“She’s shooting him!” – 911 tapes released of Georgia mother who shot home intruder

This is a great story. It turns out that the Georgia mother protecting herself and her kids in the attic was on the phone with her husband as he tried to calm her nerves and help her focus. As he was on the phone with 911, you can hear him talking to his wife on another phone and at some point you hear him tell the 911 operator “she’s shooting him! she’s shooting him!” as his wife unloaded on the intruder.

Here’s the story (via PJ Tatler):

Also, here’s a previous report on this story from a few days ago:

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  • stage9



    Ole girl had a great shot group! Hitting him multiple times in the face?

  • danceswithsheeple

    I’m immensely proud of this woman. IMMENSELY!

    And I’ll bet any money her scumbag POS attacker was an Obama voter. In fact, if Obama had a son… (you know the rest)

    • Sandra123456

      To use a phrase of serfer62, her attacker appears to be one of Holder’s People.

      See why you need a weapon that can fire many rounds(bullets)? She hit him 5 times and he was still moving. Thank God there weren’t 2 burglars or she would have been out of bullets.

      • badbadlibs

        Hit 5 times and he was able to drive…albeit, not very far, but the guy could drive! She’s blessed that he didn’t use what energy he had to hurt her or her kids instead.
        People like piers, obum, Cuomo, etc. should be forced to watch these stories over and over and over………………………

        • BlueGood

          THIS is NOT HolyWeird….this is real life & death….Thank GOD these people were properly practiced & trained in the safe use of “PROTECTION”!

          We’d NEVER hear/see this up here on “Welfare Broadcasting Corp” aka CBC in the Great White North…..

          But i will try to post the link to a few somewhat conservative friendly spots….

      • cabensg

        Making me rethink revolver I bought. Maybe I’ll have to spring for different type. What should I get? I’ve practiced some and shoot accurately but gun types are a mystery I have no intention of becoming an expert in. I’m not particularly weak for a woman but I don’t want something that’s going to kick up to much. If your going to help me out with an answer please have mercy and make it simple.

        • Get something 9mm… Not too much kick back and pretty easy to use.

          • NYGino

            Chambering that first round could be somewhat difficult for some people though. A good revolver with hollow points is foolproof, ready and no chance of jamming. In any event it sounds like this family has spent some time at a range and have done their homework and settled on what she was comfortable with.

            • Becky Blanton

              Never hurts to have a backup piece and a shotgun either. Shotgun at that range would have stopped him. They’d have carried him out in a bag.

              • A friend of my wife told her a story that happened many years ago. He was home and he heard an intruder messing with his front door. He just pumped his shotgun near the door… potential intruder, obviously hearing and recognizing this sound (it is a very distinctive sound to be fair) was OUT of there pronto! Sometimes, you don’t even have to shoot ’em to drive ’em off! 🙂

            • Fair comment. If you are using a semi-auto, you need to spend time at the range and get “used” to it, and know how to use it by instinct.

          • aposematic

            Agree, 9mm semi for her, 40 or 45 cal for him 😉 hollow points for home use too.

          • linn

            9mm is a toy…Lady Glock…..means business!!

            • Orangeone

              Hear Glock 26 is a good conceal and carry.

            • A toy? 9mm hollow point bullets in a Beretta is not a toy.

        • NYGino

          Hollow points would have done the trick.

          • My favorite bullet. 🙂

            • linn

              Appears to be the regime’s favorite round also………over 1 billion purchased…..

        • Orangeone

          Ruger makes a nice .380 also, small for conceal, Wolfie is also right 9mm is good, I prefer the Beretta mm

        • you use what YOU can control and not what others tell you that you should control.
          practice and comfortability with the weapon are paramount.
          if the caliber is too large for you to control it does you little good.

          I don’t have handgun here, disabled so seldom leave house, but the shotgun is loaded with centurion amm823 and I have mapped out my field of fire (in my head) to know how and where I can prevent the crack dealers that were here from ever dealing again.

        • I would go for a 9mm Ruger p95 this gun is a semi auto that holds up to 15 rounds per clip it is realy simple to take apart to clean and it has very little kick to it also it is relatively cheap too ranging from about $300 to$400 depending on what state you are in. I hope this help 🙂

        • linn

          Lady Glock!!!! Ten Rounds easy to handle…fits smaller hands.

        • Becky Blanton

          A Ruger LC9 with laserguard is a sweet piece for a woman. Good kick, but perfect for our sized hands and small enough to conceal carry, but powerful enough to stop any POS coming after you.

        • snowshooze

          In defense of all that have offered advice on this:
          I agree.
          But, a revolver… the only thing you need to do is point and pull. Rock solid reliable.
          Just about fool-proof. There is a lot to be said for that, especially when you have to consider that you may be all kinds of scared and not be able to focus on anything.

      • Jazzee

        Yes and why can’t the dummies understand this??? hate to tell everyone but even cops aren’t the best shooters and they will tell you so………….5 shots and this woman survived but what if she had missed the first 5 times??????????????????????? I am so sick of this gun issue and the leftie agenda…………get over it
        law abiding people don’t KILL or HURT anyone go get the thugs’ guns if you lefties are so brave

    • Becky Blanton

      I think Obama was honest…he said, “IF I had a son, he’d be like Trayvon Martin,” and it turns out, he was probably right….just like Trayvon…

    • Jazzee

      Amen!! and I am proud of her husband as he talked with her calmly and told her remember what I showed you…..if he comes in shoot him…love this story

  • colliemum

    The criminal ‘tried to break in’? Blimey, using a crowbar, and being shot inside the house shows me that he actually did break in, not just ‘tried’.

    Btw – why was he not in prison anyway?
    Don’t tell me your judiciary is as soft on repeat offenders as our lot over here!

    If this break-in had happened over here, the mum and her kids might have been dead and worse. Should she have hit him over the head or stabbed him, then she might have had to face the court, for using unreasonable force. Oh – and he could have sued her for GBH.

    Taking guns away from law abiding citizens while at the same time leaving criminals to keep their illegal guns on the one hand, while just giving them a little slap on the wrist for being naughty and not keeping them in prison will lead to a huge rise in the ‘violent crime’ statistics. Not that that slimy git will make the connection …

    • stage9

      “Btw – why was he not in prison anyway?”

      Because as a local once told me when I asked him why it’s so crazy there:


      • colliemum

        Ah. That explains a lot.

        Next question: what would Scarlett O’Hara have done?


        • NYGino

          Not give a damn!

          • 🙂 Clever! 🙂

          • notebene

            Nope…Scarlett would have a bullet in his head. She did that to a union soldier that attempted to attack her in Tara. It’s in the book and the movie! It was Rhett who didn’t give a damn!

    • ApplePie101

      The judicial system over here views civilians as expendable.

      • NYGino

        “…bumps in the road..”

      • colliemum

        Ahh – like in the UK then …

        Sad, isn’t it.

  • Ray

    What I fear is the fact that most conservatives have a profound respect for law enforcement and the military. Will we be willing to hold them at bay when the time comes for them to come and confiscate our defensive weapons? Are we willing to go into the streets like those Arabs did last year when this comes down, or will we willingly hand them over like Australians did a few years ago, and like those in Germany and Russia did early last century.
    I like stories like this one, but they are not getting out to the general public due to the propaganda machine the liberal media is.

    • cabensg

      Your right about the propaganda and many of the brainwashed will be shocked by the push back that’s going to occur if anything even close to confiscation happens. This I’m sure of we have not become Britain or Australia…yet. The American spirit has been dimmed but not broken.

    • snowshooze

      It is a valid fear. And a valid point.
      As a Husband and a Dad… the cost of breaking the law and spending years in prison now… versus the chance I might have to defend with lethal force…
      I’d be looking at jail either way. Either right away for breaking the law… or later, for breaking the law, which may never come to pass.
      I’d have to consider myself as being a non-Criminal, and turn the iron in.
      Sounds cowardly, but look, it would be the same choice all over.
      And I know so many that would have to bite the bullet with me.
      I’m sure that this strategy is going to be banked on.
      And not for the first time.

  • I’m sure the guy was only there to borrow some milk for the cookies he just made and if you only understood, like Obama does, the depths of things only a black person can understand, you would understand this oppression of the black man who obviously suffered from post-traumatic-generations-ago-my-people-were-slaves-so-you-can’t-blame-me-for-being-screwed-up syndrome.

    • Freddie Sykes

      Actually, it was Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea…

    It was announced today that Georgia mother Melinda Herman, known for shooting poor black man seeking shelter, will not be charged with attempted murder. However, after investigation, it was determined her children were not outfitted with properly approved eye and ear protection. Mrs. Herman will be charged with two counts of child endangerment and faces a maximum of two years in prison plus a $2,000 fine.

    • stage9

      yeah, really.

    • FiscalConservative

      Sadly, this government response will become the new “normal”. It makes me wonder what the new normal will be in four more years.

  • Too bad MSM is ignoring this great piece of news!!!
    BTW- Bill BLIGHT Clinton is “Father of the Year”.
    Really – not a sex offender of the decade, not a Lying Scum to Spit At…
    We have 2 US – one is ruling class with their pseudo-intellectual useful idiots + 47% of society – the takers, and the sane ~52% of the rest of us.

  • yep, instead of telling the criminal: “hold on, hold on” and go to a store to get ear protectors for kids, she had the gall of defending her and their LIVES!!!
    She also made envoronment dirty with gun powde….shhhhhhhhh…..
    the red scum is readin’! 😉

  • NYGino

    If Obama had a son………….

    • …. The family would be dead. How DARE they resist! 🙁

      • NYGino

        Obviously, Wolfie, this family is racist. No other explanations for her actions.

    • snowshooze

      If Obama had a son… ummm.. you refer to the intruder?

  • tcjtrinity

    PRAISE GOD for men like this woman’s husband who taught her how to protect herself, their children & their home! They have absolutely NOTHING to apologize for. Your actions have consequences…and he was in their home uninvited, threatening harm. I believe she should have unloaded that gun on him, even if he begged for his life. If he had of gotten to her or those children, and they begged for their lives, I doubt very seriously he would have stopped. I commend both parents for protecting what is theirs, nobody has a right to take what does not belong to them. He deserves what he got!~ C. Cole~

    • Orangeone

      And praise God for how calm this husband remained knowing what was happening in his home to his family. He did an OUTSTANDING job training her and coaching her when she needed it most.

      • Freddie Sykes

        I definitely would have freaked out if I were him. Bravo to the both of them!

        • Orangeone

          They are absolutely amazing, and clearly their children are as well, they did what they were told to do.

  • aPLWBinAK

    The chain of events leaves no doubt what-so-ever that this intruder deserved to be shot. 1st he broke into the house…then he broke into the locked bedroom…..then he broke into the locked bathroom….all while chasing the woman and boys. He had multiple opportunities to turn around and leave, but was intent on bringing harm to someone’s family. I think it’s time for the lady to upgrade to a 44, and shoot it until she’s comfortable with it.

    • serfer62

      Ahhh apl, you’re not looking at this in the PC world.
      He used a crowbar to enter because he didn’t have a key
      He chased the honkie kid up the stairs because he didn’t know the way to the bathroom.
      He broke down thwe doors because the bathroom was out of toilet paper
      AND when he went to ask for the TP he was wontingly shoot down by a racist honkie.
      Now this cracker will be sued by jealous of the naaCOLOREDp under guidence from Holder.
      Its just amazing how the MFM sticks up for pale people!!!

    • snowshooze

      5 for 5.

      • aPLWBinAK

        She done good. Real good. I was suggesting she upgrade to something that hits harder because he shouldn’t be able to drive off with 5 in him….and heaven forbid if he had had buddies with him. She was lucky there was only one bad guy.

        • snowshooze

          Yeah, I am all for bigger, but practically.. I have a 454 and the muzzle blast is lethal.
          But them little girls, they can get scared off by that kind of recoil and horsepower.
          Some get terrified by the recoil, noise and all that, and never recover.
          Mom was great with the 44 mag… but that was Mom.

          Possibly a better ammunition selection would do the trick.
          I can push a .38 pretty hard with the home brewed stuff.

          Thank God this worked out. But it was no accident.

          In today’s world… even finding a place to practice, the time to do so in the two breadwinner households that were thrust upon us by the women’s liberation…………… ( Call me a sexist pig ) …
          I have to make dates with my Wife and arrange a sitter.

          This whole story exposes my shortcomings.
          I own a business that keeps me on the run.
          My Wife works nights as a Veterinarian, we have twin two year old Daughters…
          My Wife doesn’t care for guns, and we have never been shooting.
          I am going to have to make some time.
          Don did great. He even coached her to think clearly, and when push come shove… “shoot him again.” Wow.
          I fall short of him at this point.

          • aPLWBinAK

            Yeah the 454 is a fearsome beast. Up here there are commercial handloads available for 44s that approach the 454. A woman should shoot enough rounds through whatever her gun of choice is (bigger the better) that she is comfortable with it, and doesn’t fear it. A lady who is comfortable with a 44 in her hand is nobody to mess with if you’re coming at her and she’s between you and her kids…..

            • snowshooze

              I’m in Anchorage. snowshoozeatyahoodotcom…

  • Biggbear52

    That punk will never ever again attempt to go into that neighborhood as he now knows it is potentially deadly for him. This is also the face of DOMESTIC TERRORISM ladies and gentlemen. He intent on harming those kids and they’re mom. The tape clearly states that he went after a 9 year old for God sake. I’ve no doubt that if a when he is able to, he and his family will attempt to sue. If he does he should immediately be charged as a terrorist! As he in fact caused terror in the minds and hearts of those babies and the mother as well.

  • NYGino

    “She did what she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner” The operative words here are “responsible” and “prepared”.

    This family should be brought up to Washington to testify in the current debate on gun control.

  • And for those like Piers Morgan, might I add that she didn’t jump up and use that gun immediately, she hid and finally used it when she and her children were cornered! She could have shot the idiot a long time before that! That moron could have quickly ransacked the home and escaped,….. but no; he had to follow her. So Piers…..what to you say about this story???? Three good people saved thanks to a brave mom who used a gun to protect against evil!

  • Simple as this folks… I know most of you know this, but it bears repeating.

    If someone breaks into your home… You must kill them… Why? Because hesitation is fatal…

    Two scenarios: Which is going to be yours?

    #1: The criminals break in, you have no defense.. They attack you… beat you half to death while demanding money… Your wife is attacked and perhaps they take advantage of her… and what of your kids? What if one if these invading bastards is a pedophile? And goes after your children? This the worse case scenario!

    #2: the criminals break in… You are well armed, and have a plan… They try to attack you, but they die from repeated inserts of Lead Poisoning! Your wife is NOT attacked. Your children are safe! You did what ANY man MUST do!

    Okay… So… Even if you live in a Libtard enclave where they bring you to court for daring to defend yourself and your family…

    You know it’s better to be judged by 12 of our peers than carried by 6 of your relatives…

    You know… Deep down in your heart… you know… You did the right thing… Your conscience is clear and your soul is unsoiled.. When Judgement Day comes… You know you can face Our Lord and God with a good heart and no shame… For you did what you must!!

    Always remember there is a greater power than laws and government… These things come and go… Our Lord God and our Eternal Soul goes on forever! Do what is right by God and you will NEVER EVER go wrong!

    • Orangeone

      You are absolutely correct Wolfie! Even though she hit vital organs, he was able to get up and flee. If he had counted rounds, there might have been a different response. And if he didn’t crash would he have gotten away as law enforcement was not yet on scene.

  • sjmom

    This is one of the reasons we must fight to keep our right to bear arms and the other is a govt which is trying to take away our freedom, scrap our founding documents and enslave us to their control.

  • NYGino

    Where be da trigga lock, where be da trigga lock? She posed to have a trigga lock! First ding I gots to do when I be released in 3-4 months is call ny Congressman and insist they strengthen da gun laws. Po folk like me be gettin hurt wifout stricta gun law!

    • Orangeone

      And them congressmen need to outlaw locks too cuz crowbars ain’t that easy to conceal

      • NYGino

        Just one occupational hazard after another! Cheeze!

      • ROFL!! 🙂

  • TickedWhiteDude

    Makes me proud to live in Georgia!!

  • NYGino

    “Shoot him again” That phrase of defiance against evil ranks right up there with “Lets roll!”

  • Freddie Sykes

    The national media would be all over this story if they could figure out some way to blame the SUV.

  • Orangeone

    This clearly demonstrates why solid training and practice is important. A certain Marine on this site provided me with practice instructions and drills and I practice frequently!

  • Tread7

    Awesome lady !!! Shot that Thug in the face !!!

  • linn

    NRA Woman of the Year!!!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I’m leery of strangers, but recently I invited two gents to live with me permanently: a Mr. Smith and a Mr. Wesson. They are going to be my protector, and I am going to rely heavily on them if need be and like the lady in the story above, I’ll empty the magazine in a perp and then insert a fresh magazine and empty that one too.

    • I know those guys, you’re in good hands! 🙂

  • snowshooze

    Don is a hero too.
    Well done, all the way around.

  • Becky Blanton

    Hope he knows Jesus and has a chance to meet him soon.

  • FreeManWalking

    Gun Control we can all be proud of…

  • Hope that piece of shit burgler dies so we don’t have to pay $30,000 yr for his up keep in prison. He will be out robbing again in 5yrs if he doesn’t die.

  • dlg1956

    “If I only had a son……”

    Barack Obama

  • hongryhawg

    Now that’s a mug shot!

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    Sorry that the kids had to go thru this.

    But Mom did a good job, one less criminal to worry about. And this was not his first daytime burglary…………….

    ( sometime I’m so good I actually surprise my Republican Conservative ownself, just saying….)

  • Why was he there? If he thought he was breaking into an empty house,why didn’t he leave when he realized people were there?I would like some real answers before I make a decision on this one.Was he on drugs,or was he sent there?

    • hongryhawg

      What does it matter? He was where he shouldn’t have been. He’ll be the first to agree.

  • dneuwen

    this is what conservatives, constitution-loving, patriotic americans who have big access to media should tactically do. counter the incessant agenda push by the liberal/leftists/progressives by applying their tactics i.e for every news that portray negatively the use of guns as in the pejorative phrase “gun violence” with stories after stories of shootings 24 hours a day since the sandyhook massacre, report stories of “gun protection” or “safety through guns” like this one and another one here repeatedly. do not let the leftists take the narrative through their deceptive tactic of selective biased cum staged reporting and manipulative phraseology to skew the premise. eschew the leftist oft-repeated phrase “gun violence” or “gun control” which give the left already their talking points by framing the discussion but counter them with our own rallying phrase like “gun protection” or “anti-2nd amendment” for start.

  • Tautoulogic

    This is why every self-sustaining household needs to have an AR-15 with 150-Round Drum magazine.

    And since these are one of the few things that are still manufactured INSIDE the US, it would be great for the american economy too.

  • Around blacks, never relax.

  • Around blacks, never relax.

  • Hooray for anecdotal evidence to support your opinions!


    She was probably an Obama voter…