SC AFL-CIO president beats the crap out of Nikki Haley’s face on a Pinata

Wow, talk about a shining example of civility. South Carolina AFL-CIO president Donna Dewitt beats the crap out of Nikki Haley’s face on a pinata:

(h/t: Red)

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  • GreenBeretWay

    The democrats war on women?

    • warpmine

      Not wanting to put down the people in Appalachia but she’s looks very much like those in the old movies reels. McCoy or Hatfield.

      Anyway somebody’s looking for their mother/sister.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Hope she didn’t mess up Nikki’s hairdo!

  • poljunkie

    When Obama was elected our local Democrat club had a party and had a lifesize cut out of Pres Bush.

    They took turns throwing socks filled with rocks at it.

    Our local paper was GLEE-FUL in reporting on the party, and showing many photos from the event on the FRONT PAGE.

    We couldnt believe the disrespect, and how juvenille these people were acting….

  • badbadlibs

    Will she get hunted down by the evening news like Sarah Palin did when the Arizona rep. (sorry, can’t remember her name) was shot last year?
    Sarah Palin can’t even use the word “target” without the left becoming un-hinged and this woman can….oh, never mind…some days I really think it’s useless to even speak up…

    • GreenBeretWay

      The AFL-CIO president Donna De Witless needs to be careful.She doesn’t know who she’s messing with here. Nikki Haley,hales from the Randhawa warrior clan.
      Ran-means battle,dhawa-means attack.

      PS the lady your talking about was Gabrielle Giffords.

      PPSS It’s not useless to speak up badbadlibs. It’s important for you to voice your opinion about the Bad Bad Libs we have to encounter everyday.

      • badbadlibs

        Point taken. Thanks. 🙂

  • aPLWBinAK

    Actually, De-nit-Witt feels exactly like many of us do…..except in reverse.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I deplore the policies and strategies of this entire administration, along with the rest of the dimocrat sheep. However, I would never beat one of their pictures with a baseball bat, nor would I cheer someone else on. I’ll beat them with my brain, using logic and common sense. I’ve seen your posts – you can beat them that way too. You’re way too smart to resort to something as dumb as this. For better or for worse, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

      • aPLWBinAK

        You’re right. I was in a hurry then, and ‘shot from the lip’….I was first to give you a ‘liked’ for that reply to me that demonstrated more perspicuity than I did 🙂

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I do it all the time – of course I know you wouldn’t mean any violence toward anyone with whom you disagreed! You’re just a smarter commenter than that 🙂

          I have a friend who has barry’s face on his dartboard as the bullseye. I can’t even bring myself to throw the dart, but I absolutely understand the sentiment. I’d just put the EPA there or Obamney Care there instead of his face. Call me tender-hearted… It all goes back to having respect for a weapon, I guess.

  • c4pfan

    That’s just plain pathetic!

    • keninil

      She is running for the DNC chairmanship !

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Are you serious?? Wow. How low can ya go, dimocrats?? Why don’t they just ask Kathy Griffin to be their Chairman? Wow – that’s just so bad.

        • keninil

          No, but it seemed like a DWS foot-in-mouth moment.

  • Philo Beddoe

    “Look kids, mommy’s on Youtube”.

  • Joseph ewing

    Union thugs. Who’da’ thought?

  • Nukeman60

    I spent 20 years in a Union. This is the typical mindset of Union leaders. If there is a problem, the first thing they do is pick up a baseball bat. The second thing they do is get rid of the body. Due to her Union policies, she should be called Donna Soprano.

    • GreenBeretWay

      Why do I suspect that a pinata with Corey Booker’s face is currently being batted around inside the white house right about now.
      I miss the Soprano’s but watching the daily events in Washington is similar to watching the reruns.

      • Nukeman60

        Hmmm. Why do I think it’s not a pinata of him that’s being batted around. Look for scars and bandages in future interviews.

        • GreenBeretWay

          Hahaha Your right! I thought I caught a glimpse of a few missing teeth during the last interview I saw.

  • Joe

    This is actually RACIST!

    Will the DOJ investigate – NO!

    But I think SLED

    should pay her a visit !

    They arrrested this OWS dope>>

    for a threat on her life – This kind of crap MUST STOP!

  • 911Infidel

    Guess that whole “civil discourse” meme the Dhimis talked about after the Gabby Giffords shooting was just a bunch of BS huh? Listen peeps, the Dhimiratz have declared all-out-war on us. We should accept their declaration and develop a scorched earth policy against them. Compromise should be nothing less than their side agreeing with our side or their unconditional political surrender.Nice-nice is something you do when you’re a small child. In adult politics, nice-nice buys you McCain and Dole. So where’s the BC, man? Where’s the transcripts? Open your hearts and minds to Dr Bell? I don’t think so. Open your past Mr Transparent and show us who you really are. Oh and to hell with the AFL-CIO. Get government taxpayer monies out of the unions. Break ’em. Let them wallow in their own shite.

  • williamm

    I’m certain N.O.W. will send their 7 women to protest the AFL-CIO.

    The National Organization for Women’s 1966 Statement of Purpose

    We organize to initiate or support action, nationally, or in any part of this nation, by individuals or organizations, to break through the silken curtain of prejudice and discrimination against women in government, industry, the professions, the churches, the political parties, the judiciary, the labor unions, in education, science, medicine, law, religion and every other field of importance in American society.


  • TexasPatriot77

    Nobody’s afraid of these wanna bees. Everyday folks are learning what their real agenda is. Things are starting to change for the better.

  • Fine. I’ll Photoshop a picture of her mother on a pinata and sell them on the Internet. See how she likes them apples.

  • CarlosLumpuy

    And so the self destruction and the degradation of our labor unions continues by their leadership and the unproductive collectivist ideology they espouse together with the authority of this administration in the White House.

    Things may well get ugly, real ugly over the months to come.

    Yes, here we have in this post one stellar upstanding member of the community who brings so much to society, and I’m sure contributes so positively to the Palmetto state:

    one Donna Dewitt, the AFL-CIO Union President of South Carolina publicly and in front a camera swinging a baseball bat with relish, comedy, and pleasure at a piñata with the face of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on the piñata.

    —just another sorry excuse of a low life.

    We all witnessed the virulent and deplorable thug behavior last year in the Wisconsin State Capitol:

    the menagerie of incessant chants, relentless drum beating, damage to property, insulting in-your-face chants of “shame, shame, shame, shame” in the halls of the Wisconsin State Senate chamber that went on for weeks by these people, adults mind you, manifesting such infantile behavior with this huge false sense of entitlement, -all the while being paid not to work.

    It is no wonder Americans watching these charades and spectacles are so dismayed, and labor union membership itself continues to decline so readily within such a misled far-left collectivist union environment.

    The great leveler, the instiller of a huge false sense of entitlement in Americans, particularly in our young people at commencement speeches, our divider-in-chief in the White House for more than three years now encourages and gives license to this behavior as he continues to incite and draw on the basest of human emotions:
    jealousy, avarice and class envy with authority, with his shallow, now stale rhetoric of mendacity as he drags out this same repeated failure from time immemorial, the tired old collectivist creed of sloth and deceit as he seeks ultimately a life by government ration for all of us.

    This President tells us that the villains are heartless Republicans, Wall Street, Big Oil, the Insurance Industry, the Millionaires and Billionaires, etc., as muddled in process and politics he is incapable of leadership, he continues to divide Americans.

    We need to dump this tired old failed philosophy of redistributive wealth by government ration resurrected by this President including his Secretary of Agriculture who sees his primary job as increasing participants in the SNAP Food Stamp program that now number 46 million Americans.

    This is a mindset that has been going on for decades, first manifested by the anti-military hippie crowd that grew up and came of age in the 1960’s, like Hillary Clinton, and her “It takes a Village” creed of sloth and deceit that absolves parenting and personal responsibility, confers it upon the village and is now fully metastasized by her rival and fellow traveler now in the White House.

    It is a collectivist creed that claims enlightened educations with contrived revisionist accounts of America’s noble history in the world where individual choices in life are made for you by elite collectivist central planners from a far away capital in Washington because you are incapable of making them for yourself as they seek a life of government ration for all of us.

    A creed that does not believe in God and country, but equality and environmentalism. They are far less American citizens than they are citizens of the world in a loathsome secular creed where their perversions of equality and environmentalism trump everything under the sun.

    It’s so easy to govern when you believe in the folly that you can just spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend and spend even more to prosperity instead of showing some leadership and example by making some hard choices for the long term of America.

    There will be consequences to this President’s legacy of multiple trillions of public debt.

    Further still, after January 2013, when these people no longer have one of their own in the White House, and have lost control of both houses of Congress, things could well get even uglier and quiet similar to the situation in Greece today when austerity measures are compelled.  

    We need very much to destroy the notion that the mere mention of the good and noble word of labor itself is some how indicative or equated with labor unions.

    Our modern day labor unions have over the years so degenerated and are now so disparate from the historic positive contributions of their Gompers and Lewis origins of a century ago with higher standards for better, safer, productive working conditions and the excellent apprentice, journeyman, master vocational education systems applied to all trades.

    Labor Day should be a time to reflect positively on labor itself;

    the goodness and noble work of all labor from the least scholarly educated and lowest skilled labor to the highest educated most experienced highly trained disciplines of labor, how all work is good and noble and how the collaborative efforts of individual labor brings about our prosperity and wealth within an American society still free.
    Labor Day holiday is not Labor Union Day.

    Labor itself should not be equated with labor unions and their collective bargaining agreements.

    In the forthcoming conservative ascendency that begins in January 2013, with new and true leadership and a strong reliance on providence, we conservatives should expand on this theme I write here to help define for ourselves and a watchful world just what it truly means to be an American.

    —Carlos Lumpuy, Tuesday 22 May 2012.

    • freenca

      Good say, Carlos Lumpuy !

  • The very essence of “civility” the Dem’s were talking about after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot. This is what the union thugs are doing to this countries finances.

  • Stehekin912

    Hey, it’s all good…just as long as there are no cross hairs, targets, etc. /superheavysarc

  • That civility comment NObama made was obviously aimed (whoops) targeted… (rats) er… Directed… (yeah, that’ll work – phew) towards Republicans! Democrats, Liberals and Union members can do whatever the he ll they like! Ain’t liberal selective outrage and hypocrisy just grand?!

  • Democrat activist AFL-CIO is advocating violence against women. Perhaps this is just part of the Democrat campaign to portray Nikki Haley as “other”??

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Yup. Clearly the Conservatives in this country are a threat to the civility of political discourse. We are the ones who are scary and mean-spirited. It would definitely be a better country if we let these people run the show. All their soft-hearted, generous and loving attitudes toward us peons…

  • as a south Carolinian. i really hope sled (the sate law enforcement division) is watching this and i’m sure they are.

  • Constance

    How childish and lame. This is something I might have considered doing when I was what, about eight?

  • Cindy09


  • Gov.Haley must be doing something right is S.C., she has the OWS, Dems, libs, and now this bunch working out their frustrations in a Radical muslim style, the only thing missing is the flames.
    Seems their obama change isn’t working out very well in S.C. and across the nation with so many Tea Party victories in 2010.

    Tea Party Patriot
    vote 2012

  • Gov.Haley must be doing something right is S.C., she has the OWS, Dems, libs, and now this bunch working out their frustrations in a Radical muslim style, the only thing missing is the flames.
    Seems their obama change isn’t working out very well in S.C. and across the nation with so many Tea Party victories in 2010.

    Tea Party Patriot
    vote 2012

  • GretaN

    Arrest this piece of sh#t for menacing already!!!

  • How old (mature) are these people?

  • Warnin

    Wow! Who could possibly be proud of Donna Dewitt. I grew up in South Carolina and have always been proud of my home state. When I was growing up there people had respect for others views and were generally refined. When they were ignorant they had the good sense to keep their mouth shut so as not to make the world aware. I see those days have passed. If the AFL-CIO ever had a chance in South Carolina I am afraid that Donna Dewitt’s brain freeze set them back about 50 years. How can any group that is trying to win friends and influence people show such blatant intolerance and bigotry. In a state with a large black population who’s support is needed to make anything happen, antics like this will remind the black population of a lynching. I have a feeling that if Nickey Haley was black that Donna Dewitt would have a noose around her neck!

  • Warnin

    PS, I’ll think about this next time I have an opportunity to buy the “union label”, maybe I won’t feel any need to choose union made. You jackasses should remember that nothing in this day and time is secret. An old Chinese proverb states that if you would know a mans mind,you must listen to his words and watch his actions! Donna Dewitt, I have seen your actions and listened to your words and I am ashamed of you! You are not a credit to your sex, your race, your state or your country. You are a Jackass!