Sarah Palin slams Obama: ‘Private sector doing fine’ remark ‘absolutely out of whack’ and ‘out of touch’


Sarah Palin said that Obama’s comment yesterday that the private sector is doing fine is “absolutely out of whack” and that it is “indicative of he being quite out of touch with what the normal working man and woman is feeling today.”

Watch below:

There was a short Q&A with Palin in a following segment. I’ll bring that to you shortly.


UPDATE: Sarah Palin took a few viewer questions from twitter:

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  • toongoon

    Bully for Sarah, the true leader.

  • Palin always is making sense when talking about Obama.

    • destroyer_of_moonbats

      the left will eventually implode by their own doing.

  • johnos2112

    Whether 4.2, 4.3 million jobs is irrelevant.

  • 911Infidel

    A little known fact about the amateur his Barackus Obamusness is that he is getting his talking points from the dumbest advisor in his employ…Valarie Jarett. She is the weakest link and his achilles heel. SP on the other hand is damn near always right. She is BO’s worst nightmare, and one of our greatest assets.

  • johnos2112

    What is relevant is that over 300000 people PER WEEK in the last 4 years have been filing for unemployment. Do the math folks! These policies do not AND WILL NOT EVER WORK! Just last month 69000 jobs were added AND over 1 million people filed for unemployment. Who the hell are these people kidding?

  • daisy_mae

    Thank you RS for getting this up so fast. YOU ROCK!!!

  • RedDaveR

    I hope we see the big blue bus (or a reasonable facsimilie) this summer. America needs to hear her voice. She speaks to issues like crony capitalism that most Republicans don’t want to touch.


      Ya….but her voice isn’t loud or important, or relevant enough to be President.
      -Sarah can do all the work…or at least show the others how it’s done…..but she’s not smart enough to be President.
      -She can be the kingmaker but doesn’t have the gope support to be “king”.

      Daaang, there’s something wrong with that scenerio, isn’t there?

      • Terrenceor

        As crucial as this election is, Romney and Obama will both speak to rallies the size that John McCain drew when he was by himself in 2008. They will not get the 30000 that Palin got. Sarah may not draw that this time, but she will also not be carrying around a battle flag for people to rally around. Romney’s battle flag will be: I AM NOT AS BAD AS OBAMA. I hope the Tea Party Organizations get Sarah out to do fundraisers and rallies for good conservative congressional candidates.

        • TENCOLE

          Getting the support of the conservative base is Mitt’s biggest obstacle….although I don’t think he really cares. He thinks he can win this thing without us, in fact he’s planning on it….that way he doesn’t have to listen to us.
          All the ABO mentality out there is feeding that plan.

          With Boehner and McConnell at the helm, A President Romney can do whatever the heck he wants…..SC judge appointments and “changing” Obamacare instead of repealing it…..a Romney presidency will silence the conservative base.
          After all it will probably be the conservative base that will drag him across the finish line.

          • Guest1776rcp

            With Boehner and McConnell at the helm, A President Romney can do whatever the heck he wants…..

            I fear that more than a lame duck second termer held in check by GOP controlling both houses. I’ve seen the GOP control with a moderate in the WH before and they doubled the debt, expanded entitlements and expanded the size and scope of government more than any since LBJ. No thanks! Conservatives are thinking short term (ABO) not realizing the long term damage to the conservative cause. I’m gonna pass on Romney myself.

          • This conservative isn’t going to be dragging Romney across the finish line. I’m waiting for the convention in Tampa to change things.

            • Romney is our only option in getting rid of Obama, and that HAS to happen if we are to ever put America back on the path of liberty….or sanity for that matter. He may not be Reagan but if we fill both Houses of Congress with Pauls, Lees, and Wests, i feel he would govern pretty conservatively. If anything, its Boehner and McConnell that have to go. Boehner is a horrible Speaker who will only impede the true conservatives’ attempts at real change.

              It just is imperative that Obama gets fired. 4 years of unimpeded (without electoral consequences to consider) control of the executive branch and he will change this country in ways we will never recover from.

              I think Romney will rise to cause, his campaign has already been exponentially better than any GOP candidate for President in a long time.

  • toongoon

    Obama is on the way out, everyone except the die hard idiots is rejecting him. He was eventually going to be shown as so completely incompetent that even the media wouldn’t be able to cover for him. He probably will not recover from all of the deer in the headlights moments he has been making and of course will make in the future.

    However, “anybody but obama” has given us Romney, who has similar tendencies but is not incompetent at all. There are many who have said we will have to drag him to the right “kicking and screaming”.

    Hopefully, Romney will do the things he is campaigning on, if not….

    • StandingGround

      …”if not….”

      his a$$ is grass too, right?

      • toongoon

        I hope so. Politics has been perfected in Washington. While they are able to make sweeping changes with the stroke of a pen, we have to wait for years, evaluate their statements for truth, and combat voter fraud.

        • StandingGround

          You’re right. Hopefully We The People will continue to gain momentum and be more ready in 2016 to elect a better presidential candidate. I still have hope we will put more warriors like Allen West in this fall to begin fighting for our freedoms and overturning the mess these crooks have gotten us in to.

          This is going to be a bumpy ride either way – God can turn it around for us, and at this point, I believe it will take an act of His mercy to make it happen. Bottom line, I’m a glass half full kind of girl and like most here, am never ready to give up!

          • toongoon

            I have been praying for a turning of hearts in America. We need a revival here badly.

            • StandingGround

              I know – me, too. I don’t see it yet, though. There are lots of true believers but they seem to be balanced with just as many that aren’t even tolerant of Christianity anymore.

              The promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is so powerful that if people actually believed and acted on it, there would be no way this nation could be destroyed.

              For those who don’t have a Bible handy:

              “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

              That’s a big “If”…

              • nibblesyble


              • StandingGround

                After reading an interesting article on the book of Chronicles I am thinking I may have mis-applied this scripture. In case I did, I am removing this reference on 2 Chron 7:14 until I have had time to prayerfully consider the truth and the context where it need apply. I am sorry if in my ignorance I mis-lead anyone.

                Even with this revision I want to emphasize we can have total faith in God Almighty and His promise to protect and shield His people as we come – contrite in spirit, turning our faces to Him, and trusting Him with all our hearts.

                I will continue to fight for our nation and what is right. But regardless of how this ole world turns out, The Lord Jesus will save those that have surrendered to Him – and knowing that, we can walk in the peace and assurance He will see us through. Therein lies our power for victory against all the odds.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Anybody but Clinton gave us Obama and now they’re parroting ABO to get us Romney? NUTS!

    • Nukeman60

      Whether Romney meets expectations or not, we start fresh November 7th. I hope to kick Obama out of MY White House on the 6th, and then we begin the long four year march to show the GOP the door as well. They’ve had their chance.

    • Nukeman60

      Whether Romney meets expectations or not, we start fresh November 7th. I hope to kick Obama out of MY White House on the 6th, and then we begin the long four year march to show the GOP the door as well. They’ve had their chance.

  • Palin is such a conformist, she never called out Boehner for furthering Obama’s agenda, borrowing trillions of new debt, and passing many laws that further restrict out freedoms.

    Palin, the House Republicans and Romney will not stop the Statism coming from Bush Bailouts and Obama’s Crony Capitalism. They don’t get it. Rush is right, it’s about ideology and NONE of the GOP, including Palin are fighting to stop the onslaught.

    Palin has gotten a lot of reformers elected, but ALL of them have been neutered by Republican leadership and Palin has done NOTHING to combat this.

    She’s a diva, and now she doesn’t even look like one, but a middle aged librarian…ughh!

    • “She’s a diva, and now she doesn’t even look like one”

      Get some new talking points; yours are old and tiresome. You have a history of trashing Sarah Palin.

      • poljunkie

        Who gives a rats a$$ what she looks like?

      • another lapdog Palin supporter from – check the Alexa rating, hardly anyone reads it anymore Jack…

        Site Information for
        Alexa Traffic Rank: 157,415 Traffic Rank in US: 53,190

        THE SITE IS DOWN 50% from 3 months ago!!! Palin is old news!

        • cudaforever

          Thanks for upping the site ratings jerkoff.

        • idesign2

          I’m underwhelmed by your concern..:)

        • Jean_A

          Why are you here if Palin is old news?

        • Magdalene51

          C4P is down because they became less a Palin site and more a Romney is inevitable site.

        • K-Bob

          Don’t run retread comments, please.


      I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with you that I would love to hear Palin call out Boehner. He is so limp and spineless. I would love to see him replaced by West.

      Having said that…..everything else you said is garbage.

    • Not all have been neutered. That is just not true. She is only a conformer when it is good for conservatism and the American people. That’s a fact. Oh yes your diva, librarian comment reveals your probably a liberal and for sure a person who lies and believes lies.

      • really?? name them…name the acomplishments of the Tea Party House Republicans….

        they’ve accomplished nothing in the House in 3 1/2 years, including 18 months after a the Tea Party sweep of of the House.

        she’s a “diva” because it’s all about her…if she can’t control it she won’t get involved. The “bus tour” fiasco?? she couldn’t control it so she just gave up,not updating her sarapac website for months.

        I’ve been a Palin supporter from Day One, but she’s nothing but a disappointment when it comes to supplying national leadership, she doesn’t do “off the cuff” well and she has been dissed by all the establishment, EVEN WHEN SHE WAS GOVERNOR. Her microphone was cut off at the National Governor’s seminar years ago, remember?

        She’s not one of the boys and she doesn’t know how to get her points across AND build a consensus/organization on a national level.

        • toongoon

          The house has to supported by the Harry Reid senate. Reid will not put up anything he will lose.

          Would you like to talk about Harry Reid?

          • Rshill7

            I would Mr. Toon. So far he’s blocked approximately 40 House Bills.

            1, 2, 3…40.

        • Jean_A

          I remember you. You are a number 1 Palin hater.

          You are one big phony.

      • kong1967

        I like the new look. It makes her look more intelligent and businesslike rather than model-like. Regardless of how she looks, she’s still a great leader in my opinion.

    • Do you have a clue to how government works? Or politics?

      “Palin has gotten a lot of reformers elected, but ALL of them have been neutered by Republican leadership and Palin has done NOTHING to combat this”

      Your statement is stupid. She combats that by getting enough elected to vote out current leadership. Attacking Boehner directly won’t make that happen nor will it build her power to make that happen.

      • wrong Laurel…as someone that has been in politics you have to GO UP THE FOOD CHAIN of power…calling out leadership for neutering reformers IS THE JOB OF A LEADER.

        Palin is **NOT** a national leader, she doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to; she’s got her 12 million, she’s more than welcome to enjoy it and play with the grand kids but don’t pretend and HAVE NO INTENTION OF RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT and then drop out at the last possible minute.

        It’s all about HER. Go over the and get their reaction, she did it way too late…now we have NO ONE that is a reformer on the GOP national level. Romney is a big gubbermint guy who socialized medicine and made the public pay for abortions …Romney will be the end of the GOP ..just watch…he will not appoint pro life judges and he will not repeal ObamaCare and he will not cut spending/tax rates…it won’t happen,not nearly as fast and draconian enuff to avert national bankruptcy and hyperinflation.

        It’s gonna happen and Palin helped cause it by NOT leading.

        • cudaforever

          I go to C4P all the time and she is loved there while you are a total jerk.

        • cudaforever

          Who is your leader Mr. Phoney Daytrader?

          • nice, calling me a “fake”….(just proves my point even more! disagree with a diva and get name called) The Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

            • cudaforever

              How’s your man Ron Paul doing?

            • AmericanDream12

              You are not even a fake. You are a poor excuse of a human being. You are small. Even if you were beautiful outside you would look ugly because you are ugly inside.

            • Jean_A

              You are a phony and a fake. How are the Pauls?

          • gilamonster8

            Lol he’s a real day trader that lost it all

        • blackbird

          The Eleventh Commandment –

          Let me guess you are a BlueBlood.

    • kateorjane

      sounds like a Ron Paul supporter.

      • nope …got something constructive to say kateorjane, or do u just like to name call and label opinions that are different from yours?

        • cudaforever

          You have extreme PDS. I recommend you up your dosage.

          • another lapdog Palin supporter from – check the Alexa rating, hardly anyone reads it anymore cudaforever…

            Site Information for
            Alexa Traffic Rank: 157,415 Traffic Rank in US: 53,190


            THE SITE IS DOWN 50% from 3 months ago!!! Palin is old news!

            • cudaforever

              She’s old news but u can’t get enough of her..

              • AmericanDream12


            • AmericanDream12

              I always wonder why small people like hang around ALL Palin threads. You must feel so uncomfortable in your skin. I feel sorry for you.

              • describing yourself AmericanDream12 and Cudaforever? You are what you accuse others of


                • cudaforever

                  that doesn’t make sense. Get a life dowfaker..

            • idesign2

              Hey.Sparky, reason me this…

              How came Palin’s Facebook page averaging 1,000 new supporters a day?

            • Bogdan51

              You are pathetic in your ignorance CRAP TRADER.

              It is understandable that in such a dramatic moment when the future of America is at stake and everyone’s attention is focused on the epic struggle, Sarah Palin’s popularity has taken a dive in a situation where she is a bit off the radar.

              There is no point in lecturing the moron like you about the circumstances that forced Palin to abandon her quest for the Presidency because if you have bothered to make a bit of effort to study it, you wouldn’t be spewing your idiotic rants.

              The OBVIOUS fact is that Palin could destroy Romney in seconds if she was even a bit vindictive about the treatment she received from the GOP’s establishment and those whom she has helped to win their nomination in 2010 and who proved to be such ingrates and cowards.

              Your problem that derives from your ignorance is that you are incapable of discerning that Palin is too noble and too modest to risk America’s future for the sake of her own ambitions and her good name.

              That doesn’t change even a bit the reality that she is still the best quallified professionally not to mention morally to lead America.

              The fact that the so called majority of Yanks are unable to see that is a proof of the stupidity of that majority.

              It is after all that cretinised majority that put IGNORANT DEGENERATE AND TRAITOR Obama on the Presidential chair.

              Don’t write her off yet, though. Every time she appears on the political or public scene, she surprises us with something new and unorthodox.

              Greetings from Aussie

              • Jean_A

                Right on! Right on!

      • nope

    • kong1967

      She is supporting reforming candidates that will take time to build and make a difference. At the moment the establishment still has control over the party and the Boehner and McCain types will drive. Give it time and the establishment types will not be voted to lead the party.

      • we’re OUT of time Kong….this election is it; hyperinflation in a year or two, substantially lower standard of living for everyone — it’s already beginning. The time to do it was last summer…she QUIT.

        • gilamonster8

          Your just pissed AnnBarnhardt Attention Paulbots: TOLDYA SO! Your creepy “savior” and his son are establishment whores who used you for your $. Duh!…
          14 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

          • Ann Barnhardt has some obvious “issues” but overall, she’s “on point”. I wish her well. We need many more like her. Conservative Tuff Guys, where r u?

            • Jean_A

              You are a phony.

        • idesign2

          She looks like she fighting the left and the RINOS to me.

          Sounds like you have mommy issues..:)

          • the TRUTH about Palin…65% of Americans will never vote for her

            “Palin not that interested in it” – Laura Ingraham

            see 1:11 seconds by Ann Coulter; the smallest criticism of Sarah Palin and your are overwhelmed with an avalanche of hate mail from Palin-bots

            both Platinum Fox Blondes like Palin, same as Dowdaytrader..but Palin is not that interested in doing the hard work necessary to be a national leader.

            Have a nice weekend everyone, and GET A LIFE Palin-bots!

            • wodiej

              You’re quoting Ingraham and Coulter RINO lovers and part of the GOP establishment. Coulter is just plain hateful and not rational. Having a crush on Chris Christie, saying she wouldn’t vote for anyone if he wasn’t the nominee. She has said some other equally irrational things that I can’t quote because I try not to pollute my mind with such things. She used to date Bill Maher and still hangs out with him. Please-that’s the foundation of your argument besides a youtube?

              Considering Republican’s chose a RINO to be the nominee, I’m sure a true constitutional conservative would be too much for them to handle. You have a nice week end too and try to learn how to have civil discourse without name calling. Ta Ta.

            • kong1967

              Have I attacked you with hate responses? I don’t think so, but you can’t come on here blasting her and expect everyone to kiss your boots.

              She may not be interested in running for office again, but you cannot claim she isn’t willing to do the hard work. She’s out there daily putting up a good fight. We can’t rely on one person, anyway. She keeps us riled up and headed in the right direction.

              • nibblesyble

                here here!

        • kong1967

          I see her out fighting the battle all the time. All she can do is try to get people to support strong “small government” principles and she IS doing that. She has no direct power to do anything at all except influence who we vote for….and she IS doing that, too.

        • K-Bob

          It smells like Olbermann in here. Someone open a window.

    • poljunkie

      Who gives a rats a$$ what she looks like?

    • AmericanDream12

      Jealous much?

    • idesign2

      Looks like Sparky here missed Sarah Palin’s latest endorsements..:)

    • wodiej


    • Oh, the irony. It hurts!

    • blackbird
  • But, but, our Marxist-Moooslim Boy in Chief is soooo smart, the MSM told us. I guess ya can’t believe everything you hear……

    • toongoon

      Where the media is concerned, don’t believe anything you hear. Always check out their stories with other media outlets.

    • kong1967

      If one believes Obama is actually trying to improve our economy and wants capitalism to thrive, the only conclusion would be that he is stupid. But is that what we believe? I don’t. I believe he wants to destroy capitalism and he knows he can’t sell that to the public so he has to doctor and make up numbers so people don’t understand what is really going on. That would make him an intelligent destroyer or at least a puppet for others who wish to do the same thing.

  • Sarah nails it.

  • idesign2

    Sarah Palin leads, while others follow..:)

  • RichardLAnderson
  • kong1967

    I hope we get a landslide victory so we can claim a mandate to shrink the size of government. However, when we had massive gains in Congress the libs claimed we didn’t have a mandate because the voters weren’t voting for a change, they were supposedly angry because the left didn’t push liberal policies hard enough or fast enough. I can see it happening again. The voters were angry because Obama didn’t get everything liberal passes as he promised.

    Yeah, nice logic libtards.

    • toongoon

      The worse part is that when the libs said that the GOPE said oh ok.

      • kong1967

        Whoa, I missed something. Libs said that Republicans agreed that they didn’t have a mandate? If so, I can only say the GOP better not have made that assertion. I’m taking from what you said that they didn’t.

        • toongoon

          I don’t know what was actually said but in Washington words speak louder than actions, I mean actions speak louder than words.

  • AmericanDream12

    Frankly, I am a woman and hetero but I thought she looked fabulous today! Jealousy is a bad bad sin. I pity people who have those feelings. Must be so hard to envy (and hate) other people instead of being comfortable with yourself.

    When someone is beautiful inside and out, just try to see what they do to be like that instead of envy.

    When a competitor is doing better than me I go and look at what he is doing and I try to learn – not be jealous. And it generally works – my business is doing better instantly.

    Jealousy will kill you.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Sarah tells it like it is. Well done Sarah! I just can’t get past her new glasses. Not a fan – they are distracting from what she’s saying, and of course her natural beauty.

  • wodiej

    Always good to hear from Gov. Palin. I don’t know who the host was, never seen her before, but you could tell she liked Palin. She didn’t rule out a future run either.

  • carltonwest

    Talk about two very pretty ladies! Great interview!

  • Bogdan51

    Axis of betrayal and evil: Mitt Romney – Mark Wallace – Nicolle Wallace – Catie Couric – Barrack Obama.

    Nuff said…

  • hongryhawg

    I love Sarah Palin. My Palin-2012 sticker is still on my bumper. It’s not because I think she will run, though I was thinking she might when I put it on in 2008. I still have it on there because I won’t the whoever behind me to know my values. I don’t see many on bumpers. In fact, I see very few. But, I see more Palin stickers than Blobama stickers.

  • Dow Daydreamer is going to go berserk when we win the Senate this year and the White House with the help of not only Palin but other strong Conservative voices as well. But I’ll bet you think she was absolutely of no influence in the Walker win. Yea right pal.

    Palin has 3.4 million followers on facebook 800,000 on twitter not to mention all the shows she goes on end up rated number one. Like the Today Show Co-host that went up against and beat out Katie Couric’s co-host.

    Get a life pal and go bother someone else with your PDS. You are the irrelevant one here.

    • 08hayabusa and the 9 others that liked that post obviously never read my posts, since I have been a supporter of Palin but a critic of her tactics and obvious shortfalls, as Laura and Ann clearly documented. She’s NOT the ‘tip of the spear’ which is what the Palin-bots wanted…now that their dreams and hopes have crashed they act like Palin never quit the national scene, which she has…her quitting the
      ‘bus tour’ and not updating her sarapac home page for weeks after quitting the bus tour (with no notice), it’s obvious the Palin-bots are the Kool-Aid drinkers.

      I don’t hate anyone and I don’t dislike Palin, but I do call a ‘diva’ a ‘diva’ when she fits the criteria, which she obviously does. It’s all about her, and she doesn’t give a rats behind about the Palin-bots at …that’s why the web hits have dropped 50% in 90 days.

      The Palin-bots should quit trashing threads and donate their TIME and ENERGY into Tea Party functions in their home state.

      Get to work Palin-bots, u should be knocking doors, running for office, raising money for Tea Party candidates. Your pipe dream Diva has flown the coop and she ain’t comin’ back. She’s busy spending her $$$ and playing with the grand kids. Can’t blame her, she was treated very badly.

  • Nukeman60

    ***Liberal panty alert***

    Sarah Palin is about to speak. You’re going to be in a bind — again!

    My recommendation to all liberals is to stop wearing underwear. First of all, every time Sarah speaks, you first get them in a bind, then you proceed to leave skid marks. So it’s not very good for you. She’s not going to stop, so get used to it. That is all.

  • Wrapping up my comments to this thread;

    It’s really unfortunate to see that so called “right” thinking people adopt the tactics of the Left. When was the last time a right wing person had an intelligent, cogent discussion/argument with a Leftie?? It almost never happens.

    The “Palin-bots”, almost without exception use the tactics of the Left in ALL their comments to mine.

    Palin-bots You do NOT attack the messenger, you respond to the message. If someone that has a different philosophy than you but STILL comes up with a correct answer to a problem,

    >>>>>>>>>>> I want that answer!! <<<<<<<<< oppressive government and legal land mines that may pop up at any time
    2> lack of motivated, intelligent Americans that are willing to work LONG and HARD to build something, make a great deal of money and stick with it for years. If someone IS qualified they lack the willingness to take ownership of the biz and stick with it for years. Unless the biz is kept operating for a while, there is a lack of ROI for me.

    Palin, bless her heart, she IS what she IS. She is a limited vessel and she has been outplayed or she has not been willing to “go on the field” to be a national leader. She’s got her money, family and TV gig, and she’s not going to be the ‘tip of the spear’ that is needed imo to TOPPLE the RINO Establishment.

    Specficially to the Palin-bots the comment at 1:11 is extremely appropriate to many commenters on this (and countless other) threads

    Dow Daytrader

  • williamm

    I don’t know why people bother responding To Dow Daytrader. He’s just an insignificant little person seeking attention. Ignore him and maybe he will crawl back into his hole.

    • cudaforever

      you’re exactly right Williamm. He goaded me into his juvenile behavior but next time I won’t take the bait.

  • Terrenceor

    And you put your faith in Romney, McConnell And Boehner. That will be the end of the Republican Party. Palin will not do anything to jeopardized the removal of Obama from office. She will hold the Republican Party to account for their corruption after the election if they do not do what is right. Still the most feared person by the corrupt establishment in Washington that is destroying our Republic.

  • ApplePie101

    No OT in sight, so please excuse my blowing off a little steam here. We expend too much attention and energy in response to soundbites that I sometimes think Obama tosses off dumb remarks to distract from the outrageous actions going on in the background, like DOJ shutdown of Florida’s purge of illegal voters. Keep focused on the criminal deeds of this administration, not their gibberish.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Last time Romney did a real interview on Fox he was visibly angry about the questions. Where does he stand, or does he sit down to urinate? Sarah refuses to be managed and she gets better everyday. Don’t look back GOPe, because the Governor is right there, not behind, but in your blind spot. Tampa will be quite the unconventional, Convention. Mark those words.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting the video of the interview, along with the q&a.

    If people want the BBB to hit the road, with Sarah Palin on board, consider donating to Sarahpac.


    That would be awesome for her and Todd to hop around the country in a Piper SuperCub…just awesome all-American idea!!