SE Cupp. What group is she in again? Proximus or Pridianus?

Proximus is Latin for ‘next’. Pridianus is Latin for ‘yesterday’. As in SE Cupp and her fellow young Proximus project colleagues are so yesterday in their thinking.

So what’s all the hubbub you say? For one thing, it seems that SE Cupp has said some public and very pointed comments about Rush Limbaugh’s commentary on Sandra Fluke.

The big stink is over SE Cupp’s comments on Rush Limbaugh and the new project that she is heading called Proximus. There are two articles that we’re talking about. One is at American Thinker and the other is at The American Spectator.

The Jeffrey Lord article at American Spectator is a two-fer: 1) he delves into the Proximus Project and 2), he takes on SE Cupp for her ill-advised comments about Limbaugh. Both the American Thinker and Jeffrey Lord articles explain that trying to be hip in order to remain relevant while ignoring party political history is just old fashioned backwards thinking. There is nothing “foreward” or “next” about their views. Reagan knew instictively that it’s hip to be square. Twisting the party into a clone of the Democratic party is an old idea that should be placed in History’s file 13.

The American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord opines in his critique of Cupp and her fellow travelers, that their POV sounds eerily like those criticisms in

…a book by liberal journalist Robert J. Donovan some 49 years ago, ominously titled “The Future of the Republican Party.” Written in the immediate aftermath of the Goldwater defeat in 1964, Donovan’s conclusion after detailed conversations with voters, pollsters, and both Republican and Democrat party elites around the country was that unless the GOP gave up conservatism and became a me-too moderate party with socially liberal candidates like then-New York Congressman and soon-to-be Mayor John Lindsay, the GOP was doomed.

Too many folk who call themselves Republican or conservative want to play the cards they were dealt in these last two elections rather than fight like Reagan and his guerilla army did to gain the nomination and go on to win three straight elections. And Reagan won two elections without the benefit of either talk radio or a sychophantic media. His rhetoric, his views are still relevant today. The guy was a master politician and years ahead of his time.

To the point:

American Thinker – [Cupp and her colleagues exhibit a] lack of historical awareness of conservatism. Are we seeing young conservatives who seem not to have grasped conservatism whole? Who do not understand the seamless thread that binds conservative values as a way of life, from the Constitution to gay marriage and abortion to free market economics and dealing with Al Qaeda?

SE Cupp on her twitter account tweets this: ”I see now ‘I don’t understand conservatism’ for criticizing Rush. Keep on telling yourselves the party’s fine guys. Working well for us”

Jeffrey Lord – Has Cupp never heard of the famous radical leftist feminist line that “the personal is political”? A line that took off in feminist lore when Carol Hanisch, known in the day (the late 1960s) as a founder of New York Radical Women, wrote a 1970 essay in Notes From the Second Year: Women’s Liberation titled “The Personal Is the Political”?

Fluke made that connection in her speech. Limbaugh was trying to make that connection in his remarks on Sandra Fluke as well. His slut remark notwithstanding, he made the connection. One which SE Cupp fails to see….still….

I ‘spect that SE will just have to keep “kicking at the goad”

Then the big question:

Jeffrey Lord – Are they [Cupp and colleagues] really conservatives — or just the latest, newest incarnation of that age old 20th century invention: the GOP moderate? The newest sparkling edition of a wannabe Ruling Class? Making the rounds of the bar scene in Manhattan and New York and longing to be hip? “

One final remark:

AT – Making the Manhattan social scene doesn’t cut it, not in terms of life shaping experiences, unless one is writing for People magazine or a newspaper’s “Life” section.

Jump into the pool SE, the water’s fine.

The AT article is here. The American Spectator article is here.

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  • Bucketheadbaptist

    Before we sacrifice another of our own under the bus… perhaps we should show a little more grace to the young woman and listen carefully.

    Sometimes… It’s hard to be constantly under attack… and sometimes there are those of us on the conservative end that have found some of our leaders and ideology to have been false. It happens.

    I’m not sure where S.E. is right now… but I sure as heck don’t want to see her become the next HuffPo.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      ??? Erm … have you ever READ any of SE’s books? I have. In her forward, she hints at a predilection for giving lap-dances. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it!) My point — briefly — is that I tend to see SE as one of these youngerish Conservatives who may not grasp completely what it means to be a Conservative, but I’ll definitely cut her some slack because she’s young. I think she — like Coulter — run the risk of having tremendous crossover appeal (to Liberals) because of their positions on some issues as well as they way they “communicate.”

      But, again, I’m no expert myself.

      • 3seven77

        “In her forward, she hints at a predilection for giving lap-dances.

        Personally, I think SE Cupp’s appeal is based on exactly that and not much else.

        • 57thunderbird

          Good point.

          • Conniption Fitz

            Lap dancing is not a conservative activity. Ever.

            • 57thunderbird

              I know that.I was just poking fun.

            • B-Funk

              Let me cut in and say, yes it is. Anyone can do that if they want, so long as they don’t make it anyone else’s issue. A Husband and Wife can do all the lap dancing they want. And even SE can do it with some one-nighter if she likes. Just so long as she doesn’t make it our issue. We’re conservatives, not neo-cons… or liberals for that matter.

        • M_J_S

          She gives lap dances because no one will pay for them!

        • M_J_S

          She gives lap dances because no one will pay for them!

      • 911Infidel

        That’s been pretty clear to me. She looks good and that’s all she’s got. That’s the Manhatten hip set. And we don’t need vanity to get our message out. We need substance.

    • StrangernFiction

      Our own? A MSLSD employee is one of us?

      If you say so.

    • white531

      Buckethead, first prove to me, that she is, “one of our own,” as you put it.

      • warpmine

        Sounds like my teenage son, a very knowledgeable know-it-all never given a thought to experience which he hasn’t any in the very real scope of it all. I suppose she pushed herself hard to be relevant when practical real world experience wasn’t there. She will eventually be bent so out of shape that she will compel herself to be David Brock or Jr. Buckley.

      • Bucketheadbaptist

        …well… Not you.

        I think we all have better things to do than to prove things to folks like you.

        • white531

          Spoken like a true christian gentleman.

    • v.l.

      It’s hard to be constantly under attack? Limbaugh knows it better than anyone! Palin knows it better than anyone; heck even Gingrich went through it when Republicans threw him under the bus in 1996. So it’s very disheartening that SECupp chose liberal platforms and joins in attacking one of the great spokesman in the conservative movement. Why show her any grace? Ignore her, I say.

      • Bucketheadbaptist

        A very ungracious thing to say.

        • v.l.

          Take your own advice! There is nothing ungracious in my statement, but there is plenty in Cupp’s. Using her kind of thinking, I should not be afraid to criticize her when she her acts are just plain “stupid, crazy and dangerous.”

    • B-Funk

      Well said. She does need to learn some home truths, though. Perhaps time will take care of that.

  • eddie333

    Sarah E Cupp is so yesterday.

    • proverbs2611

      Which is probably why we’re seeing her in the news lately. She’s an attention (expletive) and will get attention by any means. She’ll pretend to be anything on tv just to get as much attention as possible. Crossing over is popular these days.

      • Crossing over / Compromisers? How true, Just look back past 4 years, at the republican leadership Mr Boehner and McConnell, not only is crossing over popular but very costly.
        Though I think I understand your deeper jest concerning crossing over (;
        If I’m miss reading your meaning, sorry and your other points are well made.

  • 57thunderbird

    All one needs to do to know that moderate conservatism doesn’t work is look at the last two presidential elections.We have already been down that road and it leads to a dead end.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman


    • NPC

      That was all part of filling the “large tent” remember? We’re living with this tent crap now.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Ever since she went over to MSLSD I havent cared much for her commentary as she has changed. As a matter of fact when she started I tweeted her asking if she delouses… guess not. The vile and corrupt thought of those over at MSLSD is slowly growing, consuming her into this moderate. Guess thats what happens when youre around Touréttes for a few hrs a day!

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Well (see my point above), I never quite saw her as a full Conservative to begin with … just someone who on most issues pointed in the right direction …

  • 57thunderbird

    Why don’t you partner up with Rove SE?Two peas in a pod.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      She could. No doubt he’s had his eye on her.

      • 57thunderbird

        Ha! 😀

    • PhillyCon

      No, she should hook up with Meggie Mac.

      • 57thunderbird

        Even better.

      • 911Infidel

        Dude. You just nailed it. That is exactly who SE Cupp reminds me of.

  • PhillyCon

    Sounds like she’s competing with Meggie McCain! Have fun with that!

    But seriously, don’t you love Cupp’s strawman of “we are not allowed to criticize Limbaugh?”

    • StrangernFiction

      That is the statement of a progg.

  • Why does some glorified art school grad, with 7 layers of caked on makeup, who has done nothing but consultant-type work for Liberal News outlets (Daily News, MSNBC) matter? Why is what she thinks the Conservatives should do matter? Who deemed her expert? Rush has been doing this for 30 years, he has seen folks like her come and go. Should we care about this latest fool looking to get attention? She is no more an expert on Conservatism than Ann Coulter is. Rush isn’t beyond criticism, but to me, he is the last person I would hang out to dry. He has taken the arrows for 30 years and without him Conservatism wouldnt have have become such a powerful movement

    • 57thunderbird

      There have been occasions when I have disagreed with Rush.Few and far between.But,as you say,Rush has been a long time warrior for conservatism and deserves our support.SE will be here today and gone tomorrow

    • StrangernFiction

      Hanging with the most vile Leftists around is not the mark of a conservative.

    • BorntoSynthesize

      AMEN! Cupp became, to me, irrelevant when she joined MSLSD. She’s a bright commentator, but joining that roster of buffoons is a great way to screw your career. She won’t be able to wash off the stench.

  • PhillyCon

    Question to Ms. Cupp: when does the Left ever criticize Chris Matthews, Al Gore, Van Jones, or any other fill in the blank liberal?

    Why are we always expected to self immolate? Don’t we have enough of that already? Yes, let’s just further attack ourselves. Anyone see how screwed up this is?

    • 57thunderbird

      Yep.The libs circle the wagons around one of their own regardless of what they have done or said,but the conservatives or those that think they are conservative are quick to throw one of their own under the bus at the drop of a hat.

      • PhillyCon

        Exactly. Rush alluded to this yesterday … he mentioned Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin as examples.

        Have you ever heard any liberal or Democrat denounce Joe Biden’s “musings?” Or when Nancy Pelosi cost the Dems the House? Or even Obama’s “leadership” skills?

        • 57thunderbird

          Never.You are correct.Rush did point that out.I was listening.

      • NPC

        Yup, just as I was saying to Phillicon.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Heck, the left doesn’t even apologize for the vile utterings of nasty-mouth Bill Maher.

      The left has no shame, just pretend righteous indignation.

      • NPC

        They don’t like to cut off their money flow,that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do to the donor.

    • NPC

      Yes I see it clearly, I have no idea why the conservative seems to enjoy getting beat to a pulp, as far as I’m concerned they’re not true conservative. In my book you either are a conservative or you are not, period. And you’ll know it when you are.
      D’you suppose S.E Cupp goes around telling her audiences, that the beatings will stop as soon as morale improves?

      • PhillyCon

        I have no idea why the conservative seems to enjoy getting beat to a pulp,

        Self-loathing? Is it b/c we are the “minority” culturally, and these people are embarrassed to have somewhat traditional viewpoints or have to defend them?

        In this Obama age, you are called a hater if you believe in traditional marriage … that’s how skewed and Alinkyified our culture is. So, these people like Cupp, Noonan, Kathleen Parker, David Brooks, David Frum, et al who hob nobb with liberals just want to be accepted. They want to be “of this world and in it,” so to speak.

        • NPC

          Yeah and they’ll be the first ones that will be thrown under the bus, by their own.

  • c4pfan

    Frankly, I don’t think of her at all and I think people are going way overboard. Rush has way more sway than she ever will & I don’t get the obsession that he needs defending.

    • 57thunderbird

      Doesn’t need defending,but we need to support him.

  • PVG

    15 minutes are up SE…….buh bye now!

  • Akabosan

    Who let this young lady out of the kitchen?


  • nibblesyble

    I admire Jeffrey Lord so much and always read what he writes…they are long but so worth it!

  • 57thunderbird

    What we should be saying is, who’s SE Cupp?

    • nibblesyble


    • v.l.

      We should be saying: MSNBC contributor.

    • OneThinDime

      That is what I ask because I’ve never heard of her and believe she isn’t worth a 2nd look let alone a listen.

  • bjohnson55

    The girl is just trying to earn a paycheck. I have always thought she is in over her head.

  • Her claim to fame is the whole catholic schoolgirl outfit thing on RedEye. That’s about it.

    Good eye candy, but unlike the ladies of The Five, she doesn’t have the intellect to couple with it.

    • You like that show?

      • marketcomp

        Good question, Laurel!

        • I find The Five to be a bunch of blathering without end and on par with The View. There is far more in depth discussions to be found here and other conservative blogs than on Fox.

          • marketcomp

            I agree, Laurel!

  • I’m pretty sure that we can criticize Limbaugh if we want. Especially if he calls someone a slut. No one is defending Sarah Fluke. She’s a socialist. But calling someone a slut isn’t the same as calling them a socialist. Where do we get these God-like figures who are above the scope of criticism? Isn’t that what Obama is for for liberals?

    If you think Cupp is wrong for thinking that we can criticize Limbaugh, then I guess you should criticize Cupp. There is nothing wrong with criticizing other people, after all, even if they are conservatives. But it would be quite ironic to criticize Cupp for saying that we shouldn’t be afraid to criticize Limbaugh, because your claim that we shouldn’t criticize someone else (such as Limbaugh) directly contradicts the fact that you criticized Cupp.

    • 57thunderbird

      I can think of no other term for Sandra Fluke than the one employed by Rush.She did say that she has so much sex that she can’t afford all the required birth control.A rose by any other name.

      • NPC

        And you don’t want to know what I called her when she demanded that I’d help pay for her sex sport, let’s get off this PC crap. Let’s call it what it is, it’s right there in front of our faces.

        • Read my above comment in response to 57Thunderbird.

          I bet you’d even defend a Republican presidential candidate if he or she called Fluke a slut in a nationally televised speech.

          • NPC

            Not hardly, you’re taking this whole way thing out of context. Don’t get hung up on semantics.

      • Whether or not she is a slut, I don’t know. She never commented on how often she has sex. So Rush, for one, doesn’t know, and secondly, even if he did somehow know, would be out of line to use that word in that context. Thirdly, this debate is not even about whether he was right to call her a slut. The debate is about whether we should be allowed to voice our disagreement with him, and we absolutely should be allowed to.

    • marketcomp

      It is interesting how Ms. Cupp pointed to one incident to criticize. Rush has been on the radio for 25+ years and she points to one! That goes to show that she is small minded and that she choose Rush to either get notice or she knew that Rush would ignore her. Otherwise why point to ONE incident? Moreover, as Mr. Lord pointed out in his article in the feminist world “The Personal Is the Political,” where they intentionally merge their private lives with their personal lives so Rush calling Fluke out was just what she wanted and the only one who cares about that is SE Cupp! Cupp is a pawn and while this little hit below the belt gets you some brownie points among the MSNBC communist network it gets you nothing with those of us who have supported and helped you get to prominence. I know that you are a devoted atheist, which probably explains your sliminess. Moreover, why didn’t you criticize Mark Levin, SE Cupp? Is it because you know better than to commit such a stupid act for it could be the end of your career! Rush believes in never criticizing another republican which I guess doesn’t apply to you or those of your elk. You are a disgrace and I hope that Glenn Beck calls you out for such a stupid move and act. Although I doubt that he will. You are a disgrace and Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, and you and those of your elk belong together because I for one will never read or buy anything else from either of you again. You should be ashamed!

      • 57thunderbird

        Don’t hold back.Tell us how you really feel. 🙂

        • marketcomp

          I know, 57thunderbird! These people act like we are in a typical ideological battle between the typical democrat party when we all know that it is waay worse than that, right now! We are in a fight for the heart and soul of America and Rush and Mark and a few others before them are on the frontline of the fight. People like SE Cupp are little insects and if your not helping then get the hell out of the way.

          • 57thunderbird

            SE is but a pis ant when compared to Mark and Rush.Her and her ilk are a detriment to the conservative cause.She is irrelevant.

          • NPC

            Speaking like a true conservative. I like the way you speak.

          • Well said!

        • johnfromjersey

          Yeah, right?

      • There are a lot of incidents we can criticize Rush for. Everyone has different viewpoints about various things he has said. I don’t want this to turn into a bashing Rush thing. The guy is a talented talk show host and very entertaining. The simple point is that–regardless of where you stand on him–you can allow for honest discussion and debate about what he says. This whole thing kind of reminds me of China in the Cultural Revolution when no one was allowed to disagree with anything Mao said. At one point, Mao said the Party was going to promote people’s ability to criticize any Party policy, and he got discussion going for a short time, but then he quickly closed it down and punished anybody who spoke out. It was just a sham to see who to punish. Seems the same with those who disagree with Rush. If anyone disagrees with him, they are torn down.

    • wallwatchman

      No one is saying anyone is above criticism. Rush WAS criticized by everyone and his brother when it happened… Last year! Remember?! He lost sponsors, liberals wanted his head on a stick, and even some conservatives kicked him under the bus! In my opinion, the outrage was way over done.

      Anyway, point being, he was beat up! Why is S.E. doing this drama all over again?! For all the good things he’s done for the conservative party, why hammer him for something that is over and done with and apologized for?! And why go to liberal media, who are giddy with delight to rip a conservative, and give them ammo to shoot us with?! The timing doesn’t make sense, and frankly, the target doesn’t make sense. The politicians are the ones with unchecked power, able to tax and spend us into oblivion! Not rush! He’s not making you listen to him, using your tax dollars for stupid projects and perks, controlling every facet of your life, and threatening you with jail and fines if you don’t comply! So rush is who we should criticize and worry about?! Really?! Wasting valuable time S.E.!

      • What makes me laugh is when little progressives label him a drug addict…the very same people who want to legalize drugs and labeled addiction a disease decades ago. Their stupidity and hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • johnfromjersey

      We’re taking your comment under scrutinization, now if that scrutiny should turn up positive, then I feel we must maximize our efforts.

    • Ummm…it’s Sandra not Sarah. You are so busy with your constant flaming you got your women mixed up.

      He didn’t call her a slut.

      The rest of your post is babble.

      • Um… Are you mad that I disrespected Susan Fluke?

        Sidenote, your comment literally contains a factual error. It says, “He didn’t call her a slut.” Much bigger error than me not knowing the name of that person, who before Rush made her famous, was a nobody.

        • No error. He didn’t call her a slut. He asked a legitimate question. “What does society call someone who expects to be paid for their sex?”

          Apparently you weren’t listening directly and are operating off of hearsay.

          And in reality you sound like an ignoramus bellowing about Rush when you yourself are purposely disrespecting the woman by getting her name wrong.

          The minute they put up the cameras she became famous. That is why they staged that whole fake testimony/press conference.

  • M_J_S

    She gives lap dances because no one will pay for them!

    • 57thunderbird

      Maybe she should give one to Rove.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Gross on both counts.

        The woman is a paid media mouth, a media personality…all the get-up and preposterous posing, statements is just selling herself.

        That’s called a prostituting oneself. Fits with the lap dancing.

        • 57thunderbird

          Fits like a glove.

      • M_J_S

        Only if she dressed up like white board

        • 57thunderbird


  • white531

    I could be wrong on this, and if you can prove I am, I will be glad to take the heat.

    I don’t believe there is any such thing, as a, “New Conservative.” You are either a Conservative or you are not.

    The Liberals’ bag of tricks knows no end. I believe they are now infiltrating Conservative sites and Conservative venues, with Liberals who are pretending to be Conservatives.

    I would even guess we have some of those, “unwelcome” guests, here on The Right Scoop.

    I don’t really know who s e cupp is. I’ve read a few of her comments. I didn’t really see any intelligence above normal. I surmise she works for MSNBC. Does that mean she is as smart as Maria Bartinelli? If that is true, then God help us. Maria Bartinelli could get lost on the way to the bathroom, and have to call 911.

    • magicdixieranch

      ‘I don’t believe there is any such thing, as a, “New Conservative.” You are either a Conservative or you are not.’

      BOOM!! right there, THAT is it in a nutshell…for SECupp or any other usurper of the Conservative mantle (Rove, …you ARE or you AREN’T

      • I am so tired of people adding neo’ or ‘paleo’ to labels. I are either conservative or you are not.

    • NPC

      The little exposure that she had on Glenn Beck has gone to her head, and as I stated in my earlier statements here, you either are a conservative , or you are not, it’s as simple as that.
      She likes to talk and like to create an aura of authority about herself, and if you ask her if she’s ever been wrong, I doubt you’d get the answer you’d expect.

    • No, you are correct. They are infilitrating the Tea Party ranks as well.

      It’s a play out of the same old playbook. Rush calls them “seminar callers”. I’ve seen them at meet-ups and on here.

      It usually starts with “I’m a lifelong Republican, BUT………”
      “I’m a conservative, BUT………”

      When in fact they aren’t conservative, never will be, never could be.

      They are the left. The have no scruples, no rules, no class, and no values. They will do anything and everything to advance their agenda…including having “spies” as it were.

      On the internet, they are 10 years ahead of us and have organized campaigns (by people who have nothing else to do) to sit and web troll all day. Some of them even get paid for their efforts.

      • white531

        Sorry to get back to you ten hours later, but I am one of those rare Americans who still runs a business and works for a living.

        I just had the pleasure of reading your comment, and I totally agree. Most of us think we are safe from Liberals here on these Conservative sites like Scoop, but we are not.

        Because the Progressives spread their wings wide, and seek out any venue where they can plant their poison. That’s why I take so much fun with Trolls, and you should do the same. We all should. Because if this is not War, then I don’t know what War is.

    • I think it ties into the equating republican and conservative.
      you can be one or the other as well as both, but they are not the same thing.
      instead of labeling her conservative we should label her republican.

      • white531

        Hope you’re still here, dmacleo. I would trouble you to explain that. How can you be one or the other, as well as both, but they are not the same thing? I believe you, as the author of that statement would have to agree it is a little confusing.

        • you can register republican and vote democrat.
          republican is a party while conservative is a philosophy.
          you can be a registered independent while always voting for the most conservative candidate. while lately that has been republican its not always the case, especially in local elections.
          whatever party you are registered as has no bearing on whether you are conservative or not, and way too often I see people assuming republican equals conservative.

          • white531

            The obvious question would be, “why would you want to do that?”

  • FreeManWalking

    Instead of inviting her into the pool to pee in the water…

    I would rather see her Waterboarded.

  • white531

    To use a Liberal perspective, “there is nothing to see here.” Can we just move on?”

  • S.E.Cupp railed against republicans for their party platform against abortion and gay marriage. She stated that we need to move to the center if we plan to be relevant. She is not that conservative, other than maybe a fiscal conservative, but Reagan said that true conservatism stand on three legs: strong moral values, strong fiscal conservatism with free market values, and strong on defense. She is wanting the republicans to ditch the moral issues. Not only that, but she appears to be enjoying the 15 minutes of fame that the left is giving her by allowing them to goad her into criticizing republicans. We have WAY TOO MANY female (so-called conservative) writers who have already sullied themselves trying to please the left, not to mention the men who adore adulation from the left. Republicans are not losing because they are not moderate enough. They are losing because the candidates that have the means to win are the moderates and not the conservatives.

    • white531

      I’m going to take some heat for this. I know that, going in. But, here it is.

      One of the things that absolutely had to happen, in the Liberal Indoctrination of America, the move toward Socialism, was that we had to become a more Feminine nation. Believe it or don’t, they succeeded in doing just that.

      The females among us, are the Mothers, the Nurturers. They give birth to new life, and they protect it. When these Mothers and Nurturers, these protectors of Life, gained political office, the world as we knew it, changed dramatically.

      This is what the Socialists needed. Because they presented a world to all of us, where everyone loved everyone else. The strong males among us, knew that was a crock, from the beginning. So the Socialists concentrated on the females. Damned if it didn’t work. We are now a more or less, feminine society.

      We don’t want guns. We don’t want wars. We don’t believe we have enemies. We just believe everyone just has to just get along.

      It was brilliant. It was so brilliant, that now most of our children are educated in elementary school, the most formative years of any child, by Liberal female Idiots.

      They then hand them over, to College Perfessers, who are more Liberal than the Idiot we have, for a President. This has the effect, of putting the final, finishing touch, on their Liberal Education. By the time they finish Graduate School, their heads are so full of Liberal mush, that they are absolutely worthless, to the rest of us, so they go to work as journalists, for the major media networks, and the cycle begins all over again.

      Part of what I just stated, is humor, but most of it is reality. You know it, and I know it. We have to stop ignoring the obvious, and start confronting it. Otherwise, all of this is just a worthless exercise.

      • Ridiculous.

        • white531

          Laurel, you know I love your comments and your presence here on Scoop. I knew I would take some heat . I just didn’t think it would come from you.

          You want to talk about it, just let me know.

          • My dear you have gigantic gaps in your history so you have formulated an opinion on misinformation. The reality is feminization began in the culture with the advent of communism in the 19th century for starters. I know many women who are strong women that are very much against socialism…myself included. Do not confuse the first wave of feminism of the suffragettes with the bra burners of the 70’s. Your post is misogynist that smacks of ignorance. And let me tell you something…MEN OPENED THE DOOR TO THAT FEMINIZATION BY CONSTANTLY AND CONTINUALLY RAISING TAXES. Did you think you were going to thrust women in the workforce to get more revenue and not let them benefit from their labor? And don’t tell me men didn’t because the US Government along with every university and think tank in this country has done studies on this. Large tomes have been written about this very topic. The late 1960’s and early 1970’s forced women to work to maintain a standard of living that otherwise would never be had. Pre-Boomer generation was hardest hit by this. My mother was born in 1940 and worked my entire life. She was only retired three years when she died. Her mother also worked her entire life due to being a widow, then a major property owner. She was self made millionaire. I don’t recall my adopted grandfather complaining.

            I could go on and on but what is the point? I will end with this… and that is real women want real men…PERIOD! I am disappointed in what you wrote. Yes men are getting gelded by these idiot feminists but not all women throw in with them and most of us appreciate the hard work we put into our education as well as our families, and men with any amount of testosterone value that and do not feel threatened by it. They certainly know how to benefit from it if they have a brain cell.

            You can try to blame the ills of the world on women but somehow I don’t think that is going to pass muster at the pearly gates. Your little Adam and Eve version of modern history is a crock.

            and BTW…the bulk of my daughter’s idiot liberal teachers and professors were liberal radical leftard MEN! I personally gelded more than one of them. she gelded the bulk of them herself…BECAUSE HER MOTHER AND FATHER RAISED HER TO BE A WARRIOR.

            • white531

              Laurel, you can attack me all you want, for the statement I made. Problem is, I totally agree with everything you just said. I’m not your enemy. The Progressives are your enemy.

              Although your comment was eloquent in defense of women’s rights, it had nothing to do with what I just said. What I said was this. The Communists knew that in order to introduce Communism to America, they had to make it a more feminine country. They had to get rid of the male machoism attitude of the country. They had to soften the political attitude of the country. They had to make it more feminine. To their credit, they succeeding in doing so, to the detriment of those females among us, who enjoy the presence of a strong male influence.

              Whatever your feelings are, relevant to whether men or women control the future of our country, one thing is fairly certain. The Progressives who want to take us to a New World Order, prefer women. Because most men reject the very idea. Women, not so much. That’s why they, “feminized” the country.

              We are now living with that result. Our schools are dominated by female teachers who have all had more than one glass of the Kool-Aid. A male teacher in any Elementary school in America, is a rarity. What we are witnessing in America right now, is the total success of what began many years ago. “The Progressive Indoctrination of America.” It is almost complete.

              Your imagined confrontation with me here on this most Conservative site, is evidence they have succeeded.

              In closing, I will say this. Any Christian family knows that it takes both a strong Father, and a strong Mother, to raise a Family. In that Christian Family, both are equal. They both decided to do this thing, and in that decision that they made, they both assumed responsibility for the outcome.

              I despair, at those among us, who still want to fight about the roles we play in this drama, called Life.
              God decided those roles a long time ago. Some people just have trouble living with it.

              • In reality it isn’t just the women they are going through. it is the weak minded. Ignorance is the easiest thing in the world to exploit. It wasn’t most men that rejected the idea since it was actually introduced by men to begin with. Read Frankfurt School of Germany. Men! Every one of them. Most of academia that introduced this pablum into society…Men! Catholic Church helped with it in the 1920’s…and they are run by what? MEN! Education is still a male dominated field. I’m not here to have a war of the sexes with you. I’m here to point out you formulated an opinion based on fiction and in total and complete error backed up no facts what so ever.

                Male teachers are not a rarity by any stretch. When is the last time you went to a public school at any level including college? Even for a visit?

                How is my confrontation of you evidence they have succeeded? Another ridiculous statement.

                Just when you start to dig out of that hole you fall right back in.

                • white531

                  I guess the most apparent thing here, is that we are not even going to come close to having a conversation, because of your anger. As for your question about when was the last time I went to a public school, well, I don’t know what to say. You obviously have an agenda here this evening, that will not be denied, in spite of anything I have to add to the conversation.

                  For the record, I have raised three sons, who are now contributing citizens of this great country. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on the fourth.

                  I have been inside a classroom. I have talked to the teachers of my children. I have met with the worthless administrators of our worthless public school system. I find them lacking, in the abilities required, to educate our children.

                  As do many others, who live in absolute abhorrence, of what our government calls a School System.

                  Laurel, I suggest we keep a respectful distance. I have done my level best to have a conversation with you, but I am wise enough to realize that sometimes that is simply not possible.

                  I wish you well. I really do. But I will no longer respond to your posts.

                • white531

                  I should have done this much earlier. My mistake. I took a look at your profile. Every single comment you ever made, was a comment of confrontation. You are really not a very happy person, are you?

    • TLaMana

      Concentrating on the “fiscal conservative” side of the house is the only way Republicans will ever occupy the White House again.

      • c4pfan

        Then why don’t the Dems get to focus on everything else, BUT fiscal issues!

        • TLaMana

          If Romney wasn’t pulled into the minutia of social issues he would have had a much better chance of winning. Obama and his minions knew he couldn’t run on his record and did everything in their power to run on anything but.

      • same song thats been sung for decades.
        it was false then and its false now.

    • BRAVO!

      This isn’t politically correct to say but it is my opinion that it is her atheism that lets her dump morals so easily and readily to move into the center. Conservative Christians refuse because they worry far more about the next life than this one.

  • Rocco11

    Cupp is about as conservative as Mika Brzezinski.

  • Sure you can criticize Rush S.E, but over the Sandra Fluke thing? Sorry, but people shouldn’t be paying for birth control because Fluke and keep her legs closed. Being on MSNBC everyday must have fried S.E’s brain or something.

  • ryanomaniac

    She is nothing more than another Megyn McCain. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Isn’t Se Cupp essentially a RINO? -AND- Was it on this site that there was a somewhat passionate defense of RINO paradigms? I could be mistaken. Also, I wonder what Glenn Beck thinks of her commentary?

  • Amjean

    I have mostly thought that by her tone and demeanor SE Cupp was out
    mostly to be noticed.

  • Myptofvu

    Correct me if I’m wrong (and I very well may be) but I took her criticism of Rush to mean that we need to speak out louder against missteps when they happen so that we’re not tainted by them like in the case of Akin and the guy form Indiana and that this should be all inclusive and there should be no sacred cows (Rush).

    I felt that she was hot under the collar about issues like this costing us the election and that addressing them and clearly standing against them when they happen was a better course of action then to just let it slide or sweep it under the rug.

    Why didn’t Romney do better with the female vote? My conclusion is that they must have fallen victim to the false War on Women the Left perpetrated and incidents like Rush’s use of the word Slut substantiated their claim.

    I didn’t take her actions to be an attack on Rush at all but on her fellow members in the media spotlight for not reacting to it the way they might have had Rush been not such a venerable icon.

    • PapaLouie

      Really? “We need to speak out louder against missteps” by Republicans? A ton of Republicans spoke out against Akin, Rush, and others. Rush even apologized the next day for the “slut” comment, but that doesn’t satisfy the left. It will NEVER satisfy the left. No matter how loud we speak out against fellow Republicans, it only makes them clamor for more.

      But when do Democrats ever speak out against their own when they misstep? Have they criticized Obama for being AWOL the night 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi? Do they speak out against Bill Maher when he, like Rush, refers to women as four-letter words but, unlike Rush, refuses to apologize? Do they speak out against Bill Clinton for sexually harassing a White House intern and then lying about it in court and to the American people? No, they never speak out against him; they speak out in praise of him. They circle the wagons around Democrats who misstep and then turn them into heroes. They don’t form circular fire squads like Republicans like to do. Yet somehow they never get “tainted” by it. How is that possible?

      I’m not saying we should be hypocrites, like the Democrats, and never fault our fellow Republicans when they step out of line. But first, we need to make sure they are not being misquoted. That happens more often than not. And once they apologize or correct their mistake, we should let it be. We don’t need to beat a dead horse by bringing these things up years later and rehashing them over and over again like S. E. Cupp and Carl Rove want to do. You cannot calm those sharks on the left by chumming the waters!

  • For an educated person like Cupp, she surprises me. When the liberals lost to George W. Bush in 2004, did they collapse and give up and say that they had to become more conservative and more “bipartisan?” Absolutely not. If anything, they became more liberal and dragged the Democratic party even more to the left. The result? They not only won the midterm elections in 2006, but the White House in 2008 AND again in 2012. And the liberals, in getting even more low information voters addicted to government benefits and entitlements, now make up roughly 50% of the population. Once that happens, you set up a system like in Britain where liberals will control government forever, with conservatives being just like the liberals only spending money at a slightly slower rate. Once in a hundred years you will get a politician like Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan, but they certainly will be the exception and not the norm, before the country slips back into its addiction of massive public spending and eventual bankruptcy. So Cupp is just plain wrong. If EVER we needed a Ronald Reagan, a person that is NOT willing to compromise his or her conservative beliefs, it is now, when we really ARE about to go bankrupt. Cupp should know that by now.

    • “If anything, they became more liberal and dragged the Democratic party even more to the left.”

      After they ran to the right to gain the majority. They ran a conservative campaign on fiscal discipline. That was the cudgel used to beat Republicans over the head and the masses fell for it because they didn’t know the opponent. Democrats used SunTzu and it worked. Once again they were three steps ahead of Republicans proclaiming a recession so loudly and repeatedly that it became a self fulfilling prophecy used to hide their wrongdoing that actually brought the real recession to bear. They began the minute Dubya and McCain called for reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. They simply couldn’t have the press digging into that any deeper let alone the pay off voter scam known as CRA.

      As to educated…says who? I see no critical thinking skills coming out of S.E. Cupp. What I see and hear is moral relativism which is low hanging fruit and an easy pick’ins.

      Also take note that Hollywood and the media are in hyper overdrive to help cement their status. For example I have stopped watching three tv shows due to the depiction of conservatives and Christians as evil. This is yet another example once again of Democrats three steps ahead.

  • Brady Bartlett

    I am losing faith in this web site because you seem to be worshiping at the Rush alter rather than the reason alter. SE is perfectly free to criticize Rush as he can be a little off at times and he is not the know all end all of conservative thought. Nor does he need a thought police to defend him. Back off and widen the tent a little before making it so narrow that you can’t even include me, who I consider to be 100% Reagan and 100% Tea Party.

    • NHConservative0221

      So you’re ok with Cupp going onto MSLSD to criticize Rush while ignoring the sickening comments made by Bill Maher, Letterman, and countless others on the left?

      ALso, what was wrong with what Rush said about Fluke?

      How do you respect someone who begs Congress to force taxpayers to pay for her to whore it around campus???

      If you want to be a slut, do it on your own dime, not mine.

    • 57thunderbird

      It is not her criticism of Rush that is the issue.It is her squishy middle of the road moderate republican attitude.Moderate conservatism does not work.Look to the last two presidential elections as proof.

      • She is actually a self avowed Libertarian riding the coat tails of conservatives in an effort to mass market herself and change the definition and direction of conservatism.

    • PhillyCon

      Rush as he can be a little off at times and he is not the know all end all of conservative thought.

      Straw man. No one has said Rush is the be all and end all. Even Malkin criticized him at the time. Think a little deeper. Why is she bringing it up now and on a Leftist network? Maybe, her intentions aren’t so pure. Have you thought of that?

    • First off…majority rules. Bedrock of our society. Rush has the majority, and he has that majority for a reason. Next up S.E. Cupp used criticism of Rush as self aggrandizement. It’s akin to shooting someone in the back and calling yourself a hero. Third, her criticism was incorrect. Fourth, it was way late and after the party was over which circles right back around to self aggrandizement.

      I respect your minority opinion however it is just that. I also suspect if you are a as you say then it isn’t what Rush is saying but perhaps the manner in which he says it. That’s okay since it is impossible to please the entire planet.

    • next up you’ll be on tv insulting this site right?

    • Based on the fact that you stopped by here for your very first Disqus comment ever, to play the role of a Reagan concern troll, I’d say it’s highly likely that you are 100% phony.

      No bigger tent exists than the tent of Unalienable Rights guaranteed by our Individual Sovereignty. IF that’s not wide enough for you, then you are probably lost.

      • white531

        Geez, K-Bob, you let him off too easy, but I respect your wisdom. Maybe he’ll come back, and then we can have some real fun.

        • Heh.

          “…next time, we’ll use sarcasm!

    • white531

      First time you ever graced us with your presence, and already, you are losing faith in this web site. Pardon me while I puke.

      Where do you people come from, actually? On the one hand, I am tempted to engage you in conversation, on the other hand, I have to ask myself, “Why would I want to engage in conversation with an absolute Idiot?” You’re the Idiot. You tell me.

  • MadAsHellJack

    Well she’s quickly becoming a PridianusHole and dang I wish she’d get some new glasses.

  • Rocco11

    Hey SE, you hang around a trash dump long enough, you begin to smell like one. Ask Joe Scarborough, and David Brooks…

  • What’s old is new again…or so she thinks.

    Perhaps the ‘No Labels’ crowd will accept her.

  • At the end of the day, she just wants to look cool for her liberal friends. Instead of actually digging into the books and turning to history for the great conservative leaders of old.

  • Dr_Tesla

    Why doesn’t she call out Glenn Beck? It’s interest she goes after another radio talk show host in Rush while being on the Beck payroll. I think most ppl kind of think Beck is similar to Rush so it seems a bit hypocritical for her to attack Rush.

  • She is that latest in a long line of media conservatives that have figured out that they can either fight for crowded space on Fox News, or land an easy job on one of the hate networks by bashing conservatives and claiming to be one. I think her motivation is pretty clear. $$$$