Senate Republicans threaten shutdown over changing filibuster rules

I wish Republicans would fight this hard for principle as they do for their power:

POLITICO – A partisan war is brewing that could bring the government to a screeching halt as early as January — and no, it’s not over the fiscal cliff.

It’s all about the filibuster.

Democrats are threatening to change filibuster rules, in what will surely prompt a furious GOP revolt that could make those rare moments of bipartisan consensus even harder to come by during the next Congress.

Here’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is considering: banning filibusters used to prevent debate from even starting and House-Senate conference committees from ever meeting. He also may make filibusters become actual filibusters — to force senators to carry out the nonstop, talkathon sessions.

Republicans are threatening even greater retaliation if Reid uses a move rarely used by Senate majorities: changing the chamber’s precedent by 51 votes, rather than the usual 67 votes it takes to overhaul the rules.

I think the backlash will be severe,” Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), the conservative firebrand, said sternly. “If you take away minority rights, which is what you’re doing because you’re an ineffective leader, you’ll destroy the place. And if you destroy the place, we’ll do what we have to do to fight back.

“It will shut down the Senate,” the incoming Senate GOP whip, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, told POLITICO. “It’s such an abuse of power.”


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  • Now if only the GOP had that sort of fight in them over all the other issues that are important to the American people. Recently, Benghazi and Voter Fraud come to mind.

    Show some bloody spine you wimps! Get rid of Boehner and get Michelle Bachmann as Speaker while you’re at it. This is a fight for the future of America, not a country club to sit and get rich and fat while doing nothing worthwhile for anybody. Just a little angry here.

    • Constance

      Oh, me too on the angry part. These wastes of space and their blustering that get nowhere. They don’t even know how to explain to the American people WHY Reid is attempting to do this. Tell people why! Explain what’s going on! Don’t just say it’s an abuse of power, explain why it is! To think that we sent all those people to Washington, and they once again nominated Boehner as Speaker makes me physically sick.

  • bornfreeamerican

    Wolfie you speak for all of us! You Repubs campaigned for this job and said you would fight for us and be our voice….NOW BE IT!!!!

  • they need to remind the voters that harry reid and company haven’t passed a budget in over three years. all the bills that the house has passed are on reid’s desk collecting dust. time to get rid of the rinos and replace with fighters who stand up for the constitution and not go along with reid, durbin and schumer.

    • Constance

      I thought that too. WHY don’t these people say this stuff openly and directly to the American people? Just say it! Tell the people what bills are sitting in piles in the Senate, why a budget hasn’t been passed. I could smack these fools.

    • Don

      Great point, Carolyn. The RINOs are complicit with the anti-Amerrican movement that was once the democratic party. As the constant attacks on our Constitution and redistribution from producers to those subserviant to their elitest masters, it is hard to distinquish between the two parties. We have to try to repeat the infusion of conservatives like we did in 2010 in order to counter those who wish to transform our way of life.

    • Orangeone

      I don’t flippin’ care about them not passing a budget. Congress doesn’t live within one anyway. I want to know where every dime of taxpayer money is spent, including the redistribution of it to mooslim countries, politicians favorite donors, welfare, food stamps, medical assistance, education assistance, etc.

      • YOU are so right! All that info should be readily available online for all to see.

        • Orangeone

          And the GAO (Government Accountability Office) should be the ones publishing it! They are the oversight after all.  But, it will not happen with the most transparent administrative ever will it and no one will hold them accountable.

        • pdxlady

          Yes, something like the F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act)

  • Pendog

    Does anyone doubt that Whisperin’ Hairball will try to marginalize conservative opposition with this transparent power-grab? I don’t know about anyone else but I am seeing some very disturbing signs of caving by our elected representatives in Congress. Looks like a move to the left is inevitable.

  • PicklePlants

    Good, I want the Senate to shut down. In fact, I want the whole congress to come to a screeching halt for the next 2 years minimum. Let’s go over the fiscal cliff, take across the board spending cuts and begin the process to capture the Senate and House in 2014.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Where is there any evidence that the Senate works in the first place? The Democratically controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years, even though they are legally obligated to do so.

      • Silly… Laws for Republicans… Liberals and Democrats don’t follow the law. 🙁

        • tinlizzieowner

          Yes, as we have noticed.

    • Orangeone

      I agree but we also need to identify the RINOs and get conservatives running against them in 2014. I will start with John Klein in MN. He is absolutely worthless!

  • toongoon

    The Republicans choose fights that will energize their base to keep supporting them. They are complicit in the direction the country is going either by silent support or inaction. Of course there is no difference between the two.

    • Orangeone

      And each year, they lose more and more votes because they focus on their “base” instead of all in their districts.

  • americalsgt


  • colliemum

    Hot words by the Republicans now – cave-in (a.k.a ‘compromise’) in three-two-one …..

    • They bravely ran away – a lyrics from one of the Monty Python songs about the dangerous rabbit.

      O/t, but how are you doing with the floods colliemum? I hope all is well it looks pretty bad.

      • colliemum

        Well, it’s been very wet and very windy indeed, but so far,keeping everything crossed which can be crossed, we’ve not had it too bad. It’s the poor people in England, especially the South and West who have been caught out first, and now it’s coming to hit the North East.
        Here’s the ‘News’:
        At the bottom is a little map – and where I live (Cardiff), it’s not that bad, we even had some sun this morning!
        Mind – the playing fields in the parks are ankle-deep mud, and little dogs (Jack Russel terriers, and Westies) are definitely not happy about that! All the other dogs couldn’t care less, although when it really blows hard and the rains is pelting down, the only dogs you’ll see around are the Border Collies and their mad owners.

        So long story short: we’re fine, and not a tile has been blown off the roof …

        • Great to hear you’re doing ok despite the weather! Continued Blessings!

  • Rshill7

    The taxpayers are the employers of these refuse-to-budge-a-centimeter democrats, but they don’t see it like that. Why? Because they are actually beholden to those taxpayers and non-taxpayers who also fall into the category of lairs and cheaters. Those that voted repeatedly. Those that voted early, often and late. Those that absentee voted, early voted, and voted once more on election day, and those democrat election officials who aided in that and manufactured out of the blue, more of the same.

    These are those who were part of the magical vote, those votes that dramatically exceeded the total registered voter base. They were neither the “evil” 1% nor the stupid 99%. These were part of the above and beyond 100%. They were part of the 141%, the 158.8%, and the 113%. They represent those votes that comprised every vote above 100%

    In other words, the democrats represent the criminals, and are beholden to them. They represent the socialists, because socialism’s goal is communism. Progressivism’s goal is the same, while sounding less anti-American. They represent Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Marx and Engels. They also ignore law after law, being somehow either above or below those laws.

    Democrats are slop-caked swine. DC is a huge sty, and Congress is one big trough. Where oh where are all the bacon butchers? They committed suicide, so the pink little pigs are destined to reproduce unchecked, while their staff, also known as the media, proclaim night and day that these are indeed so much more equal than anyone else.

    So, what have we?

    Democrats: criminally-insane pig soldiers, and Republicans: half-eaten turkey weenies.

    • colliemum

      “Democrats are slop-caked swine”, “Republicans: half-eaten turkey weenies” – I do love your way with words!


    • Orangeone

      Have you been collaborating with WordsFailMe by any chance? The two of you could take this on the road!

      • Rshill7

        That was kinda’ like what he might write wasn’t it? I’m just might be a little slower to anger than he perhaps. Something about today though and click, here I go… I haven’t seen but a little from Words today. If you know of a goodun’ of his, please point the way. I’m all eyes 🙂

        • Orangeone

          I had to doublecheck the post author to be sure it wasn’t Words writing 🙂  I’ll keep my eyes open.

  • wodiej

    I’ll be surprised at anything the Republican would do that would constitute making any sense, showing some backbone and doing what is right for the American people. Maybe it will take the Democrats being fully responsible for the failures and ensuing chaos to get voters to wake up.

    • sDee

      They need to get aggressive and ruthless – engineer the INEVITABLE collapse so that the whole mess lies in the bloody hands of these Fabian Fascists and their Media.

  • sDee

    Shut it down. Shut it down now.

    Anything and everything this administration and Senate does is designed to further destroy our liberties. Period.

    There can be no compromise to Liberty.

    just today…….
    Begins Push tho Nationalize 401Ks and Pensions.

    Redistribution of wealth to unions and socialist voters Smells just like the nationalization of the healthcare industry.

    • Rshill7

      Sure. Suck everything into the black hole which is DC. Let nothing escape that astronomic hole…not even light.

  • badbadlibs

    Ried doing what a antiAmerican, constitution hating communist is suppose to do is not a surprise. Republicans fighting back hard….shocker.

  • Don’t worry, Reid will do it and just blame the Republicans for being “obstructionists.” And, for that reason alone, Republicans should fight even harder because of that. Republicans have to come to grips with the fact that they will be blamed for EVERYTHING by the Democrats. May as well go down fighting and stand for something. And, trust me, the base will like you a lot better if you actually put up a fight rather than rolling over and just playing dead.

  • Sober_Thinking

    While this is an outrage… I seem to be insulated from the anger now.

    This is what America voted for. Someone might say, “Huh? What are you talking about? Washington gridlock? I didn’t see that on the ballot.” True enough. But the brainless moochers, parasites, union thugs, lazy low-information voters, and liberal nutjobs DID vote for Obama and the Democratic hacks – intentionally.

    Since 2010, free America has enjoyed a slowdown to the madness of the Obama regime, thanks in great part to the efforts of the Tea Party. That election, stopped a lot of the bleeding and halted the evil of Obama and his ilk. However, we can all agree that Washington is a house divided. That evil despot, Harry Reid and his minions, holds the Senate (Democrat strong) while the spineless John Boehner and Co. holds the House (GOP strong). But the keystone is the monster in the WH (Obama)… he is not a leader and he has been proven to be both corrupt and incompetent. Now we have Reid basically pushing for changes to the Constitution – which is what Dear Ruler also wants.

    So what I’m saying is, things haven’t worked in Washington as they were and are now and we’re right back in the same place where we’ve been these past 2 years – just what America voted for.

    Republicans have been on defense at least since Bush. They have buffoons running the party and can’t apparently figure out how to deal with the insufferable Democrats and fight the liberal meme that is currently flourishing. Until the GOP embraces what made the Republicans different (and better) than the Democrats, nothing will get fixed.

    We have a media that is corrupt and a Government that is rapidly engulfing this nation like the blob. The GOP no longer seems able to be a paragon of virtue – because in a world of black and white (I’m speaking about contrast, not race), the GOP remains gray.

    It’s time for a new, 3rd party. Whether it’s the “Freedom”, “Constitution”, “Tea”, Libertarian or whatever party, I support a change. The GOP hasn’t shown the stomach or backbone for an honest fight and as a result, they have become the toilet paper of Washington. Until that changes, we will remain where we are now. And Reid will continue to be an ass.

  • StrangernFiction

    Repubicans fight back?


  • Liberty At’Stake

    Who does Reid think he is … Morsi?

    • Orangeone

      Yep right along with Barky Boy!

  • These folks don’t realize that all the totalitarian maneuvers that they use to push their agenda can also be used against them one day. People should know that power is not for life. There was a good debate I watched pre-election with Santorum vs Dean @ Cornell.

    • Orangeone

      And who’s going to do that? Surely not the MSM.

  • Alky

    Seems like that’s all they do is threaten, then when it comes down to the wire, they fold… every time 🙁

  • sjmom

    Whoopie do! Wouldn’t it be nice if they were as firm on their no tax pledge? The GOP is beginning to annoy me as much as the Dems. UGH!

  • What do you mean? They’re standing up to Harry Reid’s tyrannical scheme to shut out any dissent whatsoever to his progressive agenda. While the others are probably motivated daily by wanting power, Tom Coburn is the real deal and a real, principled small government conservative who’s not afraid to take on the establishment. We should like him for what he does for our cause.

  • mikeinidaho

    I hope they do shut it down. Reid and company intend on ramrodding every communist plan they can thru the Senate anyway, so the repubs might as well shut the whole mess down. I fear they will end up “going along to get along” and will give the Demunists everything they want so they look good and can keep their meager share of power in DC.
    We the People are well and truly screwed until we either form another party or fight a civil war.