Sarah Palin Was a Prophet About Obama’s Education Takeover

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  • cudaforever

    That would make her a prophetess 🙂 GO SARAH !! Sarah has been right on a thousand things since 2008 but has been ridiculed by the clueless Left for speaking the Truth. God Bless her !!

  • NoToTyrants

    I’ll say it.

    Sarah should be the first Tea Party presidential candidate in November. I am convinced, now more than ever, that a third party is the only way we restore Constitutional governance and as a consequence American.

    Constitutional Conservatism is the only antidote to the Tyrannical Marxism we are suffering through now.

    After a milquetoast Progressive GOPe Republican President Romney, will America be more or less likely to elect a Conservative Constitutional Republican in 2016?

    • sDee

      We really have no choice do we?

      The RNC has forced upon us, a far left-of-center progressive to run against a radical marxist. They are confident in their arrogance which tells me everything is aligned against the People, the States and the Constitution.

      Anything else is false hope. We need to abandon it.

      • WE THE PEOPLE have been asleep and we are awakening. The change that you want will not happen overnight, we didn’t get here overnight. Yes, there is a fight going on and it will be going on for quite sometime but it has always been up to the people to hold their local officials accountable to the Constitution and then in turn hopefully they hold DC accountable.

        Unfortunately from the get go that has been the struggle. Do people in the local community know their Constitution? Do they know what it is their officials are doing that supports the Constitution or does what the official want go against the Constitution?

        Now we the are awakening and are scrambling but hopefully the seeds of freedom run deep and with God all things are possible!

        Don’t lose hope it’s your lifejacket!

        • sDee

          No argument here. The false hope I mention is the Republican party bringing us back. They are moving far left and believing that someone like Romney will take us to limited government or the Constitution is false hope.

          I can tell you my block and local party leaders are not interested in the Constitution or limited government. It is all about growing their piece of the pie at all costs. Conservatives, Tea party and libertarians are treated politely but not welcome. The candidates welcome participation and contributions but I rarely get call backs or invitations from the local party folks once I speak my mind.

  • sDee

    It is not prophecy, it is her unwavering belief in the core principles on which this nation was built. Central Government exists only to further empower itself. That will always come at the price of individual liberty, freedom and state soveriegnty.

    The Founders of our Nation were brilliant in their simplicity. Those principles provide a compass, a framework in which to understand, lead, and make decisions. Without core principles once is left to drift in a sea of intellectual relativism, an infinite mindless sea of opinion.

    A leader of principle cuts through it all. Will led the nation back. This is why they must destroy our Constitutional Foundation and leaders like Sarah Palin, who govern by them.

  • I’m glad she’s speaking for us, though this thing was a no-brainer.

  • Actually it was through homeschooling that many parents learned that if you took ANYTHING from the state you would be subjected to their interference so I have personally avoided any type of educational opportunites from the state over the last 20 years!

  • This lady has been a real patriot!