Sharpton: The GOP ate blueberry pie or something

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Mush mouth Al Sharpton has produced a new ad for his show that is trying to make the point that the GOP has destroyed the economy – oh wait, that’s too complicated. Let Sharpy-Sharpton explain it to you in terms of blueberry pie:

(h/t: Business Insider)

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  • What do you have against people who happen to have blue skin color, Al? Kinda the pot calling the kettle a berry don’t you think? Or is that Barry?

  • Joe

    Blueberry pie ?

    Obama likes sweet potato pie >>>>

    My comment is useless and stupid – just like – Guess who!

  • I can’t stand listening to this mush mouth whenever I have to hear him, but this was kind of funny. Now I’m hungry.

  • Anonymous

    In 2008 the Fat Catz on Wall Street overwhelmingly gave the ‘blueberry pie’ to Barack Obama. As President, Obama returned the favor to the bankers with a bailout many times larger than that given them near the end of the Bush presidency. After the Obama bank bailout, the DNC organized a series of fundraisers on Wall Street where special guest speaker Barack Obama spoke and recollected some of the ‘blueberries’ that were given to the banks compliments of the taxpayers.

    I don’t know for sure where all of these ‘blueberries’ went, but I am fairly certain that the Republicans did not eat them.

    2012 offers a different scenario where Wall St. has withdrawn most of its support of Obama and hedge fund magnates have replaced them. Hedge funds fair well in weak economic times because it is easier to manipulate markets by transfering ‘blueberries’ from one hedge fund to another. Like a game of musical chairs, the transference of funds creates a rhythem that is followed by all that hear the music. Eventually the music stops, and many investors literally lose their seats.

    Hmmmm, where have all the ‘blueberries gone? I bet George Soros knows.

    • Anonymous

      Very well stated, CyberRabid. Like Monopoly, when they have all the blueberry pie…game over!

    • Anonymous

      Mostly the Republicans are supposed to pick the blueberries, bake the pie, and then give it to be eaten by the big fat bluebirds on the dole. Mr. Al’s story of childhood is just about right except the part about who ate the pie, for he did, he said so, and pie was all over his face, he couldn’t lie it away.

  • Al sharptongue is the KKK’s epitome of black caricature.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Mmmm… pie.

  • Anonymous

    LEAN FORWARD….into the pie Al.

  • Anonymous

    I’d just show one ad of Newt and this nut working together.

  • Anonymous

    I have a crow pie you and you liberal communist friends will eat come 2012.

  • Anonymous

    We want pie!

  • L B

    Yup the GOP is actually destroying “Blue Barry” Pie… ask in Blue Barry Obama. He is done, finished.

    Go tote someone else’ water Al Sharpton

    Here is Al Sharpton getting into a fight on tv

    • Anonymous

      lol , Here’s another good one of the REV. Sharpton .

  • Maxsteele

    I think Sharpton been eatin’ the hash brownies cause he sounds high as a kite when he talks.

  • Anonymous

    I was laughing before I even pushed the play button. Sharpton is always good for laughs. He is more of a comedian than Jimmy Fallon…without even trying!

  • he lied to his mother as a child, he lied during the Tawana Brawley hoax, he lies to his audience over radio and TV. Al Sharpton … admitted liar, proven liar.

  • Anonymous

    So Sharptoon was a liar and a thief even when he was a kid ?
    Whudathunk ?

  • Anonymous

    • Anonymous

      Hey Scoop, can you block this guy? He’s spamming all the threads with links for T-shirt sales.

  • Anonymous

    Lean forward… and bear down. That turd (Sharpton) will come out.

  • Anonymous

    He keeps thinking of ‘blueberry pie’ he’s going to gain weight again.

  • Bwaahahahahaa!!!! “day was da ones eatin da pie!”

    uh al? analogies are not your friend.

    didn’t recognize the rev without his zoot suit. he looks all non-threatening n stuff.

    • Anonymous


  • Man, Al is soo Phrophetic! Guess what, I’m GOP and my favorite is Blueberry pie!!!!! XD

    Whoa, I’m so sorry I’m the cause of this mess! Wait…. did I just miss something?? :/


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Since no one else will do it, lemme provide some context to Sharptoon’s nostalgia.
    Check out definition #3:
    **hides under desk**

  • Anonymous

    More like GOP folks have to work real hard to pay for the blueberry pies that the DEM’s, who never worked a day in their lives eat.

  • Anonymous

    For Al, this is a pretty in-depth analogy, considering his IQ and education. Frankly, I don’t think he thought it up himself, by hey, resist we much.

  • Anonymous

    Doggonit! Here it is the eve of Thanksgiving, I’m on a diet and Sharpton’s talking about pies?! No I’m pissed!

  • bobemakk

    I think he is misinformed….(sarcasm), Happy Thanksgiving to all at The Right Scoop.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving, Right Scoop ! Gotta go bake some pies,now.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

  • Anonymous

    I could be wrong but I detect racism here, somewhere. Al, come on now , fess up, are you being racist here? Come on now, be honest. We know you know. Blueberry pie? Got to be code for something racist right Al? Don’t think you’re gonna get away with this cause we know better.

  • Scoop, you just gotta love this guy. He makes Stalin look good. By the way, no blueberry pie for me today, or turkey, can’t afford it. Ob wants to lower my income, I guess for that new set of golf clubs. I had to sell clubs. Yeah, us republicans have really got it good. Thanks for site.