Paul Ryan is dead serious: No way we are going back on our pledge to America

I wasn’t going to post more Paul Ryan until I saw this interview with Cavuto. To start off Ryan explained with more precision than I’ve heard on why they can’t get to 100 Billion in this fiscal year. This is really important to understand as the current narrative going around this news cycle is that Republicans are already abandoning their pledge to America. Here’s his take:

There’s a misunderstanding that’s been taking place here. When we put out our pledge that said we want to return domestic discretionary spending back to 2008 levels, in October when we put that out there, the score of that was 100 billion at that time. So it would’ve at that time saved 100 billion dollars.

What’s happened since then? We’re halfway through the fiscal year right now. Half that money is thrown out the door so now the cost estimate of the savings of that is about 60 billion dollars. So it’s not that we want to cut less than we said. …

Let me say this. We are going to cut way more than 100 billion when this is all said and done. When the fiscal 2012 budget comes up we’re going to be cutting. We’re going to be going to the floor this summer and cutting more than that.

Cavuto then asked Ryan “what if you don’t cut?” I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Paul Ryan get this passionate, this serious, this quick:

We just finished an election which was the biggest repudiation of the direction of this country in a generation. And the repudiation was this city is spending far too much money. If you think we’re going to go back on what this election said or did in six months, in two years, you don’t know us.

It’s evident to me that he’s probably a bit frustrated a the current narrative and wants everyone to understand that they really are dead serious about cutting and to not count them before they’ve even gotten a chance to govern.

It’s really a great interview. Enjoy.

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  • Mancrush

  • Mancrush

  • Anonymous

    Love him. Would like to see him serve on Col. West’s cabinet….in charge of the treasury.

  • Neil~ “You still sleeping on that cot in your office?” -chuckle-

    American Patriot/SERVANT Ryan~ “Yeah, I sure am.”

    Putting his living where his mouth is… PRICELESS, Honorable, Inspiring!

    As we say down South, “NOW WE’RE COOKIN’ WITH GAS!”
    CM Sackett

  • SanDiegoSun

    Sleeping on a cot…that guy’s in it for the right reasons. May God bless him!

  • talk is cheap i wanna see it!

    thanks for posting that was a good interview..

    • Anonymous

      Paul Ryan rocks! He will do everything he can.

      Ryan for Pres – 2012.

  • Bill589

    I love his guts.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see Paul Ryan here on a regular basis. Especially in the run up to this debt ceiling vote. The Republicans are going to get killed over this in the media and Ryan is not only one of the only congressmen who understand it, he’s just about the only politician who can explain it well in interviews. He comes across as knowing his stuff, and he has the rare ability to actually speak in complete sentences while answering leading questions from stupid reporters and media figures like Cavuto. He keeps his cool while setting the record straight and comes across as telling the absolute truth. He does not sound like a politician (most of the time).

    He was on Greta last night but I just wasn’t in the mood to sit through it. I love Greta, I really do, but sometimes I just want someone to slap her while she spits out her interminably long, rambling opinions before she gets to her question.

    • I haven’t seen it either but I’m guessing this interview was better, especially since it gave me that “I gotta post this now” feeling.

  • steck61

    Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Allen West, Chris Christie….so many to choose from!!

    • Conservative Hippie

      Christie has lost his appeal with me. But I guess we could do worse.

      • Marie

        We already did worse……we have Obama…

  • Anonymous

    I believe Paul Ryan…this is all complicated but he is correct that we are dealing with a half year in the budget and they are not going back on their word…Paul will be Treasury Secretary or Lead Economic Advisor to the next President, who I hope will be a Christie, or a Daniels, or anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to play hard ball with the socialists!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the few people I trust in Congress. I wish he could be cloned.