By 911Infidel

Kamran Daneshjoo is the one who closed off the university system in Iran to women. He is the one who segregated the universities because he was concerned that having women too close to men might tempt them into doing something immoral. He’s a total hypocrite and the chick, Azadeh Ardakani, is a total incompetent stooge of the regime.

I wonder if the “morality police” will be paying Azadeh Ardakani or Kamran Daneshjoo a visit any time soon. Nah.

Frontpage – Kamran Daneshjoo is the kind of clown who invariably pops up in Islamist systems. Kamran is Iran’s Minister of Science, Education and a bunch of other things, despite plagiarizing his research papers and failing to earn an actual degree. Kamran has blamed this on Scotland Yard’s persecution of him after participating in a protest against Salman Rushdie.

In 2009, Iran began a crackdown on female university students, edging them out of entire fields due to the large percentage of women at Iranian universities. Kamran defended this gender segregation policy as being in accordance with the Islamic worldview. Less in accordance with the Islamic worldview is elevator security camera footage of Kamran making out with Azadeh Ardakani, the director of the National Museum of Iran.

Azadeh Ardakani, is an Ahmadinejad aide who raised some eyebrows when she was appointed to the head National Museum at a young age. Azadeh was unmarried, which raised some eyebrows in the Islamic Republic, and some questions about her relationship with Ahmadinejad. She was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in jail during the power struggle between Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei.

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