Sheriff Arpaio pleased that SCOTUS upheld immigration checks by law enforcement

Sheriff Arpaio says that he’s glad SCOTUS upheld the portion that allows law enforcement to determine immigration status and says that it sends a message that they will be involved in illegal immigration. That said, he would have rather been given the power to arrest solely based on the fact of illegal immigration status:

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  • Joe

    All Hail King Obama !

    (another thing he touched – turned to crap)

  • Sober_Thinking

    Holder must be so proud… dink.

  • Nukeman60

    I would like to see a little swap here. Put Sheriff Joe in Eric Holder’s position as Attorney General and take Holder, drive him to the Arizona-Mexican border and drop him off, to see first hand, up close and personal, the drug cartels ability to use illegal guns in a deadly way. Tell him that it won’t be necessary to show his papers, ’cause bullets are the only ID needed out there.

    • Joe

      That would be nice BUT:

      The problem with your line of thought is

      You assume withHOLDER really cares about anything except Obama!

      • Nukeman60

        Doesn’t matter what he cares about when he’s imitating Speedy Gonzales as Che & Co. test out their new guns.

        • virginiagentleman1

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          • Nukeman60

            Your site looks pretty promising. In logging in, it didn’t take my name, but made me ‘Anonymous’ (so I wonder if there is a way to edit ones profile). Also, I was unable to reply to my own comment. A third thing was, can you edit your comments? Lastly, the times seem to be 5 hours ahead of mine, cst (don’t know why that is).

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            • virginiagentleman1

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              • Nukeman60

                Congratulations on the site. I’ve saved the link, so I’ll stop in daily and see what you have going. Good luck with it. It can’t be very easy.

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            • virginiagentleman1

              Thanks K-bob! Where do I find the url?

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                • virginiagentleman1

                  Thanks my friend.
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    • onewaypockets

      Nuke, your comments are appreciated. But Holder DOES NOT CARE. He does not even care if people die…and many have. Liberalism and creating a government society in their minds means that some have to die for the greater good.

      And he would never be caught dead out there….his personal driver only takes him from his ivory tower to the office and back.

      Never gonna happen.

      • Nukeman60

        You’re the second person that told me Holder doesn’t care. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I said we TAKE Holder to the middle of the desert and drop him off. He wouldn’t have a say in the matter. After that, I don’t care what happens to him. Guess I wasn’t very clear, but to further explain, I’d suggest giving him a T-shirt with a bull’s eye on the back and on the front, it would say, “I screwed the American people and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

  • virginiagentleman1

    Way to go Sherrif Joe! While it may not be as expansive a ruling as you wished, it is none the less a small step in restoring law and order along the border and in the nation.

    Yes, I saw the headlines on the other thread where the leftys are outraged, but really, who cares what they think!
    They are losing the battle and this ruling is just one more piece of evidence of that! Socialism will not reign supreme in America! Nor either parties ‘platforms’!
    Ever so slowly, the Constitution is regaining her rightfull place as the law of the land. Party feel good ‘platforms’ be damned.
    Now the socialists are aware of the outrage that the majority of legal citizens have felt over all these years because of their giving away our American dreams, our tax dollars, and our freedoms, in exchange for votes by illegals.

    Next up is to make sure that the dead STAY dead and do not vote for the socialists either!

    Again, this is just one small step of the many that must be taken in the fight to restore the legal citizen to his/her liberties and lost freedoms that have been given to illegals instead.

    We are winning my friends, very slowly yes, but the tide has turned. Keep them on the run anyway you can.

    • Rshill7

      Yes indeed. The proverbial pendulum can’t defy gravity. Here it comes. If we could privatize our schools, that would be very, very helpful. Just like “progressives”, unions ruin everything they touch. Get rid of them AND the D.O.E. and we can commence educating our kids, like we used to…rather than brainwashing them into emulating fools.

      Good to see you again.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Thank you, and it is good to be back, my friend and to have the priviledge to speak with you again.

        I agree. It is past time to teach our kids to think for themselves once again! Of course, that means we will have to clean house in the colleges and universites as well.
        Socialist dummying down dogma is a cancer that has been purposely spread throughout the fabric of America’s educational system.
        There is much work ahead of us! We defeat them one step at a time, the same way they poisioned the system.

        • Rshill7

          Yes sir. Preach it loud, preach it proud 🙂

  • stage9

    So really, what the Supreme Court has done is set up a situation like this:

    “Sir may I see your immigration papers?”


    “Immigration papers…”Documentos de inmigración…”

    “No hay documentos…”


    “I no have no papers.”

    “OK, well gracias and enjoy your extended stay in our country.”


    “Dejar, ese!”

    I feel safer already.

    • Beausthebest

      The ruling means nothing. Even if a person is deemed to be illegal, there is no power to arrest. The report is turned over to the feds. You know how far that will go.

      • tularockstar

        It may mean nothing to you. But, for us Arizonans, it’s still a victory over those US flag-burning illegal skums! Sheriff Joe and his posse will continue raiding businesses that hire illegals and those who commit ID theft!

        • Beausthebest

          I agree with you! I only meant that the ruling didn’t go far enough. I’ve always supported Sheriff Joe. It seems he’s the only law enforcement official that has the gumption to get the job done. Believe me, I’m on your side!

  • AZ_Author

    Go Joe!!!

  • 911Infidel

    Book ’em Joe. Another bad ass with steel balls. What a contrast to the goofballs in the Injustice Dept.

  • Donya G

    we must vote Obama out of office!

  • poljunkie

    I live in AZ. A few years back, I was rear ended by a teen age girl and her boyfriend (driving her car). The boy who was behind the wheel took off running when the police arrived.
    They didnt chase him.
    The girl said he was “illegal.” The police just shook their head.

    The girl who was a “friend” of my sons in high school, was also the daughter of the city attorney.
    Since he was the city attorney we called him.
    His reponse was, well, shes just turned 18- so its her problem (she still lived at home).

    Our insurance covered some of the repair, AFTER we met the deductible.
    This costs everyone money.

  • tularockstar

    Thanks Sheriff Joe! You have my vote for another term in Office! We need to show that skummy La Raza, that Arizona will not become another illegal sanctuary State like California. And, they can pack up their offices in AZ and move somewhere else–or to hell–it doesn’t matter! This pro-illegal immigrant lobby group is trying to fill the USA with illegals, so our country would collapses and they then, can take over the Western part of the US. Well, no thank you! They can move their operation to Oregon or Colorado, for all I care!

  • drphibes

    Symbolic, but hollow victory.

  • freenca

    SCOTUS is turning this issue back to the congress. To change the law or to demand enforcement of the laws on the books, imperative to Holder and Napolitano, or replace them both with people who will.

    • virginiagentleman1

      I’m voting for replacement and imprisonment; Holder, Napolitano and their boss, Barry whats his face.

  • They are ILLEGAL; Ket word ILLEGAL; Please do not pro create.