd it turns out he’s like all those other morons who just don’t get why Pryor will be totally famous forever, and they won’t.

    You be the judge.

    Russel Brand on Sarah Palin:”The only reason people tolerate her is because they want to f*** her”

    My d**che-nozzle sense is tingling. That tells me all I need to know about this guy.

    • p m

      Remember the actor Andrew Sachs, who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers? Brand and another overpaid BBC twit called him up out of the blue while they were live on air, left disgusting messages to him about his grand-daughter, and fomented an outrage over there. He is a complete wanker. Another worthless ‘celebrity’. More here

      • A long time ago I heard Mancow Muller (or however he spells his fake name) do the exact same thing to Buddy Ebsen (who was living in a nursing home and was near deaf and quite frail). Really sick stuff.

        Every time I see that guy being treated like a conservative I want to puke.

        • Uhh, by “that guy,” I mean Mancow, not Buddy Ebsen.

      • nibblesyble

        wanker…you are showing your British roots my friend…love it!

        • p m

          Thanks – hadn’t used it before, self-censoring, then someone else did, so what the heck. Never heard of Mancow Muller – will have to look him up, maybe. We have enough idiots to listen to already, so maybe won’t! Was very annoyed by that harry reid creature’s remarks today – posted immediately and had some bad words in there. Yikes! Better watch it. Hope you’re well. Take care, nibbles.

          • nibblesyble

            I am a full on anglophile so keep em coming!

    • poljunkie

      So Russell Brand has finally stopped bashing President Bush> Good to know. Now hes moved on to Gov Palin. Great.
      What a groddy looking guy. I just dont see his attraction.

      • NoToTyrants

        To quote Mark Levin from a couple of days ago, although Levin was referring to Kathy Griffin, I think it applies to Brand as well:

        “It looks like she’s transgendering, but I don’t know from what to what.”

      • It’s the bad teeth and weak British accent. Hollywood writers fall for that every time.

    • IwjwI

      Brand came to our country before the ’08 election on MTV awards and told everyone to vote for Zero.

      • He must have wanted to have the US suck as badly as Britain.

  • Michelle Malkin said this before in a post that she re-posted tonight on Cruz’ victory :

    Remember: Entrenched incumbency is the disease. Fresh blood is the cure.

    Dick Cheney is right about so much but can’t help but be infected by this Washington disease…

    Sarah is fresh blood, recognizes and points to it… And she would have been bloody brilliant as VP. She shows her presidential timber in this interview.
    She would have been a “foreigner” in a hypothetical McCain administration because they would have been so jealous.
    She would have been the conservatives’ agent on the inside.

    Ironic: maybe a bit like Cheney was to Bushmenistan…

  • Heh. Cheney, “Never misfires.”

    Again (sorry), thank God it was bird shot.

    Very strong finish by Gov. Palin. Zero Own Goals.

  • Freempg

    Sarah Palin is the undisputed leader of the Tea Party.

    • John_Frank

      Ah … there is no Tea Party and it does not have a leader.

      Rather there is a movement of people with a certain mindset as represented by the principles enunciated by the TEA Party movement, many of whom identify with Sarah Palin’s message and look to her and other common sense constitutional conservatives like her for guidance and inspiration.

      • There’s no conservative movement, no Constitutional originalists, and no pro-lifers either.

        It’s just Republicans and Democrats, all the way down.

        I mean, while you’re making strange declarations, why not go all the way?

        • John_Frank

          If you are being sarcastic, fine.

          If not, then you are mistaken.

          What is the percentage of voters who are not registered as either Republican or Democrat?

          How quickly has that percentage grown over the last 8 years compared to the growth in percentage of voters who are registered as either Republican or Democrat?

          One of the mistakes that people who identify as conservative have made in the past is thinking that if they vote Republican and elect Republicans, these individuals will govern in a manner that honors the Constitution, as has been outlined on many occasions by Sarah Palin?

          Even when people do elect representatives on the Republican ticket who say they are going to Washington to …. once they arrive there is a strong effort made to co-opt these individuals to “go along to get along.”

          Those who want to see a smaller Federal Government, etc. need to become a third force which continually pushes elected officials in the direction of limiting the size and scope of the Federal government, balancing the budget, etc., etc.

          We can no longer afford to be politically apathetic once the individuals that we helped to elect are sworn into office.

          P.S. Yes, there is a grass roots conservative movement, the living G-d Father of that movement being Richard Viguerie.

          • I am neither mistaken, nor being sarcastic. The point is, the major movements of political thought (Conservative movement, pro-life movement, Civil Rights movement, libertarianism, etc.) are not some copyrighted, wear-the-uniform, learn-the-song “clubs” that have hierarchies of membership and paid leaders like in a union.

            Several distinct “Tea Party” groups exist, from the local community to the national level, with many members who have contributed money, sweat, and time to make things happen. They have their core organizers. They tend to agree on many issues. They have all found that having Sarah Palin at an event is the best possible way to guarantee a large attendance.

            Why? Because she not only speaks to the main values embodied in the Tea Party movement, she takes personal action in helping Tea Party endorsed candidates to eliminate entrenched Republicans by winning primaries and elections.

            Tea. Party. Endorsed. Candidates.

            That’s who’s beating those Republicans. And more to the point, she’s been fantastically successful at it That’s leadership, whether given a charter or not.

            She truly is the de facto leader of what most Tea-Party-identifying voters think of as “The Tea Party.”

            • If I seem a bit strident here, it’s because I’ve had it with the disparagement of the Tea Party, and Palin, in general. I respect her choice not to run for President. I’m not in the group of folks who still urge her to run, or that Romney should be challenged at the convention. But Palin still causes things to happen.

              She is the one who energized the right when it was in the depths of shock over Obama’s win in 2008, and we were wondering what to do about it. It wasn’t Rush, when he said “I hope he fails.” It wasn’t Mark Levin. Those guys tried their best, and they were essential, but they didn’t quite get things moving.

              But with one FaceBook post talking about “Death Panels,” Palin caused exactly the right stir, by coupling a stark image with deft prose to show that we will not accept this Obamacare crap. And we won’t shut up.

            • John_Frank

              The point is, the major movements of political thought (Conservative movement, pro-life movement, Civil Rights movement, libertarianism, etc.) are not some copyrighted, wear-the-uniform, learn-the-song “clubs” that have hierarchies of membership and paid leaders like in a union.

              … or political parties, like the Republicans and Democrats.

              I believe that on this point we are in violent agreement.

              As to the rest of your analysis, Sarah Palin’s appeal reaches far beyond the confines of what some call the TEA Party movement, or alternatively principles enunciated by the TEA Party movement are much broader than people appreciate and understand.

              In making that point listen to Mark Levin’s defense of the Governor in response to Cheney’s “Mistake” comment.


              Also listen to Jim DeMint’s comment to Greta about Sarah Palin speaking at the convention:


              Go back and listen to her speech at Indianola. While given at a TEA Party “event,” her remarks touched and appealed to people across the political spectrum from Newt Gingrich to Ralph Nader.

              Yes, many insurgent campaigns that seek to beat established candidates seek her support, many of these insurgent campaigns seek to align themselves with one or groups within the TEA Party movement and no question she is the speaker that everyone wants at events sponsored or associated with the TEA Party movement, but also look at the reception she received at CPAC and at Right Online, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

              The point is that there are a number of different legs to what can be called the “conservative” movement:

              – Social conservatives,

              – Fiscal conservatives,

              – Conservative leaning libertarians

              – Constitutional conservatives

              – Goldwater and Reagan conservatives

              – TEA Party movement members

              … and Sarah Palin’s message appeals to all of these “movements.”

              In addition her message appeals to various Religious denominations.

              Simply put:

              “Palin is the female Ronald Reagan of our time,” says Kremer of the Tea Party Express. “There’s no one that excites the base, and energizes the base, the way that Sarah Palin does. There’s just not.”

              That Romney does not want her to speak at the convention, means:

              – The VP nominee will likely be “bland,”

              – The convention will probably be “boring,”

              – The fall campaign will be “tedious;” and

              – If Obama wins, Romney only has himself to blame.

              • Well stated. That last line, especially. I know a lot of ABO’s are out there, and good for them, really. But if Romney loses, it won’t be the fault of the folks who support people like Palin, West, DeMint, and even Ryan. Or those who worked to get Cruz nominated, and Scott Walker’s recall, “killed to death.”

                No, it’s all on Romney, and he’d better deliver.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        The tea party movement is a sentiment, not a political party, and i hope it stays that way because the day it becomes politicized it will die.

        • John_Frank

          I believe we are in violent agreement.

    • WordsFailMe

      I don’t know She’s absolutely tops with me but I still remember little unknown Michelle Bachmann, with her midwest accent, inviting American citizens in to the Capitol Building so that they could speak in person to the Congress weasels.

      I will never forget how dark it was in those days when she came on the stage like a star.

      • Freempg

        I wish Michelle had not jumped into the presidential fray. It was an overreach. She should have kept her eye on the prize — Speaker of the House. Hopefully she will still mount a challenge to Boehner, but I think she squandered a lot of political capital, and isn’t anywhere to be seen this cycle as she was in the last. Other candidates don’t want to be seen with her. It’s a shame.

        • WordsFailMe

          I kind of agree with you. The men in the race were loaded with energy and dynamism based on YEARS of practice. But she brought the tea party to the debates and that was valuable.

          I just cannot express how much I admire that lady. I hope and pray that she can continue for many years to come!

  • p m

    Saxby Chambliss/ Orrin Hatch/Kelly Ayotte/Ted Cruz/Richard Mourdock/ Deb Fischer/Marco Rubio/Rand Paul/ Sarah Steelman/Jeff Flake/Pat Toomey/John Boozman. All assisted by a Palin endorsement. Not forgetting Sharron Angle, who won Nevada except dirty Harry stole that election.
    Plus Martha Zoller in Georgia in the 2012 General and no doubt more.

    • Freempg

      “dirty Harry stole that election”

      He did indeed, and there was evidence in abundance had the GOPe pressed the issue. But their power interests coincided with the despicable Reid so they smeared Angle to defame the Tea Party for fear of losing control to a bunch of “crazies”. The GOPe is responsible for Harry Reid as they are for Obama having fielded the feckless John McCain. They remain public enemy number 1. They are the enablers of all of this, and have delivered to Obama his GOPe candidate of choice in their best effort to repeat history.

      • NoToTyrants

        Couldn’t have said it better.

        I think you have just encapsulated the motive behind Cheney’s defamation of Palin.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      Palin didn’t endorse Sharron Angle in the primary.

      • p m

        Not officially, no, just a Sarah PAC donation and reports that she had at NRO and Hot Air. That’s why she isn’t in with the others. Her website shows who she endorsed in 2010 and who she likes for 2012. The bit about Angle was a shot at Reid.

        • RefudiateObama2012

          The SarahPAC donation to Angle was after Angle won the primary. Of course, Palin backed Angle against Reid, and she should have.

  • mder4thegov

    Is this the same Dick Cheney who famously said, “Deficit, who cares about the deficit?”, while talking with members from both parties–while VP?
    And Gov. Palin wasn’t ready…what a crock.

  • The line Sarah used about the Louisville Slugger and the ball is from a Dire Straits song – The Bug
    not bad for a grandmother…

    • Hey, man, I love Dire Straits. Who you callin’ old? 😉

  • John_Frank

    Excellent interview. RS, thank you for posting it.

    Four key takeaways from the interview:

    – She would like to see a national discussion on the definition of marriage. From a political perspective she obviously believes that if Romney were to take up the issue, he could put together a winning coalition. Needless to say Romney will not, so the question is will she take up the cause?

    – Despite her not having heard back directly from the Romney campaign, I believe that she has been told that the Romney does not want her to speak at the convention and that we will not be seeing her speak. Her comment about allowing new voices to speak was a face saving comment to let Romney off the hook. Whether she is invited and goes to the convention or not is an open question. If invited, she may well opt to decline.

    – Any further effort by the Romney campaign to re-litigate the wisdom of her selection as John McCain’s VP nominee will be firmly and forcefully rebutted.

    – I believe her offer of 100% support for the Romney campaign that she made publicly earlier this year has been rejected. As a result, you will not see on the campaign trail as a surrogate for Mitt Romney as recently suggested by Newt Gingrich.

    Instead she will focus on helping to elect common sense constitutional conservatives to the House and Senate, along with working with others to help motive independent conservatives to defeat Barrack Obama as referenced in Peter Boyer’s article of July 16:

    In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Hey the win By Ted Cruz and her support for him, I think it will make romney think about not alienating any of the Tea Party so I do think if he is smart he will have her at the convention.

      • John_Frank

        The decision has been made. Romney does not want Sarah Palin to have a speaking slot at the convention.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Its a loss for him

          • John_Frank

            The question should be, are conservatives and conservative leaning libertarians going to simply say “whatever” or are they going to stand up and say, you want our support, we demand that Sarah Palin have a prime time speaking slot at the convention and that she have a prominent role in the Republican party’s national campaign effort to defeat Obama?

            I ask that question, because from where I sit, the Romney strategy is to position him as the not Palin / not Obama candidate and in my opinion that strategy will lead to Obama being re-elected.

            • proudhispanicconservative

              1000000000000% agree with you…

            • Freempg

              JF, don’t forget the delegates can field a VP candidate from the floor of the convention. There are no state bindings for VP (not to mention they are invalidated for President as well by Rule 38). If Allen West’s name is placed into nomination by the plurality of delegations in each of five states, no matter who Romney chooses, there will have to be a vote. A victory on the floor like that would put the GOPe on notice that we aren’t going to take it anymore.

              • John_Frank

                What effort, if any, is taking place to make that happen?

                • Freempg

                  Simply pointing out the facts.

  • 911Infidel

    Say what you want about SP. She continues to be a prime mover and shaker of the Repubik Party. No matter how much crap the commie media and losers like Tina Fey throw at SP, she remains, vibrant, relevant and effective. Oh I’m not leaving you RINOs, you can go join the rest of the losers back in the town of “who cares what you think”.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Sarah Palin is so powerful as soon as a piece comes in everybody is energized, and at 5:14 am everybody is commenting on her that is what a real leader does they inspire you, because they speak from the heart, not trying to say the right thing to appease anyone, I have so much respect for this Patriot, kind of reminds me of Reagan the way he spoke and energized everyone that listened to him.

  • John_Frank

    So, why did Cheney say that Palin’s selection as VP in 2008 as a mistake?

    Two articles which endeavor to address that question:

    Dick Cheney’s Demeaning of Sarah Palin, ‘Adequately Explained’

    Very heavy stuff, which raises all kinds of questions.

    K Street Republicans’ war on Palin

    Makes sense.

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    This woman puts many to shame.

  • mediaaccess1

    She meant it! 🙂

  • wodiej

    Always good to hear from the Governor.

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Sarah Palin and Mark Levin: “How sweet it is.”

  • ConnieConservative

    Amazing woman!
    Heard about Gov. Palin even before 08 as a corruption buster in Alaska.
    I was so sorry and horrified at what Libs did to her. Especially horrified
    at the number of conservatives who believe the MSM about her, even a
    little. We need her political savvy and common sense and integrity now
    more than ever. I will be very disappointed if she isn’t featured in at the

  • donmoffet

    Wonderful interview. Sarah Palin is one of the few national Republican figures with the courage to state her opinion without worrying about the fallout. I truly admire her steadfast support of our constitution. Someone with a national stage has to support our rights or they will disappear. Thank God for this woman.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    The super-rich republicans, the elite if you will, don’t want Palin associated with their name because they think they are the royalty of the USA and Palin is a commoner. Class warfare within the Republican ranks, which is even worse than race warfare.
    Sad that Palin has to take all these insults from people like Cheney who is a warmonger and has made his billions from oil companies in the Middle East and from companies that employ mercenaries who fight for top dollars sans patriotism.
    Sad that even the Bush family thinks she is a commoner, forgetting that the majority of the citizens are commoners and it’s the commoners who placed them in those seats of power from where they are now ridiculing that same voter base.

  • MiketheMarine

    Don’t worry, Sarah. We know that the loss was because of Rino McCain. Cheney is an establishment guy and their logic is as faulty as liberals. No need to defend yourself. We already know the truth.

  • mder4thegov

    RINO Fox News–along with the corrupt, liberal media refuse to mention how Ted Cruz was down 20 points–before Gov. Palin through in her endorsement. After Sarah’s blessing, Ted’s donations skyrocketed, and his poll numbers improved drastically.
    Where’s that story?

  • cudaforever

    Wow, that was simply awesome !! One of her best in awhile. She was really fired up and I loved her defense of traditional marriage.

    BTW: my work blocks youtube but I am able to watch the video’s when they are non-youtube , so thanks 🙂 And I am working too. I just took a break 🙂

  • NEWSFLASH: James Holmes, the ACCUSED Colorado shooter’s dad is quite possibly the whistle blower who was going to expose the Libor Bank scandal and testify before Congress. Robert Holmes is a FICO scientist. It is possible that this young man was set up to influence Mr. Holmes testimony.

    It appears that his son was POSSIBLY set up by the people in the UK who don’t want to be exposed and who back the current administration. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING the paid off media says about this case. It is not surprising that British born Brian Ross of ABC blamed the Tea Party member for this horrible massacre. The eye witnesses say there was more than one person at the theater involved and that the lights were turned off and tear gas used. NOBODY knows who did it due to the shooter having a gas mask on. James Holmes could have been framed. Please pray for this family and the victims’ families.

    • Witnesses testimony—hopefully they have security protecting them as the New World Order banksters will stop at NOTHING to protect themselves. Possibly 2nd shooter and conflicting accounts. James Holmes is 6′ 3″. That is not the description of the shooter. A very powerful drug that leaves no traces may have been used to control James Holmes. Read the timeline and possible set up that was done here >

      • sDee

        That first video reminds me of the eyewitness accounts of the underwear bomber incident, talking about the bomber was escorted on the plane and other passengers being separated out from them when they landed. All that never was heard besides a few news shows and blogs.

        That the a connection with his father has not been talked about is very troubling.

  • Carlton West

    Serial draft-dodger Dick Cheney isn’t fit to clean Sarah Palin’s hunting boots; not that she would go hunting with the old derelict.

  • Question Has Romney been elected the nominee at the convention yet. If you were a super delegate (Senator,Congressman Governor) and had a choice between Romney and Palin and had to go on record with your vote. Who would they vote for.

    • Martin2717

      Man….. I hope there’s still time to get another nominee since the convention hasn’t arrived yet.

  • Dick Parker

    sDee. I just caught your comment 4 hours ago. Absolutely right on. kudos.

  • kanhai863