Senate Primary: Watch Ted Cruz’s amazing victory speech

Ted Cruz gave an amazing victory speech after winning tonight’s primary runoff and handily defeating David Dewhurst. It’s the full speech minus about 11 minutes of Cruz thanking everyone who contributed to tonight’s big win.

Watch below:

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  • TY Scoop! I’m 1 damn proud Texan right now!

    • stevenbiot

      me too!!

      • Retired_Coach

        Me Three!!!

        • I_am_Jack_Bauer

          Me Four!!! 😀

          • NJ

            I wish I was a Texan…instead I am in New Jersey 🙁

            • C D

              I wish that I were a Texan …. instead, I’m in Detroit :O

              • tvlgds

                Come on down! We need all the conservatives we can get to counter the illegals who vote Democrap.

            • tvlgds

              My condolences. We lived there 67-69. 🙂

    • tvlgds

      Me too!!!

  • Thank you God and thank you fellow Texans for choosing Cruz to restore America!!

  • freenca

    As cordial and appreciative an acceptance speech as I’ve ever heard. Bravo, Ted Cruz!!! A new day of Patriotism is born this day! Congratulations!, now, On to November!!!!

  • The impossible happened. I hope the GOP takes heed. Go right or go home.

  • stevenbiot

    Always give props to our boy Reagan. Thata boy.

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks Scoop. Always first or nearly so. You run a great site, fair minded and tolerant, yet disciplined. What a great speech and certainly Mr. Cruz will be a splendid contributer to the restoration and as he says awakening. He did give a special thanks to Sarah at the beginning.

  • Jim Botts

    I’m looking at the election returns, Yay! Cruz won, but the TX sos website reports 7.86% turnout. Out of 13 million registered voters, only a million or so turned out. SERIOUSLY! C’mon people. How can we turn this ship around when so many people are too damn lazy to vote.

    Oh, let someone else do it and I’ll sit back here on the couch and hope for the best.

    We are damn fortunate Cruz pulled this off.

    • Patriot077

      I noticed that too and wondered if it was because it was a runoff election not the typical primary or general. When Cruz was on Levin’s show a couple nights ago he indicated the turnout could be low and encouraged everyone to vote and bring all their friends … does anyone know how the turnout compares to the primary?

      • tvlgds

        No, it’s always like this. I heard that early voting had high turnout, so I expected higher totals.

    • Texas turnout will be a blowout! in November. That applies to every state in America.
      Tea Party Candidates, republican, even for a (sad to say RINO), this time around if that’s all we’ve got. After what the Democrats have put us Americans through the past 3 1/2 years the thought of any American voting for a Democrat is very repulsive, but we know their is alway’s the so called intellectuals factor.

    • You know what….if the masses ARE ignorant and base their opinions off of 8 second sound bites and what Hollywood and the LSM shoves down their throat, we are BLESSED that they are too lazy to vote. Most of them probably didn’t even know there was a run off. If the masses had turned out, Dewhurst would have won due to the 4 to 1 ratio of ads and money spent on this thing.

      Until we start giving basic civics test and disallow welfare recipients to vote, I say keep ’em home and let the big boys vote.

      • tvlgds

        “we are BLESSED that they are too lazy to vote”—they sure turned out for Nobama! Probably the first time most of them ever voted in their lives.

        • leefromok

          Or after they lived!

          • tvlgds

            Good point! Lots of those dead folks voting these days!

    • tvlgds

      Don’t get me started. Whenever people gripe and moan about the state of the country, I ask them if they voted. If they say no, I tell them to STFU, they’re part of the problem! When I go to my polling place I tell them I’m there to renew my license to b!tch!

  • BS61

    Yah us!

  • I_am_Jack_Bauer

    Its a fantastic night down here in Texas!!! 🙂 The Tea Party’s not dead, folks, we’re only just beginning

    • The Tea Party? Dead! my friend I don’t know what gave you the idea the Tea Party might have died, please check out the past wins we’ve had every chance we’ve had to vote for a tea party candidate or a republican, Spector gone!, Luger gone! VA. MASS. won, and several democrats not running for re-election, you may ask why are they not runnng for re-election? first to save their fortunes they’ve saved over the years by not spending their stash running for re-election, these are monies donated to them by supporters the candidate never spent on campaining, until the TEA PARTY came along they had what we call, the revolving door plan, so they didn’t need to spend their stash, so now they get to keep the money and take it home with them after they are out of office, another reason they are not runnng for re-election is because “We The People” have their number and they know it.
      We may not win all seats but we only need a strong number of seats won in the Congress, Senate, and the Whitehouse, this November 2012 to reverse the Democrat agenda’s.
      As long as we continue to give finacial support (even a very small amount), work with the local / national tea party groups, we’ll continue to win and turn this ship back in the direction the founders had intended.
      Today is a great day in America after the Cruz win! we all have so much to be thankful for.
      tea party patriot

      • I_am_Jack_Bauer

        haha no not at all, friend 🙂 Not suggesting they ever died, quite the contrary, we have always been here. And we will continue to remain, we’ll continue to grow and get stronger so long as we keep on doing just as you said, give little contributions whenever we can and keep working with our local Tea Party groups. If we stay the course it only gets better for us.

        Is it just me or are the rest of y’all glad too that we get to live in this particular time? Have you ever felt such enthusiasm before? Not since Reagan has there been this much energy in this country. Despite all the adversity our side faces I feel that we can pull off a great turnaround. Its a great day for Texas and America!!! Keep it up ladies and gents!

        • poljunkie

          Go get ’em Jack

        • thanks Bauer, very glad you’ve stayed the course. Sorry i was mistaken about your thoughts about the Tea Party being died, I’ve read a few of your post it’s obvious your a great patriot.
          I’m thankful for being an American in these times, your second paragragh is right on! when I look at my family, Not in the best of health older aunts and uncles (some are Vets), nephews, nices. Who at first didn’t understand what it meant to be part of the Tea Party Movement because of listening to the main steram media, Now they are all onboard the Tea Party Ship for freedom and liberty.
          I only think what more can I do to assure their safe an prosperous future, the very first thought that always come to mind is replace obama and as many Democrats and RINOS as possible November 2012 , and more democrats & RINOS kicked out 2014. We have miles to go but we will win back our nation.

          tea party patriot

          24 is a great series, lest we forget!

      • tvlgds

        It’s Harry Reid and the rest of that ilk trying to convince everybody the Tea Party is dead!

        • that’s right, it’s the democrats, media same o same o bunch, we can’t give the RINOS a pass for their responsibility helping the obama regime. Remember we are hobbit’s!right?, we must never forget that word HOBBIT, McCain called the American people HOBBITS! McCain is only one of the first RINOS we need gone out of the senate.
          Just a note, but listen how McCain supports a Muslim with family ties to Mulim Brotherhoodz, while trying to beat down Congress lady Bachmann who in our lifetime is one of Americas greatist patriots. She was standing for us citizens when there was NO ONE ELSE on the field of battle and did battle with Obamas the Democrats about their agenda.
          I support her 1000% in action and monies when possible.
          The Tea Party Movement must never forget their heroes, their are many, but Congress lady Michele Bachmann is A#1.
          They reshaped her voting district, so let’s pray she wins re-election, America really need lady patriot.

          tea party patriot

  • Thank you “Tea Party” and “We The People” for your financial support and hard work. Congratulations to Mr Cruz and thank you Texas!

  • Arrrggghhh

    It’s Wednesday morning. As important as this election was, the MSM has largely ignored it. Either they are just still asleep or they are purposely minimizing it. I think the latter.

    Mr. Romney, take notice and pick a true conservative!

  • I want to congratulate Ted Cruz for this great electoral victory !! As well as all the great grass roots Tea Party folks that made this victory possible, and not just for Ted Cruz and Texas, but for America’s future in the restoration of this great nation back to a US Constitutional Republic, once again.

    We the average ordinary patriotic American People will win this fight against those forces who seek to pollute, corrupt, bankrupt, and destroy America and the US Constitution, be they Obama and his radical anti-American Obamacrats or the Big govt progressive GOP Establishment anti-Conservative RINOs like Dewhurst, McCain, Boehner, etc..

  • EchoMike

    While it’s true turn out may have been low, it was not unexpected.
    Everyone expected run off turn out to be low.
    I’m afraid what you may be missing is while only 8% showed up to vote, that 8% voted 13 more points for the conservative, which I’ll take in any race any day regaardless of turnout!
    Who gives a crap at this point if only 1% showed up, if 60% of that 1% vote the right way.
    Now, that being said, we have to overwhelm the voting places in November. Obama’s already got 5,000 lawyres ready to dessend on the American electorate and rip this country apart like they did in 2000. If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.

  • MaroonRepublic

    Great win but let’s keep up the Big Mo thru November!

  • e4bannan

    I was there last night and it was awesome!

  • Lets just hope come this November that he wins the general election and that somehow we can make Harry Reid, and the Democrats a non-factor in the Senate. Go Cruz!

  • Freedomswatch

    I got off an airplane returning from Europe at 6pm and drove straight to the polls, got there shortly before closing, and voted for Ted Cruz. I was exhausted, but this win makes it all worth it.

  • Not liking his speech delivery. Got bored half way through. That said, hurray for the win. I hope this continues up through and including November!

  • tvlgds

    Regarding voter turnout–I got this note from a friend of mine. We live in San Antonio-Bexar Country.

    “Last night at a TEA Party gathering in San Antonio, one (GOP) election judge said that the voter turnout was a pathetic 8.5%… I’m not sure if that was state wide, or what.

    He did note that his Democrat judge counterpart said to him that she was switching to the Republican party, and that was her last election as a judge…

    The turnout at Chick-Fil-A is an indicator.”