By Dan Cleary

Here we go again with Al Sharpton’s blatant, disgusting race-baiting. This is of a piece with the contemptible rabble-rousing we heard earlier today from various members of the Congressional Black Caucus. At least here Sharpton unwittingly provides some comic relief with his patented inability to speak the English language or form a coherent thought. I had to pause and rewind the video several times just to make sure I understood what the heck he was trying to say.

My favorite part: Sharpton noting the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Stream” speech.

Seriously though: If “states rights” is just code for racism, then why don’t we ever hear Democrats proposing to repeal the 10th Amendment? I’m just curious.

Depressingly, Sharpton is hardly the only jerk out there who gets a kick out of dredging up America’s old racial wounds.

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