Sarah Palin’s powerful speech at GOP Anaheim Rally

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Wow Sarah Palin was definitely ‘on’ tonight! It’s the best speech I’ve heard from her in quite some time. She had the crowd stirred up quite a bit and looked very presidential I might add, especially at the end.


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  • “Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like?
    Their walls are built of cannonballs, their motto is
    Don’t tread on me. Come hear Uncle John’s Band playing
    To the tide, come with me, or go alone.”

  • “Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like?
    Their walls are built of cannonballs, their motto is
    Don’t tread on me. Come hear Uncle John’s Band playing
    To the tide, come with me, or go alone.”

  • “Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like?
    Their walls are built of cannonballs, their motto is
    Don’t tread on me. Come hear Uncle John’s Band playing
    To the tide, come with me, or go alone.”

  • She is fantastic! Her opponents have literally no idea what is going to be brought down upon them.

  • jbluv


  • I agree with you RS,WOW!She’s not shy no more and watch out.Full steam ahead!

  • allegra

    Foolsih, ignorant woman. Sarah Palin. She strikes fear in the heart of INTELLIGENT people. Shame that a no nothing like Palin can sway anything.

    • Linda in Oklahoma

      I say anyone who dislikes Sarah Palin is simply jealous of her………….. Or a leftist.

    • Vidg2003

      Can you put a SUBSTANTIVE criticism in you comment about Sarah Palin?

      • Anonymous

        The original poster was not very articulate, I admit. The word “know-nothing,” in particular, is one that we should all take special care to spell correctly when directing it to someone else as an insult.

        That said there are a lot of grammar mistakes here that go above the threshold of what we might consider to be ordinary vernacular lapses, particularly since she’s reading prepared remarks.

        Also, and I suppose this is a subjective gripe, but I listened to the whole speech and I found it to be utterly devoid of any serious substance. She didn’t really offer anything that even hinted at serious policy ideas, instead she just spouted empty platitudes.

        • onthego

          In a “rally the base” speech she didn’t get into the nuts and bolts of policy. The horror!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, but I’ve never heard her go into the nuts-and-bolts of policy in any speech she’s given.

            • Anonymous

              Can you give me an example of any speech by a politician that does contain “nuts and bolts” policy specifics? I’m not being facetious by asking. I’d love to watch one.

              There has to be one example you can post. No limit on the time, either. I don’t care how long it is, I’ll watch any video you post. It’s Sunday and I have nothing better to do. I actually like to watch wankish stuff. I check Heritage online for speeches all the time some of them are actually pretty good.

              • Goldni007

                It’s Sunday and you need to be in Church Jaynie! Haha… I like policy wonkish stuff too. About the only one I know who really gets into the nuts and bolts is Paul Ryan. It comes natural to him. That guy is awesome!

        • Spyglass20

          I noticed that Obama’s entire campaign (BTW he’s still on the campaign trail) was completely void of any serious policy ideas. Only platitudes and slogans. I heard Sarah state serious problems that we currently have. Debt, Public takeover of business, unemployment. I don’t know what you listened to?

          • Sybilll

            It’s because she didn’t mention the hard-hitting nuts and bolts of politics like drinking slurpees, and explaining the letters on a gear shift.

        • Jmoreland

          Seems like you may have listened to it, but you didn’t hear anything. She was encouraging people to get out and vote, not curing cancer. But then people like you are the reason we are where we are.

        • itzik Janowitz

          Wow, you really don’t get it. She is 1000% better than “Tele-promter” Obuma,
          and 10,000,000 time better able to get our country back at being “Proud to be an American” Sit there and shake you Liberals, real change is coming in November, and don’t you doubt it for a moment.

        • itzik Janowitz

          Wow, you really don’t get it. She is 1000% better than “Tele-promter” Obuma,
          and 10,000,000 time better able to get our country back at being “Proud to be an American” Sit there and shake you Liberals, real change is coming in November, and don’t you doubt it for a moment.

    • Lexgain

      How would you know?

    • 4rcane

      dirty little secret. Those “intelligent” ppl aren’t really intelligent at all

    • Dxrinc

      too bad allegrass is such a douchebag

    • Anonymous

      If she strikes fear in the heart of INTELLIGENT people,then you have nothing to worry about.

    • Binstjohnin

      Ya better get used to this woman, she WILL be your President!

      • Anonymous

        You know that that won’t happen, right?

        I mean, all issues of my personal politics aside, she’s just way to divisive a figure to be elected – plus her in a presidential run would rally the Democratic base like wildfire.

        • Stevendufresne

          Unfortunately for you, there are more of us than there are of you.

    • Ooops, hit “liked” instead of “reply”, so that one like is an error.

      Allegra is the “ignorant” woman. She spells “know nothing” as “no nothing”. What a moron.

    • Sprucegoose

      I would find someone to proof read my text before posting, maybe someone intelligent would do it for you. [Know Nothing] I don’t claim to be intelligent either, just one of the “Little Guys”…

      Your right to your opinion is always secured by those people in that video and others like them, not by those in political office now however.

    • Spud

      Hey Allegra, Would you have the guts to get up in front of both friendly and unfriendly audiences across the country. Anyone can post a blurb on a blog that very few people will read. To get up and put your rear-end on the line to be smeared by little worms such as yourself takes a tremendous amount of guts.

    • Ceshabon

      “No” nothing? Hello? Anyone their?

      • Extremely Right


    • WRicardoholeheartmusic

      the word isb “know” … no “no” …. ignorant “allegrowww” ….

    • Bflddramaqueen

      How can you say that? She has more smarts in one brain cell then the Democraps have in their whole body!

  • ian cormac

    Yes, the ones who ‘thought ‘hope and change’ was a policy, who really did believe
    in ‘shovel ready jobs’, who think ‘electricity prices should naturally skyrocket’

  • New York City

    I am starting to like her more and more.

  • Dxrinc

    Steele is such a douchebag

  • I have to preface this by stating that I think she would be a great POTUS- but since we are analyzing speeches:

    Intro was okay- middle of the speech was great- end was mediocre IMO

    In the beginning I was seriously questioning whether or not she was on coke- Too much energy seemed contrived-

    When she slowed down and used the phrase “American Exceptionalism” was her best moment- the time at which I felt she really connected emotionally-

    The end seemed like too much of an effort to capture the “Obama energy” from his run- She is definitely running and is trying to model after his campaign IMO- But I think that is the wrong strategy- I think it tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator, which may work, but most people that care are informed and so they would not respond to this and (maybe like me, see it as pandering) [she ended with too much repetitive sloganeering which may work for the mindless drones at the 10/2 rally, but not me]. I think she is better than that and should focus her speeches on the moments when she connects with people like I stated earlier- That is when she’s at her best- It also seemed like she was cramming a one hour speech into 20 minutes….

    Overall it’s a plus, but she needs to change her style to more suit her effective personality traits-

    And No, I could not do better (in defense of the Rush criticism of those that criticize Palin) I want her to do a little better so that she can win and get us out of the mess we’re headed into.

  • Dxrinc


    • Anonymous

      “half-breed”? Did I suddenly wake up in 1925?

    • Anonymous

      Knock off the racial remarks, it’s not like we have the entire media out gunning to portray our side as racist, we don’t need you or any others helping them.

      • Anonymous

        Look, as a fellow Daniel, I’m just going to out and say that we’re not “gunning” to portray the opposition as racist. Perhaps we’ve been unfairly general, but I around these and other boards enough to see that his comment is in no way an isolated case.

        • Anonymous

          I saw examples of it at the 9/12 rally 2 years ago in D.C. and have seen it crop up on blogs as well, but it’s nowhere NEAR as pervasive as has been portrayed by the hard left.

          The more mainstream and professionally maintained sites like Scoop’s hardly ever see it, and it’s rejected when it does crop up.

          The right wing shuts down contradicting opinions with the “YOU WANT TO ENABLE THE TERRORISTS, YOU HATE THE MILITARY. the left wing polices opinions just as much with “THAT’S RACIST.”

          There will of course be causes where either is true, but they are the exception, not the rule.

        • Anonymous

          I saw examples of it at the 9/12 rally 2 years ago in D.C. and have seen it crop up on blogs as well, but it’s nowhere NEAR as pervasive as has been portrayed by the hard left.

          The more mainstream and professionally maintained sites like Scoop’s hardly ever see it, and it’s rejected when it does crop up.

          The right wing shuts down contradicting opinions with the “YOU WANT TO ENABLE THE TERRORISTS, YOU HATE THE MILITARY. the left wing polices opinions just as much with “THAT’S RACIST.”

          There will of course be causes where either is true, but they are the exception, not the rule.

    • Dude. Keep it constructive.

  • VP

    she is one amazing woman!!!! so strong and inspiring 🙂 that was one of the best speeches i’ve ever seen in my life! and i was actually in the crowd to witness it. truly amazing! go Sarah!!!

  • ian cormac

    Maybe a red bull or two, but there’s nothing artificial about what she stands for, she has remarkable energy and this was seen on the campaign, two years ago. It’s a rally, Stewie

  • deBeaujeu

    I have been waiting for such a speech for many decades. I thought it would never come. Our constitutional republic…rehabilitated. She is starting with such intensity where Regan left off. Gloves off, fear no more…a real conservative.
    Sarah is presidential.

  • ak

    Two reasons have been cited 1. Grammar 2. This speech did not contain any substance for arriving at “know nothing” conclusion. Both probably are factually correct but conclusion drawn is debatable. A person cannot be judged against an impossible standard which is not followed by anybody else. A person needs to be judged against his or her peers. One should make its own criteria write it down and then list how Palin, President Obama, Romney or anyone else of his choice fare against that criteria. If such a comparison is done, one will find that on most of the issues (Iran, Israel, Health care, Immigration, Social Security, Social issues based on actual statements and actions not based on headlines) she talked / acted as well or bad as others and in many cases she was ahead of others in getting on the right side of issues and more active in influencing discussion. This is her strength. She seems to be intellectually honest in taking opinion from different sources before drawing conclusions and then follows it through.
    On climate change the popular belief two years back was that she was foolish to not to have believed global warming. In her interviews she talked about uncertainty of computer model and while opposing drastic action on fossil fuel reduction, she tried to cover her risk by giving subsidies to energy efficient technology and developing a plan more aggressive than national plan for increasing share of clean energy in her state. Also a year later it did turn out that some of the studies / claims were indeed inflated.
    It may be true that she might not be as well read or as studious in her student days as President Obama based on the fact that she did not go to Ivy League. But does anyone really believe that the top elected officials should only be from Ivy League. If yes, then there are no further arguments. She is in play if one allows the room at the top for a person with a good judgment, has knowledge on issues of concern willing to listen to opposing opinions from those who have studied the subject better and who connects with the people.

  • Opditch

    Sarah 2012!
    Sign up add your name

  • Peter Warner

    Thank you, gov. Palin.

    That was a fantastic speech. She connects with clarity, directness, energy, wisdom and wit; just like Reagan did. She carries the spirit of our fortieth Commander-in-Chief well, and she has the humility to honor it.

    There is something special about authentic people like Sarah Palin: how a person responds to them accurately reveals themself.

    This woman knows and loves America. She speaks with integrity and honesty, with respect and a sense of goodness that very few politicians can match. She exudes a presence of warmth, joy and optimism that no other politician can hope to match. If this woman is not the Republican nominee for president in the next election, I will be astounded.

    Regardless of what the GOP decides, she will likely be our next president. May G-d bless her, her family and staff, and may G-d bless America.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Anonymous

    I hate reading comments about Palin speeches because the negative comments are always the same and are right out of the same play book. 1) She never talks policy but spouts platitudes, and 2) she has poor “grammar”, which is a term used to describe whatever the person wants it to mean.

    I can’t defend Palin on the “grammar” issue. I never understood grammar very well and always considered it the hardest subject in school. You get much beyond noun and verb and the rest is a muddle. That said, it seems to me these complaints about “grammar” are not really about proper sentence structure at all, but are about her accent and speaking style. Palin writes very well, as far as I can tell from reading her articles and essays, and many of her writings are about specific policies, but she never gets any credit for her writings.

    What really annoys me about the “grammar” citicism about her speeches is the fact that she is held to a standard no other speaker could possibly meet. Nobody talks the way they write with the possible exception of professional writes like Christopher Hitchens. He does tend to talk the way he writes, but he’s also a professional writer and speaker. His accent doesn’t hurt, either.

    Contrast a Palin speech with an Obama speech. I will never, ever, understand this widespread belief that Barack Obama is an eloquent speaker. I’ve never seen it. I have forced myself to watch Obama speeches and I have never been able to get past the head bobbing. Right to left. Left to right. Watching Obama give a speech is like watching the metronome on my grandmothers piano. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And grammar? Man oh man! Obama has no problem “dumbing” down depending on what audience he’s talkin’ to.
    Off the telepromter? The man is incapable of putting three words together in a sentence without an “ummm” or and “ahh” in between two of them.

    As far as specific policies are concerned, Palin HAS detailed specifics in her writings. Especially when it comes to energy policy, which she is an expert in. But it’s never enough. She was right about “death panels” but she’s still vilified for that one.

    She’s got my vote. I think she’ll be an excellent president.

    • jbluv

      I agree with you Jaynie. Where’s that Obama the very smart and eloquent speaker;-( , and remember, “his been to 57 states already and one more state to go” URG;-(!! I am not the smartest person either, but I don’t claim like the left praise him to be and he is supposed to be a Harvardian.

      • Anonymous

        Your comment reminded me of the critiques I read all over the internet about Michelle Obama’s masters thesis. I didn’t bother reading it myself because it sounded boring and, being a total dope when it comes to grammar myself I certainly wouldn’t hold it against her to not be an expert writer. Come on, it’s not as if she was going for Masters degree in English.

        But Michelle Obama IS the product of an Ivy education and according to what I read about her thesis I have better grammar skills than she does.

        I also have to admit that being from Rhode Island affects how I view the speech of others. If you’ve ever listened to a Rhode Islander talk, then you should know that pretty much anyone else sounds intelligent compared Rhode Islandese. We’re pretty bad.

        • jbluv

          Well, i’m from MA;-). I hate when a person just looking to find someone’s else faults, we all are not perfect. But, with the exceptions on Obama’s, I hate how he lies and how he destroyed and is destroying this country. And thanks for standing up for Palin, I do not know her personally but she is my hope and the hope of millions of people to bring back this country with freedom and dignity. I don’t care if she’s not perfect and her grammar maybe, but if she could run this nation with common sense, why not give her a chance.

        • Ricardo

          Impeach Michelle Obama !!!!!!

    • Ricardo

      Good comments Jaynie … roll on Nov 2nd … get America back on course !!!

  • Anonymous

    Can somebody please explain to me this notion that she’s been repeating for a long time now that America is somehow the “safest country?”

    By what yardstick?

    Fewest wars/battles fought on soil? Definitely not.
    Lowest crime rates? Definitely not.
    Lowest murder rates? Definitely not.
    Lowest bankruptcy rates? Definitely not.

    I mean, this seems like something that she makes up whole-cloth.

    Anyone know what the hell she means by this?

    • Where do you get your stats? YOu say “definitely not” to a series of unrelated gobbledygook. You’re not very clear.

      • Anonymous

        Open a history book or an almanac.

        A number of other countries have had fewer wars. Let’s just say Canada for this one.
        The US has among the highest crime/violent crime rates in the industrialized world. Pretty much everywhere in the EU has lower crime rates, not to mention Canada, Japan, and Korea.
        U.S. has one of the lowest personal savings rates + more bankruptcies for things like medical costs in the industrialized world. Even in financially troubled countries like Japan people tend to be more secure and have greater savings.

        Is there any other way of measuring “safety”?

        • Anonymous

          As far as the crime rates go. America also has, compared to European countries, Canada, Japan, China and Korea the least homogeneous population in heritage, culture (both regionally in the US and incoming immigrants) and race (sadly it still matters to some people of every “race).

          We only have a 5% savings rate sadly because we’ve been school for ages in being irresponsible because our entire economy is based on consuming, with a little bit of technological innovation. The artificial impression of perpetual 5% GDP growth increasing our standards of living has us trained in living on the “edge” of our wallets.

          Personally I’d love to see less wars and maybe a shrinking of the military, a large standing army provides too much temptation to flex that muscle, which we’ve seen since the Mahan Thesis.

          That’s just my limited take on it, though.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t feel like watching the whole speech again. Can you provide the full sentence in which she said it?

    • ak

      Even if she said that, are you sure no one else has said America is the best, exceptional or something on those lines. Did those statements also were contested with stats. Donot hold every word of her to gold standards which no on else follows.

      • Anonymous

        Red herring.

        I’ve never questioned anyone saying that America’s the best or that America’s exceptional. I happen to believe both of those things, but I imagine for very different reasons than you might.

        I was specifically objecting to her claim that America is the “safest” country in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else say it, at least not as frequently, and it has bothered me since I first heard it.

        I don’t hold Sarah Palin to a higher standard than I hold any other politician.

    • RCL

      She said that in the context of prosperity and liberty. The USA is the “safest” country in the things that matter the most. Why do we still have buyers for our trillions of dollars of T-Bonds? Because the USA has been for the last couple of generations the safest place to invest.

      No other country is our equal in political and financial stability. At least until know-nothings like you voted in the Marxists working to dismantle our liberties and destroy our advantages.

    • Stevendufresne

      Use your commonsense, where would you rather live? In a country protected by two oceans, that has a civilized society or the rest?

    • WRicardoholeheartmusic

      Er … um … ‘dmk’ … maybe the USA is a safer country than (now let’s see)…. Iran .. maybe? or let’s say … um .. Nth Korea …. or maybe … um … er … (gee whiz) …. Sudan, Africa …. um … Afghanastan perhaps …. Burma …. er … um ……………………….. NOW THOSE COUNTRIES AREN’T EXACTLY FICTIONAL …. they exist on this earth …. and that is only a handful of troubled and dangerous countries that I would suggest you visit for yourself … just thought I would let you know … as you were asking … “what the hell she means by this?”…

      • Anonymous

        What are you talking about?Here, let me add a few to your list…Liberia, Congo – actually, pretty much any country in AfricaBrazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, any of the former Soviet Republics, Thailand (particularly these days) etc. etc. etc.I’ve actually been to North Korea (Arirang games) and Burma (right before sh*t hit the fan); they were both fascinating places to visit.But none of this has anything to do with what I’m talking about. Sarah Palin stated – and she has stated many time in the past – that America is the safest country on Earth, and I don’t know what the hell she’s talking when she says that. That statement being untrue doesn’t then automatically make America the most unsafe country on the planet. Of course there are countries that are more dangerous, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

        • WRicardoholeheartmusic

          O.K. … then if you want to be pedantic … America is ONE of the safest places on earth (I know that’ s not exactly what she said) … however … to take one isolated statement (that she said in this particular speech) and turn it into an issue does not dismiss the fact that basically what she is saying is correct … I’m sure you would agree …?

    • Eric Is American

      Had you been paying attention you would know that Mrs. Palin actually said, “The IDEA of America is being … the safest (country).” Don’t believe me? Start the clip at exactly minute 12 and by 12:28 you will see how foolish you truly are.

    • Eric Is American

      Had you been paying attention you would know that Mrs. Palin actually said, “The IDEA of America is being … the safest (country).” Don’t believe me? Start the clip at exactly minute 12 and by 12:28 you will see how foolish you truly are.

  • Fantastic, rousing speech! And the audience was wild with energy that she invoked.

    This woman is going to be a hurricane in 2012!

  • Go…”We the People!”

  • Cheryl~

    She is a good cheerleader!

    • Stevendufresne

      I have found that the most sexist people are women. It’s sad because beyond Hillary, Palin is the best shot at being President of the United States as a woman and it will be women who will prevent her from attaining that potentially. Shame.

      • Cheryl~

        Wow…you derived alot from my comment…how judgemental and narrowminded of you and also how sad that NOONE can say anything other than what you want to hear…perhaps this is how OBAMA got elected…

        I think Sarah is a fine person with a charismatic way about her…she is a good cheerleader but I don’t believe at this juncture she would be a good leader…I AM entitled to my opinion WITHOUT the judgemental attituted you displayed.

        Someone stated earlier about her that her speaking in generalities is a great way to appeal to many without being definitive. She needs to get more substance before I stand behind her.

        • Eric Is American

          I just thought I’d let you know (since you’re obviously unaware) that you do not have, as you say, “the right” to expressing your opinion WITHOUT negative, judgemental, or even unpleasant feedback. Because it’s the right of the rest of us to analyze, critique, and even abuse your expressed opinion. God bless the 1st amedment.

        • Eric Is American

          Plus, it’s the height of hubris to assume Stevendufresne’s comment had anything to do with yours.

          JUST LIKE A WOMAN!
          What kind of self-delusional, ego-centric planet are YOU living on?

  • Let’s pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honors… Sarah was kinda channeling Glenn Beck there at the end. Great speech!

    • Libertas

      Not Glenn Beck… Thomas Jefferson. That phrase is from the last line in The United States Declaration of Independence.

  • Biff Biffington

    I realize the ads here are computer-selected by keywords, but I have to say I find it irritating to see a “Defeat Bachmann” lefty ad on a conservative newsblog. Isn’t there any way to stop Google Ads from pushing lib-tard candidates on our websites?

    • joyfulgiver

      ditto! I complained about the negative ad yesterday about No on Prop 23 in California. IT’s a YES on 23 for me.

  • joyfulgiver

    ps – check out where the ads are coming from “Ads by Google” that tells the BIG story.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin is saving America inch by inch. Anyone who refutes that is a misaligned leftist whether they know it, or usually, not.

    Sarah Palin is all positive energy and I will support her with everything I got until the day I die.

  • Ginger

    She is electric! She knows how to speak straight to the people. What a remarkable speech! I think she’s gonna be the next President of the United States. Let your light continue to shine, Sarah.

  • Project717

    Hitler in panties.

  • Samdmx

    that will a big mistake american people if the vote for this mama ,,she seam like bouch chite week up america

  • Samdmx

    she talk about how mush the spend ,,the spen that money just to fix whats bouch shite did ,,he destroy this contry ,,i know most rish people the are always happy when one like this mama she coma and want to be a other ++++++++ shite ,,so week up and tray to loren for whats boush he did to us ,,

  • free

    Brought tears to my eyes. Wow! She is phenomenal. God bless her.

  • Catherine

    So funny, Palin is a spineless cowrad with no class, no education and such a loser. Many members of her family are in jail and are on drugs. Palin is after the $$$$. Palin is a loser, Palin is a loser, the women is a moron, people that like her are all trailor trash like her. Palin you don’t have what it takes, you are a slimeball honey!

    • jbluv

      Geez, sounds like it MUST BE YOU, just the way trashy people would spit words like that, just wonder how much Soros pays you or he may have given you drugs;-(

  • Joan

    Yes, thats true, hey wingnuts Palin is using all you hillbillys, she is dividing people because she is greedy and is looking for $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Palin is uneducated, Track was in jail, Piper was in jail, Brostol was knocked up and has quit everything, poor Trig never sees his mother. How sad that this moron Palin is unleashed. Hillbills looting Neiman Marcus from Coast to Coast, you betcha!
    What a laugh Palin is a total MORON, IDIOT CLASSLESS UGLY WOMEN!

  • Mike

    I just wish Palin would show come class, get educated, she is such a fool. Her family are all on drugs and uneducated like her. My friend said that all of Palins kids are mean like her. Obama is a class act and educated and terrific, 35,000 people in Columbus last night. Palin and Steele not so much but a bunch of losers in wheel chairs, so so funny. Go home Palin you are a coward and a QUITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rita

    I was there in anaheim, and now I can truly see November 2nd right from my backyard balcony
    Sarah Palin speaks the truth, and she as no time to mince words over the divisive liberals that have held the majority in the 111th Congress long enough to imperil our economy for generations to come. So, Sarah Palin!!! I am a Momma Grizzly, too! I see what you see! I love our legacy of American exceptionalism, and I am sure we will overcome the current ideologues in the Obama Administration who think a welfare check or an unemployment check just is as good for Americans as a PAYCHECK! THE “CHANGE” SUCKS! We will drive out the Liberals in November!

  • ScottinVA

    An absolute awesome speech. While 0bama is nowadays lucky to fill a high school cafeteria, Sarah Palin can fill stadiums. God bless her.