Sarah Palin wouldn’t blink in voting for Romney, she affirms it’s ANYBODY. BUT. OBAMA.

Sarah Palin says that Obama did not respect the balance of power in the federal government when he issued his executive order last week on immigration, that he is now just telling Americans what he deems best by fiat. It was so blatant that she also suggested that we go back and talk to some of his former students because it’s clear Obama doesn’t understand our constitutional process.

She was also asked about criticism that she didn’t mention Romney in her speech at Right Online. But her reason was simple, that it would have violated the ground rules based on AFP’s legal status as a non-profit. But she makes very clear where she stands and said that if the vote were had today, she wouldn’t blink in voting for Romney over Obama and maintains she’s always held the position of anybody but Obama.

Watch below:

I’ll bring you the full interview as soon as Fox News makes it available.

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  • panchita

    “presumptive nominee” no full throated endorsement of a sure loser.


    • poljunkie

      Believe me, i’m not Romney cheerleader, but I think he’s considered “presumptive” until the convention.

  • Good for her, but I will be staying home. I do not vote for liberal statists who smear conservatives. That’s life.

    • nehemiahreturns

      That’s not life, Dan – that’s death.

      • badbadlibs


      • BSScoop

        It’s death either way. Romney and congress will not cut spending, at least enough to make a difference. They’ll be holding the bag when the entire economy of the world comes crashing down. It’s a runaway train going downhill now, the only thing Reps can do is slow it down before it goes over the cliff. Ride it if you want to, I’m jumping off and catching the next one.

        • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

          If Barry gets in there won’t be a next one. Barry’s already showing his hand and it doesn’t include the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

          • BSScoop

            I agree, there won’t be a next one no matter who is president. No election, no constitution, etc. I’m not voting for someone who is simply less bad but not good enough. The US fiat, King Dollar is in its death throws as I write.

            I’ll take my chances rolling on the ground now (train metaphor) instead of falsely believing that “anybody but Obama” is good enough to save the republic. It ain’t. I don’t vote for statist, northeastern liberals and I don’t vote for cult members who call themselves “Christian” when they deny Christ’s divinity.

            Don’t Tread On Me

            • Bravo! Couldn’t have said it better.

            • salg01

              wow your also a bigot

              • BSScoop

                How? I didn’t say I hated Mitt Romney, I said he wasn’t a Christian. How is that bigoted? You sound like a typical Lefty who gets his feelings hurt because they don’t agree with you and immediately drop the ad hominem bomb.

                You must not be capable of intelligent, logical thought. Capitalize and punctuate, it’ll help your cause. And just so you know, it’s “you’re”, not “your”.


        • nehemiahreturns

          Jumping off a runaway train will get you killed. Chuck is right – there won’t be a next one.

        • salg01

          how does not voting make a ounce of sense, god you people are stupid

          • Arrrggghhh

            Although my jury is still out, here’s how it make sense. If one believes that Romney is simply a republican establishment candidate that doesn’t have what it takes to right the ship. When the ship sinks, who will America look to next? Will the sinking of the ship under Romney’s command make it less likely that we will get the person that really can do the job?

            In other words, what would have happened if, instead of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. was the President that succeeded Carter? Although he would have been much better than Carter, would he have had what it took to turn us around like Reagan did? If not, would someone like Carter, Mondale or Dukakis have beaten him in 1984? Dan is simply thinking two moves ahead, not just one.

            Don’t get me wrong, I hate the policies and philosophies of the Obama administration with every fiber of my being. Although I may very well end up voting for Romney, it will not be without a lot of soul searching. My greatest hope is that Romney will do what it takes to convince me that he will do what it takes to truly turn us around, not just slow our demise.

            • BSScoop

              Arrgghh, I like the way you think. Nice goin.


    • sno_warrior

      You stay home, you have NO RIGHT to bitch when Obummer gets re-elected. Pull you head out of your butt!

      • ApplePie101

        Conversely, are you prepared to take ownership for the Romney administration if he follows Obama’s lead and institutes ‘the popular parts’ of Obamacare, or continues with deficit spending?

        • The Romney supporters have a different set of rules for themselves and their liberal statist candidate.

        • sno_warrior

          What’s your option???? Bring forth a solution or quit bitching and let the process play out!!!!

          • Bring forth a solution is the only answer. Don’t sit on your backside, make changes!!

          • Here’s another option. I suggest you take a look and join us.


          • ApplePie101

            Is that going to be your patent reply to anyone who doesn’t like the way Romney does things? ‘Quit bitching’? There is a first amendment which protects our right to ‘bitch’. I’m afraid you’re going to hear a lot more of it if Romney gets elected, so better get used to it now.

      • Technically, you are correct, but there is still an alternative. Let the GOP know that its unacceptable the choice they have given us.

        Romney is going to be smeared into oblivion by Obama and we have the GOP to thank for giving us this northeast statist liberal.

        • Rshill7

          Really? Based on what? Him being a failure by every measurable matrix? That makes a lot of sense. Nonsense, but sense nonetheless.

          Thanks for the absurd input professor 🙂

        • salg01

          if he loses its gonna be because idiots like you dont vote. traitors like you make me sick

        • sno_warrior

          And that will happen in Tampa, Alan!

      • BSScoop

        No right, huh. Got a problem with the 1st Amendment? Voting does NOT provide you with permission to speak. Wanna play the game? YOU have NO RIGHT to bitch if Rinomney gets elected and fails to right tbe ship. Which he won’t. Ridiculous isn’t it?

        Don’t Tread On Me

        • salg01

          your a traitor to our country, rot in hell

          • BSScoop

            Traitor because I don’t vote like you? That’s very Hitler like. And, why are you assuming I’m not voting?

            I wouldn’t wish hell on anyone.


          • ApplePie101

            Has Mitt Romney approved that message?

        • sno_warrior

          And your solution IS?!?!?!?!?!?!?

          • BSScoop

            Excellent question, now we’re getting somewhere!

            Short term…Vote for a conservative constitutionalist only for president and congress. It won’t work now but voting for a RINO won’t work either. If there aren’t conservatives, write one in. Protest votes are a vote if no confidence. Blaming the electorate is childish, it’s up to the candidate to win MY vote.

            Medium term…Wait for the economic catastrophe that awaits us. It will be a rare moment to reshape the nation. FDR did it, so can we.

            Long term…A new Constitution might be necessary. At least one radically amended to prevent tbis century long experiment with tyranny.


    • ApplePie101

      Please do not stay home, even if you don’t plan to cast a vote for a presidential candidate. Remember that there are other races, specifically senatorial candidates, as well as possible propositions you should weigh in on. This is not just a presidential election.

      • The party has left me. My fellow “Conservatives” voted for a liberal statist in the primary.

        Obviously, the party has left me. It is what it is. Get back to me when conservatives actually have a voice in the party. Rubio, the new “conservative” star is pushing Amnesty for Gods sake, and people want me to support the party? lol The nominee smeared every conservative in the race, and now we all just forget about it? LOL

        • Christine Lee

          Please by all means tell me which “Conservative” in the race was so ready to be President. Seriously?

          • Every single one. Even whoever you think was worst would still be three times better than Obama.

            • poljunkie

              You’re right about that K-B. This crop of candidates were all weak sauce. (Some better than others)
              But they are all head and shoulders over Obama.
              It’s time to free up his time for the golf course.

        • You aren’t interested in voting for the Constitution Party? If a party receives 5% of the vote, they become eligible for federal matching funds the next time around.

          That’s why Ron Paul should have run on the Libertarian ticket. He actually had a chance to put them over 5%.

          Staying home is not a conservative position in any case.

        • Rshill7

          No Dan, we don’t “just forget about it”. We dwell on it in perpetuity. We become paralyzed by it. We keep hoping she’ll (C4P) somehow get the nomination without even seeking it. We inhabit a fantasy land of what might have been.

          In short…We live in the past, avoid the present and ruin the future. Good thinking.

        • ApplePie101

          I didn’t say anything about supporting any party. Frankly, my chief concern is that Americans not disenfranchise themselves by staying home. Write in a candidate, if you wish.

    • JoeMontana16

      For God’s sake man, don’t you know we didn’t get here in a week? The dismantling of the USA has been going on for decades and cannot be changed in one election? 1) Get Obama out. 2) Get true conservatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives. That’ll keep what you hate about Romney from happening and keep a check on him. 3) When Romney’s term is over elect someone more conservative. Again, we didn’t get here in a day. Its a little childish for instant gratification at this point in time and is totally unrealistic. If we push hard for the next eight to ten years we can have exactly what you and the rest of us want.

    • Spartan1975

      It is sad to see some people like you who are more concerned about their hurt feelings in voting for Romney than stopping Marxism! I thank God that the Patriots who fought the War of Independance didn’t think like you or we would still be under British rule… Unlike you and many others they were selfless and fought a war against all odds so that future generations would have a chance to live free!

      • BSScoop

        Romney is a Marxist.

        The 10 Tenants of the Communist Manifesto…
        1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.
        2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
        3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
        4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
        5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
        6. Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.
        7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
        8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
        9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.
        10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

        All of these ideas should make a conservative’s skin crawl. Look at number 5, sound like the Federal Reserve? Romney doesn’t despisr the Fed and I’m guessing not too many RightScoopers realize that its existence parallels Marxian ideology. Anyone who supports these abominations either knowingly or otherwise are not worthy of my vote.


        • Spartan1975

          Well…what is Obama then according to you?

    • salg01

      your a fool

  • idesign2

    She said today…LOL

  • She wont endorse etch a Sketch cause She will be the Nominee…

    • you are delirious.

      • Karl Rogue

        did you hear an endorsement? I didn’t. She can barely utter the fool’s name.

        • keninil

          I think she was endorsing the yard ornament.

      • You think the course leader will lay up… LOL you are like the rest of the mods at C4P and P4a Bruce ,Bannon and the rest of them no ,you are delerious…

    • Sheya

      OK, about time someone broke it to you. Here is some tough talk.

      Sarah Palin is NOT going to be the nominee, get over it. You can sit around hoping she will, the convention will come and go and Mitt Romney will be the nominee and you’ll go in to full mode depression.

      Sarah Palin had her chance and for whatever reason she decided to sit it out. It’s her life and her choice. No, she doesn’t have a master plan, no, she’s not going to throw her hat into the ring at the convention.

      You don’t like Romney, we get that. You can feel sorry for yourself , sit the election out an cut off your nose to spite your face. Florida 2000 taught us that EVERY vote counts. You might be happy with Obama being re-elected, but the the world won’t be. Romney is not the perfect candidate but he’s far better than Obama. At least he’s not a socialist and won’t go around apologizing for America.

      I’m sick and tired of people trashing Romney when it won’t get them anywhere. He wasn’t my first choice or second choice, but the primary is over now and he won. He’s the nominee, at this point people should leave their pride at the door and focus on what’s important.

      Now is the time to unite, get the guy elected. Once in office we’ll keep our eyes on him and keep him in check.

      If you find it difficult to get over Palin not running. Maybe you should take a vacation or something and tune out of politics for a couple of weeks, clear your head and come back focus on what is important.

      This election is far greater than one person.

      • KenInMontana

        Well said.

      • Garym

        We just can’t afford 4 more years of Oblamya. Period.

      • Sorry, Romney is not a done deal.

      • BSScoop

        Here’s some tough talk for you…

        1. Romney is a socialist, too and I don’t vote for socialists. I’ve read the Commie Manifesto and Romney flirts with its ideas way too much. His governance of Massachusetts proves it.

        2. Who says people with our POV are staying home? And don’t give me that “voting for an independent is the same as voting for Obama” crap. That’s illogical.

        3. Romney can’t fix the republic. Anyone who believes it is foolish. We are out of time and it was inevitable. The republic was lost a century ago with T Roosevelt and W Wilson.

        4. Your vote the party line strategy has gotten us where we are today. Here’s the RINO list since 1960…
        Nixon, Nixon, Nixon, Ford (unelected RINO…wow), Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney

        Only two consevatives, Reagan and Goldwater. One lost and the other stalled the failure of our great republic by a few decades (a miracle) but didn’t fundamentally change our doomed structure.

        Vote for Romney? Like it matters.

        Don’t Tread On Me

        • Romney was not by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice either but there are massive differences between him and Obama. For one, I live in coal country and Obama and his ilk are absolutely killing us! Romney will give relief. So for you clowns to to say they are both the same is such nonsense. I’m more than willing to give Romney a try. I will vote R because I already know this election will be close and some of us literally can’t afford for Obama and the D’s to ruin our livelyhoods and ruin America.

          • BSScoop

            To be clear, I never said they were the same. My point is that Romney will fail to halt the economic catastrophe that awaits us.

            I’m not a clown and the reason you use call me one is unwarranted. I used to vote RINO, no more because it’s too late. This is our last election.


          • sno_warrior

            And I live in Oil Country, and Mining Country, and Fishing Country and Timber Country….in the only State in the Union that the enviormentalists want to ‘LOCK UP’!…. that really should be it’s ‘OWN Country’! That is ‘ALASKA’!

            LOve it or Leave it!

            And I will vote for ‘ANYONE’ but OBummer!

      • I see where Firelight gets her wisdom frm Ha ha ha…

    • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

      That big boom will be a million liberal heads exploding. Now THAT’S a warm fuzzy feeling.

    • BSScoop

      I don’t believe she will be the nominee either but you are not delirious. There is a real likelihood that the Euro could die any day now. The G20 just hammered out a near $1T bailout for Spain and Italy. Wall St is balls deep in European debt investment and if the ECB begins to hyperinflate or deflate into oblivion, US banks will need a bailout that would make the housing crash look like peanuts. Think the American people, including both Tea Party AND Occupy will allow this? No fargin way. Obama and Romney will hold hands with Ben Bernanke and “save everyone.” People don’t realize that refusing to bailout the TBTF’s would absolutely crush the US economy into the deepest, darkest depression in world history. Our derivatives exposure is suicidal and the Grim Reaper is sharpening his blade.

      Think Romney will survive the nomination in this environment? No, Sarah Palin will not be the nominee. But, she might be the 1st president in a brand new republic after this one dies.

      Don’t Tread In Me

  • Karl Rogue

    this has to be some kind of record for number of Romney posts in one day on any blog.

    • It’s Romney versus Obama. Expect even more!

  • freenca

    A solid common sense response from Sarah, once again!

  • Nukeman60

    …if that vote were to be taken today, obviously I would vote for Governor Romney over President Barack Obama in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t blink…‘ – Palin

    She wants to beat Obama that’s for sure, but the key words were “if that vote were to be taken today”. What if that vote were taken the day after the convention? I’m just saying…

  • TEXs

    Governor Palin never says anything good about Etch-A-Scetch,nothing,except generic ABO.

    “I support the GOP nominee” is the best she will ever say.

    It means “I can’t stand the liberal fraud Rmoney,but because I’m still republican I have
    to proclaim ABO.”

    • Nukeman60

      I believe Palin has something planned for the convention in Tampa. But I also believe that, on the day after the convention, if Romney is the nominee, she will endorse him at that time. Period.

      • sno_warrior

        Your exactly right nukeman!

      • NHConservative0221

        What could Palin possibly do?

        If she somehow tried to steal the nomination it would completely divide the GOP and hand the election to Maobama.

        You won’t find a bigger Palin supporter than me but if she wanted to be President she should’ve ran. YOu can’t just skip the entire primary process and expect to walk in and steal the nomination at the convention. It doesn’t work that way and alot of voters wouldn’t be too happy about it.

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah, I agree. But there has to be a reason why she keeps saying she’ll vote for that proverbial ‘orange juice can’, but does not endorse Romney. We will see. I have no inside information. It’s just a feeling I’ve got and when I get those feelings, I usually duck, turn and fire.

  • drphibes

    Sarah Palin is a solid thinker. Romney may not have been her ideal nominee, but now the perspective has completely changed and she will do her utmost to support him.

    For those who still have their doubts, it comes down to this. Will you vote for a communist or a RINO? Staying home is also half a vote for Obama.

    • NHConservative0221

      I view staying at home as a full vote for Maobama, as it’s taking away a conservative vote for Romney.

  • TEXs

    “If that vote were to be taken today…..” – says what she thinks about Etch-A-Scetch.

    Obviously the vote is not today!

  • 4rcane

    There are some conservatives who pick lessor of the two evils while others will not. We just have to accept the fact there are two types of conservatives. What I am concern about is if Romney win and he continue with his Liberal policies, Conservatives will get blamed

    • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

      That is why we need a REAL conservative congress, to keep everyone in line. BTW Romney will not be anything like Barry. PTL

      • Guest1776rcp

        McConnell will be Majority Leader and Boehner will still be Speaker. No thanks, gridlock is more conservative by default. RINO = Republican In Name Only, I think these jerks are playing good cop/bad cop with us and each side claiming to be goop cop and the other bad cop. Its age old divide and conquer strategery, meanwhile we keep racking up debt, government keeps growing etc… No thanks to one party power until actual conservatives control both houses and the WH. Gridlock is way underrated.

  • badbadlibs

    Love her! Smart woman…ABO ABO ABO!!!!

  • John_Frank

    Good interview. Thank you for posting the first part so quickly.

    Romney supporters who are looking for reasons to push independent conservatives to get behind Romney, will endeavor to use Sarah Palin’s words like a magic incantation.

    So here is the headline:

    Palin Votes Romney, Says Anybody But Obama

    The weakness of the ABO position, which Hannity also supports? If one takes ABO to it’s logical conclusion, it means that you would vote for an orange juice can over Obama.

    (One caveat, she said that if the election were held today she would vote for Romney, based on Anybody But Obama.)

    Will the headline work to cause independent conservatives to decide to vote for Romney?

    Only time will tell.

    However, it is not a ringing endorsement. In fact it is not an endorsement at all of any of the man’s positions, but simply a statement, I will vote for Romney because he is not Obama.

    That written, it is a clever way of addressing the dilemma that many independent conservatives face. It means that if people decide to vote on this basis, you are not endorsing Romney or his policies.

    As such, it leaves independent conservatives completely free to be critical of Romney, should he be elected, because he does not adhere to common sense constitutional conservative principles.

    On the other hand, since the admonition is not compulsory, it leaves independent conservatives free to decide not to vote for Romney, because of the lessor of two evils dilemma.

    It also makes it much easier for someone like Sarah Palin who has expressed misgivings in the past about Romney to hit the trail.

    She can give an entire speech without talking up Romney or the VP candidate. Rather she can focus on going after Obama, and then end her speech with the cry, Anybody But Obama, etc., etc.

    Couple her interview this evening, with her Right Online speech what it means is ABO to get Obama out of office, etc.

    Presuming the GOP keeps the House, takes the Senate and wins the White House, it also means we have no allegiance to you.

    We do not trust you to govern in accordance with common sense constitutional conservative principles and do what is required to get America back on track.

    We are going to hold you to account. We are not going to spin for you.

    If you fail to govern in accordance with common sense constitutional conservative principles and do what is required, we will come after you.

    If you persist, we will throw you out of office and replace you at the next election.

    She also made it quite clear, in how she finessed Hannity’s leading question with her answer that if the Romney campaign wants something more from Sarah Palin they are not going to get it.

    As she said at Right Online she is standing apart from the political machine. These are her terms. Don’t like it? Tough.

    She has made her position crystal clear. Support, yes. Endorsement, no. In doing so, this allows her to maintain her integrity.

    Well done actually. Quite well done.

    • Yes, she couched her words carefully. The election is not today, so she commited no sin in what she said.

  • cudaforever

    I love Sarah !!! 🙂 Hannity is a little flakey.

  • anybody but dear leader. yeah. the same could have been said about a lot of candidates. That would have been a good thing.

  • mder4thegov

    After he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, someone asked Colin Powell something to the effect, “What if Obama turns out to be as radical as many Americans believe he is?”. The General’s know-it-all, elitist response was, and I’m paraphrasing, “Oh, that’s nonsense…we have checks and balances in this country, which prevent a president from abusing power.”
    Can someone in the media please find Colin and him if he still feels the same?

    • 3seven77

      I think we all know why Colon Powell voted for Obama. He was part of the 94%. 😉

    • NHConservative0221

      Of course he does b/c skin color is the only thing that matters to that racist pig Colin Powell!!

  • LadyPenguin

    For those of you contemplating staying home in November, you are then casting a vote for Obama. That vote for Obama negates any and all the supposed efforts you’ve made to rid the government of people like Holder and Obama, et al. It doesn’t matter what kind of “endorsement” Sarah indicates, Romney is the presumptive nominee of the GOP, and I hope to G-D he wins. Not because he was my first, second or third choice, he wasn’t, but he certainly is a better man, better businessman, smarter, and a much more decent individual than the current individual in the WH. Oh, and one other thing, Romney is a patriot, and loves America, again contrast with the current Marxist/communist in the WH.

    So to those who think self-righteously they’ll show us for not getting in the perfect candidate, it will be cold ashes to give you comfort Jan 2013 if we don’t get these people out of office.

    • JoeMontana16

      Well said. I always tell people who think this way that if they don’t vote then don’t b!itch. Its just immaturity is all. They’ll hit puberty soon after Obama wins reelection because of them.

    • NHConservative0221

      well said. I have no respect for someone stupid enough and selfish enough to not vote.

    • ApplePie101

      If not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama, and a vote for Obama is also a vote for Obama, why isn’t not voting for Obama a vote for Romney? OR, is a vote for Obama actually equal to two votes for Obama, since it’s a vote for Obama AND not a vote for Romney? I want to see Karl Rove work this out on a white board.

      • LadyPenguin

        Actually, you’re close on the mark for it. If someone from Obama’s voter base stays home, that actually carries the weight of a “vote” for Romney. And a vote for Obama does seem to generate two votes for him, even three if you count the dead people who cast their ballot.

        We don’t need Karl Rove for this; if the conservatives who stayed home in 06 and 08 because they were very unhappy with the party, will vote this time around, and some of Obama’s base stays home because they won’t ever vote for a Republican, then we can win!

  • That’s ridiculous! –Why is it okay for a conservative to vote for a liberal that is no better than Obama, simply because he is not actually Obama?



    • NHConservative0221

      Don’t ever complain about Maobama again Debra, you’ve forfeited that right!

  • LadyPenguin

    Debra, then stay home in November, because you obviously don’t really understand the nature of the threat to America under the current regime. It is much more than a conservative vs liberal bent going on here. And Romney may be someone who has pushed for more government than a conservative wants, but he certainly isn’t a monster. If you think there is a perfect candidate who is going to do everything YOU want, well, that’s not the way life works.

    We have to begin somewhere moving the country back to the right, we can start with each and every local and state race, and the general election. I’m not wear rose-colored glasses, it will come down to recognizing when we’ve just about lost everything, if we haven’t already.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Actually I think its more the good cop/bad cop from progressive RINOs and Dems. Each side gets to claim the title of good cop and double the debt if they can obtain the most control. Its a game for them.

  • I’m personally getting really bored with the whole “I’m staying home”/”You’re voting for Obama” nonsense.

    Anyone staying home is not worth your time. It’s like the coach expecting guys who aren’t on the field to somehow win the game. Give it up already. Let them go.

    And the most boring, tiresome claim in all of politics is “A vote for A is a vote for B.” It’s not logic, it’s not math, it’s just emotion. That’s the province of liberals: reason via emotion.

    If I vote for A, then guess what, I voted for A. End of story. If A didn’t win, it’s because more people voted for someone else. Tough beans. Even in game theory, strategic “votes” are known simply as “strategic votes.” There are no guarantees with them. Only probabilities.

    Besides, at this point, if Romney loses, then it will be either because Obama declared martial law thanks to greenlighting a nuclear attack on Israel by Iran, or because the US Government discovers a never-before-known vein of gold on federal land, worth more than 10 trillion dollars. You might already be a winner.

    If you’re staying home, then fine. Telling us every day for six months is going to be really, really boring.

    If you aren’t then don’t try to convince the stay at homes they are horrible people for not backing the kind of candidate that they don’t want to back. I trust people to live by their own principles. I don’t expect theirs to match mine 100%.

    I prescribe listening to more music, hugging your kids/grandkids or pets, and enjoy the summer weather. We have work to do in January.

    Romney sure as heck isn’t going to be able to make you prosperous. It’s up to you.

    (EDIT for math geeks: There are some guarantees in game theory, but they only apply to how they change the probabilities.)

    • wodiej

      I take issue w your last line that Romney can’t make anyone prosperous, it’s up to each person is shortsighted at best. I have been unemployed a LONG time due to the policy failures of obama. Romney can and most likely will change those policies making the business climate much more positive enabling me to finally get a job. I graduated with honors with a Bachelors in Business Admin-it’s a very relevant major unlike basket weaving. And I also have over 20 years of experience, and have lived in my home for over 18 years. I have applied for over 750 jobs and do mowing and landscaping for income. So my lack of prosperity certainly is not due to the absence of my determined efforts. I am guessing people who feel as you do either are retired/on a fixed income or have a good job thus making it a luxury to not worry about things and spend time hugging your grand kids.

      By the way, it is in the high 90’s here and has been off and on for weeks with no rain. Not really enjoyable summer weather for many of us. I’m not trying to be negative but just pointing out that we are not all in the same place and that’s just the way it is.

      • Nukeman60

        There are silver linings around every cloud. The summer heat sometimes is unbearable. However, heat makes us sweat, sweat removes impurities in our bodies, which makes us healthier. I pray that you find whatever silver linings you can in your life.

        Obama and company have created so many dark clouds in our country. I thank you, wodiej, for your sacrifices and for your efforts to help to remove this dark cloud from above all of us. Let us all hope that November brings a better day for each and every one of our lives.

      • You are taking issue with something I did not write.

        Anyone who waits for someone else to deliver prosperity is never going to achieve it.

        Doesn’t sound like you are “waiting” to me.

      • NHConservative0221

        so suddenly now the change of heart about supporting Romney??

        I’d glad to see it but you seemed pretty negative towards him the last few weeks.

  • wodiej

    Another great interview w Gov. Palin. She always tells it like it is. Her crack about obama’s students getting ripped off was hilarious.

  • That’s how most dictators get elected – that’s how we got one here in Hungary. It’s not good. Just a few months ago people were yelling to follow principles – now, no principles, just anybody but… not good US is over – read The Creature from Jekyll Island

    • Amy

      With all due respect, the US is not over… I am sorry about the situation in Hungary but we are not Hungary, we are Americans. There are a lot of us who are flippin’ angry and not going to just go back to the way things were.

      If comes to a fight in the street, then so be it. It’s who we are. We started out the minute men who fought the British from behind the trees & rocks and we are ready to do it again. We. Are. Not. Over.

      Respectfully ~


  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    All this fuss and Karl Rove says Gov. Palin’s endorsement isn’t worth snot? She obviously lives in all of their brains, rent free. Both political machines are over heating and leaking oil. The rage is real. Profoundly underestimated woman who just refuses to capitulate. A game changer if there ever was one. McCain had no idea. Tomorrow is always a brighter day with Sarah in this world.

  • Romney as president? sounds real good, especially when I compare the sounds of Unemployment, the despair of those losing everything they’ve worked and saved their whole lives for, sounds of families living in their cars or a shelter, the sound of “can i barrow a dollar for gas” from a stranger, or the sound of “lost my job because there wasn’t enough customers to pay the cost”, these are the many sounds being heard all across America, so what about President Romney? well, sounds pretty darn OK.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • RefudiateObama2012

    As I listened to Sarah last night, I found myself thinking about the fact that we really do have a lousy choice for November. Obama v. Romney is analogous to choosing between a cow pattie and a plate of freshly mown grass. If you haven’t eaten for a week and you know that you’ve got to eat something and there is no other sustenance available, you have to make a choice to survive. They’re the same, but different. One is bad, but the other is terrible.

    Since I live in a very red state, I won’t have to decide on either one of them to survive, so I won’t have to make that choice. Whew!

    • NHConservative0221

      wahhh, wahhh, wahhhhh

  • Couching her words carefully which is what I would expect. Romney is NOT the nominee until all the delegates at the convention vote.

  • cudaforever

    In my opinion, Sarah looked very Presidential last night. Classy !!!

  • cudaforever

    Scoop, You going to get the full interview?

  • carltonwest

    Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin is ever erudite, interesting, inspirational, & exciting.

  • John_Frank

    For those who are interested, people can watch the full interview here:


  • ABO first! ABO last! ABO Always! That’s how it is for me too!

  • NHConservative0221

    For anyone who thinks that Palin has “something up her sleeve” for the convention:

    What could Palin possibly do?

    If she somehow tried to steal the nomination it would completely divide the GOP and hand the election to Maobama.

    You won’t find a bigger Palin supporter than me but if she wanted to be President she should’ve ran. YOu can’t just skip the entire primary process and expect to walk in and steal the nomination at the convention. It doesn’t work that way and alot of voters wouldn’t be too happy about it.

    • I agree. She, like everyone else has to respect the voters and the process. However, if she was to become the Veep…. I’d love it! 🙂

    • wodiej

      Excuse me…just because some of her supporters still think she has a secret plan doesn’t mean she does. Your last paragraph makes it sound like she does.

  • FutureOnePercent

    During the primary, it was Anyone But Romney for me, (except Huntsman, that guy just looks like a creep and was running in the wrong primary) but now that the primary is over, it’s ABO!

    • Same for me, but add Paul to Huntsman. 🙂

      • kong1967

        If we were in a room full of rabid pit bulls, Ron Paul would say to just ignore them and they will leave you alone.

        • To escape that room… All we have to do is outrun Ron… WE would be heading for the exits… He would be crouching down saying “Here doggy… good doggy!!! er… Doggy… NO doggy!! NO DOGGY!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! (all goes quiet)

          • kong1967


    • kong1967

      I also excluded Ron Paul. The man would roll over and let Islam rule the world.

      • FutureOnePercent

        Was he running too? Oh, yeah exclude him as well, my bad.

        Which is a shame, because he is 90% right on everything…

        But how can someone be SO wrong on foreign policy?

        • kong1967

          He’s great on fiscal issues. He’s sorta like that beautiful woman you meet that looks so great until you see her picking her nose.

          Oh….wait. I think I remember someone referring to you as a woman. Sorry, that analogy wouldn’t work very well for you. Just change “beautiful woman” to “handsome man”.

          • FutureOnePercent

            Someone referred to me as a woman!? What the? I must have missed that… no I’m the guy in my little picture there LOL.

            That’s me and my wife smoochin’ in front of the Capitol building in DC!

            So I’ll keep your analogy as “beautiful woman” hahaha

            • kong1967

              LMAO!! My apologies. I obviously have you confused with someone else.

              I would go back and edit but then your reply wouldn’t make sense. I think I’ll leave it.

          • DebbyX


    • DebbyX

      I hear ya’. Huntsman made me kinda uneasy also. I was always glad that I only had to see on TV and not in person. Yuk.

  • kong1967

    Oh, I think Obama understands the Constitution very well…..probably more than most Americans. Problem is, he studied it so he could subvert it and destroy it’s relevance. There is no doubt in my mind that he did not study it out of love for our nation and our laws. A bank robber does not study the floor plans of a bank because he loves interior design.

    • Bullseye! (From Darts for those that don’t know)!!!

      Nail… Head HIT!!!

  • sandynsavannah

    I, for one, CAN NOT WAIT for November!!!
    when I can vote the present criminal in the White House and all of his crony czars out of office.

    I sure did not like Mitt Romney during the nomination process, but for darn sure…. I will be voting for him.

  • DebbyX

    Yup, I have a bumper sticker saying just that. I get a lot of thumbs up and positive comments on it. Some creep stole my first so I bought 2 more just in case. So now I’ve got back up. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA. You gotta get one and watch the fun begin.

    My husband has a bumper sticker, actually it measures about 16″ by 16″. It pictures Holder with the caption “Gun Runner” across the top. He tells me he also gets great feedback on it. It takes up the entire left side area on his truck. It’s awsome!

  • SP & AW 2012 the winning ticket ,the only one…