Set your DVRs: Unvision’s bombshell report on Fast and Furious

Just when the media thought Fast and Furious had fizzled out, it seems Univision has done a little of their own investigating and will air it all tomorrow night (Sunday) at 7PM eastern. And the word on the street is that it’s a bombshell report.

Here’s the preview:

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  • 12grace

    obama, holder and many in our government have blood on his hands.

    • but they’re blood sucking vampires….they CRAVE IT !!!! finger-licking-good

      • 12grace

        They are evil.

        Obama’s War Crimes: The U.S. Drone War

        • I often wonder how they can live with themselves. You’re right, they are evil.

          • Orangeone

            They have no conscience. That is one of the factors of a narcissist. And Holder was just honored by the Black Congressional Congress, what a bunch of racist individuals.

            • Conservative_Hippie

              Can you imagine a White Congressional Caucas?

              • Orangeone

                Yes actually I can and we should!

                • Conservative_Hippie

                  LOL, that would be fun 🙂

    • Maxsteele

      Socialists have never had a problem with blood, it is just colatteral damage on the way to their utopian fantasy land.

      • detectivedick

        We are just “bumps” in the road unless your name is Travon

        • Orangeone

          Your name is Travon and you died in a swing state.

      • Unless it’s their blood, then they get a wee bit concerned.

    • Don

      Univision is demonstrating journalistic integrity that the eunuchs in our mainstream media have no clue about. When a president of the United States knows murders are being committed with weapons provided by our Justice Department and refuses to acknowledge it, what other crimes would he look the other way on. Holder is a fanatical racist who has the morals of an alley cat. He does his master’s bidding like any other street pimp.

      • kajunredbull

        Sorry Don! I strongly beg to differ with your comment regarding “Univision is demonstrating journalistic integrity that the eunuchs in our mainstream media have no clue about”—Our mainstream is QUIET CLEAR of what they are doing!

        You give them too much credit otherwise! LOL!!!

        Good job, keep the passion going!

      • rick0857

        WOW, That was a well thought out comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself unless I did it with a profanity laced string of insults. Which is pretty much what I do everyday when anyone from the current administration is mentioned on TV or in the news. Or when I just think about it. I’m not usually like that but this is not a typical democrat administration these people want SLAVES not citizens.

      • Garym

        Unfortunately, at least in this clip, I didn’t hear Obama or Holder’s name used. All I heard was ATF and USA. I hope i’m wrong, but this report might just glance over Holder’s role in this operation and blame everything on the ATF.

      • sjmom

        “What other crimes would he look the other way on”…………..the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi. When you agree with those who commit the crime it’s easy to look the other way. What other reasonable explanation could there be for someone who does these things?

        To paraphrase Pres. Bush: I hear you and soon those who did this will hear all of us. Nov. 6th is almost here.

    • Oh please, these are only bumps in the road to Obamas Socialist Paradise where we’re all equal, except for him and his elitist buddies (Valerie Jarrett) that are more equal and thusly deserving of the wealth and comfort that they so richly deserve.

    • badbadlibs

      Who in this country will hold this administration accountable? That’s a rhetorical question of course.

      • 12grace

        You are right, b.

        But, I have to ask the question “What would our forefathers do”?

  • proudhispanicconservative

    How embarrassing for the MSM of this country that a hispanic network has to investigate and actually get to the bottom of this, I hope that they learn to do their job after watching this. And I hope they get the biggest audience out of all the channels.
    Also the only network that has really grilled president Obama with hard questions has been Univision, Kudos to them.

    • warpmine

      How is it they didn’t question El Presidente about this during his interview?

      • Garym
        • Patriot077

          But he lied like a rug about it. He said it started under Bush. Horsefeathers! Fast & Furious is nothing like the Bush program. Operation Wide Receiver started under Bush, had tracking devices and was run in conjunction with the Mexican government. This corrupt activity doesn’t meet either of those critical containment features. Even so, they found out that some guns were slipping through so they shut it down in 2007.

          F&F was corrupt in intent and as carried out. I hope Univision points this out.

    • kong1967

      Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll be embarrassed or change their stripes. They’re too arrogant and set in their ways of being liberal news makers (not reporters).

      • proudhispanicconservative

        You are right people with no virtue will not be embarrassed.

    • rick0857

      Hopefully all hispanics in the Country and south of the border will watch and then decide after who they want to vote for.

      • Orangeone

        Only if Univision tells the truth and lays the blame at O’Bambi and Holder. You know O’Bambi has commercials ready to air blaming Bush and the idiot American voters will believe his ads over Univision.

      • Hispanics in this country who can be convinced not to vote for Obama don’t watch Univision anyways. Now props if they implicate Obama and Holder in this, but Univision’s main line of thinking is “Can we pass an amnesty now?” so they may not implicate them. Multiculturalism and bilingualism are tools the left uses to get Hispanics to be loyal to Mexico instead of America. The details of the operation should shock anybody who hears it in full detail.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Lets pray you are right, despite all you hear not all hispanics are in the tank for the democrats, I believe a majority of them will stay home, which is better than having them vote democrat.

    • Orangeone

      I nominate Univision for an Emmy if they hold those responsible out to the public, O’Bambi, Holder, Hitlary.

    • Not4TheGimmeParty

      Proud–it won’t cause them to do anything differently. They have signed on proudly to do his bidding and will cover him (not well) in any way they can. They know the only people who would actually watch them do not have the motivation (or capacity) to investigate what they say any further. For Univision–they are going to see their ratings boost big time tonight. I have the DVR set. My guess? If this makes the MSM in any way or garners enough attention with Hispanics, Obama will instead of addressing the issue, call them all misguided and mistreated by their government and pen another amnesty bill to try and buy them off. Watch and see.

  • Obama’s lemmings will not care. Obama could rape and murder a year old baby and they would blame it on Bush and say he needs 4 more years to try and make amends.

  • Obama and Holder should be behind bars.

  • westernhunter

    Finally someone paying attention. Anyone know what channel it is?

    • Stehekin912

      It is channel 29 on Comcast in the Seattle area. I found it in our area by googling Univision channel on comcast in Seattle…try a similar search for your area and cable provider.

  • I wish I could see this. I don’t even know what univision is… I don’t have cable or satelite. Maybe it’ll be allowed to be posted on the net and Scoop can get it up?

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Pretty sad we gotta learn Spanish to get the real news .

    Americas LSM is nothing but a propaganda arm of the left.

  • LdyDesign

    Just think about all the spanish speaking Americans this report will reach. Romney could’nt and probably would’nt produce a better anti-Obama ad. I’m surprised Obama’s operatives did’nt stop this from being broadcast.

  • 911Infidel

    This was Obama and Holder’s attempt to limit the second amendment. In the process they are both responsible for the killings of mexican nationals and Brian Terry. Where the hell is the Lame Media? Oh that’s right. The Media is too busy licking the goobers out of Obama’s a$$hole.

    • old_crank

      I do understand your rage and frustration with the media, but this is an image I could do without.

      • 911Infidel

        Yes…it is rather illustrative isn’t it? Dweeb is another word that comes to mind. Using the 50’s/60’s definition of the word of course.

        • old_crank

          dweeb? 50’s/60’s definition? Perhaps I shouldn’t ask.

          • 911Infidel

            LOL. Probably not.

    • Chris Matthews says: “Mmmm…Goobers.”

      • 911Infidel

        I bet he prays to his demigod at night too. He tries to polish that turd every night.

    • rick0857

      You forgot the first agent killed in Mexico long ago it was back in ’10 I think and I’m not sure but I believe his name was Garcia they killed him his wife on their way home to the States for Christmas.

      • 911Infidel

        Obama and Holder lied and people died….Garcia…Terry and a whole lot of other nameless victims that only the families in Mexico know about. Then they lied some more. And now more people are dying because of their malfeasance and ineptitude. They both should be impeached.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I pray that this continues to stay in the news and remain relevent. I don’t trust our WH or LSM… and the truth must keep coming out. These devils need to be in jail!

    Holder, Obama, Napolitano… all of them.

  • AbdulBX

    This from Paul Ryan today:

    “I see the president put these kind of regulations out there in a tough election year that could cost him votes, I wonder, I shudder as a gun owner, seeing his record when he was in the Illinois State Senate, what would he do if he never has to face the voters ever again?” Ryan said. “These are the kinds of questions we think about.

    “The next president will appoint a lot of different judges and these are lifetime appointments,” he said. “If you want to make sure that judges respect our Second Amendment rights, you need a president who respects those rights as well.”

    Conservatives who are on the fence better wake up.

  • tvlgds

    I have 300 fricking channels and the only “univision” I see is for “Futbol!” Translation -soccer!

  • .

    If America only knew….

    Will America be lost because no one had the guts to expose Obama?

    The best Obama exposure site on the net:

    The Obama File
    The United States Library of Congress has for inclusion in its historic collectionof Internet materials

    Just a few of the pages:

  • sybilll

    This has made me crazy all day. I can watch videos on every single site on the internet, except here. It is not that they won’t load, it is that every single post is blank where the video should be. Have I accidentally clicked on something? Any ideas? Sorry Scoop, I know this is not an OT, but I am befuddled and I know my Scoop friends will help.

    • PicklePlants

      Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, Sybilll.

    • wodiej

      Make sure you have Javascript enabled as well as what PicklePlants said. How you check is to go to the top of your screen, click on tools, scroll down to options, click on that. Click on the “content” tab and make sure Javascript has a check mark in the box next to it. You may need to re start your computer.

      If you are using something like ghostery which blocs ads and your internet tracking, you may have to disable that as well when you want to view a video. There is a little blue ghost at the bottom of your screen, click on trackers, click on “edit blocking options”. At the bottom of the little pop up it will say in blue either “start blocking on Right Scoop” or “Do not block on Right Scoop.” If it says start blocking, change it to do not block. You should not have to restart your computer for that. Hope one or all of these helps.

    • jdbaird

      I was having that problem too, I just thought it was because my computer had finally crapped out, I guess not because I’m able to see the videos again.

  • Stehekin912

    To the person who stated that Americans don’t care what goes on across the border. We have problems of our own on our side of the border, but yes, we do care. We care a great deal.

    • Orangeone

      Thank you for saying this, I believe the same. Hopefully if their video is posted by Scoop, the Univision station will monitor our comments and pass them along to citizens in Mexico.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Ahahahaa Univision is sticking it to the admin AGAIN. They embarrassed BHO last week and now are running this report! Could this be the Oct surprise?

  • MaxineCA

    Well, like many others, I checked my cable guide and I don’t get Univision. They seem to be doing the job that the MSM won’t do. Since they AREN’T doing their job, the people of Mexico think we don’t care. How sad is that. We are just as ticked off as they are. But how would they know?

    Scoop, I hope you can contact Univision and see if we can get a live feed, or at least a video posted of the show if it becomes available. (While you’re at it, let them know we applauded their interview with O.)

  • old_crank

    Yes, for heaven’s sake, where is Univision?

  • SFCDeano

    I think univision operates under TeleFutura. Thats what it is here inTucson.

    • tvlgds

      Thanks. I tried that on my guide for San Antonio, and we don’t get that either. I do not give a rat’s nose about “futbol.” I’d rather have news like this! 🙂

  • Folks I think you already know what the response will be from the White house or that dweeb Jay Carney…umm it started under the Bush Administration….And no matter what gets uncovered the media excepting a few will investigate it! But make no mistake about it Obama has been the worst voting decision made in this country since 1976 when we elected a peanut farmer! So if don’t agree with Mitt on everything..that’s ok because the guy in there now is destroying our capitalist and the american spirit! It’s time for a change!VOTE! ROMNEY/RYAN

    • Orangeone

      Exactly. Carney has already said this and that Holder shut it down! Wrong and wrong. It started under O’Bambi and Holder and was only shut down when the investigation began.

  • In Orlando….UNIVISION is on CHANNEL 18 for Bright House Users!! Do a Google Search for Univision, the cable network you are with and the city you are in…that should tell you where to find it Hopefully!! Univision is the Largest Spanish TV Network in the US….

    Problem is translation for those that do not speech Spanish!! I hope we can get copy with English Translation!

    I will have Channel 18 here in Orlando tomorrow night!

    I know DISH AND DIRECT TV carry Univision as well!

    This will not be good for Obama and I hope millions tune in for this Report….Univision is pushing this BIG TIME…I have see Previews on Univision through out the day here in Orlando….In Florida this will be played all through out the State…..Univision is based in Miami!!

    MSM will be SHOWN FOR THE FRAUDS THEY ARE!! FOX had better carry a follow up in this as well!

    • indthinker

      Dish Network Channel 869

      AT&T U-verse Channel 658 (SD)
      Channel 1658 (HD)

      I wanted to send them an email thanking them for their hard questions to Obama but, no habla espanol!
      At least we know we are reaching the Spanish speaking people.

      • wodiej

        Direct TV ch. 402 for those who know Spanish. I don’t so most of us will have to wait for it to be aired by someone w translation. Maybe Cspan will pick it up. Maybe RS has a way of getting it later and translate it for us.

  • Will they dig deep enough to uncover the lie behind the WH spin that this program was started under Bush?

    • I hope/I wish but I doubt they will.

      I can’t stand Jorge Ramos cause he’s as biased as the LSM, perhaps more. That’s why he let Obama get away with nonsense last time. He likes to give the appearance of objectivity but he always inserts his own narrative into the news he reports. Romney and all Conservative/Republican – bad… Obama and Democrats – good… I wish more hispanics would wake up and see him for the snake he is.
      However, I’m hoping that, since he’s mexican, this story will be close to his heart and he’ll have to be as truthful as possible. We’ll see.

    • kong1967

      That would be nice, but even if they don’t it will anger people at what happened…and that can’t be good for Obama even if he’s not mentioned.

  • CentralFlaGirl

    how do you find univision? Have no clue what it is.

    • It’s a cable channel. You need to find your cable channel guide and look for a channel with an abbreviation something like “UNVSN” or “UNIV”. They usually have two separate channels to select (one probably in HD). Maybe a sports channel, too. Also, you might need subtitles turned on for some programs.

      • kong1967

        I’m going to look for the channel on DirectTV, but I don’t know if I have it. I will have to record it because I won’t be home, but do you know if the subtitles have to be set before it records or will I be able to turn it on if need be after I record?

        Side note: I typically won’t watch a show that I have to use subtitles to understand it, so I have no idea about the previous question.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          I think it’s a combined show and is one hour long.

          • kong1967

            I recorded it but couldn’t watch it. Had to have CC3 on DirectTV and I have the wrong type of box for it. Ugh.. at least I can watch it here.

            • Conservative_Hippie

              Yeah, I didn’t know about the CC3 box.

              • kong1967

                Me, either. CC is CC and I rarely ever use it. I’m not getting another box just for that.

  • Ariadnea

    You should get prepared for a more dangerous situation for US and the world to follow after Fast & Furious. This administration is now arming Yemenis with drones, it will be the next catastrophic decision which will more likely be turned on America and The West very soon!

    My suspicion regarding your governing administration, ways go beyond incompetence but criminal and treason. Mexico and other Latin countries has been made home by “Hezbollah” and other Islamist drug running cartels, this is just so convenient for the administration to mask and cover their support to this group, by channeling them free weapons in the guise of drug law enforcing strategy. I wonder what excuse they will use with Yemen, when drone technology is a guarded asset, which is not even widely shared with US traditional allies. It’s time for you to flood your senators and congressmen with voluble complaints. There are now unconscionable proliferation of dangerous armaments to different government, quasi government and terrorist groups which are hostile to the US and the West. Soon these will be turned against us. Your current government is never incompetent, it is malevolent and malicious!

    • kong1967

      This is why the left wanted to take control of the internet so they could shut down sites of their choosing. They don’t want reports like this getting out. We are so close to state controlled media, and I doubt the left will give up on the effort.

  • wodiej

    Someone needs to be held accountable for this. We’ll start with Eric Holder and go from there.

    • Spartan4Palin

      I don’t think they accepted that response from Oblamo when he said he agreed with the IGs findings? It would appear that they believe vehemently that Holder SHOULD have been fired!


    • kong1967

      I want them to drag in the WH staffer that was sent to Iraq on a job already given to someone else. It was done days after it was testified by a lead ATF official that he was exchanging emails with him about the whole thing as it went down.

      To me, this is proof that Obama knew, and I don’t need him dragged in for questioning to feel it to be proof by it’s lonesome. Shipping him off confirms that he had knowledge and they were putting him where he couldn’t be reached. Obama was behind this thing from the very beginning so he could frame the gun shops for arming the cartels. Obama should be in prison.

      • conservative58

        kong, I agree that Obama knew all about F&F, just like he knew Benghazi was a TERROIST attack and not about a stupid video.

        Perhaps Obama was correct when he said he was going to be the great ‘uniter’. We all thought he was talking about the United States, but maybe he was talking about uniting islam instead. His actions have done more to ‘unite’ our enemies for sure.

        • kong1967

          Very good observation. The United States of Islam.

    • detectivedick

      Remember who headed up the LIAR’s transition team, it was Podesta, he heads up the Center for American Progress. Progress is a codeword for Progressive, ie Clinton. Who appointed Holder? Clinton, (the impeached one), now where did Perez come from? Progressive Maryland, he was one of the founders.
      The Presstitutes want to talk about “K” Street and Wall St. but one only needs to find the inner circle and it is Clinton controlled! Obama is disposable, all that matters is the Progressive agenda from within!

    • I can’t stand Bush but come on. The media freaked out and his Attorney General and a bunch of other people in his administration including Rover had to resign because they fired a half dozen LAWYERS. Why can Obama and Holder get away with arming cartels with the guns that KILLED HUNDREDS of people both here and to our south?

  • trying once more… with spaces in between… 🙂

    mitvenvivo . com / univision-este /

    tele-yoo . com / tv-online / tv-usa / univision / / 2010 / 02 / univision-en-vivo-tv-usa . html /2010 / 06 /v er-univision-en-vivo . html

  • They set up a facebook page and looks like you can watch it there live…
    facebook (you know what goes here) / aquiyahora

    click on “en vivo”

    don’t want to spell the address out or this post will never see the light of day… 🙂

    • kong1967

      Why wouldn’t it? We post links here all the time.

  • testing 😀

    facebook (.) (com) / aquiyahora / (app_142371818162)

  • Spartan4Palin

    I have a partnership business with a Mexican friend of mine and his family in lawncare. We started talking about this about two years ago. He hadn’t heard about it really. And for the sake of his argument, he didn’t think there was anything to it since shootings took place all the time. I said you really need to listen to what I’m telling you. Our government has sent guns into Mexico without any way of tracing them? And he said, well as long as it doesn’t bother me when I go see my family, then I don’t worry about it. About a year ago his family started seeing the creeping violence reach them in the mountain areas. The Zetas were starting to make a bigger presence in the town where his family is. Lately we are talking more about this story. And he finally asked me who are you voting for? I told him Romney. For the sake of our business and everything we put into it, at least he understands what we have to do to fix what has gone wrong the last four years. He said I don’t like politics and I certainly know I hate Obama! I don’t know if he will vote? I keep talking to him about the differences between the two? But rightfully he says, I don’t know enough about Romney other than what I see on the news? Univision and Telemundo. Which tells me he just won’t vote. He doesn’t want Oblamo, but won’t turn up for Romney.

    I’m going to tell him to watch this and hopefully we can another chat afterwards?

    • kong1967

      That’s odd that he wouldn’t be worried for his family.

      • Spartan4Palin

        They have never had it come this close. I would ask him about going back home for visits and was he ever concerned with it? He said they never stopped at certain spots along the way. And if they did stop, it was always during the day or in a crowded spot? Otherwise, it just didn’t concern them? But he did say that they were used to seeing shootings in Mexico? But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that it really started to make them pay attention?

        • kong1967

          If the drug cartels collapse the government, that’s going to be another mess we have to deal with….if we don’t eventually have to intervene anyway.

  • Patriot077

    Some interesting comments on the ulsterman site about this tv special
    Looks like Sheryl Atkinson is doing some serious reporting on this again. I had forgotten about this guy being transferred.

    • kong1967

      Ugh…this really pi**es me off. I had not heard this part of the story and this would prove definite ties to the WH and that Obama knew everything that was going on. It seems extremely obvious why O’Reilly was transferred to a job already given to someone else.

      My question is why the eff did Issa just let this guy sit idle for a year without dragging his ass in with a subpoena? They waited and let Holder handle an investigaton from his own employees. Gee, how convenient. The timing of this is odd. They wait until just before the elections to drag him in and he probably won’t testify untiil after the elections. Either this was timed to have him testify just before the election or directly after where it wouldn’t effect Obama. I question the motives either way.

      O’Reily will plead the fifth anyway.

      • Patriot077

        Without researching this I can’t comment on why they haven’t dragged his behind in to testify. I suspect there is a lot more to this than we know and I just pray that Issa is very carefully working on multiple angles. But like you, I question the timing and motives. Makes you wonder what it really feels like in DC when you’re stepping on toes. I hope Issa has very deep faith and conviction.

        • kong1967

          I hope it’s just coincidence on the timing, because when things like this are politicized it really sets me off. Yeah, it will work to our advantage if they get a bombshell just before the elections, but this should be taken care of as soon as possible and not dragged out to wait for the best time to do the most political damage.

          Getting to the bottom of it is the most important thing, though.

          • Patriot077

            Wouldn’t it be grand if the lid blew off soon – before all those early voters cast their ballots!

            • kong1967

              Yes, but you’re living in la la land, lol. (Joking with you.)

              We couldn’t get that lucky, but it’s possible.

  • Rshill7


    • Conservative_Hippie


      • Rshill7

        Spanish for “sweetness” 🙂

        • Conservative_Hippie

          LOL, Thanks!

          Rshill, I’m actually in the process of teaching myself Spanish. I took two semesters of it in College and recently went through a converastional spanish class. If we’re going to be invaded from the South I want to make sure I can speak their language, lol!

  • Jerseygalnny

    It wasn’t so many years ago that National Enquirer broke the Edwards story, and nothing ever came of that.

    Here we go again, where seasoned so-called journalists are upstages, and shown how to do a real investigative report. The entire story of Fast and Furious is posted on FR That piece is long, but it does contain some info that seems to (conveniently) get forgotten.

  • kong1967

    This is amazing. Obama gave them an interview thinking it would be a puff piece, that they were on his side and they’d do like everyone else…”what’s you’re favorite ice cream, Mr. President?”. He figured wrong. They actually did their job and asked him some good questions, pi**ing him off.

    Now they’ve done it again. They’re airing a report that is not going to paint the United States in a pretty picture. Of course, I don’t know how much is going to point towards Obama, but it doesn’t really matter. I would think that most people believe this could not have happened without Holder being well aware of it, or without direction from Obama.

    I have Direct TV, but I don’t believe I have this channel. I might have to wait for it to be posted here or elsewhere.

  • texasgirl46

    I’m not so sure I get this channel but if I do, I’ll be watching. Looks good…

  • And Eric Holder says he knew “nothing” about this. What a liar. The man should be sitting in a jail cell right now.

  • We need to clean out this entire corrupt administration, starting at the top with BO. Washington, D.C. must have a really bad smell to it these days. VOTE HIM OUT.

  • boats48

    Amazing isn’t it? The first administration in history with, not one, but two scandals with body counts! Yeah! This moron needs to be re-elected!

    • detectivedick

      Only two? how about;
      -The Drone give away to Iran
      -Closing the Gulf oil rigs
      -Turning off the water in Cal for food production
      -Allowing the Paks to send the new Helo technology to China
      -The rules of war in the AfPak theater
      -The Arab Spring
      And after $6,000,000,000,000.00 in new spending/debt we still have potholes in our roads? go figure.

      • joyfulgiver

        and let’s not forget the troop surge in 2009 (O’s watch) which sent in 33,000 troops to Afghanistan. Today the total fatalities of the Afghan war hit 2,000. Reportedly, 40% of those have been killed since the troop surge in 2009. Remember when the media would have a moment of silence on Sunday’s for those killed in Iraq, (under Bush), they made a point to draw attention to our lossed then. Why don’t they do that anymore? I know the answer, it’s another media bias for O. They don’t want to draw attention to HIS war.

  • It just goes to show how pathetic and in the tank the MSM is here that it takes a foreign TV stations documentary about what’s going on with regard to F&F to potentially blow the lid off this scandal and finally expose Holder/Bama and anyone else covering up this atrocity in which many died as a potential pretext for a gun grabbing exercise.

    • marketcomp

      MSM is so incestuous. For example, Jay Carney’s is the Press Secretary who is married to Clare Shipman who is a correspondent at ABC news along with George Staphnoppous (sic) of ABC. These relationships breeds conflicts of interest, nepotism, and every other insidious term you can come up with. I don’t know why we, or anyone else , ever listen to anything coming from the MSM. I mean they are so corrupt and untrustworthy that if they told you the time of day you had better check to see if it’s really that time of day. The media is suppose to be a place where the public can trust the news but what is happening now is just willful negligence.

      • Oh I agree! I don’t trust any of the news – Except Fox. I usually use my TV for entertainment. The new Bible Challenge game on GSN is one I watch every Thursday now. Some sports results, weather, and so on. But news, especially political, I and I’m sure you are, very skeptical of what they cover… And what they leave out.

        Sidenote: Quiet day on Scoop today.

        • marketcomp

          Yep, Wolfie just taking it all in.

  • Orangeone

    Any help for those of us without cable?

    Scoop, any chance they will allow you to post after airing?????

  • Orangeone

    My question is this, will Univision hold O’Bambi and Holder accountable for F&F or will they join in the blame game and blame Bush and Republicans? If they tell the truth, this will be damning for the O’Bambi administration if it airs in the US.

  • Clearly, the Obama administration wanted to create a crisis that would enable them to redefine the 2nd Amendment.

    This is the most corrupt administration in modern history and Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

    The ONLY reason Obama has not been impeached is because he is black and the GOP leadership is intimidated by the culture of political correctness and the liberal media.

    I hope Univision keeps this in the forefront right up to the election. It took the liberal media TWO YEARS to report on it – a national disgrace!

    • GOP has conservative media – but is afraid to go to Rush, Savage, Hannity….
      those guys should be #1 on GOP advisers’ list.

  • Orangeone

    Perhaps Univision will investigate the Benghazi embassy attacks and murders so we can learn the truth there too!

  • sjmom

    Abortions are not the only murders for which the Obama administration should be held accountable. From Mexico to Benghazi and in between this administration is a bloodthirsty group of people who make bad decisions because they don’t know what they’re doing, don’t care what they’re doing and think only of their own power base and who, most of all, will lie to keep it.

    Suffice it to say, I think this program will cost Obama Hispanic votes. Keep going Barack and the only people left who WILL vote for you are yourself, Michelle, those who want to stay on your payroll (govt and media) and the free cell phone recipients. As it is, you’re going to lose anyway; now, it’s just a matter of how wide the margin will be.

    Praise the Lord; only 112 days until Romney/Ryan are inaugurated!

  • Why! is it left for a Hispanic American channel owned by { NBC} Univision. To do real journalistic reporting such as what we see here. And 3 weeks ago their reporters gave the President tough questions that made him uneasy and squirm in his seat. I think we now have another news outlet we conservatives can turn to whenever we need to hear unbiased news reporting.

    • I am afraid they are only p***ed off because of unfulfilled amnesty promise…..

      • Chevypowered

        You are correct that IS the only reason. Like the “jilted” mistress they figure the best revenge is to tell the wife (in this case the USA) about their affair.

        In other words; “If I can’t be happy neither will you!”

  • Univision: Doing the investigative journalism that our media won’t.

    I hope they rake Holder and the NObama admin over the hot coals in this because they need and deserve to be.

  • Barry will just say, the program started under Bush. Problem solved because NO ONE will verify.

    • ..but he, not Bush, bought those guns with our millions of dollars……….”noboty know noting”

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    this administration so corrupt. Eric Holder was awarded the Congressional Black Caucus’s Chair Award last Saturday at the Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington, DC. In her keynote speech for the event, First Lady Michelle Obama gushed over Mr. Holder’s “outstanding contributions to our nation.”

    sad 200 plus dead and he is awarded? pos he is

  • SKL53

    All this administration does is LIE…LIE…LIE to the American people. Obama, Holder, Hillary, Panetta, Geithner, Bernanke, Reid, Pelosi, et al are more corrupt than any other administration in history!!!! America you can do something about these thugs on November 6th!

  • hundreds of Mexicans and few Americans killed with guns bought with millions of dollars of taxpayers money – and nobody knows nothing, no MSM digging, no penalties………
    The buckteeth idiot-ess called it “outstanding contributions to our nation”……
    What a circus………………….

  • iaintlyin

    hmmmm. two things …1. I wonder if this will drift some of the Latino vote away from 0, as it should if they realize what happened. 2. If anyone gets a chance to see a documentary called “They Come To America” they should watch it. Its pretty revealing as to how the invasion from the southern border is not just Mexicans but many other nationalities. I had seen the producer interviewed on Fox one night and his short presentation of this film and explanation of how Hollywood and Film Festivals blackballed him piqued my interest. Very interesting stuff shown in a light from many different angles.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I guess I’ll be dvring two things, This and the Eagles-Giants game.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Is it on Dish Network? Do you know what channel & if it will be in English?

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I have DirectTV. It’s Channel 402 and from what I understand Aquiyhora will be doing a special subtitle in English (usually it would be spanish subtitles).

        • Conservative_Hippie

          I just checked and it’s channel 270 on Dish Network.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          Unfortuanately I’m not able to get the english subtitles working 🙁

  • 1water
  • Robert4Liberty

    Will this be in English?

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Subtitles in English, yes.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    The one person who said that Americans do not care except for that which happened within our own borders is wrong. We care. I feel for many Mexicans trapped in the corrupt system that they are in. However, we are becoming trapped in our own as well. You can’t convince me that Calderon didn’t know. He is an abject failure to the people of Mexico–or a willing participant in the web of drug cartels. From what I understand, Obama and Holder want this swept under the rug in a bad way because Calderon is ready to hold them responsible for something he HAS to answer to.

    • They should all be held accountable.
      If he cared about his people he would get onto them for that.

  • armyvet10

    After listening to the video, or trailer for the upcoming show, I tried to digest just how our justice department or media can live with themselves. The woman who addressed the President of Mexico is right, she will probably never forgive or forget the loss her government and ours has caused her. The hidden tragedy here in the U.S. is that are many who are equally devastated and disgusted with what has happened and what the press has refused to report, condemn, and ask those involved for the truth. Mr. Holder has been let off the hook for his and his department’s involvement in Fast & Furious. In no stretch of the imagination, the press that has refused to investigate this crime is nothing less than complacent and as such guilty as an accessory to murder. Along with those who lost their lives in Mexico and America, how many will become enslaved to the current drug trade and addiction. This evil point in our history has been vastly ignored by our press due in part to their effort in keeping their dear wonderful leader Obama as clean as they can. Problem is the stench of foul play and rotten deeds are at the point where no matter how much air-freshener they spray over this cover up it will never cover the growing stench. Not only should this administration be held accountable, but any media organization that can be proven to have been complacent or covering for dear old Obama, should share in a long and tough stretch in the most un-pleasant prison we have. Or better yet send the whole lot to a prison in Mexico.

  • WordsFailMe

    Fauxbama “pronised” action on immigration reform but, due to time retraints and Repulican obstructionism, he just couldn’t get around to it.

    Latin culture is much more straight forward and intelligible when it comes to promises, lying, backsliding, sopping out, running from a fight and excuses so much of the culture of the American victim.

    While warm, friendly, confident and trusting by nature, in the Latin culture:

    “Fool me once, shame on me.”

    “Fool me twice…that will never happen, mi hermanito osucro.”

    • Trust me, if he gets another term, he will push an amnesty. He’s already sued states for enforcing the law and issued an exective Dream (nightmare) Act.
      Don’t worry Jeb, La Raza the professional victims in the illegal alien lobby have his ear.

  • PAWatcher

    It’s a disgrace the Mexican people think We didn’t care what happened to them and only got involved when one of ours was killed- officer Terry. It was his death that woke US to the unlawful acts by this administration, the DOJ, and other agencies entrusted with our security and paid by US.
    We know the plight of our neighbors, they would have a haven here if they weren’t pushed into arriving here illegally and being used as pawns of this political liberal progressive machine. Libya will prove to be another case of political sabotage and creation of chaos by the very ones in charge of our security- they only worry about their job security.
    How many were convicted during the Iran-Contra scandal- many more that fast and furious or the Libyan mass murder will see, MSM is complicit with this administration to whitewash all scandals.

  • puma_for_life

    Does anyone know if this station is livestreamed anywhere? Looks like Justin tv used to stream it, but not anymore.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Dish Network customers can watch channel 827

    • Patriot077

      Is there one with subtitles?

      • only on tv… CC3

        • Patriot077

          thanks so much. Guess I won’t be watching tonight …

  • ah looks like they weren’t going through cause I sent them all at the same time..

  • drdebdrdeb

    Where to view on Directv HD?

  • James Lee

    Mexican Media is better than American Media…it’s a sad day.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I’m very annoyed. Hopefully it will be recorded by someone that had english subtitles working, because Im having no luck on DirectTV.

  • Rapido y Furioso.

  • jhcapron

    I’m stunned! This is impressive reporting! This the way journalism used to be.

    • I was about to compliment them when I decided to go to their facebook page and read this…

      “Aquí y Ahora *Pagina Oficial* 51 minutes ago

      El presidente @BarackObama dijo en @Univision que
      #RápidoyFurioso empezó en el gobierno de George Bush #AyA

      The president @BarackObama said on @Univision that #fast&furious began in the George Bush administration #AyA (Translated by Bing)”

      Of course that got people blaming Bush in the comments… sigh …

      • Stehekin912

        Too bad someone could not say that El presidente Barack Obama blames Bush but that is not true, and then proceed to say what is true..

        • Oh there’s a couple of people telling the truth there… even I chimed in… but who would people believe? They already hate Bush and if they want someone to hate after watching that report… well, President Bush seems like the best person to take it out on…

  • I watched it, but not being fluent, (at all), couldn’t grasp it. Then I watched about 10 minutes of it at the link below.

    This “report” looks and sounds to be an Obama assist. The 25% I saw is all about how the Obama ATF was simply trying to fix a problem for Mexico, and the only culprits were the drug dealers. The administration was just misguided.

    No surprise really. Obama recently appointed the owner of Univision’s wife to an Ambassadorship.

    • Thanks for the link!

      Well, I didn’t expect much from them so I was very pleased when they said that this plan started in 2009. and having Obama saying that it was his responsibility was just icing on the cake…
      then I went back to being disappointed when I went to their official facebook page and see Bush mentioned again… :::shakes head:::

  • Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should be in Jail! obstructionist defending crimes against humanity. I can’t help but wonder what Obama & Holder would look like wearing their new orange American government issued jump suits, in the Quantanamo Bay Resort.
    That is do you think they’d cry mama, mama? or allah allah? I think it’d be one hell of a toss up, but that depends on what is is .

  • aZjimbo

    Just another coverup by our government. One after another after another.

  • TWH’s R#1

    Evil. Every person in this regime is evil.

  • Jay

    Without minimizing the tragedy caused by this, most of the weapons in the hands of the cartels are fully automatic capable M-16s from our own military that deserting Mexican soldiers bring with them when they leave the army to work for the drug lords and AK-47s that can be purchased for as little as $50. This was totally manufactured by the 0 regime to foster anti-gun emotion in order to clamp down on honest firearm owners. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the Mexican goverment was colluding with ours on this.

  • bobemakk

    Obama and Holder should get the he** out of this country. Just when we thought the investigation was over and Holder literally got away with murder, FOX this morning showed this on TV. Can they re-try Holder with this new evidence, I wonder?

  • Freedomless2012

    The fact that the American media has refused to investigate this story validates that there is no longer such a thing as “free” press.

    It is nothing but Homeland Security and CIA propaganda.

    Either way, this is a win-win for Obama.

    The man hates the United States and wants us to be totally bankrupt, as well as to forfeit our second Amendment rights.

    So if this story was not uncovered, Americans would have lost their guns to the U.N.

    Instead, now the people killed in Mexico can simply sue the Government for Billions, if not trillions, and Obama will have helped to redistribute even MORE wealth…

    Hope and Slave baby…

    Hope and Slave

  • presidentlincoln1

    Indict Eric Holder for treason because he has been lying about Fast & Furious and other gun selling operations where people have been killed. Drag him out of his office and put him in jail.

    God Bless America