Sheila Jackson Lee and Jan Schakowsky refuse to condemn Bill Maher

This is absolutely emblematic of the hypocrisy of the left that we wrote about earlier today. A citizen journalist approaches both Shelia Jackson Lee and Jan Schakowsky and asks if they would condemn Obama-donor Bill Maher’s misogynist comments about Sarah Palin like they condemned Rush Limbaugh’s comments last week.


This citizen journalist was fantastic. Keep it up.

(via Breitbart)

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  • Of course. Hypocrites. And I’m being extremely polite as I say that.

  • drphibes

    Citizen journalists:

    Turn your all-seeing Orwellian phone cameras on them. Post these stories to Youtube. Let’s see what hate speech they tolerate. Two can play the game now.

    Breitbart lives.

  • SpikeT

    Don’t expect SJL to ever be a dignified person…she knows nothing of it.

    “Bill Maher?”, duh.

    PS, did she say she was supposed to be at “an intelligence meeting”??!

    • Rshill7

      Naaa, couldn’t be an intelligence meeting. I think she said amphibious. “I’m supposed to be at an amphibious meeting.” I think the Latin compound word for that is amphibious hypocratus.

      • SpikeT

        SJL is the the lumbering, listing amphibious hippokratus while Jan S is the mid-sized hippokreepus, as she ambulatingly avoided answering all questions.

        • Rshill7

          Love it, as you knew I would. Salute 🙂

    • warpmine

      She should have said “I am not programed to respond in that area.”

  • toongoon

    Jan Schakowski website has a warning to Republican politicians; “Beware of Angry Women”

    • I could say a lot about that…. I had to choke back my dinner though, it kept wanting to come back up.

      • Rshill7

        Dinners can’t want stuff. Get outta here 🙂

        How’s it hangin’ kid?

        • I don’t know what’s hangin’ but I imagine it’s doing just fine 😉 LOL! I’m doing well thanks! My dinner’s settled now and I feel much better. Thanks Rshill!

  • Rshill7

    Just wear the democrat armband and you have carte blanche…diplomatic immunity.

    Bill M: Hey, look at me, I’m like Ted Turner. I gave one mmmmillion dollars to O’. Professor Ted only gave one billion to the UN.

    “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest both their armpits”. (based on a Johnny Carson quote)

    • NYGino

      That’s not a Johnny Carson quote. That’s a Carnack the Magnificent quote.

      • Rshill7

        Don’t make me come over there. Too late, I’m on my way. I’ve got all my stuff wrapped in a little bundle and tied to the end of a really nice Hobo stick…not to be confused with pogo stick.

  • Rightstuff1

    Of course neither of these two gutter dwelling leftist scum would attack one of their own. Be not deceived they call conservative women similar if not worse things as Bill Maher. This is not about language intemperate or not this is about politics because the left have no morals and are then free to be hypocritical at every turn which they are.

    Do not argue with leftists they are not rational but are merely vessels of hate and anger. Close them down, close them out, give them no leeway because they will use it for their own vile ends.

  • stevenbiot

    That is why we don’t need to take the highroad with these people. We need to get in the trenches with these vermin.

    • Rshill7

      That is the high road sir. Good over evil. Right over might. Batman and Robin kickin’ the Joker’s ass. Amber waves of grain. Purple mountain’s majes…nevermind.

    • warpmine

      I would prefer to handle it the way Sgt. Alvin York did, shoot them in the trench one by one as they have to show themselves to fire until the whole lot of them surrender.

  • Awesome. Like what someone said earlier. Give No Quarter. Hypocrites don’t deserve it.

  • PFFV

    My hatred for the left grows with each passing day. They Lie, Cheat and Steal as a way of life. Of course they won’t condemn anyone on the left for calling Conservative women much worse things than Rush said about Fluke. What bothers me most is that so many in this nation are sheeple that don’t care enough to get online and read the truth and the facts. I believe close to 40% of our population is blissful idiots/lemmings. God Help Us!

    • M_J_S

      There is a reason why Chicago and IL, overall, are being depopulated

  • toongoon

    So little time, so many political points to be made.

  • PFFV

    Lmao! Excellent!

  • toongoon
    • THAT made me laugh out loud!!!!! Nice one toon! 😀

      • toongoon

        Schakowski was kind enough to provide it from her site. It’s from an Illinois Republican web site she has decided to demonize. The hatred of this woman is scary.

        • NYGino

          The unpatriotic ignorance is also scary.

        • M_J_S

          She’s just pissed because her husband, a felon, was caught

    • Rshill7

      Aaahahaha…I can see it now, whoredes (sic) of women chanting “Occupy My Vajayjay!”

      Cartoon Sinners. Bof uh ya’ll

      • ah my friend, you’ve got such a way with words- or too much time on your hands 😉

        • toongoon

          Oh funny. Olive’s not gonna be happy about the coffee I just spit out all over the tablecloth. ;-(

  • BankGuy

    Have been watching this biaach since she ran for congess in ’98. Kirk was my congressman until that ’98 redistricting (bad enuf). Schakowski then took over a district that took over a largely lib profile. Her district covers Rogers Park, Uptown, Lake Shore (liberal north side City of Chicago). The other portions of her district includes Skokie and Lincolnwood (predominantly liberal Jewish) as well as Evanston (home of Northwestern University and a near 100% liberal constituancy. She also covers Wilmette (wealthy and moderate where Obama took in’08). Finally, she represents the northwest side of Chicago and Norridge (blue collar and enclave of many Chicago machine politicians). in her last election, she garnered 75% of the vote. She is in the safest of the safe Dem districts. Thus, she can say and do whatever the he// she wants to. Assume Lee’s district is much the same. I would hope that either would have topless pictures on facebook (dislodge them both from office like Weiner) but then again, I fear might upchuck.

  • sjmom

    Thanks for this RS. I hope this plays all over so that one and all can see the hypocrisy of the Democrats. They are cowardly and without shame.

  • i don’t think they were familiar with either word you mentioned to her….she needs her staff to reference for her. Keep it up Breitbart team!

  • We obviously need more citizen-journalists. A Army of Andrews? Let a Million Breitbarts Bloom?

    The MSM refuses to do it’s job. Others will have to do it for them. Over time, hopefully we can shame them into doing a better job. Or at least make them less and less relevant.

    The Left for a long time has said that everything is political. We on the right don’t really think that is the way things should be and have ceded a lot of territory to them as a result. I think and hope we are starting to see some push back. We on the right have to treat everything – and I mean everything – as political and act accordingly.

  • mike morrison

    Andrew would be proud! Nice job. First time I’ve ever seen Sheila Jackson Lee with her mouth shut running from a camera.

    • Nah! She does it ALL the time when a conservative hits her with her obvious hypocrisy. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on against the backlash…all she can do is RUN!

  • SFCDeano

    Outstanding! Every citizen journalist in DC needs to do this at every opportunity.

  • anneinarkansas

    Your word of the day is “emblamatic” of the extreme leftist women.
    Thank you.

  • Ana

    This excites a lot of passionate anger and outrage…as I try not to explode watching their arrogance. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief.

  • MortimusMaximus

    She should have said “watch your step”

  • semihardrock

    And this is EXACTLY what this country is doing…CONTROLLING the minds of the general public by propoganda statements! She just proved it!

    Nothing more….Nothing less!

  • johnos2112

    To take a quote from Rush: “It is time to defeat these bastards.”

  • Pyrran

    Sheila the Snake and Jan Sham.
    You look at these people and you know they know exactly what they’re doing and you know exactly what they’re thinking. Imagine the original founders of this nation and what they would think of these two. The word pity comes to mind. I pity them and I pity the people who think they deserve any votes from anyone. How can anyone sink as low as these two? Isn’t there a little voice in the back of their heads reminding them that there will be a reckoning for their behavior? That’s right girls, just ignore that little voice and keep going the way you’re going. If you ignore what’s right, maybe it will just go away, huh? Don’t count on it.

  • rjcylon

    “Because Bill Maher is one of us. What a stupid question, sir.”

  • jackl92

    Thanks Rush, this is becoming the gift that keeps on giving.

  • M_J_S

    Now Rush could insult these two “ladies” and no apology would be required.

  • ossnhughie

    Two vicious, hateful self absorbed, holier than thou liberals. according to these people “fetuses” are a burden. Hypocrisy is be be expected but extremism on “Birth Control” is just plain evil pure and simple. They have now been exposed, thank god for actual journalists with integrity doing the job Brian Williams and the like should be doing themselves.

    • reason1984

      It’s a shame their fetuses weren’t a burden.

    • reason1984

      It’s a shame their fetuses weren’t a burden.

    • alex1913

      Did you do that? Wasn’t bad but could use a bit of tweeking. Hope you spend more time on a script next time if it was you that created it. Like I said though, not bad.

  • ossnhughie

    And by the way that hateful little man Bill Maher can well go four letter word himself. I really dislike him for his vile attacks on Christianity but especially his concerted efforts to attack my particular faith Roman Catholicism. Look it up it is just plain disgusting.

  • reason1984

    Burkas aren’t for everyone , but for these two there should be a federal mandate.

    • alex1913

      Well… they will be wearing burkas, as soon as the Caliphate has risen once again, but first, Europe must surrender to the religion of peace… United States, your time will come.
      And then, won’t all the feminists and those in the GLBT community be proud of their multicultural inclinations, as they are eliminated from the population. Gosh, that religion of peace sure is wonderful! Can’t wait for to get me some~ 🙂

      • reason1984
        • alex1913

          Wow. It is horrifying isn’t it? Thanks for the link reason1984. Hope some leftists trolling here actually click on it and read some of that…
          The religion of peace has much to answer for… and so do the blind lefties that think it’s a non threat. Thanks again. 🙂

        • WordsFailMe

          Don’t just love it when a people, recently freed from the bondage of tyranny return to their customs and roots and start to exercise their new, DEMOCRATIC rights according to their own consciences? Kinda warms your heart, don’t it?

          “Obammy done freed the mu-slums!”

          I guess I worry that, if Obammy visits Ghagdad again, someone there may find out about that little limousine session he had with that coke sucker.

          Someone should warn Valerie.

  • JimmyBleep

    ahhh… politics… this is a great illustration of why we Americans hate you so much… No integrity… playing teams… R vs D and nothing else matters… Everyone complains about all of the people who don’t vote every year. They’re smarter than we think.

    • ossnhughie

      With all do respect one has to call out democrats for being hypocrites when it’s obvious. Alsoas the old saying goes if people don’t vote then don’t complain about results of those who do vote. I live in Massachusetts a Democrat state, regardless of how futile it is at times I still vote always because I feel it is my civic duty to hold those whom we send into government to be accountable to the rest of us.

      • reason1984

        I live in Illinois, nuff said. We sent Mark Kirk (R) in 2010 to the senate in Obama’s old seat. Vote.

        • ossnhughie

          Ilike most of kirk’s stances though he does have some warts a lot better than my Senator Scott Brown (R). Although in my state Scott B is the best possible at least right now.

          • reason1984

            I would have voted for Kermit the Frog to fill BO’s old seat.

    • alex1913

      Can you possibly see the democrats hypocracy in action right before your eyes? They refuse to say Bill Maher was wrong to call Palin the c-word and the t-word and smerk and giggle inside like a frickin’ four year old as their silence speaks volumes. They don’t condem viscous slander when it comes from their side… because they fight to win at any and all costs…so that they have the power to tell the rest of the great unwashed masses how to live their lives. It’s all about power with the dems. They could care less what Rush said ( he used the s-word and was wrong to do so as slurs have no place in political diologue) … they just want Rush banned from the radio because he’s often effective in exposing those on the left.

      If you don’t understand that the left is the most likely to act as if their team can do no wrong and that according to the left the republicans are always in the wrong then you are not paying attention very well. Go visit Huffpo and see how well their posters treat someone if they dare to post a comment with a conservative view or a conservative take on the issues.

      The left will immediately resort to name calling and try to ridicule you for your comment or be really witty by calling you a bagger if you speak highly of the Tea Party movement. Pay attention my friend cause the left is out to destroy anyone that stands in their way.

  • tvlgds

    They are vicious hypocrites!

  • aZjimbo

    Gee, what a surprise.

  • alex1913

    Any republican that runs against those two democrats should find a way to include this footage in their campaign ads. Time to start fighting this culture war folks, the dems are not stop hate and they need to be exposed!

    Priebus. Are you paying attention? Hello? Priebus? 🙂

    • Jay

      You just don’t understand Chicago politics, do you? Thousands of people’s jobs depend on voting how their precinct captains tell them to vote. And of course my grandparents will vote for Shakowsky, may they rest in peace.

      • alex1913

        No sir I’m glad to say I don’t. Maybe they should run a bunch of ads showing Obama wishing and hoping and praying for a Palestinian state. And of Obama administration figures saying how horrible it is that Jews are building homes in disputed territories. The Jews are horrible to be building homes, Hamas and the rest of the terrorists kill innocent Jews left and right are a ok with Obama. Maybe that would finally wake up the democratic Jewish vote in Chicago and get Shakowsky kicked out. It’s worth a shot eh? Better than just giving up. Heck maybe you should round up some of the dead vote for our side to balance things out. Not sure how to do that, but if you know Chicago and all… 🙂


        *sort of…* 🙂

  • ApplePie101

    Typical liberal hypocrisy. They couldn’t care less about the welfare of women. They use women as political tools. A pair of Judas goats.

  • Bravo for this real reporter who puts the Leftist media complex to shame. Shared.

  • carmtom13

    Jan shakowsky is a socialist no doubt about it. Ows in Chicago she was with the socialist group.
    A talk radio show was talking about her and one of the people said she was a liberal progressive than said oh I can say this, she is a socialist. They need to vote her out.

  • WordsFailMe

    Sheila Jackass Lee: The best she ever sounded- Silent.
    …………………….: The best she ever looked–Leaving.

  • WestGAFlash

    Add Whoopi Goldberg, and what do you have?

    Modern day 3 Stooges!

  • Sober_Thinking


  • giomerica

    How do you spell hypocrisy?… D E M O C R A T

  • WI4Walker

    Intelligence Committee meeting? – oh the irony!