Sen. Rand Paul returning 600k to Treasury from Capitol Hill office budget

Wouldn’t it be great to go online and read stories like this from other Republicans too? Gotta hand it to Paul, this is top notch:

At a press conference today in Louisville, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he will be returning $600,000 to the United States Treasury – money unspent from his official operating budget. The total amount being returned is more than 20 percent of Sen. Paul’s original office budget. Sen. Paul returned $500,000 to the Treasury last year, contributing to the $1.1 million in money unspent from his operating budget since he took office.

“I ran to stop the reckless spending, and I pledged to the people of Kentucky that I would work to keep their hard-earned money out of the hands of Washington bureaucrats whose irresponsible spending has threatened our country’s economic health,” Sen. Paul said.

At the press conference, Sen. Paul presented taxpayers with an over-sized check for $600,000, representing the money being returned to the Treasury.

Sen. Paul will also introduce legislation this year incentivizing federal employees to identify and eliminate wasteful programs in their respective agencies.

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  • Gives true meaning to ‘putting your money where your mouth is’.

    Way to go Senator Paul!

    • DebbyX


      Rand Paul is growing on me with all this common sense talk. Something not heard very often lately.

      • He has his good points but at the same point in time before I throw all in behind him I question greatly.

        For example: How many unpaid interns does he have on his staff to make that refund happen? How many is it compared to other Senators?

        I like Rand Paul and I think it is great that he gave money back regardless of the fact it won’t go to treasury and Obama will spend it, but I will question much deeper before I jump on his band wagon.

        I will applaud his good works for certain but I will also trust but verify.

        • DebbyX

          I’ve made that mistake before. You might say, I’m just window shopping.

          • I like that descriptor!

            You seem pretty intelligent to me. I doubt you will be fooled again. Rand has his good points but I fear they will only ever translate to being a good Senator…but hey there is no shame in that!

  • opinionatedhermit

    Thank you, Senator.

    It is a lesson we can all learn from.

  • So is that 1 out of 535? Anyone hear someone do this as well? That could be millions of dollars that could be put back..

    • I remember him giving money back the year before also, so I looked it up and he did $500,000.

      • daeghrefn

        Was there a staged photo op then? I rest my case.

        (edit) By the way, if I’m not mistaken Rand Paul isn’t the only one who’s ever given money back to the Treasury.

        • Just on a casual note, dropping in to say the same thing over and over is considered a trolling move, and trolling, even if you aren’t an actual troll, is frowned upon here.

          • daeghrefn

            I’m mostly replying to questions and demands for links, hall monitor.

            • Not any more.

              • Dukehoopsfan

                Nicely done!

  • c4pfan

    Yes, it would be great to read other Senators follow his lead. I posted about this yesterday and am glad you put up a thread about it. It’s time we need to support those that do the right thing.

    • cabensg

      I agree and if it shames anyone else to follow I’m for it. I’m glad Rand did this and I give him credit for doing it. If he also takes advantage of the press to do it, good. Unlike Democrats who lie about what they’ve done and then take credit for what they didn’t do Rand actually did it. According to some the worst thing a Republican can do is do the right thing and then take credit for it. I want Republicans to do the right thing and take every ounce of credit they can squeeze out of it. In fact I’d like to see it nightly like we have to see Obama and liberal press nightly lying or withholding information or blaming Republicans for their mistakes.

    • 57thunderbird

      I agree!Write them,call them or e-mail them to show our gratitude.

  • marketcomp

    Is this really important? I would rather see Sen. Paul go against the Kerry nomination or change his position on containment which we all know that with Kerry as Secretary of State and Sen. Paul’s position and strategic view on containment would hurt the US far more than the $600,000 he is returning to the treasury. Furthermore why didn’t he sign the letter asking the President to withdraw Hagel nomination? Perhaps he agrees with Hagel given Sen. Paul’s position on Israel. While the letter will be ignored by the President it would have far more influence than that little cheeky and irreverent move of returning funds. Moreover, if I am not mistaken the Republican members in the House of Representative already cut their staff by 10% and the democrats mocked that move. Let’s see how many will follow suit! I suspect none.

    • I see what you are saying but why do we have to choose?

      Can’t we have him return funds and do all of those things you listed?

      • marketcomp

        Yeap, and there is some value in doing that but right now we need someone to stop a tyrannical leader or at least slow him down from destroying our country and, to me, this is a frivolous act and really kind of rudimentary. Now sequestration is important and why not help in the fight against that speaking out against Obama and his anti-military positions which explains the Hagel nomination. But, oh wait, that wouldn’t help in your quest of running for President, would it? Yes Laurel, as you can tell, my friend, I am very frustrated with Sen. Paul. I think he should be touting the Libertarian Party and stop muddling the Conservative message by infusing it with fiscal policy which is one reason our message gets watered down and does not penetrate. I don’t agree with him on anything socially and certainly not his foreign policy position of containment which is just one leg of his foreign policy strategy. So perhaps a very tiny step in fiscal responsibility but infinitesimal in the big picture to save our county.

        • I am standing up and cheering you!

        • The Libertarian Party is not going to save the country. Rand knows this.

          Actual Libertarians will not stand for the “Republicanizing” of their party. So Glenn Beck’s move toward that direction will eventually meet pushback. Same with Rand Paul. He knows that libertarian ideas can be elevated within the Republican party, which by the way is EXACTLY what Reagan did. But he also knows that true libertarianism is not going to be acceptable to the vast majority of people.

          • Great analysis. I do believe the push back is starting.

            • Now that you mention it, I think you’re right. I’ve seen some seriously angry comments by folks slamming the “social” cons pretty hard. I doubt that’s coming from the rank-and-file conservatives, even if some among the rank-and-file are wondering about whether we should pander to illegals.

              One thing Libertarians do far more than conservatives, is mean-spirited snark as a substitute for rational debate. I don’t mean the kind of snark you get from Ace at the HQ, I mean look at the comments at Zerohedge or the increasingly misnamed Reason magazine. With a lot of the comment threads, it’s all about attempting to score points and not about rational discourse over policy issues. There’s some really unhelpful followers of Libertarianism that are working overtime to destroy the brand.

              • cabensg

                I think people who slam Social conservatives don’t understand the difference between fighting immorality and enforcing morality. If I say I believe homosexuality is a sin that is my belief. I didn’t say I want to outlaw homosexuality. If I say I think it’s important to lead a moral life and I do not accept immorality that doesn’t mean I want a law that says everyone must agree with me. I have yet to see one argument against Social conservatives that doesn’t state they want to force others by law to follow what they believe. It’s almost always projection by people who do believe their beliefs need to be laws that others must follow. Either that or guilt because of how they live their lives. Heaven forbid someone point out to them they’re immorality is ruining their lives and those around them.

                • 57thunderbird

                  You wouldn’t want them to have a guilty conscience would you? 😉

                • You are correct. It’s mostly projection. Sure, we have a few fire-breathers on the right who make a big deal about it, but they almost always focus on the religious aspect, and not on the law.

                  The anti-social-cons ignore that, as you pointed out, and act as though the fire-breathers have declared that the Constitution must have an amendment banning homosexuals from our shores.

                • Well said!

              • Yes you are correct and slowly but surely I am seeing push back in the form of opinion pieces against libertarians. My trouble with Libertarians is I have as yet to have make me a cogent argument that isn’t devoid of history and the current realities in the world. Most of what is said to me is more along the lines of a simpleton point a child makes and everyone claps and says children should run the world.

                If someone is for gay marriage they better be able to tell me the history of marriage and how gay marriage will help marriage not further undermine it. What is it’s societal benefits to the population as a whole? And BTW…when a libertarian argues government shouldn’t be in marriage they are correct. If government had never meddled in marriage we wouldn’t be discussing this issue currently. Government didn’t meddle in marriage until the early 1960’s. Same goes with drugs. What is the purpose of government and civilization? How will drug legalization help civilization? Same with borders but I have only heard one libertarian argue that point from a libertarian point of view and it was absurd so I won’t pin that on libertarians.

          • marketcomp

            This is why a cringe at someone like Sen. Paul who uses his position to then dilute Conservatism which is explains so succinctly in Mark Levin’s Book “Ameritopia” or “Liberty and Tyranny.” Both thoroughly research showing the Conservative ideology is not just about having the freedom to do as one pleases but understanding individual sovereignty. In Mark’s book one example of sovereignty is “ ‘[T]he sovereignty [has] the whole power of prescribing the rules whereby every man may know what goods he may enjoy, and what actions he may do, without being molested by any of his fellow subjects…’” This is does not freedom to do whatever you want but it implies a responsibility for actions which is when I completely where I disagree with Sen. Rand Paul. I am all for libertarian features as any Conservatives but that even gets lost with the Libertarian Party.

            • I wasn’t aware that Sen. Paul wasn’t completely supportive of individual sovereignty.

              Or did I miss what you were getting at?

              • marketcomp

                The point is that individual sovereignty is different than individual freedom which is essentially doing what you want when you want regardless of the consequences to others or society-that’s the Libertarian Party’s view of freedom. But individual sovernty is much broader and includes the definition that I gave in the earlier post.

                • I think you might get some argument from libertarians on that. The neo-libertarians are a more libertine, anti-Jewish bunch of folks who have never read the foundational works of the Libertarian writers.

                  But the LP in general does not support the complete philosophy of Peace Through Strength. That’s where they differ with the Reagan folks (and the Neo-cons).

            • honhonstein

              Too bad because Mark Levin supports Rand Paul. I don’t know where you get that he is anti-military… He is not his father and should not be judged on his fathers record. Attacking him is the biggest waste of time I can think of. He is one of the few senators that actually does something. He returns 600k to the treasury and you bash him. Maybe he should just fall in line with McCain’s voting record and you’ll be sound as a pound.

              • marketcomp

                I don’t know where you get or see in the post that Rand Paul is anti-military. Rand Paul just said a couple of months ago that he would support a reduction in aid to Israel! The only democratic country in the Middle East?! Moreover, his speech to the Heritage Foundation was a speech about a containment strategy which is a joke. And that’s not to mention his obvious signature absent from the letter sent to the President. I completely disagree with him on so many levels and if you think that’s an attack then too bad. Man up, my friend. This road is going to get rough for everyone before we get to a point where Rand Paul is supported. Don’t even go there with me about the RINOcrats. Wait, if I’am not mistaken Rand Paul was 1 of 97 Senators who voted for John Kerry and 3 did not vote for him. Now whose the RINO?!



                • honhonstein

                  So Paul expressed an interest in reducing (an unsaid amount) of aid to Israel while cutting off aid to Israels enemies entirely. WOW such an extremist. That would clearly not benefit Israel or the United States at all… Has he proposed any measure to cut foreign aid to Israel? NO. Has he put forth amendments to bills to stop giving tanks and f-16’s to Israels enemies? YES. Does that even matter to you? He has repeatedly talked about the importance of the relationship between Israel and the United States but a one-off comment makes him a terrible Senator I suppose. A lot of republican senators voted for Kerry not because they like the man but because the senate has historical played a role of deference in the nominating process. Kerry is a poor choice but I think efforts should be more focused on Schmegal.

                • marketcomp

                  So this says that Rand Paul does not understand the importance of the times.

                • honhonstein

                  This says that attacking everything he does, including returning 600k to the treasury, is like tilting at windmills. Your argument is that he is muddies the water from your vision because he supports fiscal conservatism but is not as ideal in terms of foreign policy so he might as well not be a Senator. Trey Greyson should have been nominated instead because he would not have muddied the water. Who cares about the nominal strides in the right direction (rand paul), we need the 100% pure candidates or it will all be for naught. Do you realize that the fight is to save the country?

                • marketcomp

                  Look, I am not sure why you continue to interpet or invent things that I didn’t say. I think Greyson make inuendos about Paul that was just wierd to win the election and Paul called him out on that, rightfully so. I know and understand what we are up against and frankliy it is like no othe enemy that we have seen before because it is an enemy from within. Our Constitution have some stop gaps in place to handal this but nothing that is needed and that where our legislators and States come into play. I don’t think returing $600,000 in funds is even a bandaid towrds dealing with this tyrannical leader. Its just not adequate.

          • BS61

            I agree totally with Libertarians except that they don’t bother to read any history of Islam. They’ve hated us infidels for thousands of years, and Thomas Jefferson went to war with them to protect US people. While current day Libertarians believe that it is because we ‘occupy’ their land today.

            • That is their weak spot, for sure. If it weren’t so integral with national security, I could almost accept such a major weakness and caucus with them. But some aspects of the infrastructure cannot be left the anarchist elements of the libertarian movement.

              • BS61

                I agree K-Bob. I wish we could lock them in a room and force them to get educated! I’m sure that Thomas Jefferson didn’t want to go to war against the muslim pirates, but he did to protect our citizens.

      • Exactly.

        Just like I had to hit people with during the Bush years when he was prosecuting the wars: fighting this menace isn’t like aiming a flashlight. First aim it here, then aim it there. It’s a war on several fronts, which intelligent people are more than capable of waging and winning.

        Same with the ideological war we’re in now. And we have to win it to prevent actual civil war.

    • Amjean

      Email Rand Paul and ask him. I have emailed him several times and he
      has always replied.

      • marketcomp

        Amjean, I don’t need to do that. I don’t believe there are any questions, at least not to me, about where Sen. Paul stands on issues. I know where he stands on immigration, fiscal policy, social issues, and so much more. He is a strong Libertarian, and I get that. But I don’t think that a Libertarian is what is needed right now so it wouldn’t be beneficial for me to email him.

        • honhonstein

          Yeah what a terrific strategy marketcomp. Attack real fiscal conservatives in your own party because they don’t agree with 100% of your positions. You just said that it would be better that he weren’t a senator because he is mudding the message. I suppose more chris christies is what we need or scott browns. Typical useless republicans that do nothing substantively.

  • bjohnson55

    There isn’t a single person left or right who can say Sen. Rand Paul does not walk the walk. I challenge every Congressman and Senator to do the same, lets see who is in this just to line their pockets.

    • He walks the walk on this issue, but I vote more than one issue. I vote the complete package so we shall see.

      • daeghrefn

        Just be patient and he’ll be grandstanding on whatever issue strikes your fancy. Enough already. Yeah, you want to be president, Senator. We get it.

        • NHConservative0221

          Enough. What are you a paid Rubio or Christie shill?

          What other potential Potus candidate is proposing serious reforms like Paul? Reforms such as cutting the corporate income tax in half and establishing a 17% flat tax? Proposing plans to balance the budget in 5 years?

          Who else is that aggressive? All I see from Rubio and many others is the same old generate GOP establishment talking points.

      • bjohnson55

        I am not soliciting for a vote for Rand Paul I would just like to see all of the Republicans to attempt to emulate this spirit of fiscal responsibility and good character.

        • I gotcha. No worries.

  • paulejb

    $600,000 x 535 Senators and Representatives would save taxpayers $321 million a year.

  • daeghrefn

    Sorry, but I’m a little tired already of Rand Paul’s continual grandstanding. He’s starting to take on a Michele Bachmann “look at me” aura. Give me Scott Walker any day.

    • tsturbo

      He is not grandstanding, just doing his job well and responsibility. Honestly, it’s idiotic comments like yours that make me wonder if the USA can be saved.

      • daeghrefn

        Give me a break. The guy’s running for president constantly. I am tired of two things: “officially anointed” nominees and people who seem like they’d sell their firstborn for a political office. Paul’s the latter.

        • cabensg

          Is Paul’s first born an adult? If so will the bidding be open to single women? Does he have a Facebook page?

    • I see. First we all complain that there aren’t enough Republican voices—specifically in congress—fighting back against the destruction of our country. Then as soon as one of our guys sticks his head above the coward line, BAM, someone on our side whacks him.

      In the last four days alone, I’ve seen examples of people supposedly on our side slamming good, solid voices for conservative responses to this sick, twisted state our nation is in.

      We had people here working overtime to trash Herman Cain, like you’d see in a primary cycle. Then at other sites we have folks still stabbing Newt in the back for daring to add his voice in support of slamming Obama over his stupid sequester jihad against normal, decent Americans, and now folks want to slip the knife into Rand Paul.

      I’m not having it this time.

      I’ll fight back against this crap so hard it’ll make folks think armageddon tired of it.

      Rand has his shortcomings like everybody else, but NOW is NOT the time to stab him in the eyesocket just because you favor someone else. Anyone doing that will get a full-bore hammering from me from here on out.

      And I do not mean that as a moderator. I mean that as someone who has been working my a$$ off to aim things toward Restoration. Anything that detracts from that gets a response, and I’ll be more than happy to escalate, on whatever website I find it, in honor of the way our Marines fight in wartime, because make no mistake, this is a war we’re in, and anyone not with the Restoration program is on the other side as far as I’m concerned.

      All of you should think of this as a sort of public service I provide.

      You know, for your own good.

      • daeghrefn

        “Rand has his shortcomings like everybody else, but NOW is NOT the time to stab him in the eyesocket just because you favor someone else. Anyone doing that will get a full-bore hammering from me from here on out.”

        Bring it. If I see a hyper-ambitious politician grandstanding, I’ll still say so.

        • It’s all straw man all the time with these people.

          Now it’s “Hyper-ambitious.” FAIL all around.

    • OneThinDime

      Michele Bachmann does a fantastic job and is always running upstream because of the DC politics.

    • cabensg

      If anyone deserves an aura it’s Michele Bachman. She’s a tireless fighter for conservative values. Not my presidential pick but I read she may be running for Senator against puke head Franken. Scott Walker is a shining example for all

  • Sober_Thinking

    Very commendable.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Keep up the good work, Senator. One Senator gets it. One promise kept.

  • ApplePie101

    This is commendable, but I wish there were a safer place to return the money to than the US Treasury.

    • I get the humor of that comment, but I’ll take my hat off to folks who work in our various legitimate service branches. Treasury is one department, like the military, FBI, and others, where partisan aspects have to left at the front door. It’s too vital to the safety and security of each American that those folks do their jobs like professionals.

      Are there some partisan hacks there? Probably. Just like some generals are partisan hacks who’ll let good men die in order to retain their retirement benefits. But the vast majority of folks in those branches are very serious about their jobs.

      (Besides, it’s those extra-constitutional branches like EPA and HUD and Education that are the real problem.)

    • cabensg

      Maybe that’s the only place your allowed to return it to.

  • Rshill7

    It seems no good deed goes unpunished with a couple of you folks. Every person who poo poos saving taxpayer money because it’s just a drop in the bucket, kicks that bucket down the road another few yards. Can’t you see that if this kind of example is followed from one end of government to the other, that the additive effects would be significant?

    If it’s “grandstanding” to save 600K from your own office budget, what would trillions in savings be from congress and the executive as a whole? Mega-grandstanding? Stratospheric grandstanding? Good grief.

    His further plan of incentivising government employees and agencies to find further savings is great. The way it is now, agencies and employees of the government are incentivised to spend as much as possible.

    Was this a good photo-op? Sure it was. A meaningful one for a change. Multiply by it by thousands of other similar photo-ops and maybe we’ll get somewhere. Competition along these money-saving lines would be extremely productive, additive, synergistic.

    Without acts such as this singular Rand Paul act, government will remain the flesh-eating bacteria it has been, only with our money as it’s main course and our freedom as desert. Back away from the table Mr. Government. You’re a terminally obese, glutton, attempting to take us to the grave with you. We’ve already tightened our belts till we can barely breathe. We’d like to cut your suspenders, watch your pants fall down, and see you hobble into rehab.

    • daeghrefn

      “If it’s “grandstanding” to save 600K from your own office budget, what would trillions in savings be from congress and the executive as a whole? Mega-grandstanding? Stratospheric grandstanding? Good grief.”

      No, you just do it without the ginormous Publisher’s Clearing House check and cameras. Gotta have cameras.

      “Without acts such as this singular Rand Paul act, ”

      It isn’t “singular”. McConnell and even Barbara Boxer have returned money.

      • Rshill7

        Well then. Kick him in the balls and poo poo on his head. Oh right, you did that already. Congrats to you.

        You do it in front of cameras so you can inspire copycats, Professor Poopy.


        • daeghrefn

          I don’t have to do any of the above. I’m just pointing out that Rand Paul is grandstanding.

          • Rshill7


            Yes, much more grandstanding please.

            • daeghrefn

              Did Jim DeMint ever do this kind of stuff? Yet there was never really any doubt about his integrity.

              • Rshill7

                Maybe you should patent that doubt meter and branch out into crystal balls. That way more people can kick your balls, as you so freely kick those of others.

                • daeghrefn

                  What? I disagree that Rand Paul is some friggin’ paragon of virtue in each and every thing he does and I’m kicking him in the balls? Grow a thicker skin.

                • Weak, straw man FAIL.

                  No one suggested he was “some friggin’ paragon of virtue.”

                • daeghrefn

                  “Weak, straw man FAIL.

                  No one suggested he was “some friggin’ paragon of virtue.” ‘

                  So you’ll concede then that Paul is susceptible to, or at least capable of, grandstanding like any other pol, and that it’s legit to call him on it. Right? Nod your head, bro.

                • So you concede it was a pitiful straw man, and you’ve lost the debate.

              • Rshill7

                Just call me Beowulf 🙂

            • frontierwoman

              I’d love to see a line up of people grandstanding in this manner.

            • This guy seems unaware that many other Senators and Congressmen and women can call a press conference, and not one soul from the media will bother to attend.

              Rand can get them to attend because they know he has our attention. It really its that simple.

              • cabensg

                You could be correct. My take is they see Rand, a libertarian, as a challenger to any Republican or conservative that runs in the presidential. All of this positive press attention will turn to reruns of everything his father said (negative of course) if Rand does run. Plus anything else they can make up or dig up. Remember McCain before he ran for pres. he was the media darling, a war hero, how quickly that changed when he won the nomination.

      • How much money did McConnell and Boxer give back? If true.

        • daeghrefn

          McConnell a million last year, or so I’ve read.

          • source? I ask because I can’t find any that say McConnell gave any money back to the treasury. Million sounds like a big number to report about, much bigger than 500,000 or 600,000..

            • daeghrefn

              Here’s one with a chart: Sorry, the photo op is the only unique thing about Rand Paul in this instance. Be more discerning, folks.

              • thanks for the source.

              • I kinda see why you think it’s grandstanding when it looks like a common practice among Senators to return the money, when you look at 2009 and 2010, we just don’t hear about it everyday.

      • Amjean

        Please post a link that explains exactly how much and why McConnell and
        Barbara Boxer have returned money.

        • daeghrefn

          One link, among many:

          • Amjean

            Politico has some information on this subject – and here is what they
            say about Barbara Boxer: “Sen. Barbara Boxer has consistently given back the least: less than 1 percent each year.” It seems to be a trend to give
            back, however, most are very small amounts. Richard Shelby seems to have
            given back the most. There is probably a back story as to the “why’s”.

            At any rate, I am glad they do and do not fault Rand Paul for letting us
            know that he is following suit.

    • If it’s a photo op, at least it’s a positive one. Well said mybear! Well said!!

  • waytngtym

    I thank Sen. Rand, too.

    I am wondering how we can read and digest all of these articles. It’s overwhlming, Scoop.

    Like so many others, I have something heavy I want to post. It is unrelated to this thread though, but it is on the subject of leadership in office. So I hope you will forbear. It’s from the bottom (of my soul). I can’t go any deeper.

    I swear the leader was meant to be Romney. He was uniquely qualified because he would have been lead by his faith in God’s direction over him. I was convinced then and am more convinced now.

    He had the track record of being a scrupulous family man, a unique quality and trait that would not only have guided his every decision in office in ways that we would approve of, but also would have served to make him the male role model needed for families in this country today, and that is where the salvation will come.
    Who will ever come forward as “squeaky clean,” the words I would use are righteous and upright, as Mitt?

    The potential of being that charismatic leader finally came out after the debates. When the Mormon church annouinced a national day of prayer in support of Romney’s campaign, the tables turned. Did anyone notice that? Does anyone remember that?

    Also, does anyone remember a speech in October, I think, after which the NYT or another big paper actually said, “What’s this? A charismatic leader???” because it was there, all of it, right there. True charisma. i am hoping someone else remembers this because I can’t find it online now…

    His foreign policy approach was so evident. He did miss the opportunity to nail Obama on Benghazi. I remember his advisors telling him NOT to do so because one family member of the deceased said Romney was politicizing the tragedy. He submitted. Wish he had stood up and said to that family, in their honor and for the honor of the deceased, he had to make it a political issue. I am sure he regrets that now. I regret his aides second-guessing him. He was, you remember, the FIRST one to make an outcry of disgust not only over the incident, but also Obama’s handling of it. True to Satan, the enemy whispered in the ears of his advisors, because it was indeed the exact thing needed, and they told him to back down.

    He would have begun the construction of 15 new naval ships by now.

    He also would have dismantled Obamacare, been leading a Blue-ribbon jobs council for real, and started building the Keystone pipeline by now.

    The Republicans divisivness was a huge part in his losing the election, the seeds of which haunted him throughout. When will we stop this constant criticism, and in humilty and contrite hearts, pray for another chance for unity under a God-chosen leader, in deep repentance, and petition for a man-of-God leader to come forward?

    No one could have challenged his love of God, else they would have met a firestorm.

    Now, even more people are aware of what is really happening to our country. Even more people are ready to do anything for change, but are frozen in fear for lack of this charismatic leader. We must repent of not praying enough for a leader, and not following that one when he or she is provided!!

    I only pray that the Lord give us another chance at a God-led, God given leader. Please everyone join together in prayer on this? I know you want to pounce on me. Please don’t. I’m not the enemy. Just some one person. I ask, please someone issue a call for national day of prayer for direction for us, for a sign, for a chance, for our country.

    • I still have a Mitt Romney sign in my window! Just to pi$$ off the libtards that pass and to proclaim to others, that I did not vote for Nobama… He is NOT MY President!

      • NHConservative0221

        We still have Romney stickers on both of our cars too. From talking to you before I think you’re from Mass right? Gives you alot of libs to pi$$ down there!

        My stickers are not so much a statement for saying that we like Mitt, more so as a protest saying no we are NOT one of the stupid braindead liberals who are willfully helping flush this once great nation down the toilet.

  • Thank you Sen. Rand Paul for setting an example.

  • Amjean

    There is only one other person I know of who is this ethical and that
    would be Sarah Palin.

    • You need to look a little more seriously at other folks then.

      Palin is awesome. But so are many fine people who want to restore this nation.

      • Amjean

        Oh, I am sure there are to one degree or another. There apparently
        aren’t enough ethical politicians, however, or we wouldn’t be in this

  • tinlizzieowner

    While laudable and I certainly do commend him for it, I wish there was a way he could return it to we the people. Returning it to ‘Turbo Tax Tim’s’ Treasury, is just giving Obama more money to spend. 🙁

  • Absolutely fantastic effort Paul! I applaud you! Wish more would follow your fine example!

    Here’s a suggestion, and I don’t know how viable it is, but next time. Get a list of registered voters and send them out individual checks with a note “I didn’t use this money, so I’m sending it back to who it belongs” or something like that. I suppose whatshisface with the unpronounceable, and darn near impossible to spell screenname below will still claim it’s “grandstanding” but it still sends the message to the taxpayers and voters… A very real, and clear message about spending. Just a thought….

  • This is what the Tea Party philosophy is. No Racism. No old boy white network.It seems Sen. Paul is serious about reducing the size of the government. He “Walks the walk”. Hopefully, this sort of overt fiscal activism is catching.

  • 57thunderbird

    Thank you Senator Paul for standing on your principles.While I may not agree with you on all your stances,I will give credit where credit is due.

  • We’re starting to see a sort of Night Of The Long Knives on our side, in earnest folks.

    Ace put up this post the other day, and I have to say, I think he’s taking himself out of the fight for Restoration. It’s sad to see it, but he’s clearly not supportive of the full Reagan platform, nor the Values or Buchanan type Conservatives. He’s shooting for libertarianism over conservatism or something. I don’t get what he hopes to accomplish, but it appears it’s all about the gay agenda and religion. Total. Waste. of Time.

    We are also seeing a serious uptick in people claiming to be on our side who have dropped by just to slam this conservative or that one. (Like we saw with Karl Rove and Christine O’Donnell.)

    Then there was S.E. Cupp’s bizarre rant the other day.

    I’m sure you all have noticed other examples.

    Clearly we are in for a serious battle on the right. One reason is that a lot of Democrat voters are sick to death of Obama, but still drink the party kool-aid when it comes to Republicans supposedly being racist homophobes who want to eat leftist babies. So where do they go? They run to the Libertarians. They wouldn’t understand a single word by Rothbard, Rand, or Rockwell, even if they attended a class on Libertarianism, but they still claim to be “libertarian” because of drugs and sex; and not being Republican.

    So the so-called Libertarian ranks are swelling. At the same time, we have folks on our side who are sick of Republican weakness in the face of the totalitarian left, so many of us want a new party. (Glenn Beck unfortunately decided it would be cheaper to co-opt the Libertarians, so he’s taken himself out of the fight, yet again.) But the problem is that forming a party is not like it was in Lincoln’s day. We can’t simply declare we have a new party and magically appear on all 50 states’ ballots. The two main parties have gone out of their way to assure that in most states, you can barely manage to get on the ballot at all. And you won’t get any state or federal money to help your brand new party manage a primary like the two big ones do, either.

    This, by the way, is one reason the LP has met with little success over the years. They don’t really “run a primary.” They end up doing all sorts of goofy things to get to a nominee, so they end up with someone who is usually a joke.

    I’m not saying don’t form a third party. I just think it won’t work in time for 2016. Which is why I came up with the Vote West concept. I’d love to hear anything that sounds better. Anything at all.

    But more importantly, one way we can all pull together is by focusing on the single concept of Restoration. (By which I mean restoring the original intent of the founders’ words in the Constitution.)

    Until the Constitution is restored, arguing over social cons, gays, the Fed, abortion, and other things is going to impede the goal. Besides, Restoration would make it MUCH easier to deal with those other issues (namely, leaving most of it up to the states).

    Restoration will require an amendment.

    A short amendment.

    We’ll argue about it later. I just know that’s what it will take.

    But it will never happen until we get another Reagan-style conservative in the White House, and control of both chambers of Congress for at least two years.

    That’s the mission, folks. Accept no substitutes.

    (We need folks to be vigilant, and call these pretend right-siders out when they get in the way of that fight. Ace is not going for Restoration when he claims to be sick of people on the right who have concerns about homosexuals destroying the concept of “marriage.” That’s not a Restoration argument. It’s a distraction. The distractors need to be elbowed aside. We can be nice about it, but they really should be met with complete resistance.)

    • marketcomp

      Now that’s what I’m talking about! Well said, K-Bob!

    • PhillyCon

      It’s obvious that Ace has not been involved with running or winning elections.

      He’s cutting his nose to spite his face by eliminating at least 1/3 of the Reagan coalition. These people are the door knockers, envelope stuffers, and phone callers for the party. They are the ones who do the grunt work that no one wants to do. Who will do all this? The moderate who could care less, or who barely votes? Good luck with that paradigm, its ensuring permanent minority status.

    • cabensg

      Our mission is plain as you’ve outlined and it needs to include a concerted effort to bring to truth or ruin the liberal lying media. Fox can stay the way it is imperfect but valuable but we need to bring at least CBS or ABC to the truth. If we could do that they would be in competition with Fox which would make it improve to. This would bring many millions more to the conservative side.

      • I wish someone on the right with money would just buy ABC or NBC.

  • PVG

    Leading by example……what a concept!!

  • waytngtym
  • RonPaulSupporter2

    Like father…like son.

    Congressmen Ron Paul did this for years. His son is just following in his footsteps.

    • That alone is nice but then there’s JJ Jr. lol, he did too.

  • That’s nice.
    What a nice contrast with the Blame & Tax America First crowd in the Chicago-New York-Washington D.C. Axis of Evil.

  • spin43

    Have each Senate office cut by $500.000 and each House member find $200,000 in cuts.That’s about $132,000,000 in savings. Now lets start on cutting the budgets of Depts of Education, Commerce, Energy, etc. How about the Executive Branch? Vacations? Look at the fat in the Judicial Branch. No way to cut Obama?

    • TimeForAnarchy

      I’m no Constitutional scholar, but I can read English. No where in that great document is there a mention of Federal authority for a Dept. of Education. It’s a 10th Amendment issue, simple. Close the Dep. of Ed.


  • wodiej

    don’t read about things like this every day. God bless you sir. Why don’t you and Gov. Sarah Palin run for president in 16? This sounds exactly like the kind of thing she would do. After about 18 months of you both in office people would be saying “what deficit??”