Senate confirms Kerry as new Secretary of State

Ugh. I’ll post a roll call shortly:

REUTERS – Senator John Kerry received enough Senate votes on Tuesday to be confirmed as President Barack Obama’s new secretary of state, succeeding Hillary Clinton.

The five-term senator and 2004 unsuccessful presidential candidate had broad support from fellow Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. As voting continued, he had received well over 60 votes in favor of his confirmation, and just two against it.

UPDATE: Not the full roll call vote, but good enough:

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  • Of course he was…

  • Joe

    Lurch !!!!

    He’ll scare him into compliance

  • c4pfan

    This country is seriously messed up.

  • Amy

    No surprise here… Disgust, yes – but no surprise, unfortunately. I will be looking to see if my supposed tea party Senator voted Yes for his confirmation.

    • Don

      John Kerry is a treasonous traitor and a disgrace to this country. Anyone who voted for this piece of garbage is just as bad as he is and worse. I will never cast a vote for anyone who voted for this coward. The republicans just reinforced they are never going to be relevant on a national level again.

      • Amy

        No argument here…

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Lefty leftist: how dare you disrespect a war veteran! He served our country with distinction! He is a hero. It took more courage for him to speak against the war than it did to actually fight the war! How dare you besmirch a war hero! He is a patriot! YOU are the traitor and no patriot, you right-wing tea bagger!

        Reply: you know lefty leftist, you’re right. The glorious John F’ing Kerry was for his country, before he was against it. Hey, wasn’t Benedict Arnold a war hero? Didn’t he fight for his country or what was soon to become his country? What happened to him? Yeah, didn’t he defect over to the British army? Did his side win the American Revolutionary War? Oh that’s right, he became a LOSER who had to move to England. He wasn’t well-liked or trusted in England or in Canada, where he briefly lived. He was viewed with contempt in Canada and had to move back to England. Why, oh why? If he would have been caught during the War, he would have been branded a TRAITOR and executed as such.

    • Amy

      And that is the end of my support for Ron Johnson. Three strikes: support of NDAA/Patriot Act, the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ deal from the Senate & now this. It didn’t even take a full term for him to learn how to play the game…

      • Orangeone

        Seriously? Didn’t Ron Johnson do a good job with the recent Benghazi hearing?

        • aposematic

          What difference does that make now?

  • dabbobean

    Obama is really assembling a fine team here.

    …unfortunately their opponent is the United States of America!

  • Alborn

    Our military men have died in vain for the freedoms that these gutless politicians in Washington abuse. What a disgrace to their memory. This man should have been tried for treason and now he is SS.

    • alpg49

      If Kerry had been killed any of the 3 times he was combat wounded, he would have been one of them. BTW, what’s your combat experience.

      • tinlizzieowner

        If he’d been killed? The injuries I sustained in bar fights in Saigon were more severe than the one’s he wrote himself up for 3 Purple Hearts for.
        While we’re at it, what’s your ‘combat experience’?

        • onetwopunch

          I’m sure them three purple hearts helped save his sorry ass from being fragged.

          • tinlizzieowner

            It’s remarkable he wasn’t. The rest of the ‘Brown Water Navy’ (Swift Boats) sure didn’t think much of him.
            River Boats were probably one of the the most hazardous Navy jobs in the Viet Nam war, right up there with flying the (not too friendly) skies of North Viet Nam. I’d like to know how somebody like ‘Hanoi John’ ever got assigned to that? He’s an ‘REMF’ if there ever was one. 😉 😉

      • Alborn

        My brother-in-law(sister’s husband) was killed in Vietnam on April 1st 1967. He was a far better man that the lying piece of crap that is John Kerry. I truly wish it had been Kerry and not Rick Taylor. The pain never goes away and is magnified every time scum like Kerry show up on TV with more lies

  • SHOCKER~! But this is who I know voted no Sens. Cruz, TX, Cornyn, TX, Inhofe, OK.

    • Not surprised Rubio voted yes, but Rand Paul? Kinda.

      • Paul believes within reason the president should be able to pick his cabinet

        • las1

          Doesn’t mean he he has to buy in.

        • Orangeone

          The Senate is to be the stop gap on this and due its due diligence. Rubio gave this to Barky and so did Rand Paul. If Paul did this because he believes the potus should be able to pick his cabinet, gives me cause for pause about his belief in the Constitutional separate of powers.

        • aposematic

          Maybe Paul will get a chance to see how the D’s feel on that point…

  • hramirez18

    Only 3 Senator vote againts this dirtbag , Sen. Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) and Sen. Inhoffe (R-OK).

    • cabensg

      Good to see Cornyn off the fence. I’ve really agreed with some of his ideas in the past but he seemed to get pretty squishy there for awhile. Maybe looking at the real Obama for 4 years woke him up to the threat.

  • williamm

    The Senate voted 94-3 to confirm President Barack Obama’s pick to take over for Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose last day on the job will be this Friday. Clinton will deliver her final address as secretary Thursday to the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Republicans Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, of Texas, and James M. Inhofe, of Oklahoma, voted against Kerry’s confirmation.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Dude, 94 Senators voted to put a person who HATES America in as SoS?! Things are worse than I thought.

    • barney59

      Who could have imagined that Anti-American/Pro-VietCong Kerry would be SOS?

      The world really is upside down…

      I’m waiting for Jane Fonda as Ambassador to England.

  • 3seven77

    Kerry didn’t vote for himself? Guess he knows something the others don’t…

  • Well we all knew the traitor would be voted in. Still a kick in the face to our Veterans and Troops though… thanks a lot for your yes votes you ignorant jack a$$es.

    • barney59

      Dang straight ABC / the masses have belched and out came Obama.

      • That’s quite a way to describe it barney59, but it works.

        • barney59

          Obama’s existence has reduced me to primal descriptives.

          • Same here, but mine usually have a few @%#’s in them 😉 Yours are much more civil.

            • barney59

              Your posts are one of the RS highlights, don’t you know! 🙂

              • *blush* Aw quit it! What a sweet thing to say!
                Scoop has the best posters ever! 🙂

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        You have the wrong end…and it wasn’t a belch that announced the coming.

    • DCGere

      Texted w/my soldier in sandbox. They are FURIOUS and disgusted by this.

      • I know a few who are DC. I can’t imagine being over there while this kind of crap is going on here.
        Keeping him and others in my prayers daily. xoxoxo

      • 57thunderbird

        Must be awfully difficult to serve under this current CIC poser.I really feel for our brave young warriors.

        • DCGere

          Thanks ABC, they are good. A transformer exploded on post yesterday, there was a fire and some injuries yet none fatal, from what I understand.
          thunder – yep, but at least my soldier didn’t vote for this CIC. Our troops are still loyal to the U.S., no matter what this CIC does. Ugh…

          • Am I allowed to ask what unit he’s in?

          • Orangeone

            And We The People are loyal to our military!

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        I just spoke with a Vietnam vet today and he was apoplectic. He told me that Kerry should have hooked up with a 7.62 to the skull and saved the country the grief.

        • DCGere

          Your friend and my dad, a Vietnam & Korean vet, are both not pleased about this. Ugh…

          • PatrickHenrysBody

            The number of those Zero displeases is increasing every day. All Zero has succeeded in doing by getting John F’ing Kerry on board is prove that he has no interest in the strength and well-being of our military. The future for our military looks pretty grim.

  • barney59

    It’s getting hard to calibrate this Administration, they keep stooping to lower and lower lows…

  • martha chandler

    I think we all knew that this was never not going to happen. This administration is never denied anything.

  • capelady

    So…. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio supported the nomination of John Kerry? Clearly, they are “players” !

    I am glad Ted Cruz had the courage of his conservative convictions and voted NO!!!

    • stage9

      No doubt!

    • 57thunderbird

      I knew Rand was a poser.

  • AmericanDream12

    Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry [2004]



    The newly uncovered documents help clarify the relationship of the North Vietnamese, the Vietcong, the PCPJ, the Communist Party of the USA, and John Kerry’s VVAW. They indicate that these organizations worked closely together, using the Paris Peace Talks as a central point of communication, to employ the strategy and tactics devised by the Vietnamese communists to achieve their primary objective: the defeat of the United States of America in Vietnam.

    — by Jerome R. Corsi and Scott Swett

    Department of the Navy

    Punitive letter of Reprimand (against Kerry)

    Office of the Judge Advocat General to LD John Forbes Kerry
    Via Commander, Naval Reserve Force

    “Your misconduct as an officer in dealing with agents of an enemy government brought great discredit upon the United States Navy and your fellow naval officers. Accordingly, persuant to reference…… snip…you are hereby reprimanded”

    • las1

      To quote another quoter quoting someone worth quoting:

      At this point, what difference does it make”

      • Rshill7

        “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

        Misquoter! You’re of the Kroft lineage aren’t you?! Trying to make Hillary look good.

        You disgust me.


        • las1

          You are jumping the gun there. Think before you start yet again shooting at friendlies.

          If you read AmericanDream12s excellent article, there is a commenter who uses Hillary’s comment facetiously in the same way that the media would cover for any of Kerry’s past history.

          It definitely WAS NOT a defense of Hillary… it was a prediction of what we could expect under Kerry when he gets quizzed for his own nefarious dealings as when he met illegally with the Viet Kong in Paris in 1971. Anyone defending him could be expected at this point to say the exact stupid thing Hillary said in her own defense.

          Is it too complicated to understand the facetiousness of me quoting Hillary’s awful comment.

          Sheesh! Think before spouting off.

          • Rshill7

            It was a joke silly. C’mere a minute.


            • las1

              Whew! My google translator from Rshill7 to Las1 is on the fritz.

              I thought the line from the free republic article commentator was a hoot. And not being an original thinker too often, I’ll give attribution where attribution is due.

              I suspect we’re going to hear that line a lot more whenever Secretariat says something crazy.

          • Rshill7

            She did say ‘at this point’ in the middle though. I was watching her live when she said it.

            Never underestimate the power of the smiley face 😀

      • AmericanDream12

        Ha…that line will stay out there for a while! But yes, seems that treason is a requirement to win a good post in this administration. So I agree – What difference does it make – Pray for America. We are in for a very very bad ride – if our country can survive so many traitors – the enemy within is the most dangerous.

        God help us.

        • las1

          I’m totally in awe (if I can say that) how thorough and relentless the forces of evil are presently gaining ascendency everywhere. And, surprise surprise… they’re Democrats who practice these dark arts to perfection.

          • 57thunderbird

            And RINO republicans.

            • cabensg

              Have you ever noticed they’re to cowardly to put up leftist ideas themselves so they just go along with the Democrat ones. That makes them a double coward doesn’t it.

          • AmericanDream12

            “And RINO republicans.”

            Exactly. That’s the awful part – it’s like here is absolutely NOBODY on our side to save America. I don’t understand how this is possible – how come republicans can accept to let our great country go like that with traitors all over Congress and the White House??? How can they sleep at night.

            Makes me sick, literally.

            HELLO SARAH??? Still think you don’t need a title??? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO JUMP IN AND STOP THE MADNESS??? HUH???


            • AmericanDream12

              Ok..I called Sarah because she is the only one that has the integrity to do it. That’s what happens when you are exceptional – people expect a lot for you…and we get angry when they don’t follow up with their uniqueness.

              Sorry Sarah. But we need you badly. No one else out there to fight for our beloved country.

              And “We The People” are stuck in their sofa waiting for the superbowl – ready to give up their guns for an Amazon gift card.


              • las1

                I feel your AHHHHGGGGRRRRRR…… and I’m not even American.

  • Rocco11

    The Founders are spinning like turbines in their graves…

    • marvgoux1

      The country is rapidly deteriorating now.

  • This is like George Washington naming Benedict Arnold as his Secretary of State…and the Congress confirming.

    • Orangeone

      Well Barky isn’t like George Washington….cannot think of a traitor potus as bad as Barky but “Carter the economy destroyer and 444 of US hostages” is close.

    • demographicallychallenged

      17trillion likes

  • MominNV

    hanoi john.

  • These clowns are just one, big ole happy family of serially incestuous cretins. Gahk…

  • tinlizzieowner

    I’m disgusted but I can’t say that I’m the least bit surprised. Now ‘Hanoi’ John can go around the world on ‘Obama apology tour II’, bashing our young troops like he did those of us who served in Viet Nam.

  • americalsgt

    Great. This is just a wonderful day for all of us Vietnam Vets. I’m so happy, I think I’m gonna puke. Gotta ask a question. Recently, I posted something on another site and was told I wan’t too bright and was an idiot by another. I go back to respond and there is no way to get back to say ” Well, yea I am kinda bright” So how does that work? With each passing day I detest liberals more and more. What a bunch of P ont ys.
    Love ya’all

    • It doesn’t matter what the idiots over on other sites think of you americalsgt. We know how intelligent you are and love you here! 😉 Welcome home.

    • Nukeman60

      Just remember Saul Alinsky and his rules. If they say something, the truth is just the opposite. So pat yourself on the back. You went on a sortie and came back successful. Job well done soldier. At Ease. 🙂

      • americalsgt


    • tinlizzieowner

      I can’t go out on ‘recon’ to the really lib sites anymore like ‘move’ for instance, anymore. Not only have they banned my screen name, they have banned my ‘IP’ as well.
      Somebody from there tried to hack my computer but I have ‘friends’ that can handle those kinds of things. 😉 😉

      • americalsgt

        I don’t mind figthing with them, but when they get to trash me and then make it impossible to respond, that’s what goes up my butt.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Libs are always talking about ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ but you don’t really think these ‘situational hypocrites’ would practice what they preach, do you? 😉

        • Orangeone

          We have trolls from time to time, can’t wait to see you team up with tinlizzieowner and take them on! I love good entertainment 🙂

    • Orangeone

      Ditto to ABinC and please bring your friends on over and introduce them!

  • 1217Chic

    Congradulations Traitor Lurch

  • Rshill7

    I’m gonna have to call ole’ horsehead Secretariat now. I hope he’s ‘stable’.

    “Ohhh, mares eat oats and does eat oats…”

    • Wilburrrrr

    • las1


      Ha! good one.

    • nosilasunny

      A horse is a horse, of course, of course…

    • JRD1

      Secretariat was a champion. Lerch is a NAG!

  • Nukeman60

    Ok, I’ve been waiting for this report all day and I’ve got my long, drawn out, well thought out reply all ready……

    Nope, no surprise here.

    (only 3 no votes, though? – sigh)

  • The greatest argument FOR term limits is John Kerry.

    • las1

      The greatest argument FOR minimums in sentencing is John Kerry.

      • Orangeone

        Tall, long, narrow cell 🙂

        • las1

          Or a horse’s stall on the prison grounds. You know… for the head. Rshill7 nicknames Kerry Secretariat. I think it’s fitting.

          • Orangeone

            I know but horses? They are such beautiful of God’s creatures and I cannot identify the planet that the traitor comes from…maybe because he looks too much like an empty ketchup bottle tipped upside down LOL

            • las1

              I apologize to horses everywhere. You are right. But I’ll still call him Secretariat, Heinz Secretariat.

              • Orangeone

                I like it, I like it!

    • Orangeone

      The greatest argument for the ObamaTax death panel is Hanoi John! Too bad he’s exempt

  • 57thunderbird

    Hey John.Why the long face?

  • 1endtimes2020

    Dear Commentators. After over 1100 ‘likes’ it’s time for me to move on. I have been spending too much time at my laptop, and I need to get back to my normal life.
    I wish you all a good life, and will pray a special prayer for all of you and TRS. Keep up the good work. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments, learned a lot, got told off, and hope my contributions have been helpful. Take care, and God bless you all.

    • 57thunderbird

      I haven’t been here very long but I have enjoyed many of your posts.Take care and God bless.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Yes, I noticed when you started to send your good comments.With new commentators like you, TRS doesn’t need me.

        • Orangeone

          Yes we do need you!

          • 1endtimes2020

            You’re very kind. Let me take this opportunity to let you know about a new 10 part series for TV produced by the the show of ‘Survivors’ and ‘Touched by an angel’. I just saw the announcement by the couple on James Robison. It will begin March 3 on the History Channel. You can see previews. I had tried to see the website they gave, but had to go to Google. I googled ” History Channel Bible Series”, and you can see the producers and get everything you need to know.
            They will make DVDs to pass on to others as gifts. Each series will focus on a specific important event from Genesis to Revelations and promises to be exciting.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Take a few minutes and stop back in from time to time. 😉

      • 1endtimes2020

        I’ll try, but all of you are doing such a great job. Be good to each other. We’re all friends, and mean well, don’t we. God bless you.

      • 1endtimes2020

        I was beginning to get addicted to all of you, and I do need to return to a normal life. Keep up the good work. The country really needs you. God bless and protect all of you.

        • Orangeone

          But we are part of your normal life! The country needs you too.

          • 1endtimes2020

            Thank you. I wrote to you regarding a new tv series that will be on the History Channel starting March 3. A 10 partseries from Genesis to Revelation.
            Please Google “History Channel Bible Series” and the info will come on. The producers are of Survivors and Touched by an Angel, but this series is Facts Only. Please pass on the information. DVDs will be available for gifts.

            • Orangeone

              Just saw both posts, thank you!

      • 1endtimes2020

        😉 to you too.

    • oregonproud

      Sorry to see ya go, Endtimes. You could come back to say hi when the world gets you down…

      • 1endtimes2020

        I’ll never forget the experience. God bless you.

    • Nukeman60

      Take care, and stop in from time to time. Your opinion is appreciated.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Thank you. Hope to meet all of you after the End Times.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Thank you. Your opinions were very refreshing.

    • Ray

      Please visit. We need patriots here. I want to remind you of this story if you haven’t heard it:
      One of the greatest Patriot Pastors was the Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg. In January, 1776 after preaching a message from Ecc. 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” he stepped down from his pulpit and said, “In the language of the Holy Writ, there is a time for all things. There is a time to preach and a time to fight. And now is the time to fight.” He took off his black robe to reveal the uniform of a Colonial Army officer. He then enlisted 300 men from his congregation to join General George Washington. Their unit was called The Eighth Virginia Cavalry. Pastor Muhlenberg rose to the rank of Major General before the end of the war.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Your submission is a great parting gift. God bless you.

  • syvyn11

    I can’t believe Rand Paul voted for this dumbf^cker.

    • 57thunderbird


      • Orangeone

        Best to know now. I personally didn’t care for his illegal alien position but I NEVER thought he’d do this. Maybe the fruit didn’t fall far from the daddy tree on foreign policy after all.

    • TexasEnforcer

      No lie. Very disappointing.

  • Things just keep getting better and better… what happen to the America I’ve known my whole life? I am starting to not recognize it anymore, we use to stand up for our convictions, we didn’t roll over, we had strength, we were proud to be Americans, we were not afraid to fight for what was right… now we are close to confirming a liar and a traitor to become our next “Secretary of State”? May God help us!!! How is confirming this man going to be good for our country? He could care less about ANYTHING other then John Kerry!!

    • Ray

      It is time for all patriots to join together. That is all there is to it. Perhaps to move to Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, etc. and write a declaration of independence buy a small country off to admit us as a separate nation and build a consulate there.

      • Orangeone

        I’ve said before that Israel should let the red middle of this country become their provinces and to prevent the east and west coasts of the US to utilize our air space.

  • sjmom

    Did anyone believe Kerry wouldn’t make it????? I hope they’re saving their NO votes for Hagel.

    • Orangeone

      Bet Hagel will have similar vote results.

  • For myself at least, I can think of no selection for SoS more pukeworthy than Kerry… except maybe Bill Ayers. At least he wasn’t nominated for Defense. That would simply have been too much to bear.

  • CrazyAZBiker

    What a disgustingly slimey nasty piece of shit waste of good air! What in the world is happening to our country when this traitorous monochrome mental weakling is elected to be Secretary of State? Its just another sign of how far gone our country is… I cant stand this scumbag! Why wasnt he thrown out of congress, tarred and feathered? Shameful… How much of a joke we are to the rest of the world! When will this end?

    • notsofastthere

      But for 3 Republicans….there was no contest to Kerry’s appointment. That makes the Repubs just as disgustingly slimey POS.
      Obama and both parties are imploding this country.

      • chatterbox365

        That’s the truth!

    • Orangeone

      Well neither was Teddy the Killer Kennedy. Goes to show and makes me wonder, with the exception of my dear friend Wolfie that I haven’t seen in a few days, what the he!! is wrong with MA


    … you mean the John Kerry who served in Vietnam ? “

    • Luker410

      Yeah, the one that was in Cambodia on Christmas Day (lie), the one that got a Purple heart for fragging himself, and the same one that led protests against his country, threw away his medals and called US Army soldiers of this Country murderers. Yeah, that one.

      • KenInMontana

        Kerry’s “medals” are in a frame hanging on the wall behind his desk in his Senate office. The “medals” that he threw into the Potomac river were reported to belong to another vet.

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    what a Military back stabber!! Worse by the day in that place

  • Army_Pilot1967

    That’s just one of the problems with American national politics….those ol’ boys are in a club and according to club rules, they’re going to vote “Yes” for the president’s choice for Secretary of State. How else would someone like John “Scary'” Kerry get 94 “Yes” votes???? Everyone is just too chummy with those they supposedly oppose. “I can’t vote against Kerry for SoS, he’s really a great guy.” Yeah, bull hockey!!! Kerry is not worthy of being SoS in my opinion, and I think more of the conservative senators should have voted “No,” instead of following the established “club rules” and voting “Yes.”

    • wallwatchman

      What I want to know is who made up these stupid club rules?! Where is it said that they have to vote yes on whoever the prez picks just because he won?! This good ole boy politics stuff is gonna sink this country! If the ex branch gets to do whatever it wants with no accountability from the other branches, including voting yes for dangerous nominees, what’s the point of them being there!

      • Army_Pilot1967

        The ENTRENTCHED club members make up the rules as they go along…kinda like my seven year old grandson does when we play games! In my opinion the Senate and the House are probably the best clubs to belong to in the entire world….lots of power, plenty of perks, nice pay. The members surely don’t want to rock the boat and make changes that would limit or curtail all the benefits of being in the Senate or the House. They’ve got it made at the expense of the rest of us and the nation as a whole. That’s my opinion of what’s going on in DC.

  • Constance

    Alrightee then. With this vote, Marco Rubio has officially lost my interest in any capacity moving forward. This vote, along with his standing alongside McCain, Schumer, and the rest of those fools talking about so-called immigration reform… has sunk him in my eyes. I never will listen to anyone again tell me that Marco Rubio is a conservative. BS.

  • airborneaz

    Spines needed in D.C……SOSDD

  • Sober_Thinking


  • Funny thing, old horse face voted against Condi Rice in 2005…

    • las1

      NO! Really? Well doesn’t that just take the cake! It makes these Senators all look like complicit fools. Kerry won’t play by the polite niceties of the Senate back in 2005, but the Republicans bozos all fall in line in 2013…except three.

      What the hell’s wrong in America?

  • How can we trust the Rubio’s, the Toomey’s and other’s carrying the Conservative banner voting for a treasonous louse like Kerry. Don’t they do their homework? Don’t they understand his history and that it hasn’t gone away. He’s not a war hero, he’s a Winter Soldier.

    These are the same Senate Republicans who voted for the tax increase. These dunces have real credibility issues.

  • chatterbox365

    Wow…even Rand Paul casted a “yes” vote. I bet he’ll be Hillary’s running mate.

  • MadAsHellJack

    The republican party is officially DEAD! A POX on them all!

  • Luker410

    Two inept politicians in a row as SOS. This is dangerous.

  • 57thunderbird

    Apparently my senator cast a yes vote.He will be hearing my displeasure soon.

  • It becomes increasingly difficult to understand what happened to the so called Republican Party. I am thrilled with Cruz addition and trying at the moment to convince my wife that Texas has a whole lot to offer our family! Thank you for your vote Mr. Cruz. Let’s wake the rest of the RINO’s in the Senate and KICK them the HECK out!

  • white531

    Why even comment?

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Not one republican vote should have been Yea…. This man kerry placed our men and women of the Vietnam conflict/war in harms way and is 50% responsible for the treatment those coming home from Vietnam received….. This is a sick bunch of loons we have had in congress on the senate side and I mean 98% of them….. That also includes mccain……. All are a disgrace for this country!!

  • Orangeone

    So did Rubio vote yes or did he miss the vote?

    Rand Paul voted to confirm?

  • aposematic

    94-3-1 to confirm… can anyone still pretend R’s are not just as bad as D’s…

    • Lets face it…the Conservative’s agenda is no longer the GOP’s agenda. Their goals are no longer our goals, and that means that ultimately, we cannot count on them …… if we are going to ask someone to act as our agent in a hostage negotiation, we need to be confident that they want the hostage back just as much as we do.

  • Ray

    This “to the winner, go the spoils” attitude of republican’s suck, they are principled on the WRONG THINGS, they think because they allow a democrap president to have whom he wants, the democraps will do the same thing, but they never do.
    Conservatives need to wash their hands of this party which is a stinking, rotten fly infested mess.

  • NHConservative0221

    So I guess Rand Paul is ALL TALK??

    WTF?? He gets all the credit for the tough questions and votes YES on Kerry??


  • TexasEnforcer

    Glad to see that the 2 boys from Texas voted no. I wonder what happened to Paul and Rubio.

  • wallwatchman

    Why do the GOP always do this?! Kerry doesn’t deserve and should not have this position! The least the GOP can do is show their disapproval of this guy even if he would get it anyway. The dems never hesitate to ridicule republican picks and even vote them down! Stop giving Obama everything he wants just because he won! Your job is to represent US and be a check and balance on this guy. Our best interests, remember?! Stop going along to get along! Oh whatever! They don’t listen to us anyway!

  • bobemakk

    The republican party is toast if they keep on caving in. What the hell is going on? I weep for the future of America.

  • kong1967

    Great. Another communist, anti-military dip-shi* to help Obama start WWIII.

  • Baltimore_City_of_LOSERS


    John ” LiveShot” Kerry , 40-years of anti-American thinking

  • Kelly60

    There are no Repubs…Tea Party maybe, no Repubs