Bummer: Sarah Palin will not be speaking at the RNC this year

I’m not sure if this is her decision or if she’s just making lemonade out of lemons. Kinda sounds like the former to me:

REUTERS – Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will not speak at the Republican nominating convention in Tampa later this month, she said in statement on Sunday.

“This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them,” Palin, who was Senator John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 election, said in a statement on Gretawire, the blog of Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren.

“Everything I said at the 2008 convention about then-candidate (Barack) Obama still stands today, and in fact the predictions made about the very unqualified and inexperienced community organizer’s plans to ‘fundamentally transform’ our country are unfortunately coming true,” Palin said.

She said she supports Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, and intends to focus on grassroots efforts to rally independents and the Republican base to elect Senate and House members “so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new president to get our country back on the right path.”

UPDATE: Here’s teh full statement from GretaWire:

“…Everything I said at the 2008 convention about then-candidate Obama still stands today, and in fact the predictions made about the very unqualified and inexperienced Community Organizer’s plans to “fundamentally transform” our country are unfortunately coming true. This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them. As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally Independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new President to get our country back on the right path. This is imperative. As President Clinton said in 2008 while candidate Obama and lapdogs in the media were thrashing his wife’s record and reputation, this is “…the biggest fairy tale.” For the sake of America’s solvency and sovereignty we must close this nonsensical book in November…”- Sarah Palin

UPDATE 2: A lot of you in the comments are blaming the RNC and Romney for this. I would caution you against assuming that because we really don’t know what happened. This could have been her decision completely. It kinda sounded like it to me though it’s hard to say given the language she used. But I imagine we’ll know soon enough whose decision it really was.

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  • poljunkie

    Sure doesn’t seem right.

    • IwjwI

      The more I think about this, the more I think that it is the Romney camp and the GOPe that have shut Palin out. They think that they have the grass roots all taken care of with the Ryan VP pick and they don’t need Sarah Palin, or the TEA Party. They are wrong about that, of course. We will work on getting good Conservatives in the U.S. Legislature this go around and in 2014. We will change it all from the ground up. We will keep replacing RINOs until they are extinct.

      This is Sarah’s plan. I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • Jean_A

    They figure Ryan will being in the base so they can final say get lose.

    • sDee

      They greatly underestimate us.

      Two steps to the left one back to the right. That is the march to statism in America. No one said this was going to be easy. Sarah Palin knows that better than all of us.

      • CalCoolidge

        Underestimate or just don’t like.

        Levin said he’d rather fight Romney than Obama? Well, that’s exactly what it’s going to be.

  • marketcomp

    What does that say about the how the RNC treats the women and they obviously don’t care about the women vote?! This is a disgrace beyond anything I have ever seen!

    • warpmine

      But remember, this is the party of girlish hair pulling back stabbing do nothing talk loud elitist snobs. Ever wonder why conservatives despise them so much? I could care less about their little because deep down I know in my heart their go along to get along mentality is equally responsible for the mess the country’s in and furthermore, I would very much like to see most of them…….

      • marketcomp

        I think a huge number of the establishment elitist wives don’t care for Sarah Palin either. But, she will be fine and move on to experiment with other areas such as entertainment where she will have unwavering support. I heard her earlier today say, “May we always be happy and may our enemies know it!” I would suggest to women like Michelle Malkin who are opinionated and unwavering, don’t get too close to the GOP establishment including Mitt Romney and his elk because they do not appreciate those who don’t run with the pack. They just want women who will kowtow to them when necessary. I now see why the GOP has so many problems with non-traditional women.

        • 3seven77

          That’s news to me. I didn’t even know the GOP and Mitt *had* elk.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Precisely. The McCain campaign threw her under the bus long ago. RINOs have a way of cannibalizing their own.

      • Canibalizing the best, the ones whom the people want and respect, the ones who would change Washington…

    • PFFV

      This just cements the last brick in the wall of stupidity that is ‘The Establishment’ Republican’s. I say we need term limits for every public official including the Supreme Court. Sarah Palin is much more powerful than the RNC and she will display that soon. It’s the Tea Party way or BUST!

    • Bigfoot Steve

      What does that say about the RNC and how it treats women.

      It doesn’t say anything about it. There are several women speaking at the convention.

      This is a disgrace beyond anything I have ever seen!

      You need to get out more then.

      • 3seven77

        I agree.

        The thing about this is that even if it WAS Sarah’s decision not to speak and she came right out and said it was her decision, there are a lot of people who still wouldn’t believe her.

        With all the problems facing this country and the world right now *this* kerfluffle is the last thing that needs to dominate the headlines.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    not a good decision.

  • ernst1776

    I will unenthusiastically vote for Mitt Romney. The GOP is clueless about their supporters.

    • sDee

      A sign of things to come. So many want to see him as a conservative – it is not in him.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        And most of us have been saying that here, despite the prevalence of RINOs.

    • Garym

      Unfortunately, whether she spoke or not, I will also unenthusiastically vote for R&R. I do hope this is her decision, because if they did this and want unity, they’re going about it the wrong way.

      • CalCoolidge

        That’s why the RINO’s do what they do. You’ll vote for them anyway.

        • Garym

          I can’t live with another four years of Obama. ‘Nuff said.

    • CalCoolidge

      The vote will count. Enthusiasm doesn’t register.

  • This will backfire. There was no downside to letting her speak. Aside from paranoia.

    • Reckoner_3

      I was expecting her to be given a speaking role.

      IF they did play a part in persuading Sarah that it was better for her NOT to speak? Like Cheney throwing her under the bus in national pres. They don’t stand by their allies, they worry about what the LEFT thinks and leave a huge proponent , driving force , in Sarah Palin this year in 2012 , during these down ticket races to fend for themselves.

      Sarah being one of many voices , with people like Christie who is an actual bully and unskilled in hammering the point home without being too nasty, has no risks in letting Palin speak, even if it was on one of the earlier days. It’s not like she hasn’t been out there speaking already, on the stump against Obama’s policies….

  • sDee

    Same to you Romeny.

  • Spartan4Palin

    This is why I will never give to the RNC.

    I never got so involved in politics before until this wonderful and courageous woman came to our attention. I will always support her in whatever endeavor she takes on. I will not commit one dime to the RNC or to Romney.

    I will vote to make sure Obama is voted out. But that is as far as my support will go. Period.

    • sDee

      I stop volunteering and donated as soon as the McCain and the RNC turned on Palin. This is the decision I was waiting on before I jumped back with them – to confirm Romney’s true intent once he is installed.

      Only true conservatives get my time and money, plus SarahPAC which I will double up on now.

      • Spartan4Palin

        It irks me that Gov Palin was one of the most vocal in favor of the Ryan budget when he first presented it even when MANY in the party would not. And still don’t. It may not be a perfect budget plan, but it was a start. I still have issues with him voting on the GM bailout and TARP.

        I just can’t be bothered with a group of people who cannot live by and stand on REAL principles.

      • Installed. Perfect words.

      • I’m gonna have to find me a new state to live in if the gop and dnc are the only 2 parties next time…. if there is a next time. When I can finally vote, it will NOT be by holding my nose.

        • Nukeman60

          Two points –

          1) You’re better off in a swing state when you get to vote. Voting here in Illinois sucks (I hope to live long enough to see the Dems lose here – maybe 2016?).

          And 2) IMHO, there will not be just the Elephants (RINO’s, actually) and Donkeys in 2016. We will have enough power by then to sweep them under the rug.

      • marketcomp

        sDee, they didn’t even wait for him to be installed before he was implanted. Now was not smart and in fact it was a bone-headed move.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Ditto. I used to give to the Republicans, but after the way they treated Sarah AND they nominated McCain? Every solicitor who calls here I tell the same thing: “Not after McCain and not after you, as a party, bailed on Sarah. You’ll never get another dime out of this household.”

      • IwjwI

        I tell them the same thing, but I ad that I’m making my donation to SarahPAC because Sarah Palin knows where and how to spend her money. Then, I remind them about Scozzafava, Merkowski, and a few others that, like Harry Reid getting reelected because of their nonsupport of Angle.

  • Team Romney sure knows how to energize the base.

    Like he knows how to transport dogs.

    This would be the unintentionally honest press release:

    “Yes, we want all of you real, America-loving Conservatives out there, to shuffle, embarrassed, into the voting booth this fall, quickly pull the lever for a straight party ticket, and then run home to the Pepto Bismol and try not to feel too disgusted with yourselves.”

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I honestly think he doesn’t have a clue who the “base” is. Every time Conservatives have gotten together to stand up for something, he declares, “It’s not part of my campaign.” He’s listening to the wrong advisers (John McCain’s) which gives me serious pause when I consider his ability to lead.

      That being said, he’s not a Communist Marxist & may end up being a decent “transition” guy to shift us from this regime into a small, efficient, Conservative govt down the road. Time will tell.

      • sDee

        He does not have to lead. Post turtles never do.

      • JRD1

        He has ha clue. He despises your butt. He thinks that you have accepted Stockholm Syndrome. He will never give you any respect and laugh his azz off that he fooled you about repealing Obamacare only to shove Romneycare down your throat.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        It’s not so much that he doesn’t have a clue; it’s that he doesn’t give a [email protected] about them. As many of us warned for so long, Romney IS Obama-lite.

      • I think Romney will be, like “W”, a very good administrator. So I’m totally comfortable with him in that capacity. He won’t be a serial loafer, like Obama.

        I hope, like you do, that Romney will help tap the brakes a little bit and slow down this collapse. If his administration lasts 8 years, however, I am afraid it will do just like “W,” and continue the reckless spending. Who knows, he may be fine.

        Our only real hope is to continue “primarying” the statists whenever possible, and get a large conservative caucus in Congress to fight the Rockerfeller Republicans.

        • Garym

          I think it is going to be up to us nitpicking him to get the aggressive reform this country needs.

          • We’ll have to stay on his case, for sure.

        • NHConservative0221

          I think having Ryan as VP will be a very good influence that moves Ryan to the right. Now he has to campaign on entitlement reform and serious budget cuts.

          You can just drop that once elected, it’ll be political suicide.

          So let’s not get all upset about Sarah not being at the convention. As Scoop said we don’t know whose call it was. It’s not the most important thing, the most important thing is getting rid of Obama.

          Picking Ryan shows that Romney is willing to tackle some of the tough issues.

    • CalCoolidge

      I don’t believe Romney sees conservatives as a “base,” just an inconvenience.

  • AsianGal4Sarah

    If that is the case, RNC haven’t learned their lesson. It’s so disgusting how they (the Establishment) treated her. Paul Ryan should lobby to have her in the convention to speak and introduce him. She has been a big supporter of him from the very start.

    • sDee

      Boehner sent Sargent Ryan in alone against Obama on the Healthcare summit and the Budget proposal. Both times the elephants left him flailing in the wind. He kept reporting back for duty.

      Don’t count on it.

      • Donya G

        well said!

    • JRD1

      Paul Ryan is the establishment. He’s been in the swamp for 14 years.

    • CalCoolidge

      What do you mean they haven’t learned their lesson? They’ll diss the conservatives and still get the votes. Sounds to me like they have mastered the lesson.

  • God love her. Anyone who doesn’t give Sarah and Breitbart credit for dragging the Republicans into the game is just plain out of touch with reality. I was so hoping she would speak, especially in memory of Breitbart. It was her battle cry in Madison (Game on, Mr. President!) and Iowa (her speech on crony capitalism is unmatched, though everyone is talking about the subject now), calling them out for the Obamacare death panels, etc. etc. that got the grass roots motivated for the 2010 massacre of Democrats. This is just sad for me. Hopefully she will be there as our voice for a long time to come to call out both the Democrats and Republicans whenever they start getting out of line, which they will as soon as our backs are turned.

    • Michael Shepard

      Yes! She’s the strongest,most courageous,indefatigable politician,since Ronald Reagan. She will help do for Ryan,what nobody ever did for her: watch his back. That’s not quite true…I think Dutch is keeping a close eye on her…He’s got her back.

  • This was probably her decision. If Romney isn’t afraid to flip off liberals by choosing grandma killing Ryan, then he there’s no reason to not invite Palin.

    • StrangernFiction

      And McCain chose Palin. Does that make McCain a fearless conservative?

      • Guest1776rcp

        NO! It makes him a blind squirrel or a broken clock.

        • CalCoolidge

          Picking Palin was a gimmick by a desperate man, who probably now thinks it was a mistake.

  • MaxineCA

    So, the question stills remains – 1) Did they ask her to speak and she turned them down, or 2) did they dis her completely?

    If the answer is #1 – Maybe she is trying to distance herself from the RINOs and that’s why she is going after independents and conservative folks.

    If the answer is #2 – Well, that will really tick off a lot of conservatives.

    I think she has a vision and a plan but is waiting until after the election, waiting until we kick the current regime to the curb as she doesn’t want to stop that from happening. Yep, I think she has a plan that will be something we’ve all been discussing. In the meantime, she will be campaigning for Tea Party candidates to make sure we take back the Senate and possibly get rid of the RINO’s in the house.

    • sDee

      I’ll take door number 2.

    • Guest1776rcp

      I hope her plan is to run in 2016 when Romney loses. Sarah has no choice but to say she supports Romney if she wants to run for the Republican nomination in 2016.

    • white531

      We may never know, Maxine. It is indeed a sadness, though.

  • Cindy09

    Sarah Palin’s endorsements have all been proven gold! This is a time where the RNC should rally the two parties (Republican and Tea Party) behind their candidates. They need her but they know it not…… Darn!!

    • They know it Cindy. But they also know their time in the sun will be soon over because there are fresh people rising up who expose the gop for being the same as the dnc., so they will fight her and the rest as long as they can, without giving a crap about the rest of the people.

  • Guest1776rcp

    RNC = Really Not Conservative and I am not surprised by this one bit. Good luck with the pretzel-ing to those of you defending Romney. Hope you don’t pull any muscles or anything while you’re pretzel-ing.

    • onetwopunch

      I will vote for the POS Romney just to get rid of the bigger more dangerous POS Obama. A Romney win will slow the bleeding, then we take out the RINO’s one by one. This will not be easy and will take effort by those willing to participate and make a difference rather than to badger and whine at those in the trenches fighting.

      • Guest1776rcp

        I’m happy for you, I will be participating, defending actual conservatives and voting for conservatives. However unlike you I will not hold my nose and vote Romney, or defend him. I think its a bad move looking to 2016, apparently you don’t. We agree to disagree on that one. Its ok, we’re still on the conservative team. Pointing out facts about the Republican nominees is not badgering or whining. I’m an Independent conservative not a march in lock step Republican and I think many are blinded by Obama dislike. Contrary to what Levin or Limbaugh say the country will still exist in 2016 if Obama has a lame duck second term.

        In fact I’d love to see him try and veto every Bill the Republican controlled House and Senate send him. IMO four more years its what its going to take to get a Reagan in 2016, if Romney wins that’s out the window.

        • onetwopunch

          What is the point to pointing out sh*t we already know about Romney and Ryan right now? Yes we f’ing know what he is. WTF is harping on it like a broken record going to do for us right now? He is the nominee, it sucks, get over it! Beat him and Ryan over the head with it later. Will you bet your life that we will get a “Reagan” in 2016 to run for president? Do you have a family, a wife, children? Anything that might matter more to you, than you?

          • Guest1776rcp

            I’d bet my life that electing a RINO in 2012 is not going to get us a conservative in 2016. Think about it. Perhaps you can enlighten me on how electing a RINO in 2012 is going to deliver us a conservative in 2016.

            • JRD1

              Will the gopE primary a sitting president? NO!

              • Guest1776rcp

                Speaker West and Majority Leader DeMint will keep Romney in line. Oh wait….never mind!

            • onetwopunch

              I can’t enlighten you. Now we’re down to “blinded by hatred for Obama.” Have you listened to what he has been saying or what his admin. has been doing? You have tried to paint me as a sky is falling, OMG, we’re all gonna die, person. Now it is the RINO’s will line us conservatives up against the wall. Electing a RINO in 2012 will not get us what Obama has planned for us. You answered my questions with questions, you should be a politician.

              • Guest1776rcp

                “Blinded by hatred” are your words. Do you always put words in people’s mouth then comment on them. I find it rather bizarre. I believe I said Obama dislike, most are Christians here and doubt they hate anybody. I haven’t tried to paint you as anything. And your the one who should be the pol because you didn’t answer the question. And Obama can’t do no real damage with a GOP controlled House and Senate unless they let him.

                • NHConservative0221

                  Now you’re just ignoring what obama has already done.

                  Look at the way he’s bypassed congress with all the EPA regulations.

                  How he gutted welfare reform by himself

                  Fast and furious and the associated cover up

                  Raiding Gibson Guitars.

                  The RINO House has shown no willingess to stand up to obama’s countless abuses of authority, things will only get much worse.

                  Plus if obamacare is fully implemented we’ll never repeal it. Why not have the chance of getting it repealed by supporting romney?

                  Also if obama is reelected there’s a good chance that the GOP House not going completely along with him could result in the Dems taking both parts of Congress in 2014. Then what happens to our country??

                • Guest1776rcp

                  The House can’t do much with Reid leading the senate which would not be the case when the GOP takes back the senate.

                  O-care or anything Obama does can be defunded unitl its repealed and I don’t believe Romney or the GOPe is going to repeal it and only tweak it.

                  Sure there’s a chance of that but Obama would be the guy vetoing every Bill they send to him, a one man party of NO won’t get Dems the House and Senate in the midterms IMO.

            • NHConservative0221

              It won’t matter if obama wins. 2016 will be too late!!!

        • StrangernFiction

          I think many are blinded by Obama dislike.

          You make a very insightful point here. Obama is an evil, tyrannical, bastard, but what ‘rat isn’t?

          Romney means conservatism gets blamed for statist management. So we will continue toward the cliff, and another group of evil, tyrannical, bastards (ie ‘rats) will take over in 2016. There are only very bad options in this election, and there is something to be said for letting the thing fall apart while a ‘rat is in the White House.

          • Guest1776rcp

            Besides the fact that if the RINO wins the establishment is going to have one big “I told you so” party and declare Reaganism dead. Romney would be the new Reagan for the establishment. My opinion I could be wrong but I believe the handwriting is on the wall. Some conservatives won’t realize until the RINOs line them up against the wall. I mean if this recent primary wasn’t enough evidence its going to take what I just described to wake some up and by then its too late. Again, my opinion I could be wrong.

          • onetwopunch

            BHO gets elected in 2012, everything will still tank, Conservatism will still be blamed, period.

        • onetwopunch

          You are not happy for me. I have not defended Romney. I’m going to roll the dice and say Levin is a little more insightful than you. You will not help so that you can look at yourself in the mirror, ok, got that. Now help me out here. You will take me to task voting for Romney, question my conservative principals, insinuate I am a march in lockstep republican. Sarah Palin has thrown her support to the Romney/Ryan ticket and your hoping she runs in 2016! Where did your conservative principles go now? You would vote for this RINO supporting sellout! By the way I said the USA will still exist even if BHO is elected, it will be, however “transformed”. Of course according to your wisdom putting the country back to a constitutional republic will happen at the snap of a conservative finger in 2016. Easy as that. Now K-Bob will come in and post stuff saying what you did not say.

          • Guest1776rcp

            Levin certainly has his opinion and I have mine. Last I checked he’s only a human and its possible that he could be wrong just like I believe he was wrong for parroting the ABO line before the primary was finished. As someone else pointed out the time when I commented you don’t tell the used car salesman(GOP est) how much your willing to pay then proceed to haggle on the price.

            Are you afraid someone might read my opinion and agree with it or change their mind?

            My goodness! I understand that you are an individual and your conservative principles may differ from mine. We are not drones or clones and thank God for that.

            IMO Sarah is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She certainly can’t run for the nomination in 2016 if she disses Romney now so I understand her tepid support for Romney.

            With a Republican controlled House and Senate Obama will not transform anything unless the GOPe allows him too and EOs are easily removed by the stroke of a pen in 2016.

            Of course according to your wisdom putting the country back to a constitutional republic will happen at the snap of a conservative finger in 2016.

            You just said that I never did. I said we won’t get a conservative in the WH in 2016 by electing a RINO in 2012. Most especially since the GOPe can’t wait to tell us “We told you it takes a RINO”. No thanks! You think differently obviously. Good luck with that.

            • onetwopunch

              You would look me and my family right in the eye and say,” no, I will not help you, I must be able to look at myself in the mirror.” My family and more important, my children’s future, is more important than Sarah Palin’s political career and her running in 2016. If you have children or as I have said, believed in something bigger than yourself, you might understand. What BHO is doing to my children’s future IS PERSONAL. There is no other way to look at it, therefore I see the sense of urgency. I cannot afford to be a pollyanna or gamble or cling to a self-centered principal. It is not a luxury I can afford, if I am to be a decent father. I am also capable of reading through your snark and recognize when people are implying things. Yes, I think differently and will need lots of luck with it, with people like you on my side. Thanks.

              • Donya G

                Romney is an Obamalite in slow motion, he is just going to prolong your agony.

            • Levin jumped on the ABO bandwagon early, and I think we all paid the price for it.

              NEXT TIME, conservatives have to demand that the candidates earn their votes, and not pull this stupid, “hey, we’ll vote for anyone” crap again. All the way to the convention, they should have to earn every single vote.

              And I’m really sick of Levin’s appeal to “the grandchildren.” That’s no excuse for telling moderate/progressive Republicans they’ll get our votes no matter what. It was a screwup, and pulling the “grandchildren” card is weak. The Virginia landowners blocked slavery reforms using the same tactics (“But our land will be worthless without slaves, think of our children!”). You don’t win a major battle like this without taking some risks.

              Having wrote all of that, I’m willing to let Romney earn my vote. But he doesn’t get it just because of “the children.” The children deserve people with spines, preventing the erosion of liberty.

              • Guest1776rcp

                My biggest dilemma over Romney and Obama is my wife. She’s like the folks around here when it comes to Obama and when I try to talk to her like I talk here she says “talk to the hand”. The problem is she’s pointing at mine not holding up hers.

                She says I have until the convention is over so I might be in a position where I have to compromise my conservative principles or sleep on the couch for the duration Obama’s presidency if you know what I mean. Love life or conservative principles is not a choice I’m looking forward to. Women can be mean like that sometimes. 🙁 Men would never be mean and kick their wife out of the bedroom because we much nicer in general. 😉

                Yeah I know, I could lie to her and say I’ll vote for Romney because she would never actually know but I’ve never lied to my wife and a RINO is not going to turn me into a liar to her.

                • A lot of couples were in that situation last time around, too. Makes it tough to know your vote only cancels out hers. On the other hand, at least it does that!

                  From our experience, if you stay together long enough, you’ll tend to start thinking more alike, politically. Especially if you have kids.

            • IwjwI

              If Obama is reelected, it’s very likely that impeachment hearings will start as soon as the newly elected GOP majority take over in 2013.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Lol RNC “Really Not Conservative” (Classic) but true

  • Joe

    In My Humble Opinion

    The RNC is scared to death of Gov. Palin

    They feel threatened by her power!

    Frankly – They need her – more than she needs them

    • BevWKY

      If that’s all it was, it would be so simple but I’m not sure it is.

      You know what, though? The convention isn’t supposed to be about someone other than the supposed nominee. But then again, it isn’t supposed to be a coronation either.

      It’s supposed to be about completing the PROCESS of nominating “our” candidate. It’s supposed to be about pulling all the factions of the party, who may have and usually do and did, compete long and hard against each other, back together again. So that they can then go back to their districts ready and willing to work together to help get the pair elected.

      It certainly not supposed to be about sticking a very large finger in the eye of a very large and already tied of it portion of the base that’s supposed to go out and help get that candidate elected.

      Because, you know what, just voting anybody but Obama doesn’t guarantee that anybody helps with that or even stays GOP. Kind of hard to lead a party if there ain’t one.

  • I think this is a very wise decision, coming from a very wise woman. First and foremost, Sarah’s goal is the same as our goal, getting Obama out of power. We know that she has much to offer, and much of import to say, and say it she will. But the convention is Romney and Ryan’s party and she knows it.

    She knows that her presence would be used by the media to try to wedge up the Republicans and weaken Romney’s support. Romney and Ryan need to leave the convention on a tidal wave of enthusiastic support. With no question that he and Paul Ryan have our complete support and that we will do everything that we can to help.

    Sarah has chosen her battleground, and it is just as vitally important a battleground. She makes a huge, measurable difference when she campaigns for those down ticket, probably more so than Romney would. Don’t you think that having people in congress, like Ted Cruz from Texas isn’t going to be vital?

    She is young and there is time, but with his choice of Paul Ryan, she got a conservative on the ticket, a reformer, a leader and a visionary.

    I agree with her decision.

    • DocBarry1


    • sDee

      Romney is not afraid of a wedge issue. He is afraid of Sarah Palin.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Precisely. He can’t look like ‘the future’ when someone who exemplifies so much of America (Sarah) is on the stage next to him. He can’t allow himself to not be the center of attention.

    • JRD1

      Get real. This is the first move by the gopE mafia to purge the reformers from the party.

      The gopE’s motto is “Better a Democrat than someone who is not one of us!”

      Imagine that, these pigheaded mothers rather lose.

      Later Etch-a-sketch, get your freakin’ Indy’s to get your sorry butt over the finish line.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Absolutely. Someone has to be in the trenches, and who more qualified and motivated than our warrior, Sarah?

  • warpmine

    After the election, she should take a conservative coalition and break out of the failed RNC, form a new party and force them to conform to our demands. I’m ill from all the broken promises from spineless political officers failing to right the wrongs of the past century of progressive policy and want my liberty guaranteed by the constitution ratified 225 years ago

    • Mensaman62

      AMEN to that! We have to get obummer out and then form a CONSERVATIVE party, back to the ideals of our founders.

  • StrangernFiction

    Palin not speaking at the RNC may or may not have been the decision of the RNC (although I strongly suspect it was), but allowing McCain to speak was.

  • DocBarry1

    Give me a break – if Romney said I want you to speak, do you think someone as gracious as the Governor would say no – this stinks, period.

    • StrangernFiction


    • Bigfoot Steve

      You mean the same gracious woman who led you guys on for a couple of years, letting you think she was going to run for president this year? The same gracious woman who called Cheney a dick on national television not too long ago?

      You nistas crack me up. If she was asked, it was smart of her to turn it down because they’re RINOs anyway; if she wasn’t asked, Romney and the GOP are evil sobs for not asking her. It’s always the same with you folks….everyone else is to blame but Palin, no matter what.

      • Talk about something always being “the same.”

        Trolls always seem like they can’t come up with an original thought. Your comment looks exactly like the crap being spewed for years over at the leftist sites. A trollbot would do better, really.

      • Bogdan51

        You are an ignoramus and a pathetic fool bigfoot steve.

        Thanks to folks like yourself America has got itself into a 17 thrilion dollar debt that will NEVER be paid off.

      • DocBarry1

        You are so wrong – bye

  • Well back to DISTRUSTING MITT!! WHAT A JERK!! One step forward two back…Just cancelled any more money going to Mitt….also touched base with associates and all 40 or so will not come to Mitt rally and will not go to convention. We live in Central Florida….that make it or break it area for MITT…I AM FURIOUS AND I HAVE HAD IT!!

    Yeah Sarah decided because the ROMNEY LIBERAL HACKS wanted to script and control SARAH and she told them to TAKE A HIKE!!

    So she takes a hike….so does all my money and my associates and trust me it was alot of money. LET MITT GET MONEY FROM JEB BUSH!! RINO FOOL!!

    I was so excited yesterday and here we are back to before Ryan…WHAT A F’ING FOOL. Mitt will lose…he just threw water over his campaign AGAIN!! WHAT A JERK….LEADERSHIP GONE AGAIN!! He thinks he can fool us with RYAN….NO MITT YOU CANNOT!! I am sorry the TEA PARTY will not come out in force when you just SCREWED THE BEST SPEAKER IN THE COUNTRY!!

    Ratings…YOU MEAN YAWNER…I WILL NOT WATCH AND DO NOT CARE!! He will get my vote but the money is out and so is the volunteering. If you think I am only one there were over 40 in my group…MULTIPLY THAT ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!

    Mitt you are the biggest PHONY AROUND!! Liberals never change their colors!! You are better than Obama but you just put out the fire you had yesterday!!

    Oh yeah lets watch Kasich, Jeb Bush, Pawlenty, Haley and others who are as BORING AS PAPER DRYING!!

    Sarah would have given you an audience to rock the house….introduce Ryan with Palin and the audience would have been tremendous….THE ATTENTION…you go from Sarak to Paul and the dynamic would have been electrifying!!


    GREAT JOB MITT!! And make no bones Sarah would have only spoke unplugged and MITT COULD NOT HANDLE THAT….HE IS A WHIMP!!

    • westernhunter

      I felt the same way yesterday, then I heard Madden from Romney campaign already trying to distant themselves from Ryan’s plan, now this. I’m so angry.

      Edit: Madden is one that bashes Sarah

    • In South West Florida, they’re referring the convention to the “mitt show”. All about him.

      • Bigfoot Steve

        Stupid Mitt. Doesn’t he know it’s supposed to be all about Palin?

        • I’m not saying it should be all about her either. Stupid me, I thought it was supposed to be about we the people, and those we choose to send to represent us.

  • Right_Wingnut

    No, this was most likley Team Romney’s decision. She made it very clear a couple weeks ago that she wanted to speak, and that she had left her schedule open just in case. It turns out they probably don’t even want her in the building.

    None of this surprises me in the least given the people we’re dealing with.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    I don’t know who’s decision it was. I’m glad she’s not speaking. It strengthens her bonafides as a warrior against the status quo. She’ll put her energies into getting the right people into Congress and when the timing is right, she’ll lead a coup d’etat of the GOP. When she says, “May we always be happy and may our enemies know it”, she ain’t just talking about the Dems.

    • sDee

      I spnet a good part of the day reading and warming up to Ryan.

      Screw it. It was starting to give me the creeps anyway.

      • lol. I was sick enough all day, so there was MORE than one reason I was quiet on Scoop and other sites today, I felt kind’a bad, like not giving them a chance. Hahahahaha.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Why is everyone blaming the RNC? As far as I know, the campaign makes theses decisions. This is all on Team Mitt.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      no the rnc and mitt work together , priebus said that a few times now.

      • Right_Wingnut

        If Mitt wanted her there, she’d be there.

        Stop with the spin.

        • anyonebutbarry2012

          no you stop it, your saying mitt stopped her,. when? where? quit the blaming. if she wants to give details she will

          • Right_Wingnut

            Because you know as well as I do that she left her calendar open in case she got the invite.

          • idesign2

            At this time none of us know why Palin isn’t speaking…

            But we all have suspicions from past actions taken against Palin from the GOP establishment.

      • sDee


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I so agree with update 2, sarah would not be telling us abo, just to have people staying home not voting because they think romney alienated her, makes no sense. she works hard to do these downtickets, she explained barry has got to go, she said 100% she is behind romney/ryan..

  • SaraPFan

    I’ve heard Sarah and Reince state in past interviews that the RNC did “ask” her to speak and she countered with certain terms. She probably thought and prayed about if it was best for the party to see and hear new voices and faces. I’m sure she’ll be present. She’s said in the past that she’ll be there. It is a bummer but it’s time to move forward.

    • Right_Wingnut

      Not true.

      • SaraPFan

        True. I’ve heard Sarah respond to the rumors that she wasn’t invited to speak and she dispelled those rumors and said that she was invited to speak. Reince also gave an interview and said he hopes she speaks.

        • Right_Wingnut

          PLease provide proof that she was invited to speak.

          • SaraPFan

            Reince gave an interview with Greta for one. Here is a quote: http://www.capitolcolumn.com/news/rnc-sarah-palin-should-receive-invitation-to-speak-at-rnc/

            If you want to see the video. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/index.html#/v/1774189609001/white-house-backs-away-from-dirty-liar-reid/?playlist_id=86925 He says it to Greta at the 6 minute mark on August 6th.

            Sarah Palin gave an interview and specifically stated that she was invited to speak and she responded to the RNC and was waiting to hear more information from the RNC. Now I found two links for you. You can find the last.

            • Right_Wingnut

              She said she was contacted about possibly attending the convention, but nothing about being invited to SPEAK.

              It’s time to come to grips with reality. Team Mitt doesn’t want her on stage.

              • SaraPFan

                Let it go. Greta asked her whether she was “going”, not speaking, and she responded that was invited. Couple with that with Reince telling Greta that he hoped she would speak. The ball was in Sarah and she declined. Or does it make sense to continue to believe that the RNC invited her just only to hold a warm seat for her with a good view?

                • Right_Wingnut

                  That dog won’t hunt. We’re talking about speaking. She never said she was invited to speak.

                  We’ll probably know more soon enough.

                • Team Mitt probably wanted to give Sarah a canned speech and put her on a leash. No waaaaaaay they wanted her to outshine him. She’d make that crowd eat out of her hand and make them open their checkbooks quicker than you can say “fast and furious”.

              • Reckoner_3

                RW ,

                Remember how Schmidt and McCain’s campaign were so offended and scared that Sarah wanted to give a few words before McCain? because it may give her one last look on the national stage, to connect with the people?

                Same principle…

          • SaraPFan

            Okay, okay. I’ll do more journalism research to find one interview where “Sarah” said it. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/2012/08/01/palin-fires-back-cheney-mistake-would-have-been-not-answering-call-be-vp

            Do a search on the word “details” after clicking the link. Sarah mentions the RNC’s invite before addressing Dick Cheney’s comments.

    • westernhunter

      Here is the quote

      “You know, I think that there’s been a lot of back-and-forth with that inside baseball-type dialogue about who’s invited, who’s speaking. We’ve left it in their hands. About a week ago, we were approached, asking if we were interested, if I was interested in attending. Of course, there’s some interest there, but you know,
      we just kind of want to know more details, what they have in mind, and we haven’t heard back.”

      • SaraPFan

        I have the link to the quote embedded in my response. You people need to deal with the fact that she’s not speaking and she said there are new voices in the party that will be heard at the 2012 convention. For whatever reason, she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.

        • Right_Wingnut


        • Nope. Responses like this usually indicate that there were negotiations, but that they fell through.

          • SaraPFan

            I concur. The best approach now is to forge ahead and hear from other new not well known, conservative voices that will be introduced to independents and Democrats watching the convention. I can’t wait to hear from Susanna Martinez, Scott Walker, Nikki Haley and Dr. Rice.

  • Sheya

    Unlike some of her supporters Sarah Palin knows that the world doesn’t revolve around her. This convention is about Romney and Ryan and Palin is gracious enough to realize that the attention needs to be on them and not on her.

    • Mark Smith

      Very nicely put Sheya. I admire Sarah Palin but does she have some cultists or WHAT?

      • JRD1

        Cultists? No realists.

        Do. some. research.

        This is no longer the party that Reagan built. The GHW Bush frat boys have hijacked the party and the conservatives can go to hell as far as they are concerned.

      • Freempg

        You sound like a Democrat.

        • Mark Smith

          The ONLY PEOPLE who need to speak at this Convention to the AMERICAN VOTER are Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Period. Everybody else is a side-dish.

          • JRD1

            Hello, how long have you been following politics?

            The reason to have a convention is to REUNITE THE FREAKIN’ PARTY, duh!

            Romney has fractured the party like no other in my lifetime.

            It is a reflection on his leadership abilities. It looks like he has none despite what we have been told.

        • TheresaAK

          That was my first take on the dude…Romulun or obama cult member? What’s the difference?

      • Right_Wingnut

        Actually, Sheya is in agreement with you on that. He has said as much on multiple occasions.

        Having said that, I appreciate everything he’s done with C4P and Palintv.

        We’re just going to have to disagree on this one.

      • degrade them some more….you don’t need them…..tell them to F-off, send back their checks and bar them from volunteering…..that’ll teach those Palinistas (sarc)

    • Reckoner_3

      It doesn’t mean that the world revolves around her, to feel slighted… It means that , supporters actually feel slighted.

      I’ve been more or less unaffected by the perpetual slime that goes on, in the national news against Palin and her family, it eventually starts getting tuned out. But this is an actual slap in the face given that it would be a positive her speaking there and Romney was making ground in working with conservatives. It would be a gesture of indebtedness to her contributions to national conversation since her first speech at the convention.

      As for the convention being about Romney and Ryan?

      We know how this is establishment grooming of candidates. the way Obama used the convention to get national prominence and attention in 2004, and now we’re hearing Chris Christie, still not quite as known , is giving a keynote speech…..

  • Freempg

    Mitt Romney’s destruction of Sarah Palin, begun before the votes were counted in 2008, is nearly complete. The final nail in the coffin is Paul Ryan. Sarah will support Ryan just like most of us supported Sarah in 2008 (and not John McCain).

    Watching Governor Palin with Shannon Bream was I had a sense of something having died within her, perhaps the deep-down harbored hopes of leading this great nation one day.

    • Right_Wingnut

      It’s also clear that not many will be defending her on this.

  • JudyPaulette

    Many that are not scheduled to speak at the RNC such as Herman Cain
    will be speaking at a tea party event. Not sure if Sarah Palin is speaking or
    attending but others are.


  • More reason for me not to bother getting a TV.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    What? I thought the Right Scoop already reported that she WOULD be speaking at the Republican convention whilst those of us outside of the Beltway were saying she wouldn’t?

  • Freempg

    If Roger Ailes didn’t have his fat head stuck up Romney’s tight arse so snuggly he would have wall-to-wall Sarah coverage of the convention. As it is, he probably will have her do an occasional cameos and, at the end of her conract in January, fail to renew it.

  • cudaforever

    WTF? There better be a good explanation from Rince Preibus and the boys on this one. The best thing to happen to conservative politics and she isn’t speaking. I’m shocked.

  • M_J_S

    Get Obama out of office then we can start bashing in the brains of the establishment GOP- P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

    • JRD1


      The gopE shoved this mother down your throat this year. The primary was all Kabuki theater, starting with this mother buying off Bachmann. Take the scales off your eyes. You think the gopE is going to allow there to be a primary in 2016?

      How’s that Stockholm Syndrome working out for you?

      Stand up and respect yourself! Push back and learn how to negotiate.

      This mother needs you now. It’s the only time he will listen.

      You are pathetic!

      Every time you witch about a politician who goes along to get along remember you are guilty of the same.

    • zombie like brains…but GOPe brains have no nutritional value.

  • Whether it’s her decision or not, I won’t be watching much. Hard to get excited about the gop, and whatever excitement they garner from any new faces will be subdued by displaying the same old same old. I’m really not interested in watching what they’re calling it around here, “the mitt show”, because that’s not what it’s supposed to be about…. or am I wrong about that?

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I don’t know ABC, I wouldn’t exactly call Rand Paul the same old GOP, in all fairness.

      • I agree Rosie, but Rand and a hand full of others are in a bigger pool of stale, stagnant and bitter water.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Well, he’s speaking at the convention, and that is a step in the right direction. I referred some people to an article over at legal insurrection which discusses the number of incumbents thus far in 2012 who have been unseated in the primaries — 165 thus far in state and federal positions — which is double that of 2010. So we ARE throwing out the old GOP, slowly but surely. This cannot be done overnight.

          • Well said girlfriend 🙂 I can agree with that.

          • Nukeman60

            Not to mention all the Dems and RINOs that decided against reelection (to take the money and run, as it were). That says something very powerful. right there.

    • marketcomp

      Given the fact the she goes where she is needed and she is certainly needed now even with the new ticket, I still think it was Romney, the GOP, or the RNC. Their all the same.

    • Linky1

      Sadly, it is the Mitt show this time around. I’m with you, AiBC-this holds as much excitement for as did the Olympics. BTW, didn’t watch one second of the Olympics-too much scandal, too much false patriotism, too scripted and way too money spent on something that people will forget as soon as it’s finished.

      Whomever will speak will speak, whomever decides to get on board the Mitt Express will and frankly, it’s their decision to do so. We can all hash it back and forth, blame whomever, the sad fact remains that (IMHO) this is a rehash of 2008 and nothing we say will change it.

      • Well said. This year seems to be a year of firsts for me too… I didn’t watch one bit of the olympics either.

  • nibblesyble

    I remember watching her speak 4 years ago for the first time at the convention. I had no idea about her, McCain or even much of the republican party…but she attracted me for some reason. During her speech I became so immersed that when it was over I cried. I just felt everything, I felt that I had found my place as a conservative, that I found hope, and I found a reason to be plugged in from then on. I am saddened that she is not speaking, but I look forward to when this woman is President and then we never have to worry if she is invited to speak or not..she will be the one doing the inviting!

    • TheresaAK

      Thank you…this a great comment.

    • While I’m not gaga over her, when I found out she was mclame’s pick, I did my homework and loved what I saw. When she came down to speak locally, it was packed silly and I would never have been able to get near the place, so I watched her on TV. My son who was going on 8 at the time, loved her as much as I did. That’s about the last thing we’ve agreed on since lol! KIDDING. kind of.
      Point is, many folks love her, and whether or not the gop asked and she declined, the gop is doing the same thing as they always do… inviting the usual suspects with a few others thrown in to keep the voters placated.

  • MaxineCA

    Scoop, thanks for the Update 2. I’ve been saying that since yesterday (and kind of got hammered). It’s so very frustrating to see so many folks jump to conclusions, get their britches in a bundle, act like children stomping their feet because they didn’t get their way.

    I truly believe Sarah has a plan. Perhaps she feels the best roll she can fulfill in this election is to focus on the house and senate. Without a doubt she understands the first goal is to kick Bamster & the gangsters out.

    What a difference a day makes! Yesterday there was so much enthusiasm that so quickly turned. So sad.

    • Freempg

      Maxine, there is such a thing as common courtesy. Sarah Palin delivered the House of Representatives to the GOPe in 2010. What thanks does she get but to be humiliated as a mistake by McCain, and diminished at every opportunity by power-hungry, self-serving establishment types for their own gain.

      • carmtom13

        thanks you said it all!!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I saw that Maxine, and I agree with you we should not jump into any conclusion.

  • narciso

    She is gracious as always, and has always seen herself as a vessel, for popular sentiments, that it’s not about her, but lets be honest, they’ve been telegraphing
    this for a long time now.

  • Mark Smith

    “Sarah Palin delivered the House of Representatives to the GOPe in 2010”

    What complete non-sense. President Barack Obama did.

    • idesign2

      Look it’s Kevin Maddem, the Romney talking head…

      Where was Mittens in 2010? LOL

      • Bigfoot Steve

        Not alienating 79% of the republican party, that’s where.

        • marketcomp

          Ok genius what percentage of the Tea Party do you think is the republican Party?

    • The Tea Party did Mark and she was and is the biggest force behind the Tea Party…Obama’s policies yes….but you still need to get people out to vote and energized…Sarah led that charge….that is why she is so hated by the left to this day!! She has a platform that Mitt does not it is called loyalty and passion. People trust her….Mitt does not have that kind of trust and each time people get comfortable with him he screws up again. The story behind Sarak not speaking will be: GOP AGAIN NOT UNIFIED!! That is also why her not speaking is a big mistake!! The press will play on that and it will be true….there was no reason to allow this and Mitt dropped the ball. Yes the spotlight will be on Mitt but you still need to build the energy and excitement….he failed that today and so did the Chairman of the RNC…it will come back to bite them in the butt!

      • carmtom13

        You betcha it will come back to bite them in the butt!!!

    • TheresaAK

      Are you a Romulun or obama cult member?

    • Freempg

      This is bigger than Obama. Sarah Palin was the de facto leader of the Tea Party which revolted against the status quo corrputocrats from both parties, including the inbred silver-spoon priviledged RINOs like the Bushes, McCains and now Romney. This downward drain spinning has been going on since Bush 1. Too bad they took Sarah down in the process. The 60 Minutes interview with Romney and Ryan gave indication Ryan may face the same fate if he does not get in line. Already Romney is asserting it is his budget and not Ryan’s that’s important. Here we go again. Are you dizzy yet?

      • Palin played a role in 2010 and still does….that’s gotta rub the GOPe the wrong way.

  • She had 37 million viewers. She brought 10 million in the 1st weekend after her pick. And this is the thanks she gets. People may try to spin this but she has never felt welcome. Romney and his gang have done nothing but try and destroy her.

  • deTocqueville1

    Why Scoop. I did not insult anyone, just expressed an opinion?

  • Let the spotlight be on Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney that week. I love Palin, but she’s not on the ticket, they are. I do hope she attends the convention in some capacity, and I certainly hope Romney keeps her on the shortlist for Energy Secretary(assuming she’s interested), but let’s not get all p-ssy because she’s not being given a speaking slot in Tampa.

    • Mark Smith

      “Let the spotlight be on Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney that week.”

      –Are you a Romulun or an Obama cult member?

      “I love Palin, but she’s not on the ticket, they are.”

      –Are you a Romulun or an Obama cult member?

      …”let’s not get all p-ssy because she’s not being given a speaking slot in Tampa.”

      –Are you a Romulun or an Obama cult member?

      I swear, it’s like listening to Justin Bieber fans around here. And I “love” her too. But she is NOT as big a force as the Bieberites here – oh why bother.

      • JRD1

        This actually has nothing to do with Palin. If you knew anything about the history of the party you would be fully aware it is the Rockefeller elitist wing telling the Reagan conservative wing to go to hell.

        Are we a part of the party or not. If not, I want to know because they don’t have my vote then.

        Why is this hard for you and why do you make fun of something when you don’t know what we are talking about.

        Sorry, but you appear to be foolish.

        Romney’s mission at the convention is to unite the party. It is not for it to be his coronation.

    • JRD1

      The purpose of the convention is to unite the party. Especially because this “Animal House” elitist frat boy has fractured it so severely.

      If he can’t unite the party it shows he has no leadership skills.

      Ryan is not Tea Party. He has been a member of the establishment swamp for the past 14 years.

  • deTocqueville1

    I think Palin, if she did in fact decide not to speak did so due to a control of the speech issue. So it is splitting hairs. The GOP/RNC obviously thinks she would steal the show and they are correct. But she would have united the base. very short sighted in my view. They are using her phrases already. She gave her speech via Facebook last evening because she knew the situation.

  • You want to see how Sarah ranks…this thread has 120 comments….Mitt’s response to Heckler 25 and Ryan/Romney speech….7…ENOUGH SAID….Sarah dominates so you tell me who brings out the numbers….120 for one….32 for 2….In other words…Sarah draws an audience that dwarfs Ryan/Romney and Romney alone….so tell me who will bring out the voters???

    • Mark Smith

      Wow. Did it cross her mind to maybe run for President herself?!

      • Bogdan51

        Fool, you would have your pants ful of $*it if you have lived through even a mere 10% she did.

        How in your mind was she supposed to run for nomination when she was being stabbed in the heart by the DONKEYS while the Oliphants kept stabbing her in the back?

        Not to mention the swarm of ignorants like you, more than happy to diss her at a first opportunity.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Or at least officially endorse one of the other non-GOP establishment candidates if there was no way she could run herself (which is apparently Bogdan51’s position). I really believed Newt had a chance at the end and felt an OFFICIAL endorsement by Sarah, who I think has a lot of influence, could’ve made that happen, unless she didn’t want Newt either. That’s fine. But who DOES she want then, if she wasn’t willing to run herself?

        These are the things I wonder when I look at this from my point of view, and no offense is meant to any of her ardent supporters in my questions. I just don’t understand Sarah’s decisions, and it seems to me, no one else does either.

  • carmtom13

    There is no one who deserves to give a prime time speech than Governor Palin. Than they wonder why they lose elections. I don’t care whose decision it was the RNC should have insisted she speak and convinced her to speak. BIG MISTAKE GOP!!!

    • Carm they offered her a speaking role…but THEY WANTED TO CONTROL IT and SARAH SAID NO…Remember McLame’s people did that to her and she hated it. She is not about to let some Libs in Mass or DC write her words. She is best being Sarah. Just read that scathing column she released today about Obama….it was unbelievable and dynamite. She layed out exactly the way and areas to define Obama….If Mitt understood he would have a clue. She is just SPOT ON!! Her comparing what Obama will do to America what California is now was GREAT!! I mean outstanding!!

      • wanted to control the message? smells like Schmitt and Wallace.

        • JRD1

          Or Bushtards Madden and Gillespie.

      • When did they do that? The ONLY thing I see is that they asked her if she was interested. There is a ton of difference

      • white531

        Michael, like I just said in a reply to carmtom13, Sarah isn’t finished. But, neither does she want us to waste any more time on this. I agree that her California example was classic, but we need get over this and move on. We will meet Sarah again down the road. The road to the White House.

      • No credible sources on that claim yet. We’ll have to wait and see whether they really invited her or not.

    • white531

      carmtom13, Sarah is not part of those people. They actually despise her and she despises them. This is actually working out for the best. Sarah isn’t finished. Neither is she playing their game.

    • Bigfoot Steve

      So in other words, even if it was all Palin’s decision not to speak, it’s still not her fault, it’s the GOP’s fault for not forcing her to speak at the point of a gun or by using magic mind powers or something, lol. And you Palin folks wonder why others call you a cult.

      • Bogdan51

        Bigidiot steve, Palin could finish off Romney’s chance within seconds.

        You just don’t know or you just don’t want to know what signals those degenerates from the GOP leadership were giving her in order to persuade her not to take part in the convention.

        Perhaps we shall never know.

        However there is a positive outcome of this stinking afair; She shall be entirely free to speak against Romney from the very moment he puts his ar*e on the Presidential chair.

        In particular if Romney beigins to distance himself (he is doing that already) from Paul Ryan’s semi-conservative agenda.

        It is not that difficult to guess that Romney chose Ryan to neutralise him.

  • Nukeman60

    What kind of America do you want for your kids?

    Is it one where the government controls everything they do, say, or even strive for? Or is it one where they are free to choose what they do, where they go, and what their hard-earned money is spent on? The choice this November is a stark comparison between a Marxist-raised, a socialist-ideologue, a narcissistic, progressive elitist who is already ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country before our very eyes, and a man whom we don’t consider completely conservative. Really? Do we even have to stop to think about this? Is it not a simple no-brainer this time around?

    This November is nowhere near what 2008 was. McCain was a doddering old fool that no one really wanted or trusted, and Obama convinced a lot of foolish people to vote for his ‘Hope and Change’ charade, even though he continually told us what he was going to do to our country. No one wanted to hear the church bells tolling of forthcoming doom. They only wanted ‘hope’ and perhaps ‘change’. Romney is no McCain. People have to see that he can get things done. He’s not the first (or 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) choice that many of us had wanted. But the time for whining is over.

    The Tea Party is making the difference. It had no teeth in the beginning, although it had massive numbers of people ready to join up. The 2010 elections gave us baby steps, and the Wisconsin recall showed us what power we can wield against the Unions and Media – in their own backyard. With gains in the 2012 Republican primaries, we are showing that November will give us great gains in the House and Senate. Picking Paul Ryan, Romney showed that he still wants the backing of the Tea Party and will get it. The time for whining is over.

    The writing is on the wall for Obama. Ryan will help bring the discussion back to the important issues and away from the smears that we all know Obama will continue, right up to November 6th. Romney will kick his campaign in high gear after the convention, with the addition of his general election donations (those which he has been unable to use so far). Palin, Levin, the Tea Party have all supported the pick of Ryan. It’s high time we all stopped our meager bickering and whining about things not going completely the way we wanted and put our support behind the Romney/Ryan ticket.

    As it stands, there is no demographic in which Obama hasn’t lost supporters (whether it be the Black vote, the latino vote, the Jewish vote, young people, old people, certainly the white vote). People who don’t follow politics, as much as those of us here at TRS, think with their wallets, their stomachs, and their personal needs. Who has not suffered these last four years compared to what they had hoped those four years would bring? Who wants four more? The outsurge for the Republicans and the lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats will be dramatic.

    As to the fear that Romney will rule as a liberal progressive: well, with a House and a Senate controlled by the right, with many, many new true conservatives coming in, I believe that Romney will be guided by what they demand and will do for the right what he did for Massachusetts (ie, rule according to his legislature). Whether he runs again in 2016 or doesn’t, really doesn’t matter. The Tea Party conservatives, by that time, will have far more control than either the liberals or the RINOs will care for and that will be a good thing (perhaps bringing into light a new party, with Palin and West at the top).

    All of this is a good thing for us, for our country, and for our children and grandchildren. It starts right here, right now, with us. Let’s stop the whining and get to work, shall we?

    • nibblesyble

      Amen and hellelujah!

      • Nukeman60

        Sarah Palin will be a major factor in this election, as will the Tea Party. I think most of us want to dump the GOPe as it is anyway, so what’s the difference if she speaks at their convention or not? We take the steps necessary and move on to phase 2.

        I’m a chess player and in chess there are 3 parts to the game – the opening, the middle game, and the endgame. One never tries to checkmate in the first four moves. They call that ‘fool’s mate’ and rightfully so.

        The GOPe have sealed their fate, no matter what. RINOs and the present ‘establishment’ are on their way out, while we are on our way in. We must proceed in deliberate and controlled steps.

        • marketcomp

          Nukeman60, I like your thinking! We solider on, my friend!

        • JRD1

          You are stuck with this elitist cretin for the next 8 years if you don’t negotiate now. The oppressive gopE will never allow you to primary a sitting president.

          • Nukeman60

            Hint, your first mistake was to think we are going to let the GOPe allow us to primary them. They will be busy fighting for their political survival. Watch and see.

            • JRD1

              We can never raise the amount of money Romney can raise. He only won this primary because of the money he had. He wasn’t even anyone’s 4th choice.

              • Nukeman60

                He won the primary season because he had a national organization already in place. That’s why you can’t start a 3rd party the summer before an election. You have to start it the day after an election (Nov 7th). Watch and wonder.

    • white531

      What an inspiring message, nuke. The message you convey is clear. No more whining. Sarah may not be speaking at the RNC for a very good reason. Maybe they didn’t snub her. Maybe she snubbed them. In any case, it is absolutely irrelevant at this point. We have a new President to elect. We need to get on with the job and stop whining.

      • JRD1

        Whining? This is the first purge of the reformers by the party. Get the scales off of your eyes while you still have the power to negotiate because the elitist needs your vote.

        • Nukeman60

          Gee, I thought getting rid of Ted Cruz was their first purge of the reformers by the party. That surprised them. They were surprised in 2010 and I suppose they’ll be surprised in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Hmmm…

        • white531

          jrd1, I fully understand that you are not happy with the party. I don’t really think any of us are. But, most of us have a different way of going about it. Don’t attack the rest of us because we are not quite at the level of your zeal on this. I don’t consider Romney an elitist. Do you hate all rich people, or just certain ones? Take it down a couple of notches. Do that for me and I will listen to your argument. I promise.

          • JRD1

            Why would I hate rich people when you would consider me rich and I freakin’ work on Wall Street.

            Do. some. research. on the. history. of the. party.

            This is the revenge of the elitist Rockefeller wing of the Republican party who despises the Reagan conservative wing.They have vowed since Reagan broke through their glass ceiling and became POTUS that a conservative will never gain any traction because they will always cut the legs out from under them.

            This has nothing to do with Palin. It has to do with the elitists in the party, headed by the Bush family and yes Romney is included. Romney’s father George was a gopE elitist. Do you know his father was photographed with Saul Alyinsky on many occasions? Yes, Obama’s Saul Alyinsky.

            Elitist doesn’t mean wealthy. Look it up. It means he thinks he’s better than you.

            The conservative wing of the party is the Middle Class.

            I am sorry but I am fed up. This is the last straw. Either we are a part of the party or not. And if not than he doesn’t deserve my vote.

            • Nukeman60

              They have vowed since Reagan broke through their glass ceiling and became POTUS that a conservative will never gain any traction because they will always cut the legs out from under them.‘ – jrd

              And this will be their downfall. It has already started. They forget what started the Republican party (if you forget the past, you will be doomed to repeat it).

            • white531

              I see your point. So, you’re not going to vote, or you’re going to vote for Obama. That about right? Either of those two decisions have within them, the possible guarantee that we will soon be a Communist nation. Makes perfect sense. By the way, I’m glad you work on freakin’ Wall Street. At least you are close to the problem that many Americans are suffering from right now. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, JRD. I understand at least some of where you are coming from. But as bad as this thing is, we may just have to get out of it the same way we got into it. A little at a time. The one thing I think we absolutely have to do, is not give up. Elitist or not, Romney is an improvement over someone who wants to transform us into a Communist Nation as soon as possible. I’ll take my chances.

    • MaxineCA

      Thank you my friend. You stated it perfectly. Too bad I can’t give you 100 Likes on that one!

    • JRD1

      Romney is a progressive elitist who will replace Obamacare with Romneycare and give you Supreme Court justices like Roberts and Souter.

      • Nukeman60

        And Obama will strengthen Obamacare and give us a Supreme court dominated by Kagans and Sotomayors (or maybe Obamas) for the next 30 years – it won’t matter who is elected in 2016.

        • JRD1

          I don’t wear a tin foil hat. I’ve been hearing that same line since Carter.

          • Nukeman60

            Really? Have you looked in the mirror lately? You tell me to fear what nominees Romney will produce and yet totally blow off what nominees Obama will produce (and tell me I’m spewing an age old BS argument).

            There will most likely be at least two nominees in the next four years. Will you be satisfied with the ones Obama will give us? (be honest, if you can, and remember what he already gave us).

            • JRD1

              I am fully aware of the 2 socialist hags he gave us.

              Look, all I’m saying is now Romney needs us. We can push back. We still have some leverage. After we give him our vote, we have no voice.

              The conservative part of the party deserves to be heard.

              • Nukeman60

                You’re playing 3-dimensional chess on a 2-dimensional board when you keep saying once he’s elected we have no voice. The political landscape is going to be different after the election than it is right now.

                We have a voice now, Sarah has a strong voice now, and come November 7th, we’ll have a lot of voices in Congress. And after that, our voices become even louder. It’s not over for conservatives by a long shot.

                We either transform the Republican party or we kick them to the curb.

    • LdyDesign

      Thanks nukeman60….my sentiments exactly! Sarah has outsmarted them all. She puts God, family and country first…it is her “calling” She will continue to fight for our freedoms while gracing us with her beautiful smile.

    • onetwopunch

      Wow, I read your reply after I replied to somebody else up above. “What kind of America do you want for your kids?” When you have children, that is a heavy question. Thank You for posting that. I know, you know, this is not a game.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    From what I see its sad either way if it was her decision, I will not question it, but if it turns out that it was in fact the decision of the RNC it is disgusting, Sarah Palin should have been given the chance to remind americans that “I told you so”
    (when it comes Obama)

    • They don’t want her to outshine Romney and use it as a stepping stone for 2016 or beyond (IMO).

    • carmtom13

      You are so right about that.

  • a league of her own…

    no handlers
    far removed from the permanent political class
    can’t be bought

    the time has finally come.
    I’m on board.

    • StandProudNow

      Count me in!!

      • absolutely, spn.

        we’ll journey together in lockstep with the Guv

    • Freempg

      Hi Maria.

  • Freempg

    Romney gets a bump from Ryan and rains on the parade by dissing Sarah. Is Romney a bi-polar or in it to lose it?

    • Hi Free-

      Do you really want me to answer that?

      The Reuter’s report brought me here tonight. Glad to see you here.

      miss you on the other side….

  • We should be demanding Palin to speak. It is long past time the good ol’ boys of the RNC cop a friggin’ clue and until they do not one thin dime!

    This is getting really ridiculous.

  • white531

    Maybe this is Sarah Palin, “Going Rogue!” Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the, “Good Ole’ Boys Club.” Maybe the Establishment is losing it’s foundation.

    • I hope so!

    • Nukeman60

      Yep, just maybe. 🙂

    • Reckoner_3

      Sarah wouldn’t have had to go Rogue in the first place, if the Good Ol’ Boys with the Establishment mentality, would have campaigned without their heads always being up their own butts….

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Do people here see how energizing this amazing woman is?? Just look at the reactions here with my fellow conservatives, it is amazing that instead of embracing that the establishment runs from it…

  • 24 hours (2012)….Ryan surge raises 3.5 million

    24 hours (2008)….Palin surge raises 7.0 million


    The money bounce may owe to Palin’s appeal with conservative donors, many of whom said privately they had planned on sitting out the campaign this year. The money comes in just under the wire — after McCain accepts the GOP nomination Thursday, he will accept public funds and no longer be permitted to raise private money for the campaign.

    • nibblesyble

      Wow…huge diff…thanks for that!

    • Bear in mind Romney has been raising money at a tremendous pace. So that comparison is against McCain, who nearly had to quit in 2008 due to having so little campaign cash.

  • Terrenceor

    What will be more telling is if she will be in the Fox booth during the Convention. If not, you can consider her Persona non Grata in the Republican Party.

    Romney is now head of the Republican Party(officially when he receives the nomination). I personally think that signals the end of the party. W put it in the ground and now Romney is going to throw dirt on top of it.

    Come Jan. 20th, the best we can hope for is the same GOP of the last 2 years.

    You should go see 2016themovie.com like I did today and you will thank GOD and cry with joy if Romney can pull out a win.

  • toongoon

    Sarah Palin speaks with or without the GOP. She is encouraging us to force the political class to listen to us. The GOP does her no favors anyway, they just weren’t as devious as the left in attacking her. I prefer knowing that she hasn’t had to sell any of her convictions to be included in the GOP “pat themselves on the back” festival.

    I look forward to her thoughts and analysis as the next several weeks roll along. Let Sarah be Sarah and don’t second guess her to the American people.

  • white531

    This has been said before, but it bears repeating. Walk into any room where a large number of people are assembled and shout, “Hey, there’s Sarah Palin!” Watch what happens.

  • friendinflorida11

    The Big Question is WHAT HAPPENED to the talk of an unconventional/brokered convention?
    What has happened to the delegates pledged to Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul????
    All the talk of delegates being free to vote their choice after the first round of voting is no longer even being whispered about??? What did I miss…why is Romney and team now calling the shots…like who speaks at the convention and who is not included???
    Romney/Ryan are not YET the RNC’s nominees?
    Long time reader, first time commenting…….ALWAYS a supporter of Sarah Palin!!!!!!

  • Reckoner_3

    This is messed up… we should have as many voices as possible. That was one of the silver linings of McCain’s failed campaign, that Sarah Palin got jazzed and involved in encouraging discussion , debate the past 4 years…

    Sarah’s interview earlier today , made it seem like she was resigned to not speaking……She seemed like she was a little down…

    and I don’t think it sounds like Sarah Palin decided not to speak, if they asked her to, I’m sure she would but from the looks of Sarah’s statement, obviously weren’t comfortable with it ; and given that Sarah has demonstrated in the past to take one for the team, her statement is as follows. I know she understood her national perception is damaged among people, but this is the REPUBLICAN convention and it doesn’t even make a long term effect, because people should know what to expect from these Rah-Rah conventions. There are no risks in her being one of the voices there.


    IF IT was Sarah’s decision, which I suspect she wanted to HELP and attend and do her thing, .. given the way she spoke about it three weeks ago….It was on the RNC to beg her…
    Her speech was historic 4 years ago at the RNC convention, could have at least tried to persuade her or work with her to play a part.

    I thought Rence Priebus said he’d love for Sarah to speak? what gives?

    As for Palin overshadowing others? Sarah speaking CPAC 2012 didn’t distract from the campaigns of Romney , Santorum, Gingrich… So it seems Sarah accepts looking at the bright side…

    And the powers that BE at the RNC discussed with her, and said in nice terms that they think she’d be a liability SPEAKING there. That’s my inference, because we saw how these campaigns are during the election. They’re hypocrites.

    For instance, I don’t want , or think CHRIS CHRISTIE being a keynote speaker, needs his time to shine or that Sarah can’t speak again because it encroaches on her. She isn’t some typical VP candidate, one and done try at the election. She’s been a concerned citizen-public servant.

    The actions of McCain’s campaign botched things so much four years ago, that in spite of the media caricaturization of Sarah Palin the Left bats around like a volleyball, the GOP has to go along with not standing by her and conservatives. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, the Left throws out the stereotype, polarization, and then people like Cheney, and others, validate, by agreeing silently….therefore participating in the damaging of her reputation and esteem.

    Regardless, of what’s the reason. I don’t agree with this decision gearing towards the last stretch of the election of her not to be a speaker.

    It’s very messed up Sarah as a Republican is a pariah, by the powers that be.

  • Thomas Johnson

    This is sickening. They should be begging her to speak. Are they all such small people that they choose being afraid of and excluding her (rather than celebrating her and working with her)?

  • B-Funk

    I’m sure Rush will talk about this sometime this week.

    • JRD1

      Maybe, since he’s getting inundated by 24/7 members with e-mails.

      But I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he doesn’t. Romney bought and paid for him. Bain owns Clear Channel.

      Mark Levin is another story. He has been the one leading the good fight.

      • B-Funk

        Your reasoning is suspect. Just because Bain owns, or owned, a company doesn’t mean that someone running a show on their network is ‘bought’. Rush has done and said many things over his 25 years that have been contrary to Clear Channel’s desires.

        • JRD1

          Yes, Rush most definitely has. However, the flaw in your argument and the point where Rush went over to the other side is when he ripped apart Newt after the South Carolina primary when he criticized Bain. Rush took Newt out when he had momentum. It will turn around to bite him in the butt. Karma works that way.

          Sorry, but Newt, who I am not a fan of, was not wrong in what he said about Bain.

          Look, Palin has proven that she is the only adult in the room.

          It is a shame that we are forced to choose between 2 elitist punks who both don’t give a damn about the future of this country. They just want to dole out their crony capitalism their own way.

          It’s a sorry state of affairs. America deserves better.

          • B-Funk

            That doesn’t mean Rush is bought. I’m afraid that you just can’t make me believe that because Rush feels/thinks a certain way it means he’s bought by Bain. Palin is a very unique woman, though. She really believes what she believes. That’s likely why both parties are afraid of her.

    • idesign2

      And Levin…

  • white531

    We are dealing with a couple of enemies here and we all know who they are. The Progressives and Communists among us are a given. We know their goal and we know their tactics to achieve it. The Establishment Republican party is quite another matter. It is the party that best represents us and yet it doesn’t represent us very well. It disparages new, rising talent in favor of old leaders and old ideas that have already been proven to not work. And yet, they are the ones who have control. Wresting that control from them and handing it over to people who actually have a good vision of America’s future, is as big a problem as dealing with the Communists. Some of you lose faith sometimes and go off on a rant. You are not alone. i think we all feel like doing that. But, even though it feels good, it doesn’t wind up solving the problem. We need to stay focused. To use a baseball analogy, this is the ninth inning and we are tied 3 and 3. Game ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    • JRD1

      Now is the time to negotiate when he needs us. After he’s elected we have no voice.

      • white531

        JRD, there is one way to change that. Change the makeup of Congress. Even though Obama might wish otherwise, the President of the United States is not a King. Give Romney a Congress that represents the values of ordinary Americans. Part of the checks and balances our Founders tried to leave to protect us. You might be surprised. It might even work on an Elitist like Romney. Like I always say, it’s worth a shot.

        • JRD1

          I have no faith in Romney. It is so childish to rather lose than unite the party. His move speaks volumes on his lack of reasoning clarity.

          I’m not so sure I want a child making decisions on the future of this country.

          Sorry, but he is just as childish and petulant as Obama.

          You can spin this any way you want.

          Romney emerges from this childish, Palin the only adult in the room.

          • white531

            JRD, I wasn’t trying to spin the situation, just trying to look at it in a practical manner. Romney’s weaknesses no longer matter at this point. There is no other candidate, assuming there will be no brokered convention. We are past the point of having that choice. What would you have the rest of us do?

            • JRD1

              I don’t tell anyone what to do, I believe that everyone has to live with their conscience.

              I know what my gut is telling me I have to do. I have never listened to anyone to form my opinion.

              Do what you believe is right. That is all you can do. You have to live with yourself at the end of the day.

              It’s been nice talking to you.

              Need to go now and get out the vote for Adams to win the primary in Florida against corruptocrat Mica and Marielena Stuart to win against corruptocrat Connie Mack.

              All the best.

  • Reckoner_3

    McCain is speaking. Sarah is not…

    So much for new voices needing to fill in the void…

    What a waste

  • Mike Lee

    Romney has Ryan – he doesn’t need Palin to speak. She’d just be a distraction (media focus). I think it’s a wise decision. Ryan appeals to the Tea Party, and Sarah turns off the independents. So it’s a win-win. And if you don’t think that SP wanted to speak, you don’t know her at all. Obviously, I have no way of knowing, but I’d bet big money that it was Romney’s decision. Romney is marginalizing her brand and she knows it. Her only choice is to be polite, try to stay relevant, and then if Romney loses, make a run in 2016. Romney is selling competence, intelligence, gravitas, and math. Sarah’s image (whether she deserves it or not) does not mesh well with those themes.

    • Jean_A

      How in the hell does she turn off the independents when she is not even running for any thing. Stop using that stupid meme.

    • YEAH! Ryan can tell us all about how awesome the auto bailout was! That will bring the house down at the RNC!!!!!

    • Reckoner_3

      Ryan appeals to the Tea Party, and Sarah turns off the independents. So it’s a win-win.

      I’m so tired of the coveted Independents. And I doubt these conventions will impact much , as they always just are snooze fests to the Independent minded and moderate voters in the first place…

      The Democrat Convention is approving Gay marriage in their platform, having radicals giving speeches , and that Fluke woman. It’s basically going to pat itself on the back for how they can violate the first amendment repeatedly.

      But we’re the ones who have to fear offending independents??
      The Republican Establishment is so ashamed of their platform offending those moronic independents. One half of the Independent votes are basically all wimps with no philosophy who are influenced from what TV tells them and fall for Leftist Memes, AND The other half of Independents out there ARE Former Republicans who got pissed off that the Republican Party became ashamed of having the Conservative philosophy in the first place!

      In spite of the GOP needing to realize this, they will continue to apologize for its conservatism by putting a moderate, non-conservative at the top Always, thinking that’s going to win them back.

      With the standard , “consensus” VP bridge…

      • PhillyCon

        Hey Reck:
        Excellent points. I get so annoyed with this Independent nonsense… it’s essentially pandering to those who cannot even name their own state capitol. Yet, the ones who do the drudgery of phone calls, door-to-door campaigning etc, are routinely shunned and pushed aside. In fact, it is the job of the Republican “leaders”/party to educate the “mushy middle” not accommodate it with meaningless platitudes.

        Good to see you posting, ….

        • JRD1

          Hey Philly, Nice to see ya!

          • PhillyCon

            Right back at ya 🙂

    • wodiej

      Many TP people are not happy about Ryan and I could care less what Independents think. Pick a side. It’s like a power play to manipulate elections. Make the GOP better by picking better candidates.

    • JRD1

      Mike Lee our resident from Team Romney Central. Ryan is not Tea Party. He has been a member of the establishment swamp for 14 years. He caves to Democrats any chance he gets. No reformer.

      Please tell Team Romney that this actually has nothing to do with Palin. We realize that the elitist Rockefeller wing of the Republican party wishes that the conservative Reagan wing go to hell. We get King Romney’s message.

      It is very foolish and childish to not unite the party. And shows the lack of Romney’s leadership skills.

      If Mitt loses, he has no one to blame but him and his frat boys. It was his call. Too bad he chose to cut off his nose to spite his face.

      Many will only vote down ticket. But more important, there will be no yard signs, no bumper stickers, no GOTV. It is the step child conservative Reagan wing that performs all of these boring tasks.

      This move by elitist Romney was stupid frat boy on steroids.

    • John_Frank

      LOL … the independent voters are made up of two groups.

      The first group is comprised of former Democrat PUMA voters who are right of center or independent conservative; disaffected Republican voters who have left the party who are right of center or independent conservative voters.

      The second group is comprised of the progressive left who are disaffected Democrat voters.

      The Romney/Ryan ticket will not appeal to the second group no matter what he says.

      Sarah Palin appealed to the first group in 2008 and 2010. She continues to appeal to this group today, as they understand that she is not “business as usual.”

      The Romney/Ryan ticket can appeal to the first group and needs this group of voters to win.

      Ryan is a good man, but he is not a game changer. He does not lock down this vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

      The message that Sarah Palin posted on FB when she congratulated Romney with his selection of Ryan, in which she called for people to support the Romney/Ryan ticket will help.

      The interview that Sarah Palin gave to Shannon Beem will help.

      Her decision to graciously decline an invite to the convention, occurred because her team and the Romney team could not agree on what she would say at the convention. Her team wanted her to give a speech as reflected in part in her FB note. The Romney team wanted her to give a real hard sell of Romney speech. Neither side would budge, and so the Governor gracefully declined, using the reasons she gave when she was interviewed earlier by Van Susteren and by Bolling.

      The Romney team can now proceed to hold its convention without having the distraction of Sarah Palin being present, which is what they wanted all along and then campaign in the general, while holding Sarah Palin at arm’s length which is also what they have wanted.

      Sarah Palin will campaign independently of the Romney team in support of the down ticket races and to work with the disaffected voters that listened to her message in 2008 and 2010 to come out and vote for her in 2012.

      Sarah Palin has done her duty. She has publicly thrown her support behind the Romney / Ryan ticket. She has graciously declined the invite and stepped back to give new voices an opportunity to be heard at the convention, because this is what the Romney campaign wanted. She will not stump with the Romney/Ryan ticket, because this is the Romney campaign strategy.

      Now, if the Romney campaign, aided by certain Bush people proceed as they typically do proceed to malign Sarah Palin, it will hurt the Romney campaign. Every time that a Romney or Bush surrogate or supporter maligns Sarah Palin, that will cost the Romney/Ryan ticket a vote. Don’t do it. Don’t trash Sarah Palin to boost Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. Don’t say that Paul Ryan is better than Sarah Palin. Don’t do it.

      Because if the Romney campaign proceeds down that path, which is their tendency, the campaign will simply show the millions of disaffected voters who support Sarah Palin and whose vote that you need, that a Romney administration will be business as usual. The Romney campaign is going to have enough problems fighting Obama, Johnson and Goode. Don’t start a war with these disaffected voters. Don’t do it.

  • Here is my comment on Sarah not speaking at the Convention. She has successfully distanced herself from the Establishment Republicans and their Romney/Ryan ticket. She would have had to kiss their butts if she spoke (as she is too classy to be negative) and I do not think she could do that considering her feelings that Romney is too wishy washy and a pure East Coast Establishment guy.
    She gave her thumbs up and now she will do her thing out in the countryside, free of the shackles of having to listen to or do what the Romney/Ryan operation would want her to.
    I bet you she does not appear at any Romney event… and I hope she does not.
    I think that Sarah will do just fine, building a national persona as being independent, conservative and free from the dirty, corrupt, crony capitalism that I am sure will still be the case in a Romney presidency.
    She will be free to criticize a Romney presidency if it does not do what it has promised.
    Sarah Palin is a free spirit and continues to show that she knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to politics.
    Good for her.
    Now to wait in anticipation for Stars Earn Stripes tomorrow night to see how Todd does.

  • Jim Botts

    I like Palin, but I’m comfortable with her staying away. It may have been the RNC and Romney campaign’s decision, it might have been Palin’s. It may have been both.

    Fair/unfair like it/or not, the activist left media has made Palin radio-active. Solid red states are already 100% Romney. Ohio, WI, PA, CO, FL, we gotta have them to win. Palin is radioactive to the voters we need to flip those states red. Go where it helps Sarah, stay away from where it hurts. Now, if we could just get W to shut-up!

    We loose this one, it’s over. By the time 2016 rolls around the takers will outnumber the producers. The path to hell will turn into a free-fall to hell, no escape. We might already be beyond the failsafe line right now.

    Give Romney a bit of credit. He wasn’t my first pick but he is saying some things that need to be said. How many RINOS after they seal the nomination get in front of a camera and say “It’s unamerican to have so many people dependent on government!” It was about this time that W started his “compassionate conservatism” crap in 2000.

    By picking Ryan he is doubling down on getting the budget under control. I don’t see this campaign moving to the center, I see it staying right of center. The only thing this campaign is guilty of is not going nuclear on Obama so far. Remember, Romney could have picked RINO Portman.

    By picking Ryan Romney is going to boldly face down mediscare demagoguery. Seriously, folks this campaign is going a hell of a lot better than McCain’s was at this point in 2008.

    • Jean_A

      How is it going better when Romney is down by more than McCain was at this time. Palin was not even part of the ticket this time in 2008.

    • John_Frank

      The day Romney picked Ryan the Real Clear Politics average of polls showed Obama with a 4.6% lead.

      The same date 4 years ago, according to the RCP average of polls, Obama had a 4.8% lead over McCain.

      The voters that Romney needs to attract to win are:

      – The millions of right of center and independent conservative voters who withdrew their support from the Republican party in 2006,

      – The millions of right of center and independent conservative disaffected voters who came back in response to Sarah Palin and her message in 2008 (along with the PUMA voters), placing the McCain/Palin ticket in the lead until the financial crisis. Palin was able to stop the bleeding with her debate performance, but it was too little

      – The millions of right of center and independent conservatives disaffected voters who who came back in response to the message of Sarah Palin and the TEA Party Movement in 2010, (along with PUMA voters), resulting in huge victories for Republicans in State Houses across America, and in the House of Representatives.

      Romney’s nomination of Ryan does not lock down this vote.

      He is a good man, but not a game changer.

      Romney has already deflected on the House Budget Plan.

      Only time will tell whether the Romney/Ryan ticket can win, but if the disaffected voters that the ticket needs to win perceive that the Romney/Ryan ticket is Republican “business as usual,” it is going to be a very hard sell, especially as the ticket has decided to hold Sarah Palin, the person that these voters trust at arm’s length, while going around and justifying the decision.

      P.S. If the Romney/Ryan ticket does win, the honeymoon will be over the day after the election.

  • Jean_A

    They showed Todd Palin twiced during the London Closing ceremony. Millions and millions probably saw his face They also said his name in the Stars Earn Stripes” clip. He is doing this show to raise money for the military. Neither one of the clowns on the ticket served in the military and they are trashing the woman that has a son in the war zone. From what I saw in the clips the special force guys really took a liking to Todd. I expect a lot of military people will be watching that show.

    I hope the scums in the GOP know what they are doing. The liberals would like nothing to find some thing to go after the Rinos with especially NBC.

  • They had plenty of time to offer a prime time speaking slot and did not. STOP BUYING ROMNEY’s lies.

  • I’m seeing a couple of trends here that need addressing.

    FIRST: Romney is the nominee, and Ryan is his VP selection (which will go unopposed due to election math). So everyone venting about how terrible Mitt is needs to get that out of their system and be prepared to be told to knock it off for spamming threads. Reason: it’s not going to accomplish anything but to annoy, and it gets to be a broken record.

    Scoop will probably weigh in on it for the “official” version, but just understand that you need to save it for after the election, where it might actually do some good (if at all), because it won’t make any difference before.

    SECOND: Palin supporters have a right to feel whatever they feel, and vent, too. We don’t need to be disparaging them because they have legitimate reasons to be upset over this development. So stop complaining about them: that sounds like whining, too.

    Folks should be patient and wait to see why she isn’t speaking before going ballistic. Likewise, folks should be patient with the Palin supporters.

    • Reckoner_3

      Good defense for some Palin supporters.

      It’s still easy to vent about Mitt being “less than ideal” to put it kindly. I suspect when, the first of debates roll around and after witnessing the Democrats Marxist Convention and Demagogue fest, and Obama Manipulative, Anti-American Rhetoric, the broken record will dissipate for the time being……..

      Still Palin being absent, regardless of the reason, rubs salt on old wounds for some conservatives who have been slow to trust and get on board without having a gag reflex induced …

      • vikings444

        I used to have a friend named Reckoner_3……..just sayin…lol

  • lets see how they do without her…

  • It is the GOP Establishment RINO agenda to push Gov Palin out of the limelight and picture of politics forever, as they hate her and all Reagan Tea Party Conservatives more than the radical far left does does.

    In fact, the GOP establishment is now very much inline with the radical far left on far too many issues and policies, especially when it comes to US National Security- eg; the Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood connection concerning US National Security foreign intervention controversy, for which RINO’s like McCiain, Boehner, Rogers, and Graham support the Muslim Brotherhood over our own Patriotic American US National Security concerns, which was exposed and brought to light and attention by Reagan Tea Party Conservative politician leaders in Congress Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint, for they unleashed a barrage of vicious vile attacks against Michele Bachmann and the factual truth, and not against America’s the enemy at hand. This is their absolute absurd troubling mentality and actions at work.

    This has always been the case since the time of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. But even more so now, as they see this opportunity to finally make her, and wishfully the Tea Party Reagan Conservatives as well, go away. But they, the Republicans alone know they cannot win without us, so they just go along and throw us a bone here and there, just to placate us..

    Have the RNC GOP powers that be given Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich a speaking slot.. No.. To them, the fact that Paul Ryan is Romney’s running mate / VP pick is more than they can tolerate, accept, give up and give in to Conservatives. This is their attitude and actions.

    It’s too bad the GOP establishment RINO right has never praised, let alone defended Gov Sarah Palin against the radical vitriolic vile vicious attacks against her and her innocent family. Her words of praise are more than they deserve.

    With friends like them, who needs enemies. We do all the ground work, win elections, and how do they respond, they either ignore us, or they sit along side their liberal counterpart buddies and spew attacks against Sarah Palin and all Tea Party Reagan Conservatives, day and night, 365 days a year. But regardless, and or in spite of them and their ungrateful arrogant contemptuous attitude, we will defeat this anti-American marxist racist Obama and his army of radical liberal thugs, cronies, henchmen and women on 6 Nov. 

    The good ol boy GOP establishment RINOs do not deserve the support of all the Reagan Tea Party Conservatives. Worse of all, they do not even realize, let alone care about that fact.

    • wodiej

      actually I thought Santorum had been invited to speak. I may be wrong but you’re right-Gingrich wasn’t and he and Palin both should have been. But you see, they won’t play the establishment game so they’re out.

      • I believe Gingrich “predeclined”. Which was smart. He’s not much of a cheerleader; he’s way better at policy discussions, and the convention is one, big cheerleading event.

  • Both parties stink!

  • Both parties stink! I am disgusted!

  • Here is what I think happened. Romney and the RNC had no intention on inviting Palin. Very late in the process she was asked if she was speaking and she said you can’t invite yourself to the dance. They took heat from the situation and they asked her to speak, but with the intention of deminishing her and belittling her with a tiny roll. They offered a short slot, before prime time, with control over what she would say, knowing she would not accept. This way they can say they invited her to speak.

    All she probably wanted was a little respect. Instead they didn’t plan on inviting her, the Romney staff stabbed her in the back in the papers and Cheney stabbed her in the belly on TV.

    Make no mistake, there is still a war on against Sarah Palin. They still believe she must be destroyed. They are just trying to figure out how. Not inviting her and then giving her a slap in the face is the best they have got for now. This is not about winning votes in November, there isn’t a person on the planet who will be getting in that voting booth and voting for Romney because he didn’t invite Palin to speak for 15 minutes 3 months earlier. NONE! But there are some people who will not vote for Romney because he and his people dissed Palin one too many times. Not to mention the money and volunteers he will be missing. Oh well, thats Romney’s decision and Romney’s loss.

    The good news is that I have great fun writing to the RNC why they don’t get a drop of my money. And its possible EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN at the convention will be asked where is Palin and should she have been allowed to speak and why isn’t she speaking. Just remember how Cheney’s had to walk through that minefield twice. It will be fun to watch some of them squirm. By dissing her they actually make the convention even more about her. Idiots. And if and when Romney loses, it will be another straw in the death of the Republican establishment.

    The only thing people remember from the 2008 convention was that Palin was there. Its possible the only thing they remember from the 2012 convention was that Palin wasn’t. So its all good. Including getting to rip the establishment right now in this post.

  • You’re right, it could have been her decision because of the pushed down our throat candidate.

  • You’re right, it could have been her decision because of the pushed down our throat candidate.

  • Dick_Parker

    So sad…. the country would already be lost if not for the efforts of Sarah, swinging the momentum back that was lost in 2008 by going to war in the national arena with Obama’s thug organization, galvanizing conservatives and retaking the House in the 2010 elections. She has made it, almost singlehandedly, possible for us to even have a chance (the last one) at all in the 2012 elections to take the country back…… And, we don’t want her energy, drive and commitment to constitutional principles shining forth at the convention?!
    Make no mistake. She will give of herself, selflessly in this election process to keep the House, take the Senate, and help deliver the presidency to the Romney/Ryan ticket. But, be advised Rinos, You blow her off at this convention, and she will make you disappear at the next one. You might want to check out the trail of littered Rino bodies that accumulated during her tenure as Alaskan Governor. Romney, How smart are you? This is a no-brainer pick on your part…. Sarah for U.S. Secretary of Energy……make it happen.

    • Don’t take this personal, but if they don’t want her at the convention, why would they want her as Secretary of Energy?

      BTW, why would she want to be Secretary of Energy? There have been 12 people in that role. None are impressive. None went on to bigger and better things. Its a whose who of nobodies. Here is the list……. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Secretary_of_Energy

      Palin would not get to set the agenda on energy. She would simply be a bureaucrat running the department and parrotting what Romney wants her to say. Does that describe Palin? She hates DC. She would not get to speak out on any subject other then energy. She would be hand cuffed. And worst yet, they would probably come up with some bogus scandal and blame her to hurt her career.

      So I wish people would atleast look at the list of
      Secretaries of Energy from the past and think about whether you want her on that pathetic list and doing the job of a bureaucrat.

  • Bogdan51

    Sorry Mike Lee but those are the very ignoramusses like yourself that are the roots of America’s tragedy and her almost unavoidable downfall.

    Romney/Ryan team will be acting like a phony doctor applying the pain relievving drugs to the cancer stricken patient while he absolutely needs the painful operation.

    The only leader who has the courage to do so is Sarah Palin.

    Unfortunately, she won’t be voted in because of morons like you.

    Exactly like in Germany in the 1933; There were many phenomenally quallified people to drag that country out the depression, however the German people were so confused, intellectually imploded and morally degraded that no one had any chance against Hitler.

    It is almost exactly with America today.

    This country has just missed her chance to lift herself from the morass.

    • Bogdan51, you’ve been around long enough to remember to avoid the name calling here.

      You’re harshing my mellow, man!

      I’m too lazy to edit this stuff, so just remember for next time, please.

      • nibblesyble

        harshing my mellow…I can’t even handle it K!! LOL

        • Comes from hanging with musicians!

  • Wow, quite a heated discussion thread. I think I’ll skip this one other than to say I’m disappointed that Sarah won’t be speaking and as Scoops says, wait for the facts about who’s decision it was before making any judgements.

    • toongoon

      Yeah, rough thread.

  • Without the exciting & inspiring presence & participation of Gov. Sarah Palin at their convention, the Republicans are dead in the water already. They choose to lose.

  • wodiej

    You’re right-we don’t know. I know Preibus wanted her there but he does not have full control over the speakers. Gov. Palin did say she was contacted about speaking but they were working out details. Perhaps they wanted too much control over what she said and she nixed it. I am still disappointed because she brings a lot of energy and excitement and the GOP needs it. It would have been great if Gingrich had been asked also. Don’t have any idea why but w the slate of speakers they have, I can use the extra sleep.

  • WordsFailMe

    There’s a real need for unity here and now. Remember that not only will we conservative be watching the convention intently but also the rest of American, the Democrats, youth, disappointed race voters, liberals.

    It is important that we look united and determined.

    Internal irritations like failure to showcase our fondest founders, like Palin and Bachmann, should be kept internal. There is no need to allow anyone to thinkj that we are not 100% committed and enthusiastic about Romney Ryan.

    After the convention, I pray that Sarah and Michele and Herman, and Perry, Santorum Gingrich are constantly out there speaking.

    Now let’s get ready to remove the miscreant and his progeny forever.

  • I have awakened……never thought the GOP could be worse than the Demorats! No one has done more than Gov Palin for the GOP. Now I am waiting to see if anyone stands behind her……where are all the people she has endorsed? What is wrong with these people. I think her Facebook post is the speech for the convention! How does she keep going forward without any acknowledgement? If I were her I would tell them all to go f~CK themselves!

    • JRD1

      But that is the beauty of her. She has a true servants heart. Her country is more import to her. Not so for frat boy Etch-a-sketch.

  • Looks like Palin has not been invited to speak, if so I won’t be watching the convention.

  • JohnBarry2012

    “My mission is to help and not to hurt.” – Sarah Palin.

    That statement from the heart and her unequivocal support for R&R ticket are sufficient for me. She is a fearless braveheart to fight for the cause of contitutional conservative and a true noble patriot in heart to serve for the love of her country.

    No doubt, there’re personal feeling of not speaking at RNC convention, from her ardent supporters (and perhaps), herself, but her love for her country and the future of the country is larger than just personal feeling, fame and gain.

    So, you’ve been overlooked? so what?

    • JRD1

      So what? The purpose of the convention is to unite the party that Romney has so severely fractured during the primary process. This is what conventions are for unity, not coronations.

      Uniting the party is what adults do. Romney has proven he is nothing put a childish, frat boy, punk. The same kind of childish, frat boy punks, from both parties that got us in the mess that we are in.

      It’s a shame, America deserves better.

      Palin appears to be the only adult in the room.

      • JohnBarry2012

        I am utterly disappointed as well that Palin will not speak at RNC, but more importantly, Tea Party now has a strong voice in Paul Ryan which is what matters in R&R platform.

        NYT – Ryan brings the Tea Party to the ticket.
        UT San Diego – Ryan elevates Tea Party to new political height.

        • JRD1

          There is nothing Tea Party about Paul Ryan. He has been an establishment member of the GOP swamp for 14 years. The Bush-tards are trying to paint him as Tea Party. Sorry, he was nowhere and backed down on his plan and was Boehner’s lapdog.

          • JohnBarry2012

            “Selecting someone like Paul Ryan, who is so popular with tea party activists, proves that Mitt Romney is committed to addressing the economic issues that have been troubling our nation for the last four years,” Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express.

            “Ryan has long been popular with economic conservatives for pushing tea party ideals. Most notably, his House budget proposal aims to reduce the nation’s debt and deficit and the balanced budget approach. The controversial $3.5 trillion plan would slash spending and reform Medicare and Medicaid. Ryan has also long been vocal about reducing taxes. Kremer said, “We have been polling our members for the last couple of months, and Paul Ryan, along with Senator Marco Rubio, have had the strongest support from Tea Party Express supporters across the country. Ryan is a strong fiscal conservative, and he has used his Chairmanship of the House Budget Committee to address the serious financial woes facing the country.”

            True, Paul Ryan voted with the establishment GOP for the bailout of big banks wih TARP, and also the bailout of the auto industry . But if you are looking for a perfect VP candidate that would fit your strait-jacket definition of a Tea Party conservative, you will be disappointed.

            • JRD1

              Don’t take your eye off the ball and realize that the gopE’s mission is to co-opt the Tea Party. I am not telling you to not like Ryan but to admit that the gopE is not on your side.

              The gopE is pushing just as much propaganda as the left. I know what we have to do now. However, don’t allow the gopE to kill the Tea Party is all I am saying.

              ” Ryan’s plan spends MORE on Medicare than Obama. This is quite the shock considering that Ryan’s plan is considered to be the most courageous entitlement reform evah! It is ironic that Obama and the Left are painting Ryan as the grim reaper chasing your granny, where instead he is slowing down Medicaid to HELP granny. Oh, you have to love politics – don’t you?”


              • JohnBarry2012

                Idealism in absence of pragmatic reality is extremism. It’s realy difficult to meet with, and fit into your strictest model of Tea Party conservative. Allen West, by your standard, when he supported his boss on debt ceiling is also a sellout to GOP establishment? and Marco Rubio is selling out his Tea Party roots because of his curry favor with Hispanic voters and therefore burnish his Tea Party credential? Who is your ideal VP then for 2012 to best charter Tea Party objectives?

                • JRD1

                  My point is Ryan was in the swamp 14 years before the Tea Party even EXISTED, okay. He’s not Tea Party. He voted for plenty of Big Bush Government.

                  Second, Allen West was my congressman. I worked my butt off to get him elected with ZERO help from the gopE. Only to have the gopE yank him the hell out of here with some BS redistricting excuse. When in reality if the gopE was truly on my side, the gopE controlled Florida legislature could have redistricted Wasserman-Socialist out of her seat!

                  The gopE’s motto is “Better a Democrat than someone who is not one of us.” So kindly don’t feed me any gopE purist propaganda. I know how Lt. Col. West voted and I just got back from helping him win a primary that is not even my district any longer.

                  I ask you why would the POS gopE allow West to be primaried?

                  Open you eyes! The gopE is not on your side. Never was and never will be.

                  Marco Rubio and Florida A/G Pam Bondi were not the establishment candidates in 2010. They were the Tea Party candidates and Romney bought them off.

                  You dance with the one that brought you.

                  And the reason we keep losing is because corrupt gopE political consultants are already bashing Paul Ryan just like scum Steve Schmidt-for-brains and Nicole Wallace torpedoed the McCain campaign last time.

                  Wake up! Politicians and political consultants are not very honorable people. Most of them are missing a gene. If we don’t keep them in check they will sell us down the river.


                  Plenty of us saw what they did to Palin last time and even though I am not in love with Ryan we have his back. We are aware of who his handlers are and the minute the Mittens campaign tries to sell him down the river we are going to be screaming fire!

  • Outrage! How arrogant! The Ryan pick had me for about 6 hours and I was ready to donate. The GOP will never get another nickel from me. Good luck Romney/Ryan ticket!

    • JoeMontana16

      Come on. They don’t invite Palin, or she uninvited herself, and you say F the whole thing? Lets keep a cool head.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    My big question is will the media and the GOPe allow Palin to do the job that she sees as her mission, or will they continue to bash her as a way to minimize her influence and/or muddle the issues?

    Yes, we can pretend there’s party unity until the polls close on November 6. After that, it’s war. Sunday’s comin’ and the GOPe is squarely in the sights of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement.

    BTW, do what I do. Every time I get a solicitation from Romney or the RNC, I use the postage-paid return envelope to tell them my money goes to SarahPAC, and then I send her another $10.00. My wife and I get at least five solicitations from them every week, so SarahPAC is reaping what Romney/RNC sows.

  • kateorjane

    I disagree that this was Palin’s choice. Of course if the Romney team required her to submit her speech for their approval or told her she had to give a speech they wrote or gave her a slot after the janitor, I could see her declining to speak just as they hoped she would.

    No one is so naive to think that the Romney camp want her anywhere near the Convention let alone on the speakers’ list. IMO Romney feels that he no longer needs to pretend what his opinion is regarding Palin because he has been told by his camp that Ryan will bring in the same conservatives Palin would – and Ryan is not the common person he probably thinks Palin is.

    I don’t understand why people say “it sounds like her” and spin that into Palin initiating taking a pass. Of course a statement Palin puts out is going to sound like her. Do people have so little respect for Palin that they think she’d announce that “those a$$es at the RNC & on the Romney campaign insulted me and blew me off because they think they have all the support they need. I wanted to speak but they made it clear they thought I should STFU and go away?”

  • marketcomp

    Mitt is leaving out a very critical voting group not including SP. But, let’s remember many were talking brokered convention during the primaries because conservatives were unhappy with the pick and how it was done. Those who were talking brokered conventions were Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and some mention Sarah Palin and now these same people are not speaking at the convention. So it seems to me that the thin skinned person in this is the decision-maker, Mitt Romney himself. Let’s remember it wasn’t until Texas that Mittens locked up the primaries and he and so may others like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio were telling everyone else to get out of the race before the process was complete. So in light of that little recent history Mitt knows that many still do not support him and not having these people speak he has eliminated threat. Strategic thinking.

  • CO2isGood

    Well I will vote for the Republicans….but unless Palin gets to speak, I will not send them a dime.

  • Guest

    Mitt is leaving out a very critical voting group by not including Palin. But, let’s remember many were talking brokered convention and those who were like Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and some mention Sarah Palin are not be speakers at the convention. So it seems to me that the thin skinned person in this is the decision- maker, Mitt Romney. Let’s remember it wasn’t until Texas that Mittens locked up the primaries and he and so may others like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio were telling everyone else to get out of the race before the process was complete. So in light of that little recent history Mitt knows that many still do not support him so by not having these people speak you eliminated threats. Now those are just the facts. Bigfoot Steve.

    • marketcomp


  • mder4thegov

    Two reasons for leaving Gov. Palin out: 1) She’ll overshadow and upstage the new ticket, which the corrupt, liberal media would have a field day and 2) Romney needs to keep democrat enthusiasm down, and the mere sight of Sarah at the convention would energize libs like nothing else.
    Romney knows conservatives are smart, and the main objective is to get rid of Obama. He made a decision…now he must win the election.
    As usual, Gov. Palin handles what many think is a snub, with class and grace.

    • BevWKY

      Does anyone honestly believe that the democrats aren’t going to have a field day with her NOT speaking at the convention?

      Seriously? Honestly, people, that’s probably the weakest argument for keeping her away completely because it shows the division that the GOP establishment is oh-so afraid of.


      • I agree with you 100%. I can say this though, this just energizes me even more to campaign against the RINO establishment.

        When all of these eunuchs couldn’t find their spines, Sarah was the one out blasting Obama for what he was and is doing to this country. From the moment she was nominated she had this Marxists’ number and came out swinging. The GOP establishment are embarrassing themselves for all to see. I would just like to remind them that there is another election in two years and once again it will be Game On. And the incumbents had better watch their back because we’ll be coming for them. Sarah knows we have her back.

        And believe me when I say this, it’s not Sarah they’re snubbing, it’s all of us who are supporting her.

    • X

      “Romney knows conservatives are smart” that would make him stupid. A paradox huh?

  • white531

    Lots of emotion here on this topic. I believe some of us have stronger feelings about Sarah, than any other Conservative figure on the national stage right now. It certainly shows in most of the comments. Let’s just try to make sure the strong feelings we have for Sarah Palin don’t keep us from getting rid of Barack Obama this November.

    The one glaring difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals stick together. Even when they don’t agree, they still present a united front and use their lap dog media to project it. They would follow a wart hog through a swamp if they thought it would put them ahead of Conservatives and move their agenda forward.

    Unlike the Liberals, we Conservatives are a fractured group of people, probably because we tend to think independently. As JRD1 points out, there is the Rockefeller camp, the Reagan camp and to some extent, I would add the Sarah Palin camp. While it may be refreshing to debate one another on the issues and argue about the best direction we should take, we can’t lose sight of the goal in the process. The goal is to win against the Liberals and Socialists and Communists who want take away our Freedoms and change America into something unrecognizable. We just can’t let them do that. Sarah isn’t finished by any means. There will be another chapter to this and Sarah will have a major role in that chapter. Keep the faith.

  • old003

    I replied just moments ago to a comment from someone that they would not be voting and for them to keep an open mind. With the Ryan pick and Sarahs statement I was coming around.Just read Sarah would not be speaking at all. These people truly hate teaparty conservatives and Gov.Palin.They can do without my support.

  • white531

    Here’s another way of looking at the situation. What is the major problem facing us as a nation right now? If you said, ‘The Economy,” you would join a large group of us who believe the same. Regardless of what you think of Romney’s abilities in total, I don’t think any one of us would say he doesn’t know how to grow a business and make money. Add to that formula, Paul Ryan, whose main focus is the deficit and halting the growth of big government. By taking personality out of it, that’s an unbeatable combination for solving the immediate crisis.

    Maybe that’s really what we need right now, to get out of this mess Obama has put us in. Once that accomplishment has at least been started, there will be time down the road to elect another Reagan. The process has already begun. Let’s play the hand we’re holding and move forward.

    • X

      “What is the major problem facing us as a nation right now?” I would say ignorance, bigotry and wealth inequality.

      • kateorjane

        hmm – an Obama wealth redistributor.

      • It’s time to put the Obama crack pipe down. Here’s a news flash for you pal, the gravy-train is over.

        It’s time to go out and get a job and move out of mommy’s basement.

        The world don’t owe you a living boy, and it damn sure is not my job to raise my family AND subsidize your sorry life.


    I started a RUMOR on a liberal site Mitt was having her come in one night as a “SUPRISE” guest speaker.

    I also sent in an email (to everyone in Radio) to bring in that awesome Chick-Fil-A girl who kept her cool with the fool who wanted water at her server window. WHAT a decent person she is and should be rewarded with a walk-on hand in hand with Anne Romney or something…..maybe Palin?

    Hey, I can dream can’t I? This is still AMERICA at this point, and I can have a dream.
    OBOZO has not snuffed me out yet…but if he wins……….

    Heck, all she would have to do is show up and wave and he would get $2 million in donations.

    Let’s just hope he figures this out.

    They are having suprise speakers, so my little idea is not impossible.

    A RUSE if you will to gin up press and pi$$ off the lib-turds (I am getting more meaner by the day, sorry MSM).

    Mitt already got their goats on Friday/Saturday with RYAN pick, maybe he is having some fun messing with the MEDIA?

    • X

      A walk on with Ann’s dancing horse…That would be perfect!

  • Terrenceor

    This is now the Party of Romney, and Sarah is rightfully dubious of Romney’s political ideology. Sarah is the only one that has not risked her credibility. Ryan is now captive to the Romney agenda. He will rise and fall with Romney.

    • X

      “Sarah is the only one that has not risked her credibility” do you mean on the planet Mars?

      That sentence is pure conservative, blind bat, kool aid crazy, squared.

      • Terrenceor

        You must be a lefty. Went right to name calling.

      • Donya G


  • carmtom13

    What has transpired with the RNC and Romneys incompetent people about Governor Palin has been going on since 2008 before the first vote was cast. Now Romney picks Ryan and thinks this will solify the evangelicals and the conservative base. WRONG!!! I was told Palin has about ten million supporters, doesn’t that mean anything or are you all to brain dead to realize that??

  • i wonder if she can see Florida from her house

  • DocBarry1

    Give me a break and stop your naïveté,do you believe for a second that if Ronney would ask the Governor to speak that she would not accept, as long as it was in Prime Time

    The Governor wants ABO – so of course she would answer the call

    The Governor is being disrespected – who has done more since 2008 for the Republican Party result we had a historic 2010 election

    Who was the 2008 VP – she is being DISRESPECTED, shame on Romney

    He is lucky that the #1 priority is ABO, we have no other option but to vote for Romney.

  • chatterbox365

    I’m not going to mince words here…this pi$$es me off big time. Once again the GOP kool-aid drinkers dissing an important figure for the base and tea party.

    Fox is reporting the Christie is going to be the Keynote speaker. What a wonderful choice…NOT! I don’t like Christie anymore…every since he used George Soros type tactics against Newt. The keynote speaker should be someone that ignites the base and tea party.

    Paul Ryan is a solid guy and I like him a lot, but I think the reason we aren’t seeing the same level of excitement like we did in 2008 is because of Romney. At least McLame was predictable…we knew what we were getting. Romney is a wild card and he had no problem putting his campaign in the gutter when it came to other GOP candidates.

  • xiaoxiaobin746