Sean Hannity goes nuclear and destroys Anthony Weiner

Move over Chris Christie porn – time for some Sean Hannity porn!

I wasn’t going to do anymore of this Weiner vs King debate that’s been raging all day, but this is just too good. I’ve excerpted 9 minutes from Hannity’s interview with Peter King and Anthony Weiner and I assure you you’ll need a cigarette after your done. Hannity rips Weiner apart for whining about not getting Republican support when he can provide 218 votes and pass the 9/11 Heatlh Care bill. Weiner tries to turn it back on Hannity several times in this clip but Hannity is having none of that.

You must listen to the end to hear Weiner try and weasel out of Hannity’s request that he never pass a bill that he doesn’t read. Weiner will not commit to that and tries to flip it on Hannity. Oh, this video is just full of awesome moments.

I can honestly say I’ve never ever been more proud of Hannity as I am right now.

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  • Johnschaffran

    All this is about is Democrats want the Republicans on their side in the event this bill proves nothing more than earmarks. What else would it be if 218 would get it passed? Democrats are finished! I agree with King if you like the bill then vote for it. Pretty simple.

  • williamm

    I disagree. The Dems care more about making the republicans look bad than helping the people that need and deserve the help. Weiner is lower than whale crap on bottom of ocean. And dumber than dirt.

    • Trash

      lol, you people are crazy

  • I think someone needs to define a threshold for what bipartisan means. In the Senate Obama's never even gotten 10% of the Republicans and pelosi runs around clucking bipartisan if she even gets one. One! Hell, if you can't get snowe, collins and brown (and specter until recently) you know you're neck deep in BS.

  • I agree with Sean if you like it vote for it, if you don't like it vote against it. But shut the hell up about it.

  • pparsealot

    Anthony Weiner reminds me exactly why I will never run for political office. If I had to listen to somebody who sounds like Pee Wee Herman having a playground, emotional breakdown, and get in my face to boot, I'd punch the guys lights out right there on camera! Jeez! What a whiner – woops, I mean weiner.

  • KeninMontana

    Hmm, I can't say on here what I'd like to about the Tony the Weasel without getting my comment scrubbed. So I'll use something we use out here when keeping it civil. Weasel,Put up or Shut up.

  • SirJamesBond007

    Anthony Weiner is the living embodiment of why politics and politicians have a bad name. Every move he makes is cold, calculated, he goes for low blows and cheap political points, he is profoundly dishonest and untrustworthy. His hallmark seems to be playing on emotions, and the way things look to people who cannot come to conclusions for themselves. His style of debate is brash, and seems to be borrowed from the third grade. It is also very evasive to forthrightness, and relies very heavily on emotional argument. In my mind he represents to a large extent, the downfall of America. All is not lost, however. We need to do all we can to make sure Anthony and people like him stay out of office.

  • Slogans7

    Who is this moron Hannity that he can demand of a Congressman to make him a promise on the air? Why didn't he make the same request of Rep. King?

  • They all need to go…deport them all…Washington DC needs new Faces!!

  • SandyfromMO

    I do not understand why cops and firefighters do not already have health insurance. Don't they get healthcare through their unions?

  • well, i got to hear the whole thing today listening to the show, and what drove me nuts, is Hannity asked him a simple question: “Why do you need 290 votes to pass the bill, when it only needs 218?” Now, for a simpleton like me, the answer is VERY clear, and it is the same politics as usual for dems, if you can get ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN(RYNO) to go along with it, come November, you can blame the Republicans for ruining the boarder and going along with amnesty. I am seriously thinking, because of the ELITES of the Northeast, and Leftcoast, then they just need to form the Utopia States of America, and leave the rest of us to do business CONSTITUTIONALLY, and stop the Libtards from taking us all down with the Tytanic(and yes, meant to spell it that way, because they are all tyrants).

  • Sawdustking

    Good grief I knew Wiener was a little unhinged but somebody needs to get him some happy pills so he can go sit in a corner and hum Christmas tunes for a while.

  • bfunk221

    I agree with you both.

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  • The bottom line Weiner did not promise to not vote for a thing he did not read. That means that there are more big bills coming that he will be allowed to read. Cap and Trade will be the next one. It'll be an emergency, noone will read it, it'll be 2000 pages and it will be laden with pork.

    These are the rats feeding off the ship's stores before it goes down. They know that the whole thing is going down so everybody is getting theirs.

    • Bubbahansard

      “The bottom line Weiner did not promise to not vote for a thing he did not read”

      Typical mindless drone that just follows everything a conservative pundit says. THATS THE BOTTOM LINE TO YOU???? That’s the bottom line in a debate about a 9/11 responders bill?????? What is wrong with you? Hannity gets off topic bc he is embarassed about opposing the bill and the main thing that you took away from the interview was some politician squirming around about reading a bill. The interview is about the 9/11 responders bill. If you are not for the bill, you are either a coward or an idiot, pick one

  • Weiner refused to pledge to not vote for stuff he has not read. That means that there are more bills coming that noone will be allowed to read. Cap and Trade will be next. These are the rats scurry for crumbs knowing that the ship is sinking. We're sinking under a mountain of debt and there is noting that anyone can do to stop it.

  • DisgustedAmerican

    with all due respect “Slogans7”, YOU are the poster child for the ignorance of the democratic supporters in this country! “Who is he to demand a promise on the air”? Not only is he a reporter conducting an interview and asking a very SIMPLE request “will you promise not to vote on a bill you haven't read….”, he is, more importantly, also a CITIZEN of the USA who is subjected to the laws that idiots such as Weiner vote on, without ever having read them! To read your post one would think that elected “representative” Weiner is all-powerful, all-knowing KING WEINER, beyond any accountability whatsoever and free to do whatever the hell he wants without any other points of view even being considered! When you and the the blindly misled, liberal fools quit worshiping your heroes and start realizing that they (Congress), put their pants on one leg at a time just like us, and that they have proven that “politics” is more important than “people” in their delusional fantasyland, maybe, just maybe, we can restore some sanity to this poor downtrodden nation by truly “draining the swamp” as stated by the epitome of hypocrisy herself: Queen Pelousy!

    • Bubbahansard

      I felt embarassed for you after reading your post. You (just like Hannity did in the interview) ignored everything about this entire topic of discussion and repeated your tired old tea party anti government BS. You are a disgusted American? I’m disgusted with you, comment on the bill you idiot, not Nancy Pelosi, get some fresh material. Better yet, just act like a complete coward like Hannity did and say you “haven’t read it” because you are terrified of the fact that your political beliefs mean that you don’t want to help someone who ran INTO falling buildings when our nation was attacked. Excited for your response and to see some silly rant about liberals when it has NOTHING to do with this bill. Spare me your generic tea party talking points you PATHETIC LOSER and join the fight in helping people who have one million times the courage you would ever have

  • williamm

    I can't believe even a liberal could condone Psycho Weinie's actions.

  • Quindan

    YO, He's a ConGRessMan who works for the People; YA GET IT! (I felt like calling you dumb ass, but I didn't.)

  • BLT

    Weiner was pushing Hannity to comment on the bill and share his position.
    Hannity said basically he'd gladly read the bill, if Weiner would read his bills too. There was no “demand”, Hannity only asked Weiner to do what he was asking others to do. ( and of course, Weiner is paid by the taxpayers as his JOB to read the bills]

    You actually have to respect Hannity for not be being afraid to appear uniformed and admitting he hadn't read it yet. Not “voting” on something he hadn't read is something Congress could learn from.

  • Info

    Mr. Weiner – your argument is a failure. YOU are the party IN POWER. Leadership. That what is called. The standard is different for you. You are in power. Thank you Mr. King for standing up to these scumbag, spineless Dems. Democrats – is the what you call leadership? Pathetic.

  • In the back rooms, Weiner promised his cohorts he would figure a way to bring the Republicans into their game so they could later use it as fodder to beat up the Republicans during the next election. It didn't work, and the issue got so big and public that he was then caught in his own web of deceit and had to continue in his own defense.
    They all need to be fired and we replace them with the first 535 names in the phonebook from a small town in Nebraska

  • hahahaha William. nicely stated!

  • Alaska44

    Because it was the DEMOCRATS who have become famous for making negative declarations about SB-1070 in Arizona, a bill they've never read. Couple that with that weiner's evasiveness and basic dishonesty then its pretty understandable why the likes of a weiner has to draw flies. If King hadn't read it either then shame on him as well.

  • Alaska44

    Christmas tunes?…..CHRISTMAS TUNES?? Can you still say that instead of holiday tunes? And isn't the weiner a Jew? So that would make your remark a semitic slur. Friggen weiner, he eats bat droppings……….

  • TG

    Dear Mr. Hannity,

    I am a 9/11 responder and I need the health care HR847 would provide.
    First, congratulations on getting this interview: it was timely. I haven't seen any news that would have explored WHY HR847 was not passed.

    Now, for a comment. I wish your interview had truly explored the reasons this bill was blocked. We need to know why there are objections. Unfortunately, you turned this into a shouting match with Anthony Weiner and tried to get a cheap point across: that he (and other representatives) might not read bills they vote on in their entirety.

    I submit to you that reading every bill is probably impossible, given the sheer number of words. Calling out a single member — Mr. Weiner — was, I believe, not up to the standards you ought to set for yourself.

    You had a great idea: to analyze the problem. I sure wish you had stuck to this. Everyone deserves better journalism. And, frankly sir, you owe this to ME. I need to know. You had the opportunity to help me understand it. But you did not do that.

    My hope is that, in future, I can count on better from you.

    Mrs. T. Graves
    9/11 Responder

  • TG, thank you for your service.

    Now, with that said, I think you missed the entire interview, which, I got to hear. Sean did ask the question, why it wasnt passed, to both men. The Republicans didnt want to sign on to it due to the amnesty that was attached to the bill. The Dems wanted at least a chunk of Reps to sign on to it, so they could hastle them at the polls in Nov over the amnesty that they would be tricked into signing on to. Now, I dont believe, just because of the good in the bill, that it should pass, if it has something in it that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with 9/11. That is just a thought, but, hopefully, the Dems will stop with the amendments that have nothing to do with the bill(and this goes for the Reps too), and get it passed, for the sake of those who put their lives on the line.

  • Bubbahansard

    Hahaha, Hannity didn’t read the bill? You people are buying this? Absolute fools. He is trying to change the subject bc he is embarassed about this whole thing