Sen. Ted Cruz apologizes to US Filipino Veterans for remark during filibuster…

Ted Cruz explains he was trying to thank the people that had been with him in the Senate during his filibuster when he analogized their having been through a ‘Bataan Death March,’ meaning his filibuster. Below he is apologizing for that remark to the Filipino Veterans who actually had to endure the ‘Bataan Death March’:

US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), of the Senate Armed Services Committee, apologized to US Filipino WWII veterans and their supporters for his “offensive” comment comparing his 21-hour filibuster to the “Bataan Death March.” Mr. Celestino Almeda, 96, spokesman, and Maj. Jesse Baltazar, 93, a Bataan defender & POW, presented their written demand of the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans for his public apology and to support their bills in the Senate. Retired military chaplain Georgette Beltran, Angelyn Tugado-Marzan, daughter of a vet, and Eric Lachica, coalition executive director, assisted at their meeting in the senator’s Washington DC office, Sept. 30, 2013.

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  • clockwindingdown

    Sorry but they should be supporting Cruz as they themselves fought for freedom!

    Cruz, a great American and a statesman!

    • KT

      Sorry, but Cruz is an ass.

      • CalCoolidge

        How so?

        • deTocqueville1

          I assume that is rhetorical as with the rambling ‘world economy’ ‘blowing up’ rubbish you do not expect a thoughtful response.

      • John Q. Jones

        if that is so, then why aren’t your lips plastered to him? Oh, that’s right… Your lips are plastered deep within the crack of your dear leader…my bad…

      • clockwindingdown

        Trolling are we?

        Nothing to contribute just name calling?

        Bitter leftist are all the same, vile, disgusting, petty, little, flies that contribute nothing, and live a short life span, they are self absorbed, an ignorant to the extreme, but then you know that sunshine don’t you?

        • waffle_anna

          Don’t feed the trolls.

          • clockwindingdown

            No, no, call them out troll is very good if cooked right…

        • A hint: Voting down a comment 10 times (10 down arrows) will make comment disappear.

        • deTocqueville1

          Isn’t it great? They are showing up to attack Cruz and Palin. Must be causing head explosions!

          • clockwindingdown

            I’d say Cruz and Palin are directly over target!

      • Rosalie

        Yes, and I suppose he should just shut up. The liberals all say the same things. They can’t stand when we have an opinion. And the RINOS are doing the same thing. We finally have someone who’s actually working for us and they can’t stand it.

        • leel004

          i remember reading that Daniel Boone during his campaign season told a group of voters that he ‘thinks Congress should not stay there long as they do lots of damage to private rights when they do. That’s my speech, now I am going for a beer”.

          • Rosalie

            I totally agree with what Daniel Boone said. The career politicians on both sides of the aisle are the ones who are pretty much out of touch with reality. They needed to go a long time ago.

      • jgilman1

        A bad ass.
        It’s ok sometimes I used to miss a word or two when my mom was yelling at me to clean up my room in the basement and get a job too. It was completely distracting, although I wasn’t 40 at the time.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Obama isn’t guaranteeing anyone health care, let alone giving it to them.

        • PhillyCon

          Thank you Rosie.

      • Mark

        Talk about subsuming the whole country under vain ambition. Obamacare is the epitome of that. One party jammed through nationalized health care for EVERYBODY. Obama needs to stop trolling the whole country and threatening our economy.

      • deTocqueville1

        You clearly aren’t a conservative. Just a RINO or perhaps from the Andomeda Galaxy?

      • You obviously support the destruction of the county. We can safely ignore your advice.

      • Jasper Silvis

        KT, of the 40 million without health insurance, 30 million were eligible for Medicaid and the other 10 million were young people choosing to not have health insurance. If Obama really cared about the “40 million without health insurance”, he would have launched a Medicaid enrollment advertising campaign bigger than Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign and problem solved; all without destroying everyone else’s health insurance plans.

      • Amjean

        Obamacare is threatening the US economy….the world economy does not enter into it.
        Also, Cruz is not doing this for political ambition; he is doing it because
        1) his constituents hired him to fight to get rid of Obamacare; he is fulfilling that campaign promise and 2) he believes he is on the side
        of right.
        Over 50% don’t want Obamacare. As more and more of it gets implemented, that percentage will rise dramatically.

  • CalCoolidge

    Why should they be offended? It’s a compliment. It recognizes their ordeal. It’s not like he used the march in comparison to a picnic.

    • deTocqueville1

      Everything seems offensive these days. Such nonsense.

  • Press Watchusa


    ——————–A man taking responsibility for his actions –

    What is this Country coming too?

    I’m a “TED HEAD” are You?
    CRUZ = Class</B

    He turned a lemon into lemonade

  • eLucidive

    A great man and a great American.

  • unseen1

    oh good lord. what the hell have we fallen too where a remark like that offends?

    • leel004

      I can understand the offense of comparing to the Bataan March. The march was torturous to those that endured it, with the majority dying . It was not a good comparison, so glad he apologized. The other remarks Cruz made on the floor are WAY appropriate. God guide his conscience always…IN ALL WAYS.

  • Ok, Teddy, you might wanna stay away from those military metaphors. It’s becoming an Achilles heel for ya. Keep up the fight, nevertheless.

    • warpmine

      Forgive me I always see eye to eye with you but on this one, I think Ted was just adlibbing. I could be wrong of course but was it a written speech or was it spur of the moment? If spur of the moment, we all need cut him some before jumping up on the high horse. Just saying.

      • I’m sure he meant no harm.

        • warpmine

          Totally agree. Don’t understand the stink of it even from our side. Doesn’t anyone take things in context of where and when before jumping into the water?????????

  • deTocqueville1

    Good grief! The English language ever shrinking with politically correct censorship.

  • sDee

    Actually Americans are on a death march. It is a fancy one indeed complete with subsidies, a propped up economy and media entertainment. Those in charge of the march know where they are taking us and our fate.

    What those in charge of the march know too well, and the American people have not yet figured out, is that we need only to step out of line and trample them.

    That is why always our leaders are singled out, demonized and destroyed. A leader like Pailn or Cruz would be nice but we cannot wait. Step out of line.

  • Wigglesworth

    I don’t think Cruz should have used that as an analogy, but what about the kamikaze references by democrats? Thousands of Americans were killed by those suicide missions.

    • warpmine

      Well after 21 hours with a short breather, I excuse him. Name a Rat that ever apologizes after harsh words with no 21 hours up talking.

  • Scolded for the Truth

    People are truly over-sensitive these days! It was used as a metaphor for the length of his filibuster, nothing more, nothing less. If anything, these gentlemen should thank Ted for mentioning that horrible march and keeping on the minds of people. No disrespect was intended. If Ted had used the March in connection with a joke, they would have reason to complain.

    • Amjean

      I agree with you.

  • I support the vets, but this kind of demand for an apology comes from the left, not from the brave.

    The brave would have simply gotten a friend to have a quiet word and allow the purported “offender” a chance to step forward on his own. They wouldn’t do it with some pansy, public “demand”. It’s only after such a chance is snubbed that you would ever escalate. Pathetic. Especially when you know good and well going in that a guy like Cruz would be horrified to have offended a vet–and they d*mn well knew that.

    I’ll bet these people never sent anything to Jane Fonda.

    • disqus_PAF4II0jcj

      Interestingly, when Sens Kennedy and Durbin, along with Rep. Murtha, viciously slandered the US troops on the Senate and House floors, not a single Republican, journalist, or veteran group raised an eyebrow. what Cruz said was rather anodyne. This is a political hit job against him.

  • Jasper Silvis

    I wondered when this would happen. When I heard Ted mention the Bataan Death March, I cringed. In my 80s teenage selfishness, I said something stupid about war and my Marine Corps dad handed me his copy of “Death March: The Survivors of Bataan”, then told me to shut up and read it and not talk to him until I was finished.

    I could not put it down, of course, as it was an excellent book, and had a completely different sense of right and wrong after that. I then proceeded to get interested in the many other books in dad’s library, opening my eyes to our founding and defense of the union over the years.

    So when Ted said what he said, I had an instant flashback, so to speak 🙂

    • poorhardworker

      Remembering how we all got “here” is a wonderful thing to read about…or remember with books refreshing our memory! Good for you for taking your father’s lesson to heart! Good for Ted to apologize!…now let’s get back to the business of saving our country!!! I’m ready, willing…and almost able (63 yr old lady writing) but I can beat the crap out of anybody with my cane!!! :):)

  • ellengba

    I’m glad he apologized.

    It is a shame Democrats never apologized, but there is no reason to follow their bad example.

    It’s nice he apologized before those gentlemen, and not some generic special pleaders. Hopefully this will end the matter from his perspective.

    • JohnCraven

      I think Cruz did the right thing not for PC reasons but because it was the right and honorable thing to do in person to people who actually survived the Bataan Death March and their descendents.
      I think it shows that Ted Cruz is an honorable and decent man.
      John Craven
      New Orleans

  • Freedomswatch

    It is good that he apologized, but let’s face it the media are out to “Palinize ” Ted Cruz. John Kerry never had to apologize for saying our troops murdered and raped. Murtha never apologized for his continued insults of our military. The media see Cruz as a threat who can energize the Republican base and they hate him for it. The media, their buddies on the left, and the RINOs (Peter king etc.) are terrified that if Cruz gets positive coverage he might lead the Conservative wing of the party out of the wilderness and force Republicans to do what they were elected to do. It’s time for conservative media to counter their negative coverage with a charm offensive. We need to flood social media sites with the good things he is doing for America.

  • jdbaird

    They gotta be liberals, no one else would be this hypersensitive, have they not heard of an analogy? He wasn’t literally saying he just walked the bataan death march, just like if I said “You’re killin’ me” I’m not accusing you of being a murderer.

  • OneThinDime

    Waiting for them to go after Obama and Reid for referring to conservatives as terrorists with bombs strapped to their chests, etc. etc.

  • John Hill

    Did Cruz know they were taping it?

  • Laurel

    Oh for pete’s sake…political correctness run a muck.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    He personally apologized… Some of us can’t even get our senator to respond to us over the phone – email – letters – no we get a freaking script letter from the staff of the senator… Good and descent way of dealing with the issue that was brought forth by those veterans…..

    • maingearinarkansas

      Ain’t it the truth. I live in Arkansas and have contacted both Senators and my Representative to express my concerns. I also contacted Senator Cruz’s office to thank him for having the enormous fortitude to actually speak for his constituents, and like minded Americans. Of the four, not one of MY congressional representatives (Dem AND Repub) responded. Cruz’s office did. And I don’t even live in Texas.

  • Terrenceor

    Do not fault these men for seeking an apology. The Bataan Death March was both the end and the beginning their suffering.

    The death march ended their heroic and horrific 4 month long stand against the cruel and battle hardened Japanese invaders. The 19000 Americans and 50000 Filipinos defended the most rugged part of the island where they endured disease and starvation along with ferocious attacks by the Japanese and only surrendered after they were too physically weak to keep fighting.

    They also eventually realized they were not going to be saved by their government, but were being abandoned.

    That was the end of there suffering on Bataan and the beginning of their suffering at the hands of the Japanese over the next 4 years. If you want to read a good recounting of the horrors inflicted read “Tears in the Darkness”. It will leave you deeply affected.

    • I do fault them. I’m betting they don’t represent ALL Death March vets.

      The real deal wouldn’t “demand” an apology from someone who clearly supports vets without first giving that person a heads up and allow them to do it on their own.

      Yeah, I fault them all day long. We can honor heroes without letting a tiny few of them despoil the memory of WHY they were heroes. Where are their “demands” from all of the others who dishonor the troops?

  • tinlizzieowner

    Comparing a guy standing in an air conditioned room talking to the Bataan Death March was a little over the top. The reaction to his comment was way over the top.

  • sickandtired

    A man with enough balls to admit he made a mistake!
    Cruz is the MAN!