School allows OFA to register students but not Romney campaign

A great find by Todd Starnes with Fox News and one that should outrage parents everywhere. But I have one question.

Why would Obama For America go to middle schools to register students and why were they given access to it? The article notes that they gave left-wing speeches in the classrooms, but registering anyone less than 18 years old to vote is illegal right? It doesn’t make sense that Pasco County Schools would have given them access to middle schoolers.


TODD STARNES – Florida Republicans are outraged after a school district allowed a pro-Obama organization to conduct student voter registration drives and deliver speeches to classes – but denied the Romney campaign similar opportunities.

Pasco County Schools confirmed to Fox News that volunteers from Organizing For America were given access to as many as a half dozen high school and middle school campuses.

“They did register students to vote,” spokesman John Mann told Fox News. “We don’t know how many children were registered – (but) we have an ongoing investigation.”

According to email correspondence obtained by Fox News, volunteers tried to infiltrate at least three other school campuses – but on-campus officials rebuffed those efforts.

In addition to voter registration, a former teacher was allowed to deliver Obama speeches to a number of senior high school students.

“She got into six classrooms and gave pro-Obama speeches – like way off to the left,” said James Mathieu, general counsel for the Pasco County Republican Party. “That got out to parents and parents complained.”

Matthieu told Fox News he has filed a complaint with the Florida Division of Elections and also contacted the Florida Attorney General’s office.

“We have a liberal culture in our school system and we know that,” he told Fox News. “The problem is someone has used false credentials, false pretenses and there is a security issue.”

Mathieu said that some of the Organizing for America volunteers identified themselves to school officials as being with the local elections office.

“These people have used false pretense to get into the high schools and all they’re giving us is whitewash and lip service,” he said.

But Mann told Fox News that to his knowledge none of the volunteers misrepresented themselves.

“They identified themselves as being with Organizing For America,” he said.

However, according to an email obtained by Fox News – school officials acknowledged there may have been some deceit.

“In at least one case, those individuals said they were from the Pasco Supervisor of Elections Office,” wrote staff member Paula Lesko. “Unfortunately the SOE said that is not the case.”


(h/t: Mikethemarine)

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  • PhillyCon

    School district (Lefties) helps out the Obama campaign (Lefties) and not the Romney campaign (non-Lefties). So, Lefties help out fellow Lefties. Story at 11.

    But seriously, the real story is our side fighting back.

    • Orangeone

      The real story is the lack of security for childen in public schools. Now these people have names and addresses of children. Who knows what they will do with this information.

      • 3seven77

        Yes, I too find that alarming. These strangers just show up and claim they’re from the elections office and NOBODY checks their credentials? Nobody calls to find out if they actually are who they say they are? And they still give them access to the kids?

        “I’m Joe Smith from the elections office.”
        “Okay Joe, go right in. Classrooms are to the right.”

      • Betsey_Ross

        Our tea party gives out Constitutions at the fair, at elections, and also to HS government classes. I cannot tell you how difficult it is for us to even get into the schools. When we do, we can only leave the Constitutions at the office hoping that they will get to the right teachers and into the kids’ hands. Heaven forbid that they actually discover what the law of the land really is. It’s like we were handing out porn or something. This getting information on the kids and registering them to vote is definitely against the law. I hope the right people press on with this. Investigate!

        • bobemakk

          Like the Holder investigation by their “own” people, so they get away with this too? The entire administration should be tried for treason. If Obama is re-elected we are doomed.

  • tofubamboo

    Liberals are such evil, corrupt people. I pity my children and grandchildren faced with a possible America that no longer exists.

  • Don

    If you want to see a group of kids from San Diego who get it, go to Type in “Voices Without a Vote.” You will be amazed.

  • conservative58

    “These people have used false pretense to get into the high schools and all they’re giving us is whitewash and lip service,” he said.

    Sounds like they’re following the example of their Dear Leader with the false pretense and lip service!

  • Orangeone

    And these school officials don’t perform any basic due diligence before allowing adults near children? If I were a parent in that district, my lawyer would be filing suit today and law enforcement would be called in to arrest all of the school officials and teachers for endangering the life of my child.

    Time for Congress to act. We need laws that prohibit all candidates and elected officials from stepping foot on public school campuses for any reason.

    • conservative58

      I wonder if the teachers union coordinated this effort. That might explain why the school officials allowed them easy access to the students.

      • Orangeone

        Great point.  And I wonder if the teachers are sharing student information with the union so fictitious voter registrations can be filed.  Voter ID won’t protect American voters from this coordinated effort.

      • PhillyCon

        There you go. This is how they work with each other. Its a maze.

        As I said below, Lefties helping Lefties.

  • marketcomp

    Everyone knows that this administration is illegal, immoral, and corrupt as hell. Middle School, really! That is why Mark Levin says that parents need to talk to their kids and get between Barack Obama and their child and let them know what’s happening. It’s unfortunate because the generation who is going to suffer the most after this temporary politician is gone (Barack Obama) is them. I believe this is how Hugo Chavez secured re-election. Parents can stop this by addressing the school board and putting the school board in that area on blast, unless they are liberal democrats.

  • 1vote

    These libtards are down-right creepy !! A Nov blowout would go a long way!!

    • marketcomp

      Hopefully to extinction! Perhaps, wishful thinking.

  • SKL53

    The Communists at all these schools attempt to indoctrinate kids into being libs. This is so typical of the left to manipulate elections! This has always been their agenda! It isn’t about fair play…it’s about lies, cheating and spreading propoganda to get what they want! They don’t teach they BULLY!!!

  • zmegalooch

    no wonder they don’t want to require ID’s to vote….are they passing out presidential cigarettes to the kids too??

    • MiketheMarine

      There just aren’t enough illegal voters and deceased voters this time around for them to steal the election. Now they are moving on to kids and pets.

      • Smokey and Snowy and Kees (note: First is Mike’s the other two are mine) better not end up voting for NObama or there’s going to be trouble!

        • MiketheMarine

          Right on. My fella has a bad habit of biting criminals in places not suitable for discussion in mixed company. And his owner shares that bad habit.


          • NOte to self: Whenever I meet Mike in RL, bring muzzle! 😉

            • freenca

              LOL, Wolfie! It sounds like Smokey, Snowy, and Kees should be in charge of classroom security.

            • MiketheMarine

              Hahaha, good luck with that. LOL Folks have been trying to muzzle me for 42 years and, thusfar, nobody, family included have been successful. LOL

      • Nukeman60

        Seems like many of the dead voters are refusing to vote for Obama this time around. It appears the proposed death tax has driven them to the grave.

        Registering kids is ideal for them. They now have a legitimate name with a legitimate address. Who would even know? It’s tough making up names all the time.

        • MiketheMarine

          That could be dangerous for them. They may piss off the wrong Bible clinging, gun toting parents and find themselves in the cross hairs.

  • leel004

    What? Obama would cheat with voter fraud? I am sure there is a clear explanation for this once they think it up and read it off the TelePrompTer.
    Keep vigilant

  • 12grace

    obama can’t get any one else to vote for him but children, illegals and foreigners that want to destroy America.

    • conservative58

      … and the ‘Hollyweed’ crowd!

      • 12grace

        Like ghoul, george soros! LOL.

  • poljunkie

    If this happened at the school where my son were attending, my gosh, there would be h*ll to pay.

  • p m

    Disgusting, but no surprise. Hope this will get the parents to vote out the leftists on their school board. Right now, the left owns education – that’s why local politics is so important now more than ever for all of us. The left’s blow-out has to happen from top to bottom. Getting rid of the top layer won’t even begin to correct this take-over. The DoE has to go – period. Have you seen the ‘common core’ curriculum being touted under Race to the Top and Bill Ayer’s influence on it? More here

    Oh, and here’s #17 from the Communist Goals for the Takeover of America, read into Congress in 1963:
    “17 — Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

    Seems to working all their way so far…

    • p m,

      the sad truth is that this ‘common core’ is passing through with ease. Indiana is to be one of the “top” states on this common core thing. I talked with others and they see no big deal about it.

      If people really believe in public schooling, they need to tear down what we have completely and start over again. It isn’t just the school boards but the state Dept of Ed has to go as well.

      • p m

        Exactly. Apart from the agenda implicit in this latest waste of taxpayer money is the amount of that money – $4.5 Billion.
        A tear down is the necessary prelude to correction.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Have you seen the documentary on the public school system called IndoctriNation?

        • I have not seen IndoctrinNation, but I did see Divided which was blacklisted by D6 Conference. Though, I would be interested to watch it. The hardest thing for parents is to understand that their school is no longer what it was and that it is now the most dangerous institution to their own children.

          Yet, I still hear arguments why it is so important to send our kids into the den of thieves. Sadly, they keep expecting angels to return….

          • p m

            Puritan – I checked Netflix, Hulu and Youtube and the full movie isn’t there – surprise surprise…but, it is available from the infowars store for $19.99 or through Amazon from $14.24+shipping $2.98 (Amazon fulfilling for infowars.) I just ordered it. Youtube has a long interview with the film-maker Colin Gunn, a Scot who moved to Texas in 1999. It’s very enlightening all by itself, if you’re interested:

            Edited to add a link to the dvd:

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            I got to see the documentary at friends’ house a couple of times- very sad and scary. There’s a trailer on here:

  • These Leftist/Liberals are true serpents. They speak of doing for the “greater good” while actually doing the greatest evils! The corruption of a young mind is a GREAT EVIL!

    “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” – Revelation 12:9

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      It seems this could apply to the godless liberals in public classrooms today:
      Matthew 23:15 NAS
      “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you travel around on sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.”

  • Knowing what we know now about the support socialist and liberal Democrats for all many of corrupt organizations and people, I am stressed about to whom and for what purpose Organizing for America might do with these child registrations. At one point, I thought Democrats were honorable people. Now I am concerned that these registrations might wind up in the hands of organizations such as Second Mile–Jerry Sandusky’s foundation–or worse, Mabla.

    • Rshill7

      Mabla? What’s that? Do you mean NAMBLA?

      • pdxlady

        I think he meant NAMBLA.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Why would the Romney campaign seek to go in to conduct a voter registration drive to under-aged students who can’t vote in 2012? Fight the other side doing it, yes. Seek to do the same despicable thing? If they really did, doesn’t seem like they are above reproach.

    As to the allowance of Obama speeches in the IndoctriNation centers known as public schools:

    “If truth be not diffused, error will be; If God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancy, If the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will;

    If the power of the Gospel is not felt throughout the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness will reign without mitigation or end.”

    Daniel Webster
    (quote source:

    • If we could only have more Daniel Webster’s!

  • Sober_Thinking

    The corruption must start early so they can adequately be programmed.

    Pure evil.

  • wodiej

    I wish I could say I was surprised but I’m not. I know there are a lot of really good teachers out there that are being “hoodwinked” by unions and the benefits they dole out.

  • Susitna

    OFA is already enrolling the (Hitler Jugend) Obama Youth.

  • Is there no perfidy that the followers of obama will not committ? And why would it be necessary to indoctrinate middle school students…unless there are plans for more than 2 terms and that should be enough for some serious investigations right there. Not to mention the security concerns for these children listed below.

  • Another reason to rid ourselves of government schools. What is the best argument for government operated schools, again? I for the life of me cannot figure it out.

    The church and private organizations need to step up and be involved in the forefront of this fight for the nation and it starts with the education of our children.

  • Yazz55

    They should cease calling them schools.
    They are child indoctrination centers.
    …Just a little truth in labeling.

  • sjmom

    More down and dirty from the Obama team. 30 days til Romney/Ryan is elected.

  • When did a little thing like registering underage voters ever stop the Democrats? Just ask anyone at ACORN who they register to vote. All they’re going to do is check off a box that says they are 18 years old and then send in an absentee ballot. Simple, right? And since nobody ever seems to check these things, you have a couple of thousand new voters on the rolls. I would be stunned if there was ever a national law that required every state to verify and purge all of their voter rolls of dead people, illegal aliens, convicts, underage voters, and people who have registered more than once with a different address in the same state. But you just know not one Democrat in Congress would ever go for it. After all, they want to get re-elected, right?

  • On second thought, and re-reading the pertinent facts, this just screams “dry run” to me. I hope the folks in Fla are looking to the safety of their children.

  • Is anybody surprised? This is the only way these clowns can win at anything; by cheating. The democrats are the party of corruption, lying, cheating, stealing and just general crookedness. What really gets me about it is how blatant they are. Really? Going into a public school and doing it under everybody’s noses?

    That whole class of people disgust me; they think they are immune to rules and laws because they are somehow entitled to “more”. They see one conservative making $200k a year and that somehow entitles them to cheat, lie and steal. They are self-loathing, self-victimizing, pathetic slugs. I truly despise the left and all that it represents.

  • warpmine

    “Organizing For America apologized to the school district, the Tampa Bay Times reported. And the volunteer who delivered the pro-Obama speeches has been dismissed.”

    They scapegoated as usual the wrong one. The termination should have been placed upon the administration of the school district or the schools that allowed the sham activity to take place. Gee where have we’ve seen this sort of blame before……oh, that’s right, F&F operation and now Benghazigate.

  • At some point, the Chicago Way is going to meet up with the Texas Solution.

    • Will it be on PPV? I’ll pay!!! lots! 🙂

  • Nukeman60

    Someone please tell me that our shoddy public school system hasn’t gotten so bad that our middle schools are filled with voter-age people. Please tell me it ain’t so.

    If they actually registered minors to vote, then there should be some arrests pending here, shouldn’t there be. I’m so sick of people, all the way up to the President, constantly breaking laws and getting away with it.

    If I broke a law, any law, I would go to jail. If our laws mean nothing, then we have nothing and there is nothing but chaos.

    • Indeed… We support law and order… for ALL not for some!

      Libtards, the move to make sure the bravest of the brave, those oversea Patriots don’t get to vote by “forgetting” to send them the necessary paperwork… And their cohorts infiltrate the schools and make sure those who should not vote get to vote… Just like the dead, pets, and all those nice illegal immigrants! Just so long as we don’t have to show photo ID to vote, this will continue… Romney when he is President needs to push the voter ID law… To protect the integrity of the electorate and the entire voting process… Only a TRAITOR would oppose such a measure!

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Did you hear in Wisconsin, a concerted effort was made by Obama’s team to make sure convicts behind bars were able to vote? It was talked about on Laura Ingraham’s show today.

        • I missed that, but, sadly, with this regime, it doesn’t surprise me. 🙁

  • Stehekin912

    If you don’t need IDs to vote, or if your state votes by mail, how would anyone know a person was underage?

  • why would people allow voter registration people to come into a middle school anyways?
    they got 18 yr old 8th graders?

  • freenca

    And yet they block the votes of many in the military overseas. Then go on to claim, this very morning, that the military is voting 80% for the Zero. Unbelievable!! Our news paper ran an article this morning that same day online registration IS going to be allowed in CA, inviting more suspect votes to be cast. AAAARGH!!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I heard on Laura Ingraham’s show that 80 percent of the military who were voting were voting for Romney! And while they are disenfranchizing a bunch of our active duty military, they are trying to makes sure convicts, (and I think she was saying including felons) behind bars in Wisconsin were allowed to vote. They were given pens to vote with and the person in charge of the prison was directing to make sure the prisoners did not keep the pens, that they relinquished them when finished.

      • freenca

        Laura’s stats are more likely to be correct than the zero campaign’s. Felons still paying their debts to society should not be allowed the vote IMO. Overseas military should have the utmost measures taken to insure their voices be heard in the elections. And I do hope my Californians will vote out very legislators that bow to the special interests, such as unions and insiders that are robbing our state of the ability to prosper and pay it’s bills. California is long overdue for major changes to work in favor of it’s people rather than certain groups only. And I for one would rejoice if the state’s voters would overturn the assumption of a blue state victory here, that would be a great message to send to the big government folks.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I believe it is illegal for felons in prison to vote too! Even though Democrats typically outnumber Republicans at the California polls, perhaps between high unemployment, high tax rates, and diminished enthusiasm over Obama with some Democrats, and paramountly, with God’s help, Obama will be defeated in California’s vote!

          • freenca

            I hope so, Galatians, I hope so!

  • notebene

    I am an alumni of one of the schools in the scandal and that high school is not in Pasco County, it’s in Pinellas County. I plan on calling Pinellas County Public Schools and demanding that the principal of Dunedin High School be fired! As an administrator, he knew full well what he was doing was illegal and he proceeded. It should cost him his job and his pension!

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    This school should loose its federal funding “Would never happen”… Or fire all who allowed this to occur… “Same as above”..

    This president believes he is above the law because he has been given the green light by a poorly run U.S. House… Barack Hussein Obama will continue to destroy this country until he is packed and on his way to wherever….

  • hongryhawg

    There is where part of the illegal votes will come from in Florida.

  • spin43

    When will the educators realize that a communist nation will not make their lives better?

  • cheyennecowboy

    You just simply can’t embarrass these folks…the libs, dems, left-wing nuts! They lie, cheat, steal, and coerce people in order to get their way, even if it is illegal, or immoral. When caught, they just deny everything. They have no shame, they are just low-lifes. When are we going to wake up AMERICA? The liberals are up to no good in our country. It’s time they were caught, put in their place, and make an example of them….maybe, just maybe we can make life miserable enough for them that they will cease their shenanigans!