Small business owner to Obama: Get my business out of your campaign ad

The Obama campaign didn’t even ask permission to film this lady’s small business for a political ad. In fact they deceived the manager into thinking they were interested in filming her security door or something, and the next thing you know it shows up in a political ad.

And now she’s catching flack over it from angry customers which is why she went on Cavuto to dispel the idea that they had anything to do with this. She said she’d be equally upset at Romney if they had done it to her and doesn’t like her business being foisted into a bitter political fight.

Watch below:

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  • odin147

    I am feeling down, this election is over. The one will win. When half the country doesn’t pay taxes, and nearly most of the country gets some kind of service from the govt. why would they vote for a conservative. The 2010 elections were a myth. The general election comes down to the electoral college, and I hate to say it but we have to live through another 4 yrs of the one, at least the one cannot run again after 4 yrs. Obamacare is here to stay. Conservatives have become the permanent minority.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Not me Odin… I feel like it’s going to be a LANDSLIDE when we boot him out. A landslide, I tell you. And every day, I feel more confident about that. The silent majority is quiety making itself known. They proved it in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz just proved it, and Chic-fil-A was another sign. I read just recently that Kyrillos, running for Senate in NJ (my state) has a very good chance of defeating the incumbent, good-for-nothing Menendez (D), and if you go over to, you’ll find a very uplifting article about the number of incumbents who have lost their primaries nationwide in the 2012 primaries, DOUBLE that of 2010 — 135 so far, and the primaries aren’t done yet.

      There is a silent but steady revolution going on. We The People are awake and fighting, and don’t you let some skewed, meaningless poll tell you otherwise.


      As far as this lady who owns Krause’s Deli, I feel for her. As a small business owner myself, I would be LIVID if Team Obama pulled this on me, but I think the key sentence in this interview is when she said the “majority” of customer comments were NEGATIVE. Got that? The MAJORITY did not like her store being shown in an OBAMA ad.


      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on my friend.

      • capelady

        What gets my attention is the lies….. all lies. Why did Obama’s campaign misrepresent what they wanted to do? I am sure they could find a small business that supports Obama……ooops. Silly me. Maybe not!!!

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          It’s called desperation, capelady!

        • The Chicago thugs know no other way but lies and misrepresentations.

        • 1tootall

          People tell lies for specific reasons. Sometimes it’s to avoid the pain of the truth. In this case, however, our imperial prez has no conscience. So telling lies in a pathological fashion is second nature to him. He does it because he wants to have his way and knows no other alternative, including working for it or convincing others through legitimate reasoning. So you have to lie to make your case look like it’s reasonable to at least some of the group. Ask yourself, who would actually believe his propaganda? Well, there is an element that believes it, and they are the ones he’s after. Facts really mean nothing to them. In the end, he is telling them things they want to believe in order to perpetuate the envy and jealousy. Without the anger, he has nothing. If you see it THAT way, you understand completely why he does what he does. Remember, he has produced NOTHING in his entire life!!! Except agitation and angst. He spent 20 years in Chicago doing that. Emotions are cheap. The truth is very expensive. He manipulates emotions. Lies are very good at accomplishing that.

        • tvlgds

          When do they ever NOT lie?? I can think of one time and people turned a deaf ear to what he said and MEANT. He said he wanted to “fundamentally change America.” THAT is exactly what he’s done!!!

      • Richard Easbey

        I’m with you. It’s gonna be a BLOODBATH.

      • MLCBLOG

        Wouldn’t we just love it. This is the climate where Reagan came in with a landslide over the insufferable Jimmy Carter (22% inflation!)

      • Rshill7

        You got it Rosie. Nailed it good. Brightened up the whole room. My sun-sensitive glasses started tuning dark while reading your post 🙂

      • I hope you are right but I’m afraid the electoral college votes from the left coast states will overwhelm the votes of the people. Nixon won the popular vote but Kennedy won the electoral college. Also, many states are having their electronically cast votes counted by a company in Spain owned by George Soros (SCYTL) with no ‘paper trail’ from which to verify the integrity of the program. Between the dubious character of the machines ‘counting’ the votes and the lack of verification of legitimacy of voters at the polls thanks to Eric Holder and his lawsuits against photo ID, I fear there will be recount after recount in close precincts to find ‘misplaced’ ballots in trunks of cars or corners of warehouses as there was with the governor of Washington State and Al Franken. If our side isn’t vigilant and aggressive in stopping voter fraud, Obama will be re-elected even if he didn’t really win. Watch your polling places for ANY sign of illegal voting. Document what you observe. Take pictures where you are allowed to do so.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I have the same concerns, Victoria. I’ve heard about the Soros-owned company in Spain, and it worries me, but ONLY if the vote is close. I just don’t think it’s going to be close.

          Look at Wisconsin. Everyone was worried about voter fraud there. It was going to be a close race, so every vote was going to count. Both sides were poised for the recount, and the Tea Party had volunteers working at the polls in the most worrisome locations. But what happened? It was won by such a wide margin, it was called in 49 minutes after the polls closed, and the thought of a recount became an absolute joke.

          That is what is going to happen in November, except, as Richard below as pointed out, it’s going to be a bloodbath. Those of us on the right might be silenced by the left during the campaign with intimidation, but watch out when we show up to vote. No one takes away that fundamental right from patriots!!! My 80-year-old mom hangs up on pollsters and keeps silent on politics in her community, but don’t get in her way on election day. She’s counting down the days!

        • tvlgds

          This election will be stolen by hook and by crook. I have no doubt that Nobama will get 4 more years to further the demise of these United States. I hope to God I’m wrong.

    • LdyDesign

      90 days till election, Romney ahead in the polls, Obama campaign running desperate adds, Tea Party constitutional candidates winning(i.e. Ted Cruz) Where have you been? If you are an Obama operative trying to demoralize conservatives you came to the wrong place.

      • Odin’s not an operative. I think a lot of folks are going up and down on the emotional elevator these days.

        • LdyDesign

          thanks AbiC, I want to encourage people to stay positive until we can vote in Nov. P.S, I have a daughter who’s also an AbiC 🙂

        • Up and down is right. I’m just so disheartened by an old friend who was once conservative. He screws up his marriage, gets divorced, meets some young woman and now he is a liberal because of her. It makes me sick. There are lots of people like this, with no backbone. We must face it, Americans are losing their way. I hope there is enough of us left to take it back, but “up and down” is how I feel too.

          • capelady

            Americans are losing their way because they have forgotten, or possibly never learned, what America is all about and what made this nation so unique in world history! The GOP has not had a strong message since Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich because you have to be a conservative with good communication skills who truly loves America to get that message across! That is why Reagan resonated with everyone, especially after the malaise of Jimmy Carter! Dennis Prager said that Obama is not America’s biggest problem and getting rid of him is only the first step. Our biggest problem is ignorance. All the people who are milking the system and relying on government are too ignorant to realize that it is all unsustainable, and just another form of slavery. They are too ignorant to understand that Obama can’t possibly keep all the utopian promises that he makes. They are too ignorant to understand that American exceptionalism is based on the fact that our government was founded on the concept that our rights come from God, not from government. We are the only nation in the history of the world that dared to believe such a thing much less base our Constitution on it. That is what the left is destroying, and if they succeed then big government will replace God and our rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will cease to exist.

            • p m

              Bravo capelady! I’m a Canuck and I tell people exactly this all the time about the USA – greatest country in the history of the world. Period. the end, as someone here says. Some of them even get it!


            • well said capelady!

            • BSScoop

              I love your sentiment, capelady but America’s problems began over a century ago. Ronald Reagan was a small light of hope in a very dark time that is growing even darker now. The seeds of tyrrany were sowed long before Jimmy Carter. We as conservatives and Constitutionalists must realize this problem if we are to guide our way forward.


              • MLCBLOG

                My history says that the WORLD’s problems began over a hundred years ago with the germination of the communist movement in Europe.

                • BSScoop

                  Yup. And they came here, too. These lefties now control both parties and a century of public school indoc has made the citizenry dependent and incapable of free thought. They won. Until they self destruct, that is.


                • MLCBLOG

                  Well, yes, I get you, and thank you for your agreement, but I am not ready to concede. I used to be but recently I am seeing more and more dedicated Americans ready to fight these monsters. Plus I actually believe good triumphs over evil. So, let’s work as if we may win, and then we might! plus, it feels a lot better than giving up.

                • tvlgds

                  Woodrow Wilson was the first of the progressives in power.

                • MLCBLOG

                  I think Uncle Teddy was pretty wildly left, too, a fact that escapes almost all of our history books. Examine it. You’ll see.

                • tvlgds

                  Oh yes, he certainly was! I’ve already seen.

          • MLCBLOG

            There is a definite shortage of real men out there. For that matter, a shortage of people of character. Let’s do what we can to remedy that.

            (I feel for you. It is always hard to watch someone go down, especially someone we love. Pray for them, right?)

        • white531

          Share with me how you know that, AmericanborninCanada. Just to ease my mind.

          • I’ve been on Scoop for nearly 2 years now. I’ve seen enough comments by odin before to know. I feel a little of the same myself some days. I just don’t normally come right out and say it. I try to keep positive, but some days it’s just harder to do. I know everyone wants us all to be strong and brave, patriotic and shake off the crappy negative stuff, and most of us do, but sometimes it gets to a person. Doesn’t mean they’re ready to give up, just means they need some support and encouragement. 😀

            • white531

              Honest answer. Thank you Americanbornincanada. This site has a positive aura about it. People like you keep it that way. Odin gets a pass. We all get down with this thing once in awhile.

              • 🙂 Thanks for understanding. Yeah, that’s another good thing about Scoop- folks actually care about others here, genuinely.

                • white531

                  Forgive me americanbornincanada, I like the name. Two of our closest friends on this planet are Canadian.

                • Nothing to forgive my friend! I’m glad you like it- Canadians are a good bunch 😀 I miss it sometimes, but I am fully American now (without the citizenship yet) but since the day I touched down on American soil, I have considered myself an American.
                  Have a Blessed evening!!

            • actionsspeaklouder

              Wise and encouraging words AmericanborninCanada. Thank you. We needed that!

    • Howzah123

      You honestly believe something like term limits is going to stop Obama after what he’s been able to get away with the last 4 years? Wake up. If we lose this election it’s over. You are fighting for the future your children are going to live through right now because they are going to be paying back the debt.

      Conservatives who are whining need to grow some stones. Yes the cards are stacked against us primarily because the MSM is just as Marxist as our current president. It took Obama claiming Romney murdered some guy’s wife for the MSM hacks to act “slightly perturbed”. We’ve seen some hand wringing and pretense at tough questioning, but the tough questions are answered with pure spin and stonewalling and the “journalist” asking the question just sits there and let’s the spin continue as long as the politician doing the spinning is a Democrat.

      • white531

        Howzah is right. This is a war just like any war this nation has ever fought to remain free. We are fighting a war on three separate fronts and they’re all sharing information with each other. The Mainstream Media, the Progressives, the RINOS in our own party. Failure is not an option. We simply have to win the war. Talk to your neighbors, your friends, strangers you meet. What these people are doing to our country is a tragedy. I don’t even understand why they are doing it, just that they are.

    • jaym68

      Your opinion is not only depressing, it is just plain wrong… The election is not over and zero will not win. The only thing you need to know about the ‘polls’ – both current and future is addressed intelligently here:

      Yes, many are getting handouts, but a good number of those folks would prefer to have a JOB, something zero won’t facilitate. The fact is that the majority in this country are ‘center right’ and the lib/progs only represent roughly 20% of our population.


      Summer of 1980 Poll Flashback: Carter 39%, Reagan 32%, Anderson 21%
      Final result: Carter lost in a landslide.
      The corrupt MSM had Walker tied with his opponent in Wisconsin on election day.
      Final result: Walker 53%, Barrett 47%.
      Bob Schrum was calling John Kerry Mr. President–on election night, 2004.
      Please stop being so defeatist –
      You are just feeding the leftist’s narrative when you do.

    • StrangernFiction

      why would they vote for a conservative.

      The question is irrelevant, they can’t vote for a conservative.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol… seriously. But Romney’s a damn sight better than Obama.

    • Low income people vote at a much lower rate and the people that hate Obama will turn out in droves. Obama will lose. If he wins and we continue on this path, working people will stop paying taxes and Texas will be the first state to leave. I don’t care what happens either way hard working Americans aren’t going to stand for this Marxism.

    • BSScoop

      Odin, I’ll one up you on the short term negativity. Then motivate you to the highest degree of optimism imaginable.

      Here goes…Our economy is double effed and it doesn’t matter who wins the election, the hammer is going to fall and destroy our currency. Civil unrest will turn violent when the banks fail and no one can withdraw money or use a credit card. Next, the government’s inability to fend off the masses will result in a new government. This is the moment of optimism we will seize and remake the country as it needs to be.

      Crazy? Ask Rush, he thinks the lefties are doing it on purpose to destroy the country and he’s right. They’ve been winning for over a century and the grand finale is upon us. Get ready.

      PS – Mitt Romney and the republicans are incapable of stopping the avalanche. Why? Because the American people have begged to become slaves in too high of numbers for far too long. We did this to ourselves and I humbly tell you that I was born into the mess and have recently “woke up.” This is all GOOD NEWS for it will be a moment few have ever been able to witness. Get ready, this is OUR time. Not Mitt Romney’s. Not the RNC. OURS!

      Don’t Tread On Me

    • white531

      Well odin, does that mean you want the rest of us to feel down too, so you would have company? Or maybe you would rather have us uplift your spirits and get you to believe in a different outcome than the one you envision? I don’t personally agree with your outlook for many reasons, the main one being that I don’t believe the human spirit will long tolerate a despot like Obama. Rosie has it right. We really are, “the silent majority.” I believe Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Holder have woken up a sleeping dragon. If I am wrong, then I will join you in November and we will both cry dragon tears together.

    • white531

      By the way, if you want more conversation here on this site from me, I expect a response, if for no other reason than to prove you’re not just a Progressive here among us.

      • p m

        Easy, white, my friend! As AbiC said, odin is a good guy or girl.
        If he/she is really down tonight, maybe they’ve just shut the computer for the day. :))

    • Joe


      SNAP OUT OF IT !


      • Rshill7

        Are you a motivational speaker Joe? Cuz it works for me 🙂

    • capelady

      If they are too lazy to work and make any effort to be self-reliant, hopefully enough of them will remain glued to the couch and they will be too lazy to get to the polls and vote! The nation is evenly divided, so it will be about enthusiasm and turn out. Everything I am reading said that the Romney supporters are more enthusiastic. We have to pray it is enough. It is unbelievable to me that we have come to a place where 50% of us are fighting for the soul of our great nation… but then I am reminded that only 30% supported the American Revolution! We have to fight the good fight and pray that God will be merciful and deliver America from the tyranny that is trying to overtake us.


      I know what you mean, although I am not giving up hope just yet. Tonight I saw that food stamp usage is up 48% of something over formerly a figure of 19% as recently as ?2000.

  • p m

    Poor lady. One more success for the 0zero anti-business agenda.

  • Totally understandable. No matter who she does or doesn’t support politically should have nothing to do with her business. It was deceitful for dear leaders people to use her place in an ad without getting outright permission first- and if she had have said no, leave it at that. This is what happens when progressives think they know better than everyone else, and believe they have unlimited power. Disgusting.

    • freenca

      She can sue the campaign operatives that did this to her! She can find an attorney willing to take this on a pro-bono or contingency, THEY DID HER WRONG! Sue the sox off the campaign thugs that did this to her and her business, (I’m not in the sue happy camp that some are), But, This is just WRONG !!!

    • white531

      AmericanborninCanada, my knowledge of law is limited to John Grisham novels, but couldn’t she sue the Obama Campaign for such a travesty of Justice? What they did, affected her business and her ability to make a living. I think they should pay for it.

      • LOL white, my friend, I don’t even have the benefit of the Grisham novels 😉 I’m more of a Robin Cook/ Dean Koontz girl myself… but I’d think you and freenca are both right. She ought to sue. I’m not lawsuit crazy, but this would seem like a good case since it effected her business.

        • poljunkie

          “Never lie to the dog.”

          • Thats IT! 🙂

            • poljunkie

              I haven’t seen you much since the Ryan roll out.
              You ok girl?
              : /

              • Never lie to the dog 🙂 I’m patrolling, just being quiet… kind of working off an overload I guess. But I’m fine. Thanks girlie. Are you still away or are you back home now?

                • poljunkie

                  OK, you better be! 🙂 We are on the way back tomorrow. A trip from the twlight zone. Up at dawn, boat ride, three flights, and if we get to PHX in time we will pick up our poochs and drive the 2 hours home ( although thats unlikely) Talk about realilty hitting in the forehead.

                • OY!!! Lol you’re gonna need a vacation from all that 😀 Have a safe trip back though girlfriend!

                • poljunkie

                  I know, hubby said, oh, lets do it all in one day. OY is right. Im not a drinker but I just may need one- or five. Ha hahahah. (not really)
                  The drive home is the killer. The old days when we lived in Cali, the airport was 15 min away, but now we’re in the boondox. ( but I love it)

                • 1 or 5 lol! You’re SO like me. I can’t drink anymore, but I swear somethings some times make me wanna start again 😉

                  Have a safe trip girlie. Glad you’ve had a good time.

  • RocklinConservative

    Another lie from the Obummer campaign.

  • LdyDesign

    Obama and his “win at any cost” goons are leaving a long trail off victims. The outrageous part is that they don’t care!

  • Another example of the anointed one and his ilk presuming they have carte blanche.

  • 1water

    (missplaced answer to Howzah123 )
    “You honestly believe something like term limits is going to stop Obama after what he’s been able to get away with the last 4 years? Wake up. If we lose this election it’s over.[…]”
    It would take a even bigger effort to get him out afterwards.
    May I quote from “Parallels between the HHS Mandate, Constitutions, and Honduras”

    Is it possible Obama has an affinity for those who seek to end term limits? Chavez removed term limits in February 2009. The Nicaraguan president Ortega, to whom Zelaya fled after his ousting, also governs in the absence of term limits. Colombia, who Obama specifically mentioned as his ally in his above quote, also sought in 2009 to get rid of term limits. Could we see Obama seek to alter term limits if he is re-elected? Are these recent term limit incidents in Central and South America indicative of a global pattern?

    Violence has since ensued between Zelaya supporters and the incumbent government. But what is the real moral of the story? The Obama Administration supported an unconstitutional position. For those who did not submit to their position, penalties were inflicted.

    … which sugests that BHO might himself as well not know any linits when it comes to term limits.

    • johnos2112

      The difference here is many, many Americans have arms and the military would turn on this guy if need be. Regardless, if he gets re elected metro cities will shed blood!

    • white531

      That’s the really scary part, 1water.

    • I know Obama regards the Constitution with disdain but the term limits for the President are written in the 22nd Amendment of our Constitution. We can thank Obama’s mentor President Roosevelt, who disregarded the gentleman’s agreement of his Presidential predecessors to go by the Washington precedent of only serving two terms, for that Amendment.

      The Constitution can only be changed through the Amendment process and not by Executive order.

    • He would just write an Executive Order eliminating term limits…

  • keninil

    You mean to say Obummer goons couldn’t find a small business that was Obummer friendly?

    I guess it is really easy to believe.

    • white531

      They don’t even try, keninil. Remember when they stuck the microphone in Joe the Plumber’s face and got the surprise of the campaign? This man has always been so in love with himself and so arrogant, that the thought that some people maybe don’t like him and don’t agree with him, has never crossed his mind.

  • Landscaper59

    What I have read with all the “we are doomed” makes me sick! The fight is NOT over.

  • 911Infidel

    The Osama Slayer and his little 13 yr old minions are desperate. Nothing is going right for them. First 2010 and the Tea Party re-election of Scott Walker, the election of two Repubik governors in Dhimi states. Scott Brown election. Then Chick-Fil-A, Ted Cruz and the continuing high gas prices, the high prices of goods and services, and now Pizza is going up because of ObamaHeDon’tCare. You also got sequestration and the possible layoffs of 1M DOD employees and military families. Also the cost of Tricare is going up. I just don’t see any bright spots in the Obamination campaign. Even the polls that favor him have proven to be lies. Joe The liar…steel worker commercial has backfired now that the truth has come out about his sorry a$$ too. And now this. Just one more thing to sh_tcan the Obamination political machine.

    Tea y’all.

    • freenca

      Amen! brother!

    • white531

      Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall in the Situation Room of the Obama campaign? There is panic in that room right now. They are scared to death that all their tricks are not working. The word, “Desperation,” comes to mind. Their recent ads are testimony to that fact. It will get worse and we will have the opportunity to laugh even more at their antics. I hope someone is archiving all of this, because it will make a really great movie.

      • white531

        Another thought. It has been reported that Obama has spent 400 Million ($400,000,000) in the last eighteen months to get re-elected . What is there, about the office of President of the United States that is worth $400,000,000? FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! Folks, that’s a lot of money. You have to ask yourselves, what is the expected return on that kind of investment? Something to think about.

        • actionsspeaklouder

          White – Obama is ideologically driven – he doesn’t care about “the job” of being president – it’s his agenda he wants to perpetuate. He doesn’t care about anything else but his agenda and getting reelected. He is a dictator, despot and tyrant. The job of American president, as we know it, has been trashed by Obama along with our Constitution and way of life.

  • Joe

    This is where the RNC is dropping the ball !

    They should have had an Attorney take up this lady’s cause and raise hell

    In her name and stay in the background

    The Republicans are screwing this up – again!

    • StandProudNow

      So clueless you wanna cry!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… Obama and his cronies are just plain desparate. I love that she’s blasting him but it’s sad that she lost customers as a result of this thievery.

    • freenca

      The truly sad part of this is the assumptions made by the BO regime reflect that they are out of touch to the point of conscripting this woman’s business for their presumptive gain!!! The constitution of these United States of America MUST BE RESTORED!!!! This IS an outrage in my eyes!!! And MUST BE STOPPED!!!


  • StandProudNow

    Get used to it. Obama will step on anyone to get ahead. Besides this woman did not build that business so who cares? /sarc

  • FreeManWalking

    I would wager my last 100 bucks that if 0b0 was walking behind a homeless person and a 10 dollar bill fell from their pocket he would pick it up and stick in his with out a word said.

    This POS has no honor!

  • Unfreakinbelievable… AGAIN!!! I feel for this lady… she should sue… I hope some lawyer steps up to the plate and offers to sue on her behalf, pro bono… there’s no level the Dems won’t stoop to… everyday goes by and I read this stuff it just pisses me off to no end… and to think we’ve still got 89 more days of this crap… UGH!!!!!

  • There is not much honest about Obama, from even why he has never explained he has a SS number from a state he never lived in and the media don’t care; so why would he care if they misled and lied to this small business owner to use her? Typical Obama and company – but America is catching on.

  • OK,who wants to be the next contestant on “You’re no longer a Private Citizen if it Serves Boy-King barry”? Wasn’t Joe the Plumber from Ohio? They pulled his divorce records, called him a deadbeat dad, listed his DMV records, home address, we got his HS grades and he got audited. 1 or 2 ppl got canned, but we had more background on him in 36 hours than we ever got on barry during the whole campaign! This poor woman is screwed now. SCOAMF

  • Yazz55

    Although I’m not an attorney, I feel that this lady has a very good case to sue the obamessiah & his campaign. Her business has been irreparably damaged by this.

    If she does sue, I speculate that the obamessiah regime will somehow find a way to brush it under the carpet until after election day.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      And finagle a way for the taxpayers to foot the bill for any damages awarded.

    • kong1967

      The courts will say she has no standing, lol. (reference to them telling everyone that sued over Obama’s birth certificate)

      Whichever way it would happen Obama would not have to pay damages. He’s protected by a liberal system. He’d probaby tell her to pay him for advertising for her store in his ad.

  • kong1967

    If she was a Romney supporter why would she allow them to film her store for a liberal ad to begin with? Duh, you dumbass libs!

    More proof that libs don’t care about anything other than victory. They don’t care what they do to individuals or to the nation. They even ignored requests to have the store blurred in the background. What a-holes.

  • Don’t you know, the Zero has decreed that it isn’t her business. She “didn’t build that”. She has no right to decide. Just shut up and get out of the way. The government is in charge now. The ‘great and powerful’ 0 has spoken.