Secret leaked Libyan document reveals Al-Qaeda ‘brother’ put in control of U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

It would seem that the Obama-backed and Obama-aided take down of Gaddafi by the Libyan rebels left a very connected Al-Qaeda brother in charge of Tripoli and all therein including the US Embassy. You’ll remember this guy’s name from Glenn Beck’s recent video showing how we aided moving weapons from Libya to Syrian rebels. His name is Abdel Hakim Belhaj and he’s the guy Glenn Beck said we worked with to help oust Gaddafi and then worked with to help supply weapons to Syrian rebels.

Here’s the secret memo that’s recently been leaked that shows Abdel Hakim Belhaj being put in charge of Tripoli and the US Embassy:

National Transitional Council – Libya

Code: YGM-270-2011

Mr. Abdel Hakim Al-Khowailidi Belhaj


We would like to inform you that you have been commissioned to the duties and responsibilities of the military committee of the city of Tripoli. These include taking all necessary procedures to secure the safety of the Capital and its citizens, its public and private property, and institutions, to include all international embassies. To coordinate with the local community of the city of Tripoli and the security assembly and defense on a national level.

Mustafa Muhammad Abdul Jalil

President, National Transitional Council – Libya

Official Seal of National Transitional Council

Copy for file.

If you want to see the actual memo you can check it out here.

What’s important to know is that Belhaj is a very well connected man and a ‘brother’ and ally to Al Qaeda. In fact he was one of the founders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group that has had many dealings with Al Qaeda as well as having some of their members become leaders in Al Qaeda. They also sent fighters into Iraq to fight our American soldiers.

So is this the democracy Obama envisioned when he went to war in Libya to take down Gaddafi? Is this the type of leadership Obama wanted to see put in place in his quest to promote democracy?

It would seem so given the fact that we were working directly with this man, Belhaj, via our Ambassador to Libya.

Go read Walid Shoebat’s full article on this leaked memo and to see more of Belhaj’s Al Qaeda connections.

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  • deeme

    What?????????????????????????????? How many people knew that..This just gets freakier and freakier by the minute…What bothers me is why doesn’t this bother the 48 percent..are they too slow to foresee what it is they are voting for??? Or maybe a people who are OK..with so many unethical things don’t have a problem with this either..

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      It bothers part of that 48 percent, believe me! And some of that 48 percent have already voted Romney/Ryan!

    • bobemakk

      This is why Romney must win. Obama and his jackass cronies (remember the logo of the democratic party is a jackass) covered up every document they got before and during the Benghazi attack. What atrocity can happen next if Obama wins re-election/God forbid.

  • Rshill7

    Islam has been on the march for empire for nearly 1400 years. Their religion demands it. It demands they kill or enslave anyone who is not a Muslim. It demands the enslavement of it’s own people, especially women. The Quran and the Hadith demand this. There is no appeasing them. Anyone who thinks Islam is a religion of peace know nothing at all about it.

    Peaceful Muslims are not “good” Muslims. Muhammed himself would call them hypocrites. Bin Laden actually read the Quran and the Hadith and obeyed it. He was a “good” Muslim. So are the terrorists.

    It’s time people learned the truth about Islam and it’s goals. There is not one peaceful thing about it. There is not one virtuous aspect of either it, or Mohammed, who invented it. It has been a plague on the world since it’s inception.

    If anyone is aghast by me saying this, it is you who are naive and lacking in the truth about Islam’s desires and demands.

    • Tiffini

      I’m not aghast by you saying it. Its just scary. You aren’t scary, just all of this stuff around us is scary.

    • johnos2112

      Good Muslims until they go before judgement. “Wait, What? No 73 virgins?”

    • I have been beating this drum for years. Don’t give up!!! I won’t either.

      BTW folks…The word “peace” in the ME means “submit”. Bear that in mind every time you hear Islam is the religion of peace.

      • sDee

        Yes, it is indeed the religion of peace because it has a simple definition and formula to achieve peace…. which is the conversion, submission or execution of all kafirs.

        • Correct. Too often we apply Western thinking to the Middle East probably because far too many do not know what constitutes Western Civilization and what formed it.

          Middle East is polar opposite in every possible way.

          • p m

            Also, too many people don’t know how the crusades came about, and are often stymied how to respond to those who think referring to the crusades seals the deal for ‘the West attacked islam first’ meme.

            Boy, there’s a lot of education needed to teach people the virtue of their own, far superior, Western Civilization.

          • warpmine

            Don’t forget, the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s slavery and this very notion goes right along with what you’ve just stated.

    • NYGino

      It is a cancer on humanity.

      • warpmine

        Islamic cancer
        Liberal Cancer
        Progressive cancer
        Socialist cancer.

        All of the above will kill any vibrant society in a few short decades although Islamic Cancer is akin to stage four colon cancer. Survival is very very low.

  • Susitna

    An interview with Walid Shoebat on this same site didn’t get very much attention and now it is gone.
    Please guys go to (don’t spell true) Go to: Listen now free Scroll down to: October 24th 2012 Walid Shoebat Obama’s Wahhabi Connection Scroll down to: September 27th 2012 Avi Lipkin The Saudi Arabia Connection to Obama These two interviews explain it all. God bless you all!

    • conservative58

      Scoop had the following videos last week where Glenn Beck and Fox explained the interconnections of this whole mess. In case you missed it, this is also a good link to help tie things together.

      • Susitna

        Thanks, I got the chance to watch it. From the very beginning I understood that Obama let the Ambassador die because he knew too much. Imagine a hearing in Congress!!!! This was the Benghazi Fast and Furious.
        Now, I am afraid that General Ham is in danger. He should ask for asylum in Canada and take his family with him until the regime is over. Fox News should talk more about this General to protect his life. If something happens to him the suspicion would immediately go towards the White House.

        • conservative58

          Good point! I just hope this mess unravels BEFORE election day.

          • warpmine

            I sure hope for change this Nov. 6

  • Rshill7

    ” We deserve two things in a President. 1. Competence 2. Honesty ”

    We have received neither. We have all the relevant facts on Benghazi, what we lack is this administration’s disclosure. This explanation that more investigating and fact gathering is needed beforehand is “nonsense on stilts”.

    (Former Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey)

  • Joe

    Did you mean Obama’s long lost Brother?

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all!

  • sDee

    A while back I read a lamecherry link that claimed Soros and Obama forced Qaddafi to release 150 terrorists who eventually overthrew Qaddafi and they then put this same “trusted” gang in charge of our embassy security and it double crossed Obama in Behgahzi. He summed up by saying that the reason Stevens had no additional security is that he thought he “was among friends”.

    Some friends.

  • Susitna

    Michelle Bachman was warning us about the connection between Hillary and the Muslim Sisterhood through Huma Abedin, her secretary, and she was attacked from all sides; even McCain attacked her. The White House is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood from the top all the way down to the bottom.
    Furthermore Michelle Bachman was also the first one to talk about Obama defunding Medicare to pay for Obamacare……nobody listened until now!
    And some day we will hear that the U.S. Armed Forces are subordinated to the U.N. and that this new monster in Lybia Abdel Hakem Belhaj was invited to visit the White House or that he met with Obama in New York……

    • warpmine

      Yes and McCain is an absolute moron complicit in the very same foreign policy fiascoes foisted upon this country by a traitor/usurper in the White House. His nam be Barry Soetoro.

      • StrangernFiction

        It isn’t about R vs. D.

  • Treason.

    • conservative58

      How many passes does Dear Leader get on treason?

      • I’m still waiting on that question from John Boehner. Ah heck, it’s only been 3 days since I e mailed him.

        • conservative58

          I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a reply if I were you.

          Obama thinks he can do whatever the heck he pleases without any regard to the rule of law. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what he’s been doing and will continue to do. God forbid he were to get re-elected because this country would no longer have rule of law; it would be Obama’s Law.

          God Bless America!

          • I agree. I never dreamed I would get a reply, or that it’d light a fire under Boehner’s butt, but it was the only thing I could think of to DO. I hate sitting here, not being able to vote, complaining on the computer. It wasn’t much, but I had to try.

            • conservative58

              I think it’s totally the right thing to do!
              You go girl!!!

            • Betsey_Ross

              There are many of us that have been sitting here for 4 years doing what you have been doing. It’s all we the people have. It seems with this regeime that voting every two years isn’t enough. Tuesday’s the DAY to get our country back. Keep sending e-mails…it does a body good. I highly recommend it for everyone’s sanity.

              • warpmine

                What country are we to get back?????
                Before Obama, the country was almost as bad, the rule of Law in referencing constitution still didn’t exist. It was shredded back during the false ratifications of the 16th and 17th Amendments. everything after these is a lie accepted by the idiotic state governments and the citizenry.

                I would prefer to set up a new Republic add a new list oc restrictions for the Federales and the representations along with penalties of death for even proposing unconstitutional laws.

                Just the thought of the UN and the International Banking Cartel waging perpetual war against anyone on the planet turns my stomach. How about you?

            • BikerHoop

              As many times as I’ve written him I’ve never gotten a response. But then again, I don’t live in his congressional district so I’m sure he couldn’t care less about me. Come to think of it… he seems to feel that way about the whole country.

            • warpmine

              I’m afraid that the only way you’ll get a response from this Congressional cesspool it to take up arms against it otherwise they will assume that you and I aren’t really serious about those written words or telephone calls in protest of their action or in this case non-action.

              • I’ve got a pitch fork, and can get a torch made real quick. When everyone’s ready, I’m in.

                • warpmine

                  How far can you pitch it? I’ve got a couple of McD’s straws through which I can get pretty good distances using the finest spitballs and a small implosion type Plutonium/Polonium lithium7 boosted firecracker. Which one would work better?

                • I don’t know. I might be an old duck, but have always been good at pitching. Your spit balls sound pretty good though!

      • warpmine

        Affirmative action means by definition without standards.

    • famouswolf


      It’s beginnning to look like the blackest treason in the highest places in our history.

      I wish I had not lived to see it.

      • I never thought in a million years when I moved here would we see such a devious marxist muslim loving evil traitor occupying the White House. And to think of how many are covering for him. It makes me want to scream.

        • conservative58

          ABiC, ‘…we see such a devious marxist muslim loving evil traitor occupying the White House’

          And all this happened only 7 years after 9/11/2001. Who would have ever imagined?

          • Amazing isn’t it. 🙁 Makes me think of this.

          • p m

            That’s the worst thing of all – what does it take if 3,000 dead don’t teach the obvious?

            Tho’ I will concede that the then US leadership’s misplaced obsession with proclaiming a death cult to be a ‘religion of peace’, did not help, but severely obscured the obvious.

        • sDee

          We need you for this one, so it appears you were destined to move here. Screaming is fine.

  • rmpvrpj

    The president, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the Ambassador to the UN who lied in four TV stations need to respond to the American people. This is treason! We the Americans have to ask questions to our Representatives. Call them, e-mail them, tweet them, daily. We send them to represent us, they better learn what happened and tell us.

  • It is times like this, where my contempt for this administration, and the mess in Libyaa, are almost too much for me to stomach, so I go watch “Achmed, the dead terrorist” on YouTube. Makes me laugh.

    • SoLongSong

      Excellent idea! It DOES get a little wearing, the depths to which this administration goes, and every day they go deeper and deeper…all the way to China, perhaps?

      I can’t wait until next week at this time. A little joy, a TON of celebration, to get me through until January 20.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Comforting…….oh brother what a mess

  • Rshill7

    You know how Arafat used to give one speech in English and then another in Arabic? Often these speeches were diametrically opposed to one another. I think Barack’s Presidency is like that. As awful as it appears to us in English, watching him out front, yet behind, must be completely different than what he does behind the scenes.

    Where do you learn corrupt double-dealing like this? Well, if you want to hone it to a fine, oft’ prosecuted art, you begin and nurture your career, in Chicago. You also learn the lessons of the non-prosecuted. You apply your agenda to the proven system of corruption and ride that Al Capone puppy into perdition. Or, you drink Mayor Daley daiquiris into Damascus.

  • sjmom

    I cannot say I am surprised by this and at this point I really think the administration has been working hand in hand with AlQaeda. Obama is a Muslim, Valerie Jarrett is from Iran and lets not forget Huma Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood connection. This is despicable to say the least and only makes it more imperative we elect Romney/Ryan. I think what we’re learning is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • This is criminal incompetence. Maybe the left is correct that Obama isn’t campaigning hard because if he wins he can be subject to investigations and jail…most certainly impeachment!

  • underconstantatack

    Sickening…and although I feel most here would agree that we all “thought” very strongly that scum O had these people knowingly in place (some by his own appointment) domestically and foreign. I am glad that these issues are being “leaked” out and made public. Another sad thought is that these issues (proven and circumstantial) will not be publicized and made known to the general public between the (mainstream) media (whom I have lost a great deal of respect over these last years, with some exceptions of course), or the public not being open enough for these facts due to the dirty fighting and anger that has been shown by our “leaders” (term used loosely) to take out hostility on those of different views/opinions, let alone blind to facts.

  • WordsFailMe

    We finally found a way to get ched into the situation room. Greens at Washington DC course are too wet.

  • Rocco11

    Obama is an enemy of the state, when are people going to wake up?

    • NYGino

      The MSM is his accomplice.

      • SoLongSong

        They’re just as evil, if not more so, than him.

    • StrangernFiction

      The state has become an enemy of the state.

  • jleinf

    It all started back in 2009 with sealed records and everyday it just gets more unbelievable without any republican input. Wow

    • SoLongSong

      That’s because Repubs get burned, burned, burned by the media. They can shape how the world – or at least the United States – views things.

      For example, while Mitt Romney did make a small gaffe when it came to the Olympics in England, the rest of his trip was a triumph. But all you hear about is how foolish and stupid he looked.

      • jrt1031

        and his big gaffe was just a media made up gaffe. He was mearly stating the obvious. Honesty is the best policy.

  • jrt1031

    The left is to blame for all that is evil in America today. They are the first to blame the right for problems and the reality is that they create and perpetrate the problems of society today.

  • jrt1031

    If Obama gets four more years then it really will be time to just watch the left destroy America as it once was founded.

    • StrangernFiction

      It will certainly be obvious that freedom won’t survive via elections.

  • So what happens when O and friends steal the election? You really don’t think they’re gonna play by the rules for that do you?

    • jrt1031

      I cant agree with you more. The demcrat/socilists are famous for trying to steal an election. Look at all the socialist third world countries where the dictators hold elections but dont have term limits and hold their presidencies for centuries. This is where we are headed.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    most corrupt administration ever … imo evil

    we got bad reps both sides, notice the speaker never comments on any of this, the rino’s boehner, canter etc need to be voted out . they have allowed this admin to get away with what it has.

    • jrt1031

      Romney and especially Ryan will weed out those Rhino’s

      Ryan is a man of great integrity. Romney is a man of great experience.

  • stage9

    The reason someone like Obama would side with this is because his worldview sees America as an “oppressor” and al qaeda as the oppressed. This is why radicals hate Israel. Israel is seen as the oppressor and the palestinians as the oppressed.

    Radicals are too stupid to understand that al qaeda and the palestinians will lop off their heads given the right opportunity.

  • Obama is the Jihadi Candidate. He serves the Caliphate.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama is okay in working with an Al Qaeda member? No wonder the American embassy was overrun and our four American citizens were murdered. Would any other American president besides obama, opt to give security responsibilities to a member of Al Qaeda??????? I think not!!!! It appears obama was in cahoots with Al Qaeda, otherwise he would have sent reinforcements to Benghazi during the seven hours the consulate was under attack.

  • hongryhawg

    If ever I doubt my faith, I need only look to liberals and muslims to confirm that there is a Satan hard at work. And if there is a Satan, there is a God.

  • Sober_Thinking

    How many other shoes need to drop before the damn media does their job and exposes this scandelous cover-up for what it is – Obama and his pukes have blood on their hands… BIG TIME! How much longer? What more needs to come out?

    All of this should be revealed this week so people can know what a criminal we have in the WH. It would and should change this election dramatically. But the media bends over backward to kiss Obama’s Muslim ring and protect this monster.

    This makes me physically ill – all of it.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    Wow, this is as shocking as rat poison is bad for you eat (not to say anything bad about this Website- which I LOVE and is the 2nd site I hit every morning after the Drudgereport) but anyone happy about the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists controlling most of the Mid-East (which by the way was due in part to Obama- and Sharia law is VERY ANTI-WOMAN, I would argue that this is the BIGGEST WAR on WOMEN ever, and women were much better off in Egypt and Libya and Tunisia before this man left the golf course long enough to destabilize the Middle East even further, while helping to prop up huge dictators like Assad and Ahmadinejad. Please vote next week, or now. President Zilch must be fired, and I can’t wait to hear that angry concession speech (if he gives one- he is such a child I wouldn’t be surprised if he had someone in the campaign give it for him.

  • I knew last year that Al Qaeda was a big part of the rebel force that took out Gaddafi. They even flew their flags on government buildings. This is no big surprise. We have basically been backing Al Qaeda for years. Syria isn’t any different.

  • Why does The United States Military not arrest obama? obama must be defeated. obama must pay for his crimes against America. I pray to God obama is defeated and locked away forever………

  • kong1967

    This gives me self verification that what I believed was actually going on is what was going on.

    Obama was working with Islamic terrorists to kill Gaddafi. At the same time, he’s telling us that he’s working with rebels seeking democracy. Another bold faced lie and deception. Obama knew there was going to be no such thing as democracy and that the vacuum would be filled by Al Qeda or the Muslim Brotherhood…both radical Islamists. Obama’s goal has been to depose of the barriers between radical Islam and expanded Islamic power through control of more states. In my opinion, Obama is intentionally trying to expand Islamic power, thus working with our enemy and putting the world in grave danger.

    Obama should be sent to Gitmo and tried for treason.

  • Yazz55


    Having read the messages in this thread, I say you’re preaching to the choir.

    The obamessiah faithful got their obamaphones, welfare checks, food stamps etc and maybe even still some unemployment compensation. And thats exactly how the democrat party wants their voting constituency to be-completely dependent on the socialist nanny state for their every need. Thats all that matters to them to determine who they vote for.

  • Mike walker

    Who didnt see this coming besides the media. They would rather do stories on cat fashion shows. Stay Classy, San Diego

  • I think it is the 48 % that want to see this country destroyed, no one is that naive not to see who obama is and who he is out to protect and assist in their attempt to take control of this country. He is a wolf in sheep clothing and even if he doesn’t win this election he has already done enough damage it will take yrs to repair if ever. I can’t imigine being ruled by Al Qaeda and this country being the New Western East but obama has been making plans for that to happen and the 48 % must be with him. Hope this election goes Republican all the way! Never was quite sure what really made you either Republican or Democrat but now I believe the Democrats don’t have any moral conscience or believe in a religious following, good and bad almost like satan has taken over their soul, for abortions ,for gay right gay marriages, for welfare assistance that they never out grow, for taking from those that have worked so hard to achieve, I’m glad my views have never been those of a democrat. Democrats: Believe that everything has rights rather if its good or bad(sex offenders, criminals) immorally correct (same sex couples and marriages) against religion rights (God in schools, prayer). Who do you hold accountable for the lack of respect out of our young children of today, the parents or government. Can’t correct your own children to make them respectable young adults. I hold the government accountable they make and pass the laws. Sorry if I offended you, but I get offend almost every day and who cares, you?