SHOCKER! Attendees at Al Sharpton’s MLK Jr. luncheon think Republicans are racist

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph visited the annual MLK Jr. luncheon put on by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and interviewed attendees on whether or not they thought Republicans are racist and why. As you might expect, the answers won’t surprise you:

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  • Arrrggghhh

    It’s amazing how today’s black leaders have morphed into virtually the exact opposite of what Dr. King stood for. Today, it really is all about the color of one’s skin and not the content of their character. Sad.

    • Rshill7

      If they had a content gauge on their character, like a car has a gas gauge, it would be stuck on E…

      …and dat don’t stand for Enough either…

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on… perfectly summarised in one solid comment.

    • MiketheMarine

      I’ve said it before. I will never vote for an African American for any office, ever. If the last two elections have shown us anything, it is that skin color is THE number 1 issue and priority of blacks. And yes, even Alan West would not get my vote. I will not trust since the percentage of black votes that went to the half black candidate two elections in a row were over 90 % both times.

      It’s time to wake up and smell the racism. And it isn’t coming from a bunch of grump old white men or southerners, either.

      • CO2isGood

        I would vote for Col West in a heartbeat, he has proven himself on the field of battle. Anyone that would hold his color against him IS racist, period.

        • MiketheMarine

          Bovine excrement. I’ll give you an example. Colin Powell

          • aposematic

            Well take it for what its worth: I smelled Colon Powell the first time I heard him speak. Any pun you come up with is intended as I hold my nose just typing that rats name. However, Alan West so far has passed my smell test coming up roses. Just saying.

            FWiW: There are good and bad in all people. What’s happening now to the Country is kind of over the top proof. Its really more about what is not said, what is not written, and what you don’t see.

          • CO2isGood

            Ok, Colin Powell and Alan West are the same color so that means they have the same mentalities. Kinda, like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, right?

            • UnCL3

              “Ok, Colin Powell and Alan West are the same color so that means they have the same mentalities.”
              I think the libs would throw down the race card on that analogy…why not? They accuse conservatives of racism no matter what the issue.

          • UnCL3


        • UnCL3

          J.C. Watts…

      • stage9

        You can’t lump them all together my friend no more than you can lump all whites together. Look at liberals — most all are white, and they’re some of the stupidest people you’d ever meet.

        MLK’s statement is a guide: judge by the content of character not the color of one’s skin.

        Character is a MORAL test of a man’s honor.

        Does he jump ship when his character is tested? Then stay away from him.

        Many “pastors” did this when Obama announced he would support counterfeit marriage. These “pastors” opposed him and questioned whether they could vote for him because of his stance, but in the end they did anyway.

        Why? Because they lack character.

        A man without honor is a man that can’t be trusted.

        • MiketheMarine

          Does Maobama have ANY character, whatsoever? Then why did blacks vote for him over 90%, twice. Wake up. We are in a race war and one side hasn’t figured it out. Look, I save my real hatred for individuals but I can distrust an entire race since that race has proven, to the tune of >90% to not be trust worthy, racist. Just like I don’t like a single muslim.

          • stage9

            Yeah, but dude, Obama is one thing; Sharpton is one thing; Jesse Jackson is one thing, but they don’t speak for Allen West or Mia Love in any way. That’s all I’m saying.

      • aposematic

        I would vote for West though I have said for many years there is no people as a group more racist than Blacks.

        • MiketheMarine

          I MIGHT be willing to vote for West as I really do like him but living near DC, I see the black attitude towards the USA, whites and authority in general and, quite frankly, we’d be better off without them. That is a general statement. Not specific to any one person.

    • objective123

      It’s called MONEY. When folks don’t work for what they have and expect folks to pay them and be the “gimme” generation, this is what you get. Blame goes around on all fronts. However, many of this is indoctrination by socialist/communist in the K-12 school system to making being Democrat (or a slave/welfare recipient) cool.

  • stevenbiot

    Republicans are racist, except when it comes to abolishing slavery and fighting against segregation.

    • And arming blacks against the KKK.

    • Rshill7

      What I want to know is whether or not any of these sheep have any wool.

      • stevenbiot

        Nope. They have been sheared.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Lol… you’re not going to let facts get in the way of Al’s delusions and lies are you?

      Sharpy won’t get paid if he don’t stir the puddin.

  • Tell me something I don’t know. So much stupidity…so little time.

  • poljunkie

    I’d like to say i’m surprised but unfortunately i’m not.

    I wish these same people would get out from under the spell they are under and read some Republican or Conservative records.
    See what they could accomplish if they were to take another route.

  • That’s the problem. If blacks gave 40% of their vote to the Republican party, then I wouldn’t be bothered. What can I say? Some things just never change.

    Don’t forget DeMint’s election in 2010. His opponent got literally thousands of votes. But this guy couldn’t even articulate himself!! Unbelievable.

  • sjmom

    What I heard is “black” is based upon what you think rather than your skin color. Really? When what you believe is a lie you then have to adjust your beliefs along the way and many have done so. Too many have succumbed to the race baiters’ hatred and the shame of it is they have lost the ability to form their own opinions. This is not only faulty but racist in its admission because in truth it’s about a political agenda and personal gain.

    • clockwindingdown

      Watching from 1:45 − 2:05 pretty much says it all. Color and thought process! They have been taught they are victims, they are playing victims, they are being victimized. Problem is they are supporting blindly those that continue to victimize them.

      It is far easier to lay blame on someone else then it is to stand on ones own and claim independence. This video, although edited and I would like to see the longer versions of answers, Is the same old tired talking points. When asked to back up their beliefs the answers lacked foundation.

      Why did we loose the elections, because we believe people can think for themselves, obviously enough cannot, neither can they be bothered to educate themselves with truths. Rather they learn what backs up their beliefs.

      Most of these people interview lived through the civil rights movement, yet they obviously know little of what really happened. What political group freed them again and which has succeeded in enslaving them again. It makes the Civil war, and the Civil rights movement, pointless if they will continue to be willingly controlled!

      • sjmom


  • TickedWhiteDude

    Coming from Al “not so” Sharpton, who would’ve seen that coming….He’s about as sharp as a bowling ball.

  • Sandra123456

    The sad thing is that had Martin Luther King lived we probably not know any of these clowns that pretend to be black.

  • colliemum

    It’s always more comfortable to blindly follow some ‘great’ leaders than open one’s eyes and check for oneself if what one’s been told is the truth.

    These people, who say Sen Scott is black on the outside only are ideologists of racism. They use skin colour as disguise for their communist ideology.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I appreciate you keeping your thumb on the pulse of what’s really going on Scoop.

    Whenever Al sharpton’s name or face comes up… my reflex mental image is racist. If I dwell on it a moment longer (which is a waste of brain cells) I come up with the term: Hate-Monger.

    Al Sharpton’s job is to keep the black community enslaved to the Democrats and under the impression that they remain oppressed, and that white people hate them. How else will he get paid if he doesn’t perpetuate this lie? Where does his power go if they wake up and realize what a liar and con artist Al Sharpton is?

    And when Al attended “Racist University” to get his bogus “Reverand” title (because a Reverand is someone who always shoots straight and tells it like it really is right?), he knew it would help him further in his pursuit of money by sucking more gullibles in. This is no man of God. Yes, I’m judging him. The Bible talks about false prophets like this phoney… there are many verses that would illustrate exactly what this twisted parasite is doing and condemn him… how he’s propheting off of hate and evil… while maintaining an undeserved, divine title. It’s rotten wrong. That’s a trick of Satan.

    I don’t need to view this video. Anyone who would pay to hear this liar speak is already under the influence. Al Sharpton is a divider and a first class racist who is doing more to hurt this great nation and it’s people than the help or heal it. He’s a complete waste of time.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Intellectual laziness. It’s what’s for lunch!

  • opinionatedhermit

    Meanwhile, the scuttle over in the Left Wing Lemming break out rooms, is that they all think the up and coming debt “cliff” issue, is all made up by some odd combination of conspiracy mixed with witchcraft. Better said, “no big deal…..”

    I have 5 dollars that says when these clowns go over the cliff … they blame the Republicans for not giving everybody tax payer funded parachutes… and killing the children…

  • WhiteGuy2

    This is the result of a successful Democrat propaganda operation that has been in progress for over 60 yrs. Notice how deeply, and completely their logical process has been compromised.

    The republican establishment has done very little to combat this assault. Thus there may be a bit of truth to the argument that Republicans don’t care about black people.

  • CO2isGood

    Drat, all those inconvenient historical facts that prove Republicans were the ones that fought for African-Americans while Democrats were fighting for the KKK.

    • Biggbear52

      Exceptional well said !

      • wadnnit.

        BTW–how do we sign up for Impeachment Articles?

        • Biggbear52

          If you are speaking of signing petitions, you simply look for them online and when you see one, or more that you agree with, you pull it up and sign it. You can also go onto WE THE PEOPLE site, register then sign the petitions that you agree with. I have three of them on there myself. Thanks for asking how. Shows you have earnest concern! J

          • Waddnit.

            OK I will. But I am afraid they go off into cyberspace with no impact or recognition. I never hear about any results in the news. Would prefer to sign them, or one at least, in person that gets hand delivered to the Congress at a hearing.–the more traditional way. That way has proven effective.

            • Biggbear52

              You will never hear anything remotely resembling these types of truths on the MAIN STREAM MEDIA as it is counterproductive to the socialist communists cause. You can also rest assured as to the validity and sincerity of this particular one. It is sponsored by Jay Sekolow. He is the founding Father and CEO of the AMERINCAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE. It is the exactly opposite of the ACLU. They actually use private money which generally comes from major lawsuit against oppression and tyranny. You’d be smart to never trust local or National main stream new again. If you watch it, really weed through it carefully and READ as much as possible about the constitution. I personally attend classes online through the Heritage foundation. There Free! My wife and I have not watched the news either locally or Nationally in years and yet we still ar generally more informed on more current events the most. Simply because we read. Nice to converse with you again.

    • opinionatedhermit

      I agree CO2, well said.

      If only the Leadership of the Republican party could learn from Lincoln.

      It is all about preserving our great Country, and giving all of her citizens more and more Liberty and Constitutional protections…. Peoples, of all stripes and persuasions….

  • WordsFailMe

    Write this down asses: American Africans are the born enemy of freedom, reason and personal responsiblity.

    • KenInMontana

      I not sure where that garbage came from, but it doesn’t belong here, out of simple respect I’ll make this a warning, normally I put people to the curb for that crap. Your call on how you want to proceed, Troop.

  • Biggbear52

    Years ago i watched an interview of one of the great heavy weight boxers to ever hold that title. In that interview held in London circa 1977′ this fellow said unequivocally that if anyone wanted the truth as ti the death of his former boss, ask the founding members of the “RAINBOW COALITION” Now we have the N.A.N which was introduce by the two same founders of the bigot club known as the “RAINBOW COALITION”. One bigot club stood for affirmative act and the betterment of the black peoples. Now N.A.N stands for the political correctness of the African American and betterment there of. H’mm sounds like perpetual bigotry to me.
    By the way just so you’ll know. Not one of these luncheons is ever held in a RED STATE! not in the history of our country has one ever been held in any state with a conservative base, senator, congressman or Gov. Before any of you ask, my source for this info comes from two places. Statistical fact and living better than ten Lustrom on this cheer planet. Yes I said cheer! 🙂
    So if you truly wish to learn the true source of perpetualized bigotry in our gracious land, turn to those that claim the other are the extreme bigots! Everyone has some sort of this in they’re make- up. My point is, to use it as a tool to deceive is the same has having robbed the bank and claiming you weren’t there!

  • johnos2112

    I just am thankful that I have no self induced prejudice to hate! Because that is all that Sharpton teaches folks!

  • Biggbear52

    Remember this About ole Al here. As a 10 year old boy, he declared himself and Ordained Minister. Several people over the years, to include righteous preachers. Not evangelists, but preachers have questioned him on him proclaimtion and to date he has yet to quote one verse of any Biblical writings. Especially the KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE. He is worth over 220m and refuses to pay taxes. Hides behind NON-PROFIT companies to achieve that unlawful practice. He also gets the bulk of his money from the presumed under privilege he touts he defends. No all of this is documented and can easily be research in this cheer box. So my question to all on here today, just who exactly is the lying bigot here?

    • NoTrustInMen

      You’re talking about all ministers.

      • Biggbear52

        Not all ministers are jokes like most people wish to think. In fact the three worst I can think of are: Jerry Farwell, Jim Baker and James Jones. All three combined could not quote on full verse and yet all three were stink wealthy off the backs and sufferance of other. Which in reality made them Niggers. ! So not not all ministers are bad. Just the ones that are most prevalent.

  • kong1967

    I don’t understand the logic behind blacks voting Democrat because we conservatives are racist.

    I have heard them say that we don’t set aside policy specifically for them. Never mind that none of our policies are race specific. Everyone should have the same playing field and opportunities.

    I wouldn’t want to be part of a party that caters to my race and gives me special advantages and handouts just because I’m white. That’s racist in itself and tells me they don’t think I’m capable of doing it on my own.

    I just don’t get it. No pride or self motiviation to succeed without being propped up.

    • WordsFailMe

      These freaking convention attendees are stupid. Now I didn’t say all convention attendees are stupid but these people are astounding in their stupidity and should be recognized.

      Some Asians, some Indians, some Tierra del Fuegans and many white people in America are stupid. But it’s easy to determine that these convention attendees are especially and irredeemably stupid and nothing and no one is going to change them. “If you a Republican, you a racist.”

      No vocalization, other than rap lyrics, could so quickly qualify an apparent human being for membership in the stupid branch than such a statement. If a jackass could talk, a jackass could not be THAT stupid!

      And these morons don’t even bust a smile. Stump f***ing stupid…duuhhh.. It’s almost as if that they have been saying the same thing for so long that they don’t even notice how stupid, thickheaded and infantile it sounds, one speaker follows the other like neighborhood pits smelling each other’s poop….snort…snort…

      That these convention attendees can make blatantly stupid and racist comments like these makes me think of a group of mental hospital inmates who have lived so long among people who don not bathe that BO seems normal to them.

      “Oh you not a democrat? Then you a racist…. huh huh huh …”

      I knew a stupid Eskimo once but he disappeared so there are a lot fewer stupid Aleuts than there once was…It does not appear that there is, or that there will be, a noticeable increase of attrition in the ranks of the stupid. It’s almost as if someone somewhere is purposefully and profitably breeding new, stupid convention attendees.

      What do they call those places? Puppy mills?

      • kong1967

        Lol, your handle is “WordsFailMe”, but not this time. I was laughing all the way through it. So true.

    • NoTrustInMen

      First 200 years, was a land grab. The next 200 catered to one group because of the color of the skin. Just sayin.

      • kong1967

        I really don’t know what you’re talking about…..just sayin.

        Democrats fought to continue slavery. Democrats fought to continue segregation. Democrats fought against civil rights. MLK was a Republican. Lincoln was a Republican. Democrats continue to keep blacks on the liberal plantation by giving special handouts to blacks and they keep using them as an excuse for retarded policy (does the claim that blacks can’t get an ID to vote sound familiar?). The claim Democrats make that the racists switched parties is a pack of lies. It has been proven wrong thoroughly.

        • NoTrustInMen

          I know you don’t know what I am talking about. I am not a Democrat. History is the key to understanding, not the glossed over history that you learned in school. But the history that is hidden from are kids so that they grow up ignorant and say things that a lot of folks post on this site and others.

          After WWII the government subsidized (government handout) higher education for returning soldiers, what a boost this gave them to educate themselves and advance toward the American dream. Also the Government subsidized (government handout) home loans for families, so now many could own property what a boost towards the middle class. African Americans were excluded from these programs. Imagine Men who risked their lives for a country that treated them as third class citizens after they returned could not take advantage of these government programs. When Social Security started they were also excluded.

          So when we talk down to African Americans like we never had help from the Government that we somehow made our own way is a farce. As people moved west the Government let them stake out claims to land and then defended them when Indians tried to take it back. Land that was passed down to families today who benefited from those Government services. What about the affirmative action that benefits families who attended certain colleges. What about Jobs, you know I have helped family members get jobs, this is a network in which many people get jobs. Most African Americans are not in that network. And yet many find a way to get a hand up, they work hard and of course we hear the disparaging remark, that affirmative action helped them even if it didn’t. They still had to have the ability, but we ignore the affirmative action that our skin color gives us.

          This is no rant to say we should throw money at people (welfare is crumbs) what people want is an opportunity. There are some bright minds waiting to be tapped. Most whites don’t know how our lives have improved with the products or procedures invented by African Americans, we need all the brain power our country can get. This country would be so different is Africa Americans had the same opportunities that whites had, it would be a better place.

          Instead while opportunities were being given to families in the 40s and 50s, Government, state and federal were building prisons (Housing Projects) for African Americans. Giving just enough to keep them in their place.

          I think it is remarkable what some have overcome to push threw that constant pressure to be successful.

          • kong1967

            My comments were against the Democrat party, not the blacks as individuals. My only confusion about blacks is why they fall for it.

            Government handouts, unless only very temoprary, don’t help people. You make them dependent on government, and I see a lot of that today. I don’t care if you’re black or white, it’s not good to be dependent on government..

            Affirmative action only unfairly advances people that didn’t earn it. Accepting people into colleges solely because of their race is wrong. After time, they learn that requirements are less for them and they utilize it, to their detriment.

            We could go through the arguments, but those programs hinder blacks. They don’t help them in the long run as a group.

  • Rocco11

    Permanent victim status.

  • Rshill7

    I guess LBJ was right when he said:

    “I’ll have those _______ voting democrat for the next two hundred years.”

    All we have to do is wait ’em out 🙂

  • Landscaper

    When you put a Master Lock on your mind, you’ll never open the window and see the world. No one that gave a reply will see things differently. Metal slavery.

  • tinlizzieowner

    I suppose I could a bunch of big words in this dissertation but why bother.
    Sharpron is a Race Pimp $, nothing more $, nothing less $.

  • Godisright

    My little violin is overheating.
    Who gives a rat’s backside?

  • An entire what 2 generations of colored people and the Dems have found NOBODY that could come near to MLK’s dream..I am old enough to remember him, his sweat and tears and the miles he walked to have 2 generations + piss it away, with no honor, no brains.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Sharpton is a man without a conscience. His hands have innocent blood from his hate-mongering. He’s a lying, conniving, corrupt racist too.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    What a bunch of undiluted crap!!!!!!!! Those folks are all on the Dimocrat plantation and they’re happy there, so leave ’em there!!!!

  • wadnnit.

    Divider in Chief: this right here is his legacy.

  • white531

    Let’s just make a few things perfectly clear. Africans were brought here as slaves. They were sold as slaves by their own people, in Africa. You think all these people just got in line and marched onto the Slave Trader’s boats like they were taking a cruise? Actually, they were rounded up and sold to the Slave Traders, by their own kind. Africans, selling Africans.

    If you only study even a little bit of History, you would have a much better understanding of what actually brought us to this point in History.

    I have said this before, bringing African slaves to this country to pick cotton, was the greatest mistake our Founders ever made. Sure, it was cheap labor at the time, but we are still paying for it today, and if I don’t miss my guess, we will still be paying for it two hundred years from now, in spite of the trillions of dollars we have spent, to make amends for bringing slaves to this country to pick cotton.

    The absolute enormity of the welfare issue in America, is so off the chart that we cannot even grasp it. We are drowning in welfare. It comprises an increasingly large part of our annual budget.
    It actually gets larger each year.

    While it may have started with Africans, it has now been taken over by Mexicans, and other nationalities who use our southern border as a freeway to riches. The riches, being the available welfare that is easily available in, “El Norte.” The North.

    Not only do they come here for the work and the jobs that are provided by contractors seeking cheap labor, they come here for the simple reason, that this a rich country, and Mexico is not.

    We not only feed them in this country, we also feed their families in Mexico, and all the other countries south of our border. Because everything they make in El Norte, goes back to Mexico.

    And the simple reason you cannot get attention in the emergency room of your local hospital, is that it is absolutely flooded with illegal immigrants. I’m sorry, I meant to say, undocumented aliens. I keep forgetting my manners.

    I’m sure they have a right to be here. I know that, because Obama told me so. Obama and all the other Progressives among us, are working toward a path to citizenship for all these people who just walked across our southern border. Maybe you missed that. Let me say that again. They just walked across our southern border. Like it didn’t exist.

    I just sometimes wonder about all the other LEGAL immigrants who have been waiting for several years to immigrate to this country through the normal legal process. What about them. WHAT ABOUT THEM?

    Perhaps it would be easier, for these people who want to come here through the legal process, to just go to Mexico, and pay a Coyote two thousand dollars to get them to El Norte.

    It looks like the Border is not a big deal at this point. Now, there’s an understatement if there ever was one.

  • James1754

    Here is news for the National Action Network, most of us think you and the Reverend Al are racist.

  • Al Sharpton is nothing short of an Apostate, and the NAN, NAACP are dens of racist, communist, and socialist wolves.
    It ain’t name calling when it’s true.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Note to Al Sharpton: STFU! You are a parasitical being who has done more to enslave your own race of people than many slave owners of old had ever done. You sir, are a discredit to your race!

  • mikeinidaho

    Watch out, Al, there’s a racist behind every tree and they are out to get YOU and your racist buddys. Run, Al, go hide in Cuba or Venezuela or anywhere but the US, Al!

  • bobemakk

    It is so amazing that the race card is always used by Sharpton, Jackson and a tremendous group of other African American people. It is their only defense. IMPEACH OBAMA! And these African Americans seem to forget Obama is HALF WHITE!

    Personally I would have voted for Herman Cain or Allen West, and I am white. Does that make me a racist?

  • UnCL3

    Our forefathers should have picked their own cotton…I’m sure they would have been much happier on another continent.

  • the race card is the last card in the deck ….alan west